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  1. It was a quiet evening in the science lab. Perfect for someone who wanted to work late without distractions. Tarisa was that particular someone this evening. Ever since the staff meeting she had locked herself in the lab, looking for a way to neutralize the effects of the Gremlin’s spray that has been plaguing the station. On the center scanning table sat a sample tray that held a small dose of the annoying toxin. This particular sample was quite stubborn. No matter what substance she used, nothing would counter the effect of the spray. Each result ended with the computer screen giving a big red X. Despite this, Tarisa was determined to find an answer, even if she was locked in here all night. Unfortunately Taris was not going to get her quiet for long, as a young Mithraan girl opened the door to the lab. “Neemah!*” shouted Miana as she came in. She started humming as she entered, her white fluffy tail dancing about. The young one held in both of her hands what appeared to be frozen treats. Tarisa’s blue furred ears twitched at the loud shout. She had been slightly startled by Miana’s exclamation. “Miana? I was not expecting visitors.” A slight smile did begin to form at the sight of her niece. Miana approached her neemah with her treats. “I know. Yala* said you probably missed dinner, so she sent me to give you this,” she held a treat out to Tarisa. “She made cream of ice on a cone.” Tarisa took the treat in hand, which was beginning to soften. She gave it a little sniff before licking it. “Thank you, Teelah. What flavor is this?” “I do not remember the name, but they are berries from Annisha’s elders. From their farm,” Miana replied, but she was already becoming entranced by what was going on with the scanning table. “What are you doing?” Her bright blue eyes were fixed on the sample. “That is the toxin that is plaguing the station, making certain people sick. I am working on a way to neutralize it,” replied Tarisa. “Ooooh…” This peaked Miana’s interest. She climbed a chair before her aunt could stop her, leaning in to get a better look. But as she got closer, her now melting ice cream fell into the sample. “Uh oh.” “No...Teelah…” Tarisa said as she lifted Miana, placing her away from the table. “Sorry,” Miana said with a frown. “It will be fine. I can get another sample.” Tarisa went to get something to clean up, but the strangest thing happened. The scanning table began it’s test, and after a brief moment the result came up green. Tarisa paused, seemingly quite surprised. “How is this possible?” She looked to Miana, who had a little smile on her face. “I think I should go now, Neemah,” replied the young Mithraan, knowing that her aunt was going to be a little busy. She gave Tarisa a little squeeze of the leg before quietly leaving the lab. Tarisa simply nodded as she glanced at the sample. So many questions ran through her mind, but one thing was certain, she may have at least found one answer. Mithraan names: Neemah - Aunt Teelah - Niece Yala - Mother
  2. On her way to docking port 2, Tarisa’s heart was racing. She had been with Nijil, working on the training program for their friend when she got the call. Personally, she wished she could avoid this all together and continue working on the project. They had just come up with the idea to use a self aware holomatrix as the foundation of the program and then build around it using basic data from a few of the core races. Hopefully with the information she had given Nijil, he would be able to start building. It would at least give him something to do after being stuck in his quarters. Rounding the corner to the docking port, Tarisa slowed as she gazed out the windows. In view was a what appeared to be a shiny new ship. She had never seen this particular class, but the Mithraan craftsmanship was quite clear. On the port side of the ship read in Mithraan, “Teapo’s Wings.” After delaying as much as she could, Tarisa finally moved on to the airlock doors. To the right of the gate stood a dock officer who was monitoring docking functions behind a console. He looked up at Tarisa and said, “They are coming aboard now, Ma’am.” Tarisa’s heart pounded in her chest as her tail flailed about sporadically. Her nerves were becoming unbearable as the gate doors finally began to open. But what was once nervousness turned to excitement at the sight before her. “Tarisa!” called out the light pink haired Mithraan from the gate. “Yda?!” Replied the young science officer as she rushed up, putting her hands in the other Mithraan’s as they joined foreheads, touching noses. “Sister? What are you doing here?” “I could not miss my little sister’s Keywah,” said Yda. “Also it has been so long since we have been together.” “Yes. It has been too long. Since my graduation from the Academy.” Tarisa finally released her sister from their family greeting. “Tell me how Lo’gan is doing. Has he finally found a mate?” Yda nodded in response. “Yes. Our brother has finally settled down. He is set to go through Zoh’wahtuh in a few weeks. It would be good if you were able to write to him before then.” “I will,” replied Tarisa. “I had planned to send word to Mother and Father as well.” She could not believe her sister was standing before her. “How is Miana? Is she adjusting to life as a Prodigy?” “You should ask her yourself,” grinned Yda as she stepped aside. Behind Yda stood a young Mithraan girl, who looked to be around the age of nine. She had long white hair, little white furred ears popping out of her head, A little white tail lashing about happily. “Neemah!” Yelled the little girl as she ran up to Tarisa. Taris was overjoyed as she knelt down, greeting the girl in the same fashion as her sister. “Little One,” purred Tarisa. She then pulled Miana in for a hug. “I have missed you.” The little girl buried her head in the older Mithraan’s shoulder, purring as well. “I missed you too, Neemah.” Tarisa finally released her niece, getting a good look at Miana. “You have grown so much…” She could have gone on forever, but the sight of another figure exiting the docking gate brought her back to reality. It was a tall and imposing figure of a male Mithraan. Tarisa noticed a pan’tho stick attached to the right side of his belt, guessing that he must be a member of the Larc tribe. Which meant he was more than likely a guard. Glaring at Tarisa a moment, he nodded “Larc Suhbeh of Clan Barah.” He then quietly stepped aside, revealing two other Mithraan women. One of the women was tall and wore a long white coat, typical of a doctor from Mithra. She had short black hair and deep brown eyes behind a pair of small framed glasses. “Doctor Y’shta,” Tarisa said as she gave a little bow. The doctor nodded in return. “Tarisa.” The sight of the other woman put Tarisa’s stomach in knots. She was an older woman with streaks of gray running through long dark brown hair which she kept in fancy braids. She wore traditional Mithraan silk robes, and carried an ornate walking stick. She looked quite out of place on this station and was one of the last people Tarisa thought would be here. Tarisa gulped slightly as she put her right hand to her chest and bowed. “H..High Elder Danu…” The elder of the Duelle Tribe smiled at the gesture. “Greetings, Duelle Tarisa of Clan Laeda. I trust you are prepared for your Keywah?” “Y...Yes High Elder,” nervously replied Tarisa. “Though I must say, I was not expecting the ritual to be performed by you.” Danu chuckled, “But of course. It has been too long since I performed the ritual myself. Also, I had to make sure you would not avoid it like you did last time.” “I was in the middle of my studies with Starfleet Academy,” Tarisa frowned deeply. The elder simply dismissed it with a wave. “Details, young one. I wish to see this station of yours.” “Yes, of course. It will probably be some time before your quarters are prepared. I only recently sent word to Station Operations, since I just received the message from Mithra.” She began leading the group from the gate. “Ah yes,” replied Danu with a sly grin. “That was my idea. I did not wish to give you the chance to run.” The frown on Tarisa’s face was constant. “Of course.” She looked to the Mithraan ship once more as they got to the windows. “Is that a new model?” “Ah, you noticed,” said Danu as they stopped at the window. “Yes. It is the new commercial transport commissioned by the Teapo Conglomerate. Quite beautiful. I would have offered a tour, but the ship is set to leave soon. They are going to that colony nearby?” “TKR-117, High Elder,” Y’shta answered. “Ah yes. Thank you, Doctor.” “I see,” replied Tarisa. She then continued escorting the group from the docking port. Eventually, the party arrived in the Commerce Area. Many delicious scents coming from the various restaurants, cafes, and eateries filled the noses of the Mithraans. Doctor Y’shta took in a deep breath. “What fascinating scents.” “I agree,” replied Danu. “This is quite the destination.” “There is plenty more to the tour, but if you like, you can take your time to explore the area here,” Tarisa said. “There are many places to eat.” Miana twirled around excitedly. She began pointing to different places, the smell of food overwhelming her. “I want to try all of those places now.” Yda placed a gently hand on her daughter’s head. “All in due time, but first you must be introduced to your school.” “School?” frowned Miana. “Yes. I was told they have a school here with many children.” The little girl frowned as she folded her arms across her chest. “I do not need school. I am a Prodigy.” “Consider this a social experiment then, young one,” said Danu as she placed both hand on her cane. Yda held out her hand. “You might even make friends.” Miana sighed as she took her mother’s hand. “Alright.” After some instructions from Tarisa, the mother and daughter duo walked off towards the school. Tarisa then looked at the remaining three Mithraans. “Please, have a look around and enjoy the food. Hopefully your rooms will be ready soon…” The others glanced around briefly before Danu walked off towards one of the more fancier restaurants with Suhbeh at her side. The Doctor then walked off in the other direction, being driven by the curious smells coming from one of the cafes. Tarisa sighed and tried to relax as they all departed. This was going to be a long visit.
  3. Tarisa had just entered her quarters and was in a pretty good mood. She had just had an interesting conversation with the station’s shadowy guest. “Hmm…” she stopped a moment, as she just had an idea for a name. She would have to run it by him the next opportunity. After the visit she had stopped by Nijil tr’Korjata’s quarters to discuss an idea for a training program. The engineer was very interested in helping, as he seemed to be quite bored. His experience in holodeck programming would be needed since Tarisa lacked in that particular skill. As she entered her quarters, Tarisa braced herself. On many occasions her pet mechanical spider/turtle/thing, Skitters had a knack for trying to get out of the room to explore the massive station. This time, however, it seemed he was resting in his charging station. Smiling, the young Mithraan quietly walked by to make her way to her replicator. After ordering a hot tea, she sat at her private computer terminal and began hashing out ways to use her training program. Maybe she would pool from different race databases; Humans, Vulcans, Romulans, maybe even Klingons, possibly a couple others. Don’t want to overdo it at first. The being might gravitate towards a specific race to assist him in learning, or seeking as he put it. Tarisa was quite relaxed as she sipped her tea, thinking of ideas, when she noticed at the bottom of her computer screen there was a blinking light, indicating a message. Pressing a button, the message popped open, revealing the symbol for the Mithraan Ministry of Science. Tarisa almost immediately began coughing as she almost choked on her tea, prompting Skitters to activate. The little mechanical critter made a few low toned beeps and blurts before moving over to Tarisa, slowly climbing up the chair to rest on her shoulder. Patting Skitters on his metal head, she began reading the message. “Greetings Duelle Tarisa of Clan Laeda, It has come to our attention that you have not yet completed your Keywah Evaluation. While we understand you now have obligations to the Federation and Starfleet, it is still important for every young Mithraan to complete the rituals that our patrons and foremothers have laid before us. With that said, though you may not presently be able to return to Mithra to complete the ritual, we can not overlook tradition. Therefore, we have sent a delegation to your Sky Harbor Aegis to begin the Keywah. Our delegates look forward to the hospitality you and the staff of your station will provide. May Yuca and her children bless you in the days to come.” Tarisa began sulking as she finished reading the message. This was something she had been dreading, and honestly was hoping to avoid since becoming a Starfleet officer. Unfortunately it was apparent it could not be averted. At least she had some time to prepare… Her eyes trailed down to the time stamp at that thought. “It was sent over a week ago?!” She shot straight up from her chair, knocking Skitters to the floor. He blurted a few tones, flipping himself upright and wandering off. A frantic panic set in now on Tarisa as she was as tense as could be. There was no time now. No time to prepare for the inevitable. They were coming.
  4. http://www.stsf.net/...showtopic=13313 Here's the link to Daena's bio. At the bottom is information I made on the Mithraan race.
  5. Name: Tarisa Full Name: Duelle Tarisa of Clan Laeda Gender: Female Age: 19 (The equivalent of a 19 year old human) Species: Mithraan Height: 5'7" Weight: 107 lbs. Hair Color: Light Blue Eye Color: Light Blue-Green Noticeable Features: Cat ears and tail (both with white fur) Place of Birth: Elysia, Mithra IV Family: Duelle Yrell of Clan Laeda (Mother) Duelle Maraak of Clan Velen (Father) Duelle Yda of Clan Laeda (Older sister and twin of Lo'gan) Duelle Lo'gan of Clan Laeda (Older brother and twin of Yda) Duelle Miana of Clan Laeda (Niece and daughter of Yda) Service Information: Rank: Lieutenant Commander Position: Assistant Science Officer Assignment: Sky Harbor Aegis Personal Information: Growing up in Elysia, the science capital of Mithra IV, Tarisa was immersed in the art of science. Her mother a doctor and father and brother both scientists for the Mithraan Ministry of Science, it seemed only natural for Tarisa to join the scientific community. But that wasn't the driving force behind her desire to join Starfleet. It was hero worship. When she was young, she would follow anything she could on Mithra's first Starfleet officer, Nouvelle Daena. This lead Tarisa to study hard and when the time came, apply to Starfleet Academy. Receiving her acceptance letter was the best day of her life as it was delivered personally by her idol, Daena. This lead to a strong friendship between the two Mithraans, which is how Tarisa ended up with Daena's mechanical pet named Skitters. Academy: Tarisa's major scientific studies were in Geology and Astronomy, with a minor in Physics. While at the Academy, she was also a member of the track and field and gymnastics teams, earning numerous metals in both. Her natural speed and agility were great assets. Personality: Tarisa is easily excited and is generally curious about anything. She is also very playful and is almost always in a cheerful mood.