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  1. Cocktail party: A gathering held to enable forty people to talk about themselves at the same time. The man who remains after the liquor is gone is the host. -Fred Allen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “Pink Passion sir?”, the human waiter asked. “No thank you”, the blue lieutenant replied. It was the sixth time this evening that Shontuk had engaged in a variation on the same thrilling exchange of words with one of these men dressed like penguins who circled the room like vultures, preying on the sober. He’d tried to hide in the corner but that just seemed to attract them more. As if they could smell the boredom on him. “Gala receptions”, he thought to himself. “What was the obsession in Starfleet with gala receptions?” Shontuk was not averse to a party or celebrations in general; it was just the overall tone of ones like these that perturbed him. This was supposed to be the formal commemoration of the expansion of the fleet. A grand gesture of military strength in a time of great public uncertainty. So why the private tacky backslap-fest? Why have (in his own opinion) a sub-par musical quartet, a mile-long buffet table, paper chain decorations and a plethora of humorously named drinks with funny little straws and umbrellas in them? It just felt...vulgar. He knew the proper pomp and circumstance would be tomorrow, that then would come the speeches, a parade of sorts and a grand (and far more talented) officer’s band performing for the cheering crowds but somehow it seemed tainted following nights like this. The sight of an overweight admiral in a formal-uniform two sizes too small, on his third ‘typhoon’ trying desperately to entice a much younger female yeoman to dance the cha-cha made certain of that. It wasn’t as if the Imperial Guard’s brass on Andoria never held functions, they were just usually a lot more reserved than this even if the booze there was a lot stronger. This was more like something the politicians back home would arrange. The fact that Shontuk was already tense probably wasn’t helping his enjoyment of the event. His confirmation as Comanche’s chief of security had arrived only hours after all the fun on Delta Vega was over, leaving him with just the uneventful trip to Topeka docks as steward of his department. Leave then followed for almost the entire crew (he’d declined the offer) meaning that he’d had nothing of real interest to do for the last three months apart from overlooking some computer system upgrades in the security office and reading the latest reports on border hostilities. Though the quiet peace of an empty ship had been refreshing and allowed him the chance to take jogs round the saucer section unhindered, the Andorian was getting fed up. He’d already spent a year doing nothing and had his fill of it. It was why he wasn’t touching liquor tonight, he wanted to be clear headed on his first real day back in the action. Sure it was only a simple escort run but he had a team to oversee again and that was everything. And this time he wouldn’t let his guard down with them, not like... “Schussboomer’s Delight Sir?”, the human waiter asked “No, thank you.”, the blue lieutenant replied.
  2. Sorry for the incredibly bad delay. Net has been on the fritz. Even missed my new sim appointment! Anyway, the winner is...Kansas! Take it away.
  3. I don't want to be alone, I want to be left alone. - Audrey Hepburn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 MONTHS AGO... “You’re looking better.” A father’s lie to a son. If anything, the man sitting across the darkened room had never looked worse. Though the physical wounds had healed with some success, the mental wounds were still plainly on show. There was little response to the false encouragement though, just a continued stare out the window followed by a single sip of blue liquid from a tall frosty glass sitting on an antique glass table. A second attempt was made to begin a conversation. “I spoke to Kalaan. He says you turned down that offer you got...the private security job on the outer colonies.” Yet again the aging soldier’s speech was met with silence. With a sad shake of the head he slowly took a few steps forward to share in the view his mute companion seemed to find so fascinating it denied the use of a tongue. He couldn’t fault him if that was the case. It was a magnificent sight. Lights flashing, vehicles zooming by and the streets flowing like pumping arteries. Decades living among the upper echelons of Andorian society provided Thelin with plenty of chances to look down from dozens of stylish apartments like this but the sprawling vista of Laibok still took his breath away. “I’m really going to miss this”, said Shontuk flatly, finally speaking. His citywide gaze unwavering. The old man’s eyes eventually filled with comprehension and he sighed “So...you’ve decided on returning? To the Starfleet I mean.” A curt nod answered his question. “I still don’t understand why you would do this. Not after what those pink-skins...not after what happened to you” “There’s nothing for me here.”, Shontuk stated matter of factly, taking a large gulp of the expensive Andorian ale with a minor satisfied exhale of air following. “That’s a blatant lie and you know it”, Thelin said, an audible chink of anger in his voice. His antennae stood on end. “I truly regret that I didn’t have enough pull to get you back into the parliamentary division but you could still return to the guard in some capacity.” “Hah!”, the seated drinker exclaimed, “And fill out traffic reports perhaps? Maybe give safety talks to schoolchildren. Oh wait. I’d scare them wouldn’t I?” With a dark smile he turned his head upwards to his father, showing the right side. A small clump of scarred flesh formed the base of a regrown antenna. It twitched slightly. Thelin sat down in the opposite chair by the window. “Shontuk, you’re being ridiculous. Its noticeable yes, I won’t lie, but you know full well that only complete idiots have issues with antenna loss these days.” “I dodged a phaser shot then. I wouldn’t want to have been married to three idiots.” Bitterness seeped through every word. “Pardon?” the old man asked. Shontuk slid his portable media viewer across the table roughly and had another drink. Thelin took the device in his hand and viewed it. A news article was up announcing a glamorous wedding that had taken place the previous day. The names of the two lucky brides and one of the grooms jumped out at him and his heart sank. “I’m so sorry my son.” “Bah. Its alright.” Shontuk said, downing the rest of his glass and placing it down with a hard clunk. “You have nothing to be sorry for. It’s just another piece of proof, that for a while there will indeed be no place for me on Andoria. I’m just too much of a bad conversation topic. Mother Tarah even heard that there have been requests filed to look into my involvement in the trade minister’s murder investigation.” “But that was over a decade ago!”, Thelin cried out in shock. Shontuk shrugged “Tarah is going to get an earful at the dinner for not telling me anything about this. And after all this time...that’s simply outrageous.” The captain grumbled and then gave his progeny a judgemental look of a highly theatrical quality. “By the way, can I assume you’ll find the time in your busy staring schedule to share a dinner with your dear family before you go flying on the...what vessel have they posted you on?” “The USS Comanche Creek.” “Another silly pink-skin name.”, Thelin snorted derisively “You’re right father. They should name one after you” “Wicked child. I get enough sarcasm at home. I think I had best leave you be.”, Thelin raised himself out of his chair with a slight groan. “I do expect you to turn up though. Sheleri hasn’t been too well lately.” “And I will” the younger man’s voice took a sound of total sincerity. “I mean it. It would give me great pleasure to share a meal with you all. Just not tonight. I’d like to be alone tonight.” Thelin nodded and softly whispered. “I understand”. With a hand pat on the shoulder he walked to the door. But before he stepped out, he spoke out. “Bring that” he said, pointing to a black instrument case in the corner. “Sheleri will want to hear you play”. He then exited. Shontuk turned back to the window and watched the world zoom by. His mind lingered on a familiar red-shirt uniform and the coming future he would have wearing it again.
  4. Winner will be decided and revealed tomorrow!! Still time for entries. Yeah...ain't I a tease?
  5. Gracias A9! Do your worst peeps!
  6. She was relieved that L.A wasn't half as weird as she'd been led to believe.
  7. The guys were very scared, they had only managed to wound Lady Gaga, making her far more dangerous.
  8. Though he'd settled down to become a small-town family man, neighbours still worried that Mr. Rambo was having trouble adjusting.
  9. Katie's plan of making a stealthy silent-but-deadly was foiled when she didn't get out the room fast enough
  10. And the winner is...A9! Sorry for the late response, net went down at mine the last few days. Great entries by all!
  11. Cheers! Have at it peeps.
  12. I looked up interacial + Licking + "Playing with balls" and got THIS picture? Go figure!
  14. Once again, it was McCoy who lost his temper over a round of Pictionary
  15. Last year for my birthday I was given a copy of Leonard Nimoy's first autobiography titled, "I Am Not Spock". I enjoyed reading it so much that I recently wondered what thoughts the rest of you that also got a chance to peruse it had. Indeed, I am also interested in what its follow-up "I Am Spock" is like. Sadly, I have not managed to find a copy in my local bookstores yet! My own favourite bits were the ongoing battles about the shoddy treatment the studio gave the team and how when he jumped over to Mission Impossible Leonard felt liberated at being able to play a wealth of different roles in disguise than sticking to straight-laced Spock.