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Annika Sorenson

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  1. UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS: CREW BIOGRAPHY Personal Information: Name: Annika Sorenson Age: 22 Species: Human Gender: Female Place of Birth: Galileo II Research Centre, Europa (Jovian moon) Parents: Magnus Sorenson (father): Research Lead - Galileo II Research Centre Inga Sorenson, Chief Administrator – Galileo II Research Centre Siblings: None Allegiance: Federation – Starfleet Citizenship: Federation Citizen Residence (when off-ship): Stockholm, Sweden, San Diego, California Height: 182 cm (5’10”) Weight: 63.5 kg (140 lbs) BMI: 20.1 (normal) Hair colour: Platinum Blonde Eye colour: Blue Medical Information: Zodiac Sign: Taurus Blood type: AB+ Known Allergies: None Build: Slender, thin Physical Appearance: Some say she bears a strong resemblance to Princess Elsa from the Disney/Pixar movie Frozen. Medical Records (from Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, CA) No known physical, mental or psychological issues to report. Annika is in good health and is up to date on medical vaccinations as required for service in Starfleet. Service Information: Current rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade Current posting: Science Officer, USS Manticore Years in Service: 0 Awards: None Promotions: Graduated from Starfleet Academy; promoted from Cadet to Ensign. Promoted to Lt. Junior Grade (April/May '20) Honours/Qualifications: Degree in Sciences, Marine Biology and stellar cartography. Pilot’s certification for shuttles, and runabouts (up to Danubeclass runabout) Operator certification: Underwater submersible vessels (all types) and above-water pleasure craft and vessels up to and including 50 metres in length. SCUBA diving certification – full certification Lifeguard Swimming Certification Basic Medical certification and basic weapons (phasers) certification as required by Starfleet Academy field training. Personal History: Annika was born and raised at the Galileo II research outpost situated on the Jovian moon Europa to Swedish scientists Magnus and Inga Sorenson. Anika had a fairly normal childhood, but due to the isolated location of the research outpost and the Jovian moon itself, Annika initially had little friends to play with other than a few of the other children on the outpost and her occasional visits to Sweden staying with her grandparents there in her childhood (as well as during her parents’ rotational sabbaticals back to Earth). At the outpost, Annika developed an interest in marine biology and exploring the vast icy ocean under Europa’s icy surface. She quickly learned to operate the outpost’s submersibles under her father’s guidance and has helped explore and classify marine flora and fauna that inhabit Europa’s waters. Annika was educated at the outpost with the other children on the outpost (six children, including Annika) as well as supplemental education in Stockholm, Sweden where her family also has a home. After finishing secondary education, Annika expressed an interest in joining Starfleet, wanting to leave the remote research colony and “spread her wings”. With the support of her family, Annika enrolled into the Science division of Starfleet Academy to develop her already sharp skills in the sciences, while picking up stellar cartography and astrology. Socially, Annika learned to open up with new friends she made in Academy which helped develop her social skills – something she lacked somewhat in her childhood. Academically, Annika was a good student and earned the respect of her peers and teachers for being hard working and quick to learn, which reflected in the top marks she received whilst in the Academy. Annika graduated with full honours upon completion of her Sciences Program and has been assigned to the USS Manticore to serve as a Science Officer aboard this vessel. Personality Profile: Annika is considered to be friendly and approachable to anyone she meets, but may appear to be somewhat distant when she first meets anyone. Once she gets to know them better however, she is considered to be pretty sociable. Annika is still very close to the other children she grew up with at Galileo II and her parents given the isolated nature of the outpost. Due to her distant or cool nature to those she is unfamiliar with, as well as her upbringing on the icy moon Europa, her peers given her the nickname of “The Ice Queen”. Hobbies: When not engaged in scientific activities, Annika enjoys swimming and scuba diving (the latter learnt on numerous dives in Europa, using underwater EVA suits). She is a strong swimmer and picked up her lifeguard certification in Sweden. Annika also enjoys piloting shuttles, of which she learned at Galileo II and helped deliver supplies and scientific equipment for the colony to and from Earth during her time at the outpost. She also enjoys to travel and visit new places, clubs and shopping. Despite being born and raised in the frigid temperatures of Europa, Annika does enjoy being in warm weather owing to her time in San Francisco. Galileo II History: The Galileo II research facility is a scientific research outpost situated on Europa, a moon orbiting the planet Jupiter in the Sol System and named for 16thcentury Italian astrologer Galileo Galilei who had originally discovered Europa in 1610. Gravity in the outpost is artificially regulated at 1.0 G to match that of Earth’s and maintains a constant temperature of 22C. It was constructed in 2336 as a direct replacement of the original Galileo research outpost originally constructed in the early 23rdcentury. Over the years, the research outpost was outfitted with state-of-the-art technology to explore Europa and its waters as well as to serve as a hub for other research outposts and colonies situated on other Jovian and Saturnian moons such as Io, Ganymede or Titan. Galileo II houses 53 permanent scientists and had a population of six children when Annika was growing up. Scientists served 6-month rotations to Earth for sabbatical and to help the scientists remain accustomed to Earth and the sun. However, scientists still are typically somewhat paler than their counterparts on Earth due to their time away from the sun and not receiving enough vitamin D the sun produces. Galileo II is comprised of two separate modules; module one is 58 metres in height and juts above the surface of Europa. It is protected by a clear dome` which offers a stunning vista of Europa’s icy surface and constant ice geysers emanating from its surface as well as a landing bay and docking port for shuttles and runabouts visiting the outpost and supply delivery to the outpost. Habitation decks, space research labs, communications and administration offices are located in this module. The base is constructed with high grade duranium and tritanium as used by Starfleet space stations which protect the outpost from these natural phenomena. This module is joined by a 250-metre-long shaft which connects it to the second module underneath Europa’s subsurface ocean. This second module is 85 metres in height and contains the research labs, submersible bays and other labs and underwater sensors. Over the years, scientists have mapped out much of the area in Europa’s subsurface ocean and conduct research on marine life, effects of the moon’s magnetic field and tidal heating coming from Europa’s core among other things in tandem with other marine research outposts situated throughout the Federation. Character Bio.docx