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  1. USS Iowa - during TBS Little Alexis McFarland stared impassively at the ceiling while the doctor scanned her up and down. Since the crash landing, the entire left side of her body caused her a great deal of pain and discomfort. In the crash, she'd bounced off the bed and landed hard on her left side. She tried to brace herself in the fall, but in doing badly injured her arm. Her left leg was also injured badly in the crash as well. Dr. Y'Shta seemed to think it might have been broken when she first treated her and the others shortly after the crash. All she could remember from the crash was bouncing off her bed and landing hard on the floor. Then she woke up sometime later to Miana crying and Annisha still unconscious. Dr. Y'Shta, Miana's private doctor (at least that's what Alexis thought she was) somehow managed to open the door to tend to their injuries a short time later. Speaking of which, she hadn't seen much of them since she was carried aboard the ship by one of the Argo's crewmen and whisked swiftly to the Iowa's sickbay soon after they jumped to warp. Her leg and arm was bandaged up and she was given a make-shift crutch which allowed her to walk around albeit very slowly, but her arm and leg started to feel worse as time progressed and was helped by Miana and other random people from the Argo to move around. It also seemed to hurt to breathe too sometimes especially when they had to walk a lot, such as back and forth to Dr. Brubaker's shuttle. It was an interesting coincidence he'd been stuck on the same planet for 10 years with his dog, though it didn't seem to get him down being marooned on that planet for so long and she liked his dog as well. It was a very good dog, and seemed to be more friendly and social than Chester, Dacia's pug who just liked to sleep and eat all the time. Alexis assumed that they were also being treated for their injuries too, being a fancy Federation starship, they had a very advanced sickbay with the latest medical technology and equipment Dacia would surely be familiar with on Aegis compared to whatever relatively few medical supplies Y'Shta had on hand to treat them and the other injured people on the Argo. The doctor treating Alexis took her time scanning her and waving all sorts of medical equipment around her. Already, she could feel that her legs and arms felt much better, but she still couldn't move them too much without discomfort, much less try to walk which the doctor quickly stopped her from doing. "No no, don't try to move. You'll only make it worse" she said. The doctor looked to be around Dacia's age, and Alexis wondered if they knew each other. Dacia once said Starfleet officers were pretty tight-knit. After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor finished treating Alexis and wrote her report onto a PADD. "You took a nasty tumble in your crash, huh?" the doctor asked. "Mm. Yes". Alexis nodded. "My left side feels better but still kinda feels uncomfortable. At least it doesn't really hurt anymore though" she said. "That's good to hear" the doctor replied. "But you body will still need a lot of time to heal. I was able to repair most of your injuries, but there were somethings that could only be fully healed up in time. "You broke your left arm, left leg and some of your ribs that still haven't fully healed yet. Medical technology is very advanced, but weren't able to fully fix everything. You'll have to be a hover chair for about two to four weeks to allow your body to fully heal" Alexis had never been on a hover chair before and never thought she'd even have to use one. Perhaps the Iowa doctor was being over-cautious, but thought that Dacia and the other doctors on Aegis would have done the same thing for her. Another doctor carefully picked up Alexis and placed her into a plain black hover chair that they brought in. The doctor quickly showed Alexis how to control the chair using a small touch screen panel on her right side and somewhat looked like a floating office chair. The chair also had braces mounted on the left side to keep Alexis' injured arm and leg in a straight position to allow it to heal properly. While Alexis continued to familiarize herself with her hover chair, the doctor who treated her wrote her medical report into her PADD. According to the doctor, Alexis sustained a fracture of her left arm, a broken left leg and two broken ribs. In addition, she suffered some muscle strain in her left arm and a torn ACL in her left leg. While most of the broken bones and some tendon strains had been mended, the Iowa's medical staff wanted to keep Alexis off her feet for at least two weeks. The doctor recommended she be reassessed after the two week period to see if she needed to be in the hover chair for longer. The doctor signed off on her report to submit. Once the Iowa restores communications, she would transmit it to Aegis' medical staff along with the medical reports of the other children and injured personnel from the Argo. Alexis was released from sickbay soon after and was guided back to her room by one of the orderlies. She couldn't seem to send any data via subspace she noticed. She wondered why but passed the time reading her holo-novels and playing some games on her PADD and hoped Miana and Annisha were feeling fine and were healed by the doctors and hoped they would soon return. Alexis was also given a protein smoothie to drink with a straw. It tasted okay, but wasn't the same as a Blubby Shake. Some kind of vanilla shake maybe? But despite it all, Alexis was glad she was returning back to the station. She had a lot of fun on the planet visiting Annisha's grandparents and also being on an actual planet since she'd left Earth felt nice too -- she almost forgot what it was like. But she'd started to miss Dacia, Chester her other friends and being on the station. Alexis supposed the station was starting to feel like home.
  2. “A Regrettable Circumstance” Alexis didn’t say much as Dacia took her back to their quarters, rather timidly clutching Dacia’s hand and walking slightly behind. As they exited the lift and entered their quarters, Dacia could see that all was still not quite well with her cousin. Alexis wasn’t crying, but she looked like she could start at any minute. Dacia smiled and knelt down to Alexis’ level, stroking her hair. Alexis had never gotten into any trouble with any type of authority – she barely even got in trouble with her parents. “Aww, it’s alright Alexis” Dacia said, trying to reassure her. “I’m not mad at you, nobody is. You couldn’t have known that area of the station was restricted. It was partially my fault for not telling you which parts of the station you couldn’t enter, I suppose.” Alexis said nothing, but kind of whimpered meekly. The entire ordeal left her kind of overwhelmed and was quite a nerve-racking experience for the nine year old. “They were only doing their job in ensuring the station is safe, though I wish they didn’t have to train their weapons on two little girls” she said, mostly to herself. “But yeah, you have to realize that there are certain parts of the station people can’t enter without proper permission. There are places I can’t enter without permission either. Though I am pretty low on the totem pole, admittedly” she said, shrugging. Dacia smiled again, and hugged Alexis, trying to assure her everything was okay. Alexis smiled back at her, wiping away a tear. “Poor baby” Dacia said, petting her head. “Will you be all right on your own?” Dacia asked. “I need to get back to work”. Alexis nodded. “I guess so” she said simply. Alexis sighed and smiled “I’ll be okay. Don’t be late for work” “Okay, I won’t” Dacia said. “Also, I trust you won’t blame poor Annisha for all this. She had good intentions, just a wrong approach” Dacia mused. “No, I don’t blame her. She just wanted to show me her father’s ship. I hope I can see her again once she gets out of whatever it is she has to do to that ship” replied Alexis. “That’s good to know, hun” Dacia said. “You two seem to be good friends especially given the short time you’ve known each other” Alexis nodded. “I suppose you are right” Dacia smiled and transferred some credits to Alexis’ wrist-band wallet. “In case you’re hungry, you could grab something to eat in the commerce level. Be sure to get something to eat when you’re hungry. Or you could replicate something here.” Dacia got up and headed to the door. “Don’t be too sad about it” reminded Dacia. “Still love you. Just be sure not to go anywhere restricted” she said with a wink. “I need to head back to sickbay. Call me or come up there if you need me. I’ve requested you access to the sickbay when you get your identi-card, so that shouldn’t be a problem in the future” Alexis curled up on the couch, and looked up to her cousin. “Alright, I will” she said quietly. Dacia reached down and hugged Alexis one last time. “You’ll be fine, dear. I’ll see you tonight one I finish my shift” Dacia headed out and waved at Alexis, who smiled and waved back. Once the door closed, Dacia headed to the turbolift back to sickbay, hoping Alexis would feel better soon. So far, for Dacia it was quite the experience to have to suddenly help raise a child. Despite being a licensed pediatrician, her only prior experience was babysitting Alexis for a night when she was five. It was a daunting experience, as young as Dacia was which she hoped was doing adequately. Dacia sighed and exited the turbolift and walked back into the sickbay to resume whatever it was she was doing before looking forward to the end of her shift.
  3. “Settling in” – Joint Log with Dacia & Alexis End of Shift, a few hours after end of tonight’s game. Alexis swung her legs as she sat at the one of the bio beds in sickbay, passing the hours away by playing on her PADD. Dacia seemed to be busy analysing some stuff or another and as well as enrolling her into the Federation school here in the station. That seemed to take Alexis by surprise somewhat, as she thought Dacia was much more organised than that. The fact Dacia didn’t know what school Alexis was to be enrolled in was something she found somewhat amusing. Also amusing was the Romulan girl she had met in the sickbay after her arrival here. Annisha seemed to be quite eccentric. She wasn’t sure if that due to Annisha’s personality or if most Romulan children were like that. She had never met a Romulan prior to today, so it was something she’d have to look into later. But Annisha seemed to be pretty fun to be around, and hoped to see her around the station more often, most preferably, someplace other than sickbay. Soon enough though, Dacia finally finished her analysis of the various brainwaves and neurological scans of the various crew who like her, was transported onto that mysterious planet or whatever that strange place she and the others were in. Dacia couldn’t get it out of her head. Seemed way too real to be a dream, and too much of a coincidence for so many others to have been there with her. Sighing, she quickly found Alexis tapping away quietly at her PADD. “Sorry you had to stay here so long, Alexis. But I’m finished now. Let’s head to my quarters and get you settled in. I know a certain pug that is dying to see you” Dacia said, smiling. Alexis got up and picked up her carry-on bag and followed Dacia out of the sickbay. “That’s alright I guess. Sickbay seems to be a pretty popular place. I didn’t think I’d meet anyone so quickly here” Dacia nodded and pressed the button on the turbo lift. “Yes, it seems to be a pretty happening place for some reason. I can’t really put my finger on it” she shrugged. “So how do you like it here so far?” Dacia asked as they entered the turbo lift. Dacia called for her deck and the lift began its descent. “It’s nice so far… though that Romulan girl is a bit weird, in a nice kind of way, I guess” replied Alexis. “Annisha? She’s a good kid. You both seemed to get along quite well, despite having just met” mused Dacia. “Yeah, I guess so. Well, so much the better I guess. Nice to start knowing people my age” Eventually, the lift arrived at their deck. Dacia opened the door to her quarters. Chester realising someone came home jumped off the chesterfield and towards Dacia and Alexis, in his perpetually happy puppy dog expression on his face. Alexis reached out and scooped up Chester giving him a big hug as they entered her quarters. After Chester was all hugged out a few minutes later, Dacia led Alexis into her quarters. Before, it was simply a spare room, but the second bedroom in Dacia’s assigned quarters is plenty big enough for Alexis. “You need any help unpacking, Alexis?” Dacia asked through the door. “Uhh, no thanks, I’m okay” Alexis replied back. “All right, sweetie. I’m going to take a quick sonic shower and a change of clothes, then whilst you unpack. Afterwards, I’ll show you around the station a bit, if you’re up to it” Dacia said. “Sure yeah, that’d be cool” Alexis responded as she put away her clothes, glad that United transported her luggage to the right quarters, though that probably had more to do with Aegis Ops rather than United itself. As Dacia showered and swapped her Starfleet Uniform for a loose dress, and some sandals, Alexis finished packing and changed into one of her pink blouses. She exited her room, and ran over to Dacia giving her a big hug. Dacia smiled and hugged her back. “Ready?” Alexis nodded as Dacia strapped a leash onto Chester’s collar. “All right, let’s go” Dacia, Alexis and Chester spent an enjoyable time touring the station, some parts even Dacia was seeing for the first time as well. Alexis marvelling greatly impressed at the park and pond. “Wow, I like this. Holographic sky and sun and everything” Alexis marvelled. “Yeah, they did a great job here with the park. It’s probably my favourite part of the station… well maybe besides the shops” Dacia smiled. They also briefly toured the children’s centre, and the Federation school she’d be attending, located in the same secure section of the station as the Romulan Children’s Home and Education Centre. “I guess you’ll be meeting your teachers in the next school day” Dacia said. “You must be hungry. Let’s hit the concourse level and get a bite to eat. I really can’t be bothered to make anything today for dinner” “Long day? You seemed really busy today” Alexis said. Dacia shrugged. “You can say that, yeah. It’s a pretty long and complicated story. Perhaps I’ll tell you about it one day” she replied. A short lift ride later, they once again found themselves in the seemingly always crowded concourse section of the station. Making a beeline for the food courts, they perused the various food vendors, selling any all sorts of different cuisines from throughout the Federation worlds and beyond. “Anything in particular you fancy, dear?” Dacia asked. Alexis looked around, overwhelmed at all the selections before finally selecting a nice Italian restaurant and some pasta for dinner. After dinner, they continue to stroll around the shops. Dacia never really appreciated her cousin’s taste in clothes for Alexis, and having looked over Alexis’ wardrobe was eager to help class it up a bit. Visiting several clothing and shoe stores, they had a fun time selecting a whole new wardrobe of dresses, blouses, skirts and shoes, including some pairs of really cute sandals and other accessories. “I’ve always loved that we both have the same sense of style” Alexis said, as shopping for Alexis proved fun and easy for Dacia. With their purchases in hand, they eventually made their way to a large toy store. Dacia smiled as Alexis ran in and looked around. They picked up a new boomerang as well as the new Starfleet Captain Barbie and Commander Ken dolls and some assorted stuffed teddy bears and a stuffed targ. “We have your pre-order for the Starship Barbieprise” said the cashier. “It should come out within the next month. We’ll let you know when it arrives” Alexis’ eyes widened. “Ooh! You got me the Barbieprise too? You’re too kind, Dacia” Dacia only smiled. “Don’t thank me, Alexis. Your parents were the ones who pre-ordered it for you, not me. Though Captain Barbie and Commander Ken are from me” Alexis smiled her thanks at Dacia. “I’ll be sure to thank them later” she said, clutching her Captain Barbie doll. Not long after that, they returned to their quarters. Dacia helped put away Alexis’ new clothes and toys before both were ready to turn in for the night, after Alexis’ daily chat with her parents. “So, how do you like it here?” Dacia asked. “It’s nice. I’m glad to be here with you, and I’m sure I can be able to make a lot of friends here hopefully” said Alexis. “I’m sure you will, dear. You’ve already made one not even an hour after you’ve arrived. Wish I can be as lucky” said Dacia. “Heh, thanks” Alexis replied. In her pyjamas, Alexis climbed into her bed and settled in. She extended her arms out to Dacia who gave Alexis a final hug for the night. Dacia smiled and bade Alexis a good night before shutting off her light and heading to bed herself.
  4. “Out of the Blue” Bridgeport, Connecticut – 6 months ago “Andoria?! Seriously?” Alexis moaned. Over the short 9 years of her life, Alexis McFarland genuinely lost count over how many times she and her family had moved around in her lifetime. It was awfully hard settling in and making friends when she and her family hadn’t stayed in one place for more than two or three years. In addition to Bridgeport, her family spent time in New York City, Boston, San Francisco, London, Paris, Geneva, Alpha Centauri, Betazed and now Andoria. Her father Robert sighed but fully understood his daughter’s frustrations. “I know, sweetie. It’s really tough on you to have to move so many times. Believe me, your mother and I aren’t happy about it too. But that’s just where the Federation wants us to be. It’s our job to persue the Federation’s interests and that job requires us to move around a lot”. Alexis pouted. “Yeah, I know. You keep telling me this every time we have to move. But Andoria? Ugh, it’s so cold there.” Robert nodded and patted her head. “I know, but Andoria is a beautiful planet and we can do a lot of good there. Your mother and I have a lot of friends in Andoria. We’ve built up quite a network and a good solid relationship with the government there, which was why the Federation assigned me this role” He hugged his daughter closer to him. “I know it’s cold, and I know you don’t know anyone there and will have to make new friends again. But you’ve always learned to readjust to your surroundings and make a ton of new friends. I have no doubts Andoria will be any different” said Robert reassuringly. Alexis’ mother Mariah also sat down and reassured her daughter. “But what if I don’t like it there and can’t adjust?” Alexis wondered. Andoria – 1 month ago Back home from another day of school, Alexis began shrugging off the many layers of her thermal bio-suit. Though it was the ‘summer’ season in Andoria, it was still a frosty -28 degrees Celsius. The bio suit was heavy and cumbersome and always took so long to put it on and take it off. It didn’t help that her Andorian class mates liked to make fun of her about it. “Aww, come on pink skin. It’s such a nice day. Do you humans really need to wear those all the time?” her classmates would often say giggling. Sighing, Alexis put away her bio-suit and slinked to her quarters, nodding sadly at her mother on the day before closing the door. Four months after her father was named as the Federation Ambassador to Andoria, Alexis felt that she hadn’t settled in. Sure, she was scoring well in class, but she wasn’t making any friends, and every day was eating her lunch by herself. In her quarters, which overlooked a group of mountains and the icy capital city, she sighed and curled up in her bed. Normally, she would’ve made at least a few friends by now, but Andoria was different; there weren’t any other human children in her school, and her adolescent Andorian classmates weren’t all too friendly with their new ‘pink skin’ classmate. A moment later, Alexis’ mother entered her room. “Hey sweetie, you feeling okay?” she asked, though she already knew the answer. “I guess so” replied Alexis. Mariah exhaled and sat next to her daughter. “Look, I might as well be honest. We realize that things aren’t working out for you here in Andoria. We thought you’d eventually adjust to life here, but a place like this isn’t exactly appropriate for someone like you. That’s why none of the staff in the Federation Consulate brought their children here” Alexis raised a brow. “Yeah, so I’ve noticed” Mariah chuckled. She appreciated her daughter’s sense of humour, a trait she inherited from her father. “So, your father and I have been talking. Unfortunately, we’re going to be here in Andoria for at least five years. It’s quite likely, your father will serve as ambassador for quite some time.” Alexis slumped. Her mother continued. “We’ve been trying to arrange to have you stay with another member of the family. But your grandparents are too old to take care of you properly and live in Sun City, Arizona. A town full of old people and nothing else. None of your aunts and uncles have room to take you either. Except… my cousin Dacia” “Dacia?” Alexis repeated. “That’s right” Mariah said. “She’s recently been assigned to the Aegis. And from what I’ve read about it, I think it will be a fine place for you to stay. It has a school, shops and other amenities, including a little part. Plus, the station does seem to have a pretty sizeable amount of children there” Alexis was intrigued. Dacia was one of her favourite cousins. They both had similar interests and there were both young enough to get along quite well with each other. Plus, her dog Chester was the absolute cutest. “Would she be okay with that?” asked Alexis. “Oh yes. We’ve been in constant communications for about a month now. I didn’t tell you before; because I wanted to be sure it was possible you can stay with her” “But, everything has been set up. Her command staff on Aegis just approved your stay there. And your school board will transfer your files to the school there. “I’ll miss you and dad so much though if I have to leave you. I wish dad didn’t have to accept this assignment” Alexis said sadly, tears starting to form in her eyes. Mariah wrapped an arm around Alexis and wiped her eyes with a handkerchief. “It’ll be hard for us too, and we’ll miss you every day. “We’ll talk with you every day via subspace transmission, but most of all, we’ll always be with you in your heart, no matter where you go. It’s tough, but I think it’s for the best for you. We now know that you’ll never be able to fully settle in here. We will miss you, but we’ll always be in touch with you and we’ll always love you very much, no matter how far you are away from us.” Alexis looked up at her mother and smiled. “I love you too. But I’ll still miss you both like crazy” she said and hugged her mother. “I know. We’ll miss you too” Mariah said as she hugged her daughter back. “So what do you think? Are you interested in moving in with Dacia?” she asked. Alexis thought about it. Though she will miss her parents terribly, she knew this would be for the best. Alexis wasn’t happy in school, and it is unlikely she will ever be truly happy here. “Yes, that would be great”. Her mother smiled “Okay, I’ll tell your father and we’ll make the necessary arrangements”. JOHN F. KENNEDY INTERNATIONAL SPACEPORT – NEW YORK CITY, NY - 1 WEEK AGO Everything happened so quickly over the last month. Federation Child Services was notified and granted custody of Alexis to her cousin Dacia. Meanwhile, on the Aegis, Dacia made arrangements for Alexis’ accommodation into her quarters, which thankfully was big enough to house them both. Two weeks after her initial talk with her mother, a Federation ship transported Alexis back to Earth, where she underwent her physical and mental exams for her move to the Aegis. It was a long and tedious affair, but she understood it was a necessity due to the large number of people there and the fact that it housed some kind of orphanage or something. At least she got to stay at a nice hotel in Manhattan while she underwent her exams. The room service there was pretty cool though and the staff there was very nice to her. Still, she was glad the long boring exams were over. After a short taxi ride, the cabbie helped offload her luggage. Tipping the driver, she wheeled her luggage to the check in counter. She had never flown by herself before and it was a nervous, yet exhilarating experience. The United flight would take her directly to Sky Harbour Aegis which served as a stopover hub for the airline. Alexis missed her parents already but at the same time, was looking forward to staying with Dacia and Chester. Once her flight was called, she carried her bag to the plane and boarded. From Earth, it would apparently take about a week to get to Aegis. She settled into her window seat in the space liner. For a nine year old, it was plenty big enough and the flight attendant was kind enough to help her stow her luggage and buckle Alexis into her seat. She half paid attention to the safety demonstration, before the United space liner took off and looked out of the large window as the liner took off into space.