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  1. I would love to! I wanted to ask but I was too shy to say anything. If you’re willing to have me, I’d be happy to watch.
  2. Awesome, thanks again.
  3. Hi, thanks. That does help, actually. Is there anyone in particular I would need to contact beforehand for permission to sit in on any sims or just any other reason?
  4. Hi, thanks for answering. Retired for 20 years, huh? I'm barely 20 myself. I'm something of a fan of text-based roleplaying and have been doing it since I was at least 15 or 16, though my experience is pretty limited (mostly one-on-one in PMs and a brief stint on another Star Trek roleplaying forum that was eventually shut down because the owner just couldn't keep devoting the time and energy needed to run it). I think I'm kind of starting to get an idea of how things work around here; I guess other than activity, one of my biggest questions is how I would proceed in order to be able to participate in sims.
  5. Hi all, my name's Maddy and I'm new here. I've known about this forum for a while but I just recently gathered the courage to sign up. How active is this website, and how do things work around here?