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  1. Festivus pole, feats of strength, airing of grievances...
  2. It says you're old.
  3. Did we ever find the remains of the USS Wesley Crusher?
  4. Janeway was in unknown, possibly hostile territory. Her character should have been one of extreme caution, not a polyanna trying to make friends with the universe. My problem with Torres is if they were going to make her into the tough girl character then they should have done it! She should have been Ellen Ripley with ridges and instead we got someone looking she just got done with a beauty contest. Trading Kes for Seven was a good move even if she didn't have boobs. (Can I say boobs here? Well I just did so too late now.). Kes just wasn't an interesting character. Seven had a lot to work with being an ex-Borg and all. Plus they gave her plots that addressed Anika's strengths, not just a generic ex-Borg's.
  5. They don't even talk about other assignments they've had, just that Kirk got hazed by Finnegan.
  6. Even still Spock is the only one they showed growing in his role. Everyone else except Chekov who joined in the middle and Sulu for one episode as a physicist they portrayed as having done that current role at that current rank for years.
  7. People tease without provocation. There is often no logic behind it. To expect there will be is missing the point. Should they have teased Spock about the calls he made? No. They were rooted in logic. So what? Teasing isn't supposed to be logical. That's why it's teasing.
  8. I think you missed that they were teasing him.
  9. Why not? I usually make Red Alert noises before firing the torpedos.
  10. Now of course Klingons and Starfleet still fired on each other occasionally after the cease fire, such as Star Trek III, V, VI, and DS9. You could say V and VI were not actions authorized by the Klingon government so they don't count as wars but you can't say that about III and DS9. So what happened to the Organians?
  11. The Empire and Federation were only in shooting wars with each other for very brief periods about a century apart. The rest of the time it was like the Cold War with both sides maneuvering for advantage without firing shots. What the Organians did was force a cease fire. Later on there was reference to an Organian treaty so we can deduce the cease fire was made more formal. The conference we saw at Kittomer made this permanent which gave the Klingons what they needed, one less border to defend, so they could turn their resources inward. It does seem they were able to quickly reestablish themselves on Kronos after having to evacuate it.
  12. The dinosaurs may indeed have been developing higher brain functions. However, that means nothing without the anatomy to use it. You need opposible thumbs to make and use tools (you also need a reason to use tools), if you are staying in one location you need to be small enough to farm, your digestive system must accomodate meat and plants so you aren't dependent on a single food source, and if you are trying to start a fire (again, you need a reason for fire) it helps to not be completely covered in hair. That's why our apelike ancestors didn't mess with fire until we were showing some skin.
  13. I'm sure they already have, given his next project is Episode VII. What makes this incarnation of Khan work for this movie (but not the franchise) is... He isn't really the bad guy. It wasn't his idea to work for Starfleet and to build the Vengeance. It was Admiral Markus's, and he was using Khan as a pawn - a fully knowledgeable pawn but still a pawn. Khan was also under duress because he couldn't know if the other Augments were alive or dead. Even if he refused to cooperate there were 72 others who might have. Markus drew first blood, or at least he let Khan think he did. Khan responded in kind. He really didn't even make a move against Kirk or the Enterprise until Scotty phasered him. But what next? The Federation knows his super blood can bring back humans, tribbles, and who knows what else - and this Federation clearly doesn't have the ethics the Prime one did. What will they do with this new super blood? Probably something shocking to our sensibilities but perfectly normal to theirs. Klingons are ramping up for war, the Federation hasn't recovered from the loss of Vulcan or the decimation of Starfleet by Nero. They are desperate.
  14. It was 4 years between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. It didn't seem to hurt the franchise (and Tom Hardy needed time to bulk up after playing a Picard clone). People will wait and maybe not even notice the time if it is a quality product. The problem with Trek is the fans wanted output at a diarrhea pace and that's what we got.