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  1. updated bio Body structure Pony-like quadruped 1.1 meters tall at the top of the ears with wings. 1.8 meters tall when on hind legs. Internal structure Internal metal bone frame, uses bone-like structure but metal materials. Highly conductive, attracts lightning strikes (highly conductive Starfleet uniform can work to divert lightning around her body). Simple digestion system can take in oxidatable materials, water, and oxidizers to produce energy and create internal lubricants. Batteries can charge within half an hour from inputs and maintain normal activity levels for around 3 days. Can charge rapidly from electrical sources using power port. External interface Panel on the back of the neck with basic maintenance controls, power port, and data port. Eyes Up to 4x zoom, capable of seeing in infrared and the human visible spectrum. Can resolve objects of at least 20 microns. Can activate a flashlight mode similar in strength to handheld Starfleet units. Ears Directional ears like a pony's allow for accurately determining direction of sound with minimal head movement. Sensitivity similar to that of a human, but more sensitive to the higher frequencies. Hooves No external features visible, and almost completely tubular in structure. When in need of greater dexterity, three equally-spaced-around "fingers" emerge from holes on the edge of the bottom of the hoof. Each finger has two bending joints, 90 degrees each, and can rotate without limit around their long axis. These fingers can activate Starfleet touchscreens. Wings Flight similar to a large bird, antigravity technology in main body artificially lightens her (unit has no capacity for a power increase). Can be used for "flight" underwater. Relatively silent, but creates a breeze. Physical characteristics Durable, but very limited strength, struggles to lift weight similar to her own and can hardly punch or kick. Can go "asleep" to suspend most functions except limited senses, but does not require sleep or get tired/exhausted. Immune to biological toxins and many dangerous chemicals. When all holes are closed, protective skin can shield her from most corrosive chemicals. Can tolerate pressures as low as vacuum (but must keep all holes closed at pressures low enough for water to evaporate at body temp, usually 90 F) and as high as 3 times Earth at sea level. Mental characteristics Brain uses a relatively simple binary computer system using a unique structural approach to achieve sapience. Can run mathematical simulations relatively fast compared to most sapients, but far slower than a Starfleet computer. Eidetic memory and fast non-social learning. Limited experience (no memory prior to activation, only basic alien language capability, emotions, and drive of curiosity pre-programmed) Vulnerable to technological attacks, has very few security features against an attacker connected with data port, but can disable it beforehand. Origin story Found on a near-lifeless planet during a scouting mission for potential colony sites, found near a crater and rubble from an attack 200 years ago. Analysis indicates multiple species' technology (including Starfleet's) incorporated into an unknown species' technology around the 22nd century. When activated, curious nature led to wanting to join Starfleet.
  2. adding hidden fingers that can extend out of the edges of her forehooves on the suggestion of loami
  3. they tend to use, and be very dexterous, with their mouths, and she's pretty small so she can fit into spaces most humans wouldnt be able to
  4. sorry i don't really know how i can simplify it without fundamentally changing the character
  5. thanks, i appreciate the help, and yeah it kinda is, but my character is way more technologically primitive than data, what do u mean by transformation? her internal tech is more late 21st century than 23rd i think, after all she runs on batteries, not whatever inexhaustible power supply data seems to have, and her internal computer stuff is binary, not quantum or whatever, inside shes more like a 21st century desktop computer with massively inflated specifications (ie 1 TB of RAM and such), either that or a shrunk down 21st century supercomputer, i didn't include her full traditional computer specifications because i didn't think they were relevant but i can add them in if u like
  6. addition her AI is independent, she isn't limited by programming and her morals can change but rarely, if ever, do
  7. heres what i have so far traditional batteries, 3 day battery life, recharged by eating and processing food, can be recharged via an electrical power source in emergencies, can also power other primitive electrical things (ie lights) in emergencies quadrupedal, hooves, can grasp things with electromagnets in her hooves or can use her mouth lights (think flashlights) in her eyes as well as very primitive holo projectors (not able to produce a realistic image and no force fields, light only) eyes can zoom in to resolve a 20 micron object/ 4x zoom can see infrared as well as the visual spectrum friend suggested her synthesizing repairs from food she eats, i think it would be better for the crew to just replicate any damaged parts since she's built simply and primitively can fly with wings, normal birdlike speeds, can also hover in place to reach things when necessary eidetic memory, being an android durable but not strong wouldn't be able to survive a lightning storm very well, her internal frame is metallic but her skin/fur is not very conductive, could possibly be helped with a metallic suit of some sort if the crew knows she's going into a stormy area can swim and glide underwater has a wet nose and can smell as well as most cats can taste about as well as a human typical sense of touch too catlike hearing ability friend suggests she would be very good at stealth "Because of her small size, directional ears, zooming eyes (longer range observation), ability to go 3 days without food or water, and ability to fly" can't normally wirelessly interface with star trek computers unless they simulate a wireless interface her systems can understand (ie old interfaces like wifi/bluetooth) can read information on a screen very quickly due to eidetic memory not vulnerable to viruses unless they're made for binary computers probably relatively easy to physically hack once the hacker finds out how to access her computer ports (ie press between her shoulder blades to open the access panel on the back of her neck, likely able to be find via tricorder) no fighting experience whatsoever friend suggests a backstory of some odd human collecting technology from other species of the 22nd and was able to build a robot but pissed off aliens killed him and the robot was left unactivated on a barren planet, said aliens possessed the key to AI and didn't want it to be shared (not sure of this part, needs discussion) Discovered by a survey mission for potential colony site, noticed an area looking like it was attacked and went down to investigate she was very curious and wanted to learn more about the world and starfleet was the prefect opportunity for that image of character sorry if it's terrible, that's why i need help, please no anti brony hate comments feel free to ask questions