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    Star Trek (books, movies, tv serries, pc computer games)<br>Star Wars (books, movies, tv serries, pc computer games)<br><br>A wide variety of music types, probably easier to count on one hand the few that I dont like. What I listen to at the moment largely depends on mood.<br><br>Sci-Fi in general from movies, books, tv shows.<br><br>Computer gaming.<br>Computer technology in general. <br>Maintaining and upgrading my self hand-built custom system.<br><br>Technology and Home audio/ theater components in general, with avid interest.<br><br>Website building / coding (part time hobby)
  1. Well, i've yet to see the new Batman. Each of the different actors seem to bring out different characteristics of the capped crusader. Each of them has their strongpoints. Never was a Hayden fan, imho he's ok or so/so. But then again, i'm more a Val Kilmer fan. Cool inteligence that delivers a charasmatic play or witty one-liner. This guy is definately a 'player' type. :P
  2. Just checking in... So ya all know I didnt get lost in a holodeck program or transporter malfunction of sorts :D the praries out here have been going through some hot mid-day temps of 30degC, rendering the computer useless as a space heater contributing to the heat. Usually dosn't cool down here til well past sundown. Might have to move the computer downstairs or find a way to keep this small house cooler- 3 ceiling fans just arnt helping any. Argh. Wheres those starfleet engineers when ya really need'em eh? :P Lucky today's cloudy and cool. might have to move the computer downstairs but lack of any tables or stands down their is gonna prove interesting. Else, I wonder if i can use my ol' p133mhz laptop. will have to see tonight if i can. it'll be small wonders for older slower technology if it can handle the java chat, as it barely produces any heat- well, miniscule like a cup of tea compared to a stove like this monolithic 21" towercase is. Guess we'll find out possibly tonight. On a happier note, managed to get a steal of a deal at walmart - they had their summer load of dvd specials going. I managed to complete my TOS dvd movie serries, and grabbed eps IV, V & VI - the silver borderd collecters widescreen 2 disk edition set, for $12.50 (canadian) each. each are for for 4hrs entertainment, 1st watch, then second with audio commentary then the bonus content. I've yet to grab the rest as they are released in the same style set.
  3. If that resembles Al Bundy, then where's the Peg avatar sittin on the sofa chewin bon-bons, and Al with the hand-in-pants ^_^ Hmm.... Married with Vulcan....anyone? :P That or i need new glasses :D
  4. Well, with the cancelation of enterprise, i found my way here. so thats a good thing in a way. Not just for me but like others who'll possibly find other ways to get a startrek fix, be it things like these online forums & games or increased interest in other st media (books, merchandise etc). I don't wish a too long of absence in the ST franchise though. We need new people and possibly Coto of J&G Reeves-Stevens who can write well for story arcs, gripping development, and character depth. For a new film, I dunno what it should feature - which of the serries casts I dunno... If its like Nemesis or to an extend the movie right before it, i'd rather not have any movie at all... IMHO, I only liked First Contact for the TNG line of movies. As for Startrek needing a new format, I think it already achieved a good one in Enterprise season 4 - the continual episodes, mini-arcs (all linked, not self contained independant ones). Babylon 5 used this format - basically a telling of one big story over the spanse of several seasons from start to finish. BSG is also using this very format and look how popular its become. The biggest benifits are few writers, strong continuity, major character development. I know some of you probably wont like me for saying this but, some of the best things about TNG and the other serries were also the worst things about it: too many writers writing and submitting their story/episode scripts, making for episodes completely self-contained. In 2 seasons it took Trip & T'pol to become romantically involed, it took riker/troi/worf 7 years to ahieve. Overall, imho, the biggest changes needed for both next serries and movie, is B&B gone, Coto and/or J&G on the story & production team, and a producer who's good and experianced in the sci-fi genre, and knows what it takes to make a good show. This however does not mean you take someone like Bob Engels who did Twin Peaks and toss them into a sci-fi element and expect a stellar show (for those who dont know, B.E did Twin Peaks, and was brought on to replace Andromeda's season 1&2 producer Robert Hewlt-Wolfe, who then did a lousy job imho.) I wouldn't be worried about needing someone who knows startrek inside & out, theres people like Michael & Denise Okuda who's been with the franchise for a long time. All in all, i've got mixed feelings regarding the whole next movie or show thing. Yes I want more ST to watch, No I don't want to wait 5-10 years for it, Yes I want it to be a smash hit and quality engaging thinking show. We also need something of a story that's going to be new or un-explored or refreshing, and we need it from a good writing team - not a half dozen people each writing their own script and one gets chosen by the franchise execs.
  5. Those are really nice Taalix! ^_^ I'm almost curious if you'd be able to tackle my namesake as a pic :P (not the avatar side project i'm tinkering with on&off in my spare time, but the real me :D ) Though i guess it'll really boil down to when i graduate and see what i end up playing as, since right now its just TJ, yer stock no-name cadet :)
  6. LOL! The reality one would be cool, but the 'half & half & half' one is just hilarious! I can't even begin to imagine what that would even resemble ^_^ Made me laugh anyways :P As for shirts with st logos and such... years ago our local ST club made shirts and we made a similar ST emblem for the front, and our group name on the back which read something as: (shirt's in closet, too lazy to dig it out) The Undiscovered Province Society NCC-1990 Legend "Bridging the Gap" some other stuff yada yada yada The front was a TOS style solid deep yellow/gold emblem, with a thick green ring just outside it, and then the shaded deep yellow / gold wreath beneath it, or whatever its called... The shirt itself was high quality material, black for the main body and then colored under-cuffs for the neck & short sleeved arms - which we got in 4 cuff colors - red, yellow, green, and blue. Only thing startrek copywrited was that main design emblem itself... But of course, when they got the the shirts done, they were pre-ordered for the members of the club only - which we did wear for club events, meetings, and public st conventions and such. The shirts were very pricey, excellent looking, but I dunno what remains of the club today if there still even is one. I still talk to some friends who i've made from my time with the club.
  7. Thx Taalix ^_^ I'd do a male pic as well, but for this program, all the model face morphs are for the females. can't find any for the males. Poser & sims 2 body shop are alike in some aspect that both use 3d models and skin textures, being able to customize the face & such via sliders or dials. These ST face 'morphs' i'm using have been made by someone and require the female model. I even got a set of vulcan ears from a T'pol morph kit. If anyone's been wondering where i've been these past few days, and not in the academies... Been getting the soil ready for flowers and garden plants, then planted them. Then watering in the evenings. Still have to trim some of the shrub type plants, and some tree branches. I'll be back shortly though :P I'm missing simming already! Bummer, dunno if i'll be able to catch STSF Laura's academy tonight, hers are the most fun :D In other news, just installed another stick of memory since prices are at an all time low. Effectively doubled my memory capacity :) Will be good, to enable shorter 3d render wait times when working on the model shown above. I too have to get back to finishing it ;) First thing on the list is to add back in that Bajoran nose ridges ;) Also been tinkering with html code, getting a little layout ready for a padd lcars style web page for a character bio. sofar its a blank template in design. theres a few lcars web page theme kits around for free, which i've nabbed. though its taking a bit of custom code & designing to get it the way i want. Hmm, do i toss it up on my tiger.jadesfire or rpg1.jadesfire sites or make a new stsf.jadesfire for it?
  8. Nice find Kestra! Especially since they're hand drawn, or apear to be My only quip is the Enterprise NX-01 which I do not recal see'ing that rear room next to the turbo-lift just kinda behind the captain's chair... Half the bridge layout just dosn't seem right for some reason... Or is it just me?
  9. Yup, I manage to vote most of the winning results each time :P A buddy im'ed me the short list, but thanks for the extensive review. Missed the Spaceys show. But yeah, Spacecast is pretty much the canadian equivilant of the Sci-Fi channel (moderately close anyways, though Sci-Fi almost always premiers new tv shows by a few months than we get them- we got BSG season 1, 3 months after states) Dang, I dunno who i'm gonna vote for favorite female now, since Enterprise is done. ^_^
  10. Lol! some general star trek species i thought i'd try: and my own:
  11. MoonRox... posted by BluRox ... Fascinating... ;) *makes like an endangered tribble and scurries off...at best possible tribble speed* ok, serriously though, it is interesting how nasa's tapping out for inovative ideas via contests. They can host multiple inovation contests, get some inginuitive results in far less time than it'd take them to manually research and develop each one them selves :P
  12. Ahh yes! That be the book Kestra! I'll have to write both of them down so I remember next time I go to the book store. And your right, if all else fails- order it from amazon.
  13. I've no clue why some chefs do that, or why there are some things that can't be explained or changed because it "just is" ... :P Or very possibly because the chefs are just pure lazy B) As for asking us? Probably because in best regards to the forum comunity here, talking and chatting here is of same equality of chatting with yer bud over the phone? Just that you only need to mention it once and get several answers versus needing mention it each time you want a different answer ;)
  14. Seafood huh? Thats one quisine i'm allergic too. On the other hand, a T-bone steak and side salad I certainly wont refuse. After all, we are what we eat ;) (starts sharpening blades)
  15. Well, congrats on the new arrival ;) Theres one thing about laptops, its make sure you've got the important bells and whistles when you buy it :P Having looked at those specs, I know for a fact you got a good one B) Video cards are usually the weakest parts in the laptop, and its safe to say that Radeon X300 is a dandy little chip of a performer by today's current standards. They're not the muscle gamer cards but they can handle all of the games on today's shelves. And top notch video file & dvd playback to boot :D Lets just say i've got friends who've went out and bought new laptops, sparkling about them as they read me the specs. Usually everything sounds good until they get to the video card and i pretty much fall flat on the floor, unable to comprehend why they'd buy a lappy with such a weak old video card that was midrange 3 yrs ago, obsolete today...