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  1. Lieutenant Commander Brian Smith stood outside the ready room. Commander Ridire's Ready Room. That still sounded funny to Smith. Brian had never had the best of relations with Ridire, but the trust that Captain Michaels had shown him seemed to have led Ridire to give him the benefit of the doubt. But now Michaels was gone, and Ridire, and Reaent needed a first officer. And Brian Smith wanted it to be him. Brian walked up to the panel, and pressed the chime. "Come in." spoke the voice from inside. Brian entered, slowly. He had constantly been thinking of the best way to say what he wanted to say. And frankly, he thought that the best way to get the message across would be to, simply, come out and say it. Brian waited for the door to close behind him, and spoke. "I want to be first officer, sir." Brian paused, simply to see the reaction from the commander, and then spoke again. "I know it would only be temporary, until we get back home, and the crew gets filled out again. I've been on Reaent for five years now, three as a senior officer. Anna can handle science for a few weeks." At that point, Brian realized that before he resorted to begging, he should let the acting Commander voice his opinion on the issue. Aidan leans back in the chair and studies Smith for a long minute. He knows that if Deb was present she'd be having trouble keeping the amusement off her expression. After all, Aidan did have a habit of seeming like he liked doing nothing more then reminding Mr. Smith of certain incidents that had happened in the past. Any animus that Aidan had actually ever felt towards Mr. Smith as a result of those incidents had long ago dissipated. Of course that didn't mean he wasn't going to occasionally provide himself some entertainment. After the minute passes Aidan asks slowly "And what makes you think that you needed to come in here and ask for what you've asked? Isn't the command structure on this ship clear enough?" Smith took a double take. "Wait. What?" He paused. "I know there is a command structure on this ship, but sometimes Mr. Murray takes the conn, sometimes it's me, I just wanted to make sure. Even if the method was a little...unorthodox." He moved forward, aligning right with the chairs in front of Ridire's desk. "Frankly, sir, I regret leaving medical. Moving to science, as you can see, was great for my career, but I feel like I've lost something in the switch. I've enjoyed all of the away missions, and being on the bridge, with the action. I see this, even though it's just a temporary assignment, as a chance to try and get some of that magic back." Brian took a seat. "So, from a First Officer to his Captain, where do we go from here?" "Mr. Smith, the times that others are given the conn is to give them the experience necessary to take over if and when the time comes for it. There is a certain wisdom in the old adage "It is not wise to put all of one's eggs in one basket. And frankly, in those times the top command structure has always remained the same. The Captain then me and then on down. That isn't quite the case right now thanks to the Admiralty. You were already going to be my selection for acting first officer, I just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Because there didn't seem to be a rush on it and frankly I've had other things on my mind. My apologies for what consternation that gave you, I will attend to that piece of ship's business when we are done here." Aidan sighs and leans back in the chair for a long minute. "As for "where we go from here." we are taking the Captain to the nearest Starbase for his hearing. We'll remain there for the duration of and then we will get back to doing our jobs. I fully expect that to be with him remaining as Commanding Officer and my remaining as Executive Officer. So for right now do keep in mind that while you are acting First Officer that also means that I am acting Commanding Officer. Neither one of us has been promoted and speaking purely for myself I am quite content with my current actual rank." Brian rose from his chair. "As am I." He smiled. "Now someone has to get back to the Bridge," he said as he walked out the door.
  2. But didn't you hear him tell that guy "Do you want to tell Captain Pike why one of his senior medical officers is not on the ship". I understand that he wasn't the CMO, but how could he be a "Senior medical officer" as a cadet. Anyways, $72.5 is ALOT of money. I think we've found a winner with J.J. work on the sequel has already begun, and I've also heard that the beginnings of a new series are coming afloat. Do you think that StarTrek.com will get a makeover now that the franchise is popular again? It was one of my favorite websites (especially on April Fools) and i'd like to see it rejuvenated.
  3. I read somewhere that kirk was supposed to not have a uniform (why he's in the gray shirt) because he's a cadet. But aren't all the others cadets as well? How can Uhura be a Lieutenant, and McCoy be a "Senior Medical Officer" if they're all still cadets?
  4. Does anyone know if Kirk's brother was in the movie? Apparently the kid on the side of the road was him? But it would be impossible, because, as appears in the movie, Kirk was the only child of George and Winona... Just a thought.
  5. Just saw it again last night. I've been absolutely thrilled, and noticed a few things the second time around that I'd missed the first. (What I thought was a toy ship, turns out to be a salt shaker). I'm ready for the sequel. I think this is going to rejuvenate the series, somehow. Maybe when LOST is off the air, JJ will try and run a series? Or maybe it will be a new face. But it's coming back. Plus, I would like to see Porthos "reappear". Did anyone catch that? We should start tracking our numbers here. I have a feeling we're going to start seeing alot of people start walking through our doors, soon.
  6. I'm just throwing this out there. But I don't know if it will work or not, and I definitely can't make it, but what about someone who DOES have this kind of experience creating some sort of uniform page for each ship, which simply leaves the actual content management of the website to the GMs. That way, the GM's wouldn't have to worry about the design, except maybe picking a different color scheme/logos for each site so that members can tell them apart. They can have all the same usual pages: "Roster", "About", "How to Join" etc. It's just an idea.
  7. I will say this. I've been simming on Reaent for just over 5 years, and in January, I decided to join Challenger as a second sim when it made the transition, but I've found it extremely hard to get used to simming on Thursday AND Sunday. Seiben has been very forgiving the many times that I have a Brain Fart and forget to show up, but It's nice to be simming with a second group of people. [shameless plug] But I love the Reaent (and Challenger). And I could use an ASCI! [/shameless plug]
  8. I was just in Vegas in December, and I decided to go. My dad and I went and it was amazing. I ate at Quarks, and I bought a t-shirt. It was alot of fun. Would they consider moving it? I think part of what's hurting it is that it's not on the strip. If it was on the strip, with a big borg cube-or a giant Captain Kirk in lights, people would be much more attracted to it!
  9. BTW, I was TOTALLY gonna use this pic but decided not to.... "SEE! I TOLD you LOST was REAL!"
  10. Her mother said she was in love with a fat pig. I didn't think I should take it literally.
  11. I was looking for something like "Atragon clearly wasn't as excited as Jami after their beautiful Manticore Wedding"...but Patterson...You win...simply because I love MasterCard commercials... Are they the official card of STSF? Or is that the Interplanetary Bank of Ferenginar's LatinumPlus card?
  12. Soo..I'm pretty bad at picking pictures, but this one might be interesting...
  13. How do they not poke their eyes out?!?!?!
  14. See...I told you the Ferengi were real!
  15. C'mon images...let's hear it...