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  1. Secret Agent Callista (Note: The following occurs recently but is independent of our current plot) The throne room was dimly lit with torches mounted on what appeared to be golden floor lamps. Tall black marble columns supported the ceiling which appeared to have latinum bars embedded into it. The floor was also of black polished marble with a prominent row of gold tiles leading up to the throne itself. On that throne, was an opulently dressed Ferengi with two well dressed Bolian henchmen, one on each side. Callista looked forward, her wrists handcuffed behind her. She was secured to a stone pillory that looked out of place in such an opulent room. Her black tactical suit almost blended in with the floor in its color, but it apparently was not dark enough not to remain unseen. A sinister laugh came from the familiar Ferengi before. It was Mork the Sentient Cooker. “So Ms. Starflleet did you think you could just enter my lair on your wits alone to plunder my treasures? Well not this time! I have not forgotten your Federation’s raid on my exquisite culinary storerooms. I tripled security at all my properties including here at my Latinum Nest. So, what WERE you after this time? “ Mork asked. “You stole something capable of imploding the galaxy you idiot!” Callista answered. “Why else would I be here? That little rock on your ring is not a jewel. It has a very technical term. Would you like me to enlighten you? She said bluntly as she could. Callista was taking advantage of Mork’s longwindedness while using a tool agent K provided her to unlock the handcuffs securing her to the pillory. Just a few more seconds were required. Wait..did he just call me Ms. Starfleet? “I know what this is, Ms. Starfleet.” Mork proudly displayed his ring. “ And I did not steal the Uberlithium crystal, I bought it! Mork replied with a snivel and began laughing. “And now I have something else, a tasty new morsel to shish kabob over a grill. You!!! Guards take her to my seasoning room!!” Before the two latinum threaded Bolian thugs could lay a hand on her, Callista had already freed herself. She quickly sprinted for the nearest floor lamp and lifted it knocking over the torch and began to spin it over her head. “Get her you Morons!!!!” Mork commanded as he rose. The Bolians charged with golden stun batons. Callista almost superhumanly attacked the first Bolian with a well placed swat to the head knocking him to the floor unconscious. The second Bolian did not have a chance to respond as the black clad Starfleet engineer swung her improvised weapon behind his knees causing him to fall backwards. The finishing blow came to the second Bolian’s head via the lampstand’s base. Somehow after that combination, “ Ms. Starfleet '' finished with a superhero landing. “Well never let employees finish an employer’s job!.” Mork exclaimed while revealing what appeared to be a disrupter made of latinum. He aimed the weapon at Callista with a big smile on his face. “ I would have preferred to roast you over a fire pit Ms. Starfleet. Maybe with some soy sauce and sprinkled with.... Before Mork could finish his diabolical recipe, Callista reached for her tactical knife in her black boot and threw it with all she could. The blade flew straight into Mork’s forehead, sending the Ferengi stumbling back into his jewel encrusted throne. “Gordon Ramsey was going to..” Mork was unable to finish the sentence before he breathed his last. Callista approached the throne to quickly retrieve her objective, the Uberlithium crystal mounted on Mork’s ring. After a few gentle tugs she removed the ring and checked the crystal’s authenticity. The unique purple pulsing of the crystal in response to localized graviton imbalances indicated Mork was not wearing a fake. It was mesmerizing, in size and beauty but extremely dangerous in the hands of one who wanted to weaponize it. She quickly secured the ring a mission designed pocket on her suit. It was time to go.. Suddenly a loud klaxon sounded in the throne room and an audible countdown began. Callista ran as fast as she could to the exit. Oddly it seemed as if she was running in place while the alarm became louder and louder. Lieutenant Tyrel finally woke up and deactivated the familiar chrono which displayed 0700 . Callista caught her breath and let her heartrate return to normal before resting her head on her pillow for a moment. The ceiling was not made of gold pressed latinum in her quarters, just that Starfleet standard beige paint. Reality had returned. “Ms. Starfleet..yeah right.” Callista sighed and followed with a smile.. It was only a dream but a good one. ( RIP Diana Rigg )
  2. The traffic of ships above New Las Vegas was chaotic with vessels including passenger liners, freighters, yachts, naval vessels and shuttles. It was only slightly organized to avoid major collisions, and so far no one had significantly damaged Manticore. Callista had heard talk about this once she returned aboard Manticore the day before. It was quite a sight from her quarter’s viewports, a crazy sight to begin what might be a crazy day. She was back in uniform for Commander Kenickie’s trial that was scheduled to begin in a few hours. Her mind had wrestled the previous night with the question on what to do. Should she stay on the ship in case someone decided to “ spring “ the Commander or attend the trial in person? She had decided on the latter, someone had to be there to support Kansas. Callista was still bothered by questions as she checked her appearance in the mirror and she could not find an answer. Why on earth was this trial being allowed to happen? Who attacked their hotel? And finally, how did someone manage to catch Kansas Kenickie? Commander Kenickie seemed to relish bladed weapons, appearing to single handedly commandeer a Klingon vessel with violent ease. There was no doubt she was capable of killing many people . From what she had gathered over the last 24 hours Kansas was not denying the charges. So why was Callista going to the trial in support of an assassin? Her gaze returned to her reflection in the mirror as she adjusted her hair. There was something she admired about Kansas, her take charge no business attitude perhaps. She also wasn’t afraid to speak her mind much like herself. A budding killer inside herself? No, Callista h did not have any skills capable of pulling off an assassination. Yet she did desire to gain covert operation skills to assist Manticore to fulfill her missions. She had brought up that subject with her friends Annika and Gila down on the surface. Despite the veneer Kansas displayed of being extremely dangerous, inside she was human just like herself. Callista did not want her commander to feel abandoned further by her shipmates, and that in the end was the reason why she would attend the trial.. After attaching her comm badge and Engineering Tricorder to her Uniform she took one final look in the mirror and passed her quick visual inspection. She dimmed the lights and began to exit her quarters when she realized she forgot to do something. Tyrel walked over to her bed and placed her right foot on it, she raised her pant leg a bit to reveal an ankle knife holster with a Starfleet Issue Ka-Bar type blade. She quickly removed the holster and left it on her bed. Relieved that she had corrected that oversight she concluded her commander had rubbed off on her , in a very sharp way.
  3. Callista excused herself from Gila and Annika and returned to the bar behind them. What a shore leave this has been. First she was robbed and now her CO was arrested right in front of her by a brigade of local police. Yes, this has been a fine shore leave indeed. It could of been worse, for Callista knew her temper got the best of her again by confronting one of the cops. She knew she was a bit ...temperamental at times. The cop must of laughed inside seeing a little lady in a blue party dress ordering him not to hurt Kansas. Callista looked at her Kanar and took a quick sip. Dad was right, She was a "Spitfire" at times and her impetuous actions have gotten her in trouble in the past. Her father steered her into certain activities to attempt to help, yoga...kick boxing. and fixing things. Odd how a remedy for a short fuse kickstarted a career in engineering and got her here today. Callista finished her time out and Kanar with a quick pull, returning to her shipmates. She hoped this leave would not get any worse.
  4. Personal Log Callista Tyrel My first log was an excited an ensign arriving at her quarters on her first assignment. For my second, I am composing this log from the brig. I am at a loss for what happened that led Commander Kenickie to arrest me. She seemed confident I was in cohootz with the cadet James Ryan. I found Cadet Ryan to be a creep, he was trying to hit on me not long after we boarded Manticore. He did not seem to be the most level headed individual I have met, the guy would burst into Klingon at any given moment. Emotionally unhinged yes, someone capable of hacking a black ops starship no. At least that is what I thought. I guess the guy somehow linked my access code to his ...alleged illegal activities. I don't have the full idea of what the guy was doing, but he is now in the brig with me in the cell to the left. Just great. I did suspect someone from Starfleet was behind the mysterious computer hacks that crippled Manticore , the Honshu and destroyed another Starship with an entire Starbase But I thought it would of been someone far above Ryan's paygrade. Perhaps those boarders will shed light on who is responsible for all this. Frankly find myself unable to grasp the situation. You only get basic Federation law at the academy. I might find myself an accessory to murder if this mess is not cleaned up. I have to believe that Starfleet will get this all cleared up. Yet I am not sure, because I have not seen what evidence the commander has to think I had something to do with all this. I am anxious to say the least over this. And a bit mad as well , but mostly at the jerk in the cell next to me. I have to believe the truth will come out... It seems the ship might be out of danger based on the alert hues in the brig . I hope Commander Jaenke will be able to argue my case when he gets a chance to. I didn't do any of this. End Log.
  5. We have just received data from the bridge about the destruction of Starbase 392. Apparently it was destroyed by the USS Sumadi a Nova Class Starship while inside the Starbase. The initial information provided appears to indicate that Sumadi's computer suffered a catastrophic malfunction which for lack of a better word made the Sumadi go haywire. The ship seemingly acted on its own, and prevented the crew from making repairs or even allowing the crew to take the computer offline. We don't have much to go on given that the Sumadi and the Starbase itself were destroyed. Engineering forensics will not be possible..So I guess the Senior Staff upon consulting with the two Starship Captains that witnessed the attack will probably construct some sort of timeline of events leading to this catastrophe. I recall an engineering professor at the academy giving a lecture on the symbiotic relationship between a starship and its crew. The starship itself had many components a life from has.he argued. A heart , circulatory system, a brain and a nervous system along with muscles....all in a manufactured sense. The heart, was the warp core and the power grid supplied a sort of circulatory system...The computer core was the ship's brain and sent instructions via the starship's optical data network. Her senors were provided her with a .sense of vision, touch even smell. Well the point was made if a starship had all that....what was the point of the crew? The professor made some sort of remark that a starship by itself would have no purpose to function and that was supplied by the crew. The crew also provided fuel, and maintenance to the starship in exchange for the environment to explore space in safely. Most of us thought the professor was a certified quack after that analogy, but in the Sumadi's case the ship seemed to be acting with a sense of purpose. It seemed the ship "wanted" to get out of that starbase's hangar and nothing was going to stop it. And when it realized it could not escape, It decided to kill itself. Whoah!!, that is a bit deep for new little me surrounded by vastly more experienced crew on this ship.. I best get back to the task at hand...changing the light bulb in front of me.
  6. Computer Begin Log * Chirp Chirp* I have been told that the Nebula Class is the "Little Brother" to the Galaxy Class Starship in Starfleet. I've only had a couple of days aboard the Manticore and can definitely say this ship is not little. Nor is the pile a PADDS at my desk right now. There is so much to learn about this ship, beyond the Standard Nebula Class Engineering files. The Ship has two warp cores, ready to use. I had heard at the academy that newer Starship designs...like the Intrepid ..have a spare in a disassembled state that could be brought online in ....say a couple of days; Manticore has additional power seemingly on demand. The crew have been very welcoming. Perhaps they know that this is a tough ship to get started on. They clearly have a "tough love" approach to getting us going. The Captain and the Commander were no nonsense and seemed tough as nails. Our Chief engineer is quite friendly and seems down to earth, even though he is a Betazoid. One interesting thing about Manticore is the relatively small crew size for a Starship her size. I believe our crew is just under 300. That gives our crew quite a bit of space compared to a Galaxy Class stuffing 1,000 crew and family. I even have own small quarters with a view port! It'd say I'm about 4'olock on the ships Saucer, ventral side with a view of our warp engine. Very Cool. Hope not to disappoint the new crew I am with. Next thing once I get settled is checking into the gym! Computer End Log. *Chirp Chirp*
  7. Name: Callista Tyrel Rank: Ensign Department: Engineering Species: Human Birthplace: Earth Gender: Female Age: Lower 20's Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 5'4" Notes: Fresh out of the academy, the USS Manticore is Callista's first posting. Somewhat of an introvert and a bit socially awkward, Ensign Tyrel enjoys fixing things. Specialized in vehicle maintenance and repair at the academy, while learning the ins and outs of runabouts, scout vessels and Starfleet Fighters Callista was almost talked into becoming a pilot. Has a habit of talking to the things she fixes, but several academy instructors have mentioned most engineers engage in talking with inanimate objects they are working on. Callista's favorite exercise is Aerobic Boxing. She also enjoys target practice and trying to keep up to date with the latest in Starfleet side arms. Often addressed at the Academy as "Cally".