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Gila Orrak

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  1. Bugged "I have never seen bugs as noisy and big in all of Cardassia as I have on Volnar," Ensign Orrak said to an already agreeing Lieutenant Ross. Hours ago the team of four security from Aegis settled into camp just outside, but within view, of the Korjata farm. For the past half hour Orrak cleaned her rifle and aligned the scope. Her partner finished this task earlier. "So, you think we'll run into any trouble?" Ross asked as he looked down the scope atop his phaser rifle. "I don't know this area well enough to say. Who knows if Bajorans here hold a grudge against Romulans. They were barely tolerated in the Dominion war." The Cardassian looked down at the ground as she mentioned the war. "Starfleet does not expect anything and I read that report three times."\ "As did we all, perhaps the most entertaining event during our trip here." He said. "Well, my song and dance routine is just not ready yet," she chuckled with some sarcasm. "I didn't mean to imply," but she waved him off before he could finish. Orrak smiled. "I'd rather the trip here be uneventful and frankly the mission as well. A three-girl field trip," she laughed. "High-profile families?" "Well, onein particular, the felinoid girl, but the others I'm not so sure, but...It's Captain Chirakis that authorized this security detail, and if there is more to this than she has told me I'm fine with that. I know one of them, Annisha, is the granddaughter of the Korjata's. The telepath also has family on the station." Ross looked at Orrak. "Are you sure this it not so much keeping them safe, but keeping everyone else safe from them?" She points to him as if shooting a pistol. "At least forty-percent of this missing is doing just tha-" Just then a loud electrical crackle echoed across the low-growing field. Perfectly synched, Ross and Orrack bring their rifles to their chests and stare down the scopes to determine the noise. Another crackle of blue light is seen next to the room where the girls were sleeping. Orrak let out a sigh of relief. "They have installed a bug defensive measure around the buildings." "That sounded like a disruptor," he stated. "Oh I'm sure it's Rihan in design. Seems they hate these bugs as much as we do." Without missing a beat Ensign Orrak aims her rifle into the distance and lets off one shot. It hits a large bug square in the thorax, splitting it into many pieces before hitting the ground.