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  1. A Few Days Ago.. Success! Wiley thought to himself as he barged the stolen shuttle out of the Challenger's Shuttle Bay. Typical stuck up, pretentious Starfleet babies, quoting their precious rules and regulations instead of seeing the bigger picture. The bigger picture which lay ahead of him past that wormhole. How he missed the good old days, where officers threw the rule book to the wind, for the sake of exploration. He sighed at what Starfleet had now become. An organization of timid cowards, hiding behind rules and regulations instead of showing gumption and bravado in the face of fear and the unknown. General Wiley checked his sensors. Challenger was still backing away from the expanding wormhole like a scared little puppy with its tail between its legs. They certainly didn't seem to have even realized he's no longer off the ship. Wiley sped towards the wormhole as fast as the shuttle allowed. He tapped furiously at the console, diverting all power to the shields and the structural integrity grid -- knowing he'll need every ounce of it on the other side. Wiley nosed the shuttle through the wormhole and was immediately met with violent turbulence. It was definitely more than Wiley expected. He worked feverishly relaying power to where it was needed. It was a tough few minutes through the wormhole and there were times Wiley thought he wasn't going to make it. Eventually though, after a harrowing five minutes. he found himself on the other side of the wormhole, and was immediately bogged down by the thick gel like substance that surrounding this area of space. Like a car stuck in the mud, all movement was impeded and his shuttle severely damaged in the journey through the wormhole. Alarms blared everywhere. Shields and power reserves were less than 10%. Wiley scanned the area, but wasn't able to pick up anything on scanners. "Damn" exclaimed Wiley. He put out a general SOS. They had to be nearby, he thought to himself. As power waned, Wiley kept sending out his SOS messages, but due to the gel, didn't go far enough to be heard. He was abandoned. With not enough power to continue sending messages, he detected a small planet nearby and with the remaining propulsion power he had, set a course for the planet. It was a small M-Class planet with a weird bubble surrounding it. Looked lush, he thought to himself after checking his scanner readings. Soon enough, the .shuttle was picked up by the planet's gravity. Wiley checked his restraints and braced himself as the shuttle broke through the bubble and entered the planet's atmosphere. He nosed the shuttle upwards to minimize damage to the front of the shuttle. Wiley broke through the atmosphere and looked down at the lush forests below and picked a relatively open area to land. With no power left in the shuttle's engine, he angled the shuttle to land as softly as it could. Acting like a giant glider, Wiley angled the craft to reduce as much drag as possible and braced himself as the shuttle had a hard impact on the grassy surface. The shuttle landed with a hard thud. Wiley lurched forward and hit his head on the console. Sparks and bulkheads fell around him. Wiping the blood from his face, he looked up at his new surroundings. Wiley quickly unstrapped himself and checked the shuttle for supplies. He quickly found a first aid kit and tended to his wounds before finding a small survival kit with basic supplies and food. This didn't bother Wiley too much. He still vividly remembers his survival training and numerous missions in areas like this he served during his days in the service. But supplies were limited and Wiley wasn't familiar with this planet. Wiley wasn't sure what could be lurking around him. He emerged from the crumpled wreck of his shuttle with what supplies he could get from the shuttle. It looked to be getting dark. With no power left in his shuttle, Wiley knew he'd have to find firewood. The shuttle could serve as shelter, for now, but he was injured, middle aged and it had been over 20 years since his days in the field. He couldn't last too long on the surface, Wiley knew that his only hope for survival was that his contact picked up his SOS messages and was out looking for him. They had to have known he was coming back, Wiley thought to himself. Hopefully, it wouldn't take very long for them to find him.
  2. The Fickle Winds of Betrayal - a log between El’Riov Koga tr’S’Bien and EnArrain tr’Sarlan (played by KhreRiovtVatrix) The crew had managed to actually free themselves from the old br’tehh cells, cells that had come to be in poor condition due to infrequent use in this province. The elder t’Temarr had evidently had little use for locking up the local families, unless it be after a night of too much ale and misconduct. It had actually surprised Koga when they had actually managed to kick their way through the wall using only their boots and a few rudimentary tools made from cups and trays. Once they had managed to escape from their cells, Koga had taken it upon himself to stand guard by the heavy door, and when he heard voices approaching rhae the other side of the door, quickly alerted the others. After the earlier interrogation session, he found himself conflicted as to what his best path would be. Should he chose one direction, it could endanger the crew, but now that he had uttered that phrase, if he changed his mind h’nah, it could only show poorly on his Ri'nanov. t’Aehjae and t’Ksa had wanted to stay back with him, to help him to hold the door once he had alerted the others that someone was approaching; however, after a few fleeting thoughts, he realized this was the chance that he had been waiting for, a situation that he had only little prior knowledge of, yet had set him up for him to keep him safe as well. He had insisted that the others go, that he could hold the door as they got everyone else down through to the passageway, and watched as they moved towards where Leah was working on the wall panel. Koga’s resolve began to waver, as he began to question if this was the right path, but knew that he really had na other recourse at this point, the truth already having gotten out, that once the two women were far enough away to have any chance to stop him, he grabbed the large metal handle, threw the door open, and had yelled to alert the guards as to the escaping th’ann. He casually stepped to the side as the guards had been alerted and they had ran in past him towards where he had been pointing them towards. The last thing he had been able to see past the guards as they shouldered by, was the look that Laehval gave him upon realizing what he had done; yet somehow she had been able to collect her wits and close the secret access panel that they had used to escape before the guards could reach them. If he ever saw her again, he’d have to watch out for her blade for sure. Stab first, ask why later. Hearing boot steps approaching from behind him, Koga turned as tr’Sarlan entered a siuren later; just as the other guards came back towards the door where they were standing, tr’Sarlan looked around, seeing the empty cells, and the guards with na th’ann. ““Why did au na alert us in time to stop them?” “I wasn't aware they had broken through the force fields until it was too late,”Koga S’Bien noted. “Did they say how they were going to get away? Or where that door went?” as the man pointed to the now sealed secret passage in his br’tehh. “I heard Laehval say something about a secret entrance in the Eastern corridor, which is when I called for au men, so they could try to stop them. Had I called too soon, they may not have attempted to use the hidden door, and we might na know if it’s presence. Now au do, and hopefully someone with knowledge of the building, may be able to track them down” tr’Sarlan just nodded, “We will need to go see if we can find the blueprints of this facility, and some scanners. Au can come assist us with that. We can use au muscle anyway.....” “Very well,” replied S’Bien. He hoped to the Elements that he had made the right decision. it might save his life for now, or at least until another situation presented itself. This could also be another way to find out if the Khre’Riov was being held here as well, or if she had already been sent to the capital. He was the Ops officer, it ‘was’ his duty to collect information, and he had perfected that skill over the years. tr'Sarlan turned to io of the other guards in the room, “Tobias....go see that we find a proper uniform befitting his new rank. He will now be serving the correct side hrrau this conflict.” tr'Sarlan waved for Koga to follow him, “We will need to alert our superiors that they have escaped and call for reinforcements until they have been found,” he paused a siuren and turned back to Koga, “How au must have chafed living with that Galae fvai all this time. As Koga followed along, his mind raced back to the events of earlier in the day, when he had been one of the first removed to be subjected to interrogation…...and when everything for him had drastically changed…….. Earlier that day….. Standing in the interrogation room just off a bit from the br’tehh, EnArrain tr’Sarlan waited for the guards to bring the one named Koga S’Bien to him. He quickly flipped through the file, suddenly noting the embedded code that this one, was actually a deeply embedded agent, working under the direction of someone in the capital. Pulling up the embedded file, were the details giving authorization to forego the standard questioning, as he was in actuality, placed in the position to keep an eye on those he served with for those higher up in the government, and that his secrets were na to be casually divulged to the lower echelons. Making a sour face as he did na want to start the day, but finding na answers, as this one was already one of theirs...but then again...perhaps he could be of help. Hearing the rap on the door, “Enter...bring him in.” tr’Sarlan watched as the large Rihan was brought in, dirty, a bit bruised and wearing some sort of civilian robes that ill fit him. This was a Tal Shiar deep cover agent? He looked like a beggar, except for his size, and the fact that tr’Sarlan had often went to watch Koga fight those many years ago. “Over there,” tr’Sarlan pointed to the chair across the room. Koga was led into the interrogation room by the guards and noted the officer giving orders at the other end of the room; he seemed to be the one in charge of this place Koga thought to himself. Koga nodded his acknowledgement to the officer and took a seat in the empty chair across the room. Walking over slowly, the officer took his time as he tried to size Koga up. Would he give the correct authen, or would they be forced to use the agonizer on him? Reaching over, he slowly picked up the agonizer device off the table, and palmed i t into his left hand. Turning back to Koga as he crossed in front of his seated form, “What is au name, and why were au in that secluded house?” tr’Sarlan hoped this didn’t take all day, “My name is El’Riov Koga S’Bien” he answered. “I was in the secluded t’Temarr residence because my crew and I had used it as a hiding spot, and as well as to bring ourselves into the loop as to what was going on planetside. “And what exactly do au think is “going on..now that au have come planetside?” tr’Sarlan asked. “Well…” Koga responded “It seems that the Tal’Shiar has finally took the opportunity to fully assert its power over the Galae and confirm their superiority over ch’Rihan.” I see, and tell me...why is it that au chose to hide in the S’Temarr residence? Did au expect to find allies there? Galae contacts? A place to further au crew’s acts of sedition against the government? “That was the reason I chose to stay there yes.” “Which?” tr’Sarlan replied “I wanted to monitor their actions, see what they would do, as well as gather information as to the current events. And if my crew managed to ‘further act of sedition against the government’, then I’d gather evidence against them” Koga answered. “ I see, and what was au part hrrau this? Au file here, it is tagged as io of interest. Na only that au serve hrrau Galae rhae the Talon crew, but that au have family hrrau our ranks. I see that au Ri'nanov, holds the rank of erie'Aendah, and au brother is also io of ours. Why is it, that au are serving in Galae, and na with au family?.” “That is correct” answered Koga. He paused for a few seconds, not wanting to give too much information to this man just yet. “Nobody objected to my enlistment in Galae, as they realized that my being there could be useful in bringing back information, Intel or the Empire could find a use for.” he said simply. “ Au have been with them for a number of years now, have au been able to bring anything of note back? Such as this nanogene technology? And for that matter, what information have au amassed about the clone that had deigned to bond with the illustrious Daise’Khre’Riov tr’Vatrix? What do au know of this t’Rexan...though I suppose it’s t’Vatrix h’nah? Is she truly a clone, or just the replacement parts? Tell me Koga, what I am curious about, is what makes io give up a prominent fighting career, to go serve those fvai in Galae?” tr’Sarlan quipped. :: “Too many blows to the head and concussions” answered Koga. “My maenaks insisted I had to stop fighting to prevent any permanent brain injuries. I decided I might as well leave fighting on top. As for anything else, I’m afraid that I can’t divulge that information to you as much of that information is restricted.” tr’Sarlan held up the agonizer device in front of Koga, “Au do realize that if I want to know something, with this, I will find out anything I wish au to tell me. Can au give me io reason why I should na use this rhae au immediately and find out what it is au are hiding from me?: He moved his hand so that it was resting rhae Koga’s shoulder, the agonizer mere inches from his neck. “Ie” Koga nodded. “Ie, and what would that be? I’ve already wasted more time here than I had planned...tagged file or na; there are others to question. Be quick, au get io chance to convince me otherwise,” the En’Arrain growled towards tr’S’Bien. “Aren’t the lagga beautiful this time of year?” responded Koga tr’Sarlan pauses a siuren, surprised to hear this from the man sitting before him, and pulls the agonizer away from his neck, as he had just been about to jam it into the nerve bundle at the base. “The Lagga are indeed beautiful this time of year,” knowing full well, it was the wrong season for the capital to be in bloom. “I see, then aefvahd to au tr’S’Bien,” tr’Sarlan motioned for io of the other guards to bring food and drink for Koga. “This man is io of us, but we cannot let the others know that yet, na until we can find out more information. Fhaen tr’S’Bien, eat and drink and we will place au back with the others. We are currently holding the Di'ranov of au Enarrain t’Temarr, also down in the br’tehh. See if she can get information out of him, as to the location of any of the heads of Galae. Many have escaped us, so we are willing to put au back in au cover, in hopes that au can find out for us. If something goes wrong, just step back, and we will na harm au. I will also contact au Ri'nanov to let her know au are unharmed and we have au here with us if au wish?” tr”Sarlan was still a bit suspicious of this long time Galae officer, and would na give up his own secrets so fast to him, yet he carried the imperial code of a high echelon officer, he had to accept it until he could verify different. He would give this one some room, yet keep a wary eye upon him. “Ie, very well. Please do that. I’ll try to find out what I can do, to get information from her” said Koga.
  3. Due to the U.S. Independence Day long weekend, and much of our player base unable or unsure they will be attending, the USS Challenger will not be simming this Sunday (July 6). We will be resuming our plot the following Sunday (July 13). We would like to wish you and your family a happy and safe holiday long weekend, even if I celebrated my own country's independence day three days earlier. :)
  4. The command staff of the USS Challenger congratulates Artemis, the first Advanced Sim graduate from the Challenger. After simming with us, for the last few weeks, Artemis who has served in engineering and in tactical has gradated from the Academy program and promoted to the rank of ensign today, Monday, 30th June, 2014. We would like to wish Artemis well in his future here in STSF.
  5. Lani, It feels like ages since we last had a chance to converse. I imagine we’re both quite busy in our respective roles in Starfleet. I hope you’re doing well on the Toronto, and I’m certain the crew here on Aegis miss you and send you their best wishes. Speaking of, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now, we are all now settling into the new Aegis. The new station looks nice, and the shops are now starting to open. I’ve had a chance to browse around the new shops after my shift today. Happy to see that there is plenty of selection and the women’s shops all seem to have the latest in haute couture fashion from around the galaxy. I picked up a new red evening gown, a pink silk nightgown and a lovely pair of arch-less platform high heels at a new designer shoe store that just opened up in addition to some Jimmy Choo pumps, sandals and handbag. (Let me know if you want me to order you anything; I’ll have it couriered to your ship ASAP). Settling in rather nicely though as I believe this new Aegis is larger than the old one, getting around still proves to be a challenge at times. The station boasts a large park, arboretum and pond/creek/brook (or whatever it is; a small body of water with a little waterfall in it). I like to take Chester for walks in it after work, and he really does enjoy it. He still doesn’t seem to think the park is holographic, and I haven’t the heart to tell him otherwise. (Being telepathic sure does make pet ownership so much easier!) Chester is doing great here as well. He currently serves a therapy dog for the Children’s Centre here and he and the other therapy animals are doing a great job keeping the kids happy and entertained. In addition, by the time I take him home at the end of the day, he’s exhausted and mainly curls up on the chesterfield next to me (or on my lap) and sleeps, which is another plus. Chester seems to enjoy himself there and gets along well with the kids there. Nice to see the program is working so well. How are things on the Toronto? I imagine you’re spending quite a lot of time in the Gamma Quadrant and stuff. I don’t think I’ve ever been there and hope it’s nice there. That Commander Standard looks like a nice chap from the letters you’ve sent previously. Nice to see you’ve struck such a close bond with your crewmates in such a short time. They all seem to be pretty friendly and adventurous. It’s always nice to see in a star ship crew. I’m sure you get to do a lot of science-y stuff over there and I’m sure it’s all very, very interesting. I’m sorry I never had much of a chance to send much letters lately, but with everything going on with the Klingon attack and transferring to the new station, you can understand if I didn’t have the time. In the interim between stations, we were all crammed into the shipyard; crew, civilians and the like. Space was extremely cramped. Had to share a quarters with Lt. Felicia Smith, from Security, I believe. Or was it Engineering? Nice girl had a strong Southern US accent. I think she was either from Alabama or Arkansas. Hmm, I forget which. Like I said, nice person, but she is a right old slob, clothes strewn about everywhere along with all her other stuff. As I like to keep my surroundings tidy, it made living with her quite stressful. There were more than a few times where I really considered asking for another roommate, but I managed to live with it. Nonetheless, we came to be good mates in the end of it all. She got along very well with Chester, and I have seen her a few times on the new Aegis and we had dinner or tea together at Starbucks (yes, we have a Starbucks here. All we need now is a Wal-Mart and we’re set) as well as a few (real!) beers at one of the pubs. Being with Felicia is nice when I visit her and go back to my own quarters afterwards, but I wouldn’t want to room with her again if we had to do it over. I’m pretty sure she feels the same though I didn’t read into her mind to confirm that. Anyway, now that I’ve pretty much settled in and mostly know my place around the new Aegis, I thought I’d take the time to send you another letter. It’s been awhile since I last saw you and I really miss you! - L I don’t know when you’ll be in the area again, but I hope you can drop by and visit us soon and I can show you around the new Aegis. It really is pretty nice, and I actually do like this one better than the old Aegis. It’s too bad I didn’t serve on it long enough to really get attached to it, like most of the other crew and inhabitants here. Sending my love and all the best! Wub!! :3 - ❤ ❤ ❤ Dacia
  6. USS Challenger – Orbiting Qo’noS After considering the input from his crew, Captain Ja’Lale felt there wasn’t really any other alternative. Thanking the crew for their time and expertise, Ja’Lale handed over command of the bridge to M. Capt. Granger and headed off to the ready room to compile his report to send off to Starfleet. While it was disappointing they couldn’t realistically do anything about or with all the radiation around the affected area, he did figure it was for the best. As Officer Sabin so eloquently stated “even politics have to give way to practicality “. After compiling his report to Starfleet Command, they replied a half hour later. They agreed. “We too had our best scientists on it, and we couldn’t come up with a viable solution either” the response stated. “All our solutions would bring little change to the radiation levels and bring the Klingon economy to total ruin… and probably ours as well” “The Klingons won’t like it, but what can you do? You set out what you were supposed to do, and the air filters around the capitol that your crew set up is already showing signs of positive effect. Please extend my gratitude to your crew on behalf of Starfleet. I have already expressed the same to the other captains in the fleet. Best- Admiral James Grundy – Starfleet” Captain Ja’Lale sipped a glass of seaweed tea (a Chelar delicacy) and read into the reply. He hoped their efforts were enough to sustain the relations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Being one of those who supported Starfleet’s initiative to provide the Klingon home world assistance after the Praxis explosion, spearheaded by Mr. Spock, Ja’Lale hoped that wouldn’t go to waste. A FEW HOURS LATER – KLINGON HIGH COMMAND The atmosphere around the Council Chambers was raucous after receiving their report from Starfleet Command. A Klingon general banged his fist on the table. “Humans… good for nothing, and leaving us to deal with this problem on our own. Honourless p’taks…” Sitting at the head of the table, Chancellor Azetbur held up a hand to calm him down. “Calm yourself, General Mok. There is nothing anybody can do with the radiation around D’Takka other than to wait for it to dissipate. The area is sparsely populated, and is of little economic importance anyway” she said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “It is best to follow their recommendations and set up a quarantine zone around the area, 200 km2 should be more than enough,” she said looking at a map of the radiation spread situated in the eastern half of the continent. “I’m sure Starfleet will be the first to tell us that it is our fault Praxis exploded in the first place” chimed in General Tang. “They do love to ‘rub in our faces’ if I may borrow one of their expressions. “But what of that fleet of theirs orbiting our planet? We have little use for them now. We should send them packing, before they get any ideas of overstaying their welcome” Azetbur glanced over at Tang “Agreed. They have done what they have set out to do and now their services are no longer required. Contact Starfleet and inform them that their fleet is to leave Qo’noS immediately. However, the medical team already in place led by that Deltan could stay and continue their operations. I imagine they will be busy with the influx of people coming from the east” There was some mumblings from the generals, but as the doctors were no threat, they eventually agreed. A message was sent to Starfleet informing them of the same. USS CHALLENGER – A FEW MINUTES LATER “Well, that was quick” replied Ja’Lale, now back on the bridge looking at Admiral Grundy on the view screen. He had just received orders to wrap up and leave the area as soon as possible. “Did the Klingons seem upset or anything?” he asked. Grundy shrugged “No. I don’t think so. I doubt our relations improved much because of this, but I also doubt they have worsened. They did seem grateful for your crews’ assistance in setting up the air filters. By the way, before you leave, I want your engineering staff to train the Klingons on how to safely maintain and monitor the readings from the filters.” Ja’Lale looked and nodded “Okay. I don’t think that should take very long, and we should be ready to go within a few hours” Grundy acknowledged “Great, and again good job to you and your crew. Starfeet out” With that, the screen went blank. Captain Ja’Lale settled into his seat. “The Klingons sure are interesting, I must say”
  7. As a reminder, in light of people traveling on the weekend, Challenger will not be simming this Sunday 29 December. We will resume our plot the following Sunday, 5 January 2014. Have a safe and happy new year; see you all in 2014.
  8. Just a reminder that the USS Challenger will not be simming this coming Sunday in honour of the US Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy your turkey and football, even if it is six weeks late! :P
  9. "So, what do say, Leilani? It's a good opportunity if I do say so myself" Leilani did think about it, and certainly was a good opportunity. The little ship impressed her during her tour with Commander Standard; the science lab had all the toys she was accustomed to on the Aegis and the opportunity to gain some valuable command experience as second officer was also something worth considering. She'd certainly miss the folks at Aegis though; it was the only place she'd served on Though he didn't have any telepathic capabilities, Standard knew the look of indecision on Leilani's face. "You won't be too far away from your friends on Aegis. We are afterall, part of the patrol fleet in this area so we'll never be too far away most of the time" he said reassuringly. "Of course, that's good. I could use the change of pace, and I think my assistant is more than ready to take over as chief there. Alright, then. I accept" she replied. Standard was a bit surprised her decision came so quickly, not that he was complaining. "That's great, Leilani! You'll fit in really well with the rest of the crew, you'll soon see they're all really good at what they do, and are generally good folks. The captain will certainly be happy to hear this" "Yeah, thanks. I'm sure they are" Leilani responded. "I'll inform your captain and commander of your transfer and submit it to Starfleet. We'll have an introductory dinner at Quark's for dinner tonight, if you want to meet them all, our treat" Standard suggested. "Sounds good, it's always good to meet your future crew mates as soon as possible, I suppose" Standard smiled. "We'll meet at Quark's at 1900. I'm glad you accepted, it'll be just like old times again" he said. Leilani chuckled. "Yeah, well, hopefully we won't lose touch again like we did after you finished academy. I was kinda disappointed you hardly wrote after you got your assignment on the Archer" she said, somewhat jokingly. "I'm really sorry about that, Leilani. I just got so busy in my work, kept putting it off for later, until it got to the point where I'd thought I'd be a jerk for finally responding all that time. I know, no excuse, but I'm a man, and that's the way most men think" Standard said. "Cheeky sausage. Could've wrote a simple "hi, how do you do", you jerk." retorted the doctor. "Well, I am sorry I never wrote. I hope we can start our relationship on the right foot again... and you really need to stop getting your British slang from Dacia too" he said cheekily. "Seriously though, I am glad you're one of us now. I'll see you at 1900." Some time later Having already penned a farewell letter to the captain and crew and informed them of her transfer to the Toronto, Leilani returned to her quarters on the Aegis to pack up her things. This always was the saddest part, and really made the leave official. A part of her was sad to leave. Lots of memories and friends on the station here, but it was nice knowing that they'll be close by most of the time. With all of her possessions in boxes and crates, a yeoman from the Toronto loaded them onto a hover cart to take them to her new quarters on that ship. With one last solemn look around her old now empty quarters, Leilani checked her chrono and headed down to Quark's. As Standard predicted, Leilani soon befriended the rest of the Toronto's staff. Leilani could already see the bonds forming between them. Over a round of several beers and "medicinal" Romulan Ale, they made their introductions and exchanged stories. Leilani couldn't help but offer up some of the antics she and Standard had during their academy days, which were many. Standard took them with good humour and even retold some more, which Leilani hoped to forget. "So young and foolish those days.... good times" Standard said. As the hours past, Leilani grew to like her new crew mates. Nothing says "bonding experience" like getting drunk with your fellow crew. With fun times had by all, Leilani staggered back to her new quarters on her new ship, for the first time. Though it looked pretty much the same as her quarters on the Aegis,she looked around at what was now her new 'home'. Given her rank, it was one of the more larger quarters on the ship, despite the ship's smaller size. Though it was much smaller than her previous quarters on the Aegis,it was still large enough for her and her wardrobe collection. Walking past the boxes and crates which the yeoman left for her, Leilani decided to put off unpacking until the morning and went to bed. She didn't know why, but Leilani always had a little trouble sleeping in new places. The bed didn't feel quite 'right' and the surroundings were unfamiliar, even if all the quarters in every ship or station in the fleet looked more or less the same. Despite the excessive amount of alcohol in her bloodstream, Leilani's brain kept her from sleep and processed the situation. Leilani would miss the Aegis, and all of the crew. She hoped Lawliet would do well as chief science officer, which she was certain she would. She took this, as an opportunity to send him a message, wishing him well as his new capacity as CSCI, how much she enjoyed working with him in the past and her hope to continue doing so in the future, and to take care of the experiments she left behind. As she reminded her self, she wrote in, it wasn't so much "goodbye" as it was "so long", it'll only be a matter of time, most likely sooner rather than later, before their paths cross one another again.
  10. USS Challenger – Present Time Captain Ja’Lale was sitting on the bridge as the search for the USS Copernicus was underway. Though they had just recently begun their search, they already had some promising signs as to where the Copernicus had previously gone. Though the search was still in its preliminary stages, the captain was still somewhat confident in the crew’s ability to find the ship. An audible beeping sound then interrupted the silence on the bridge. “We have a message from Starfleet, sir,” replied the communications officer. Ja’Lale looked at his console at the message. “It’s a little delayed, but still useful” the captain remarked. Due to the interference from the nebula, incoming messages were having trouble coming through to the communications feeds. This particular message looked to have been sent more than a week ago. VESSEL SPECIFICATIONS – USS COPERNICUS Vessel Name: USS Copernicus Type: Federation Science Vessel Registry: NCC-623 Class: Oberth Length: 150 m Mass: 94,000 metric tons Speed: Normal Cruise Warp 4, Max Cruise Warp 5, Max Rated Warp 5.8 (for 12 hours) Crew: 82 Years in Service: 28 Commanding Officers: Capt. Sivok - CO, Commander Tom Ford- XO. In addition to the basic specifications, there were some additional logs from the Copernicus: USS Copernicus – Three weeks ago. Captain Sivok’s stoic face came on screen. Captain Seiben was right, Ja’Lale thought to himself. The bland and boring background of the Copernicus made him think that the little old ship Sivok well. Not that that was a bad thing. Many might look down on the Oberth class ships due to their limited size and abilities, but Ja’Lale had a lot of respect for the little ships, which he considered the unsung heroes of Starfleet as well as the crews that operated them. “Captain’s log, Star date 1308.02. Captain Sivok reporting” replied the Vulcan. “We have been assigned the role of investigating reports of dilithium which was recently discovered near an orbiting M-Class planetoid or its accompanying natural satellite. Personnel at Star base 184 about two weeks prior scanned the dilithium stores. As we are the nearest Science vessel in the area, we have been sent in to confirm their findings and if confirmed, scout the area for optimal placement of a dilithium processing facility to initiate mining. “The crew is eager to explore the area, and indeed, I share in their interests of confirming dilithium in the area as such a finding would prove extremely beneficial to the Federation’s economy. Though the area we are exploring is well within Federation space, the Klingons may still try to lay claim to the area given our relatively close proximity to Klingon space. Especially since their economy is still reeling from the explosion at Praxis a few years prior. “The area though is located in a nebula which bigger ships may find difficult to traverse through and as this area is past the neutral zone, I do not believe they will risk a diplomatic incident with the Federation by crossing the line. However, we will remain vigilant for any signs of unfriendly vessels in the area” The log stopped and the computer played the second log, which was created a few days later. “Captain’s log, USS Copernicus. Captain Sivok reporting. We have arrived at the nebula to begin our exploration of the area. The journey to the nebula was uneventful. We spent the past two days at Starbase 184 to debrief as well as to stock up on supplies and our scanning equipment. Initial scans of the area is promising, and we are hopeful of finding dilithium at the planet, still no signs of any ships in the area, much to the relief of the crew. “Progress has been good these past few days. The small size of the Copernicus gives us the advantage of enhanced manoeuvrability in the debris field of this nebula. At our current pace, we aim to arrive at the planet system in the next two days. Crew morale is high as we hope to start exploring the planet and satellite soon after our arrival. Scans continue to show positive signs of dilithium which also contributes to our high hopes and expectations in that regard” A third and final log created not long before the Copernicus’ disappearance though was what interested Ja’Lale the most. It was grainy and choppy, and beneath Sivok’s Vulcan demeanour, Ja’Lale could sense the apprehension Sivok seemed to be experiencing. “…Log. We have been in the nebula for some time now and ..experiencing problems with ….ship. ….signs of any ships in the area … the nebula is interfering heavily on our systems. Communications out of the nebula are proving to be impossible and we have taken quite a bit of damage from…nebula. We hope…..” the message ended there as it faded away into static. “See if you can enhance that last message” Ja’Lale ordered to the communications officer. He knew it wasn’t likely they’d be able to restore much of the message, but it was of course worth a try. But the logs did provide some insight into the Copernicus’ last few weeks in the nebula. Slowly, he ordered the Challenger deeper into the nebula, inwardly hoping they too don’t have the Copernicus’ same fate.
  11. USS Challenger Mission Briefing: 21 July 2013 The Challenger crew have finished their well-deserved shore leave and were ordered to report to a remote area of space near Starbase 184, where they will receive their next assignment. Nothing much is known about their assignment thus far, but hopefully, things will be explained fully once they arrive. Challenger will be arriving at their rendezvous point within the next twenty minutes or so at the starting point of the sim. TBS = 6 hours
  12. Challenger chat log for the last two weeks. TBS for last sim (14 July): A few hours (6 hours). 070713.rtf 071413.rtf
  13. Stuff happened. 062313.rtf 063013.rtf
  14. Chat log for 16 June, 2013 061613.rtf
  15. USS Challenger: 02 & 09 June 2013 Chat logs for the last two sims, where the crew has spent a period of shore leave on Earth in their own various ways. TBS (09 June) was 6 hours 060213.rtf 060913.rtf