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  1. Xavier Keegar is sitting in his temporary quarters on the station, scans his new orders for the first time... "You know... I really wish I could rationalize this. My first assignment and all..." saying so, to no one in particular. Xavier taps a panel on his belt and his self-recorder kicks in. This is quite depressing. I just get assigned to a vessel, and there's already major overhauling work needing to be done on her. I mean, seriously, are people so careless anymore that they run their ships into the latest maelstrom to come up on sensors anymore? I heard that the new XO, whatshisface, did this to the ship. I can't say that I would blame him personally, but it's still a little disconcerting to find out that my new XO has managed to foul up a ship so soon after his posting. But he knew they took their job just as serious. He noticed the attention to details. Drummr had them realign the new inner chamber 4 times before they got it right. Pear was visually inspecting the nacelles from the inside out. He knew this ship would be in good hands. And with the modifications they were installing now, he knew it was the perfect opportunity to begin the new modifications he had designed. Xavier couldn't believe the damage to the ship. The amount of work ahead of him was just overwhelming. I hope the new refit process is what we ultimately decide on. I would really rather not see such a fine ship - a sovereign class vessel go down in flames so soon after her commissioning. It really hasn't been all that long really. Xavier sighs, internal recorder still racking up the seconds, and his eyes fix on the sovereign class statue in his quarters. The class has been a long time study of mine. A class with distinction, a class with honor. A class that Picard and La Forge practically re-wrote the book on. I couldn't help but feel bad when I learned that the Enterprise D had gone down. All of those modifications that La Forge made, gone. In the blink of an eye. And now, we're staring at something of the same thing here. I got to see the remains of the Excalibur. She's docked currently, and the Chief as well as Sorehl and the Admiral are stewing over her, I'm sure. The superstructure is, well, not so super anymore, and the IDF generators have to shift into emergency mode any time something happens - even a brief shift in sector gravity forces causes anyone placing foot onboard to get that uneasy feeling. I didn't get that good of a look at her, but I can't get the image out of my head. All of those openings in the hull, and the pieces being held together by mere strands of twisted metal, and gaping holes in the structure. It's quite depressing. "All hands, report to designated barracks assignments" Drat, time to go check in with some bunkies. Oh well, I intend to work my arse off to the point that I won't get much sleep anyway. Sleeping in close proximity with others like that will only give me the creeps.
  2. Xaiver looked over the console where he was coordinating the efforts of the station to accept Excalibur's poor lifeless hulk. Pouring over the diagrams of what the ship was supposed to be like, but getting live reports from within that said otherwise. A crew member of the station walked up behind Xavier and spoke to Sorehl, "Sir, I've completed my work on bringing the moorings into place for the Excalibur. I had to jury rig a custom implant for one of the umbilicals. I found the mounting system three decks down. Quite a beating." Xavier furrowed his brows. "Poor thing. My first assignment and I get to clean up after someone else's party." He sighed and continued working on his station assessment. Continuing his work, Xaiver headed down to the primary umbilical segments and got a first hand view of the ship. Something clicked, and his thoughts shifted to something more personal... =/\= ::enables his personal recorder:: "Holy Good God. What a mess. I've seen the sovereign class starships before, and I've seen some pretty well beaten up ones, but this ship took the cake. I don't think I've ever seen actual physical hardware displaced as badly as this ship had been in. I wonder how on earth that happened to her. It's a miracle that as many people are alive as they are. " Xavier pondered over his training at Starfleet as he looked on, in a peaceful respect of the ship, USS Excalibur. "NCC-2004-B. What a fine designation." His eyes swept over her hull, almost in a tearful recall of her more glorious days. Eyeing the aft section of the ship, noticing an obvious external damage arrangement from both weapons blast and a sudden powerup of the Impulse drive. The damage as extensive as he saw, still a glimmer of hope within. "We'll have you back to power in no time ol' gal. No time at all."
  3. Here I sit. On a medical barge awaiting transport to the Excalibur. Why Bruce put me up to joining this ship, I'll never know. He's always got some Ego scheme to prove, but in general I like him. I'm not so sure about the crew I'm about to join. The leers and jeers one receives at a starbase medical facility, not to mention at Starfleet Academy grounds alone are enough to induce vomiting. The Doctors there are pretty amusing however. I remember sitting down after some practicing with my new abilities, and watched him discuss the status of another patient with a colleage. "Holy Feces! You mean to tell me that he did what? To whom and where?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing... I wanted to laugh, but... I was held back. The pain of my past now behind me, or was it? Why couldn't I laugh at a simple joke like that? I mean, seriously, Holy Feces isn't quite a normal saying and mostly an obscure attempt at medical humor. What a maroon. The ship just jolted a bit, docking rings are detaching and we're heading toward the USS Melbourne to intercept the Excalibur. She's been under some pretty heavy fire recently I hear. Time will tell if I can come in handy at all. I doubt it. Why do I feel that way? What is my problem? I try to please, and achieve heights higher than when I was younger, but then again that's before I had some Borg cyber dog attack me with their hideous fangs. I don't care if it was a humanoid form, it felt like a dog bit me. Then of course feeling those darned nanites crawl through one's veins and skin is just enough to make any creepy film seem like some poor attempt at sick humor. I remember wanting to wretch my guts out after I had been "assimilated" but something held me back. Maybe the stupid borg implanted a "thou shalt not vomit" routine into their nanites. I'll never know. I hope I never have to find out again. What an egotistical, outright stupid "race" they think they are. If one ever attempts to assimilate me, I'll back pedal some of my own nanite strains into their system. It'll be like that one movie that shows a kid getting huge and blue off of some gum. Whatever it was called. I still can't remember childhood very well. Puny existance anyway. I'd rather be in space charting some unknown galaxy or figuring out where the Borg really started from. The ship's docked with the Melbourne now, and we're getting ready to disembark. The ship is fairly nice. I'm told the Excalibur is nicer than this one. I hear the Commanding Officer is a real butthead though. I've never been a fan of vulcans. Of course, then again there's the Engineer who's attributed to being known to look like a cat. I have no idea how I'll handle that one. But if I sense that he's going to claw me at any point, I'll show him how serious I am when I erect a forcefield around his bed at night. Here kitty kitty indeed. The ship is pretty expansive. It's a good thing I can record logs to my own subprocessor and then dump them into a computer later. I have to admit, I didn't see the good that such a thing would entail, but Dr. Maddox insisted that the routine be installed to help me recover. "Welcome aboard, Ensign. I'll show you to your quarters if you'll follow me. The yeoman will take your belongings for you". Nodding, I follow her. She's kind of cute actually. It's too bad Bruce couldn't enhance other aspects of my anatomy. I'm sure she'd benefit from a good... I need to stop that. The stupid mechanics of my body have for so long interfered with my ability to feel normal. I hate that I lack confidence in the opposing sex and relations. I would still prefer to sit and tear apart a complete computer core or redesign a warp field from scratch than sit and yabber on with a woman. Though, I have to admit, she must work out in the holodeck quite often. "Here are your quarters, hope you enjoy your visit. We'll have you aboard your ship in no time". No time indeed. I'm already feeling at home right here lady. These quarters aren't half bad actually. A lot bigger than the holding station that the doctors had me stand in for 18 hours a day. Bastages. I actually get to sleep in a bed again. Amazing. There's the door chime. Now what? "Sir, I have your belongings here." He tried to hand me the bags, but they were a bit awkward for him. I picked them up off of the floating deck he was pushing around and nodded. "Thanks" I said. "You have a fine ship here". attemping to be diplomatic about it all. He nodded solumnly and left. The doors clasped shut with a noticable "hoosh-click" and I find myself alone once again. At least I got a room with a view. Now I can watch interstellar space debris ping into the forcefield systems keeping my windows from shattering. Damn space bugs. It's been a while since I had anything normal to eat. I'm glad I don't have to use my forearm interface anymore for food consumption. I miss tearing into fresh food. A feat that I hadn't been able to master until 9 months after rehab. I remember the first solid food I ate. An apple. Amazing experience. I felt like a kid again. Times long past. Anyway, I'm sure I can think about my logs more often in the future. I'll dump this to the core now and be done with it. ::Takes a computer node interface from his bag and plugs it into his forearm: "Computer, begin memory purge of PL Section 1. " ::Removes the implant a moment later and relaxes near the replicator, ready for dinner.::
  4. Name: Xavier Wayne Keegar Nickname : Geek Age : 29 Sex : Male Hair: Short light brown POB : Outskirts of Utopia Colony Ht : 6'5" Wt : 220 Race : Human, Borg Implants aborted in early stages Rank : Ensign Marital : Single Father : DuWayne Pearson Mother : Elizabeth Scout Siblings : None Past History : Born 2351 to two civilians serving under the Starfleet Banner, Xavier Keegar was raised as a wunderkid, a child prodigy who showed exceptional skill in computer relational theory, warp field design and upon building his first working replica at the age of 5, attempted a Starfleet Assessment exam and passed, barely. It was decided that he would further hone his skills, ever wanting to be a perfectionist, not wanting to leave anything to chance. At age 18, once again attempted entry into Starfleet and was accepted. When he was 21, he dropped out of Starfleet to pursue other matters with his parents who were both involved in a Borg excursion and barely escaped with their lives. Xavier was not so lucky. The forces easily overwhelmed him and assimilated him into their collective. His parents later found him, but assumed it was too late. Xavier was taken to Starfleet Medical to be studied, and eventually destroyed after finding out that a futher invasion attempt was going to be made by the Borg, which was later intercepted and became a non-issue. In 2373 he had successfully had most of his implants removed, however a scientist at Starfleet took interest and wanted to attempt a different procedure on him. In 2374, Xavier went into surgery to have his implants removed, and new interfaces into Biomechanics inserted. The operation was a complete success, and gave Xavier a unique ability to interact with systems on the hardware level. From 2374 until 2375, Xavier underwent extensive rehabilitation to learn how to walk again. Motor skills came slowly, but once returned, he made rapid recovery thanks to a new "learning" program that the technicans programmed to allow his brain to process information faster. With the new implants, Xavier is able to perform a wide array of tasks, and thanks to his reconstructive surgery, isn't worse for wear. Psych Profile: Xavier obviously has issues that he has to work out over time, but the chances of his success are very good thanks to his high dedication to technology, and modern medicine. His cybernetics contact, Commander Bruce Maddox stays in constant contact through his recovery. Xavier has underlying issues that will need to be worked out as time progresses, and is sometimes prone to sudden anger spats. Patience is one of his newly developing skills, but he needs assistance. Care should be taken around areas sensitive to electromagnetic interference, although the shielding he was implanted with is sufficient, some types of radiation are known to cause mysterious mental incapacities. Otherwise, Xavier is fit for close monitoring under assignment Service Record: Entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 5 Years (2356) but later decided to wait and persue other endeavors. Entered Starfleet Academy again in 2371, but later put his career on suspension Entered Starfleet Academy again in 2376 to finish his training Assigned USS Excalibur, stardate 0507.28 at the rank of Ensign. Noted Improvements due to Cybernetic Enhancement under care of the Biomechanics division and Bruce Maddox: Improved Cognitive abilities due to Borg subprocessor still implanted. Re-coded to accept only Starfleet standard norms. Security level is left up to commanding officer, has been shown to have outstanding hand-to-eye coordination and expansive memory ability. Can use a type II interface to connect himself to a computer system to receive updates to his internal programming and interact with various ship's systems. Designated Clearance level is Gamma 329. Adjustable belt system to house peripheral mechanics through a port on his right forearm to accept directly: Tricorder Mounting Type III Phaser Rifle Portable Life Support and low power generator (up to 2 Kilowatts & (Bioelectical compatible) Expansion Computer Memory Array, and can be outfitted to provide memory "dump" to main computer systems in case of accident. Programs implanted on Borg Subnode processor: "RTL" Subroutine (Right to Live, specifically programmed to help uphold the Prime Directive and/or senior officer) Life Monitor - Body's Electrical monitoring and self adjustment Nanite Subroutine - Can be used to control internal nanites (approx. 2200) to maintain heal and adapt ability or interface with other generations Notes about limitations on Biomechanic implants: Lacks Borg ability to shield himself accurately. Failure rate is the high 98% range, biomechanic output not sufficient enough to sustain a self shielding mechanism longer than .04 seconds Lacks Borg peripheral extension on arm. Does not carry "tools" as others can picture when Borg encountered Looks like any other human. No visible markings, scars, or implants - A Dr. Maddox achievement No super strength. Endoskeletal systems interfered with brain capacity, which was later tested as the optimal route to go in reconstruction. (Player Note - Xavier is more capable than a human in terms of mental processing and capacity due to the nodes left in place, but is by no means a Borg, super human or any of the like. The only thing different about him is his processing power, and his experiences. Otherwise, by appearance and most of the time by mannerisms, a normal human being. No "Magic bullets" present).
  5. I graduated from the academy last week (several days ago, Thursday night I believe?) by STSF_Laura. I haven't received an Email stating what to do next, and I don't want to inconvenience anyone else by spamming their inbox. Sorry if this was already posted, my combination of search phrases didn't come up with anything I needed. ^_^