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  1. MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur is about to enter orbit of Bryiam. Department heads have submitted to Captain Corizon thier plans for the planned week at Bryiam and have just got word of their approval. Corizon himself will be meeting with their officials. 080810.txt
  2. OOC Date August 1, 2010 IC Date June 28, 2385 After an early morning battle drill, Corizon held a senior staff meeting for the tired crew to discuss the trade mission. The crew will largely be spared having to deal with diplomacy, as Corizon will be the primary contact with the Bryiamid. Each department has been given the options of doing scheduled tours or doing a restricted version of leave. Science and Engineering will also be checking out the fuel gel itself. TBS: 4 days
  3. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur has launched on a new mission to the planet Bryiam, where we will attempt to open a dialog with them so that Federation interests can begin trading their valuable fuel gel supplies. Excalibur is in her first full day at space on a five day journey. Corizon has called for an early morning (0600) senior officer meeting (thats all of you), this after an 0200 battle drill. 080110.txt
  4. OOC Date July 25, 2010 IC Date June 27, 2385 Having spent a week at Camelot making minor upgrades and restocking, as well as getting in some R&R, Excalibur's crew is recalled and embark on their next sortie -- a trade mission to the Dominion planet Bryiam. TBS: 1 day
  5. MISSION BRIEF: Having been given nearly a week of leave, Excalibur's crew has been recalled and new orders cut, though just what those orders are remain unknown to the crew, as of now. 072510.txt
  6. To give a longer response: as our chat software has evolved, the ability to have more rooms has also evolved. At one point during the early years of STSF, everything was contained within one room and then two at ST.com. The "Holodeck" and "Ready Room" structure is largely a carry over from that. Initially most advanced sims were in the RR while academy and "lounge" activities were in the Holodeck. With the most recent major update to our chat software, we were able to do custom rooms. Each hosting team was given the option of hosting our games in the custom rooms instead of the Holodeck or Ready Room.
  7. The Vulcan sun glowered angrily down on the plains of Sh’ntal. Dark, ruddy metallic spires rose from the city of Havol that startled the lone source of water on the desolate plain. It was here, among the spires of glass and metal that Starfleet had moved its primary headquarters for operations inside the Vulcan system, following the transfer of operations to Vulcan from what was left of Earth. The magtrain carrying Rear Admiral Ah-Windu Corizon hurdled out of the Erej Canyon and onto the open plains. Glancing out of the windows of the train, Corizon’s yellow eyes widened and took in the city from a far, as the magtrain blasted past tiny farms setup along the river. In the distance he could see the silver husks of condensers constructed on artificial rises, making it possible to farm the desolate, sun beaten plains. Soon the pastoral, if not dry, landscape turned into city outskirts and outskirts turned into the towering constructions of a modern city, albeit a modern city with ancient roots dating back to at least the time of Surak. The magtrain arrived in an airy station with cool air blowing as much of a breeze as possible. Waiting on the platform, a tall-blonde haired Lieutenant greeted the gruff, white-haired Dameon. “Good afternoon, Admiral,” the Lieutenant said, wiping perspiration off his brow. “I’m Lieutenant Hayden Cash. I hope your trip wasn’t too uncomfortable.” “I’ve had worse,” he said. “Though I don’t understand why I just couldn’t have shuttled over from Tirhak City. It’s what, about 15 minutes if you go orbital?” “A little more,” he said. “Ever since they’ve moved half of Starfleet in, not to mention the Council, the President’s office, and a whole mess of other offices, they’ve been real touchy about airspace for non-priority transports. I suppose you could change that?” Corizon smiled and shouldered his duffle bag, “I don’t mind the magtrains honestly.” “You want me to get that for you?” “No need Cash, I am a big boy.” The lieutenant nodded and led the way off of the station and to a waiting grav-shuttle that carried them off to a military complex on the edge of the city that was clearly a new construction. “Welcome to Valley Forge,” Cash said as parked the grav-shuttle in a bay next to several others barring a Starfleet logos. “Your office is over there in the central complex. The Vulcans have been busy installing datalines from the central administration building so that we’re connected to the planetary data network.” “We’re not now?” “Not hard-wired,” Cash said with a shrug. “This facility is only a couple weeks old, sir.” “The best thing about this,” Corizon replied flatly as they trudged out of the grav-shuttle and towards the actual complex, “is that they’ll move us again once they have a more permanent facility constructed.” “True, but how long do you think that’s going to take.” Corizon grinned fangily. “You said it’s taken three weeks to get connected to the data network?” “Something like that?” “Then about the time we’re moving the Council back to Earth.” Cash grinned and led the way. He could tell that rumors of the Admiral’s unpleasant demeanor were wildly exaggerated – or at least stilted. Valley Forge, as it was being called, was a collection of thirteen prefabricated, duranium two and three story buildings with four more under construction that would serve as the central nexus for Starfleet’s defensive efforts in the Vulcan system. Partially out of practical concerns and secondarily out of tactical concerns, most of the major “organs” of Starfleet weren’t being grouped on one place on Vulcan, but spread out across the planet. “Officer’s quarters are in Building 12, but you’ve got your own quarters in 11-C. It’s got a great view of the river.” Corizon nodded and took a breath. The hot, arid air stung at him and he frowned ever so slightly. He really hated Vulcan. It was dry, hot, and boring. Sure there was an uptick with so many off-worlders being stationed on the planet, but not so many as to give the place any feeling. Exhaling, he decided that at least he’d be able to meditate better. “Something wrong, sir?” “Nope.” “Ah, well okay. We’re almost there. It’s not as pretty as the Starfleet campuses on Earth,” he said nostalgically. “But it could be worse, I suppose. Granted you’re used to space commands. I’m sure riding a desk isn’t your idea of fun.” The Dameon grinned as they came to a single story structure labeled 11-C. “I spent the first twenty years of my career behind a desk; I only got into commanding starships as a hobby.” “So you’re not going to mind being in charge of the defense of Vulcan then?” “I didn’t say that.” Cash grinned and stopped just short of the door. “Here you are, sir. I’ll let you get settled in. If you need anything I’ll be in my office. It’s right next to yours.” “Thanks, Lieutenant. I want a senior staff meeting in three hours. I’d like to meet everyone. I know some of them…” “Of course, sir. Again, welcome to Valley Forge, I look forward to serving with you.” Giving a crisp salute and turning on heel, Cash turned and headed off into the Vulcan sun.
  8. OOC Date July 18, 2010 IC Date June 19, 2385 Excalibur, with the squadron of Al-Ucard vessels following closely in her wake, arrives back at Camelot Station, where Federation Ambassador Joy awaits an audience with Corizon. Nonessential personnel are given leave aboard the station. A Jem'Hadar vessel arrives soon after Excalibur, which takes the prisoners aboard and out of Excalibur's responsibility. TBS: 8 days
  9. MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur has arrived in the Avalon system and is on approach to Camelot Station. The Al-Ucard fleet is on their way, and preperations are being made to transfer our guests, but to where? Corizon has kept that low key for now.
  10. OOC Date July 11, 2010 IC Date June 12, 2385 Excalibur explores its options regarding what to do with the prisoners claimed by both the Scorpiad Empire and the rebelling Al-Ucards and Eratians. Discussions were held with the Scorpiad and Al-Ucard aboard the ship, though without much success. Engineering and Medical continue to design a device intended to "feed" the Eratians, and Corizon delivers an ultimatum of his own to the Al-Ucard surrounding Excalibur: the parties involved will go to Camelot Station, where a neutral third party will hold the prisoners. TBS: one week
  11. Mission Brief: A joint force of Al-Ucard and Eratian vessels have arrived demanding we turn over the Al-Ucard, Eratians and Scorpiads aboard. Corizon has asked for a two hour delay and sent Victria and Teykier to the Al-Ucard/Eratians and Scorpiads respectively to find out more information as the Al-Ucard/Eratian fleet has given us two hours to make a decision. 071110.txt
  12. She’d long since given up having an actual vacation. As president of the Federation, there was not a single day that went by that she didn’t have some new crisis to solve, some new political issue that needed addressed, or some new threat she needed briefed on. Still, she did attempt, once in a while to escape the lunacy that was her officer in Paris. Her most recent attempt on the island of New Zealand wasn’t going so well. Looking out the window of the elegantly appointed L-shaped drawing room, sitting on a period early 20th century pink couch, she sipped absent mindedly at her tea. It was late, or early depending on your perspective. Nanietta Bacco exhaled deeply and put the tea down. She’d become accustome to sleepless nights, to be wakened at all hours, to making hard decisions that effected the entire quadrant – but it didn’t mean she liked it. “Madame president,” Hirishi Santon said, “Mister Shapron is here to see you.” “Good, send him in.” A few moments later she was joined by a white-haired man with sparkling blue eyes that had just a touch of age around them in the form of crow’s feet. It was clear he’d been up late too. “Madame president,” he said making his way over to the window, where he was waived into an adjacent green chair. “Thank you for coming Alex.” “Of course,” he said, setting down a leather bound document holder. “This is a mess,” she said simply. “I’ve got people pulling me every which way. The Scorpiads are angry. The Dominion isn’t exactly pleased with us, and oh did I mention that the Council is even more perturbed?” He grinned. “Hazards of the job.” “I suppose,” she said with a heavy sigh. “Bhuren brought you up to speed with the latest then?” “Yes. Got to say some of it’s actually good news.” “If you say so. Ambassador t’Salik seems very pleased with her discussions on Granar Minor, I hope they can bear fruit that’s not going to poison us later.” Shapron lifted his brow for a moment, but decided not to press. “I think anything that saves the lives of civilians is a good thing.” “Yes,” she said honestly. “And for now it’s distracted the press from this whole mess with the Excalibur, though how long that’s going to last…” “Yeah,” he said. “I imagine until they reach Camelot Station.” The President glanced sidelong for a moment, considering her counsel. He’d been a Starfleet officer for nearly twenty years before becoming political, and he knew about tough decisions. “They want to turn them over to the Hundred.” Shapron opened his mouth before closing it several times. “I do hope this is some ill-conceived joke.” “I wish,” she said wistfully, “it were.” “We can’t do that, they’re not even a real government. They’re a bunch of disaffected misfit children acting out against their parents, who apparently have decided to go on vacation and leave the older kids to baby sit the younger kids.” “I know that,” she said incredulously. “Believe me I know that.” Shapron frowned and opened the leather bound document holder. As the President’s chief federation security advisor, it was his job to help with these situations where other advisors were more restricted in what they could and couldn’t “officially” know. “I am assuming that’s why you haven’t told anyone who we’re planning on turning them over to.” “That would be correct,” she said. “Though in fairness, we have told a few select councilmembers and senators, but on a strictly off the record basis.” “That’s a good move. I wish you would have told me sooner.” “I didn’t know until about five hours ago.” “I see, well its best if we keep up the narrative we’ve set then.” “Yes,” she said. “We’re letting Captain Corizon handle the negotiations.” “That’s good, it gives you some plausible deny ability.” “I hate that word and you know it.” “Sorry,” he said honestly. “Listen Nan, I know you don’t like this cloak and dagger stuff. I know you’re intent is to act as transparently as you can, but sometimes…” The white-haired female glanced to her male associate with a whither glare. “Alex, I didn’t get to where I am without knowing political realities. We both know this is the best we can do, or I wouldn’t be having this conversation, I’d be shutting this whole operation down faster than a Dwarbian Weasel can steal an egg. “ “Of course, I didn’t mean…” Softening, she sighed again. “I know. This is all just a mess.” “Nothing for it.” “I know, and that’s the problem.” “Fozzolo assures me we can trust Corizon on this. He’d better be right, or there’s going to be hell to pay.” “You think the Hundred will be game for this little scheme.” “Of course. They want our respect and anything they can do to get it, and to ###### off the Vorta Council they’re game for, why do you think they’ve been so helpful?” “So what are you going to do? Continue saying we’re working on it?” “It’s not a lie.” “I don’t suppose. You’d better have damage control ready to go if this all goes FUBAR.” “Oh,” she said dryly. “I know that. I have a meeting in about an hour with Ambassador Joy.” Shapron suppressed a groan. Space robot lawyers. “Well,” he said. “That’s a good place to start.”
  13. "I want to know your source," Vice-Admiral Misha Abronvonvich demanded, assuming an imperious tone, "and why you leaked this information!" The flag officer's tone, if noticed, was wasted on the Vulcan seated before him. "I do not deny knowledge of the Scorpiad rescue and the rebel prisoners aboard Excalibur," former-captain Sorehl responded, "but your accusation of improper disclosure is baseless." "You haven't answered either question," the admiral snapped, moving back behind his desk. "You're quite correct," the Vulcan agreed tersely. "I am being pointedly evasive, since I am not an officer under your command, nor a prisoner to be interrogated." He glanced around the expansive office that had once been occupied by his colleague Admiral Wayne Day. Abronvonvich sensed some comparisons going on. Best to clear that up right away, he knew. "That could change," he challenged, redirecting his attention, "if you were charged with treason." There was no sign of shock or outrage on the Vulcan's expression, but the admiral took small pleasure in seeing those hands come together and the fingers steeple into a double ta'al triangle. That comment had provoked some thought. "If you had evidence of such a crime," Sorehl finally offered, pursing his lips, "you would pursue it more vigorously than extending a casual invitation to visit the Command Center." His fingers folded until they were laced together, his gaze never leaving the flag officer. "More likely this is an ill-advised attempt to elicit information by implying some need to reaffirm my loyalty to the Federation." The room went quiet. Both men let the silence hang between them, admitting no discomfort. "No one is questioning your loyalty," Abronvonvich stated flatly. "That is wise," the Vulcan answered. "I have provided significant intelligence on insurgent activities in both Scorpiad and Dominion space." "I've seen those reports," the admiral nodded, "and your service record before that." "Good. Then you know that although my commission is inactive," Sorehl continued, "I remain firmly bound by my oaths regarding classified material and official secrets." "And yet," Abronvonvich countered, "you're actively worked to undermine Federation policy in the Gamma Quadrant. You've been vocal in your displeasure with the administration's stance on aiding the Hundred and the races rebelling against the Scorpiad." "My political leanings are outside your area of authority," the former captain insisted. "I am a private citizen. And unlike the Dominion or the Scorpiad, the Federation actually tolerates dissent." "But not sedition," the vice admiral pressed. The Vulcan appeared ready to launch into a response, then discarded it. "I have neither time nor inclination to quote the Guarantees from the Articles of Federation that protect its citizens from speculative charges and unlawful detainment." He eyed Abronvonvich. "Since you are neither android nor Vulcan, you might not have the stamina for it." Instead, he gestured toward the display on the desk. "Your sensor records will show I received an inbound communication from Scorpiad space within the last day. Further, you should be aware I've made no outgoing contact, except in response to your summons." "I don't know what you're talking about," Abronvonvich responded, non-committally. "Admiral, I oversaw construction of this facility," the Vulcan reproached, "I am not unaware of its surveillance capabilities, especially when my home is on the planet directly beneath it." Of course he would know there was no proof he was the leak, Abronvonvich muttered internally. He might not even be the leak. But he might know who was. The admiral leaned forward, changing tactics. "I've got people out there in the line of fire," he growled, "and someone is telling hostile forces their every move." Sorehl seemed to muse on this statement, breaking eye contact. "It is a serious breach of operational security," he agreed. "While I have an interest in publicizing the outcome of these events, I would never violate OPSEC in the course of a mission; it might jeopardize Starfleet lives." "So, you didn't leak this to FNS?" "I believe I said that at the outset," Sorehl observed wryly. "Then who did?" the admiral shot back, a slight growl to his voice. The Vulcan shook his head. "I am not the instigator. As for any informants I have, I am obligated to protect their identities at the risk of their lives." Abronvonvich frowned. "You're former Starfleet. I'd have thought you'd want to make this easier." "The Admiralty was never particularly concerned with easing the conditions of my command," Sorehl observed. "But this much I will say: The Federation may pretend to ignore the civil war in this Quadrant, but its combatants cannot. If the Al-Ucard elders are able to tell me about Starfleet activities, they can tell others more inclined to spread the word, regardless of the consequences." "That's not good enough, and you know it," Abronvonvich asserted, pointing a finger across the desk. "This was a courtesy meeting," Sorehl explained, suddenly on his feet, "and it is now over." He threw the fold of his short cloak over both shoulders with a flourish. "I believe I know the way out." The Vulcan paused long enough to see the admiral make no effort to restrain him, then nodded respectfully, heading through the doors toward the Deck 2 VIP transporters. Abronvonvich brooded behind his desk. He supposed he ought to identify with the former captain. It was a cliche to bristle at comparisons with a predecessor; it wasn't as though he disliked the Vulcan. Even Corizon had spoken well of him, although it was some back-handed complement about being "damned persistent" in talking him out of some course of action. And Sorehl had given him something, purposefully. "If the Al-Ucard elders are able to tell me about Starfleet activities," he'd said. It wasn't an admission, but the admiral doubted the Vulcan would make a casual generalization or careless mis-statement. The Al-Ucard had known about the disabled Scorpiad ship and its passengers. How had they managed it?
  14. TO: Captain Ah-Windu Corizon, Commanding Officer, USS Excalibur FROM: Vice-Admiral Misha Abronvonvich, Commanding Officer, SGQC CC: Admiral Hirokie M’Snia, Starfleet Command RE: SCORPIAD FREIGHTER I have reviewed your preliminary report. My first instinct is to advise caution. I have sent your report along with this memo onto to Starfleet Command for further advisement given the sensitivity of the situation. Please report back again with more information once you have met with the Scorpiad Commandant. Until such time as your orders are modified, you are to grant the Scorpiad delegation aboard your vessel full diplomatic courtesy. As to their prisoners, the Prime Directive is clear; we cannot intervene on their behalf simply because we disagree with the Scorpiads on what constitutes terrorism. You may, however, see to it that they are properly cared for while they are under your jurisdiction.
  15. TO: Semil, Hundred Vorta Adjutant, Camelot Station FROM: Captain Ah-Windu Corizon, Commanding Officer, USS Excalibur RE: SCORPIAD FREIGHTER As I am sure you are doubtless aware, given your proficiency in mining our data, we have a small issue with some individuals we’ve brought on board. I’ve enclosed a non-classified report on the matter that will bring you up to speed. According to intergalactic law and Federation policies and laws, I cannot willingly turn them over to their own government, nor can I give them to Scorpiads, as I cannot willingly turn them over to a government who will put them in danger. As a compromise, we need a third party who is neutral who will secure their safety and who is willing to negotiate with the Al-Ucard and Eratian provisional governments for their eventual release. The Dominion itself would be preferable as they are recognized officially, unlike your government, however I believe that they would be unreceptive to the notion of wading into the internal affairs of the Scorpiad Empire for fear that they would retaliate in some fashion. Which brings me to you; I would be grateful if your organization would be willing to act as a neutral third party in the manner. I’ve enclosed a proposal for your to peruse that will explain in more detail. Look forward to your response.
  16. The man starring at him on the view screen across the light years was clearly unhappy. It had been the first time they’d been in visual contact since Excalibur left orbit of Granar Minor and given this wasn’t a social call, Corizon could imagine why the sour demeanor had formed on the Vice-Admiral’s face. “Captain,” Abronvonvich said, his standard dipping into his native Russian. “Do you find ways to make trouble, or do they find you? Because I swear I am never letting you leave the station again.” “It would likely just then visit you on the station.” “Good point.” The two men exchanged smirks before withdrawing into a more serious candor. “I just got handed a status update. This isn’t good, is it?” The Dameon frowned and shook his head, ears pinned back to either side. “No, Admiral, it’s not.” “Well if you want me to make things worse,” Abronvonvich said soberly, “We’ve got a leak.” His ears perked into an alert position, and the steadily souring expression on his face worsened. “A leak?” “I just got a call from Admiral Thomas,” he said. “And she…” “Keri? I thought M’Snia was handling this.” “He was, until the story broke in FNS about half an hour ago. The President’s office is now personally involved.” “For the love of…” “I know, I know. I’ve assured Admiral Thomas that no communications from this quadrant will pass directly to anyone else outside of the quadrant without being cleared until this crisis is over. That seemed to abate it for now. When this is over, they’ll want an investigation I am sure.” “Well,” Corizon said, “Let’s try to just get through this first. I have trouble believing any of my people would have done this, they all know better. Maybe they just let something slip on accident?” Abronvonvich shook his head. “Not likely. The FNS report said that it had been disclosed to them directly by a ‘member of the military with knowledge of the situation.’” “That doesn’t mean it was one of my crew,” Corizon protested. “That could be anyone at Command, or hell even Camelot.” “I know that,” Abronvonvich said, aiming for a neutral tone. “Like I said, when this is over we’ll have an investigation.” Pursing his lip, Corizon’s frown deepened. He didn’t like the idea of an Starfleet Internal Affairs officer poking his nose around looking for information; he liked the idea of finding out someone on his crew was leaking information to the press even less. “Yeah, in the meantime I’ve got a cruiser, two interceptors and a squadron of Darts parked off my forward bow demanding I turn over the Al-Ucard, Eratians and Scorpiads in less than two hours or they’re going to open fire and take them by force.” Abronvonvich’s already wrinkled face contorted. “I know,” he said. “I’ve sent along your report to Thomas and the President’s office. I would hope to hear back from them before your deadline, but we are kind of out in the middle of nowhere.” “It gets worse,” Corizon interjected. “Lieutenant Victira identified the commander of the group as an Elder, a member of their ruling council. According to her, they’re rarely if ever off-world and if he’s here he likely has a fleet backing him up. It also means that these aren’t run of the mill rabble we’ve got on our hands.” “Damn. This just keeps getting worse, doesn’t it?” “Basically.” “Well hell,” the admiral said. “Find out what the hell makes them so important. What have the Scorpiad said about all this.” “I just sent someone down to tell them. I have Victria on her way to find out what the other guests have to say.” “Good. Alright, well… if in two hours you haven’t heard from me, assume I have not gotten marching orders from the President or Admiral Thomas. I am authorizing you to take whatever actions you deem necessary to maintain the integrity of the Federation but also to maintain the safety of the crew. As we’ve given them full diplomatic courtesy, I cannot authorize you to turn over the Scorpiad.” “Of course, Admiral. I’ll do my best, but I am not a diplomat.” “I am aware of that. However, as long as you act generally in the spirit of Federation law and Starfleet regulations I will support whatever action you take. The politicians might not like it, but it’s not our job to make their job easier. It’s our job to make sure that Federation law is observed.” “Yes, sir.”
  17. There was a long silent pause in the Captain’s Ready Room. “So just what do you plan to do about it?” “I’ll figure something out.” “Why doesn’t that make me rest any easier, Ah-Windu?” “Because you have more pips than me?” Abronvonvich demurred and leaned back into his chair. “Very well. I’ll let you handle this, but for the love of god don’t get me into any more trouble.” “I thought that was my mission objective in the quadrant, sir.” “You’re insufferable,” the white-haired admiral groaned. “How are things going at Granar Minor? I’ve not had time to catch up with anything, little busy you know.” Exhaling, and wondering just why in god’s name he’d signed on for this assignment and not just taken retirement to some tropical local, “Better than your mission,” he said finally. “Ambassador t’Salik has managed to negotiate a loose armistice between the rebels and the Dominion, laying the ground work for a larger agreement on sovereignty and autonomy.” “That’s good to hear, though I am sure not if you’re a Vorta.” “Yeah, they’re afraid to open Pandora’s box, but I guess they’d rather do it slowly than have it swung open on them without time to prepare for whatever comes out.” “We’ll get caught in the middle either way.” “Well yeah, nothing in this quadrant ends well for us, I am fairly convinced; anyway, it’s especially good news for you because it’s given the President something to distract the media. There will, I am almost certain, be an inquiry about this and every command decision you’ve made will be questioned, so keep that in mind as you proceed. You’ve already got a reputation as something as cowboy you know.” Corizon grinned, fangily. “Yes, but I also know that it’s not my job to make decisions out of political expediency.” “You’d better hope so.” “So just who are you planning on pawning off your cargo?” “I thought you didn’t want to know, you know… plausible deny ability.” The crags on Abronvonvich’s face deepened as he frowned. “Off the record then, I’d like to know what I am going to be responding to when the higher-ups get wind of whatever little scheme you have going, Captain.” “Fair enough.” “So?” “I’ve been in contact with Semil.” “You’re joking, right?” When it was clear he wasn’t, the Admiral considered shooting the Dameon and putting him out of his misery. “Oh god you aren’t.” “I haven’t heard anything official back from him yet, but Semil has always been willing to help us. It’s part of a ploy, of course, but might as well use him when we can.” “They’re going to kill you. We don’t recognize the Hundred, we can’t turn…” “Technically we consider them to be part of the Dominion, right?” Stopping, and with ever deepening frown. “That’s an awfully difficult argument you’re trying to make.” “I know, but it’s the only good choice.” “The Scorpiads are going to be pissed.” “They were going to be pissed regardless.” “Yes well, you’re not the one who has to have their Ambassador in your office, or have the Secretary of State and the Admiralty bitching you out over this.” “I will take full responsibility for this.” “Oh, you will.”
  18. OOC Date June 27, 2010 IC Date June 12, 2385 Excalibur comes face-to-face with a dispatch of Al-Ucard vessels which demand that the prisoners and the Scorpiad be turned over to their custody. The Al-Ucard are somewhat surprisingly commanded by an "Elder" -- an important leader in their society. Though only given two hours to comply with the dictates, Excalibur attempts to determine why their prisoners are so important to both their captors and would-be rescuers. TBS: Two hours.
  19. USS Excalibur will not be simming. Have a safe an fun holiday.
  20. MISSION BRIEF: The Security team has started moving the succubi and the vampires, while Medical and Science talk to the clickies. 062710.txt
  21. OOC Date June 20, 2010 IC Date June 12, 2385 The transfer of Excalibur's "guests" to their new homes begins with careful preparations by Security to prevent any escape attempts in the process, and the transfer of the first Al-Ucard goes mostly without incident, thanks to Victria's intervention. A cultural exchange team of Dubois, Laural, and Teykier visits with the Scorpiad Commandant to get a better picture of the arachnids.. TBS: null
  22. Birds had begun chirping softly in the early morning. Cover her head with a soft, replicated down pillow covered in cream silk, Nanietta Bacco groaned softly. Why she’d thought taking a few weeks off in New Zealand would be good for her, she wasn’t entirely sure. The ten hour time difference, she’d found, was maddening. Not quite as bad as when she traveled aboard, but still. Just as she’d started to drift back into slumber, she heard the voice of Hirishi Santon, her personal secretary. “Ma’am,” she said. “Sorry to wake you, but Kale needs you.” “Doesn’t he know I am on vacation,” she said, muffled through the pillow that still covered her face. Santon was, by now, rather used to her bosses sense of humor and her displeasure for time change and she responded flatly. “The President of the Federation,” she said, “doesn’t get to take vacations.” Sitting up, Bacco frowned. “No one told me that.” “It’s in the oath of office.” “Remind me,” she said drily, “to recommend paid vacations for the President during my next Council meeting.” “Yes, ma’am. Shall I send in Mister Bhuren or would you prefer to meet him in the drawing room?” Rubbing her eyes and stretching, set on not actually getting out of her bed at the early hour, Bacco nodded. “Yes, tell Kale to come in. He’s seen me in my pajamas before.” Santon lifted a brow, but nodded and quickly exited. Glancing around the bedroom Bacco sighed despite herself. The Presidential Residence in Paris was well appointed to be sure, the Elysee Palace had been at one time the most admired home in all of Paris; but there was something much less ostentatious and much luxuriously comforting about the Government House in Wellington. In many ways, she thought, it reminded her of the Governor’s House back on Cestus III and gave her a feeling of home. That, she thought, had been why she’d selected this place as her ‘vacation’ home. When the double wooden doors opened again, her chief of staff Kale Bhuren emerged. She’d known the tall, lean brown haired human off and on for nearly thirty years. They’d first met, she recalled, when he was a young ensign assigned to Cestus III and she’d been an impetuous young girl who never learned to play with dolls. They’d grown close, even dated, but soon he was transferred off to some dark corner of the universe and despite promising to keep in touch, they didn’t. It was another ten years before she ran into Kale, this time on Earth where she was serving as an aide to the representative from Cestus III to the Federation General Assembly and he was serving as a staff officer to Admiral Tet Mol’Ka. When she’d ran for governor of Cestus III, she needed a chief of staff and he had all the qualities she needed. She started to make a light hearted comment about waking her, till she noticed how serious his demeanor was as he approached. Straightening she exhaled. “What’s wrong?” He tossed her a PADD and crossed his arms, “Read for yourself.” She’d half-expected some angry editorial from a Councilor criticizing her for some position or the other, but what she found caused a frown to cross her aging face. She put it down and ran her hands across her forehead, pulling her hair back. “Son of a bitch.” “This is going to run in their next data feed.” “Wonderful.” “I know some people at FNS that owe me some favors; I could ask them to…” She shook her head. “No, don’t. That will only fuel the fire.” “So what do you want to do?” Taking a deep breath, she considered for a moment. “First thing, I am going to take a shower and get dressed. Then we should go ahead and get in front of this, don’t you think? Have Yallisa draft a statement from me, that we’re on-top of the situation and will follow the guidelines of intergalactic law.” “Sure.” “Then I want to find out who the hell leaked this to the press.” Bhuren nodded. “We had a pretty tight lid on this, none of our people did. And only command level officers and a few people at State and the diplomatic corps even knew what has happened.” She nodded. “I trust my own people. Maybe someone on the ship? What do we know about the Captain?” The fifty-something human leaned against one of the ornate dressers near the bed and took a few moments to recall what he’d researched on the Captain of the Excalibur. “Ah-Windu Corizon,” he said half in thought. “Been in the service over thirty years, didn’t track towards command for most of his career. He’s got a fairly strong service record; fought the Borg – both times, worked out of centcomm during the Dominion War, has been in the Gamma Quadrant for a couple years now. He was the one who worked out the sweetheart deal with the Dominion to get them to help retake the wormhole in exchange for us helping them find the Founders.” Bacco frowned. “Oh. Him. A cowboy then.” Bhuren nodded. “I’ll have his file sent to Hirishi for you.” “Good. And get me Keri. I want to see what she thinks about this. I’ll also need to call in Justin. State’s going to have to work me some miracles sooner than I’d like.” “You might also want to bring in Admiral Fazolo.” “Thomas, why?” “Captain Corizon is also a field op for ATAG, running their whole operation in the Gamma Quadrant.” Her frown deepened. “Oh hell.”
  23. MISSION BRIEF: Corizon has ordered a prisoner transfer. Medical and science have dual tasks of finding a way to feed the Eratians while also trying to learn more about our Scorpiad guests. 062010.txt
  24. OOC Date June 13, 2010 IC Date June 12, 2385 Having met with the guests and receiving orders from Starfleet Command, Corizon ordered security to move the Al-Ucard and Eratian guests to individual quarters. Operations set about making space for them, while Security faced the daunting task of moving the very dangerous individuals. Meanwhile medical and science are looking into how to solve the problem of feeding both species, which proved difficult. Science has also been tasked with gathering biological and cultural data from our Scorpiad guests. A Scorpiad vessel will intercept us in three days, TBS: A few minutes.
  25. MISSION BRIEF: The Excalibur remains in stationary position near where we picked up our... guests. Corizon has been in and out of contact with Starfleet Command. A Scorpiad vessel will arrive in three days to pick up at the least the Scorpiads, and for the moment possibly their guests. As we pick up, Corizon has just asked Garrison and Victria to report to his ready room. 061310.txt