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Sierra Robinson

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  1. LtJg. Robinson had already decided it was going to be a drink night having worked the rest of her shift uploading a critical data file including Science Officer Tran's information on the molecular makeup of the deadly plant. Sierra was determined to rid the station of the plant that made her violently ill days earlier and had killed numerous Pakleds. Assisting in eradicating the " Foothold " was Sierra's only way to fight back and she relished the opportunity to do so. Her counterattack began with finding something to help identify the enemy. Ltjg Tran supplied that information from independent research she had been conducting on mysterious new plants that had arrived on the station. Her research had discovered three unique chemical compounds found at different stages in the plant's growth. To simplify matters Sierra had named the three compounds PAK-1, 2 and 3. Together they would be known as the PAK Series compounds. Her next move was to utilize tools available to detect the PAK series compounds. The primary tool available was the internal sensor array of the Sky Harbor Aegis meant to detect everything from oxygen levels to lost children. Additional tools would come in the form of hand held scanners for more thorough searches. Most tricorders on Aegis could be updated remotely to look for PAK series compounds in a short amount of time. Robinson was aware that more plants could be brought onto the station, so the external sensor array system in theory could scan ships approaching to dock with AEGIS for PAK series compounds. Once vessels were cleared to dock, additional scans could be done with hand held devices. If the visiting captains protested, she was certain the Captain would convince holdouts to comply with station safety protocols. Once detected, the PAK- Series laden plants could be removed from the station. The discovery of large quantities of the plant on deck 98 and the subsequent contamination of the station's air supply required the biomass to be beamed off station into space. Sierra was not certain where the plants would be beamed to in the future. She thought the common practice of biohazard storage could work. This involved loading the biohazard into specially designed storage pods to be taken eventually off the station. That decision was above Sierra's paygrade of course. Sierra rubbed her eyes and closed her work station. It was time to recharge her own batteries overnight, for tomorrow her battle against the “Foothold” would resume.
  2. Dear Myra, Hello Starfleet Cadet! Thanks for your communique. Glad to see you made it to San Francisco Okay. So your roommate is Bajoran? Be kind, considerate and patient..that is what I would advise. And visit that pizza place on old Embarcadero real quick...near Old Pier 39! I can suggest a bunch of other things, but one thing about the academy and the city ..there is so much to discover. One thing you will learn right away as a cadet is what you can and cannot discuss when communicating with others. Right now I cannot say what I am working on. Right? Not like I am a spy or anything. One thing about Engineers Myra, we can end up working on just about anything. If you continue to pursue a security background study I doubt I will hear much from you in the future as to what you will be doing. To answer your question about if I will remain at Sky Harbor Aegis the answer will be yes. I received a communique from the assignment office stating that the USS Chi Song has now been declared missing. Deployment decided it was not a good idea to have little me in limbo until the Chi Song is found. Aegis was in need of a spare engineer, so wola !!! No Sis I have not changed a head...yet. Isn't it quite amazing about all those old stories we were told of our ancestor in the 20th century discovering what they called back then a UFO..and being told by mysterious visitors it was not the case...and centuries later two of the descendants of Rain Robinson are with Starfleet ( or soon to be ) . We Robinsons are something else aren't we? You take care sis, maybe when things quiet down here I can come visit Sierra
  3. Dear Myra, Sorry I have not written you in a while Sis, I have been reassigned. My first assignment as an Engineer on the USS Chi Song has been postponed since the ship has not returned yet from its mission. It is an older Excelsior Class Starship, so perhaps it had something slow it down on its return voyage to Earth. The Assignment officer at the School of Engineering decided to give me an assignment while waiting for the Chi Song to return. I am an Engineer on a Space Station! The station is named Sky Harbor Aegis, and it is located near Cardassia Prime. Yes, that is where the Dominion War ended, but there is no shooting going on at the moment. The Station is very similar to the one orbiting Jupiter. I believe when I sent you an image of that station you said it looked like two stacks of Pizza served as Shish Kabob. Remember? Aegis has some restaurants and shops to help get me started here. I hope you are doing fine back home. Be patient with Mom and Dad, You'll be off to the Academy in weeks right? They are going to miss you. I'll write you later with more, -Sierra
  4. Name: Sierra Robinson Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade Assignment: Engineer Temporarily Assigned to Space Station Sky Harbor Aegis pending return of USS Chi Song. Species: Human Place of Birth: New Anaheim, Earth Age: 20 Height: 1.6m ( 5' 4" ) Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Distinguishing Marks: None Medical Notes: Allergic to some forms of grass. Other Notes: Sierra looks younger than she is. She held to record for having her Ident-Card inspected in the College of Engineering at Starfleet Academy. Favorites Include Raktajino and Pizza. Sierra has a younger Sister named Myra. Myra herself is about to enter Starfleet Academy.