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  1. STARFLEET PERSONNEL DATABANK BIOGRAPHICAL SECTION SUBJECT: Ens. Erik Ashton GENERAL INFORMATION: Name: Erik Arminius Ashton Gender: Male Age: 24 Date of Birth: 09/23/2355 Species: Terran Height: 6'3'' Weight: 215 lbs. Hair Color: Dirty Blond Eye Color: Dark Blue Race: Northern European Place of Birth: S.S. Midgard (Converted Antares-class carrier) Telepathic Status: None SERVICE INFORMATION: Rank: Ensign Position: Assistant Security Officer Assignment: U.S.S. Reaent, NCC-3345-G Awards: None at this time TRAINING: Erik Ashton was excepted into Starfleet Academy at the age of 18, his first few years were troublesome at best. He was seen to be exceptionally adept at combat skills and had outstanding leadership abilities, with the exception of being a good follower. He soon learned how to listen and receive orders, and then had a very accomplished academy career. He stood out in Combat tactics and Security, and soon after graduating was selected for advanced training at the Starfleet Security Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training, located in San Diego, California. After graduating from these schools, he soon had the Starfleet Marine Corps knocking at his door, He kindly refused, stating that "Space has more facets to endeavor in then meeting new cultures, and then simply, killing them". He has now received orders to serve on the fine ship U.S.S. Reaent under the Command of Capt. Micheals MEDICAL HISTORY: Ens. Ashton's Medical condition can only be classified as outstanding. He was his class leader in the Academy, setting records in almost all competitions. When he first reported to the Academy from his parents ship, he was diagnosed with acute Asthma, he was treated immediately and has had no further respiratory problems. He was also found to have the archaic disease of skin cancer, which could not be treated with medical facilities on-board the Midard. He was promptly treated with regenerative surgery. With no further medical problems he was admitted to the academy. No further medical issues have been located as of this report. SERVICE RECORD: 01/10/2374 --- Accepted to Starfleet Academy 02/15/2378 --- Graduated Starfleet Academy; Promoted To Rank Of Ensign By: Captain Dacotah Starfleet Academy - San Francisco, Earth 02/20/2378 --- Accepted to Starfleet Security Academy 03/02/2379 --- Graduated from Starfleet Security Academy 03/20/2379 --- Accepted to Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training 07/21/2380 --- Graduated at the top of his class from Starfleet Tactical Training 07/23/2380 --- Assigned to the U.S.S. Reaent as the Assistant Security officer. SHIP HISTORY: S.S. MIDGARD Little is known of the early history of the ship now known as Midgard. What is known, is that the ship was built in the Late 23rd century, by the Talarians. She was commissioned under the name Q'Nimous. After that the ship is lost to history due to the tedious duty of carrying supplies to war torn planets. It surfaced again in 2326 when a Terran by the name of Arminius Ashton procured the ship from the Talarian government. It was then renamed S.S. Midgard, and retrofitted with newer technology by the Talarians, paid for by Mr. Ashton and his colleagues. It got underway in the year 2328 with the mission of carrying Mr Ashton and 15 of his closest friends, along with there families, into the unknown of space. They where also seeking solitude to study and practice the ancient religion of there ancestors (the name of this religion has been lost). Because it was retrofitted by the Talarians, it had a formidable load-out of weapons for it's class of ship. The Elders of the ship taught Strict principles to the younger crew members, and soon they were a hard-skinned, self-reliant crew of explorers. In 2332 Mr. Ashton and his wife had a son that they named Casey Erik Ashton. Once again the ship is lost to history because the ship was not often seen by anyone or anything. Then in 2355 the Midgard once again arrived in Talarian space looking for to bring on supplies. By this same time Casey had married, and his wife was pregnant. They had a son on September 23, 2355, which they named Erik Arminius Ashton. After being resupplied and a minor refit, the Midgard once again headed for they frontier of the alpha quadrant. The last time the Midgard was seen was in early 2374 when Erik Ashton was brought to the Sol system and dropped off on Earth for entry into Starfleet Academy. The S.S. Midgard has not been seen, nor heard from since. END TRANSMISSION
  2. As Erik sits at the Helm station he thinks "Wow this is nothing like the Midgard!". When he first learned that he was being transferred to a deep space command, he was excited. Well why shouldn't I be? Isn't that why I joined starfleet? He liked to tell himself that, but he knew it was not the truth. The real reason was that life aboard the Midgard was old, and boring. He had always wondered as a child what it would be like to be the big boy on the block, and not just a hobo wandering across the galaxy wasting his life. "But now here I am, one of the big boys" He really was impressed by the sheer size of the Reaent, it must be at least 10 times the size of his parents' ship. He also liked the people he had met, especially Lit, or Ensign Lit Remy. She is the acting security chief, and was very helpful and kind, perhaps it is because she too, is relatively new to the command. he is looking forward to work with her more. He is lost in the situation of the ship, not sure what he should do or say, but hopefully that will come to him in time. And now back to the Nav sensor diagnostics.
  3. It is stated in TNG tech manual, Chapter 11 page 123 paragraph 4. "As installed in the Galaxy class, the main ships phasers are rated as Type X, the largest emitters available for starship use. Individual emitter segments are capable of directing 5.1 MW. By comparison, the small personal phasers issed to Starfleet crew membersare type I and II, the latter being limited to 0.01MW. Certain large dedicated planetary defense emitters are designated as Type X+, as there exact energy output remains classified." Therefore it is corrct to assume that they are classified by there Energy output. It is never stated that they are classified by time frame, but everyone know that typically more power comes later in technology timeframe.
  4. Can I please have "Space Viking"
  5. Does anyone hae the Enterprise era Uniforms?