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  1. rp sites

    Oh its not new, But its my Own sim site
  2. The Year is 2402 and its been 1 year since the Titan A saved the Federation and Star Fleet Under the command Of Admiral Picard. After deep consideration, Star Fleet Got rid of the Fleet sync. The First New Ships to not have this is the 23 Odyssey Class Ships. Among those ships is the U.S.S Shadow NCC-92931 the first ship to bear that name under the Command of Admiral Townsend. The Shadow is the Flag Ship for a New Exploration Fleet which is heading out into the Delta Expanse to Help with the Full Circle Fleet by going ahead of them and making first contact with new life or Civilizations. Come Join the crew of the shadow and See what no man has seen before! First Mission Summary The Given Mission of the U.S.S Shadow is to deliver the Newly Assigned Federation Ambassador to New Romulus but Star Fleet CIC has given them another...Find and Located the Where Abouts of a Weapon that could start another Federation-Romulan War. Which CANNOT happen. Star Fleet is still recovering from the Borg Take over in 2401 and the Federation is still feeling the affects of it as well. I NEED ALL POSITIONS!! PLEASE APPLY OR CHECK OUT!!! I NEED CREW!!! Please and Thank You!