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STSF Precip

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    Starship Design, most Sci-Fi Space shows. StarWars ships.
  1. Happy Birthday Team! -Precip
  2. Well Ron Moore said it best the way I felt about the show. Unfortunately it's a quote with some profanity in it. Essentially I didn't buy into Voyager's survivability...I sure as heck did not like what they did with the Borg on that show. Nonetheless it is Trek and always will be considered canon. Precip
  3. Dear cadets and fellow GMS, I apologize for my unexpected absence for the Late Night Saturday Academy. I knew Kbear was having connection difficulty and would not be able to attend...I unfortunately had a later shift than normal for a Saturday..and was not up to par for running an academy. My apologies to those who were inconvienced, Precip
  4. Thank you.
  5. Thanks Scooter for the tip. -Precip
  6. Props to Canada for the win. Props to the USA for making it a game. -Precip
  7. Mitar was alone in the security bay, with time to think as Manticore attempted to find Cerebrus. Security Chief Precip was pondering how poorly he understood his team. Commander McFly, a likable officer..Precip thought he was also good in the field. Then what happened at Oppo? His second had given away Manticore fearing for another officer's life. That officer Cdr. Kansas Kenickie Precip now knew he was romantically involved with. Mitar did not quite understand all their is to human emotions, but how could Cdr. McFly's feelings for her jeopradize the entire crew of Manticore? Was this just a simple human flaw? Or just one officer's mistake. Commander Faldek, recently married..former member of the Obsidian order. Why did he act so rash? Getting thrown in jail on Atarxis after putting a phaser to a bartender's head...::Precip winced:: There was more to it, Mitar had to admit..he wasnt there. But his actions didn't jive with a former spy. One who has to be undercover for to get his mission accomplished. He apparently served the Order on Romulus; that certainly had to take restraint. But where had it gone? He thought the experience with the Cardassian Spy agency would make Faldek a more cautious individual..But that certainly did not happen on Atarxis. What did Precip not understand about the Cardassian? Commander Kenickie, a.k.a Kansas. Now involved with Commander McFly. Precip got the impression of her as a loose cannon. But admittingly this was the one officer he knew the least about. She was human, comes from an extended family; she had a very tough exterior. Would she make the same mistake Cdr McFly made on a mission? Mitar would have to keep the two apart from AT missions, something that was not Kansas' fault..but that of her...well significant other. Could he trust her with command in the future. Mitar Paused and stared at the streaking stars visable through the viewport. A Commanding officer who did not know the people he was in charge of. Mitar wondered if he was leading Manticore's security on a downhill slope. Perhaps he should not be CSEC if he couldn't yet read his officers. Maybe their problems were the result of his command. He needed to talk to someone ..Captain Sovak, the Admiral..Counselor Farrington. Was he the right Bolian for the job?
  8. Frak it! Need more ordinance against these creeps! Send in the BUFFs (B-52s)...and carpet bomb their sorry faces so they will need a permanent Proactive Solution treatment..for their newly cratered face. -Precip
  9. Yes!! Shuttle Launched! Curious how visible a launch at night would be from the Cape? Probably could see it from many places in Florida I gather. -Precip
  10. The current administration axed the Constellation Program. Although extremely ambitious..it gave us a direction to where we were heading. Time tables most likely would not of been met. But I ponder how long it will take for NASA to develop another manned spaceflight program after so much work had been done on Aries/Orion/Constellation. I guess we will be renting seats on Russian Space Capsules for quite some time since the shuttle retires this year. -Precip
  11. I dont have the super blue ray version, but I have heard that they put the New Enterprise at nearly twice the size of the old in commentary? I guess that would justify the brewery inside the ship. However ship sites are up in arms over what stretched the Enterprise to. As for the movie itself, you cannot argue with it's success. It brought in Trekkers like us, and more importantly...the general movie going audience. Sure we longtime Trekfans are going to disagree..or not like somethings from the movie. But the vast majority of reviewers and viewers overlooked the technical aspects of the film helping the film make over 300 million. Something no other Trek movie came close do doing. My only advice for the next movie is the old KISS philosophy ..Keep it Simple Stupid..and you should get the same audience to return. Just bring in the Klingons for the new Kirk. His first meeting with them would be interesting to see..and no doubt a torn shirt can be added to a scene to appease us oldtimers. -Precip
  12. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Huff! Maybe even some Vulcan Flan to go with those donuts!! -Precip
  13. Old Saint Nicholas got me the movie for Xmas..but it is Federation Wrapping paper! I don't want to destroy it... But I must see the new ships on DVD so I can zoom and investigate... -STSF Precip
  14. Just because I am white and over 30..I can't listen to Jay-Z Empire State of Mind -Precip
  15. Happy Birthday Blurox! Have a great day! -Precip