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  1. "Confusion" a Kassem and Prell production ------------------------------- Kairi stood, leaning forward on the table that held various Soltan parts. She had a brief talk with Odile over the comm, being warned about the type of power source to use on the foreign tech. Unfortunately the warning had come a little too late to the engineering chief. Feeling was now beginning to return to her hand as she bit her bottom lip in frustration. A slow sigh came over her as she continued to stare at the devices. Prell sat at the other end of the table, turning a component around in his hands, pondering. He rubbed the bridge of his nose and shut his eyes at the headache he could feel coming on. She looked up to her mentor and former chief. A small smirk emerged from the corner of her lips. She could tell he was having as much trouble as herself. "You too, huh?" He looked up, containing a laugh. "Even your old chief is allowed a couple of bewildering cases." He chuckled. Kairi smiled as she looked back down at a device in front of her. "Well...at least we know what they do. Problem is how do we integrate it into our systems without blowing up the ship?" Javin rubbed his head with his free hand, then set the component down on the table. "Computer, " he waited for the acknowledgement, "Initiate a Level 5 scan of the Soltan object in front of me on the table, and recreate it in a hologram on the pool table for us please." The Romulan engineer stepped over from her spot at the table and moved over to join Javin. He tapped his fingers on the table as the computer worked, finally looking up as the hologram shimmered into place. "Look at that," Kairi said pointing to an area of the hologram. "Is that the processor?" Javin nodded slightly. "It looks like it..." He brought up a control board on the console in front of him, and manipulated the diagram carefully, so that it enlarged and they had a better view inside of it. "There's no real evidence of any control lines or wires leading into it." "I know..." replied Kairi. "Perhaps it's something similar to bio-neural." He nodded. "And if that's the case..., we've been trying everything the wrong way so far. We just need to tell it what to do... somehow.." "But how?" Javin rubbed his nose again. "That, my dear Watson, is the mystery at hand." Kairi tilted her head at Javin, a confused smile emerged. "Watson?" He looked at her. "Oh dear, sorry Kairi." he laughed, "I've been reading an Earth mystery story from a long time ago, Sherlock Holmes. His friend and fellow detective was named Watson." "Ah..." she said with a smile. "Maybe I should read up on that." He smiled. "You mean you actually have some free time? I never did..." He looked back up at the hologram. "Bioneural...." Kairi grinned as she looked at Javin, staring at the spots of his neck. "It's called delegating. Something you should have done more often." He grinned. "Delegating..., " a thought came over him, "delegating..." She had a confused look on her face. "What?" He looked at her. "That's it! Delegating! We need a kind of brain to control these parts with!" "But what kind of brain?" Javin sat down and pondered. "A control panel maybe, or maybe we can create one to work with the frequencies of the bioneural paths?" Kairi nodded, as she took a seat next to him. "I think I know where you are going..." "The only problem is, can we do it...?" He grabbed his PADD of Soltan inventory and looked through it. She looked over his shoulder at the PADD. "I think we can." Javin pondered, not saying anything for a while, then looking at Kairi, noticing how close she had gotten to him. "Did I put a good cologne on today?" He grinned. Kairi stopped staring at the hologram, as she glanced at Javin. "Huh...what?" He chuckled. "You've been inching closer to me for quite a while now." He looked around. "I have?" It was then she noticed how close her chin was to his shoulder. She quickly stepped away, sitting back in her seat. "Oh...sorry..." Javin looked at her, smiling. "Don't worry about it Kairi..." "So...how are we going to make this brain?" The now embarrassed engineering chief tried to change the subject. He looked away from her, and pointed out an item on the PADD. "This looks like a control panel, from the first inventory of things we got. It could help jump start our work." "I agree..." she said looking at the PADD, but her eventually wandering to Prell. "I really don't think I could have done this without you..." Prell smiled. "I'm glad to help..." He looked at her, remember things from their past. "Would you like to go get some lunch in the mess hall?" "If I didn't know better, I would think you were Betazoid. I haven't eaten in a while," she pouted. "Plus we could use a break." He nodded, and stood up. "All work and no break...doesn't work out too well." He winked. "No it doesn't," Kairi smiled as she stood up as well. "We can pick up where we left off after we made our tummys happy." Javin motioned for her to lead on. "I'm sure Murray can handle Engineering for a bit.. " He chuckled. She giggled as she opted not to reply. The duo then exited the lab for a little break in the mess hall.
  2. "'Tis the Life of a Rebel" a Rebel Productions Log -------------------------------- Javin sat in the front seat of a runabout, which was on it's way to a location stored in the computer, but unknown to himself, and the other current passenger aboard, who was still asleep in the back room. But she wasn't asleep for long, as Kairi slowly began to stir. It had been a couple of days since she was rescued from her captors, but she was still exhausted physically. The rebel woman finally made her way out of bed and left the living module for the cockpit. She didn't even bother to put clothes on, wearing only her underwear. Kairi stepped up behind Prell, draping her arms around the pilot and resting her tired head on the top of his. "Where are we going?" He smiled, without looking back at her. "Don't know. Command locked out that part of the computer, and even I can't break into it." He scowled. "Don't even know how long it'll be." He leaned up and kissed her chin. "Mmm...I hate it when they do that..." He sighed. "'Tis the life of a rebel..." She kissed the top of his head, then sat at the seat next to him. "I know..." Prell looked over at her, smiling. "I'm sorry it took so long to get to you...feeling any better?" "I'm still tired, but I can't sleep..." Kairi sighed as she looked at Prell. She brought her legs up into the seat, resting her head on her knees. Something was bothering her. "Why did they say you were dead?" He sighed, looking down at the console. "They said it was required for my mission...I tried to reason with them, but the council persisted." "I...I don't understand. What mission would be so important that they would want me to think you were dead?" He looked at her. "It's, not just you they wanted to fool, it was everyone..." He paused for a second, "They sent me to the former Romulan Empire territories, to see your father." "What...why?" Things were really starting to confuse Kairi, and wasn't just because of her exhaustion. Javin took her hand in his. "They wanted me to find out if the remnant rebel factions would be willing to join with us in our cause. The Council is planning something big, long-range." It was unknown if it was the news or her exhaustion, but Kairi was beginning to feel dizzy. "Mmm...I...I think I need to lay back down..." He squeezed her hand, "I know babe, I can barely get my head around it. When I heard from your father and his sources that you had been captured, I left straight away and came here. No doubt the Council will disapprove." He looked at her with concern. "Let me help you back to the bed." She slowly stood up, putting herself in his arms. She gave Javin a very tired smile. "Please..." He smiled back at her, leading her to the living module. After walking into it, Javin sat her down on the small bed, sitting with her as she layed down. Kairi rested her head in the pillow, looking up at Prell. She ran her hand along his arm softly. "Do you really think the Empire will help?" Javin smiled. "Im not sure...we never did get to that part in detail...." She rolled onto her back, staring at the ceiling. After her small time in captivity she was beginning to have her doubts. "I don't know if it will help..." she said frowning. He rubbed her arm and kissed her on the lips. As he was sitting back up. "Don't lose faith, my little rebel. Our fight is just, and we will win." "I know...But for a while, I thought I was all alone. It's so hard now..." Her eyes began to water. Javin put a finger to her lips and wiped the tears from her eyes. "You'll never be alone again...this I promise you." A smile crossed Kairi's face as she sniffled. "Thank you..." He smiled back down at her. "You don't need to thank me babe, I would do anything for you." Kairi softly grabbed Javin's hand. Her eyes were starting to grow heavy with sleep once more. "I know..." "Get some sleep dear...you need it." He took the cover and draped it over her, and reached over to turn out the light in the module. "Mmm..." It wasn't clear if she actually heard Prell's last words, as Kairi drifted off to sleep.
  3. "Catching Up" a Kassem and Prell production ---------------------------------------- Prell entered his quarters, pulling off his uniform jacket as he passed by his couch. He tossed the jacket on a table and slumped onto the couch, rubbing his face in exhaustion. Sleep wasn't coming to him as easily or often enough since he returned to the ship, and it was taking a toll. Kairi quietly walked down the halls. This wasn't her deck, but she needed to talk to someone, and he was as good as any. She stood at Prell's door and pressed the chime. Javin looked up at his door at the sound. Frowning, he hoped he hadn't invited anyone over, and forgotten in his tired state. He stood up and straightened his shirt. "Enter!" She slowly entered the room, looking at her former chief. "Am I bothering you?" He shook his head, putting a smiled on his face. "Not at all Kairi, come on in." Kairi stepped all the way into his quarters, letting the door close behind her. She noticed the tossed jacket on the table. "I'm sorry...I am disturbing you aren't I? Were you going to bed?" She turned to head back to the exit. "No no, it's okay." He walked towards her, touching her shoulder. "I could use some company right now." She looked at his hand on her shoulder and turned to face him. "Oh...ok..." Stepping away from the door, she moved over to the couch and took a seat. "I need to talk to you." Javin took a seat on the other side of the couch and smiled at her. "Shoot." Kairi seemed to have a permanent frown on her face for the moment. "You remember Harry right?" Javin nodded. "Beta shift, he's the who caused this whole latest problem?" She nodded. "Yes. I tried to find out why he did it. I even tried talking to him." He shifted his weight, looking at her. "And?" Her frown seemed to get worse. "He snapped at me..." His frown matched hers. "That's not like Harry." "I know...but I think I know why...Do you remember Jim? He died a few months ago..." Javin thought back. "When we came through that wormhole to Perseus." "No, he was killed when most of the crew was abducted for those gladiator games. He was killed by one of the marines..." Javin sighed, and looked down. "I was with the half that was left on board....and I vanished soon after that." Kairi rested her head on the back of the couch, looking at Javin. "Jim and Harry were pretty close friends. I think that's part of why he lashed out at the marines." He nodded, looking at her. "Might be." She sighed, "When did it come to this? I never would have imagined one of our engineers could be capable of these things." He shifted again, moving a bit closer. "It's not something you could imagine anyone you know ever doing." "I know..." Her voice wavered a bit. "It's just hard." Javin put a hand on hers. "I know... nothing's been easy since Versailles." "Yeah...We've lost too much." Kairi looked at Prell, finally breaking her frown for the first time since she got here. "I really am glad you are back...Sorry I haven't said so till now." He smiled. "Thank you." He paused. "I'm glad they chose you to carry on." She blushed a little. "I was just doing my job." "Well, you must have done something bad enough to have gotten the promotion and all the paperwork." He grinned. Kairi finally laughed. "At least I have a nice office." Javin scowled. "And I was just starting to like it "I bet you have a nicer office now." He grinned. "Yeah, the bridge does have it's perks." "How are you liking your new job?" Javin shrugged. "For a glorified version of a receptionist, its ok." He winked. She smiled sweetly at him. "Well you are always welcome to visit us in engineering from time to time. Some of the team would like that." He smiled. "I'll make a point of it." He moved his leg. "So, catch me up on the gossip I missed while I was gone." He grinned. "Well..." Kairi spent what seemed like an hour, filling Prell in on all that had gone on since he disappeared. Not once did it come to her that she ask what had happened to him. But Prell didn't mind that, He had told and retold his tale to what seemed like almost half the crew now, and it was getting tiresome. He smiled. "This is better than reading over ship's logs..." Kairi smiled at him. "It's always better to talk with friends." He nodded. "Where would we be without friends?" <<END LOG>>
  4. "Humble Outlooks" a log by Lt. Commanders Prell and JoNs ---------------------------------------------------- Lt. Commander Kansas JoNs padded out of the turbolift to the bridge, her keen feline eyes searching quickly; a grin exposed her fangs when she spotted Lt. Commander Prell at the Ops station. She immediately made a bee line for the newly returned officer. Prell was just getting ready to leave the bridge at the end of the shift, saving open files and finishing last minute resource requests. He spoke without looking back or to the side. "Hello to you too Kansas." The Caitian stopped, and stood upright on her hind paws. "I must be losing my stealthy touch." She came around to stand in front of the console, offering Prell a respectful nod and smile."Good evening. How'd your shift go today?" He looked up and smiled. "Nothing major. Routine really. Engineering had the hard day it seems." He smirked. "Two relays and those sensor glitches. How about you?" "Aye, and I know they're also busy with checking the ship from bow to stern for any new 'tweaks' from that engineer we have down in the brig....I'm doing well. Just my normal routine, thank the gods, and working with Kairi on the systems for any security breaches. How are you settling back in Javin?" Prell logged out of his console and shifted his weight. "I'm doing just dandy. Just curious in learning what happened here in my absence. Insane wacko engineer crewman seems to top the list." He smirked. "...I am amazed he made it past the academy psych docs Javin. As for getting you up to date, I'd be glad to pass along some information. I do have some official business though," the feline officer held up a Padd, "it can wait until tomorrows shift though. I just want to allot some training time for the security department in the secondary holo-deck." He smiled. "Of course." He took the PADD and passed it over his shoulder to a surprised Lt.Jg. Clark, the next shift's OPS officer. "Take care of this, won't you Mr. Clark?" "Aye sir." Clark gave Kansas a questioning look." JoNs gave Clark a quick and understanding smile; they had all had that "oh no, the chief just gave me something to do, don't mess the assignment up" look at one point or another. The feline could still have her own confused moments as well, mind you. Prell stepped aside to let Clark in at the console. "Care to take a walk with me Commander?" "Of course Commander." He motioned to the turbolift, and followed her into it. Once the doors closed, he looked at Kansas. "So, just your normal routines?" The feline entered the 'lift in front of Javin and glanced over her shoulder at the man. "Aye. Although, if the gossip hasn't reached you yet, it will - I just spent a few weeks demoted and being put through my marine basic paces." She sighed. "...I deserved it, but it was one of those situations that has no easy path or aftermath." Prell looked back at the doors. "Deck 8." He smirked. "I had heard the rumors...I was in Sickbay for a day, remember?" He looked back at her. "What'd you do?" Kansas glanced at her senior officer counterpart and then fixed her attention back on the 'lift doors. "We had a Selshan prisoner in custody. Basically, he offered a convenient cache of information, and was ripe to be questioned. Or I should say questioned further. He had been previously questioned by Lt. Colonel Day, but afterward the brig was on lockdown orders per both of the colonels. I wanted to question him further...and I did along with an accomplice." Her gaze went to Javin, "and the command staff was not pleased. Sound reasoning, bad judgment, even worse tactical maneuvering. So, I got a slap on the paw." An undercurrent of embarrassment laced the Caitian's tone. He nodded. "Sounds a bit harsh, must have been a bad day for you kitty." He smirked as the lift doors opened. "Who was your accomplice?" "Condacin," was the muttered reply; Kansas, as a general rule, did not like to 'give up a name'. He frowned. "Hmmpf." He motioned for her to walk out first. "And here I thought I'd have a more interesting story to tell than anyone. "I am all ears as they say. I was on the bridge when you dropped in out of thin air - care to elaborate on your adventure these last months?" Kansas favored the officer with a genuine smile, glad for the change of subject. He nodded. "My report didnt do it justice, if you've had the time to read it, what with all your Marine classes." He winked at her. "Did you explore Earth while at the Academy?" "I got to see a few places. San Francisco of course, some spots in the eastern territories, a vacation resort in the Old Jamaica Protectorate..." she flipped an ear back, eyeing Prell with curiosity. "I was hoping more along the lines of dense forest, but I'm sure you've seen holograms." He looked at her. "I dropped in on one, 'out of thin air' as you said. Think survival training with about 60% less help in the way of materials." "Do you think it could have been one of those vortex's that the Soltan use? I dont know...an errant energy signature from one of them that the 'Court just happened to fly through? So you ended up alone in this forest?" "That's what I had thought at first, something we were passing through." He looked at her. "Not alone - I made some nice friends." "Inhabited planet? Our level or Industrial Age tech?" "Not even close kitty, think a bit after the Stone Age." He pulled out a PADD with a rough drawing of the humanoids he'd met. "For some reason my tricorder memory was wiped when I returned. This is about the best I've been able to re-create." The feline officer took the Padd, gazing at it with that curiosity all cats seem to have. "I'm sure the science geeks will have a good time with it, and the bits of language I put in my report. Very basic, animal like noises." "You know they will. Nothing like a new species and planet to study for the sciences to tear into." She handed the PADD back to the newly ordained ops chief. "I am glad you are back here with us though, Javin. Were these people still living in a tribal way of life? If so, I'm sure that aided you - ancient tribes were and are always willing to add to their numbers, even if it is a stranger." He thought for a bit. "Tribal, yes. More nomadic I'd say. Their shelters were less than primitive by our standards. But they seemed to learn democracy faster than humans did, everything was decided more or less by majority vote." "Yes, but I'm sure give them a few hundred years and they will be in conflict with another faction or some such." Javin grew quiet. "Not so much a few hundred years." Her ears flew back in sympathy. "Oh gods...you witnessed conflict coming to them during your stay?" He nodded. "I was out exploring when it happened." He sighed. "...too much conflict in this sector..." "Yeah...only I'm not sure I was sent anywhere near here Kansas, none of the stars looked right at night." "There really is so much un-explored territory. It does boggle the mind." He sighed. "Only serves to show us how minuscule we are in the grand scheme of things." "That humble outlook will hopefully keep serving to keep this crew alive, you know?" Her tail lashed once. He nodded. "We can only hope, Kansas." <<END LOG>>
  5. "Gladiatorial Games, War Zones, and Space Cowboys" a log by Col. Harper and Lt. Cmdr. Prell ----------------------- <<BEGIN LOG>> Javin layed quietly in his bed in Sickbay, having lost the latest battle between him and the nurse about his being able to leave. He sighed, rubbing his hand against his chin where his beard had been, now a force of habit after having had it for such a long time. The sickbay doors hissed quietly open, admitting a dark-haired figure in charcoal grey. Harper crossed the room to Prell's bed, waving off the nurse that stepped forward to see what the colonel wanted. Prell sat up straight and smiled. "Ah, the cavalry has arrived. Sir." She smiled slightly. "Javin. Welcome back." "Thank you, it's good to be back." He rubbed his chin. "I was just sitting here wondering how much of the paint job was scratched off while I was gone." He grinned. "We did try not to damage the ship too much," she replied with some exasperation. He sighed. "Playing Space Cowboys still, are we?" "Hardly playing." She folded her arms, leaning one hip against the biobed. "It's a dangerous region." He nodded. "I guess my stint among the peaceful has dulled me a bit." "Well, you'll have to get your edge back quickly," Harper warned. "Aye sir...as soon as they release me from this prison." He grinned. "What else have I missed?" "Oh, nothing much," Harper replied, waving a hand. "Gladiatorial games, war zones... the usual." "Heh, good timing on my part, missing it all. How's Engineering doing without me? "Kairi's been holding it together. She makes a good department head--" She broke off awkwardly. He smiled. "It's ok Medusa, after a while I knew someone would have to replace me. Im glad you choose her....I will miss that office though." He grinned. She chuckled. "Well, I can't fix that. But we do need an OPS officer..." Javin paused for a moment and looked at her, then smiled. "That sounds perfect." "Wonderful." He slid his feet over the edge of the bed and stood up. "I can start right now." Out of the corner of his eye he could see his arch-enemy the nurse making a beeline for them. Harper put a hand out to stop him. "Oh, no you don't," she warned. "We've had entirely too many sickbay-escapes lately, and I am not opening up that particular can of worms again." He sighed, and sat back down. "Alright, alright. So what's this Captain's Mast I keep hearing about?" She groaned involuntarily, and scrubbed at her face with a hand. "Someone sabotaged the holodeck near the NNC. Turned off the safeties." "Really now..." He frowned. "I suppose we know who it was that did it?" "If you ask Security, no." She scowled. "All of the evidence was pointing to one of theirs, but now they say they've cleared him. There has to be a proper hearing, though..." He nodded. "I agree. I also suppose there's some Marine-Fleet problems because of it?" She shook her head slightly. "We've managed to keep that to a minimum, thankfully. This particular young idiot was the major culprit in that regard anyway -- he took it into his head to go into the NNC with phasers blazing, and nearly wound up painted purple for it." Javin frowned. "Pulling a phaser in Marine Territory, I'll remember that the next time I want to end up in Sickbay." Laughing, she said, "I hope you won't be back here any time soon." "Neither do I Colonel, neither do I." <<END LOG>>
  6. “Reach Out and… Kill Someone” a Mirror Log by Prell(Westler) and Harper -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The message light on her computer terminal was flashing when she returned to her quarters. Hardly uncommon, since she'd taken command of Agincourt, but today Harper swore she'd finished the magically regenerating pile of paperwork. Sighing, she dropped into the chair, reaching for a bottle of fine Andorian wine with one hand and triggering the message with the other. Immediately she noticed that it was tagged with an unusual comm code, one that only a select group of people knew. Now this was interesting. She poured herself a glass of wine and keyed in the sequence that would decrypt and open the message. "Establishing commlink," flashed the screen. An old colleague appeared on screen. "Surprise, Charlotte." The face looked far from happy however. "Westler." She put the wineglass down, leaned forward. "What's the news?" "Let's do some math, shall we? Maybe a word problem?" He looked her in the eyes. Amused, she reached for the wine again and sipped it. "All right," she said after swallowing. "I'm game." "Good. This should be easy for you. One scientist, moi. Finds a way to annihilate a whole planet. Keeps one survivor. You with me?" "So far," she replied, "but if you called me just to brag about your slave again..." "No, no... there's more. One Marine Colonel in charge of one ship. Has this kitty-cop who begs for a personal leave to help a family member?" At those words, a headache started behind her eyes. Harper stifled a groan. "Aaron, the next bit had better not be 'How many Admirals are now out for blood?' Please." Aaron frowned. "It would’ve made for a nice posing question, but no - I'm letting you write the last part of the equation." "So what exactly did my chief barnacle get up to with your slave?" She eyed the level of liquid in the wine bottle, and guessed it was probably not enough. "You know, I keep telling Command about these stupid ducts in this Starbase, but do they listen? No. It's really quite easy for someone with, agility, to get around those things." Make that 'definitely not enough' and add 'not strong enough' to it. She began mentally calculating favors owed her. "What did she do?" He turned red and nearly yelled at the screen. "She knocked me out, and STOLE my slave! And my two cats!" Harper resisted the urge to bury her face in her hands, and then squelched another impulse to laugh. Neither would help, nor would they improve her standing with Westler. "I can see where you'd be a bit put out by that," she agreed neutrally, and took a calculated casual sip of wine. "You're calling me because...?" He looked furious. "Arrest her! Throw her in the booth! Anything! Find out how she knows the two Caitians who recently delivered a shipment to me. They must have gotten word to her about the Mithraan." One eyebrow shot skyward. "You let two Caitians into your quarters?" She tisked sadly. "Slipping, Aaron, slipping. You know how those clans are." He pushed his face into his screen. "THAT ISN'T THE POINT CHARLOTTE!" "And I assure you, you'll have satisfaction," she replied calmly. "Assuming you don't froth yourself into a heart attack before the good Commander Kitten returns, that is." He composed himself, sitting back down in his chair. "Good. What kind of satisfaction can I look forward to?" She hedged, "The kind that will give you enjoyment, of course." No promises until she'd had a chance to corner her rogue officer and learn a few things. Then she could decide whether he'd be getting a Caitian-skin rug or an infusion of credits. He smirked. "I expect nothing less than from row tickets to her booth session, or execution. Either or, Charlotte." "We'll see," Harper replied. "Now I'd best prepare a welcome for the furball. Excuse me..." She reached for the comm controls. "Send pictures!", was all he could get in before she cut him off.
  7. "On Fire" - Part Two a Rebel Productions Log [THIS LOG IS RATED MATURE] ------------------------ >>>BEGIN LOG<<< Prell layed down on a blanket, staring out at the waves of the beach. He couldn't complain about this mission, not with all the downtime. A young woman with long red hair, sporting a dark blue bikini approached. In her hand is a hand bag, which made clinking sounds as it moved back and forth. She smiles at the sight of the relaxing Trill. Quietly and without warning, the young red head moved in, sliding into Prell's lap. Her hands trailed down the spots on his chest. "Hi stranger, my name is Ginger." She leaned in and began kissing him. Prell was startled for a second, then grinned and kissed her back. "So, how'd it go?" She smiled as she gave him a couple quick kisses. "The Great Empire is now short one Captain, who died of natural causes. Due to stress in the workplace." Kairi looked down at the spots on Javin's chest, tracing them with her fingers. "So how was your day?" He grinned, and gently flipped the both of them so that now he was on top. "Much more relaxing than yours was, so I think it's time for you to relax dear...." "Oh why Mr. Prell, is that an order?" she giggled. "Not if you dont want it to be..." He nuzzled her neck and kissed her long and hard." Kairi exhaled softly as his lips moved along her delicate skin. "Mmm...How long do we get to stay here before our next assignment?" He picked his head up and looked into her eyes. "Well, I'm not sure. That part of the transmission from the council was pretty garbled....." He winked, and kissed her again, running the back of his hand along her cheek. Her breathing began to quicken as she returned the kiss. Eventually Kairi broke, having to come up for air. "Knowing them, they'll want us to stay a couple of days. You know to let things settle." She then dove back into his lips, as her hands begand to roam freely down Prell strong, muscular back. Otherwise occupied with his mouth, Prell started roaming his hands down Kairi's sides and chest, up and down, up and down. One of her hands slowed to he lower back, sliding just under his swim trunks. She gave a slight squeeze, digging her nails a bit into his firm flesh. Kairi was usually in control of these situations, but every once in a while, she loved it when he took charge. Breaking her kiss once more, she gasped. "This is a private beach right?" He gasped as well...."Oh...d....." he grinned, "just kidding love, it is." He winked, and took revenge for the nail marks by tweaking her nipples through her bikini top. She bit her bottom lip, moaning slightly. She reached up placing her hand on the thing that was holding her top up, a lone string. Just as she was about to tug, something in her handbag began to beep. Frowning, she looked to the bag, knowing exactly who it was. "I hate their timing." Prell sighed. "They do seem to know the most inopportune times, dont they..." Kairi nodded as she sat up and gently pushed Javin off of her. She then rolled over onto her stomach, facing her handbag. Digging through the bag, a flask and two glasses were removed, trophies from the recent mission. The rebel woman finally pulled out the source of the beeping. It was a handheld comm unit. She pressed a button. "Yeah?" Was all she said. A myserious voice responded on the other end. It was loud enough Prell could hear as well. "Very well done. They will be set back months in their operations." The voice paused for a moment. "Now if the good Chief is done using you as a pillow, we have your next assignment." They were watching, she didn't know how, but somehow they were watching. "What would you like us to do?" Prell was wondering how the Resistance had eyes on them as well. He hadn't told anyone about this private beach..... "How would you like to take out an admiral?" The voice said. The question itself didn't really matter. They were still going to do it. An admiral? Kairi thought to herself. Every since the pair had escaped with Dielle from the Agincourt, the missions have been getting harder and harder. "What is his name?" "Her name is Katherine. Details will come later." The voice gave them time to let it sink in. "You'll have to change your tactics for this one. Your little seductive act won't work on this one. I'm sure you two can figure it out though. You'll have plenty of time to strategize on the way. Oh and your transport leaves in two hours." The comm then goes dead. Prell sighed, and kicked some sand up with his foot. "Someone's in a bad mood today." "They've been pretty upset with us since the Agincourt incident. You'd think they would have loved us when we brought them that device." Kairi remained face down on the blanket, resting her head on her arms. "He especially doesn't like you, you know? Ever since I found out he was still alive, things have been different." He layed down next to her, running his hand up and down her back. "You'd think I made I made a decent first impression on him....I mean the Agincourt is STILL having problems, last I heard..." He leaned over and kissed her. She softly returned the kiss, knowing full well they were probably still being watched. Kairi sighed a little, "I guess it's a fatherly thing, watching out his little girl. It's still hard trying to adjust to having a parent again." Running her hand through her still red hair, she tried to change the subject. "Does red look good on me?" He grinned and pinched her butt. "Yes it does." He started to get up. "Let's go back to my room, and 'get changed' for the ride." He winked, and offered a hand to help her up. She took his hand and soon found herself upright. Wrapping her arms around him in a soft embrace, Kairi rested her head as she looked out to the ocean. "I guess we have an hour to kill." He smiled. "That we do. I wonder if you can set a 2nd man 'on fire' today..." He kissed her, and playfully pinched her butt again. >>>END LOG<<<
  8. "On Fire" - Part 1 An Agincourt Mirror Universe Log ---------------------------------- >>>BEGIN LOG<<< Captain Rodney Londes sat on the pleasant, sunny, main beach at a resort on Echelon VII. It was nice to take a break from the stress and worry that his job with the Empire caused him. Especially now, with this new plan to eradicate the rebels... Something stirred in the waters before the Imperial Captain. A young woman surfaced fro the waters depths. She stretched up, ringing the water out of her long, red hair. The woman started to walk out towards the beach. She wore a dark blue bikini, which seemed to accentuate the curves of her smooth body. At first she didn't realize she was not alone, till she spotted the good Captain in his beach chair. Smirking, she casually began to walk over. "Enjoying the view?" Rodney looked up at the water beauty, wondering for a while if he was dreaming. "Quite. The horizon looks clear....and, curvy." She smiled at him. "I'm Ginger, a local I suppose." The water had already started to dry, as she moved closer to him. "And you are?" Rodney sat up on his blanket, offering his hand. "Rodney." Once they had shaken hands, he pulled her's closer to his mouth, and kissed it. "Won't you care to join me?" "Such a gentleman. You must be an officer. They're the only ones I see around here with such manners." Ginger picked a spot on the blanket and seductively sprawled out upon it. She looked him over briefly. "So how long have you been here?" He shifted his position to get a better view of her. "I just arrived a few hours ago. The Empire finally allowed me some downtime." He grabbed a bottle of lotion from next to a book he'd been intending to read. "Would you like some? There's no sense in burning such beautiful skin." "Only if you let me return the favor." She rolls over onto her stomach. "It just so happens, I forgot mine at home." He grinned, and put a generous dollop of the gel on his hands, and began rubbing her legs. "So, what is it you do, Ginger?" Ginger hesitated for a moment, partly from the touch of the cool gel. "I work here, I guess you can say." She emphasized the word work. He gently, but firmly massaged his way up to her back, 'accidentaly' offsetting the bikini bottom. "You don't say..." She rested her head on her arms. "A girl has to earn her latinum." Ginger closed her eyes, almost losing herself in the massage, but she quickly opened them again as she tried to focus. "So what do you do? I already know you are an officer, but do you do anything specific?" Rodney was deeply engrossed in her beauty. "I work in Research and Developement...long days, most of the time no results." "You poor thing. It must be tough," she smiled, closing her eyes again. "But you must have got something to work, or else you wouldn't be here right now." He rubbed her shoulder tenderly. "Oh yes, the Admiral was very pleased. He's pleased with anything that gives us an advantage over those rebel scum." Ginger stuck her tongue out, making a fake gagging sound. "Yuck. I hate the rebels. They don't know how to have any fun like the Imperials, and they are bad for business. I hope you wipe them all out." He chuckled. "We sure will, now that I've figured it out. The Admiral was so pleased with just the inital test data I sent him, he didn't even cut short his vacation to come see it. So what was I supposed to do for 4 whole days? Schmuck around the lab?" Moaning a little from the massage, the woman smiled. "And here you are. It must be your lucky day. You finish your project, make an admiral happy. You come to a beautiful beach, and you meet me." He smiled. "Life can't get much better than that, now could it?" He reached over her and retrieved two glasses and a flask of ale. "I just so happen to have a 2nd glass, would you like some?" Ginger sat up, quite content from the massage. "I would love some." Rodney poured out the ale, and handed a glass to Ginger. "To what shall we toast to?" She raised the glass to him. "To life and the fall of the rebels." He clinked her glass. "As it should be." Taking a big swig of the ale, he layed down on his stomach. "I believe you wanted to repay the favor?" Ginger ran her hand playfully from his shoulders down. "I sure did." She set her glass down next to the flask. Taking a small portion of the lotion in her hands, the seductress began the massage. Rodney felt as if his muscles were melting under her amazing fingers. "Ooohh, that does feel good, are you sure your not the resort's massuse?" "I'm too good for them. They didn't appreciate my other...talents." She stratled his back, her toes playing down his legs. Leaning up, she whispered in his ear. "Close your eyes and relax." Her fingers started at the base of his neck, spreading out to his shoulders. He breathed out, and relaxed everything. "You won't get any problems from me..." "Good..." Ginger gave a playful lick to his ear as she pulled back. He was lost in her. Now was the moment. Reaching into her bikini top, she removed a small capsule. She broke the capsule over Rodney's drink, and desposed of the evidence. The woman then took more lotion and poured it onto his back. "It's good that you brought drinks with you. It's a hot day today." Ginger then resumed the massage. "You're so smart." He grinned into the blanket. "I guess that's what they pay me for..." After the massage was completed, Ginger slid off of Rodney, grabbing her cool drink. She playfully ran it over her forehead, eventually running it down the middle of her chest. Grinning seductively she then took a sip. "You should drink up while your it's still cold." He rolled over and sat up, drinking from his glass. "Yeah, it sure is hot here....but not as scorching as you are." He winked and leaned over to kiss her. She didn't resist. Sliding into his lap, she dropped her glass into the sand. She clasped one of his hands, guiding it down her smooth body. The other hand found his back. He let her control his hand, moving it up and down her front, while he kissed the back of her neck. Ginger smiled devilishy. "How does it feel?" Rodney felt funny inside, but waved it off. "Like a piece of heaven..." "Really? I would have thought it felt like your insides were on fire, but that's not what I meant." Before he could respond, she kissed him again. "I meant how does it feel knowing that the last thing you did in this existence was make out with a rebel scum?" Ginger let Rodney get one last moment of bliss before she broke away from him, letting what she said sink in. He just sat there, in shock, as his inards started feeling as though they were on fire. He at her, confused, then angry, as he tried to say something. Unfortunately, his throat was burning up, and as he felt extreme pain throughout his body, he couldn't even emit a sound. He fell to the sand, spasming, gasping for air. "Good boy," Ginger said as she collected the flask, and the two empty glasses. The woman brushed her hair back from her face, revealing pointed ears. She then left the poor excuse for an Imperial to die his miserable death. >>>END LOG<<<
  9. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "They'll Pay For That..." a Resistance Productions log by Dielle, Kairi, and Prell -=Prell's Office=- Prell looked over at Kairi. "We have to get out of here." Kairi was busy deleting files from the database. "I know. Just give me a few seconds." Her commbadge chirped. "Lieutenant? I'm getting an alert here about portions of the database being purged. Is this regular maintenance, or something I should look into?" The silky Risan voice belonging to Dielle sounded concerned. Kairi was a bit startled at her combadge going off. She muted it and looked to Prell. "What should I tell her?" He looked at her. "Give her a runaround, send her somewhere else." She nodded, and reactivated the comm. "It's just maintenance, Dee. Don't worry about it." Javin kept glacing back at his wall console, waiting for the alarm that would indicate someone coming to apprehend them. "Okay. Let me know if you've got anything for me. Toren out." Kairi shut the comm off, and stepped away from the console. "There, I've got everything purged. What's our next step?" Prell looked back. "Sabotaging the systems that can track us. Do you need anything from your quarters?" "Yes. Only one thing though. Do I have time to get it?" Prell looked at a chronometer. "Yeah, I'll beam you over, stay there till I'm ready." Kairi pulled in close and gave Prell a quick kiss. "I won't take long." He activated a program, and watched as she beamed out. How had it come to this? As he ran through his mental checklist of system sabotaging, he kept thinking. He never thought he would have to bug out this way. He thought he would last forever in this place. Apparently not. He opened up a interface and began "pulling the plug" on the propulsion systems, internal sensors, and more, each time leaving a virus to counterattack any repair. She quickly looked around her quarters. After a few seconds she found it. The PADD with the information about her real father, given to her by N'Dak. She clutched the PADD close to her and activated her comm to Prell. "I'm ready." "I'm ready here Kairi, I'll beam us both to the Shuttlebay. Take the phaser you have in your room with you, in case there are people there." He grabbed his own from under his desk, and tapped in a few commands. Kairi complied and grabbed her phaser, awaiting the transport. -=Main Shuttlebay=- Once the transport was complete, Prell looked around and saw Kairi at the other end. He motioned for her to clear the area on her side as he did the same. She looked around quickly. Not seeing anyone, she turned and nodded to Prell. "No one is here." He nodded back. "Let's get on." Kairi walked over to the shuttle and opened the hatch. Prell came up right behind her, and put a foot in the door. "I was wondering when you'd get here." They heard her voice before they saw her face. Kairi was surprised at first, but smiled as she realized who it was. "Dee, what are you doing here?" "Trying to figure out why you're crossing me..." she answered, "...after I've been nothing but helpful." The usual smile was absent from her face. Javin groaned inwardly. Kairi frowned. "I wasn't trying to cross you. Things just got complicated. The Captain was killed, and we needed to get off this ship. We weren't sure how you were going to react." Javin watched Dielle to see her reaction, his hand inching towards his phaser. Dee crossed her legs and leaned back in the pilot's chair. "Well now you know. Are we leaving or not?" A smile formed on Kairi's face as she entered the shuttle. She gave Dee a quick kiss as she took the co-pilot's chair. "Let's get out of here." She then paused a moment, "But what about the device?" Dee stayed somewhat stiff, not responding to her kiss. "You don't have it? Some plan." Prell sighed again. "Three's better than 2." He crossed over to the empty back of the shuttle and tapped in a few commands. A few seconds later, the Device shimmered into place. Kairi glanced at the back of the shuttle and smiled at the sight of the device beaming in. She then activated a command from her console that opened up the shuttlebay doors. "We better get going." Prell looked towards Kairi and Dielle. "The bay door override is Tango-Charlie-One-Six-Six." "I'm on it." Dee swung her chair around in her console and tapped at it, clearly operating something that had been pre-programmed. Prell looked at Dielle. "How did you know?" He continued monitoring the Agincourt as the shuttle flew away, watching for any sign of detection or movement. "I was keeping an eye on you two. When Kairi lied to me about the database deletions, I was pretty sure." She navigated the shuttle away carefully. He smirked. "Very astute." He checked the sensors. "It doesn't look like theyre launching shuttles after us. I disabled the warp and normal engines." Dee glanced back at Prell. "Harsh." Kairi looked over at Dee. "You know you didn't have to come with us. You could have easily sold us out. Might have even move up the ladder a few times in the process." "What makes you think I didn't sell you out?" Dee grinned at Kairi, suddenly friendly again. Prell almost fell over. "Bad timing on that joke, Dielle." Kairi giggled, "I knew there was something I liked about you." The Risian shrugged. "Don't tell me you left your sense of humor back there too." Prell looked to Kairi "We're out of range, we can set out for warp now, Kairi, you've got the coordinates. Agincourt won't be able to track us. Their nav and sensor systems are locked up mysteriously playing solitaire on their own." Kairi entered the coordinates into the computer. "We're set. Once we arrive, I can get a message out." Prell nodded. "Don't be surprised if we warp into an empty area, it's the resistance's paranoia." "I want to know exactly what's going on." Dielle gave the controls up and turned to face Prell. "We're going to a neutral planet to await pick up. There's nothing to worry about." Kairi took the controls and sent the shuttle to warp. Prell nodded. "They do it to everyone. No one but the very top of the leadership knows where the base is." "I'm talking about you two. I'm in this for an equal partnership or I disappear first chance I get." She was done being a lousy jeffries-tube-scrubbing slave. Prell hesistated and looked at Kairi. Kairi stood up and stretched, placing a hand on Dee's shoulder, looking back at Prell. "I'll put in a good word for you when the time comes. I'm sure the council would accept you, especially with your skills." Prell nodded. "I know I haven't been too 'accepting' of you, but I too will ask the council if they'll make you a part of our cell." Dee smiled sweetly at both of them. "I appreciate it." This time, she truly was happy. Moving up in the resistance could be rewarded tenfold when she sold them out. She looked at the two of them. "We make a good team." Kairi smiled as she went over to Prell and sat with him. "I'm sure they'll have us working in the underground now, since we pretty much blew our covers." He smirked. "Harper and Co. will pay for that." "Maybe they'll let us go on vacation first?" Prell grinned. Kairi ran her fingers along Prell's chest. "We have a few hours before we arrive. We should try and get some rest." He nodded. "Yes, let's....." -=Dielle, Kairi and Prell: Agincourt-Engineers-Turned-Rebel=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  10. >>>Open File<<< IMPERIAL FLEET PERSONNEL FILE Name: Javin Prell Gender: Male Race: Trill - Joined Marital Status: Single Age: 26 (Earth Years) Height: 6 ft Weight: 140 lbs (Symbiont: 11 lbs) Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Place of Birth: Trill homeworld Distinguishing Features: Black spots visible down neck. Parents: Gavet Denmar (Trill - Joined) and Cassina (Trill - Unjoined) Siblings: None Symbiont: Prell, 5 previous hosts. Starfleet Service Record: Service Identification: KU-687-1526 Current rank: Lieutenant, Senior Grade Current Assignment: Chief Engineer Current Ship: ISS Agincourt, NCC-81762 Commanding Officers: Colonel C.E. Harper SD 10200.00 -- Graduated from Imperial Academy, Promoted to Ensign. *(Reservations about this promotion were duly noted by Commandant of Academy.) SD 10201.01 -- Returned to Trill to await assignment. *(Reported by IF Command as unreachable for 3 weeks.) SD 10205.14 -- Assigned to ISS Journey, Gamma Shift Engineer. *(Put on report for knocking out higher ranking officer.) SD 10411.01 -- Promoted to LtJg, made Gamma Shift Leader. *(Put on report for unauthorized computer access.) SD 10503.02 -- Assigned to the USS Agincourt as Chief Engineer. SD 10507.30 -- Promoted to Full Lieutenant by Captain Davies. *(Reported by 4 lower officers for malicious threats and language) SD 10600.00 -- Promoted to Lieutenant, Senior Grade. Background: Javin was born on Trillius Prime, to Gavet Denmar and wife Cassina in the small town of Mensana. From an early age, it was apparant that Javin had problems learning and communicating, as a result of a rare syndrome. At the age of 4, Javin underwent surgery, and soon after he was reading and learning at the level of a normal child. As he grew, Javin took an interest in engineering. By age 14 he knew how to fix anything, and was also studying psychology. He had wanted to join Starfleet for a long time, but his father would not allow him until he turned 18 in order to be eligible to receive a symbiont. He was very lucky and was approved to receive a symbiont a month before he turned 18. The transfer from the symbiont Prell's former host Kellen happened the day after his birthday. Javin spent 2 weeks on Trillius Prime, recuperating and adapting to his symbiont, and the new impulses and thoughts passed on from the 5 previous hosts. He made it to Earth just in time for a new year at the Academy. During his first year as a cadet, his wanting to learn engineering did not waiver, and he took many Engineering classes, which he excelled in. He also studied psychology, and took one or two counseling classes, which at the time he was doing for fun and because he was not very social. Javin graduated from the Academy in the top 8% of his class, and returned to Trillus Prime for a few weeks while he waited to hear of his assignment. During his time on Trillius Prime, Prell dropped from official records and sight, with no warning or leave for 3 weeks, later explained as a "camping trip". Imperial Fleet Command became suspicious, but assigned him to the Journey anyway. Hobbies and Quirks: Javin is very messy. He dislikes "know-it-alls", racists, and for some reason - seafood. >>>End of File...<<< ///Corrupted Data... Information on previous hosts currently lost... ///
  11. “To Hell and Back”a log by Lt.Sg. Javin Prell >>BEGIN LOG<< Prell sat at the Main Engineering pool table and gritted his teeth, a new tick of his since he’d been tasked with keep the Agincourt in one piece. Not an easy task since the ship was made to split up into three when the need arose. Even thought his immediate job was to monitor and keep the Secondary section’s systems up and working, he found himself constantly looking over the monitors streaming information from the other sections. Being at the literal, and physical, heart and nerve of the Agincourt, Prell normally found himself relaxed and laid back. On calm days, he’d even sit down with his crewmen and chat a bit, and laugh with them when they told stories. They even had regular, intellectual (to an engineer anyway) conversations. But this was no calm day. Things were going to hell and back very quickly, and all over the place too. The crew was used to hearing Prell bark out orders in emergencies. Most were even pulling double the amount of work, two-thirds of the normal crew being away on the Primary and Tertiary sections. “They were a good crew,” Prell thought. He would ride to hell and back with them any day. >>END LOG<<
  12. Have we forgotten about the Trills?! I know theres at least three in our little fleet :P
  13. y LtSg Javin Prell, Chief Engineer <<BEGIN LOG>> Worry...Fear...Outrage... Worry flooded through Prell's body, along with other feelings as he sat, not being able to do anything, in quarantine in the Transporter Room. Worry for Kairi, hoping she'd be allright after catching whatever virus or whatever it is this time. Worry for Petty Officer Liverpool, who was currently sitting at the controls and having a hard time breathing. Worry for everyone who was affected with the virus brought on board, worry for himself, although he hadn't felt anything different yet. Fear, because this was out of his hands. His area of expertise had nothing to do with the current dillema, and he was powerless to do anything. Fear, because the problem might not be rectified soon enough, if ever. Outrage at Tobias, because of him, Williams was injured, Kairi and the others were getting sick, and again, he was powerless to do anything. Worry....Fear....Outrage.... <<END LOG>>
  14. Slacking off? Me? Nonsense. I agree with Saf, they can't initiate MVAM without command personnel codes, and the engineering code. (which resides in my brain :lol: ) Question is: Would the Romulans start shooting the crew in ME if we elect to cut all power to it?
  15. log by Lt. Javin Prell, Chief Engineer >>BEGIN LOG<< "Ow." Javin rubbed his temples, wishing everything would just shut up. An electric shock from an old, dilapadated system, plus the pain in his stomped-on right hand, plus blarring klaxons and bright red lights were NOT working out for him. Javin was not a complainer in the least, but anyone in his predicament would be complaining. He tried to stay focused on the pool table, listening in on the bridge and the other Engineering bays through an earpiece to keep the blarring noises out of his head. Those damn klaxons just would not turn off except by the bridge since the last time the ship had returned from MVAM. Tapping at a console, he modfied the screens to show conoid areas of sight from each of the phaser banks and torpedo bays. He didn't see the enemy ship attacking any longer, but it didn't help to play it safe. As the bridge debated how best to bring the away team home, Javin occupied himself by doing menial tasks, though ones that required his attention, anything to forget about the hand pain or the headache, lest he make it worse. Whatever Dr. Levy had given him, it just was not working. Wincing at a sudden stub of pain, Javin squinted and looked around Main Engineering in the limited conoid view the headache afforded him. "What a PERFECT time to have a headache..." >>END LOG<<