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  1. MISSION BRIEF: The USS Georgetown (Steamrunner-class) has been sent on patrol to the Cabara Nebula along the border of Federation-Cardassian Space. 072710_Academy.txt
  2. I think the most embarrassing thing I've done was cut a rent check and sign it "Destorie N'Dak"
  3. True, true true.
  4. Talon has found an automated repair facility. 010710.txt
  5. That's because the writers are biased. Of course one thing I've always noted is that the Rihannsu have such a superiority complex, they often under-estimate their opponents.
  6. Jami, myself and the entire GM-staff would like to congratulate Ensigns Charlotte Matsumura and James on their graduations. Welcome to the fleet.
  7. I actually... really want that bridge. I think as long as they don't completely ENT-it... which they don't look like they have... (notice the chair, it's just an update of the TOS one)... The production value on this looks... omg...
  8. Thank you all very much!
  9. MISSION BRIEFING: After our brief stop at DS9, tKs and tTemmar have returned to the ship with the information that they went to retrieve. Laehval has been deciphering the information to make sure the ship would withstand any problems while transiting the wormhole. We are in que awaiting her go ahead to proceeded. 080708.txt
  10. Join me in congratulating Laural on her Thursday Night graduation!
  11. Muhahaha!
  12. So I've started working for my university's department of Sociology as a full time employee, well this week is the weeks grade get posted. Let's just say I've had some amusing phone calls, like the one I just fielded. Kid: Yeah, I am really sure my grade is wrong... Me: Okay, what is your professors' name? Kid: Uhhh... I don't know. Right, kid. I am sure you're grade is an A++++. :ph34r:
  13. I will not tolerate this campaign of lies, slander and... oh wait...uhh nevermind. :ph34r: Anyway, welcome to the site, Kristy. :P
  14. I resemble that remark! :lol: But dead on, every GM team is a little different. There's general mechanics works that are the same across the board, but we all have different... flavors.