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  1. Hello one and all! Not a lot to say, other then I may or may not be willing and able to play every-so-often (it all depends on my schedule and mood). Not sure what else to say, at the moment, other then I'm a very shy, introverted male (with Asperger tendencies and eccentricities) who enjoys playing classically-oriented sci-fi and fantasy during the rare moments when he finds the time to do so! US-born fan of all things pre-Discovery Trek. As for roleplaying preferences, I can tackle virtually any setting if the writing is handled well enough by equally-engaged fellow players who are as serious about characterization and setting as I can be, and I can play both male and female characters effectively (preferably at a PG-13 / R-rated level, at the most) - as of the moment, I'm not sure whether to start with my Tellarite tactician or my shy, sarcastic Caitian philosopher-medic (who predates the terrible T'Ana, believe it or not, from my Star Trek: Online days). Can people play more then one character at a time? For any who take the time to read this, I hope this little greeting finds you well, I hope I can get a Discord invite and thanks for taking the time to read some basics about this lonely nerd! Live Long and Prosper.