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    we come in peace you leave in pieces. Master of the
  • Birthday 11/20/1954

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    living in the wilds of S.E.Alabama
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    Emergency Medicine,Star Trek,STSF,Science(practical as well as <br />theroretical),Engineering,cutting edge R&D,Flying,Scuba and Sky<br />diving,Hunting,Camping,Music,My Strata Caster,Good Friends and<br />Family,The whole STSF community, Sim playing,......100 year old<br />scotch,My family(as in my cats and dogs), Nevada Air Races,Mens Traditionial Dancing,Writing poetry,and logs,martial arts,astronomy<br />astro physics,star gazing(my telescope),nasa and private corps.<br />reasearch,inventing,cooking,food,spirits making(beer,wine)@home, <br />Flying,guess thats enough for now....whew...
  1. HNY

    A very Happy New Year to all my friends/Family...a sincere wish for a much happier,healthy,and prosperous new year in 2012...Love,peace...joy to all... B)
  2. Heh......guess who is back,and pulls all the strings.....? .
  3. ?????...why is this here again???
  4. ::Spam,Spam,Spam...glorius,filling ,delectable Spam,Spam,Spam...All together now!!!
  5. Who cares...they are all associated with Star Trek ;)
  6. ::Awaiting another fantastic posting from the Grom:: ;)
  7. "Many thanks to that small band of renegades who had the foresight to create STSF! Congratulations on 8 continuous years of fun! Let's hope we're around in another 8 years!" Indeed Happy Birthday,and the on going voyages into STSF fun...
  8. Indeed happiest wishes for a very Happy Birthday T'Kar... :)
  9. And now for something totally different..::Ques the MPFC music::... :)
  10. Just one question....Why is there "A Personal Log Here???"...just curious :)
  11. Vi Et Armis Personal log :Hilee,Richard,B.,Lt.Cmdr. U.S.S.Manticore,Asst.Engineer The passing days at the space station had been somewhat boring by some of the crew and their individual accounts...including the various engineering staff mandated for shore leave. The recent days have been replete with a non before compliment in ship defenses /attack equipment. The mention of them to this date has been withheld for an obvious reason as I have overseen the nume instillations of very lethal equipment...a war mongers wet dream if you will. This past night...with the woman I have grown to love echoes her concerns...her concerns though not even acknowledged are not without fruit,even to the extent we have become a heavily burdened lethal,deadly...christ how can I even begin to describe the"Now Destroyer of Worlds"???. The orders are clear and no personal thoughts and beleifs can hold sway in this action,no matter to what ones own personal conflict with lawful orders can imagine....we must go on. My own personal history resembles that of the Manticore....do not ask how/when the order comes it is your sworn duty to carry out those orders....and we shall continue "By Force Of Arms" if needed....for we have truly become Death....The destroyer of Worlds...End Log,encode,...Beep!!
  12. Actually all.....Was not the very "term" Science fiction based on the obvious...we have been covered up with a replete glossary of entertainment?.We strive to nick pick the very bones of something that 50 years ago was only left to the "Funny Papers" ,as my Father referred to them,or comics. Let it be safe to say all that we have/or have not enjoyed has been brought to us all as "Entertainment"...the other discussions of science fact/fiction will be reserved for another occasion....let it suffice to say whatever segment you enjoy...by all means enjoy it,for there is much for all to enjoy.... :P Eagle.
  13. "CAVE" Duty Log: Lt.Cmdr.Hilee,Asst.Engineer U.S.S.Manticore The recent string of events leading to our arrival at the star base #801 has been fast paced to say the least. We have apparently for all intents and purposes been placed into a quarantine situation with each department observing the proper protocols,luckily so far so good no reports have been noted from Engineering as it has from other departments. Fuel reserves have been replenished for the star drives,and were much needed...I suppose the time spent at maximum warp with both drives pumping out at max does have that type of effect. All control systems appear to have weathered our recent ordeals suitably well and all necessary module replacement parts that were either rigged and repaired have been replaced with the necessary equipment. Computer....pause duty log!...Beep. Turning to his personal log and noting the hours past since he had received the call from Eva....cryptic in it's nature until he had been informed of what had transpired,and her resulting placement in stasis...I pray it will be a short stay. I have grown very attached to the Doctor since our meeting,and subsequent time together. I have grown to love her even knowing she is a Trill....and her various incarnations previously as well the possible future ones. Computer....resume duty log:..beep! All necessary repairs have been completed and this ship stands ready....the question that occupies many on Manticore is what next,how long,and how do we get out of this predicament...and "Beware" once again.
  14. No thank you for Nuking them until they glow in the dark....see our site does have "Big B573994...err Teeth",let the spammers beware or suffer the wrath of...ok,A-9,suffer the wrath of who?
  15. I have to get that time machine fixed so I can actually wish all a Happy B-Day on time. Happy belated B-Day you two ^_^