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  1. If anyone has Microsoft Edge, you can us it to open Internet Explorer (which still uses Java.) I know it's IE, but at least it's something to help for the moment.
  2. I don't know. You guys did just get into some trouble with time travel. Not sure if the Creek would want a time displaced half Romulan anyways. ^_^ BTW If anyone isn't doing anything Wednesday, please stop by and wish us well.
  3. Happy Birthday Agincourt! Can't believe it's been 7 years already. Here's hoping for a couple more. ::fingers crossed.::
  4. You gotta love the bridge debates. ^_^
  5. On this exclusive episode of VH1's Behind the Music, we'll take an indepth look at a very influential band of the 60's and their eventual demise. Join us as we follow the lives of Kirk and the Away Team 6.
  6. Oh and it has to be a convertable btw. I forgot to add that in there. :P
  7. I can see you in a blue 69' Mustang. ^_^
  8. Just wait till you get to the series finale. It pretty much puts all of your issues into one pretty 2 hour package. And better yet, it has two Janeways. ^_^
  9. Happy Birthday! ^_^
  10. Congrats TMir. You're up.
  11. He's standing right behind me, isn't he?
  12. If you wish to join us, you still need to go through the proper Personel channels. But still please stop by. The Colonel would be glad to answer any questions. lol Andrew, we have Murray. Believe me, you'd be fine. And hey we haven't crashed in a while...but can't do anything about the falling apart stuff. Duct tape can only take us so far.
  13. Yeah. We could use everything but Engineers. Stop by tonight and say hi.
  14. Have nothing to do on Wednesday nights? Looking for a new or additional sim to play in? Want to ride in a giant garden spade? Interested in playing in a future Star Trek timeline? Want to be a Marine? Have a need to fight evil blue aliens and save the galaxy? If you said yes to one or more of these questions, then you could qualify to be a part of the wonderful and exciting crew of the USS Agincourt. Most positions are available, so please feel free to contact you local STSF Personel officer. Or come on by and say hi to Colonel Harper and her band of misfits...I mean crew... We play on Wednesday nights at 10pm. *This message was paid for by the Agincourt Engineering Comittee.* (Ok maybe not paid for, but I'm sure Murray could give you a doughnut.) ^_^