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  1. ;) Holy crap! that's crazy, i must admit! glad i could contribute!
  2. I had been gone from the forums for so long, i spit out the mountain dew i was drinking when i came back to the site to see a logo i made up! Wow! ;) Dat dang star trek movie trailer got me wanting to come back, but everything is different and scary!!!
  3. I voted for Colbert, because he told me to!
  4. Havent simmed in a really long time! ...But, I'm in the Cardassian Alpha Quad and Human in the Gama Quad.
  5. When ever it does come out, I'll be on there the first day!
  6. Welcome to the forums and sim!
  7. Welcome!
  8. 60+ ships on screen at once blasting each other? ds9 rocks.
  9. Welcome!
  10. I have created a page on wikipedia for the word fussdirag. Unfortunately it has been marked as having a lack of notability. I think this is a shame because I believe this will become a very important and popular word. Please help make sure this is not deleted by contributing meaningful content to it.
  11. Next Gen books are good for tech info. :P
  12. I'm sorry we are full, try back later this month. J/k Welcome to STSF! i'm much to lazy but i'm sure someone will come along and fill you in on the info for newbies. <_<
  13. This is the kinda thing you use Pm's for.
  14. *When* it is relaesed we(the people who get the game) should hook up online a start our own ship :P
  15. I got my approval of joining my first sim the day after it sims! man that was a long week, just gota plug along and before you know it the sims will be coming to fast for you to keep up!