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  1. He could have accidentally put the post here instead of in the topic poll on do you read others' logs. Back to topic, Nice logo A9. The ship/station images on the mousepads look good.
  2. - write about something that adds to character development: particitpating/doing a hobby or recreational activity when the character was off duty - write about the characters reaction or opinion of something that happened in the sim that your character was aware of: maybe you went to do something and the tools weren't where they were suppose to be and your character is a neat freak, so maybe have a short rant in the log. Or if there is a new crew member you met make an opinion of the character based on the first impression-> on the talon every new crewmember is viewed as a spy until proven otherwise. BUT KEEP it to opinion of your character and don't put words into others characters mouthes without permission. - write about sending a letter home or to a friend off the ship/station talking about how the posting has been going - write about recieving a letter from home/friend off the ship and discuss the news that was in the letter - If you have been given an assignment that could warrent the need to send a report to your commanding officer/department head write up a log in a memo or report style addressed to the crewmember you are to give the report to and include the details of what you were to report about. only go into as much detail as you want
  3. Hybrid half-tons are already available, as well as hydrogen trucks and half hybrids. But they all still use some gas just not at the higher levels. Electric cars are available in north america however they are small and slow on highways. I think it was about two-four years back a group of university students had constructed an engine that runs off of I think it was cooking grease that one would find in a deep fryer in a fast food restaurant. The engine was placed in a school bus and was travelling around Canada that summer. I don't remember from what university.
  4. Awwww N'Dak all graduated from a cadet a couple years ago to a GM now ::pinches his cheek and runs away:: ;) Congrats Dak.
  5. Last I checked Alberta and Manatoba also have a legal drinking age of 18. As for alberta stop points I would agree with the west Edmonton mall. If it summer time and your at calgary there is Calaway park it you want amusement rides or if your there the same week as the Calgary stampede you might want to check that out.
  6. After checking over the data on the screen in front of her at the science console on the oria R’tor wrote up a status report for the possible deception even though the cloak was down and the Lloann’na could seen them as they are, if nothing else it could become useful in future missions. ====================================================================================== RE: Status Report TO: El'Riov Laehval t’Temarr, Khre Riov t’Rex, Daise Erei'Riov tr'Psichore FROM: R’tor t’Batok For the possibility of turning the Talon into a convincing illusion of a Lloann’na ship it would require: - holo-cloak - ion trail - ship ID and code - a possible disguise if the Lloann’na attempt some sort of visual contact for the effect - our romulan bio signs and technologies - sending false sensor readings Holo-cloak Currently we have collected data of a Sovereign Class Lloann’na ship that we had encountered a while back. This data could be used to program the holo-cloak in the shape of the ship Arcadia. I have a saved file all set up for this purpose in the data bank in the file Director which is labeled “Deception Sovereign”. In this file are the specs for the cloak to take on the image of the ship. Ion Trail With the scans of the Arcadia there should be sufficient data on the ion trail to set up sensors to give it off but to cover our own ion trial would be tricky if doable. I would suggest an attempt to rig the engines to emit an ion trail as close as possible to that of the data rather than use sensors to create it. ID codes After getting a confirmation of possessing ID codes measures from the Arcadia being in our possession I would suggest attempting to use them. They should pass a slight over look. Visual communications Should the Lloann’nas attempt to contact us it would be more believable to have some way of opening communications and still giving the image of federations officers on a bridge. To refuse visual communications would make them suspicious or offer to send officers over to help make repairs if we attempt an excuse. To not answer hails would also make them suspicious. To accomplish this I propose to create a HIC program of a federation bridge that is of the same style found on the Sovereign Class Lloann’na ship, preferably one that is an exact replica of the Arcadia we encountered if we choose to go with that ships look and codes. In the program it is possible to program holo-characters to look like various federation officers around the bridge. If the arcadia is the ship we are impersonating then using holographic images of some of the crew would be recommended in case someone on one of the Lloann’na ships would happen to know one of the higher ranking officers on the Arcadia. The HIC should be able to route the communications through it to make it appear real. It could be possible to disguise one member of our crew to do the talking if any instance occurs where this would be needed or we could do some on the spot programming during the conversation to have a holographic captain doing the talking while we put the words in its mouth. This program is started with the bridge crew and bridge already programmed and saved in the data banks in the file directory “Deception Sovereign”. Rihan Bio signs and Technology To cover our bio signs and various technologies aboard I would recommend using a dampening field inside the ship. I would recommend using as many different sources as possible for the dampening field as possible to keep all scanning of the ship from picking up the unwanted data. However this field should not extend past the outer bulkheads. Deceptive Bio signs To give the sensors of the Lloann’na ships the impression we are who we look like it would be possible to set up a sensor loop of data that was collected of the arcadia and transmit it from emitters on the outer haul of the ship. This would require using as many emitters on the outside as possible so the Lloann’nas don’t pick up all crew at one location. Also if this is used with the HIC program, the number of officers bio signs transmitted to be on the oria should also appear on the oria in the program. It should be possible to also program the program to have bio signs move about the ship. There is a start for the program saved in the data banks in the file directory “Deception Sovereign”. ====================================================================================== After sending the report off she began to wonder about the possibility of doing a similar thing to a scout if the ships started to send out shuttles for a possible infiltration of one of the Lloann’na ships through their own shuttle bay.
  7. Captain Vixis and Captain Virago.
  8. Public relations or one looking after any disiplinary/dispute issues that may arise from advanced sims or academies
  9. The cdt part is not manditory just optional and not all use it when they are cadets. Even on advanced sims several just use their characters names and skip the rank on the SN just so they don't have to keep making new SN accounts.
  10. COMPUTER START LOG R'tor t'Bat'ok's Personal log Stardate 0405.13 With the recent shoreleave and being off the planet for a year locked away on a ship, to R'tor being on solid ground with the elements seemed something of a memory. After being home even for a days time reminded her of what the planet life was like. Having finally reserved some HIC time, R'tor stood in the cooridor tapping some commands on the console and downloading her program. Taking a moment to make sure the program was set properly she stepped into the HIC. Looking around at the program she had created she mentally made notes on what needed fine tuning. She started to walk through the open grassy field she was standing in towards the water front. Looking around at the thick tree line in the near distance, she easily pointed out some of the birds she had programed in. Looking back to the water front she smiled at the way the program had came together nicely with the sky meeting the water. Getting closer to the water two larger animals appeared out of the grass and started running off into the trees. Taking a quick glance at the movement she nodded, happy with the detail. R'tor turned and headed down to the pebbled ground where the water climbed over the ground. Looking along the water she spotted the fire pit she had programmed in with log benches around it. Walking over to it she looked out into the water and saw a few fish surface. Reaching the fire pit, she took a seat on the ground leaning back against a log and stretched her legs out infront of her crossing her left foot over her right. R'tor closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, smelling the outdoorsy smell she had trouble programming in. Hearing a bird chirping somewhere over head she smiled. "Computer play sunset option 1" she called out loudly still with her eyes closed. Feeling the air get cooler she shivered slightly then opened her eyes to look at the fire pit infront of her. "Computer, campfire, flame hieght of 1 foot." She called out again. Watching the flame come to life she had a glimpse of the sun setting over the water front abover the flame. Shifting slightly to get a bit more comfortable she looked up to the sky catching the shades of color melt from one to the other noting she would have to fine detail that later. R'tor stayed there watching the sun set then after it set she got up. "Computer end program." she called out. She headed out of the holodeck back to her quarters to make those fine tuning adjustments that she had spotted in the program. COMPUTER END LOG
  11. Happy birthday Grom
  12. Happy Birthday Fred
  13. The Best Of Both Worlds Pt. 2 ???
  14. t'Rex can we keep Dak daise a little longer to experiment on which one works the best? ::runs::
  15. Happy Birthday Trichon!