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  1. 8/12 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::in the brig of the Guardian ship pacing back and forth, smoking a catnip spiced cig:: Shane -> ::in the back room again, tinkering with a very small object:: Pher -> :: Finished with strech-dance-shower sequence, trying to mantain an implied R rating... :: Joe Manning -> ACTION: A speaker in the safehouse intones "All class 7-A visitors please be advised of Guardian presence in the sector" William Chocox -> ::sitting in a chair reading his book:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::tail twitching, very pissed off:: Jiking Guardians! Pher -> :: Checks her ID for a 'class' field :: Byblos -> What the? ::noted alarm in his voice:: How did they..... Joe Manning -> ACTION: Samus' fake ID is 4-A, but Argyle no doubt has 'higher' classifications available Pher -> Audrey, on this station, what does class 7 A mean? Troy Parson -> ::looks up from his ODRI:: 7-A. Right then. ::looks back down:: Joe Manning -> ::Knocks 'shave and a haircut' on the safehouse door:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::narrows his eyes and hisses as a guard passes his cell:: Pher -> :: Steps out, buttoning up her dress, nods Byblos to the door. :: Shane -> ::cocks his head slightly to listen to the announcement, than continues zapping the device held delicately in his bionic claw with a hydrospanner:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: 7-A is the highest classification given aside from station administrators. It classifies VIP's with significant business interests based on the station Byblos -> ::Checks the Blade his boot, power celll in Shane 's Energy Sword and just looks frustrated at his stunner:: Son of a Targ. What the heck are they doing out here. My bounty is not worth a Guardian visit. Pher -> Last I knew, that wasn't the Guardian knock. Joe Manning -> ::Knocks 'two bits':: Pher -> Let's assume for the moment they aren't here after you, but we've lots of reasons to stay out of sight. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::guard stops in front of his cell:: (guard) Well Caitian, are you going to talk to us now? William Chocox -> If I'm hearing that correctly that's a "secret knock". Haven't heard that in years. Byblos -> ::Byblos proceeds to the Door as instructed:: Jykin Guardians...great..Okay boss knock. ::opens door:: Byblos -> Boss.... Byblos -> (hey Nickles) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::raises his middle claw at the guard:: Swallow plasma Guardian! Shane -> (hey nickles) Pher -> Ever so secret a knock.... :: amused :: STSF_Nickles -> (( ::waves:: )) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((Hey Nickles)) Joe Manning -> ::Standing at the door with his arms crossed, looks at Byblos:: Does everything up to and including answering the door have to be given a discussion forum first? Pher -> (( Hi, love. )) STSF_Nickles -> ((Hi Doll ;))) Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::paid little attention to the announcement as he waits at a slip for a private transport to arrive:: William Chocox -> Yes, yes it does Joe. Byblos -> Sorry Sir, a bit thrown off over the page regarding a Guardian vessel docking..You can understand my concern. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (guard) Have it your way Caitian. Sit and rot. Walks away laughing. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> :: Joe Manning -> Guardian? ::Cocks an eyebrow:: Well, probably has nothing to do with us. ::Enters and gives Byblos a light slap across the chin the way:: All sobered up, big man. Pher -> Probably. Byblos -> It is better to see you functional rather than passed out sir. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::flips his cig at the forcefield and hisses:: William Chocox -> Please, most Guardians out here are going to be useless. Joe Manning -> I come bearing gifts. ::Tosses a chip in Pher's direction:: Ethan's first intel package. Details on local security you'll want to review. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::lights another cigarette and lays back on the bunk:: Troy Parson -> ::curses at something on his ODRI, then goes back to pushing buttons:: William Chocox -> Troy, cursing rarely works. Shane -> ::gives the tiny device a final look-over before placing in a small case next to two identical pieces:: Pher -> Ah, good. :: catches chip, which seems to vanish somehow. :: Byblos -> The problem is it just takes on transmission squawk...But way out here...it would have to be some hard core sheriff to track us down. STSF_Nickles -> :: Walks over to troy:: Hows the physical theropy coming. Pher -> Troy, I'm thinking you'll be wanting to look at it too? Joe Manning -> And this. ::Holds out a book, made of paper and leather of all things:: Some interesting reading on pages 54 to 56. All the information Samus has on Argyle and Gilmo. Electronically generated somehow ... Troy Parson -> ::to Nickles:: It's not. I'm stuck here, trying to figure out a way around... Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::wonders where his ship mates are and mutters:: Hope everyone's ok. Troy Parson -> ::to Pher:: ...no less than 832 cameras. So yes, any extra intel would be helpful. Pher -> Hey, with the gathering of big shots here, the Guardians would likely learn of it and want to play. Pher -> One can't always get what one wants, though. Byblos -> ::Byblos is noticably not frosty as he should be.:: Pher -> :: Accepts the book :: Real animal skin? Shane -> ::shuts the small case and pockets it before standing to enter the common room, his bionic giving off a hiss and whir:: Byblos -> ::takes a seat and rubs his chin as if in thought:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::notes a change in area traffic as a Guardian ship nears docking several hundred meters further down the terminal and behind security check points:: Pher -> Somebody must not have liked someone. Joe Manning -> Ain't much there. Gilmo's the lackey of some big player who's got his fingers in anything underground here on the station. Someone not connected to Gular outside of protection payments and what not ... STSF_Nickles -> YOu need to work on it or you will never get the range of motion back Pher -> :: Flips to pages 54 - 56 :: Pher -> :: Listens before reading :: Byblos -> ::looks to shane:: Sound about right Shane ? regarding Gilmo ? Troy Parson -> ::looks back down at his ODRI while replying to Nickles:: Think that's rather a longer-term concern at the moment. Joe Manning -> Argyle's a name that Samus' contacts have heard. An elusive sort whose interests on the station aren't clear. But they don't too much about him. He's slippery and he protects his identity well. Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::catches a change in the airlock indicators and turns his attention back to the slip in front of him:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::looks down at the food the guard brought earlier and grimaces:: I never thought I'd miss the food on the Qob. ::laughs:: the Qo STSF_Nickles -> Its your health bud Shane -> ::nods to Byblos: That's the Bossman. Or at least what his lackeys call him. Pher -> And possibly Gilmo's handler, though not for sure. Joe Manning -> Their opinion is that Gilmo is small time on this station. A pushover if he ever needed pushin'. Argyle's an unknown, so they suggest not getting too close. Certainly not crossing him. Troy Parson -> Right. ::lights a cigarette without looking up, running another simulation on his ODRI:: Joe Manning -> #Marshall Savoy> ::Enters the Brig:: Byblos -> Yet, they give Gilmo all the muscle he needs.. Argyle is so sly...he operates in the open. Byblos -> (oh FRAK) William Chocox -> ((Isn't Savoy the Marshall from Tranquility?)) Pher -> :: Slips the recently acquired chip into a slot on Audrey :: Audrey, check for trouble, then copy. Joe Manning -> He certainly seems to. But the impression I got is that Argyle is the sort who's in the open for a week ... then completely vanishes for a week. Joe Manning -> (( She is )) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::walks over to the forcefield and runs a claw down the surface, grinning at the sparks:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((Trouble, Pher?)) Byblos -> (Yes hence my OOC oh bleep remark for Byblos) Joe Manning -> #Savoy> ::Nods to the guards to move aside and looks into the cell at Zaphod:: Pher -> Argyle... seems not to be laying very low for us. Pher -> (( No more than usual, Ethan. )) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::hisses at Savoy:: STSF_Nickles -> :: Walks over to check on William:: Joe Manning -> Argyle may just have enough clout and enough resources to operate in the open without any damage. ::Shrugs:: Shane -> Because he's using us. He wants us to trust him. Ethan Neufeld -> ((Mean I'm not sure what you mean by "trouble" so I can't answer the question.)) William Chocox -> ::looks up from his book:: Hey Chris. Joe Manning -> #Savoy> ::Crosses her arms and tilts her head a bit toward Zaphod:: You're still being uncooperative though you have no reason whatsoever to ... STSF_Nickles -> How are you doing Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::waits as hatch opens and a few nondescript personnel in suits exit:: Pher -> (( Viruses, trojan horses, etc... )) Byblos -> Yeah...Pher. He and I were chatting on a bench in the promenade in front of hundreds of people, he interupted my arrest in front of a bunch of people. The man can operate in the open and flex his power...unlike Gilmo. Ethan Neufeld -> ((Heh. Right.)) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::grins a toothy grin:: I have nothing to tell you Guardian. William Chocox -> I'm fine. Just waiting til I can get this sling off my arm and be useful. Joe Manning -> #Savoy> I don't want information on your pirate friends. In fact, I'm giving you the opportunity to start anew, free of any attachment to them ... or of any criminal liabilities. Pher -> :: On completion of copy, hands the chip to Troy :: Joe Manning -> #Savoy> Certainly, you have no interest in protecting a group of mercenaries? Mercenaries who likely have terrorist ties? STSF_Nickles -> Lets have a look at it and see what type of range of motion you have gotten back Byblos -> That is not common. He's got power and he knows it. ::to Pher:: Gilmo needs exterior actual Muscle. Diferrent creatures. STSF_Nickles -> Have you been doing the theropy I suggested? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::takes a puff:: I'm paid well. I have no priorities to anyone. Troy Parson -> ::takes the chip from Pher and plugs it into his ODRI:: Right then, let's see if this opens up some new possibilities. Pher -> :: Nods :: Yah. Gilmo I read as low level scum. A step above street gang. Counts as organize crime, more or less. Joe Manning -> It's information on local Gular security, so it has to help us crack the warehouse at least. Speaking of which ... ::Looks around:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::narrows his purple eyes studying the Guardian:: And, they are my friends. William Chocox -> I've mostly just not moved it much. Shane -> ::to Pher:: He has more resources then he lets on. Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::watches personnel in suits scrutinize the area:: Pher -> Audrey is organized crime... Seemingly owns the local rock. STSF_Nickles -> OK lets see how its healing Joe Manning -> #Savoy> ::Taps a control panel next to the force field, dropping it:: STSF_Nickles -> :: steps closer to take off the sling:: Pher -> ( To Shane) Which 'he'? Gilmo or Argyle? STSF_Nickles -> Lets take this off and see how its doing Shane -> Gilmo. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton Dantinamede> ::after several minutes exits airlock and spots Ethan, giving a grin and offering a handshake:: Joe Manning -> Have you had a chance to look at Gilmo's information? Started formulating some kind of plan? William Chocox -> ::sets down his book and holds the arm out a little bit:: Let's go. STSF_Nickles -> :: takes the sling off careful not to move the arm to much:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::shaking hands:: Mr. Dantinamede. Shane -> His organization doesn't have much of a presence on this rock because they're interested in other places. Joe Manning -> #Savoy> Then by all means, return to your friends. Shane -> Gilmo is an info gatherer. STSF_Nickles -> OK ::holds hand a foot away from Williams:: OK Reach out and touch my hand Byblos -> Any additional resources at our disposal sir? Otherwise I'd like to kill the Pe`taQ. Sorry Shane...he pissed me off. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::grins:: Really? Troy Parson -> Hm. ::presses a few more buttons on his ODRI, talking to himself:: This has potential... Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> Ethan. Pleasant surprise. ::gestures toward airlock:: Let's talk in my office. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # I'll get all my equipment back? Joe Manning -> #Savoy> You're not going to get far, mind you. We're at Andus station. This is unfriendly territory for the Guardians, so we'd like to play it safe and clean, make no problems for any of the locals ... Pher -> (To Joe) Troy is working the Warehouse aspect. I might want to pull that one first. I've an odd through on the other three. A double cross might not be enough. May want to go for a tripple. Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::nods; glancing at the airlock as the last passengers - two females and one of them is familiar - debark:: Pher -> :: Back to Shane :: Info gatherer? Here, he's shown muscle, wet work, theft... Has he been more subtle in the past? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::eyes the Guardian:: Andus Station? I want to be assured I won't be followed. It wont be ""Grins:: Safe for anyone to do that. William Chocox -> ::reaches out slowly:: Ah, ah, AH. ::touches Nickles hand:: STSF_Nickles -> ::picks up a tricorder and scans the arm:: Dont move it just yet Hang on Pher -> ( Odd thought on the other three ) Troy Parson -> ::smiles slightly as his ODRI delivers different results:: Hah. STSF_Nickles -> :: finishes the scan:: OK pull it back close to you Joe Manning -> Okay. ::Looks at Troy:: Troy? Any thoughts on the warehouse? Joe Manning -> #Savoy> On this station, your every movement will almost certainly be tracked. Shane -> ::shrugs:: I've dealt with his boss before. Gilmo is just here to put up a small front. Troy Parson -> ::looks up at Joe:: Glad you asked. I think I might be on to a way in. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((are we allowed weapons on Andus?)) Joe Manning -> #Savoy> Especially if you're seen disembarking from a Guardian ship. Joe Manning -> (( Depends on which part of the station )) Shane -> Be a small timer on this station to gather info. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((coming from the Guardian ship)) William Chocox -> ::starts pulling back:: Ooh, that feels a bit better. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> ::to older female passenger:: Why don't you go ahead to the suite. I have some business to discuss; just be a minute. Byblos -> ::walks over to shane :: I just need something more powerful than a Stunner to drop his goons...Those are big guys the little twirp has. Pher -> And Gilmo's boss is not in your experience Argyle? STSF_Nickles -> ::reads the scan:: Not to bad.... the Mucles are tight its going to take time to get them moving again Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::grins:: Well, I'll just have to be careful. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Mrs. Dantinamede> ::smiles at Colton:: Don't be too long or we'll have to start shopping early. Shane -> ::shakes his head:: He's never as directly involved as Argyle. William Chocox -> Well, that's going to require not being in a sling. Byblos -> ::shuts up realizing Pher is organizing things..so Is the boss....Guardians..and someone else he'd like to kill..his mind is rather occupied:: Pher -> OK. But in some sense he is putting his toes into Argyle's turf, and it's believable that Argyle might not care for it. STSF_Nickles -> Exactly, The damage is healed you just need to start physical therapy to get them working incoordination again Shane -> ::nods, leaning against a wall:: Thats how I'm seeing it. Joe Manning -> #Savoy> Don't do anything stupid. You'd be grossly underestimating the the people who run this station. You are to do one thing to keep our visit here as clean and smooth for everyone as possible ... Joe Manning -> #Savoy> Go to your friends and arrange a meeting. William Chocox -> So what, just start moving it? Pher -> And if Argyle bounces Gilmo out, Glimo's boss won't be in a position to push back physically, but might send someone else in more subtly? Ethan Neufeld -> @ Alex Dantinamede> ::stares at Ethan before being ushered along by mom; surrounded by suits and followed by their luggage:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::blows smoke in Savoy's face:: I can't garuntee anything. I am a pirate you know. ::walks past him laughing:: STSF_Nickles -> You can leave the sling off but at least 4 to 5 times a day I want you to reach out to the full length stretch of your arm hold it for the count of 10 and then pull it back in towards your body. Do this 5 times each session Joe Manning -> (( Savoy's a woman :) )) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((oops sorry, her)) Joe Manning -> #Savoy> ::Closes her eyes when the smoke is blown, then looks at one of the guards and nods to follow Zaphod to the airlock:: Byblos -> ::listens instead of butting in....again new players...he should not be thinking of wasting people just because they pissed him off...listen to Pher Shane and JOe :: Shane -> He could. Or he might come back full force. The Bossman has the resources for both Pher -> (( Not much of one in Pher's opinion, but she sort of counts as female. )) Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::follows Colton into his private and expensive transport:: STSF_Nickles -> After that We will start adding weight to strengthen the mucsles Pher -> ::: Nods :: Hopefully, we'll be gone before then. Byblos -> ::walks over to Troy...and NIckles figuring he cannot contribute anything to their discussion:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::twitches his tail as he retrieves his equipment pouch, then walks to the airlock:: William Chocox -> Ok. Any idea on how long that should take? Troy Parson -> ::ODRI bleeps as the final simulation finishes:: Ah! Good. Yes, I think this should work. Shane -> What's next then? One job at a time? Troy Parson -> ::sees Byblos approach:: So tell me, friend... Byblos -> Hey Troy Parson....sorry about not being able to get you smokes.. ::looks to Chris:: How are you sir? Joe Manning -> #Savoy> ::Follows Zaphod and the guard:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> ::leads the way into an office on board and shuts the door: Pher -> I'd like to start with the warehouse job, assuming Troy comes up with something that looks clean. Troy Parson -> How do you rob a place when, quite literally, every single angle of approach is watched constantly, and any unusual activity triggers an immediate lockdown? Byblos -> ::listens to Troy Parson as Chris attends to him:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::looks at Savoy and the guard as he walks through the airlock:: This is as far as you go Guardians. Maam. ::bows:: Joe Manning -> #Savoy> Caitian ... STSF_Nickles -> You should be able to reach out and move your arm freely in a week but the strength depends on how hard you work at it WITHOUT causing damage Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::turns and walks down the promenade of the station looking for a bar:: STSF_Nickles -> ((working with William not Troy at the moment)) William Chocox -> So no under or over doing it? STSF_Nickles -> Right Joe Manning -> #Guard> ::Quickly follows Zaphod out of the airlock and grabs him roughly by the arm:: Pher -> I'm considering that Gular might not like Gilmo any more than Samus does. It might be easier to do the rest if we deal Gular in. STSF_Nickles -> Start slow and work your way up Troy Parson -> Naturally, sneaking in is out of the question, when there's simply nowhere to hide. Byblos -> ::looks at Chris then back to Troy Parson:: You take away the eyes...some routine outage...crap. power outage. Basically a Hack. That's how my team began our ops on Tranquility...we hacked the banks systems..blinding them...and disabling their panic systems. William Chocox -> Fine. Pher -> A little fancy. A little risky. But it might be the clean way to do it if I'm reading the politics right. Troy Parson -> Blasting your way in, or doing anything to the security, triggers a lockdown Joe Manning -> ::Leans against the wall, listening to Troy:: STSF_Nickles -> Now would be a good time to start Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::takes out the palm phaser he had hidden in the bag, tucks it into his belt. Then tucks his Caitian claw daggar in too:: Troy Parson -> Doesn't cost them much to err on the side of caution, especially when they've got questionable cargo inside. Shane -> You really think our employer would agree with that? Byblos -> Well, yes. ::to Troy and Chris Nickles:: Hence we sliced them. Then we diced them....HAh! Joe Manning -> (( Zaphod, look up at #Guard line :) )) Pher -> I'll have to ask, first, won't I? William Chocox -> Ok then. ::picks his book back up and starts doing his stretches:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> (( oops )) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::looks at the guard:: Problem Guardian? Troy Parson -> So I was thinking about this problem Troy Parson -> Ran some simulations with all sorts of approaches... Joe Manning -> #Guard> ::Twists him around and pulls him back toward the airlock:: STSF_Nickles -> :: movess back over to Byblos hearing him:: I dont like the dicing if we dont need to Shane -> ::shakes his head, before idly looking at his ODRI:: Something tell me that'll be a no. Joe Manning -> #Savoy> ::Standing in the airlock with arms crossed, looking at Zaphod:: Troy Parson -> Brute force, computer sabotage, stealth, you name it. Shane -> tells* Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::hisses at Savoy:: I thought I was free to go? Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> ::walks toward the front of the office and turns:: So tell me: First, are there places we should avoid? Second, what's going on? Joe Manning -> #Savoy> You're free when I am finished with you ... Byblos -> ::listens to Troy Parson who he believes is smarter that he is:: I know Sir, my operating style is completely different than what is required here. Pher -> If it's a no, it's a no. A failing of mine, trying to set up the deal where everyone but the baddest ass ends up happy. We'll see. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::Grins:: Oh, you're not finished with me dear? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #Did you want a good by kiss? Joe Manning -> #Savoy> If you want to play the rebel without a cause, fine, you're welcome to. I don't care, really, and I'm used to getting it from the mercenaries you've been hanging around with ... Troy Parson -> ::looks at Byblos:: Brute force has its place, but with the better part of a thousand cameras guarding our objective, this isn't that place. Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::smirks a bit:: Nothing comes to mind. You'll be fine if you stick to the upper levels, like before. Byblos -> A brute force electronic attack Troy Parson ::looks to Chris Nickles :: Those cameras have to be linked to a nerve center. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::laughs:: But, I am a mercinary. What do you expect? William Chocox -> How about we just steal the building? Troy Parson -> And what does the warehouse do when the cameras go down? Joe Manning -> #Savoy> Call yourself whatever you wish. I don't care. Much as it may surprise you, this isn't about you ... STSF_Nickles -> More than likely Lock down Shane -> ::raises an eyebrow at Will's suggestion:: Troy Parson -> If we're lucky, it locks down. Byblos -> Depends. I do not know how often outages occur here. They did occur from time to time on Tranquility. Voles...eat cables...Vole gets fried...But power is out. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #Oh really? And, what is it about? Troy Parson -> If we're unlucky, it unlocks everything and practically invites us in. Joe Manning -> #Savoy> You say Qob's crew are your friends? As it has been explained to me by Manning's friend, they are on this station on sensitive business and that they are trying to lay low. It may shock you to know that I'm going along with this for now ... Troy Parson -> And then, once we're inside, it gasses us, shoots us, chops us into little bits with forcefields, or all of the above. Byblos -> That's why the hack has got to be well done.....::to Nickles and Troy:: Joe Manning -> #Savoy> But I can make one call to the station's administrators and your friends would be swarmed by Gular security. Troy Parson -> After all, the best way to keep a security system intact Troy Parson -> is to make sure that the people trying to get in don't get an unlimited number of tries. Joe Manning -> #Savoy> That's the hard way. The way I'm trying to avoid. ... you'd rather do it that way? Because you're a 'pirate?' Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # You are? You can? Threats mean nothing to me. I've been threatened by the best. Troy Parson -> And the nasty part is, with that strategy, we won't know if our attempts have been detected. Shane -> Why don't we go along the lines of Will's idea? Joe Manning -> #Savoy> It's reality. Nothing more, nothing less. It's up to you to decide now how smoothly this proceeds from here ... Troy Parson -> And steal the building? I've never stolen anything quite that big before. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> ::presses:: And the reason you're here? Troy Parson -> Rather difficult from a logistics standpoint, I'd think. STSF_Nickles -> Byblos if its not exact and we mis one little thing Troy could be right wecould end up captured or dead Shane -> :shrugs:: Then we take the storage room Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::Grins:: Ma'am, I'm a space bum. I go where the money is. Byblos -> My Slicer pointed out to me....slicing is like surgery it has to be done...clean, percise...and with an extraction plan. Shane -> The building is only on one level, ain't it? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # Up to me? Byblos -> The problem is....823 cameras? Never took on that many before our team did. Joe Manning -> #Savoy> Then needlessly endanger your friends or allow their identities to remain protected. It's your choice ... Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::subtly displeased look:: Did Alex fill you in on what happened on Zoalus? Joe Manning -> #Savoy> Find Manning and tell him to wait for me at the Star's End at 2100 hours tonight. Troy Parson -> Indeed, it's a large number. Troy Parson -> But isn't that also a weakness? Joe Manning -> #Savoy> If he's not there, hard way it is. ::Shrugs:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # Ma'am I take orders, I follow orders. I'll tell my commander. Star's End, 2100. Troy Parson -> After all, how do you watch 823 cameras? Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> Not as much as I'd like, but she told me enough. Byblos -> Yes. Again, Chris...::looks to STSF_Nickles :: I am abit confused on just what we are stealing. Contents of an entire warehouse? Right? Joe Manning -> #Savoy> ::Nods to the guard and looks at Zaphod:: Then go. Joe Manning -> #Guard> ::Lets go of Zaphod:: STSF_Nickles -> ::nods:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::figures the sooner he aquiesses, the sooner he can get a drink:: Shakes his arm:: It was apleasure. ::Grins:: Troy Parson -> ::continuing:: You don't. You get a computer to watch it. William Chocox -> You have a computer do it. Troy Parson -> Exactly! Troy Parson -> And the way the computer works, it keeps track of patterns. Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::nods:: But you know why we went to Zoalus. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> ::nods:: Pher -> :: Listening patiently to Troy dance around the issue, and finally get near the point. :: Byblos -> Pixel images..I think Vargros told me. STSF_Nickles -> then we would have to sever the links to the main computer but doing and not getting caught is the bigger problem Troy Parson -> It processes the data from all of the little cameras and forms them into a whole picture of how things are, and compares that to how things "normally" are, and if they don't match, the whole building goes kill-mode on us. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::attaches his pouch to his belt and walks to the nearest bar, takes a seat in the back:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ I ran into some trouble after leaving Xorax. The Qob's crew is more or less blackmailing me with the sample we took. If I don't help them with a job, I won't get the sample back. Troy Parson -> And this gives us an opportunity to get in...::to Nickles:: without damaging the security system in the slightest. Byblos -> Hah...Vargros would of loved this job!!!! Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::looks around, then takes out his communicator, scans it for bugs then opens it:: +Joe+ Captain, this is Zaphod. Byblos -> Sorry ::to Troy Parson and STSF_Nickles he was my teams slicer :: Troy Parson -> Ah. Was he also a mathematician? Byblos -> He was a jykin' anamoly in the Nausicaan Gene pool...letme just leave it at that. Joe Manning -> #ACTION: After a short delay, a voice answers "Yes, Zaphod?" Byblos -> ::hears ZAPHOD ????? :: Joe Manning -> (( Nope )) Shane -> (someone else has Joe's ODRI, remember?)) Byblos -> (oh.....good point...) Ethan Neufeld -> @ This job they're on: it's corporate espinage. A man named Samus wants information on ships the Gular are secretly building and selling to unknown parties. Ships he claims are illegal. Pher -> (( Details )) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # Captain, I've been released from the Guardian ship. I have a message for you from Savoy. William Chocox -> Smarts are as prevalent as good looks in your species Byblos? Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> ::puzzled:: If he believes they're illegal, why hasn't he contacted the authorities? Joe Manning -> #ACTION: "What is the message?" Byblos -> ::looks at William with that Not Funny look :: Joe Manning -> ::Raises an eyebrow:: Would having a couple of Gular employees help us in any way? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # +She says to meet her at Star's End at 21:00+ Byblos -> He was....a genetic freak...just smarter than even Guardian slicers...the point is...you are right. Nonone can watch 823 computers.. Byblos -> Except a computer...I guess. Ethan Neufeld -> @ I wouldn't nominate Samus for moral crusader of the month. His motivation is likely money: either souring the Gular's business or knocking a competitor out of the game. Byblos -> (cameras) Shane -> ::to Joe:: If they had the proper authority, they might. Joe Manning -> #ACTION: After another delay: "did she tell you anything about what I'm doing here?" Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #+no sir, I refused to tell them anything about our mission+ Troy Parson -> Exactly. And if we can figure out the equation that the computer uses to define normal activity, and then solve for a solution that incorporates entry into the warehouse, we'll get in. Byblos -> (has not heard anything about Savoy..else he'd turn white) Joe Manning -> Well, we've got 3 jobs. Instead of thinking of them individually, maybe we think of them as a whole ... Ethan Neufeld -> ((Edit: Ships built with illegal technologies.)) Joe Manning -> We know there are two current Gular employees who have past connections to criminals and who are motivated by money more than loyalty. Pher -> Four. Five... Byblos -> That uh...is beyond me..Troy ::looks to STSF_Nickles :: Are you good with computers sir? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::sips his drink:: Joe Manning -> Maybe we should have a talk with them ... find out what they can do for us. Shane -> ::listening to Joe:: STSF_Nickles -> Just medical ones Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> ::nods and considers:: And what else do you need from me? Joe Manning -> #ACTION: "Were they the ones who took you from Xorax colony?" Byblos -> Well getting in this place will be like Surgery. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::eyes a cute barmaid, motions her for another drink:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # +yes sir, I think so+ Byblos -> ::looks to Troy Parson :: Can you pull this off ? Troy Parson -> ::sighs:: My ODRI seems to think so. STSF_Nickles -> ::looks around to all that are around:: Byblos -> I mean..if you need anything...we can procure it for you. Pher -> :: winks at chris :: Troy Parson -> Personally, I've never tried to rob a warehouse in a space station using nothing but math before, so at the moment, it's all theoretical. Joe Manning -> You work on the tech end with our other tech experts, Troy. Acquire any equipment you need with Samus' funds. Meanwhile, the others can track down these two Gular bous and have a chat with them. Ethan Neufeld -> @ The same thing you've been doing already: just act as if this is perfectly normal. I'm your security consultant, your lead body guard. I'll direct your security and accompany you to the gala. Joe Manning -> #ACTION: "Can you meet with me now?" Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::winks at the girl as she walks away:: Hmm. STSF_Nickles -> ::smiles at Pher and walks over towards her:: Hey Doll You think this can work? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # +yes sir, where?+ Byblos -> One other BIG thing Guys...Where do you put the stolen goods.....? ::to STSF_Nickles Troy Parson and Pher :: Troy Parson -> ::sighs, muttering to himself:: Someday, I have to retire somewhere where they understand the difference between physicists and engineers. Pher -> I've heard stories about similar stuff working. Never seen it close up. STSF_Nickles -> We'd need something Big Shane -> ((he he Troy, I hear ya)) William Chocox -> This has to be the first time anyone has ever attempted to rob a bank using Math. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> ::nods again; thoughtfully touches chin:: There's a favor I'd like to ask of you in return. Byblos -> Is this beyond Qob's bay? Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::calmly:: Name it. Byblos -> Bay size? William Chocox -> ((warehouse*)) Pher -> Not the first time, William. This is hardly a unique problem. Still, it's not impossible and not easy. Joe Manning -> #ACTION: "I'm sticking to the station's lower levels. There's a small manufactury down here where nobody will disturb us. I will send you the map data" Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #+ok. Transfer it to my tricorder. I'll meet you there+ Byblos -> Troy Parson , no matter how great of electronic feat we have to move the stuff somewhere which requires even more....cameras to dodge. Joe Manning -> #ACTION: The information is relayed to the tricorder Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #+ I'm on my way. Zaphod out.+ Pher -> (( Dumb cat. :D )) STSF_Nickles -> Im not sure Qobs bay could hold it all ::looks around:: Byblos -> Ah...that was so frustrating on Tranquility...we could only steal what we could carry ...::to STSF Nickles and Troy Parson :: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> My daughter - Alesha is in need of someone with whom she can confide. She's not been the same since the incident on Zoalus. I was hoping you might talk to her. Troy Parson -> Hm. Weight...yes. Suppose I should add that to the simulation. Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::considers and then nods:: I'll see what I can do. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::gets up, pays his tab then heads out, blowing a kiss to the barmaild:: Joe Manning -> Well, I'm assuming we're moving the stuff to one of Gilmo's warehouses? Ethan Neufeld -> @ Colton> ::smiles:: Joe Manning -> Avoiding attention on the way is usually as simple as disguising the goods as something else. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::ducks in a corner, finds the hidden phaser and blade in his pouch, transfers them to his belt:: STSF_Nickles -> we would almost have to Byblos -> Disguise the goods? Is that what we are supposed to do? ::Nausicaan dumb moment:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #:: Checks his tricorder, then finds a turbolift:: Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM 8/19 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Pher -> :: Hopeing this public place isn't too public... :: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::walks off the lift, looks around, mumbles:: What a dump. ::walks in the shadows checking his tricorder:: STSF_Nickles -> :: walks with Pher:: So Argyle wants to meet us again? Pher -> No. I want to meet Argyle. Joe Manning -> ::Following Pher to the promenade area that was designated, his hands tucked into a new vest he recently bought, his old one having been lost at the clinic:: STSF_Nickles -> I see Troy Parson -> ::tagging along using a cane in order to get his doctor-mandated exercise:: Pher -> I'm looking to arrange for a different reality. Byblos -> ::is with Pher ...since at customs..he said he worked for her...his is in a garb that is a servant role for her, perhaps a bodyguard...(totally uneeded of course...but he looks appropriate to Pher's outfit..whatever that may be) Joe Manning -> ACTION: The tricorder's range is severely limited by a lot of electronic interference in the depths of the asteroid Pher -> Might hopefully be quick. Byblos -> ::looks around if watching his....to protect....Pher:: Joe Manning -> ::Removes one hand from the vest:: There's the place. ::Points to a diner set in a row of business places along the outer edge of the promenade:: Keegan's. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::frowns at his tricorder, reaches the place Joe told him, but doesn't leave the shadows, starts lookiing for Joe:: STSF_Nickles -> I hope it is quick I do not trust him the slightest. Troy Parson -> ::suppresses a grimace of pain:: Quick'd be nice, so long as it's the kind of quick that can be done sitting down. Joe Manning -> ACTION: Inside a door ahead there is a great deal of machinery lying about. It looks like a miniature factory assembly line Joe Manning -> Can't trust anyone in this place, Chris. Hell, can't hardly trust anyone on our crew. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::peeks in the door, looking for Joe:: STSF_Nickles -> :: nods in agreence:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: No obvious sign of Joe inside. Though there are some humanoid shapes in the shadows ahead Byblos -> ::did not hear what Joe just said..which adds to drama...he looks around close to Pher as if her bodyguard:: Looks like Samus' tailor shop. Pher -> If you're thinking that way, Joe, you've gotta replace me. Can't negotiate a situation like this without making deals. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::palms his phaser from his belt, watches the shaps:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> *Shapes Pher -> You want to take it? Joe Manning -> You're the boss, Pher, remember? Troy Parson -> ::chimes in:: For the record, I haven't killed any of my shipmates...yet. Joe Manning -> I'm supposed to be one of the sex slaves you tow around. Joe Manning -> ACTION: The shapes are perfectly still Pher -> I don't do Dust Zombies, Joe. That's not good for business. Byblos -> ::to Pher:: Am I supposed to inflict cruelty upon the Boss....errr Joe? Pher -> :: Puts her attention to the shapes. :: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::moves closer to the shapes in the shadows:: Joe Manning -> ::Shrugs:: Whatever you say, my Mistress. ::Walks up to the diner's door and holds it open for her:: Pher -> Not yet. :: small smiles :: Byblos -> ::grins:: Pher -> (( Could we have some asterisks so I can tell the diner from the assembly line? )) Joe Manning -> ACTION: The door slides shut behind Zaphod with a loud metal clang Joe Manning -> (( Let's use #, Zaphod )) STSF_Nickles -> :: follows Pher:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((ok)) Shane -> ((sorry guys, chat window crashed)) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::startles at the door and jumps to the shadows hugging the wall:: Pher -> :: Finds an appropriate size table and settles in. :: Joe Manning -> #ACTION: Several lights come to life in the assembly area, revealing that the humanoid shapes are made of metal Byblos -> ::next to Pher:: Lifeguard, this not Argyles..style of meeting. He's been so casual in the past..::looks at lights:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::hisses at himself for jumping, looks closer at the metal objecs:: Joe Manning -> #Voice> ::Very different from Joe's now, coming from all around the area seemingly:: Welcome to my workshop, Mr. Zaphod. Troy Parson -> ::sits at the table:: Wonder if they allow somking in here. ::takes out a cigarette and lights it:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::to the voice:: And, you are? I was suppose to meet my comander. Joe Manning -> ::Slides into a chair opposite Pher and picks up the menu. Looks for the cocktail section:: Byblos -> (my bad # mistake) Pher -> I'm not going to tell Argyle how to run his turf. He has demonstrated... he knows what he is doing security wise. STSF_Nickles -> ::looks around:: This is odd even for Arygle Joe Manning -> #Voice> Your commander will not be coming. I have some things of his. His voice for one. You'll excuse me for using it. Byblos -> ::extends chair out for Pher:: Your seat Ma`am. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::narrows his eyes:: Why the deception? And, who are you? Pher -> He does do a lot of stuff in public places. He does have a funky style. I'm not going to try to change it, though. Joe Manning -> Husky Woman> ::Walks up to the table, wearing a waitress outfit, chewing a wad of gum:: Can I get you folks anything to drink. ::Looks at Pher with a twinkle in her blue eyes:: Shane -> ::arrives at the (bar I'm assuming?) later than the others, looking around warily:: Pher -> :: Graciously accepts her seat with a smile to Byblos :: Joe Manning -> #Voice> Someone who has lost a great deal in the past 24 hours. Thanks to your would-be boss. Or is the Orion his would-be boss? It's difficult to keep it straight. Pher -> Blueberry Fizz, please. Joe Manning -> #ACTION: One of the shapes comes to life, its eyes glowing white. It starts walking quite robotically toward Zaphod Byblos -> Chilled. Joe Manning -> I, uh, suppose that I'll only anger folks at the table here if I order anything that'll make me woozy. So, just water please. ::Smiles at the waitress:: Shane -> ::spots the group and stomps over to them, dodging the husky waitress with a raised eyebrow:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::twitches his tail and backs away from the object:: What does this have to do with me? Byblos -> ::to the Waitrress adding a descritptive element to Pher's drink:: Nothing for me I am on duty. Troy Parson -> ::looks at the waitress:: Have you got kiwi juice? Joe Manning -> Husky Woman> ::Writing down orders on her pad:: Shane -> ::takes a seat:: Gimme a rum. Pher -> :: Relaxes a bit after hearing Joe's comment :: Joe Manning -> Husky Woman> ::Winks at Troy:: We can make that happen. Troy Parson -> Excellent. Please do. Joe Manning -> #Voice> I'm not quite sure yet. But I have you here, alone. Your boss does not seem to be aware that you're here. I'm wondering how I might leverage your presence against him. Byblos -> Ma'dam is there any other enviornmental request I should make for you in this establishment? Shane -> ::looks down as he chair creaks a little under his weight, then back up to the group:: What are we meeting Argyle for exactly? Byblos -> ::to Pher :: Pher -> No thank you. I'm trying to be adaptable. Joe Manning -> Husky Woman> Let me take that. ::Grabs the menu in front of Pher:: Had a bit of a spill at this table earlier. ::Grabs another one from inside her apron and hands it to Pher:: Pher -> :: Curls into a slightly improbable position. :: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::laughs:: I'm not a bargining chip. What do you want from me? Joe Manning -> #Voice> According to your boss, you're good with machines, aren't you? Byblos -> Yes Ma`dam. Anything I am to provide for your counterparts this evening Ma`dam ? Pher -> :: Lets the menu drop to the table :: Joe Manning -> #Robot> ::Follows Zaphod slowly:: STSF_Nickles -> (( curses the cnnetion)) Joe Manning -> Husky Woman> You'll want to have a look at our special dishes on the inside cover. ::Smiles and walks away from the table:: Byblos -> (wb Chris..I know how that feels the last 24) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::grins:: I'm an engineer. Yes. ::eyes the robot:: Pher -> :: Examines the watress with a bit more care. A player? Any extra nervousness or intensity? :: Pher -> ( Waitress ) Joe Manning -> Husky Woman> ::Perfectly relaxed, if a bit manly looking:: Pher -> :: Very slight smile :: Shane -> ::looks between Pher and the waitress:: I think you got 'er beat, Orion. Byblos -> I think Ma'dam Pher has everyone beaten hear Mr. Shane. STSF_Nickles -> Agreed Byblos -> (here) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::eyes the robot:: ] Shane -> ::gives Byblos a weird look at his strange talk:: Pher -> And your opinion is ever so neutral and objective. :: slightly more of a smile :: Joe Manning -> #Voice> I'm good with machines myself. Let's say we have that in common and keep our relationship as peaceful as we can. I would hate for things to get messy down here for you because of your boss' actions. Pher -> Oh, wonderful. I've got a bunch of flatterers, now. But where will you be come bed time? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::glowers at the robot:: I don't take kindly to threats sir. How do you know my commander? STSF_Nickles -> ::grins:: Shane -> ::mumbles:: The other room... Byblos -> Ma'dam Pher, shall I check the promenade for your special guest's location. Perhaps there has been some confusion? Joe Manning -> #Voice> I know him quite well as I recently determined the suitability of his organs for harvest. How better can you know someone? Pher -> If you'd like. Joe Manning -> #Robot> ::Raises an arm appendage to grab Zaphod:: Joe Manning -> Husky Woman> ::Returns to the table with a tray of drinks:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::ducks around the robot:: Harvesting organs, sound like a warped hobby. What do you want from me? Byblos -> Only to serve you Ma`dam Pher. ::bows and walks toward the enterance of Keegan's to look for Argyle..if there was a miscommunication:: Joe Manning -> Husky Woman> ::Begins placing the glasses in front of everyone. Speaks in Argyle's voice:: There's a special little device tucked inside that menu of yours, Ms. Pher. Shane -> ::looks at Byblos as he leaves:: Did he hit his head? Pher -> :: Nods :: Byblos -> (lol) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::starts looking around for an excape route:: Joe Manning -> #Voice> Perhaps a liver? A kidney? Caitian hearts are in some small demand here in Bull's Head. Or perhaps I simply wish to keep you here for a time ... Joe Manning -> #ACTION: More robots spring to life around Zaphod Joe Manning -> Husky Woman> Suffice to say that what we're saying ... other people hear us saying different things. If you got that. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::laughs:: Umm, I'm half human, your customers may not like that. ::pulls out his phaser:: Pher -> I think so. Byblos -> ::seen in the open hands folded behind him as if he were a greeter to Keegan's unaware of the transaction:: Joe Manning -> #Voice> Perhaps it only makes you a more fitting subject. You may have fun with my pets for the time being. Don't worry, they will not harm you too badly. Joe Manning -> ::Looks at the husky woman and shrugs, mumbles:: Different tastes for everyone, I guess. Joe Manning -> Husky Woman> ::Glances around the diner and starts writing on her pad:: So what did you want to discuss? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::grins:: I'll pass on your offer. ::heads to the door:: Joe Manning -> #ACTION: The robots follow Zaphod to the door Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::fires his phaser at the first robot, then keys the door:: Joe Manning -> #ACTION: The door remains sealed Pher -> A few points, then. We want to create a slightly different reality. You might help with this in small ways. Is the doctor who ran the body shop still in circulation? Under your influence? If his reality conflicts with the one we want to create, there will be a problem. Joe Manning -> #ACTION: More robots spring to life as one goes down. Some are emerging from alcoves around the workshop Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::heads around the robots looking for an excape:: STSF_Nickles -> :::listens to theWaitress and Pher keeping his mouth shut:: Joe Manning -> (( I hope you were planning on discussing that before we started Pher ;) )) Pher -> (Oh, yes.) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::to the voice:: Sorry I can't help you. If you would open the door I'll be on my way. I don't want to break your toys. Pher -> ( She wants to work a big lie, and at Argyle's command. ) Joe Manning -> Argylia> Considering what happened to the body shop, I wouldn't be surprised if nothing there is in circulation ... Pher -> ( Big lie won't work if there is a surviving opponent spreading another version of the story. )) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::fires at another robot, looking for a vent shaft:: Byblos -> ::walks over to the table returning to Pher's side notincing a conversation with the Waitress (husky one) :: Ma`dam Pher, is there a problem? ::looking at the heavy set waitress clueless to the identity...:: Joe Manning -> Argylia> The blast did open up into some nearby passages. There are a lot of maintenance tunnels running through the asteroid. The sorts that our station administrators and VIP's like to use to move items discreetly Pher -> There were no life forms just prior to the explosions. He got away. Are you in contact with him? Joe Manning -> Argylia> But there's no sign yet that the front entrance of the clinic wasn't the only way in or out. Pher -> There is another way. He left before the blast occured. Byblos -> ::listens and sort of wonders what the hell...then looks at the waitresses name tag "Argylia". Holy Sh...he is good.:: Joe Manning -> Argylia> Of course not. ::Shrugs:: We had a business arrangement. ::Erases something on the pad:: But we weren't exactly partners. Pher -> Also, has anyone been digging in the ruins? If so, who? Pher -> Joe lost his ODRI. Someone is using it. Twould be nice to know who. Joe Manning -> Argylia> Station security, of course. They're all over the site. If they find anything of yours in there, better if you're depicted as the target of the blast rather than the perpetrator. Joe Manning -> ACTION: Pher's ODRI beeps Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::ducks around the robots, looking along the wall of the large workshop:: Pher -> That's easy enough. The charges were a built in self destruct. That ought to be obvious. Pher -> Excuse me. Byblos -> Ma'dam Pher would you care for some privacy? Offers to extend out her chair. Joe Manning -> #ACTION: The robots continue shambling after Zaphod Pher -> Audrey, open comm. Joe Manning -> Argylia> Self destruct maybe. But those sorts of things can be triggered from outside by anyone with the right tools and know-how. Something to keep in mind while you work on our mutual friend. Joe Manning -> ACTION: Audrey shows incoming comm from Joe Troy Parson -> ::glances over at Argylia:: And to think there was once an era when it was considered rude to leave communications devices active while at the table. Pher -> :: Finger over lips directed to Argylia and anyone else :: Pher -> Good evening, Joe. Byblos -> ::notes Troy Parson puffing away..that is good :: Joe Manning -> Argylia> ::Reaches out to point at Troy's menu and knocks his glass over, accidentally it seems:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::fires at a third robot, looks up:: I've got enough charge to destroy your toys. It would be best to open the door. ::looks under tables for vents:: STSF_Nickles -> ::looks to Pher at her Ordi going off wondering who it is:: Pher -> +Comm+ Good evening, Joe. Joe Manning -> ACTION: The display shows a text message: "I have the Caitian Zaphod. Interested?" Shane -> ::shifts away the running kiwi juice:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::gets back to the door and looks at the panel hoping to find a way to open it:: Byblos -> Oh geesh, how unfortunate. Ms. Argylia...if I may ask where the towels are I can clean this mess up for Ma`dam Pher. Troy Parson -> ::fails to get out of the way of some of the juice droplets:: ::quietly:: Bleh. Pher -> :: Flashes Audrey's screen to Argyle :: Joe Manning -> Argylia> ::Quickly grabs a handkerchief from her apron and begins wiping the spill, looking embarrased:: Joe Manning -> Argylia> ::Glances at the message:: Is that supposed to mean something to me? Byblos -> ::Byblos notes if Argyle is wearing that much cover....this locale not secure. So he should continue the servant role:: Pher -> +Text+ Maybe. Let's say yes. Troy Parson -> ::glares at Argylia briefly while trying to blot the kiwi spots out of his clothing:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::looks over his shoulder, then opens the door panel:: Byblos -> ::to the Waitress....allow me. Byblos takes the handkerchief and cleans things up...like a Nausicaan Lap dog :: Joe Manning -> Audrey> "I want reparations made my dear" Joe Manning -> #ACTION: Three of the robots close in on Zaphod Pher -> +Text+ Amount? Pher -> Audrey, see what you can to about tracing this call. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::to the voice:: I'm not going to lay down give you my organs. ::fires the the nearest robot:: Joe Manning -> Audrey> "Roughly an amount covering the cost of my clinic. And the equipment and merchandise which was lost. No surprise, it was not insured." Pher -> I don't think station security would ask for reparations? Joe Manning -> #ACTION: While one of the robots goes down, the other two grab ahold of Zaphod Byblos -> Byblos cleans spill....cleans Troy Parson 's garment while listening Pher -> +Text+ That would not be pocket change. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::starts fighting the robots grip:: Let go of me. Joe Manning -> Argylia> ::Shrugs:: Station security works for Gular Consortium. If they want reparations, they have any number of means of collecting. Who's calling exactly? Joe Manning -> #ACTION: The robots pick Zaphod up by his arms and carry him away from the door Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::fighting the robots:: I like my liver where it is thank you. Joe Manning -> Audrey> "I suspect Mr. Samus can provide more than pocket change ... now can't he?" Pher -> Well, whomever is calling wants the value of your Mad Doc's business and merchandise. I'm beginning to suspect the Mad Doc took Joe's ODRI with him when he left. Pher -> +Text+ If he were so inclined. Joe Manning -> ::Raises his eyebrow and looks across the table at Pher. Glances at Argyle then back at Pher:: My ODRI? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::hisses:: Byblos -> ::thinks the SOB has Gilmo's stench all over it but cannot say such a thing in his servat role:: Joe Manning -> (( Is the screen still being shown to Argyle? )) William Chocox -> ((::poofs into existence:: Hey guys. Traffic was bad from the concert. Sorry.)) Pher -> Well, it is you that is calling me. Byblos -> ::walks away from the table and asks for more towels from the bussers:: Pher -> (( She will flash it at Argyle as she can )) Joe Manning -> Audrey> The call is coming from a comm router near the promenade Pher -> Audrey, vocalize the text as it come in. Joe Manning -> Audrey> Permission to trace the call beyond that is denied Pher -> Troy? A project. Assume Joe's ODRI is active. Could you locate it? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::tries to reach his communicator:: Byblos -> ::Byblos discusses things with the bussers and aquires more towels:: Joe Manning -> Argylia> ::Looking at the display, glances downward and tucks the wet handkerchief into 'her' apron:: Troy Parson -> Maybe. Let me check. Troy Parson -> ::turns to Shane:: Mr. Shane, a question? Joe Manning -> Argylia> ::Glances around the diner quickly, and at Pher a couple of times:: Pher -> One more project. We have too many projects, too little time. Shane -> ::looks to Troy with a bored expression:: What? Byblos -> ::folds towels over his right arm and walks back to the table and takes over cleaning:: Troy Parson -> If Joe's ODRI were active, could you track it? Shane -> ::thinks for a bit:: Probably. Troy Parson -> Good. ::turns to Pher:: Yes, it can be done. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::to voice:: Can we make a deal here? You really don't want my organs. William Chocox -> Assuming the transponder still works. Pher -> See what you can do. Troy Parson -> Will do. Joe Manning -> #ACTION: The robots carry Zaphod to a work bench. A third robot clears it of various dohickeys and gadgets before the two grabbing Zaphod lay him down on it Pher -> OK. Your Mad Doc is still around, and likely working solo. Pher -> He isn't done with us. He is a source of income, perhaps to you. Joe Manning -> Argylia> It would appear so. I can guarantee you, I don't know how resourceful he is. I only did business with him at his front. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::kicking and trying to reach his communicator:: Pher -> I don't know that it is in your interest for us to take him out. Troy Parson -> ::turns to Shane:: Okay, so Pher wants that ODRI tracked. See what you can do? Cheers. ::turns back to Pher:: Right, I did what I could. Pher -> He's. Paranoid. Capable. Hopefully better as a doc than a security goru. Joe Manning -> Argylia> My interests and this 'mad doctors' do not align at all. ::Glances around the diner again:: STSF_Nickles -> :: watches Argylia:: Worried about something? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::wishing he stayed at the bar with that cute little barmaid:: Byblos -> ::cleaning:: Pher -> :: Nods :: Zaphoid was a friend of ours for a brief time. I don't like to have my friends killed. If we go after him again, we'd want a firm resolution. Have you a problem with this? STSF_Nickles -> You keep looking around as if looking or waiting for something Joe Manning -> Argylia> What do you aim to do about him? Do you think there's any danger that he could ... ::Hesitates a long moment:: That he could give you away? Interrupt any plans you have here? Shane -> ::sighs and activates his ODRI, tapping away:: Joe Manning -> Argylia> ::Glances at Nickles:: Joe Manning -> Argylia> ::Looks at Pher for a moment:: Byblos -> Mad`am, if you would like me to take out the trash..I would be more than willing to ::looks at Argylia and back to PHer in a submissive question mode:: Joe Manning -> #Robots> ::Hold Zaphod down on the table:: Pher -> I don't think he likes publicity. He implied that he had connections with station security, but he doesn't seem to have used them. I don't know him well enough to guess whether he would if we don't pay his blackmail Byblos -> ::spilt napkins and a hidden meaning:: I seemed to have already soiled my outfit with this beverage....how can it get more unacceptable....::using metaphores:: Joe Manning -> #Old Man> ::Walks into view, tapping at an ODRI strapped to his arm:: Pher -> I suspect you don't want to pay for him getting a new lab? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::grins up at the robots, says to the voice:: So, no deals? Now what? Pher -> That would be one expensive way of side stepping this. Joe Manning -> Argylia> ::Stony gaze as Pher talks:: ::Manages a smirk:: I doubt I could. Though I could help track him in some ways, I suppose. Joe Manning -> Argylia> It may be cleanest to simply take him out of the picture. Keep things quiet. Blackmail usually paves the way for more blackmail, you understand? Pher -> If we got his physical location, we might repeat something like our last encounter. We are, of course, working that now on our own, but your familiarity with the local networks would make it quicker, surer, more secure. Byblos -> ::com Clicks:: Yes, of course. Yes..of course. I understand. No she is busy right now. I would be more than willing to handle this degrading affair to the ma'dam thank you. Good bye. ::clicks communicator:: Joe Manning -> Argylia> I'll relay what information I can. The call you received would be stored in the local comm network, and there are ... ways ... to access that. Pher -> I'd agree that taking him out would be cleaner, but wanted you to say so before I hurt your profits. Joe Manning -> Argylia> They're not my profits to hurt, love. ::Glances around again and leans closer to Pher, talking more quietly now:: I've already been standing here too long ... Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::trying to reach the communicator on his belt:: Joe Manning -> Argylia> Do you know who this conversation is being masked from? Pher -> :: NOds :: Hopefully, everybody. I assume station security and Gilmo have an eye in our direction. Byblos -> ::detaches sword pommel from belt:: Mr. Shane..you said a Klingon Power cell with regard to this belt buckle? :: a somewhat covered lie regarding the belt being a weapon..but a question regarding the power source...:: Joe Manning -> #Old Man> ::Retrieves a syringe from a nearby table and walks over to Zaphod's table:: Now you go to sleep. Don't worry, my Caitian Human friend. You will not be harmed. Not now at least. Joe Manning -> Argylia> Nobody has a closer eye on you right now than the Guardians. Byblos -> That can change Ma`dam Pher. Shane -> ::to Byblos:: Yep. Joe Manning -> Argylia> They've come here. ::Looks around the table:: And it's you all that they're here for. Byblos -> Right...time to .....do some acting and less talking.. Joe Manning -> ::Glances at Argyle at that and takes a sip of his water:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::grins at the old man:: Harmed, let me up from this table, I'll show you what that means. Pher -> Oh? :: Considers :: Hmm. Another complication I didn't really want. Do you know their angle? Joe Manning -> Argylia> Their angle? ::Fixes Pher with his gaze:: Oddly enough, they have it in their heads that you're terrorists. STSF_Nickles -> :: raises a brow at Argylia:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::eyesthe syringe:: Joe Manning -> Argylia> I wouldn't know where they got that idea. But I would think keeping them out of the picture would be beneficial to both of us. So maybe we should be begin working more closely together from now on? Pher -> Not correct. I can give you a bit of history, but... not here. Not now. You've been here too long. Joe Manning -> Argylia> True. ::Nods and begins collecting menus from the table:: And we've all got work to do. ::Glances at everyone:: Pher -> Not a short tale. Pher -> :: slight smile :: Shane -> ::glances at Argyle, then look arounds slowly:: Joe Manning -> #Old Man> ::Inserts the syringe into Zaphod's outstretched arm:: Just a little cat nap, my friend. Nothing to worry about. Pher -> So much for shaping alternate realities. Byblos -> does Argylia have any Klingon associates busssers....said out loud for him. Pher -> But it might at least... Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::laughs at cat nap:: I'd better wake up with all my parts intact. ::starts fading:: Joe Manning -> Argylia> ::Reaches into one of the menus and talks again in the female voice:: Again, I'm so sorry. Your orders will be along shortly if you're willing to wait. ::Smiles at them and walks away:: Byblos -> ::follows Argyllia:: Do you hav e Klingon Bussers? Pher -> :: Realizes the menue with its fancy black box is gone away :: Byblos -> Important... Byblos -> ::byblos grabs Argylia:: Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM 8/26 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Pher -> :: Not entirely pleased, but entirely thinking. :: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::wakes up and looks around, tests the bindings holding him to the table:: Byblos -> ::doing situps in a tank top with trousers...furiously burning off the rage:: Shane -> ::in the back bedroom once more, packing a few tools and several small pieces of equipment into his cargo pants:: Joe Manning -> #ACTION: The bindings come loose quite easily Troy Parson -> ::in the kitchen building something out of aluminum foil:: Joe Manning -> ::Seated on the sofa in the living area, entirely watching Pher:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::sits up and feels around, testing to see if he still has his kidneys:: Pher -> OK. Anyone think we shouldn't go after Zaph? I think we have to silence the doc, anyway. Two reasons. Joe Manning -> I'd like to know why the hell the Guardians brung him here. Why the hell they're interested in us. I mean ... I can make half a guess. But it'd be nice to know for sure. Shane -> ::doubles checks everything with a bored expression on his scarred face, picks up the big gauss pistol and slid it into its holster;; Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::gets off the table and starts looking for his clothes and equipment, muttlers:: Wonder why the bindings fell off. Byblos -> ::listens while continuing his..."blow off violent rage" ...excercise routine:: Pher -> What's your guess? Troy Parson -> ::walks into the living room holding a foil construction that looks like a duck:: Joe Manning -> #ACTION: Zaphod's organs do not appear to have been disturbed Shane -> ::stomps heavily back into the common room with his arm whiring and whining:: Joe Manning -> Well, according to Troy's little friends at Xorax colony, the Minos we handed to the Guardians wasn't the real Minos ... Pher -> :: considers :: Which is obviously our fault? Joe Manning -> Now I don't know how far we can trust a bunch a little eggheads that never leave that ice rock, but it was sort of an odd observation for them to make offhand like that. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::finds his clothes and gets dressed, throws his equipment bag over his shoulder, walks to the door and tests it::P Shane -> ::glances at Troy and sees the foil duck, looks at him with a raised eyebrow:: Joe Manning -> It sure as hell ain't if it's true. But the Guardians have a way of not stopping to think about things in the interest of justice. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::looks around to see if his metal friends are still around:: Joe Manning -> #ACTION: The door is still firmly sealed. The robots are all dormant Pher -> Sounds plausible though, Joe. Though. Now that I know about the Goo, suddenly the existance of a single mastermind seems not plausible or relevant. Byblos -> ::stops his situps briefly, notes that Troy Parson is carrying and shakes his head in...what is he up to know like look..then returns to the floor to resume pushups:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::takes out his tricorder and scans the door:: Pher -> No matter how many times we kill whomever is acting as Minos, they can always trot out another Minos. Troy Parson -> ::notices Shane abd Byblos' glances:: It's a duck. ::to all:: So, is there actually a second alternative that we're considering? Joe Manning -> I don't think any of us really knows how much that goo is involved in the Rainmakers. I don't even think Ethan knows. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((do I find my equipment, and weapons?)) Joe Manning -> Though ::Shrugs:: Who knows what he knows and is decidin' to not tell us. ::Leans back on the sofa and grabs his forhead:: Joe Manning -> (( No where in sight )) Pher -> I'm glad you said it, not me, Joe. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ((ok)) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::feels around the door controls, looking for a way out:: Joe Manning -> ::Shakes his head:: Beside the point anyway right now. We've got to focus on Zaphod and the doc. Pher -> Anyway, I want to free zaph and kill the doc. I'd like to do the warehouse gig. Then, there is a bunch of talking I'd like to do before the next step. Shane -> ::looks at Joe, then Pher:: Gilmo will be expecting progress. Byblos -> ::talks while doing push ups:: A lot of Heat Boss, and I don't particularly care for Guardian heat anyways...I say extract zaphod and get off this web or asteroid confusion. ::said kind of in a winded state:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::wishes he had his tool kit, trying to pull the panel off the door controls:: Pher -> While the longer Zaph is in custody, the fewer organs he is apt to have, and the more likely the Doc will leak something. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Byblos:: We bolt now, we're still poor, and we don't even know who in Bull's Head we'll ###### off. We don't even know what Gilmo is a part of. Shane -> ::to Byblos:: Which still leaves us without a repaired computer core. Joe Manning -> So ... ::Looks back at Pher:: We have our location now, right? Pher -> I agree we're in a hurry, but I'd like you tech guys to know what you're doing before we start assaulting people. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::gets the panel off, starts looking for the manual release:: Joe Manning -> #Voice> Didn't you learn the first time what happens when you touch things around here, Caitian? Pher -> Right. I'd like to find the rear exit, though. We can't just win the fight, we've got to cut off retreat. Pher -> Any of you guys have an angle on doing that? Shane -> ::turns his head to Troy:: You have your equations worked out? Byblos -> ::said in Mid Push up:: The ship is mess, agreed. But we are FUBAR on our objectives. Uh FUBAR means useless I think... Joe Manning -> The doc had a back door last time. I'm sure it's safe to assume he'll have others. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::looks up for the voice:: So, you're still here too old man? What do you want from me? Troy Parson -> ::shrugs:: More or less. Here. ::hands the duck to Shane:: Joe Manning -> #Voice> To negotiate your release. For starters. Pher -> Oh, I don't think you'll be useless in the Zaph/Doc assault, Byblos. I think this one's going to be kinda direct. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::walks over toward the wall:: Really? Negotiate? And, what do I possibly have that you'd want? Shane -> ::takes the duck and looks down at it, before looking back up at Troy:: This is your answer? Joe Manning -> #Voice> You misunderstand. I have what your crew wants. You. Troy Parson -> Part of it. ::uses his now freed hands to take out a cigarette and light it:: Shane -> Care to clue me in? Joe Manning -> #Voice> But I have much more. ... I wonder why the Orion is posing as leader on the station. When it is Manning who is the Captain. They are concealing so much ... Pher -> But I want the tech crew to find every plausible exit before storming em. Troy Parson -> I've always found that when trying to confuse heuristic monitoring algorithms, it helps not to have too much motive Shane -> ::back to Pher:: So we're off the warehouse and onto the Doc. Pher -> This guy... He fights by machine and runs. He is not going to stand up and go toe to toe with Byblos. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # Really? And, this concerns my why? I know very little my old friend. Byblos -> ::stops his push ups and gets in a "sitting indian style position":: Pher did you see Argyle? I mean he was dressed as a woman. The Heat is here. How the jking way are we going to get the Cat and the Meat Carver with so many eyes on us. Joe Manning -> It's entirely possible that we could try doing that on site. Our crew could use a little work on adapting to situations and making plans on the fly. Joe Manning -> Doesn't have to mean charging in without a plan, mind you. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::grins:: I guess you figured out you can't sell off my organs. Joe Manning -> #Voice> Of course not. You've been away for some time ... Pher -> I think our crew needs practice doing prepwork and planning. We ad-lib all to often and all too poorly. Joe Manning -> #Voice> Handed over to the authorities on Xorax. After the Captain gave you refuge on his crew. Pher -> For the fourth time, do any of you tech guys have an approach to locating the exits. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # I'm an employee, nothing more. Shane -> ::hand the duck back to Troy once his smoke is lit:: Just tell me what the jyke you need me to do, I'm tired of sittin' around. Pher -> :: Looks to Troy, Shane and William in turn. :: Joe Manning -> And this is exactly what I'm talking about. More seconds tick away for Zaphod while we discuss how much we should plan. Need to find a balance. Troy Parson -> ::exhales some smoke:: As much as I might dislike being lumped in with the "tech guys", I might have an idea. Pher -> :: Angry :: Speak it, Troy. Shane -> ::mumbles:: The feelin's mutual... Pher -> We don't have time to be playing with toy ducks. Troy Parson -> Well, the station's got to have some method of keeping fire contained, right? Byblos -> ::wipes sweat over his brow shakes his head hear's Troy Parson and listens:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::pulls a cigarette out of his jacket and lights it:: So, what's your plan? Use me as a trading tool? A hostage? Pher -> :: Nods :: At least two. Plan B is vent atmosphere to space. Shane -> ::nods, listening:: Joe Manning -> The details of that should all be in Ethan's reports somewhere. Troy Parson -> What if we make a wall of hard vacuum around our objective? Pher -> Well, the way Gular works, they might not bother with a plan A. Joe Manning -> #Voice> Of course. The plan has already been set in motion. Your crew have the information they need. Pher -> Not very subtle, but I like it. Ethan Neufeld -> ((Standard force-field suffocation, fire suppressant chemicals, etc)) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::blows out smoke:: Information? Who is they? Pher -> :: Listening :: Joe Manning -> I like it. Surround the place with a ring of dead air, except for one path that we take. ::Shrugs and looks at Pher:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::hops up on the table:: Joe Manning -> #Voice> I have given them terms for your release. And for my silence. It is so much more savory to possess your Captain's secrets. Pher -> We won't want to lallygag. That will for sure sound alarms and result in a bunch of engineers heading that way. Troy Parson -> So long as we can stop the alarms from reaching a central computer node and calling for help, we ought to have a little bit of time, at least. Pher -> :: Nods approval :: Joe Manning -> From what I could tell, it's pretty deep in the bowels of the place. No man's land ... Joe Manning -> Might have a bit of time even without cutting the notices. Byblos -> If you could pull of that slice Troy Parson for a long enough time I will give you 20 percent of my cut for your smoke sticks. Pher -> You have enough information to set it up? Make it happen? :: Looking to Troy :: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::gins:: Terms for my release huh? What do they have to pay? I'm not worth very much, I'm a genetic pirate freak. What information could you possibly want? Troy Parson -> I've gotten pretty good at noticing smoke detectors, over the years. ::holds up cigarette:: Joe Manning -> #Voice> No, I agree ... you aren't worth very much at all. Considering how highly your Captain must think of you, turning you in ... Shane -> ((Clarification: Are we talking about the Gular warehouse r the docs house? Shane -> )) Pher -> (( Doc's house )) Joe Manning -> #Voice> But since your Captain is concealing so much here on this station ... on behalf of very wealthy benefactors ... negotiating with him is certainly in my best interest. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::frowns:: Turned me in? Really? And, why would he do that? Byblos -> ::Byblos stands extending his frame in a stretch his arms touching the ceiling in the safe house:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::takes a deep drag of his smoke:: Troy Parson -> Besides that...we'll need a series of small, linked incendiaries-- nothing too hard to make-- Pher -> :: Nods to Troy :: Joe Manning -> Difficulty isn't the only factor here. Time could be a key factor too. Pher -> Definitely. :: Nods to Joe :: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::deep in thought:: And, why would my captain turn me in? I'm a competent engineer? Byblos -> ::turns to the Boss:: The primary Mark's arrival and departure we have to consider. You might have to dump some jobs, for the big one Boss. Troy Parson -> And, of course, we'll have to be ready for whatever the doctor might have in the bubble with him. Defense-wise, I mean. Joe Manning -> #Voice> Oh, his personal journals speak at quite great length about your old ship, the Capricorn. About the prisoners he was keeping. The rogue scientists from Xorax as well ... Byblos -> Not that I mean we do not extract the cat. We neeed him. Joe Manning -> #Voice> It seems Xorax colony wanted you all in their custody. Though I don't get the feeling that the Captain was too remorseful about having to hand you over. Pher -> I'm a bit concerned that last time around he had nothing but androids and a robot. All my stuff is fed legal stunner. Not sure how much good they'll be. Joe Manning -> On that we have no idea. But he wouldn't set something up like this and contact us if he didn't have some defenses. Joe Manning -> Well ... it was clear from my own observations that the doc's robots weren't all robot ... Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::thinks:: I'm sure my captain had his reasons. Byblos -> ::looks at Pher:: wondervar. Joe Manning -> The redhead had living organs inside of her. Shane -> Many androids do. Troy Parson -> Technically, doesn't that make them cyborgs? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> #::flicks out his smoke and lights another:: So, what now? We just sit here and wait. Or, are you going to continue to try to talk me over to the dark side? ::grins:: Joe Manning -> #Voice> As I'm sure he has his reasons for coming here. He keeps a great many secrets. Byblos -> We need to pay a visit Samus to extend our tactical ability Boss, ::looking at Joe Manning:: We do not have the tools for the job here. And there is too much heat on this rock to go window shopping. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::laughs:: His secrets are of no concern to me. As long as I get paid. Shane -> ::raises an eyebrow at Troy:: Pher -> Joe, is upgunning through Samus easier than trying Argyle? Troy Parson -> Do we have time for either? Joe Manning -> We need to move is what we need to do. We've got to be able to act on our own somewhat here. Can't keep looking for Samus or Argyle or anyone else to hold our hands ... Pher -> How much time before you'll be able to make vacuum, Troy? Joe Manning -> Troy, you're resourceful enough. Find the materials you need and get to work on those explosives Shane -> ::nods to Joe's comment:: Byblos -> ::looking at Pher:: Did you SEE how undercover he was Pher..I can aslways steal stuff I suppose. Troy Parson -> Can do. These won't take long. William Chocox -> ((Hey guys. Sorry I'm late. Church function.)) Joe Manning -> #Voice> You seem to overvalue your importance in our exchange. I had thought at first that your role as a Guardian prisoner spoke to your importance ... Pher -> If you can make your incindiaries faster than we can work political contacts, we won't work contacts. Byblos -> If you do not want to pull from Samus but Joe Manning...::turning to his boss with his ugly face:: We don't have the weapons for the Job...maybe the brains..::looks to Troy Parson:: .but not the brawn Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # I have no idea what the Guardians wanted from me. ::grins:: As for my importance? That's up for debate. Pher -> But I have not been impressed by our ability to work solo. This is not our turf, and our success rate shows it. Troy Parson -> Thankfully, these don't have to be very powerful. Byblos -> ::looks to Shane:: No insult big guy We just need some weapons. Joe Manning -> Weapons go a hell of a long way, Byblos. But they aren't the answer to everything. Pher -> How long, Troy? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # Just what do you want for my exchange old man? Joe Manning -> #Voice> Compensation for the destruction of my business place by your mercenary associates. Shane -> ::shrugs to Byblos:: Troy Parson -> Give me...::calculating:: Half an hour? Less if you're okay with taking a bit of a chance and going low-tech on the timing. Pher -> For a half hour, I'd say do it right. William Chocox -> Need any help Troy? Byblos -> ::walks up to Joe Manning:: Alright Boss, that what is. We have been spinning our wheels on this rock for some time now and have not gotten ANYWHERE...and have earned only more pressure from Cops...Jykin' Boss...we cannot just sit here time is running out on us..Sometimes...Action is needed. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::laughs at the thought of Byblos going all Naussican on the old man:: Compensation? Really? That's between you and them. What do I have to do with it? Joe Manning -> Alright. In the meantime, how about we break the silence? Always best to keep a hostage taker talking, in't it? Troy Parson -> Works for me. ::turns to William:: The more the merrier. Pher -> I'd rather talk to the guardians, but only after the Doc and the Warehouse is done. William Chocox -> Joe, that only works if we have something he wants. Has he made any demands? Shane -> ::to Troy and Will:: What are we thinkin' here, simple cloth with alchohol? Joe Manning -> And we're acting, Byblos. You want to run out there and kill a few cops, be my guest. But don't expect any of us to have your back if you do. Joe Manning -> ::Shrugs at William:: What else. Money. Seems to know who we're working for, which is one of our biggest problems. Shane -> alcohol* Troy Parson -> ::to Shane:: Pretty much. Throw in a few damaged wireless recievers scavenged from around the house to make sparks, put each one in a can, and Bob's your uncle. William Chocox -> As long as we have an in to keep him interested. Joe Manning -> #Voice> You have very little to do with it. But as you know where my workshop is, I am not releasing you until our exchange is done. Troy Parson -> Thankfully, I've got something that burns a little nicer than drinking alcohol...::takes out cigarette lighter:: Byblos -> ::Byblos begins to sound PO'd:: I can at least get the heat off your jykin' backs Boss. You need to relocate anyways..you know better! I swear I ought to just walk out THAT DOOR..and just be my old stupid self for your sakes...and get the guardians to look the other way from you. Shane -> ::indicates to the back room:: I picked quite a few pieces back at the clinic with limited radio connections. William Chocox -> I actually did have an uncle named Bob. Joe Manning -> ::Nods at William:: Exactly ... ::Looks at Pher:: Letting him know that we've gotten in touch with Samus is a start. Make him think we're movin' toward an exchange. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::tail swishing:: You keep saying exchange. What am I being exchanged for? ::takes a long drag off his cig:: Troy Parson -> Luckily, pretty much everything has wireless these days, so that it can be computer-monitored and -controlled. Pher -> Would you like to handle that Joe, or who? Joe Manning -> Bybs, if I didn't know better, I would guess that you're pissin' your pants. Nobody in this room is all that afraid of the Guardians, I can tell you that. Byblos -> ::Byblos towers over Joe...disturbingly close:: Are you getting this...you are going to get caught unless you get these guys moving. Joe Manning -> He's talkin' to you Pher. Might as well keep that conversation going. Pher -> I'd rather talk to the Guardians that shoot at them, but we're in a hurry on other fronts. Shane -> I figured we'd tune them to a single frequency that we could send out from an ODRI. ::heads to the back room and grabs the duffel:: Byblos -> Pissing in my pants? Pher -> Very well Joe. Troy Parson -> ::nods:: That should work well. Byblos -> ::Byblos looses his cool:: Joe Manning -> #Voice> Compensation. A business I worked long and hard to cultivate was devastated. Joe Manning -> Back off Byblos. ::Looks up at him:: We're plannin' to get one of our people back and we don't have the time or the opportunity for this kind of distraction. Forget the damn Guardians Shane -> ::brings the bag back into the common room and clears the dining table with a sweep of his bionic:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::grins:: Well, I don't think you're goin to get much old man. We're mercinaries like you said. So, you want compensation in exchange for little old me? Joe Manning -> I've had them chasin' my ass on numerous occasions. I don't consider them any more than glorified mercs. They sure as hell ain't 'the law.' Joe Manning -> #Voice> Mercenaries with a rich patron, as I said. Byblos -> Son of a Bitch....::raises his fist as to punch Joe....::and stops mid Punch:: Jykin' debate club...I am not afraid of Guardians...I am just trying to get you to realize the heat is on...and you need to move along. To Hell with you...::looks at Pher as he turns around and exits the door:: Good Luck Pher...Sorry.. ::leaves room:: Shane -> ::unceremoniously dumps the contents onto the surface and pulls out a small tool kit:: Shane -> How many are you thinkin' we need Parson? Pher -> (( Is he leaving the complex? )) Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # I know nothing about rich patrons. But, I don't think they will negotiate with you. What then, kill me? William Chocox -> Trust me Bybs. The outer Guardians are pansies with uniformaZ Joe Manning -> ::Shakes his head and looks at William:: Will, follow him. Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid Troy Parson -> Since we're doing this in a three-dimensional habitat, to be on the safe side, let's say eight. Joe Manning -> #Voice> ::Ominously:: My business will need to restart with someone ... Byblos -> (just the safe room at the moment) William Chocox -> Sure thing. ::follows:: Shane -> ::looks over the contents and picks up a small implant:: We can manage that. Troy Parson -> ::opens up a cabinet and starts taking out cans of food:: Let's see...nobody here likes beans, right? Byblos -> ::walks down the hallway towards the Turbolift:: Pher -> :: Shakes head :: He has this habit of not being there when you want him. Shane -> ::glances up to see Will leave after Byblos and rolls his eyes:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::grins:: Old man, you're not very good with threats. I know you can't open your chop shop with me. William Chocox -> Bybs! Slow down. ::trying to keep up:: What's your deal? Shane -> ::picks out a tool and start tearing the implant apart:: Shane -> starts* Joe Manning -> #Voice> Well, I certainly don't need a pet. Troy Parson -> ::emptying out food cans to use as firebomb casings:: Byblos -> ::enters lift and designates the cargobay area they were::: William, you don't want to follow me...just do not get into the lift..just go back to Joe...and for goodness sakes....get him to relocate the team. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::laughs:: The only one who considers me a pet is a cute little barmaid upstairs. I don't think you'll get a leash on me. She might. ::lights another smoke:: Byblos -> ::the lift doors start to close.......:: William Chocox -> Don't make me do something stupid Bybs. ::raises his phaser:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # Don't think any of my crew mates will volunteer to jump on your table. You'll have to look for cattle somewhere else. Shane -> ::pulls off the wireless receiver, a tiny piece and starts a small pile as he goes to work on different clinic items:: Shane -> clinical Byblos -> What the? Where did you get the Phaser? Joe Manning -> #Voice> When they pay me, I will not need any 'cattle.' With the stipend their patron can provide me, I will no longer need to do business. Pher -> +Text Doc+ Finance source claims buisiness owner who blows up own shop poor investment. Have you a business plan? Sorry, guy with money doesn't care a lot about cats. Byblos -> ::holds lift door momentarily:: Troy Parson -> ::takes a small screwdriver out of a pocket and starts to disassemble his lighter:: William Chocox -> I've has it for awhile. Not get back to the room or I stun you. Shane -> ::glances up from his work to Troy:: Better have more than one of those.... Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::gins:: So, you want to get away from the Frankenstien buisness and retire. Don't think you'll be allowed to old man. William Chocox -> had* Byblos -> ::Byblos paces around the turbolift which is small:: William, you were a cop right? Joe Manning -> Audrey> "Business plan is simply to withhold from the Gular Consortium executives knowledge that finance source is utilizing mercenaries to snoop into their affairs." Byblos -> Guardian..whatever.. Pher -> :: Shows to Joe :: Joe Manning -> #Voice> ::Laughs and reponds after a small delay:: Pray tell, who will care? Pher -> And that seems to say that Argyle is leaking info to the Doc. Joe Manning -> ::Looks down at the text and shakes his head:: Pher -> Might be time to blow the whole operation, I think Joe. William Chocox -> If I was a Guardian I'd of already shot you. I'm not shooting you yet because I consider you a friend. Joe Manning -> Pher, he's got my ODRI. And I think he took a skin graft when he had me on his table ... Byblos -> YOU know for sure.....you have a loose band of Mercs on your rock, given what has been happening. You know they arrived about the same time a Klingon ship did.....What would you do....try to find the bad guys right? Joe Manning -> Now I don't know if this guy's got the knowhow to hack an ODRI ... but anything is possible. Pher -> Did you have our plans in the ODRI? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::Grins:: Well, I could care less. I'm sure the Guardians would not look to kindly on you old man. Something tells me your buisness is all underground anyway. Joe Manning -> ::Frowns at Pher:: William Chocox -> No I stay with my group where I'm most needed. Joe Manning -> It's my ODRI, Pher. ::Shrugs:: What can I say. I've got a lot stored on it. William Chocox -> Now please get back to the room. Byblos -> I mean that is a Cop or Guardians job to find the Bad Guys right? ....::listens to William you are missing my point!:: Troy Parson -> ::takes a cloth dishtowel and cuts it into eight segments, then soaks each with an eigth of the contents of his lighter:: They're not big, but they'll burn. Pher -> OK. Then we can't pin it on Argyle, who doesn't seem to have motive to leak to the Doc, anyway. Joe Manning -> We don't know half of Argyle's motive. But as long as he's got access to my ODRI's personal database, he's got a lot of information at his fingertips ... Pher -> :: Calls up the public plans for the area of the station where the Doc may be. :: Joe Manning -> Gives me even more reason to want this guy taken out and fast. William Chocox -> My job as a Guardian was to fix things. And the people who went after the "bad guys" weren't much better than the criminals they went after. Byblos -> ::exhales and stops pacing:: This group needs to relocate..I cannot drill that through the Bosses' skull. We are being tracked....Did you See Argyle??? Think William! Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::smokes:: So, you want to extort some money from my mates, and go into hiding? Shrewd plan. Don't think it will work though. Joe Manning -> And to learn if he -is- answering to anyone else. Joe Manning -> #Voice> ::Laughs:: Do you think the Guardians care what I have done on Andus station? Joe Manning -> #Voice> It's not even their territory. The Gular Consortium runs this part of the station ... and they can be made to not care in any variety of ways. Pher -> I'm also thinking that the Guardians, station security, Argyle and Gular ought to be exchanging notes. The Guardians know our true ID or they wouldn't be here. The whole thing is falling apart. Byblos -> Eventulally they will find Argyle's little room...given the ODRI transmissions..they probably already have. William Chocox -> Look going off the reservation isn't going to help anyone. It's just going to get you killed. Shane -> ::::adds another receiver and power source to the slowly growing pil on the table:: Pher -> Too many balls in the air. Joe Manning -> ::Smirks a bit:: Pher ... if the Guardians were playing ball with Gular or the station administrators, they'd already be swarming all over us ... William Chocox -> And leave us with too few people. Byblos -> That room is no Reservation. ::sort of misunderstands William:: Then hears that his last comment. Pher -> Which even they will figure out eventually. Joe Manning -> As I was reluctant to take the time to explain to Byblos ... as long as we're in Gular space, we've got some protection from the Guardians. Ironic as that may seem. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # I'm sure the Gular are only interested in money. Bribe and they look the other way. But, it goes both ways old man. ::grins ominously:: Byblos -> Jyke me!!!! ::resign himself to come out of the lift upon William's last point:: Joe Manning -> #Voice> You think your associates will pay off the Consortium instead? And risk their secrets getting out? I think not. Shane -> ::sifts through some of the dis-assembled components he had already gathered the other day and finds the rest of what they need:: Pher -> :: Nods :: And I figure that our one connect with the Guardians is anti-Minos... We are actually working the same side, or at least I am. William Chocox -> There we go. And now I don't have to figure out how to carry you from the lift. Byblos -> Jyke me...that man is going to get us killed...Unless someone else draws the flak away from us... Joe Manning -> ::Nods:: I have no plans to get into a war with the Guardians here. Joe Manning -> I just want to cross the stream that's in front of us first. And I'd prefer keeping the Guardians away from this one. Shane -> ::pulls out a roll of duct-tape and grabs a food can from Troy's pile:: Byblos -> ::swears thoroughly at he walks past William hands up to be escorted back to the "safehouse":: Joe Manning -> Once Zaphod and this harvester bastard are taken care of, we'll find out what the Guardians want. Pher -> As I said, I'd like to talk to them. Give them a bit of info. Find out what got them way the heck out here. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::Starting to like this mad scientist:: You're sure of that? We'll see. If Captain Manning could trade me off, what makes you think he'll pay you to get me back? Pher -> Might want to do the warehouse job first too, but, yes, we're on the same page. William Chocox -> ::starts following:: The Guardians can do very little here. Joe Manning -> #Voice> ::Laughs:: You are continuing to underestimate how much the Captain would like to protect the secrets he's keeping. Byblos -> I am not responsible for this crew getting killed or caught. ::enters the door and into the saferoom:: Joe Manning -> And near as I can keep track ... ::Looks over at Shane and Troy:: You boys are windin' down to about 10 minutes left on that stuff. Otherwise, I'll have to call Troy a liar. Pher -> :: Looks at her map. Starts getting an idea of what corridors will have to be vacuumed. :: Byblos -> Jyke me...::looks to Joe Manning :: Get it done before it is too late. I need to use the head....::enters washroom with William in tow until thw washroom's door are clossed. Troy Parson -> Almost there! William Chocox -> No one said you were. ::holsters his phaser as he re-enters the safe house:: Pher -> Having the flares is one thing. Figuring out where to put them... Let's start looking at station plans, Joe. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # I'm very confident of the captain's secret keeping. ::grins:: And, that's why I ask again, what makes you think he'd comprimise those secrets for a half Caitian engineer he barely knows? Shane -> ::uses a hyrod-spanner to tune the frequency of the receiver and assembles the trigger mechanism with the power core and a roll of duct-tape from the duffel bag:: Can't rush art Cap'n... Troy Parson -> ::applying a cheese grater to a cabinet door to produce sawdust, for some extra combustion fuel.:: Joe Manning -> ::Watches Byblos and nods at William:: Good job. Took less time than I thought. William Chocox -> Damn near stunned him. Ethan Neufeld -> (Should've used non-dairy creamer. ::smirks::) Byblos -> ::heard from the closed restroom:: And get me a weapon that can KILL Someone...will you!!!!! Pher -> He does have a point. Shane -> ::slides the finished fire bomb housing and triggers to Troy's end of the table as he finishes them:: Joe Manning -> (( Last lines )) Troy Parson -> ::takes the finished bomb housings, puts the lighter fluid soaked bits of dishtowel and some sawdust in each:: Byblos -> ::in the restroom sounds are heard...walls being pounded...then an odd Nausicaan scream...and a toilet flush:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> # ::Finishes his smoke, flicks it out:: Well old man, we'll see what happens. As for now, you think I could get a drink. You're suppose to keep your hostages comfortable. ::grins:: William Chocox -> What the hell was that? Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM 9/09 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Shane -> ::wearing some old, smelly rags along with a dirty fedora as a disguise and limping with his head low down a sidealley with his black duffel bag:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::smoking a spiced cig, looking at the robots in the wall alcoves:: Byblos -> ::Is near Pher I think:: Joe Manning -> ::Walking through the tunnels in the depths of the asteroid, trying to scope them out for any unwanted surprises:: Shane -> ::pauses at a trashbin and opens it to rummage through:: Shane -> ::places a bomb and bangs the lid shut, moving out into the street:: Pher -> :: Hair up, dark worker type clothing :: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::paces around the room, like a trapped cat, mutters:: Bored, bored, bored. Joe Manning -> This place is like a big ol labyrinth. I hope Troy picked out the spots for those bombs well. Troy Parson -> ::takes out a cylindrical object marked, "Machinery: Do Not Touch", and tapes it to a wall under a smoke detector:: Byblos -> (dock worker?) Shane -> ::grumbles to himself as he limps along, raises his head slightly to scan the area:: Pher -> I'm just looking for quick in and out. We're not being subtle. Don't want to hang around long. Troy Parson -> ::reaches into a pocket and takes out another cylinder, this one marked only Troy Parson -> ::"suggestions", and walks towards the next placement site:: Byblos -> Aye Pher, never stay around after you decide to blow something up. Hah! Pher -> Good advice. Shane -> ::reaches his next placement site at an old abandoned store-front, stops to take a wizz in the corner of the entrance and drops another bomb once he's finished:: Byblos -> Just hope this is enough for Gilmo to get his arse investigated thoroughly....and spring the cat..::carries big pipe to another pile of pipes:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks back at Pher:: Well, we ain't gettin too close before we trigger the incendiaries. Don't want to tip the ol doc off too easy. So we'll have to leg it a bit through the safe zone that Troy leaves for us. Pher -> I do hope he remembers a safe zone. :: Smiles :: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::walks to the rear wall, looks up at the speaker, wondering why he hasn't heard from the old man in a few hours, shrugs and mutters:: Wish I had my tricorder. At least I could play Angry Mynoks while I wait. ::Laughs:: Byblos -> I would of put a bunch of micro self sealing stem bolts adjacent to my package...but I cannot risk hurting the Cat.. Joe Manning -> I'll make sure he joins us before we start. Taking the risks himself tends to motivate Troy to work a lot better. Byblos -> ::looks at Joe wondering if he is going to get him good for his tantrum earler:: Troy Parson -> ::climbs down a ladder to the next bomb site and tapes the device prominently to the wall, along with a sign saying, "Your Input is Appreciated!":: Byblos -> Just order me around Pher...You'll look like a supervisor..with me the grunt...::carries another large object that is common in the area:: Troy Parson -> ::takes a few steps away from the device, and taps a button on his ODRI:: Pher -> Well, my current concern is that this guy doesn't work with people. He works with androids. Not sure my weapons are going to be useful. Shane -> ::limps upon his last placement near another alleyway entrance and tosses the bag on to the ruins of an old couch:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::flicks out his cig and lights another:: Gonna have to cut down on these. ::takes a long drag, then starts pacing again:: Bored, bordady bored. Pher -> So, Byblos, I'd like you to work hard targets, and I'll likely go for the doc. Joe Manning -> ACTION: A little black cat scurries through the tunnel near Pher and Byblos Pher -> Audrey, confirm that's just a cat, please? Byblos -> ::looks at his stunner:: This tiny thing...? ::notes Cat:: Hmm....Zaphod already broke loose! Joe Manning -> (( Ah, Pher, are you confirming that everything around you is genuine? :P )) Shane -> ::limps along towards the safe zone, gently tapping the ODRI on his bionic underneath all the rags to activate the comm:: +Team+ Shane here. Last placement has been made. Joe Manning -> Audrey> The cat is not a wholly biological entity Pher -> (Hey. So I'm paranoid. Am I right? ) Troy Parson -> ::takes out his final device, this one labeled, "154-12C", and tapes it in its place:: Byblos -> Hah....bad joke.. Troy Parson -> +Team+ Troy here; anyone for fireworks? Joe Manning -> Audrey> In fact the cat is somewhat mechanical Pher -> OK. That was not an entirely pure cat. Byblos -> ::looks at Pher:: What ? Pher -> +Troy+ Just spoted an android cat. Expedite. Go go go. Shane -> +Troy+::grunts an un-interpruble reply:: Joe Manning -> Cat> ::Stops at a junction of intersecting tunnels. Sits and licks its paw. Twists its head a bit to look toward Pher and Byblos:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::walks over to the food and drink table the old man had the robots set up and makes a drink:: Byblos -> ::whispers:: I want to shoot it Pher Pher -> :: Points :: Android cat. Joe Manning -> ::Turns from a garbage chute he's inspecting to look back at Pher then over at the cat:: Shane -> ::limps faster with his bionic arm whining and whirring, spots Pher and Byblos a block down:: Joe Manning -> Cat> ::After it finishes licking its paw, stretches a bit and yawns:: Troy Parson -> +Pher+ Have you tried offering it some android milk? Pher -> As soon as you hear a boom, do it Byblos. Byblos -> Copy... Pher -> +Troy+ Less chat, more explosions. Pher -> Joe, we have to assume we're blown. Joe Manning -> Cat> ::Appears to take a more keen interest in what Pher and Byblos are doing. Looks back and fixes its gaze on them:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::sits on the exam table and nibbles a sandwich, and sips his drink:: Troy Parson -> +Pher+ But what's the fun of blowing things up if you can't add a bit of commentary? ::has reached a safe distance from the last device; presses button on ODRI again:: Joe Manning -> ::Moves over to Pher's side and crosses his arms, watching the cat:: I'm sure this guy's had a fix on at least one of us. And ... has been tracking us. Byblos -> ::opens a ventallation shaft and brings down an air filter:: see Kitty, I am just changing a filter right now.. Joe Manning -> Doesn't imply necessarily that he knows what we're doing. Pher -> Yah. But don't want to give anyone time to think. Byblos -> If it's the evil Doc, he will recognize you boss. Troy Parson -> +Pher+ Also, be ready to move. I've just sent the signal; detonation should occur in...::checks ODRI::...one and a half seconds. Joe Manning -> ::Nods:: So expedite the proceedings. Pher -> Trying to. Pher -> :: counts to one and a half... :: Joe Manning -> Oh, of course he will. He knows more about me than I'd care to have anyone on this station knowing. ::Frowns:: Shane -> ::comes up on Pher, the Cap'n and Byblos behind the cat and kicks at it as he grumbles:: Thanks for checking if I was in the clear... Joe Manning -> Cat> ::Spits and runs off around the corner:: Pher -> Any time, Shane. Byblos -> err...his cat..::as he lifts the new filter in place...some odd mixture of chemical goo is on the side opposite the cat's view..and Byblos puts the filter in place:: Okay I am done. Joe Manning -> ACTION: The incendiaries ignite, triggering nearby fire detectors Troy Parson -> ::starts to walk more quickly away from the last device as it starts to emit a wisp of smoke:: Pher -> That's your cue, Byblos, but no extended cat chase. If it isn't quick, move to the door. Pher -> :: Starts moving to the door :: Byblos -> Not going to be able to catch that little think Pher too Fast...Sorry.... Joe Manning -> ::Moves to check his ODRI before remembering that he doesn't have one anymore. Scowls and follows Byblos and Pher:: Pher -> Then to the door, everyone. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::hears the fire detector alarms and grins a toothy grin, moves to the back of the room away from the door:: Shane -> ::sheds his rags and unclips the holster on his gauss pistol, stomping after the rest of the group:: Pher -> Audrey, start mapping life sign locations in the area. Troy Parson -> ::running now, making sure he won't be sealed in with the smoke when the fire alarms activate suppression protocols:: Byblos -> Okay that should provide some smoke in the ducts as soon as I trigger it..... Joe Manning -> ACTION: Alarms start blaring in the affected areas, advising people to move to safe areas Pher -> :: Moving towards the door, but not to close. :: Shane -> +Troy+ Get a move on, Parson... Pher -> :: Looking for life signs in the expected target area :: Byblos -> ::looks to Pher:: But if you want me to try,..::hears claxon:: oh jyke me ... Joe Manning -> Audrey> There is one lifesign in the target area Pher -> One life sign. I was hoping for two. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::hears the alarms get louder and laughs, sounds like my crewmates, tucks in a corner and watches the door:: Pher -> Audrey, identify species please? Shane -> ::powers up his ODRI as well to see readings similiar to Audrey's:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: A forcefield is erected right behind Troy just as he passes through a doorway into a safe zone Shane -> Are we sure this doc's a biological? Byblos -> ::readies his puny stunner, his other hand on Shane's yet to be tested in combat...Energy sword:: Joe Manning -> Audrey> Biosigns match some Caitian anatomy, some human Pher -> Suddenly I'm not, Shane. Pher -> We have Zaph behind the door. Shane -> ::mumbles to himself and unholsters his big pistol:: Pher -> But he seems crazy like a biological, not like a machine. Joe Manning -> ::Frees his backup pistol from his side, his main weapon also having been liberated from him by the doctor:: Shane -> I've seen some crazy machines. Joe Manning -> Machines are only as crazy as the people who make 'em. Troy Parson -> ::arriving at where the others are gathered:: Well, that was fun. Byblos -> ::puts the stunner back in its holster and pulls the energy sword from his belt...not activating it quite yet:: Pher -> Door open first. Psychology later, i think. Joe Manning -> ::Nods at Troy then at the door:: Shane -> ::steps back from the doorway:: Pher -> Whomever wants to open the door, expedite. Byblos -> Got it....::kicks it with his big Nausicaan Boot:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The door being quite electronically sealed, Byblos' kick just hurts his foot a bit Pher -> :: Looks to see if the cat is close enough to the door to risk being hurt :: Byblos -> Ahhhh!!! Darn it..son of a guardian' mother.... Pher -> You might want to try your great cleaver, Byblos. Joe Manning -> ::Puts his face in his palm:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: Robots begin stirring to life in their alcoves around Zaphod Shane -> ::rolls his eyes and goes to stand next to the door control pad, tapping at his ODRI:: Pher -> Technique, Joe. Palm to face. Palm to face. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::sees the robots start moving, wishes for his phaser:: Byblos -> ::lights up sword...but notes Shane might be hacking the lock:: Joe Manning -> I'll work on that. ::Waves his pistol in the direction of the door:: Shall I try our next heavy-handed approach, or shall we skip right to the leftover explosives? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::stays in the corner away from the door:: Troy Parson -> Technically, they're incendiaries, not explosives...but that said, I'm generally in favor of using such things. Joe Manning -> ACTION: Two robots emerge from their alcoves and move toward Zaphod Shane -> ::running several lockbreaker codes, looks up to Byblos:: Well don't let me stop ya. Pher -> Give it a try or two, Joe. They byblos with the sword, but ready the explosives. Byblos -> That ....hurt...must be blast proof door.... Pher -> Expedite. Joe Manning -> ::Shrugs. Points the phase at the lower half of the door and fires a few test shots. They merely scorch the surface a bit:: Pher -> Byblos Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::ducks around the robots:: Oops, crap. ::tries to stay out of the robots reach:: Troy Parson -> ::looks at Pher:: Word of the day? Joe Manning -> This ain't much of a cuttin' gun Pher -> Is expedite. Troy Parson -> Guessed as much. Pher -> I think you are up next, Troy, with the boom. Joe Manning -> Cat> ::Is now sitting back up the tunnel, watching everyone at the door:: Troy Parson -> It's really more of a "fssssshhhh" than a "booom", but... Byblos -> ::plunges the energy sword at Max power into where the locking hinge is... and...waits to see what happens:: Troy Parson -> ::sees the cat:: Hang on a minute. Joe Manning -> ::Tries shooting toward the crease between door and doorway:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The hinge sparks a bit. A popping sound is heard as the door is jarred open a bit Joe Manning -> ACTION: Two more robots home in on Zaphod's location, trying to trap him between them Pher -> Byblos, repeat as necessary. Troy Parson -> ::takes a can of tunafish out of a coat pocket, pops the lid, and slides it towards the cat:: Byblos -> C'mon....::straining the odd energy sword down the lock:: New Tool Pher...trying.....::said in a grunting voice...he's putting some muscle into it:: Shane -> ::stands up and powers off his ODRI, waiting next to Byblos as he watches:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::as he passes the door he yells out:: Watch your head guys. We've got some angry robots in here. ::slips under the robots arms and heads to the back of the room. ::stay away from me C3PO! Joe Manning -> Cat> ::Watches the tuna fish slide over to it. Stands and leans head down to sniff at it:: Pher -> Audrey, map power readings, active machinery, as well as life signs. Byblos -> ::cuts downward with sword:: Shane am I getting anywhere??? Joe Manning -> ACTION: A cat drops down on Zaphod's shoulder and digs its claws in hard, spitting Shane -> ::raises an eyebrow and shrugs:: Hell if I know. Joe Manning -> Audrey> There are nine separate energy signatures in the room as well as one lifesign Troy Parson -> ::watching the cat:: Go on, then. Pher -> Everybody, active robots inside, if you believe Zaph. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::grabs the cat:: Ouch little cousin. ::throws the cat on the exam table:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The seal on the door is broken and it swings open enough to see inside Pher -> Nine energy signatures and zaph. Joe Manning -> ACTION: The cat keeps its claws in Zaphod's shoulder, incredibly strong Shane -> ::Points his pistol into the room and moves in:: Byblos -> ::probably going to ...FIzzle your gift out...trying this...blasted paranoid Doctor door.......Open you stupid thing!!!! ::it does ...and sees robots..:: Oh (Human expletive) Pher -> Here kitty kitty kitty. Joe Manning -> Black Cat> ::Looks up at Troy then down at the tuna:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::hears the door:: Bonjour mon amis. ::Grabbing at the cat more:: good to see ya'll. Joe Manning -> ::Follows Shane in with his own pistol at the ready:: Troy Parson -> ::looks at the Black Cat:: Go ahead! It's fish. You like fish, right? Joe Manning -> ::Points at the cat on Zaphod's shoulder and fires:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::wincing at the smaller cat's claws:: Shane -> ::spots the robot and lines up a shot with one's head section:: Shane -> ::fires with an overly loud boom:: Troy Parson -> ::backing away from the cat towards the now-open door:: Joe Manning -> Tabby Cat> ::Flung off Zaphod's shoulder by the pistol shot and bursts into flames:: Byblos -> ::ducks a bit and runs intentionally right into one of the robot...like an old Earth style "Tackle" :: Pher -> :: Follows behind the others, checking to see which energy signatures are moving :: Joe Manning -> ACTION: All active robots emerge from their alcoves if they aren't already and move toward the door Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::looks at the flaming kitty:: Awww, poor kitty. Byblos -> Oof! Joe Manning -> ::Nods at Zaphod:: Boy, it sure is dark in this room. I'm glad I didn't miss. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::starts ducking around robots, wondering where his phaser is:: Pher -> Everyone back out this door. Take em one at a time as they try to come out this door. Shane -> ::stomps over and grabs Zaphod's shoulder shoving him towrads the door:: MOve Cat!! Byblos -> ::swings the Energy sword down into the Robot's chest:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::grins at Joe:: Good shot captain. Joe Manning -> Black Cat> ::Hovering above the tuna but watching the team at the door:: Pher -> :: Wonders if she should try to play smart, or just let em run wilde. :: Joe Manning -> Voice from the Shadows> Now you're all really pissing me off! Troy Parson -> ::glancing back and forth between the fight against the robots and the black cat:: Nice kitty? Byblos -> Crap I hate inorganics.... Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::grins at shane:: Aye aye boss. ::heads for the door:: Joe Manning -> Black Cat> ::Tilts its head sideways at Troy:: Pher -> Troy. Finish your game. Shane -> ::fires off another few shots at the robots, backing towards the door:: We need to move... Pher -> We need numbers. Byblos -> ::removes the swords blade from the robots chest and slices it's head off:: Pher -> :: Tries to locate the sound of the voice :: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Emerges from the shadows, hobbling along on a cane:: Troy Parson -> ::looks away from the cat and at Pher for a second:: What do you want me to do; lecture them on subspace physics until they fall apart? Joe Manning -> They're robots, Troy. Think of something. Joe Manning -> This sure as hell ain't my area. ::Fires a shot at one of the oncoming robots:: Pher -> :: Looks at Audrey's screen. Is the old man one of the energy signatures? :: Joe Manning -> Audrey> He is. A stronger energy signature Byblos -> ::gets in a squat position low...and collides with another Robot in a Football like Tackle....and repeats his first attack:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::sees the old man as he pushes a robot down and looks for it's off switch:: Troy Parson -> ::sighs:: Right. Pher -> Old man is an android too. Tough guy. Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Raises the hand that isn't holding the came and extends it palm outward toward the team:: Pher -> Cover! Shane -> ::swings his bionic at one of the robots that gets too close, clocking it in the head and throwing it to the ground:: Pher -> :: Gets behind door jam :: Troy Parson -> ::looks at the black cat:: Enjoy the tuna. I've got to go fight with some robots. Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::The flesh of the palm instantly burns away as it fires a disruptor blast back toward the team:: Joe Manning -> Black Cat> ::Suddenly turns and runs back up the tunnel:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::ducks behind a table:: Damn! Troy Parson -> ::turns away from the cat and goes to join the others:: Right then...::jumps away from the disruptor blast:: Whoah! Byblos -> Oooof....ouch....Die....scum....slashing the Robot from it's abodoment to it's shoulder. Joe Manning -> ::Ducks and tries to dive back through the door. Feels a little collateral damage pierce his leg:: Pher -> :: Wonders again if her stunner or pain stick will be any use at all :: Shane -> ::takes the disruptor blast in the shoulder of his bionic with a flash, spinning away and cursing:: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::After everyone's taken cover, begins hobbling toward the door on his cane, scowling:: Pher -> :: Tracks the action on Audrey :: Byblos -> Dammit I need a bigger weapon ::notes the powerful beam flash over his kneeled head...heat crackling the air:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::looks behind the old man to see if there's an office with his equipment:: Byblos -> Like his! Pher -> :: Makes sure she is giving the biologicals room too move :: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The robots react to the reaction, trying to cut everyone off from the door. The old man does not appear to be providing instruction conventionally Joe Manning -> ACTION: There are no offices or control mechanisms visible in the workshop Byblos -> ::tempted to use his throwing dagger on the old man..but that action he just did gives the Nausicaan the feeling the old fart is all metal:: Joe Manning -> ::Drags himself through the door, hoping he isn't going to be simply entering a worse situation:: Shane -> ::stands back up from the ground where he fell with his bionic hunging uselessly and sparking and fizzling:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::moves toward the door to try to cut off the old man:: Byblos -> ::rolls into an unocuppied alcove:: Ooff...ouch... Troy Parson -> ::taking cover behind a dead robot:: Pher -> :: Extends pain stick, max pain. Tries to take a robot from the rear if he is moving between forward team members and door. Wants to know if the stick will effect the electronics :: Joe Manning -> Old Man> We could have done this the easy way. ::Making right for Zaphod and the door:: Shane -> ::points his pistol at the old man with a growl and fires another round:: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Staggers back a bit as he's shot at Shane. Gives him an angry look and two robots detour toward him:: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Clothing burning where he was shot and sparks are emerging from the 'wound':: Shane -> ::fires off one more shot at the old man before pistol whipping a closing robot:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::to the old man:: This is the fun way. ::grins and moves closer:: Joe Manning -> Robot> ::Shudders from Pher's pain stick. Head pops and burns up before it collapses:: Byblos -> Jyke you inhumanoid scum! ::swings the Energy sword from the alcove..decapitating a Robot:: Pher -> Well. That's nice. Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Looks back at Zaphod:: I agree. ::Staggers again from Shane's shot and raises his cane:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::ducks around a robot, swinging under the robot's legs to knock it over:: Pher -> :: Dances to the next nearest robot. :: Joe Manning -> ::After quickly checking his leg looks back into the room to find a target:: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Closes in on Zaphod and swings the cane down toward his head:: Byblos -> Lifeguard...how much mass does that Doctor have? Ask Audrey!!! Please!!! ::said over blaster fire:: Shane -> ::takes a blow from the other closing robot on his useless bionic and kicks the thing in the chest in return:: Pher -> :: Goes into whirling dervish mode. Moving enough to make a hard target. Staying close enough to a robot that shots at her would risk hitting them. Playing tag... :: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::to the old man:: Would you mind telling me where my equipment is old robot dude? Or do I have to guess? Grabs the old mans cane:: Joe Manning -> ::About to take a shot twice, but someone on the team darts in front of his pistol at the last second:: Troy Parson -> ::muttering while hiding behind a dead robot:: For heaven's sake, people, I'm a scientist, not John Connor... Pher -> Just a moment, b byblos. Joe Manning -> ACTION: Zaphod's hand is broken by the impact of the cane Byblos -> ::Looks at his energy cell indicator:: Oh oh... Shane -> ::bull rushes the old man as he breaks Zaphs hand:: Byblos -> Hah! Shane beat me to him! Joe Manning -> ::Finally gets a clear shot and fires twice at another of the robots. Notices that the number of active robots is down to only about 2 or 3:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::grabs his paw and yowls:: Damnit! ::grabs with the other paw:: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Holds his ground as Shane charges him:: Pher -> :: Sees the big guys going for the old man. Decides to focus on the ordinary robots :: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Growls a bit and looks at Shane. Brings the cane back up and swings hard at Shane's ribs:: Shane -> ::rams his metal sparking shoulder into the old man, taking the blow with a grunt:: Pher -> :: Wonders how good the old man really is at stick fighting. :: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Grabs at Shane's head with his disruptor hand:: Shall we redecorate the place perhaps? Byblos -> Still need an answer Pher...please! ::notes Shane bum rush and follows him trying to keep any Robots at bay...then sees the Doc use a the staff:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::looking for an off switch or something on the old man robot:: Shane -> I think not.::shoves his opistol up the old mans chin and fires:: Joe Manning -> Aw hell. I'm never on target twice in any ten minute period. ::Shakes his head and points his pistol at the old man's arm. Starts firing:: Pher -> :: Goes for a bit of cover if she can find it :: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::A hole is blasted right through his head, scattering a white oil up like a geyser:: Pher -> Audrey, estimate mass of target indicated. Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Releases Shane's head and staggers away considerably:: Byblos -> OH no you don't......arrrrrrrrrghhh!!!!!! ::yells attempting to charge at the old man with a tackle:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::ducks back from the guyser of oil:: Eww! Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Begins emitting sparks and an electronic whining noise. Tackled over by Byblos:: Pher -> :: Looks around for targets :: Byblos -> ::slips on white oil:: Oh woooahhh.... Byblos -> ::Collides with Doc as described in a painful move for the Nausicaan:: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Swings the cane at Byblos' leg from the ground:: Joe Manning -> ::Yells in, surveying the room:: Looks like all the bots are down. The active ones anyways. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::tries to avoid the puddle on the floor:: Byblos -> ::plunges enegry sword into the "Old Man"'s chest but is hit from behind with the staff::: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Raises his disruptor arm and waves it around drunkenly:: Pher -> Looks at Audrey's display to confirm Joe's observation. Pher -> :: :: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Begins firing the disruptor repeatedly when the sword is plunged into his chest:: Pher -> :: seeks cover :: Troy Parson -> ::huddles further down behind the dead robot:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::hits the floor and rolls trying to avoid the disruptor:: Holy.... Pher -> Audrey. Locate all other ODRIs in the area. Byblos -> ::bowls over the where the old man's head used to be....the energy sword left impaled in the Cyborg Doctor's chest...the oil causes Byblos to lose his grip on the sword!:: Joe Manning -> For goodness' sakes, get the hell out of there. Joe Manning -> Audrey> There is an ODRI strapped to the old man's cane arm Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::starts low crawling toward the door:: Byblos -> ::crashes down .behind the old man...a "Crack" is heard:: Joe Manning -> ::Points his pistol in and continues firing at the old man's disruptor man:: If I had my good firearm, this wouldn't be takin so damn long. Joe Manning -> *disruptor arm Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::crawls over to Byblos:: You ok?? Pher -> :: Looks for a almost sort of reasonably safe way to get near the old man, but figures Joe has the right approach :: Shane -> ::ducks as rounds fly off, fires his last three roiunds at the old man on the ground:: Byblos -> ::The Nausicaan grips his chin noting he lost his sword.....:: Byblos -> Get the sword...Cat! SLice that arm off of that ...thing!!!! Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Finally powers down from Shane's shots. The disruptor arm collapses at his side, dormant:: Shane -> ::to byblos:: Grab your damn sword and the cane! Lets get out of here! Pher -> Shane, that's Joe's ODRI on the cane arm. Can you grab it quick? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::blows out a sigh of relief as the old man finally dies, get's up and starts heading for the door. Joe Manning -> ::Sniffs at the strong copper smell from inside the workshop and looks in at all the smoke and the oil:: Byblos -> ::notes a searing pain....his shoulder...he hears Shane and complies....got them! :: Joe Manning -> I took a bit of shrapnel in the leg. Anyone else hurt? Byblos -> ::noticably running with one shoulder down... Pher -> I'm good. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::to Joe:: Broke my paw, but I'm ok Cap. Shane -> ::stomps off for the door with his bionic hanging useless with blood running down the metal surfaces and holding his side wincing:: Joe Manning -> Black Cat> ::Now sitting just inside an air duct up the tunnel, again peering at the door and anyone visible:: Shane -> ::to Joe as he passes out the door:: I'll live... Pher -> :: Goes in for Joe's ODRI :: Shane -> ((Byblos grabbed it Pher)) Troy Parson -> ::looks up from behind his cover:: I'm fine, too! Shane -> ((Its on the cane)) Pher -> :: TUrns, heads back to the door :: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::get's out the door and looks around for an office for his equipment:: Joe Manning -> Next time we bring our anti-robot ordinance. If we got any. ::Tries to pull himself up to his good leg:: Byblos -> Something is wrong with my shoulder...but have his staff... Got it Lifeguard! Let's go! Pher -> Note. Let's get anti-robot ordinance. Byblos -> Shane! Joe Manning -> ACTION: No office, but Zaphod's bag is under a work table against one wall Shane -> ::gives Joe a hand, nearly picking him up:: What? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::sees his bag, grabs it and pulls out his phaser, kisses it:: Byblos -> The Boss? is he hit? Joe Manning -> Black Cat> ::Takes a moment to lick the fur under its head before continuing to gaze at the door:: Shane -> Why else would he be limping? Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::goes over to the group to see if he can help:: Good to see ya'll thanks for the rescue. Byblos -> Let's get out of here....then. Would someone with a gun shoot the Cat. Not Zaphod! Joe Manning -> Just some shrapnel when ol' crazy's gun hand blasted a table over there. ::Nods as he's picked up by Shane:: Joe Manning -> I gotta get me one of those attachments. Shane -> ::to Zaphod over his shoulder:: You better be worth all this... Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::laughs, and fires at his little robotic cousin:: Troy Parson -> ::emerges fully from behind cover:: Well, that was...exciting? Joe Manning -> Black Cat> ::Darts into the airduct quickly:: Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::to shane:: I hope so boss. Shane -> ::to Zaph again:: Cat, getover here and help the Cap'n along. Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::moves over to help Joe:: Joe Manning -> Good to see you again, Zaphod. I'm sure you've got an interesting story to tell. Byblos -> ::in Pain retreats as direted..:: Heh...Pher when I was changing the filter...I put an incindierary device inside the duct....zap it and it will blow...Chemical explosive... Zaphod_the_spacebum -> ::laughs at Joe:: Yep, almost became kitty tar tar. Pher -> ::Flows over, and tries to zp the incindierary :: Byblos -> That Cat creeps me out! :::getting clear of the area....but fearing a security response:: Shane -> ::moves along holding his side again, grumbling and dripping some more blood from his bionic on the walkway:: Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM
  2. 6/24 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Pher -> :: Picks's up Shane's gun. Figures it will pass as a doorknocker if anything will. :: Joe Manning -> ::Bracing himself against the wall of the hallway in the back of the clinic, trying to stay on his feet. Still holding Pher's cricket phaser with his free hand:: Pher -> Let's get everyone up stat! Troy Parson -> ::cautiously pokes his head out of the office door:: 'Ello? Pher -> :: Makes to the already crowbared door. :: Pher -> +Byblos+ We think the place is about to blow. Trying to open doors and get out. Byblos -> + Lifeguard + Swimmer wants to play, he has a toy that might help if you are stuck with an unpleasant customer. Pher -> +Byblos+ Come play. Byblos -> + Lifeguard + Copy. Pher -> :: Examines the door, adjusts door opening device to potent. :: Pher -> :: Fires at a downward angle so unlikely to catch anyone on the other side :: Byblos -> @Byblos approaches the menacing red cross with the doors beneath them..No doubt an inviting...site..should not attract anything odd if just ONE person entered. Pher -> :: Attempts to minimize structural integrity of the door :: Joe Manning -> ACTION: Sparks shoot from the impact, and the door is severely dented, but it remains in tact and closed Byblos -> @Byblos enters the doorway underneath the red cross, holds it open a bit to check for a locking mechanism. ::mutters:: WoW. Pher -> (Shout) Let's get everyone up near the exits! Pher -> :: Repeats, varying angles somewhat :: Joe Manning -> @ACTION: Several people inside the waiting room jump to their feet and run toward the exit and Byblos, screaming and covering their heads Byblos -> @ + Lifeguard + Swimmer...entered Clinic Doorway has a lock that works both ways...that is it can seal people inside....What the? Pher -> +Byblos+ Im trying one door Shane's way. You might try the other along this wall. Byblos -> @::Byblos immediately Opens the door for the people to get out.::.. Distraction? Byblos -> @ ::Byblos removes his knife from his foot and thrusts it where the floor meets the door....In essence an attempt to keep it from locking him in as well.. Joe Manning -> ::Watches Pher shooting at the door and looks around at the group:: This might be a dumber question than I posses the info to realize ... but has anyone looked for an open switch? Byblos -> @+ Lifeguard + I just dodged the insane asylum patients I believe...Send me a signal Locator via COMM...I'll get to work on the door.. Ethan Neufeld -> ((Who needs switches when we've got panic on ourside?)) Pher -> +Byblos+ I'm knocking on one of the doors with shane's blaster. There's another door coming in you might try. Troy Parson -> ::ever so carefully sticks his head further out of the office doorway, and sees sealed doors blocking the hallway on both sides:: Oh, dear. Byblos -> @+ Lifeguard + Yes I hear you...Bloody heck that is a nasty looking door. Okay On the other side. Pher -> If you have a brilliant idea, Joe, go for it. Byblos -> @ ::looks for a switch:: Pher -> :: Repeats her brute force approach. :: Joe Manning -> I'm a doctor and a ship captain. This ain't much under the header of either ... ::Looks around:: And our technical experts all seem to have vanished Troy Parson -> ::hears one of the doors groan under an impact:: Ah. ::ducks back into the office:: Byblos -> @ + Lifeguard+ Going to try the Simple approach...the open button. Doing so now... ::pushes button:: Pher -> +Byblos+ Cheater. Joe Manning -> @ACTION: The door does not respond Pher -> :: repeats :: Troy Parson -> ::turns back to the control panel on the office desk:: How come the buttons on these things never have labels...? Byblos -> @+ Lifeguard + So much for cheating. Time to bust out my purchase. Can Audry give me an idea how think this thing is...so I can configure the cutting torch? Joe Manning -> The door might have slid sideways? Or upward? Maybe goin' around the edge'll break the seal? ::Shrugs:: Pher -> Audrey? How thick are these doors? Pher -> Audrey, are the walls any less rugged than the doors? Joe Manning -> ACTION: Little over three inches thick, according to Audrey Byblos -> @ ::thinks they look like Prison doors...what a sick place:: Pher -> +Byblos+ Just over three inches. Byblos -> @ ::Busts open his purchase checking his six briefly...:: + Lifeguard + Material? Ethan Neufeld -> ((Hum. Sprung the door in the frame, eh?)) Pher -> Audrey, material make up of the doors? Joe Manning -> ACTION: Tritanium Pher -> +Byblos+ Tritaniam. Pher -> Audrey, are the walls any less rugged than the doors? Byblos -> @ ::notes the drill comes with a complimentary batttery since it is near the top of the line...hopes to heck he can cut them out with the power..notes a recharge socket...somewhat universal...:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: One end of the hallway directly adjoins an antique shop next door. The wall is fairly thin there and composed of the smoothened rock of the asteroid painted over Byblos -> @+ Lifeguard + Okay..that means this will take some time..I need to know where the critical points are....that is the hinge...I'll attack the problem their..for speed. Pher -> Audrey, display thickness of the walls and life signs beyond it, please. :: Waves Audrey towards the antique shop. :: Joe Manning -> ::In the general direction of Pher's ODRI:: A little less explanation and a little more doing can be prudent sometimes. Byblos -> @::Byblos being somewhat tool savy from his biker days....gets the plasma drill fired up...:: Neat..I need saftey gogles. Pher -> +Byblos+ Do you think you will be getting anywhere? Byblos -> @ Frak it. Pher -> Joe, just get everyone else up here. Byblos -> @ +Lifeguard+ Begining to cut now...stand back a yard or two...probablay will get some spray.. Joe Manning -> ACTION: There is one life sign in the open space beyond the wall, but it's about five yards away from the wall and somewhat off to the left Pher -> :: lowers power of her weapon briefly, gives a few warning shots to hopefully push away the life sign. :: Joe Manning -> I think Shane and Will are still looking over the control room. ::Shambles his way down the hall toward the basement entrance, moving rather slowly:: Byblos -> @ ::The Drexler 1000 begins to cut along where Byblos believes the door is most vulnerable..he has broken into places before.....:: Pher -> Get em up here with Sal, Chris and everyone! Troy Parson -> ::hears cutting sounds, this time from the other door:: That's not good. Joe Manning -> ACTION: The low power shot melts the paint rather easily and throws off some rock chips, but the lifesign does not move Troy Parson -> ::snatches up the chair from the desk and conceals himself behind the doorway, ready to hit whoever comes through with the chair:: Pher -> :: Looks briefly at Byblos's door. If he's going good, will hold fire. If not... Byblos -> @ + Lifeguard + Okay...she's penetrating....begining a vertical cut downward...pretty certain this is the hinge area... Byblos -> @:: checks his six again:: Notes the progression of the drill....it is moving...slowly....downward...with spray sparks going here and there :: Troy Parson -> ::tries to quiet his breathing as the sounds of cutting continue:: Joe Manning -> ::Re-enters the hallway, having yelled down into the basement over the high whine of the alarm:: Byblos -> @ + Lifeguard + you should be seeing something on your side of the door...bright light.... Pher -> (( Waiting to see if actions confirm that )) Joe Manning -> They're comin' up. Looks like the old doc burned up a lot of the controls before he left. Joe Manning -> (( If it's said, consider it confirmed unless I say otherwise )) Byblos -> @ ::despite the drills power and the Nausicaans strength the fact the door is tritantium is making the task strength sapping.. :: Pher -> +Byblos+ Bright light confirmed. Expedite. Pher -> :: Decides to count on Byblos :: Byblos -> @ + Lifeguard + Copy Expediting....::foreces the drill downward..hoping the quality assurance program with Drexler is as good as they say it is... Joe Manning -> ACTION: The whining from the basement stops as Shane and William join the others Pher -> Byblos is working the door from the other side. We have everybody good to run? Joe Manning -> ACTION: Shortly thereafter, the ground begins shaking and a series of blasts can be heard from below Pher -> :: Takes cover as close to the outside edge of the complex as she can :: Joe Manning -> Run? ::Holds up his arms to brace himself against the wall as the clinic begins to shake:: Byblos -> @ + Lifeguard + working....now on two feet....going on three....jykin' flesh shop....bad ass doors...:: Said Pher -> +Byblos+ Continue... expediting.... Joe Manning -> ::Slides across the wall away from the exam room that contains the basement entrance:: Byblos -> @ + Lifeguard + I am...if Shane is with you.....have him....begin to put force on my first horizontal cut...you guys are going to have to crawl through. Pher -> Shane... avoid the sparks, but push as you can... Joe Manning -> ACTION: As the blasts get closer to the basement entrance, the lights go out, plunging everyone into darkness Byblos -> @ + Lifeguard + Thank gosh for battery packs...I just lost light....estimate time completion..two minutes. Pher -> +Byblos+ Acknowledged. Byblos -> @ ::says to himself...please battery do not die....I need you to make a sword for me later...:: Pher -> :: Wonders in an abstract intelectuall sort of way if this will be soon enough. :: Joe Manning -> ACTION: There's a flash of light and smoke as one last blast throws debris away from the basement entrance. Luckily, Will's use of the explosives around the entrance took those out of the equation Pher -> :: Hopes this doesn't impact Tourguide's bottom line too much :: Joe Manning -> ACTION: However, the floors in the exam rooms and the office collapse, dropping all the equipment inside and Troy onto a pile of debris Byblos -> @ ::has cut a rectangular shape seen on the other side Byblos hopes...:: + Lifeguard + Okay have Shane clobber the thing!!!! Byblos -> @ ::steps back:: Troy Parson -> ::falls through the ceiling:: Aiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Pher -> Shane... The request has changed from push to clobber. Byblos -> @ ::thinks the big guys arm can punch the cutted segment out :: Troy Parson -> ::lands badly on the level below:: Aaaghhh... Joe Manning -> ::Coughs some dust out of his lungs:: Anyone have a light they can swing around? Still don't have my ODRI on me. Byblos -> @ ::looks at Drill :: Jykin drill only has 30% reserve... Pher -> Audrey, visible light please. Byblos -> @ ::shuts drill off....awaiting for the big man to slam the cut shape out..Shane will not be happy...:: Joe Manning -> Sweep it around the hall. And everyone check in if you're alright. ::Looks around for bodies where Pher's light shines:: Pher -> :: Sweeps first to the door to see how Shane is doing, and give him light :: Byblos -> @C'mon big guy.....I am out of options....::checks his six for unwanted people:: Joe Manning -> @ACTION: Shane manages to punch the hole through the door Pher -> OK. :: Sweeps around wider and starts counting people. :: Byblos -> @::Byblos literally jumps when the Rectangular cut pops out.....slamming it's weight to the floor:: Troy Parson -> ::tries to move off of the pile of rubble where he landed, but feels intense pain:: Pher -> :: Safes shane's gun :: Joe Manning -> ::Futilely waves away dust particles as he peers into Pher's light. Sees Nickles and Sal slumped near the exam room entrance where the blast emerged and moves over to them:: Byblos -> Guys...Our...Tourguide cannot keep them busy all night...we got to get out of here!!! STSF Borgette -> ((::slips into the bleachers::)) Pher -> :: Slides shane's gun over near shane, then helps get Nickles and Sal out in the outer room. :: Byblos -> ::sees flashlight activity and the stench of freshly cut metal pervades with the stench of rotting flesh for the first time....Byblos is hit with it....:: Pher -> Joe, let's quick confirm everybody's in shape to move, then move. Troy Parson -> ::reaches over to his ODRI, hits the communications button:: Troy Parson -> +Pher+ Erm...hello, again. Byblos -> Good Gravy what a stench...::holds his hand to his face:: Joe Manning -> ::Gets a nod from Nickles then looks down at Sal who's unconscious:: Tough to say whether he just slipped out again or if the blast knocked him around. ::Checks around his head, motioning for Pher to move the light:: Pher -> (( Pher is now in the same room as Byblos, same room as Troy? )) Pher -> :: Moves the light for Joe. :: Pher -> Troy? :: Glances over to Troy :: You OK? Troy Parson -> ((My room recently suffered structural failure)) Ethan Neufeld -> ((Think Troy fell through the ...yeah)) Joe Manning -> Get the gurney, and close up the supports so we can fit it through the door. We'd better be careful movin' him. Byblos -> ::turns his attention to the exit door he propped open with his dagger...:: I have to secure the last exit doors...not anticpating a problem....but with this freak shop...who knows? Pher -> I think it's over but for the politics. When things are a bit more settled, you might want to talk to Tourguide. Byblos -> @::walks over to the doors that open to the outside world of Andus fearing Argyle could only buy them so much time :: Joe Manning -> ::As Shane and Will bring the gurney over, helps move Sal on top of it, taking care not to jar his body around:: Pher -> :: Helps get the wounded ready to move. :: Byblos -> @::Byblos physically places himself into the doorway beneath the giant red cross sliding his dagger free...keeping the door open..He looks outside..and wonders what happened to all those INSANE PEOPLE? A distraction again for security? He can only hope:: Joe Manning -> @ACTION: Outside the clinic there is not a soul in sight Troy Parson -> ::tries again to get off the pile of rubble, and fails:: Aaaaaagghhhhhhh. Joe Manning -> @ACTION: The entire promenade as far as Byblos can see is empty Byblos -> @Oh..not good.. ::Those crazies could not of been that...effective? :: Joe Manning -> Shane, you're the biggest. You'd better test that hole. And I'll need you to grab Sal from the other side. Byblos -> ::Yells:: Lifeguard...the entire promenade is empty. I don't have an ODRI to figure out why. Pher -> OK. :: considers briefly :: Let's assume Tourguide triggered an evacuation, and run quick while the running is good. Pher -> Let's leave by the same route we were guided in. Byblos -> ::keeps the door open underneath the giant red cross with his body:: Aye, ::looks at tool shop and is tempted......:: Pher -> Joe? We going to be mobile soon? Are people stable enough that we don't need to run to a hospital? Byblos -> Lifeguard...I can make a killing looting that tool store right now...Old habits diehard..sometimes.. Joe Manning -> That is a route I am not familiar with, my dear. Sal's vitals seem to be green. Best case, he took some bruising. Worst, his spine got twisted up some. We will need to exam him when we're away from all this mess. Pher -> +Byblos+ Let's not. Troy Parson -> ::tries to reach across to activate his ODRI again, but the pain is quite bad:: Ugh. Pher -> Follow me then Joe. Joe Manning -> ::Waits for Shane and Will to transfer Sal through the hole and lets Pher lead the way:: Pher -> Troy? You mobile? Need a shoulder? Byblos -> Aye Pher...I still want to know how that one person got out..That bothers me. He can ID all of you. Pher -> Tomorrow's problem. Troy Parson -> ((I fell through the floor...don't know if I can hear you from down here)) Joe Manning -> (( Should if you're both yelling, which I assume Pher was )) Pher -> Troy? Audrey, locate troy. Byblos -> :: if only Pher knew how tempted Byblos was to see if an ODRI was in that Tool Shop...but the mission albeit off the mark at the moment...is still...the priority:: Joe Manning -> ::Glances at Pher then around the hall:: Was Troy outside with Byblos? Pher -> Apparanetly not :: moving towards Troy :: Joe Manning -> ::Frowns:: Then why in the hell haven't I seen him since I woke up? Byblos -> ::Answers for Pher:: Negative Boss...and glad to here you alive. Pher -> He never got downstairs. Troy Parson -> ::looking up at the hole that used to be the office floor:: Ughhhh. Byblos -> (hear) and that was shouted * Pher -> :: Finds Troy :: Troy? Are you mobile? Joe Manning -> ::Holds his arms out and looks around:: Well, he don't seem to be upstairs either. Pher -> I'm afraid none of the Docs are very mobile. Joe Manning -> ::Kneels and pokes his head through the door to check on what's happening in the waiting room:: Pher -> Found Troy! He's hurt. Joe? Here! Troy Parson -> ::looks up through the hole at Pher, and tries to move:: Apparently not. Joe Manning -> ::Before he can answer Byblos, yanks his head back through the hole to move to Pher:: Byblos -> @(Joe should see Byblos holding the entry doors open) Pher -> Joe? Are you moble enough to see if he should be moved? Joe Manning -> ::Almost enters the office but stops short when he sees there's no floor. Looks down at Pher's light and Troy:: Pher -> +Byblos+ Show is on hold. Troy is hurt. Might take a while to see if he can be moved. Byblos -> @::ponders if the security systems of the Promenade have been disabled...The tooll store is like a Moth to a Candle for Byblos:: Joe Manning -> If he can't move, that's a problem. We'll have to make a crane out of another gurney and lift him out. Byblos -> @+ Lifeguard + Copy.. Orders? Joe Manning -> Not knowing the circumstances outside too well, I'm guessing we don't have time to stick around giving treatment on site. Troy Parson -> ::coughs, looks up at Pher and Joe:: Blasted floor decided to go and take a holiday while I was standing on it. Pher -> Good guess, Joe. Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM 7/08 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Byblos -> ::wondes if he looks like a zombie or normal after being in the clutches of organ stealers:: Joe Manning -> ::Still shirtless, with markers drawn on his skin over his major organs. But otherwise just looks a bit hungover:: Troy Parson -> ::in pain:: Uuugh. Pher -> William? Joe Manning -> ::Looking down at Troy:: I think what we need to do here is ... make a crane. ::Glances around at the others:: William Chocox -> ::moans:: What? Pher -> You in shape to get the wounded out of here, or are you more wounded than in shape? Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Pher:: He was shielded from that phaser overload by robot lady, but I wouldn't go clearin him for anything too strenuous. William Chocox -> ::still moaning in pain:: Well, my arm is worthless, I believe I have burns all over my body and I was electrocuted, so I'm useless. Pher -> :: Nods :: Pher -> OK. Shane. You're one of our token able bodies, then. Do whatever Joe needs please? Pher -> I'm going to touch bases with Byblos. Byblos -> ::from the near outside door kinda keeping lookout:: Well the question is Boss, do we break the law doing it? We can certainly build something with that Tool Store next door. But do we commit Grand theft in the process. Pher -> :: Starts to Byblos :: Joe Manning -> ::Looks at William:: The blast actually didn't burn you too bad. What you're feelin is the aftereffects of the jolts that gal sent through you. Joe Manning -> I think we've already crossed into lawbreaking territory here ... Byblos -> ::Near the door which lies underneath the giant Red Cross logo that leads outside, making certain it is jammed...open:: William Chocox -> ::to Joe:: Well whatever it is it hurts like hell. Pher -> :: Comes up to Byblos :: Status? Joe Manning -> All we really need is something to strap around a gurney ... lower it down ... we move Troy onto it and pull him up. Joe Manning -> Not sure bandages or IV tubes will be long enough or strong enough. So if there's a hardware store nearby ... ::Shrugs:: I barely even know what's goin on around here. Byblos -> The Promenade is empty, ::turns and looks downward to Pher:: I haven't any idea why? It's like they evacuated the Rock or something. This door I've pretty much worked so it remains open. I've had it with tritanium doors. Pher -> I expect somebody is running interferance, but don't want to count on it lasting forever. Troy Parson -> ::trying to hear what the others are saying, but...the pain! It makes it hard to focus:: Pher -> Could you go down and work with Joe, pronto? Not many strong guys left, and troy is among those hurt bad. Byblos -> Tourguide perhaps. How many are we down? That was a big boom. Pher -> Want him on a stretcher and ready to move ASAP. Pher -> Troy and a few others down. Almost everyone but you and shane limping. Pher -> We've got to get everyone moving now. Not time to chat. Go. Byblos -> Aye...Pher.. ::said in a more muted voice:: We are few to begin with for this job..I think a revaluation is needed. ..::hears Pher orders:: Yes. .on the way. Shane -> ::Comes out of the back rooms near the tunnel entrance, sguffing items in a duffel bag:: Pher -> Definitely. But not now. Shane -> Stuffing* Joe Manning -> Shane, you're the engineer. What do you suggest? ::Motions down to Troy lying in the rubble of what used to be the basement:: We can't just drag him out. Too dangerous to move him. He's got to be lifted out gently. Pher -> Audrey :: Points her at the antique store nearby :: give me what you can on any life forms present forward. :: Shane -> ::looks about the room and spots a hover gurney:: Thatll do... Byblos -> ::walks to wear the hole in the floor is where Shane and Joe Manning are:: He looks down to see what he believes is Troy. Ah man.. Pher -> :: Peeps out and listents, waiting for the honeymoon to end. :: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The lone lifesign from before is still there Shane -> ::stomps to it and links his ODRI to its interface:: Gimme a sec. Pher -> Audrey, does the life form seem either armed or injured? Joe Manning -> That can hover a few feet off the ground, but it can't fly up here. Byblos -> ::loudly:: Heh Troy Parson you still making love with Philliip Morris down there you crazy brain man? Joe Manning -> ACTION: Neither armed nor injured Shane -> Not if we dont boost it a little...::nods to a bed:: Grab the power lack out that. Troy Parson -> ::tries to turn himself to face upwards towards the sound, but fails:: Grr. Pher -> :: Decides to watch the odd life form, but leave alone for the moment. :: Shane -> Itll work for a few secs before the anti grav units overload. Joe Manning -> ::Shakes his head and draws himself upright:: I'm not an engineer ... ::Enters the exam room and looks over the biobed:: Troy Parson -> ::sweating from pain:: Byblos -> ::looks to Shane:: Aren't those things supposed to be somewhat flexible? Like you have an Orion patient..he weighs like 400, humans 200. Should be able to boost the power ..but antigravs like those are not my specialty ..bikes yeah. Shane -> ::tapping away, over riding safety blocks:: Its all I got. Byblos -> Is someone down there with Troy? Joe Manning -> Could you give me a bit more light in here, Pher? ::Circles around to the back of the biobed:: Byblos -> ::looks down:: I do not have an ODRI I have no lamp.... Pher -> :: Impatient. Wants to be three places at once, doing seven things at once, but that's how they got in trouble in the first place... :: Pher -> (( Pher is back up at the entrance, standing watch. )) Shane -> ::finishes with the bed and pulls a panel off the side:: Joe Manning -> ::With what little light is shining into the exam room, finds an access panel. Seeing no clear means of prying it open, he points Pher's cricket phaser at it:: Fire in the hole. ::Shoots the panel:: Shane -> Whos not injured? ::looks about with a stony expression:: Joe Manning -> ::Locates a blocky thing with a bolt symbol on it and pries it out:: You and Byblos. Chris is a bit rattled from the blasts. I can get by. Byblos -> Hey Troy you need anything...::hears Shane:: I'm 100% Joe Manning -> ::Exits the exam room and hands the power pack off to Shane:: Shane -> Good, you're going down... Joe Manning -> Two should go down. He needs to be moved carefully. Troy Parson -> ::finally manages to turn over onto his back, looking up at Byblos:: A phaser shot on stun would be nice. Byblos -> Alright...I need a light source.and..whatever Troy needs to get stabilized. Shane -> ::takes the powerpack and begins wiring it into the bed:: Joe Manning -> ::Hears the stone tumbling from the hole behind him and looks over his shoulder:: Stay still, Troy! Joe Manning -> ::Sighs and looks up and down the hall:: Anyone seen an ODRI lying around the place? Shane -> ::looks to Joe:: Better send someone light, it wont handle much. Pher -> :: Alternates between an eyeball around the lobby and quick scans to make sure the lurking life form is remaining quiet. Doesn't think he is doctor spare parts, likely a bystander, and as long as it remains stationary doesn't need more complications. :: Byblos -> He is barely moving Boss...All the extra Crap lying around on top with these sickos...may of overstressed the structure... Troy Parson -> ::to Joe, through clenched teeth:: Stay still? Really? I was just about to go run a bl**** marathon. Byblos -> Jykin' eh...someone show a light...I am going to jump down.... Byblos -> Preferably not on Troy...hence the Light please! Joe Manning -> ::Shrugs at Byblos:: Don't have a light. My ODRI was taken along with pretty much everything else. ::Puts a hand on his ribs:: Hopefully nothing too important ... Shane -> ::finishes with the bed again and pushes it to the edge, taking his belt off:: Use our belts to hold him down! Pher -> (( For want of a nail, the horseshoe was lost... )) Joe Manning -> Speakin' o which, my vest is gone too. ::Patting his bare chest and frowning:: Joe Manning -> ::Walks over to the hover gurney:: I'll take the elevator down. Byblos, think you can jump down? Shane -> ::holds the bed over the hole with claw clear of Troy and Bybblos down below. Lets go to see the bed slowly float to the bottom:: Joe Manning -> It's a bit of a leap ... ::Glances down:: Byblos -> Jyke Me....Troy....give me a yelp..now I am coming down..whether my body likes it or not...Just...::looks to Joe:: Tall Frame..I will not feel good tomorrow..but Troy needs out. No choice. Joe Manning -> Just try to stay clear of him. ::Sits on the gurney and swings his legs around on top of it:: Byblos -> +Pher+ Byblos....The Tool shop see it. I bought the drill that cut guys out.....they have some lighting equipment...and flares. Byblos -> Aye BOSS. Shane -> ((so you went down on the bed Joe?)) Joe Manning -> (( Yep )) Byblos -> ::Byblos squats down and jumps....and lands........:: Joe Manning -> Get it over with, Byblos. Need to know if we have to lift two people up ... ::Watches him drop:: Pher -> +Byblos+ :: Sets her pain stick on light stun and rolls it down the corridor :: I'm rolling down my pain stick. I'll get a better light in a bit. Pher -> :: Starts at a run to the tool shop, trying to think what else might be needed :: Pher -> :: Figures if people come, they will come. :: Byblos -> ::OOOOFFFF!!!!...Lots of debirs sound from the floor...:: Jykin' Doctors!!!! Shane -> ::shouts down:: Let me know when yall need the boost! Pher -> (( The pain stick isn't the best light source in the world, but it's something. )) Joe Manning -> ::Slides off the hover gurney and looks down at it, not trusting it. Then moves over to Troy and kneels behind him. Pinches his leg:: You feel that? Byblos -> ::looks up and sees suddenly a Pain Stick Drop which lands on Byblos' head into his lap:: Troy Parson -> ::looks at Joe:: Depends on what "that" is. Shane -> ::sees another cabinet in the room, heads to it and start rummaging through the contents:: Byblos -> +Pher+ I have your weapon of choice.. Pher -> :: Starts into the tool shop. Finds lights, grabs maybe a few extra power packs. Doesn't spend a lot of time looking for other toys. :: Troy Parson -> If you mean my leg...yes, I feel it. Unfortunately. Joe Manning -> Well, how about this ... ::Gives his leg a harder, painful pinch:: Byblos -> ::engages minor lamp and spots Troy and Joe:: Pher -> +Byblos+ Coming back with better lights. Troy Parson -> Aaagh! Troy Parson -> Why not just cut the whole thing off, while you're at it? Shane -> ((Afk)) Byblos -> ::walks delicately over to Joe Manning with all the rubble:: How bad is he Boss? ::to Joe Manning :: Joe Manning -> ACTION: A short bald clerk rushes over to where Pher is grabbing items William Chocox -> ::hears Troy:: You big baby! Joe Manning -> Nothing broken that I'd be overly concerned about. ::Gives him a look over:: Though moving him is gonna hurt. ::Looks at Byblos:: Him, not us Pher -> Sorry guy. Have a medical emergency. Need lights and power, and a hand if you're feeling generous. Joe Manning -> Clerk> ::To Pher:: Excuse me ... er, what are you doing here? ::Looks between her and the goods:: Can I help you with something? Joe Manning -> Clerk> Does this have something to do with the evacuation? Byblos -> Does he need a splint? I mean...where do you think he is hurt the most? Pher -> :: Slips up a hopefully adequate bit of latinum. :: Byblos -> Sorry Troy...I know I am talking third person in front of you... Pher -> Yes. We're trying to evacuate, but have some injured in the clinic that can't move on their own. Pher -> Have you heard anything about what's going on? Joe Manning -> By the light of a stunny stick? ::Looks down and over Troy again:: He's got a leg twisted at a bad angle ... Byblos -> +Pher+ Byblos...heh...if you can find that human bonding stuff....a Duck Tape....we need several rolls. Pher -> Duck tape. Quack. Where? Pher -> :: looking in a hurry :: Joe Manning -> Clerk> ::Shrugs and shakes his head:: There was an announcement that the sector was being evacuated because of a bomb threat. We were told to clear out our business places and seal them off. Joe Manning -> Clerk> I'm surprised you got through the front door. ::Points:: Two aisles over Pher -> OK. Well, I can confirm the bomb threat is real. Pher -> :: Quickly grabs the tape :: Joe Manning -> ::Grabs Troy's leg, the other one, that he didn't pinch:: Let's give it a better angle, shall we? Byblos -> +Pher+ It is ususally silver in color....in a roll...it is a type of adhesive...look in the aisle called "universal accessories:: Byblos -> Heh Troy..I think I found something of yours.... Pher -> +Byblos+ Got it! Coming! Pher -> Sorry to buy and run, but we've got a problem. Byblos -> ::leans down...notes a carton of those...things Troy inhales:: Shane -> ::stomps to where Pher is with a bag of stuff, stops at the sight of the clerk:: Pher -> :: Waves at the clerc nearly runs into Shane :: Byblos -> Uh....want to suck some dead plant vapor? Troy Parson? Joe Manning -> ::Feels the leg around the knee and glances at Byblos:: Good time for a smoke. Pher -> I've got light, power cells and duct tape. Troy Parson -> What are you waiting for? Pass it. Shane -> ::to clerk::Who the jyke are you? Joe Manning -> Clerk> ::Blinks and looks Shane over. Not so sure these people look like station personnel:: Who am I? I own this place. Byblos -> +Pher+ I need two pipes......2 meter length standard duranium will work...and A canvas of some sort... Pher -> He owns the store. Be nice. I'm going to make my deliveries. Pher -> You get that Shane? Joe Manning -> Byblos, I don't pitching a tent is a the brightest idea. We've got to get the hell out of here. Joe Manning -> *don't think Shane -> ::looks from Pher to the clerk, contenplating un-nice things:: Pher -> :: Leaves a bit more latinum on the counter, and exits primptly, heading back to Byblos and Troy :: Pher -> (( Promptly )) Joe Manning -> Clerk> ::Backs slowly away from Shane, glancing between him and the leaving Pher:: Byblos -> Okay....Joe..I had a biker get his leg wasted on a heist...we basically took two sticks, poles what have you...took some canvas..put it in the middle...and with Guardian badges....in this case Duck Tape we straightened him up for a move...I know it sounds real crude...but it might help Shane -> ::settles with just staring at with his cold grey eyes:: Shane -> At him* Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Byblos:: Guardian badges? Pher -> :: Tries to remember when to slow down. Mommy always said not to run through debries. :: Pher -> :: Activates one of her lights :: Joe Manning -> Clerk> I'm going to have to ask you to leave the store now. Please. ::Points at the front entrance:: Pher -> :: Maneuvers to the lip of the hole and tries to put some light on the subject :: Byblos -> It was a botched heist..had to use trophies from all our bikes.....::shakes his head:: the key is keep him from moving....secure him to this...like bed thing we made...and move him to where shane can postiion the anti grav sled. Shane -> ::rolls his eyes and pulls out his big gauss pitol,aiming it at his head:: How about not? Shane -> The clerks head* Byblos -> ::Tosses Pack of Smokes to Troy assuming they were Troy Parson's :: Here dude. Joe Manning -> Clerk> ::Sighs and puts his hands up, frowning back at Shane, and glancing around the store:: Shane -> Just stay put. We'll be out in a sec. Troy Parson -> ::takes out a cigarette, placing it between his teeth:: Got a light? Byblos -> Boss...Joe Manning can he have a smoke...nothing wrong with his lungs? Joe Manning -> You're the one who's usually got the lighter. ::Looks around:: Anyone got a torch? Byblos -> (that was a silly thing to say) Pher -> Power cells. Flashlights. Duck tape. No torches. Byblos -> (me) Shane -> +Joe and Byblos+ You guys done yet? Pher -> :: Starts throwing down a few of said items :: Joe Manning -> He's breathing okay. Any injuries he took to the lungs, doubt smokin'll make 'em worse. Joe Manning -> Clerk> ::Backing very slowly away from Shane and toward the counter at the back of the store:: Byblos -> Okay....::kneels and ignites Phers pain stick...and........a spark goes to the cigarrette...and Byblos ends up shocking mostly himself Troy Parson -> ::inhales, closes eyes:: Byblos -> +PHer+ Get a Drexler 1000 power Torch/Drill... Shane -> ::arma Byblos -> Hang in there man...I think you'll be okay we just got to get you up....by the way how much do you weigh? Shane -> ::arms the pistol with a high pitch whine:: Stay. Put. Pher -> Aye, sir! Byblos -> ::kerplunk...kerplunk two rolls of Duck tape impact nearby Pher -> :: Starts back to the store :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Quickly strides into the hardware store and makes his way to the aisle where Shane and the clerk are. Not looking pleased:: Byblos -> ::to Joe Manning:: The Iime issue is going to suck for Troy....he's going to remember this one. Shane -> ::growls to himself at the sight of Argyle:: Pher -> :: Sees Tourguide a bit ahead of her :: Joe Manning -> Well, he's got a smoke. It's about the best we can do for him. Pher -> :: Accelerates :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Mr. Green ... ::Gives Shane the eye before looking at the clerk:: You'll have to excuse my partner sir Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Produces a small ID card from his coat and holds it out to the clerk:: Byblos -> It's called a stretcher I think in human terms I am quickly trying to meake... Joe Manning -> Argyle> Gets a little over-excited when he's on the job. ::Looks at Shane:: Byblos -> +Pher+ I need those poles!!!!! Pher -> :: Comes in to see Argyle glaring. :: Shane -> ::grumbling to himself as he lowers his pistol:: Jykin right you should... Joe Manning -> ::Nods at Byblos:: You know your first aid. I guess the streets of Tranquility'll teach a man some things. Pher -> Down, Shane. Joe Manning -> Clerk> ::Takes the card and looks up at Argyle then at the others:: Pher -> Explosion in the clinic. Need to poles, some canvas for a stretcher, and a Drexler 1000 power drill torch. Byblos -> ::shows Joe a Role of Duct Tape:: Hey Joe Manning your species invented this stuff...it can help..keep a wound still....::hears Joe's comment:: Yeah....We do crash our bikes sometimes.. Pher -> Medical emergency in the interests of evacuation. Shane -> ::stares down the clerk a little more then turns and walks back to the hole:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Nothing to worry about sir. ::Smiles at the clerk:: They are all with me and we are defusing a very tense situation in this district. We'll all be out of the way shortly. ::Grabs Shane by his non-bionic arm:: Pher -> :: Throws more latinum at the counter :: Byblos -> I hope those are your smokes Troy..not much light down here.. Pher -> (( Pher dropped a few lights down a while ago. )) Byblos -> ::tosses Joe Manning one Roll of Duck Tape:: Troy Parson -> ::doesn't open his eyes:: Long as it burns... Byblos -> (thanks Pher) Shane -> ::stops and glares down at Argyles hand then up to his face:: Hands off PetaQ. Joe Manning -> ::Catches the tape and sets it down:: Alright, Troy, try to stay still ::Grabs onto his injured leg:: Byblos -> ::In the meantime Byblos finds a Pher lamp....sets it on...the cavern is dimly illuminated...finding another one....he activates it...Moer Light. Pher -> Shane, down. We want to get out asap. No time for inventing unnecessary trouble. Pher -> Move! Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Grips Shane's arm tighter and looks him in the eye, glances back at the clerk then mutters to him:: Do you realize that I'm the only thing keeping station police from swarming all over you at the moment? Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Glances at Pher as well:: You're making quite the mess in this district. Explosions under the clinic? Byblos -> Qoh....what a frakkin' floor collapse...you are lucky to be alive Troy.. Byblos -> +Pher+ Canvas? You send it rolling? Joe Manning -> ::Tugs at the leg, setting it back into place:: Troy Parson -> NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Pher -> Could we hold the recrimination phase, sir? I appreciate what you're doing, but if you want us out leave me free. Shane -> ::mutters to himself and pulls him arm away, walking back to the hole in the floor:: Byblos -> Wrap it real good..but not too tight....Human's I heard blead a lot. Pher -> :: to the clerk :: Poles. Canvas. Drill. Joe Manning -> ::Looks up at Troy's face nonchalantly:: Easy now. Don't want to put too much stress on the spine. Byblos -> ::looks around and gives a Palmlight to Joe Manning from the hardware store via Pher:: Here..BOSS this will Help you. Joe Manning -> Clerk> ::Looks at Pher and shakes his head:: Uh ... drills will be over on the end aisle ::Points:: Joe Manning -> Clerk> I should have some canvas in the back. ::Looks around at the others before moving away:: Pher -> :: Moves to get the drill, hoping they have the right model, as otherwise she has no idea what Byblos wants. :: Joe Manning -> ::Nods and takes the light. Starts wrapping Troy's leg:: This is practically stone age medicine. And here we are in a clinic. Byblos -> +Pher+ Canvas material same length as Poles....Two meters.... Pher -> :: Grabs some pipes and fast setting glue as well :: Byblos -> Street Medicine....:: looks to Joe Manning quickly:: Sorry Boss no disrespect Pher -> +Byblos+ Working it. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Finds his way over to Pher and hustles to keep up with her:: I'm doing what I can, using what clout I can, but it's not going to last. What's going on in that clinic? Pher -> Talk broke down. An old doc blew his self destruct. No fatalities, but half the group is hurt. I'm trying to get people moble and away ASAP. Byblos -> ::Looks at Troy:: Joe...I can lift Troy...he don't look to heavy...to place on the gurney when I get the blasted poles and canvas!!!!! Then Myself and Shane should be able to boost him to where that antigrave biobed thing could do the rest Pher -> Fraid the clinic is pretty well wrecked. Shane -> ::standing over the hole with his borrowed duffelbag and borrowed stuff slung over his back waiting to hit a command on his ODRI:: Pher -> :: Stuffs as much as she can in a bag, now waiting on the canvas :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Self destruct? ::Sighs to himself:: That'll fit with the cover of a bomb threat at least. Somebody's going to have to some very tricky reports to write for this one. Byblos -> + Lifeguard+ This Swimmer needs those things pronto...::looks around:: Sturcture doesn't look stable down here. Pher -> Appreciated. Joe Manning -> Clerk> ::Returns from the back of the store with a sheet of canvas and brings it to Pher:: Will this do? Pher -> +Byblos+ Waiting on the canvas... Got it! Pher -> I hope so. Thank you sir. Sorry for the trouble. Got to run. Pher -> :: A quick shrug to Argyle and she moves :: Byblos -> ::gets the other roll of duct tape and begins making one meter length strips.....Numberous ones...placing them on a girder that is conviently workable as a harnger...:: Pher -> :: Not quite at top speed as she is hanging on to some pretty bulky stuff :: Byblos -> BOSS I need to tell you something...:: looks to Joe Manning:: Your not going to like. Joe Manning -> Byblos, I ain't been hearin much recently that I have liked. Byblos -> ::frantically making Duck tape strips while talking to the BOSS:: Pher -> :: Slows down as she enters the debries field :: William Chocox -> ::moans:: How you holding up Troy? Byblos -> I think you need to rethink this job. That is.....we just cannot pull it off in this....::bites some duct tape loose:: with the team in this condition Troy Parson -> ::no reply:: Pher -> :: Moves to the edge of the lip. :: Poles. Canvas. Glue. Drill. Byblos -> ::realizes he probably overstepped his bounds with his boss Joe Manning:: Joe Manning -> We'll need some downtime, that's for sure. I'm not sure I'm ready to call it quits, though. Pher -> Hold on the lessons learned session. I agree with you Byblos, but now is not the time. Byblos -> Okay Drop em....except the drill. Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM 7/15 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Shane -> ::standing at the window, smoking a giant cigar and brooding:: William Chocox -> ((For some reason the chat room is being less than helpful for me.)) Joe Manning -> ::Leaning against the door frame leading into the small bedroom, watching Nickles place a proper cast on Troy's leg:: Shane -> (I hear ya Will) Pher -> :: Settling in looking everything over. :: Troy Parson -> ::watching Nickles cast his leg:: Byblos -> Troy I am sorry about that, harsh lift up out of the hole...and the..Duck tape securement. I didn't want you to role out. ::said standing to Troy Parson:: Byblos -> (roll) Ethan Neufeld -> @ Deputies> ::overseeing return of evacuees on level 4; guarding scene and what's left of the medical clinic:: Troy Parson -> ::looks at Byblos:: I'm just glad to be out of there. Joe Manning -> ::Over his shoulder:: Anyone found any liquor yet? Pher -> Haven't looked. Pher -> :: Scans the room, using the innate talent of New Risan Hookers to find the liquer cabinet in luxury suites. :: Shane -> ::says without looking from the window:: Cabinet. Back left room. William Chocox -> ::laying on a cot recovering from the electric shock:: Pher -> Ah... :: Assumes Shane has it right. :: Joe Manning -> ::Scratches a spot on his right thigh that's been itching since he was woken up:: Joe Manning -> ::Nods:: Yep. These types always keep a liquor stash somewhere. ::Pushes himself off the door frame and goes to look for the cabinet:: Pher -> :: Confirms Shane's guess. :: Here you go, Joe. What's your poison? Byblos -> Okay Man, sorry about only finding one pack of your..smokes. ::To Troy Parson :: Listen I got to findout what's up..the Doc looks like she has you cover. Joe Manning -> Whiskey. Bourbon preferably. Pher -> :: Shuffles through, finds a pretty good match, not terran. Hand it to Joe but lets him do his own mixing. :: Troy Parson -> No problem...I'm not going anywhere. Pher -> :: Pours herself and Ice and Water. A double. :: Byblos -> Why are you looking for Liquor BOSS. I think we should be finding someway of compensating..this Argyle somehow. Frankly he makes no sense to me. Joe Manning -> ::Grabs the bottle. Looks at the alien label for a long moment before opening it and sniffing it:: Smells more like vodka. Joe Manning -> This, uh ... Argyle character seems more like a vodka man. Shane -> ::grumbles under his breath a little:: Pher -> Hmm... It's not a great matche for any of the terrans, but it isn't bad if you aren't locked to a particular race's tastes. Joe Manning -> Byblos, I was kidnapped and strapped to a table to have my organs harvested for black market sale ... or who knows what else. William Chocox -> ::coming too:: What the hell happened to me? I have vague memories of explosions and I feel like crap. Byblos -> Yeah....and? Joe Manning -> ::Takes a tentative sip. Decides that it isn't half bad and so half shrugs and takes another sip:: Shane -> Join the club. Pher -> We think the Mad Doc lit off his self destruct system, William. Troy Parson -> ::winces at what is being done to his leg:: Joe Manning -> And after that kinda treatment, I'd say I deserve a good drink. Or whatever's available at the time. ::Holds the bottle up to Byblos before taking another sip:: Pher -> Anyway, his cielings are down, we all got out, but many worse for wear. Argyle seems to have covered for us. Joe Manning -> But speaking of this Argyle. You say he's offered you jobs? 'Odd' jobs, as it were? Byblos -> ::a bit Frank to the Boss ( Joe Manning ):: This guy is helping us out more than someone you just run into should. Saved your Ass and mine. All of ours? I'd be thinking about his motives..not getting drunk. Pher -> He's implied he has a job, yes. No specifics. Shane -> Yeah. Joe Manning -> I'm always thinkin about everyone's motives. And I'm sure he's got more than a few that don't quite gel with ours. Pher -> Wouldn't be surprised if part of what just happened was a test, and I suepect we didn't pass with flying colors if it was. Pher -> Yep. William Chocox -> ((color test)) Joe Manning -> But the important thing is that we're stuck on only one of the seven asteroids that the Consortium controls on this station. And it's the visitor's asteroid, the least interesting one ... Joe Manning -> Whatever this guy's agenda, I'm wondering if he can't get us passage to the others. Joe Manning -> Just cause he's tryin to use us don't mean we can't try to use him right back. ::Takes another sip:: Pher -> It's also rather clear we aren't ready to fly solo. We need a native guide. Byblos -> He is a player, with clout. A Player does not play unless there is a reward. ::puts hand on chin:: Troy Parson -> ((back in a sec, sorry)) Byblos -> ::looks to Pher:: Right...all the more reason, Boss..::turning back to Joe:: you better think of a way to make him happy...or give him what he wants. Joe Manning -> Well, we've got something of a guide of our own in play. Ethan's made a couple check-in's, says he's making progress on scoping out the local security. Joe Manning -> Less our Mr. Argyle knows about him and that, I say, the better. Byblos -> Ethan? He's up and about? and here? Ethan Neufeld -> ((Yes, Byblos, and there are five ninjas in this room.)) William Chocox -> So, did I do something incredibly stupid? Joe Manning -> ::Waves the bottle in Byblos' direction:: Try not to hold too many things in your mind, big man. Stay focused on the legion of people tryin' to kill us these days. Joe Manning -> I'm pretty sure Ethan ain't one of 'em yet. Pher -> Joe? You ought to expect vistor's quarters to be bugged. Joe Manning -> Shane seemed pretty convinced that there's nothing untoward in here. Pher -> Shane? How sure are you? Shane -> Im sure. Ethan Neufeld -> ((Pher Buzzkillington.)) Byblos -> ::looks to Joe walks over to him looking at his drink:: Stop Drinking and start thinkin' boss. You look like #_*$@! and you are drinking alcohol. You need water..not a buzz. ::Byblos retreats knowing he overstepped his bounds again...and walks over to a chair and sits down Pher -> Good nuff. William Chocox -> Just wondering because I feel like I wouldn't be in this much pain if I didn't do something stupid. Joe Manning -> Oh good, is a Nausicaan gonna have this ol' conversation with me now? I'm lookin to collect the set. ::Takes another sip:: Byblos -> ::kicks table in disgust:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Deputy Body> ::shifts his weight; the soles of his feet are starting to hurt from guard duty:: Joe Manning -> ::Walks over to the doorway and looks at William:: It all happened a bit fast, but it looked like you shielded the rest of the group from the blast. Byblos -> Bah! ::waves his hand dismissing the Boss's comment rather bluntly and folds his arms looking toward the ceiling:: Pher -> We all shared in the stupid this time around, William. I think everyone contributed good and everyone flubbed a bit. I figure we can pick out more than a few lessons learned, but I'm not in a yell and scream mood this time. Joe Manning -> Stupid? You're damn right it was. But it was also noble and brave. Shane -> Jykin' stupid if you ask me... Ethan Neufeld -> ((::chuckles at Shane:: Was just thinking something similar...)) Byblos -> ::Byblos retrieves his stunner and aims it at the Boss's drink debating the outcome :: Pher -> Anyway, jumping on the hand grenade is a wonderful tactic, but let's minimize it? Pher -> It puts too much stress on the docs. Hard on em. William Chocox -> I jumped on a grenade? Joe Manning -> Well, technically, little miss red top jumped on the grenade. Will just helped her down. Byblos -> Jyke me...::mutters putting weapon away:: William Chocox -> Ah. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Deputy Kelly> ::assists a clerk when she drops and item as he passes by:: Pher -> Jumped on an android with a power pack in her back pack. Figured the best way to take her out was blowing the back pack. Pher -> It worked. Pher -> But now I might never know if pain sticks work on androids. Ethan Neufeld -> an^ Joe Manning -> Clever if not the cleanest execution. And that wasn't the type of situation where you want to file a form for approval. William Chocox -> Gotcha. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Slips through the front door, rather quietly for his large fur-cloaked frame:: Pher -> And that summarizes the whole op. We were all similarly... good and bad at the same time. Byblos -> ::decides he loooks like his is pouting in his posture and decides to stand...pushing his arms down in the top of the simple chair with force...as if burning off steam quietly:: Pher -> :: Looks to Argyle :: Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::elsewhere in the district, climbing into a bed for the night (if it's night; if not, then busy working):: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Everyone settled in? ::Looks around at the group in the parlor:: Pher -> :: Nods affirmative :: Joe Manning -> ::Glances over his shoulder and takes a sip, quietly letting Pher play leader:: Shane -> ::turns his head slightly at Argyles entrance then looks back at the window:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> And, the uh ... ::Points toward the bedroom:: Casualties? ::Clears his throat:: Pher -> A little worse for wear in some cases, and there'll be a line for the shower. Troy Parson -> ::looks at Argyle:: You need better floors around here. Pher -> No deaths, but Troy isn't going to be keeping up with the rest of us for a while, nor Joe, nor Sal. William Chocox -> And my right arm is Pher -> :: Points at Joe and Sal as she mentions names. :: William Chocox -> And my right arm is going to be useless for a Byblos -> ::nods at Argyle still flex his strength on the chair burning off more stupid thoughts of the boss drinking again :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Well, I'm glad that, ultimately, everyone made it out okay. Though ... more attention has been brought down on your activities. And a clinic that I've done business with is now in ruins. STSF_Nickles -> Troy just sit still for a moment while I fix you up Will you THEN you can talk to Argtle Pher -> :: Nods :: Not our finest hour. William Chocox -> ((Once more, with feeling.)) And my right arm is going to be useless for awhile. STSF_Nickles -> *Argyle Pher -> And William's right arm is going to be useless for a while. Joe Manning -> Argyle> For my part, the bomb angle is being carried out; the explosion at the clinic fits with it. And there are always whispers of terrorist movings and doings in Gular district. Ethan Neufeld -> ((lol, Will.)) Joe Manning -> Argyle> I've got my security contacts telling everyone who asks questions that the situation has been difused and that suspects have been apprehended. STSF_Nickles -> :: turns his head to Will:: Good thing is that with rehab you will recover Byblos -> ::gives the chair a break and reclines against a wall arms folded listening to the mysterious Argyle :: Pher -> Do the rumors have us as victims, perps, or unmentioned? STSF_Nickles -> ::: double checks the scans to make sure Troys egs is lined up before using the bone regenerator:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> The rumors are that some of you were seen by security in the promenade. ::Glances at Byblos:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> And I won't lie. ::Returns his gaze to Pher:: You've all been noticed on account of your stories at the processing center not checking out exactly. Pher -> :: Nods :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> But I think the attention as far as this clinic incident goes can be deflected. Better if you don't ask how. ::Grins:: Troy Parson -> ::grimaces as his leg is tended to:: Pher -> :: Not entirely happy, but returns something like a smile. :: STSF_Nickles -> :: starts the regeneration of Troys leg:: STSF_Nickles -> Dont move Troy or you will be walking with a limp/ William Chocox -> How long is that going to take Nickles? Joe Manning -> Argyle> There's still of course the matter of what happens to you all. If you're still interested, Ms. Pher, I'm still interested in employing you. STSF_Nickles -> The rehab Will? a few weeks maybe Byblos -> Yes I suppose it would not be wise to ask how you pulled that one off Mr. Argyle. Again thank you for saving our arses. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Looks at Byblos:: As I've said, cultivating influence on this station is a smart endeavor. And with years of hard work, it pays off immensely. William Chocox -> Good to hear. How long to heal? Pher -> We no doubt about it owe you one, and can use a payday. I'm sure willing to listen. STSF_Nickles -> :: finishes Troys leg for now:: Troy you will be able to walk on it in 24 hours Until then use these... hands hi crutches:: Byblos -> Yeah Argyle, I owe you. Not sure how I can pay you back...but I owe you BIG. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Hm. ::Looks around at the group:: I'm wondering if this is a package deal. If I hire you ::Points at Pher:: and say him ::Byblos:: Does everyone else get included automatically? STSF_Nickles -> :: walks over to Will:: depwnds on how deep those burns are Troy Parson -> ::gives the crutches a bad look:: Thanks, I guess. Byblos -> Need someone silenced? Hah!!! ::the Nausicaan laughs quickly and shuts up upon hearing Argyle mention a job:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Glances at Byblos:: Sometimes. William Chocox -> Well, let's start with what feels like a broken arm. Pher -> We will likely hang together, but there isn't total mutual trust. I can't sign a blank check and expect everyone to trust the result. Byblos -> ::looks at Pher then back to Argyle allownig him to continue...he no doubt has angered his true employer Joe Manning :: Joe Manning -> ::Looks between Troy and Nickles:: I'm wondering if we could find a way to finance some advanced bone regeneration on this station. But I wouldn't go holding out hope. ::Sips the alien liquor:: STSF_Nickles -> :: scans Wills Arm:: Well Good news Will. Give me 10 minutes and you will be able to move out of here anyway. Pher -> I don't know how much you're willing to describe the job before we agree to do it. William Chocox -> Wonderful. Joe Manning -> Argyle> There isn't now? ::Crosses his arms and glances over at Shane:: I'm still unclear on what the relationship between you all is. And where your interests lie; what type of work you'd be interested in doing, that is. STSF_Nickles -> :: starts cleaning the burns:: This may smart a bit William Chocox -> ((Sorry, accidental button push.)) Byblos -> ::allows Pher to do the talking now..Lifeguard is far better skilled than he is at the negotiationg angle..as well as Joe Manning :: Ethan Neufeld -> ((That's what Dennis said, Will.)) Pher -> We're a mixed bunch. Some docs. Some engineers. Some people with security backgrounds. Some people used to getting around security. William Chocox -> ::cries out in pain:: AAGH! You call that smarting you quack? Pher -> We come from different planets, different jobs. Me? I'm a New Risan 'Lifeguard.' Ex-Gular. Not particularly fond of Gular. Byblos -> ::looks over the William on reflex, then turns his attention to Pher and Argyle again:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> I see. ::Scratches his beard, looking around at the others:: And your compatriots, you all share that lack of fondness? Pher -> Everyone else is different. They couldn't do what I do. I can't do what they do, and we all have very different ways of looking the world. STSF_Nickles -> Its either clean it well or set up for a nasty infection and and posssible loss of the arm later your choice. Byblos -> ::unknowningly nods in agreement to what Pher just said:: Pher -> :: Looks about :: I'd don't think anyone else shares my intimate feelings towards Gular, but you know their rep. Shane -> ::turns around slowly, putting the cigar in a dish and looking at Argyle:: Pher -> If you aren't getting a cut, how lovable are they? William Chocox -> Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Waves his hand around the room:: Why bring your group here, then? To a Gular station? Pher -> You're good. You know enough to make an educated guess. Pher -> Do you need me to walk you through it? STSF_Nickles -> :: finishes cleaning the wound:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Tilts his head somewhat at Pher:: Byblos -> ::wonders if Argyle knows Joe Manning is the Boss not Pher, but Joe has not said a thing to Argyle. Perhaps on purpose :: STSF_Nickles -> now we can repair it. :: grabs a dermal regenerator and starts waving it over the severe burn:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Maybe I can guess. Maybe I can't. ::Shrugs:: Hard to tell sometimes what people are hiding behind the veneers they put on in Bull's Head. William Chocox -> Ooh! That feels good. Byblos -> ::to Pher :: I believe Argyle is more than capable of connecting all the dots since our arrival here at Andus. Joe Manning -> Argyle> But anyway. ::Crosses his arms:: I think I've proven to you that my influence on this station can be trusted, have I not? Pher -> A question first, then. Is what's good for Gular good for Bull's Head? Good for you? Pher -> :: Nods yes in response to Argyle's question. :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Blinks and gives Pher an appraising look:: Byblos -> ::thinks...no jykin' targ fodder about proving influence on this rock :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> My answer to that would be ... if Gular's business is good, my business is good. ::Shrugs:: But then, who's to say someone else's business wouldn't be better. Depends on where the winds of fortune are blowing. Pher -> :: Nods :: But you aren't stupid. You aren't going to cross em without a big payday and more than plausible deniability. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Naturally STSF_Nickles -> :; finishes what hes doing then takes a sterile padd and places burn gel on hit and coveres the woulnd and wraps it:: That should ease the pain a bit.. the gell will continue working to heal the lower layers. Shane -> ::rolls his eyes:: Would someone get to the jykin' point... Pher -> You remember what Shane bought from Bossman? STSF_Nickles -> Now William for the real fun Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Looks over at Shane:: Refresh my memory, please. Byblos -> ::looks at the Cyborg briefly then back to the critical talk:: Pher -> Plans for the bunch of ships that Gular is building. William Chocox -> The real fun? STSF_Nickles -> Time to set that arm Joe Manning -> Argyle> Gular's always building ships. It's what they do. Acquiring plans for those ships ... leads us back to what you do. ::Smiles:: STSF_Nickles -> ::shows him the scan:: Its a compound fracture has t be alined first before I attempt to heal it William Chocox -> Damnit. Let's get it over with. Pher -> :: Shrugs :: There are a lot of people who are wondering what Gular's next big move is going to be. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Of course there are. ::Looks around at the others:: But now it's starting to sound to me like you aren't freelancers. Like you're loyal to someone else even above Ms. Pher here. STSF_Nickles -> :;takes a hold of his arm gently:: Looks over Williams shoulder and smiles real big:: OOOHH LA LA... Ya Baby!! Byblos -> ::listens to the Space Politics, something completely different and more complex than running a City's underworld :: Shane -> Knowing the plans to a ship can be extremely useful. Especially if you're fightin' it. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Looks over at Shane:: Pher -> Us? Do we seem like pros hired by a single organization? Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Laughs softly:: You seem like miscreants and cast-offs hired by a single organization. Byblos -> ::looks to Pher who just made a darn good point then back to Argyle:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Not that I'll ask if you aren't willing to divulge. William Chocox -> ::looks over his shoulder:: What are you looking at? Pher -> Very perceptive. STSF_Nickles -> :: while Wills looking does a quick graps and pulls the arm into place:: Troy Parson -> ::doing his best to listen through the residual pain in his leg:; Shane -> There a STSF_Nickles -> Sorry Dude Joe Manning -> Argyle> But if you're working for someone else, that changes the dynamic of the relationship ... Shane -> ((Whoops)) Byblos -> ::ponders if the Boss was insulted:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Rather than you working for me, it seems that I'm put in the position of working for you. Getting you something you want. STSF_Nickles -> :::backing away from the incoming punch:: William Chocox -> AAGH! What the hell! William Chocox -> ::swings his good (better really) arm at Nickles:: Pher -> We could play it both ways, but yes. You could certainly earn a cut of our payday. That doesn't mean we couldn't do other work. Byblos -> ::listens to Lifeguard Pher work her magic :: STSF_Nickles -> Now let me scan it and make sure its in place. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Well, that is the different, isn't it. ::Grins toothily:: Which way the money is flowing? And it also emphasizes the deniability angle? I'd hate to be implicated working for some agency that would cast me in a bad light to the wrong people. STSF_Nickles -> :: picks up a tricorder:: William Chocox -> It better be in place or next time I'll actually hit you. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Apparently we need to dicuss more what it is that you want from me. STSF_Nickles -> ::scans the arm:: Its good. now DONT move it Pher -> Yep. And the better known we become for working for you, the more problematic it becomes if we have to do something risky. Pher -> :: Nods :: Pher -> The two way think could add risks both ways. William Chocox -> Fine. STSF_Nickles -> :: picks up the small bone regenerator and starts knittting the 2 bones together:: Pher -> (thing) Joe Manning -> Argyle> Well, then ... to minimize some of the risks, how about a show of trust in return? Byblos -> Pher, If I may suggest a human axiom I learned.... William Chocox -> ARGH! Pher -> I'm open to listen. Pher -> :: glances to Byblos :: Shane -> ::raises an eyebrow and looks to Pher:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Your friend Gilmo. ::Points in Shane's direction:: Do you have any further business with him? William Chocox -> Are you setting your tools to the highest pain settings? Pher -> :: looks to shane :: Shane -> ::back to Argyle and shakes his head slowly, face expressionless:: Byblos -> "One cannot serve two Masters." ::grins at Pher:: Just a thought Lifeguard. STSF_Nickles -> No Will I cant help you decided to wait until now for treatment. It will be over in a moment man up Dude. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Grins at Shane:: Then I think there'd be little harm in putting him out of business ... would there? Pher -> :: Nods slightly at Byblos, then returns attention to Shane :: Shane -> ::cracks a small grin and shakes his head again:: Nope. Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM 7/22 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Troy Parson -> ::limping in circles on his crutches, wincing at each step:: Ow...ow...ow... Byblos -> ::is doing his excersise routine..pushups at the moment:: Pher -> :: Cracks an eye open at Troy's complaints. :: William Chocox -> ::sitting up in his bed reading a book on his PADD:: Pher -> I don't know if you're supposed to be causing Ows, Tony. Joe Manning -> ::About nearly falling off his cot in the bunk room:: Byblos -> ::Byblos stops and notes Troy:: Well, at least your alive. But I have never seen you before without your smokes. What are you going to do when you run out of those. Who knows how long we might be in this safehouse. Troy Parson -> ::glares at Pher:: And what else am I supposed to do? Troy Parson -> ::to Byblos:: Kinda hard to use these medieval torture implements and smoke at the same time. ::keeps pacing:: Pher -> :: To troy :: Ask politely for whatever it is you are up and about for? Byblos -> ::turns to William notes he is studying and turns to Pher :: What happens when he runs out of of those smoke things. ::looks to Troy:: You will not go insane? Pher -> I thought he was already insane. Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::meanwhile and elsewhere... continuing business as usual and discussing details with Assist. Sheriff O'Brien:: Byblos -> I stand corrected Lifeguard. ::a bow of his ugly head:: Pher -> :: smiles :: Troy Parson -> ::to Pher:: Okay. I'd like to walk around in circles, please. It helps me think. Troy Parson -> ::to Byblos:: We'll see, eh? Pher -> If we mounted you on a dolly and pushed the dolly around in circles, would that help? William Chocox -> ::accidentally adjusts his broken arm:: Ow. I've interacted with Troy enough to know he is crazy. Troy Parson -> I doubt it. Unless it's got antigravs; that might be interesting. Byblos -> ::stands up having completed his workout and stretches:: So Pher, seriously. You think that Argyle fellow can handle damage control at the level he is handling it. I swear he is more than meets the eye. Pher -> OK. Now where could we find an antigrav dolly? William Chocox -> Dolly store? Pher -> Depends on the Eye. He's not Kennedy, but he's clearly well up the ladder, at least on this particular rock. Troy Parson -> ::shrugs as best he can on crutches:: If I knew that, I'd be going there, instead of in circles. Byblos -> ::chortles a bit:: I doubt any of you all are going to a medical facitlity any time soon. ::back to Pher :: What do we do about the Boss? :: head jerk in Joe Manning 's Direction :: I think he's passed out. Pher -> I don't think we'll be exactly unknown and ignored if we wander about, but he's a player in need of playing pieces, and what he's thinking of doing seems to mean more to him than that spares shop. Joe Manning -> ACTION: Pher's ODRI/Audrey beeps Pher -> :: Looks towards the Boss. :: Let him sleep for the moment. :: pauses :: Byblos -> I thinkn he needs us to ::shuts up:: Pher -> Audrey, enable comm. Troy Parson -> ::turns towards the bleep, and nearly tips over:: Ack! Ow... Pher -> Hello? Joe Manning -> ACTION: Audrey displays a holo-image of a text message from an unknown sender: "Let's see if you can pin the bombing on Gilmo" Byblos -> ::looks to cardboard cutout of Shane briefly:: Pher -> :: Pauses a while to see if further conversation comes. :: Pher -> :: Turns Audrey so that those particularly close can read the message. :: Joe Manning -> ACTION: There is a loud pounding on the door to the safehouse Pher -> Audrey, close comm. Pher -> :: Nods to Byblos to see to the door. :: Joe Manning -> ::Jerks awake and falls off the bed. Then shortly after falls back asleep with a grumble:: Byblos -> Lifeguard..orders? ::looks at the door and nods:: Pher -> :: Settles back and faces the door :: Byblos -> ::walks over to the door Shouts ::What the jykin' heck do you want??? Joe Manning -> ACTION: After a brief pause, the pounding repeats Troy Parson -> ::hobbles behind the nearest piece of furniture:: Pher -> :: Smiles at Byblos's subtlty. :: Ethan Neufeld -> ((Just a cup of sugar... ::shrinking::)) Joe Manning -> Deep Growling Voice> I am sent by an acquaintance of Shane. William Chocox -> ::looks over at Joe:: How is he able fall back asleep after falling off the bed? Pher -> Let him in please, Byblos. Pher -> Audrey, scan for humanoid life signs. (( Wants a count of the people outside the door. )) Byblos -> I do not like having my ....pleasures interrupted!!!!! ::looks to Pher wiht a wink...hears the acquaitance of Shane comment..then Pher's and complies:: OKay Letme look decent... Joe Manning -> ACTION: There is one large humanoid lifeform on the other side Byblos -> Yeah Yeah one moment...::Shouting as if he is getting dressed...and buying Pher a bit of scanning time:: Pher -> :: mutters :: Bigger than a breadbox... Pher -> Audrey, thank you, off. Byblos -> Okay Pher...I am going to let him in.... Pher -> :: nods approval :: Byblos -> ::activates door code to open and begins a rant:: I was having a heck of a time with my girl here!! and.....::looks at the indiividual:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: A towering Klingon with long dreadlocks stands on the other side, arms folded in front of him Pher -> Nice hair. Troy Parson -> ::looks at the Klingon from behind a dresser:: Oh, my. Byblos -> ::Byblos having to Look up at a Klingon is rare...and this Klingon looks like one who can handle himself easily:: Joe Manning -> Klingon> ::Gives Byblos one quick lookover and steps right up to him with a growl, staring him down. Has about a two inch height advantage:: Byblos -> ::Byblos looks up a bit:: Do not interrupt my pleasures again. ::steps aside for him to talk to....not Joe..he's out cold....Pher :: Joe Manning -> Klingon> ::Gives Byblos one more short growl before looking around the room:: I am Agh'Qih. I have been sent here by Gilmo. You know him? Byblos -> ::does a look over on the Klingon to see if he's a blade user or a "gunner" :: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> ::Has two blades strapped to his back and a disruptor at his side waist:: Troy Parson -> ::listening to the Klingon from mostly behind the dresser:: Byblos -> ::notes he probably would not be able to take out this Klingon with help..especially given the fact his puny stunner would probably just stimulate the Klingon :: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> ::Looks around:: Not everyone at once! ... you know Shane? Pher -> We do know Shane. Byblos -> Heard of him. Kinda big fella. Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Good. My employer was told he is staying here among his friends and that you were all looking for work. Pher -> This is correct, though who might your employer be? William Chocox -> ((Nickles!)) STSF_Nickles -> (( sorry traffic was bad)) Byblos -> ::walks ever so slightly behind the Klingon...so Pher has the point of discussion..and if Byblos had to do something....:: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> ::Fixes Pher with his gaze:: Gilmo. ::Flashes his teeth:: One of the traffic consultants at the docks. Pher -> :: Nods :: Yes. I remember seeing you at the docks. Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> ::His smile turns to a frown:: If you had seen me, I would have seen you. No doubt you saw one of Gilmo's other Klingon workers. I am sure we all look alike to you. Byblos -> You look like you'd work for him. My understanding from Shane is he employees Klingons and Orions for security purposes. Pher -> Not entirely alike. Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> ::Looks at Byblos:: Then you do know Gilmo. Good. I can spare you an explanation that I have little patience to provide. Byblos -> ::does not like the fact he has TWO bat'leths what is he a Dahar Master??? :: STSF_Nickles -> :: stands back listening:: Pher -> :: tilts head sideways, but does not interrupt :: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Gilmo seems convinced that you are all willing to ... get your hands dirty is the human expression? ::Looks at Nickles:: And that you have no love for the Gular Consortium? STSF_Nickles -> ::nods affirmative:: Pher -> True enough. William Chocox -> ::from the peanut gallery:: Just one, my right hand is currently useless. Byblos -> Shane and I had brief words with him..at that time it appeared he was not interested in our services, that is Shane and mine. However, ::gestures to Pher:: do not underestimate the Orion, Klingon. STSF_Nickles -> That too will change Will Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Good. I do not love the Gular Consortium myself. ::Grins:: But there is little I do love that does not involve pain and violence. ::Reaches into the front of his jacket:: Byblos -> ::Byblos plans...the knees then a knife to the neck...if needed :: Troy Parson -> ::goes further behind the dresser when the Klingon reaches into his jacket:: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> You will work for me and answer to me. That is the way Gilmo wishes it. ::Produces a PADD from inside the jacket:: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> ::Holds the PADD out to whomever will take it:: Pher -> :: Will move to accept it if none else step forward first. :: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Item one on the list is an inventory of goods being stored in a Gular warehouse at the docks. Gilmo would appreciate it if those goods found themselves in one of his warehouses. Byblos -> ::realizes Pher has the best vantage point....Byblos now has a flanking position on the Klingon. :: Byblos -> I have it Pher...::takles the PADD from the Klingon and hands it to PHer:: Pher -> :: Accepts the PADD :: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Item two is a Gular controlled ship that is currently docked with the asteroid. There are two men on that ship's crew that Gilmo would like returned to his employ. They made the mistake of accepting a higher pay from the Consortium. Gilmo offers more than just money ... safety for instance. ::Grins:: Byblos -> ::with that long Nausicaan reach then he returns to the right side of the Klingon his hands folded low at his torso :: Pher -> Generous of him. Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Item three is a Consortium security investigator who has been snooping into Gilmo's business. Gilmo would appreciate it if the investigator were to be convinced to leave the station ... Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Through the nearest surface exit if need be. Pher -> :: Nods :: Byblos -> ::Byblos catches what the Klingon's drift is:: STSF_Nickles -> :: That sounds like a Job for Byblos and his stature Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Gilmo prefers these tasks be accomplished within the week, though you may perform them in whatever order you see fit. Of course, we never spoke and Gilmo has no idea who any of you are. Pher -> Of course not. Byblos -> A Gular Consortium member...snooping around with his security? How odd? Pher -> :: Looks at the name in the odd chance that she might recognize it. :: Pher -> :: Also looks to see if there is any mention of funding. :: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Gular security takes far too much interest in Gilmo's quite legitimate affairs, I agree. Joe Manning -> ACTION: None of the names on the PADD are recognized Pher -> I shan't ask the meaning of the word 'legitimate.' Seems to be a tricky word. Byblos -> ::Byblos places his hand on his chin:: What can you tell us of the Gular agent. To snoop around Gilmo, is rather dangerous. That would suggest a high pay....or skill level to deal with large security guards. Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Yes. ::Fixes Pher with a rather psychotic stare:: Byblos -> Like yourself...::to the Klingon:: not that you would be taken off guard by this Gular operative. Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> ::Glowers at Byblos:: It is an ambitious fool! ::Waves dismissively:: Who is seeking a higher pay from his Gular whip masters. Pher -> Speaking of pay... Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> The smart Gular security men know that it is better to take a cut of Gilmo's action than to interfere with it. Byblos -> ::has a reply to that..but quiets himself for Pher to negotiate.....a fee :: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> ::Looks at Pher:: You have never worked for Gilmo before. But you come highly recommended and he has history with your Shane ... Pher -> :: Nods :: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> For the clean execution of the assigned tasks, you will be paid the sum of eight thousand credits. Pher -> Eight is such an awkward number. An even ten? Byblos -> ::looks to Pher:: Pher does the client's PADD include a description of the Gular Investigator. That will be needed. Troy Parson -> ::still listening from behind the dresser, not entirely comfortable with the sound of these jobs, but not about to speak up with the Klingon around:: STSF_Nickles -> ::raises a brow:: eight Thousand? humm William Chocox -> ::still reading his book, figures that if he's needed he'll be informed:: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Gilmo offers the hand of friendship and you negotiate? He could easily send me and my compatriots in here to CUT OFF your heads! Troy Parson -> ::tries to shrink even further behind the dresser at the threat of decapitation:: Pher -> Then why has he not done these tasks himself? Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> ::Smiles:: If you cannot guess that, then perhaps you are not the right people for the job ... Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> But it is not my money to mete out. I will bring your offer to Gilmo. STSF_Nickles -> He doesnt want to do the dirty work himself Byblos -> My superior is right Given who I saw works with Gilmo and a Warrior of your size...Clearly you can do this on your own....however...is this a matter of keeping Gilmo's hands Clean? Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> Hope that he is in a generous mood when I do. Pher -> Very well. Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> The Nausicaan is unusually smart. Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> I suggest you plan! Generous or no, Gilmo will not wait. Byblos -> ::Byblos retreats from the Klingon towards Pher :: And Klingons with TWO Bat`leth's are clearly skilled with steel. Pher -> Noted. Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> I or someone working for me will check in with you daily. ::Turns and looks toward Byblos, giving him one last growl:: Byblos -> ::Byblos nods at the Klingon with some...respect:: Byblos -> A pleasure...::half grins:: Joe Manning -> Agh'Qih> ::Stomps through the open door and out of sight:: STSF_Nickles -> Well that sounds interesting Byblos -> ::Byblos moves towards the door checks to see it it is clear then closes it:: Pher -> Yes. :: Waits a bit for the door to close and AghQih to move clear :: Pher -> I'm not sure I have a proper count of the wheels within wheels. Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::amid business is introduced to an ambitious, young investigator who happens to be in the Sheriff's office:: STSF_Nickles -> I have to agree it is a lot to consider Pher -> Anyone want to play with the PADD? Make sure it isn't relaying conversation. Find all the contents? Byblos -> Pher, Gilmo has the muscle to off this Gular guy. Clearly Gilmo, already rattled by Argyle wants someone else to do the work:: Troy Parson -> ::unfolds himself from behind the dresser:: I'm usually up for taking things apart, so long as you aren't going to need them put back together. Pher -> So long as you don't lose any data in the taking apart. :: hands the PADD to Troy :: Byblos -> ::looks at Troy then Joe Manning on the bunk then back to Pher:: It probably has a tracking device loaded embedded in it. Byblos -> ::recalls his brief meeting with Gilmo:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((device or software)) Byblos -> ::hand on chin he turns to face a wall pondering the situation:: Pher -> Plausible deniablity is part of the game, definitely, Byblos. But Argyle little doubt set this in motion, given the timing of the message we got just before Agh'Qih arrive. Troy Parson -> ::takes out a screwdriver and starts to disassemble the PADD:: So erm... Pher -> This is in part cover for Argyle's move. Pher -> But does it matter who Agh'Qih is really playing for? Pher -> :: Settles back on a chair and curls herself into some vaguely implausible position. :: Joe Manning -> ACTION: Audrey beeps again Byblos -> I never have seen a Klingon wield two Bat`leth's before.....hmm.. Troy Parson -> ::looks up for a moment at the new beep sound, then turns back to disassembling the PADD:: Pher -> That would be an interesting combat style. Two two handed weapons? :: considers briefly :: Audrey, open comm. Byblos -> Then again...I have never fought a Klingon with a Bat`leth....Hah! STSF_Nickles -> Anything interesting? Joe Manning -> ACTION: Audrey shows an incoming comm request from Joe Manning William Chocox -> Can't you just shoot him? Byblos -> (from or for) Pher -> :: Looks to Joe :: Pher -> Audrey, confirm origin of message? Joe Manning -> ::Snoring on the floor between his cot and William's:: William Chocox -> That would be my first choice. Joe Manning -> ACTION: Audrey is convinced it's from Joe. The comm link is cut without any message being sent Byblos -> ::looks to Joe's passed out frame wondering if the BOss was playing Possum the whole time...well he won't find out:: STSF_Nickles -> What was it Pher? Pher -> Another job for you, Tony. I just got a message from Joe Manning. Audrey confirms. Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM 8/05 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Pher -> :: Considering things :: [Action] Byblos -> is seen doing pushups attempting to keep his aging Nausicaan frame in shape. Joe Manning -> ::Wakes up on the floor of the safehouse bedroom, with a stiff back and an aching head:: Pher -> Good morning, Joe. Wakie wakie. Rise and shine. Shane -> ::back in one of the bedrooms, seated and tinkering with some of the med-tech "borrowed" from the organ clinic:: Joe Manning -> ::Groans and looks toward Pher's voice:: I'd rise, but I think I've got a safe on top of me William Chocox -> :::after putting his arm in the sling, continues reading his book:: Pher -> No safe. Just the demons you've been drinking. Joe Manning -> ::Slowly pushes himself off the floor as best he can:: The demons keep me warm at night. Did I miss anything last night? Or whatever day I fell asleep? Pher -> Our new overlords handed down their orders. Byblos -> ::stops and turns into a sitting position:: Well, you live. Good. You still look like Guardian Stool. Shane -> ::picks out a spherical piece from his black duffel and looks it over carefully before mumbling to himself and placing it in a pile of of other pieces on the desk:: Joe Manning -> ::Climbs onto his bed and sits on it:: Last I check, we don't have any overlords. Just the people we decide do jobs for at any given time. As the whim suits us. Byblos -> Shane, your buddy Gilmo sends a Klingon taller than me. What I nice guy. He clealy wants me off this station...Hah! Typical Stereotype..a Nausicaan runs at the presence of a Klingon Warrior... Pher -> Uh huh. That's nice. You might have been sleeping too long. Byblos -> ::Byblos stands:: You did not look good for the meet. Pher took the iniative and handled our guests proposals. Shane -> ::stops and looks over his shoulder with a slightly more-annoyed-than-usual look:: He ain't no buddy... Byblos -> ::looks to Shane..:: If he did not have so much muscle around him..the chimp would be an easy kill. William Chocox -> ::from the peanut gallery:: Shane has no buddies, just people he has let live for now. Shane -> ::mumbles:: Easy kill my... Byblos -> Hah! Nice William. Joe Manning -> ::Picks up the empty liquor bottle lying next to the bed and turns it over. Scowls at it:: Well, do we have a next move in mind? Otherwise, I'm fixin' to get a message to Samus, update him and ask for some funds to get Troy and Will healed up faster. Troy Parson -> ::glances up from his book at the mention of his name:: Yes, healing would be nice. Byblos -> ::notes Pher and Joe Manning begining a dialogue and decides to walk over where Shane is..with William:: Byblos -> The CHimp...aside from his muscle is no physical threat. Unless you know something about him I do not. Shane -> ::pulls out what looks like a laser scalpel and examines it:: William Chocox -> I'm fine. I'm just going to be a bit clumsy with the tools for a couple days. Pher -> Well, we've been told what our next moves ought to be. Argyle is covering up our involvement in the body shop, and thinks we owe him a favor. He's likely right. He wants us to take out Gilmo and blame the body shop incedent on Gilmo. Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::else where, perusing items on a 15.5x6cm slate, connecting dots, etc:: Shane -> ::raises an eyebrow without looking away from the scalpel:: It ain't about the physical threat with Gilmo. He doesn't need it. Byblos -> Suprised you havent done the job yet...::to Shane:: He has something on you? Pher -> Meanwhile he helpfully arranged Gilmo to hire us. Gilmo wants us to steal the contents of a warehouse, kill a snoop and do one other job. Byblos -> Oh? ::curious where Shane is going:: Joe Manning -> Well, that shouldn't be hard. Didn't one of you mention that Gilmo had some connection to the old coot running the place? Shane -> ::avoiding the question:: He's useful alive. I don't make a habit of killin' unless its usefl. Shane -> usefull* Pher -> Oh, yes. Argyle seems to be holding Gilmo's leash, but wants to turn it into a noose. No real idea why. Byblos -> I don't like little beings hiding behind big men. Granted it costs credits to have as many Mercs under his foot as he does. Pher -> Though I'm not impressed by Gilmo's social skills. Byblos -> He must know some business...but I just have the desire to squash the bug. Shane -> He knows busines alright, that's all he's about. Byblos -> ::looks at William:: Heal up man. Looks like we may be here a while for this job. Pher -> Anyway, we've been fed a nice script. I figure we play it or leave. After our fiascos to date, I'm not thinking we're ready to fly solo here. We don't know the turf. We badly need a native guide. Joe Manning -> ::Scratches the top of his scalp, face scrunched in concentration:: Yeah ... you tried gettin' past the clinic doc by tellin' her Gilmo sent ya, didn't ya? Which means Gilmo knows you were snoopin' around there ... Pher -> But though you ought to be in the loop. Byblos -> ::walks over to Troy:: Heh...you holding up? Pher -> Yep. Not my idea. Shane's. It might have worked. Troy Parson -> ::holds out his crutch:: This blasted thing is doing most of the holding up at the moment. Shane -> ::stands up and stretches a bit, rubbing the area around his artificial shoulder:: Byblos -> Listen...do you need any of those dead plant things you smoke. I figure I owe you for the rough extraction out of that hole.. Joe Manning -> But the doc got in touch with Gilmo. You ask me, that's a thread we're better off cuttin'. Argyle might know that. William Chocox -> ::to Byb:: I'm healing as fast as I can. Pher -> Yep. I'd like the doc quiet. I'd like some access to the eyes Argyle obviously has all over the place. Joe Manning -> Well, since we don't know Argyle or Gilmo ... Shane excluded maybe ... ::Glances at Shane:: I think it'd be well-advised to go off-script however we like. Pher -> But we've got to commit to playing Argyle's games. Byblos -> ::turns to William..:: Good..by all means though start thinking of ways to get our job donw while you are on the mend. ::To Troy Parson:: I am not certain If they even sell what they stick in your mouth to smoke here.. Shane -> ::stomps into the main room and glances around, looking for booze:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Pher:: How much? The more you stick to a script that's been handed to you, the closer -you- get to ending up on a leash. We still don't know what exactly this guy's after. Pher -> Agreed. If you're going to contact Samus, you might ask for their reputations. I'm starting to get a feel for them, but Argyle at least is a subtle player. Pher -> Which one? Troy Parson -> Ehh. I've got plenty...for now. Joe Manning -> Either one. ::Pushes himself off the bed:: Byblos -> :::ponders the term :: Phillip Morris.. Joe Manning -> Samus has his fingers all over Gular district, so I'll ask what he knows. Have to make a house call to his local contact. ::Exits the bedroom:: Pher -> Thing is, if we blow the script, they'll blow ours. You wrapped your head around the fact that 3 of our 4 look around and stay out of trouble teams got in trouble? Byblos -> ::notes the Cyborg moving about and makes way as he approaches Pher and Joe Manning again :: Curious, did you realize that Gilmo knows where we are...Argyle's safe house this may be called but it ain't so safe anymore. Joe Manning -> ::Grabs his vest off a chair back in the sitting room and starts putting it on:: The only ones who really got in trouble were Sal and me. And that was for the oldest reasons there are ... chasin' a paycheck and chasin' tail. ::Smirks:: Byblos -> ::looks at the empty flask:: I don't think that's the only trouble you have bosss. Pher -> Uh huh. Shane -> ::to Bybs as he searches the liquor cabinet:: Gilmo works for the Bossman. I wouldn't be surprised if he has as many connections as Argyle... Joe Manning -> Gilmo or no, I wouldn't call the place safe anyway. Think I might dart into an alley or two on my way to the contact. I'm sure this place is bein' watched by someone. William Chocox -> Yes, I would just like to point out Troy and I were never in trouble. Troy Parson -> ::chimes in:: For the record, we would have escaped from that prison on our own eventually. Pher -> Figure Argyle has a very good set of spy eyes about too. Byblos -> You just figured that out?! ::to Joe Manning a bit heated:: Shane -> ::glances at Troy and Will with a raised eyebrow:: Joe Manning -> ::Shrugs at Byblos:: I ain't figured anything out yet. Just a guess. Let 'em watch ... Joe Manning -> Long as we don't show 'em anything that could put our asses on the line. Shane -> ::fnds a bottle with a strange green glowing liquid in it:: William Chocox -> ::sees the look on Shane's face:: What? You don't think we could've taken care of ourselves? Shane -> ::looks at Will with an expressionless face, then looks back to the bottle without saying anything:: Joe Manning -> ::Makes a pass through the bathroom to wash his face:: Follow the script as closely as you think it's smart, Pher. Shane -> ::takes a swig, ponders it then shrugs before heading for the couch:: William Chocox -> ((Hey Nickles.)) Shane -> ((Hey Chris)) STSF_Nickles -> ((hi all)) Pher -> :: Nods :: I'll work towards the first two at least of Gilmo's script. I'd like to hear what Samus has to say about these two first, though. Byblos -> ::Byblos looks a bit pissed:: Pher -> :: Turns to Bilbos :: Pher -> Was it something I said? STSF_Nickles -> ::walks over to troy:: how are you feeling? Joe Manning -> ::Straightens his hair as best he can:: Don't have to commit to doin' anything yet. But no harm in a little scouting and prep work. Shane -> ::watches Byblos and Pher from the couch with bottle in hand:: Shane -> ((Ethan, are you in the room or still out doing your thing?)) Troy Parson -> ::turns to Nickles:: Less mobile than I'd like, but at least I no longer have the overwhelming urge to try and chew off my own leg just to be rid of it. Ethan Neufeld -> ((Not likely to join up with you guys on this one; too much risk.)) Joe Manning -> ::Before leaving, grabs his left wrist and grimaces. Nearly forgot that his ODRI was gone:: Byblos -> ::looks to Pher:: Is he always like this? He gets a visit from Doctor Death, escapes Death....looks like ###### ...and when he does get a chance to recover gets drunk and passed out. Not good leadership Pher...Not Good. Makes us look pathetic...alchohol does not speeed up the healingn process...to hungover to catch our last visitor....Awh...Phooey...::sways his arm in the air and goes to the corner to do some push ups:: Ethan Neufeld -> ((Doubt Ethan really would have contacted Joe while still in Gular, honestly, but that was already written.)) STSF_Nickles -> Need to work the leg more. start while your sitting there lifting it slightly, holding a second or two nd then lowering it again. Do ot as many times as you can. Shane -> ::takes another swig, watching Byblos idly as he crosses the room to do pushups:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks back at the others:: Anyone have a spare communicator? Troy Parson -> ::lifts his cast up slightly, wincing in the process:: Like that? Pher -> I don't like it either, but I'm not about to start the revolution. Byblos -> (was a bit liberal with the language IC character vent..apolgoies) STSF_Nickles -> Just like that Pher -> Not a spare, Joe, but I'll lend you Audrey if you're desperate. Shane -> ::indicates with a head motion:: Found one at the clinic. Check the duffel bag in the back room. William Chocox -> ::continues reading his book:: STSF_Nickles -> Do it at least 10 times thn rest and do it again Shane -> ::to Joe:: Byblos -> ::doing pushups:: Neither am I.....and.....I don't want to end up .......dead.....at the orders of someone intoxicated......::said doing pushups:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Shane and nods, heads for the duffel bag:: Just want a way to get in touch if there's trouble. Pher -> If? Troy Parson -> Right. ::puts his leg back down:: So how much longer is this supposed to take to heal, anyway? William Chocox -> There's always trouble Joe. Joe Manning -> This time I'll do my best to avoid redheads. ::Rummages through the bag:: William Chocox -> How about you avoid killer robots? Shane -> ::to Joe over his shoulder:: I've already reset the frequency code, it should be clean. STSF_Nickles -> a lot sooner if I had a good medical facility but since I dont at least 2 weeks Byblos -> ::several curse words as more push ups are done:: Pher -> Then plan the next op yourself, Byblos. Joe Manning -> Those are a lot trickier to spot. ::Finds the small old-fashioned communicator. Points it at Pher and taps a button to link it with Audrey:: Troy Parson -> Two weeks. ::sighs:: Ah, well. Not that I had anything terribly important to do, anyway. Byblos -> Pher..You are doing the planning...I dont have an issue with that. Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Nickles:: There's a facility on the other side of the asteroid, but it ain't cheap. I'll ask Samus to set us up. Pher -> Some of the stuff Gilmo wants to do sounds similar to some of your old jobs. Byblos -> ::more lifts:: Pher -> Look, There's stuff I've done, and robbing warehouses isn't among it. Pher -> +Joe+ Good link. Pher -> :: Notes Joe's new address :: STSF_Nickles -> That would help. Maybe I could work there too to earn some needed cash Joe Manning -> ::Tucks the comm device into his vest:: You've got my number. Don't hesitate to call. Byblos -> :: I cannot rob anyone...without a layout of whose office I am breaking into..and their security....I don't operate blindly...:: Pher -> Understood. :: Clears the call :: Joe Manning -> Unless the place gets overrun by killer robots. Then you're probably toast anyway. ::Heads for the front door:: Pher -> Troy? That data pad I gave you a while back? Is it clean? Troy Parson -> ::fishes around in his pockets for a moment:: As far as I can tell. Not that that's saying much, mind you. Joe Manning -> ::Gives a quick look into the hallway outside the safehouse before leaving and shutting the door behind him:: Byblos -> also...I need to know....exactly what needs to be taken .......and where.....::continues talking and push ups:: Pher -> I'd like to look at the information Gilmo gave us on the warehouse job. You, me, Byblos, everybody. STSF_Nickles -> So wheres Joe going now? Pher -> :: to Nickles :: He's going to visit Samus. Looking for money for medical expenses, and background information on Argyle and Gilmo. Troy Parson -> ::passes the padd over:: All yours. STSF_Nickles -> ::nods:: Byblos -> I mean...::continues to talk while doing pushups:: Once you steal something.....you need a place to put it.......if it is volumous....certainly.....computer stuff......an ODRI.. Pher -> :: pokes at the PADD, downloads a copy to Audrey :: Pher -> Look, Gilmo gave us the information he thought we need to pull the jobs. If you want more, let me know what more you want. Pher -> The warehouse... simple move contents of one room to another. The key part might be Troy's, neutralizing the spy eyes. Lots of em about if Argyle's ability to watch us get in trouble is any indication. Pher -> Anyone spot a human tail? I think he did most of it with eyes. Troy Parson -> I can do neutralizing. Byblos -> ::finishes and stands exhaling:: And his...muscle..which the shrimp (Gilmo) seems to abound in...Their locations. Pher -> :: hands him back the PADD :: Look over the data, look it over good, and say that again. :: smiles :: Shane -> ::activates his ODRI, looking to Troy:: Send me a copy. Pher -> Yep. And eventually Argyle wants us to take em out. But I want to do at least two of Gilmo's jobs first. Get maybe half an ounce of trust. Maybe do all three jobs and get paid. Byblos -> If I have to go toe to toe with Mr. Blade who visited a bit ago. I am going to lose in a fight. And it sure as heck sounds like you want this job clean Pher. No Bodies...no Blood just stolen goods. Troy Parson -> ::nods to Shane:: I'll transfer it as it downloads. ::starts transferring the PADD info to his on ODRI and to Shane's simultaneously:: Pher -> Warehouse job, definitely I'd like it clean. All three clean if we can manage it. Pher -> Taking out the Gular investigator... especially. Troy Parson -> Erm...quick question? Troy Parson -> We're not actually going to kill that guy, are we? Byblos -> Warehouses attract Muscle...you need it not just to secure things..but to move it. Shane -> People get mugged on the way home everyday. Shouldbe easy enough. Pher -> I'm not thrilled with it, for multiple reasons. I'm open to comment. STSF_Nickles -> get me close enough to him and I can pop him with a Hypo to make it appear dead. then hide him somepleace. Byblos -> ::chuckles:: Shane is right about that for sure. Pher -> That might work. I don't really want to get on Gular's list. Shane -> He'll eventually talk and thats a loose end. Troy Parson -> If we can give him a reason to leave town for a while, we could stage something to make his absense look...more permanent. Pher -> Third job... Two of Glimo's old people went to work for Gular. We're supposed to convince them to switch back. William Chocox -> Byblos is scary enough to do that. Pher -> That's a bit less straight forward than the other two can be. Pher -> :: smiles :: Well, intiminating Gular people isn't necessarily so straight forward. Byblos -> ::walks up to Pher:: Look lifeguard, when I stole stuff I was not alone bymyself. I had a 5 man team..and we did things ...differently. Than what you want. If anything mugging a guy of Gilmo's and him losing his stuff is not conduscive to getting People back to work for him! Byblos -> I know you see that Pher. You are smart. Byblos -> Job Three has to be done before the other two. Especially before the Gular man disappears. Pher -> Byblos, if this job looks too different from what you did back on Tranquility, if the hard part is clearing the security system, which is Troy's thing anyway, I won't make you take the lead. Pher -> And if we haven't got the skills your old gang had, fine. Pher -> But the Warehose job seems to be cut the eyes, choose the right time, and do the move. Pher -> Troy, would you want the lead on that? Troy Parson -> Beats sitting here feeling broken. Pher -> Good nuff. Push it as far as you can, we'll all look it over, and decide what goes first. STSF_Nickles -> If Joe gets me into that medical facitity Ill have you fixed good as new in a few hours Byblos -> Pher, I did not dodge guards when we robbed a bank..or warehouse of valuables. We killed them. We..butchered them...That's what I did on Tranquility. Mostly human security...but some others. We were merciless..that his how the Cycles Reputation got going...sheer utter ruthlessness with no witnesses left alive..and nothing on the cameras as well. Pher -> No wonder you got to be so popular. Shane -> ::to Byblos:: Why couldn't we do the same here? Troy Parson -> Ahem. If I'm taking the lead, there's not going to be any butchering. Byblos -> That is why, I am making this sound hard...the crime scenes scared the Guardians...and we had a slicer that got the layout and jammed their surveillance. A Recipe for perfect carnage... Shane -> ::raises an eyebrow and shrugs, taking another swig of his drink:: Pher -> I'm with troy. Our end game is targeted against Gular. I don't want to gather their attention any more than I have to. Byblos -> I didn't do things covert Pher...I was making statements while doing the job...this is ....something new. Very clean. Joe Manning -> (( If I'm not mistaken, Troy, the last time you took the lead, a bunch of Xorax colony security guards were butchered by Byblos :) )) Pher -> But that's going to be rough as all three jobs Gilmore wants done are against Gular. Troy Parson -> ((I'm rather hoping nobody remembers that. :P)) Byblos -> Hence...I don't think Pher, I will be able to do the job.....clean..it is not my....style. or trade. Ethan Neufeld -> ((Remembers what?)) Troy Parson -> ((See?)) Pher -> Appreciated, Byblos. Let's see what Troy comes up with. Byblos -> Just being honest LIfeguard. Pher -> Appreciated, Swimmer. Byblos -> And our boss...has me worried.. Pher -> So he does. Pher -> :: looks about to see if anyone else wants to comment :: Shane -> Well he ain't dead and he stills pays the creds. His business is his, I ain't sticking my nose in it. Byblos -> I will follow your orders. I trust your mind. But I needed to let you know..I did things differently before joining this crew....remember I showed up to you all with arn arm and an ODRI? ::looks around:: William Chocox -> Just let me know what you want me to do. STSF_Nickles -> After all these years with Joe Ive come to leave him to do what hes going to.. I could never change his mind Byblos -> Has he always been attached to a flask....::looks to Chris:: Shane -> ::nods in agrrement with Nickles:: Troy Parson -> ::moves slightly to cover up the ODRI that he is currently wearing at Byblos's comment:: Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM
  3. Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Pher -> :: With Argoyl :: Shane -> ::following along towards the back of the group, stomping along with his arm whirring and hissing:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Exits one of the asteroid's tunnels into a wide open crowded common area, Promenade Two:: STSF_Nickles -> :: following Argyle still unsure about trusting him to far:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Now ... ::Rubs the back of his neck as he walks:: There's a bit of a complication here. Shane -> ::walking with his face expressionless, staring hard at the back of Argyle's head:: STSF_Nickles -> Whats that? Pher -> :: Hesitates a bit, glancing at Argoyl, but if he's willing to associate with them in public, this isn't the place to debate it. :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> I have a bit of an ... arrangement ... with the people who run this clinic. It wouldn't be the greatest thing on Andus if they knew I was involved in what you're about to do. Pher -> Ane we're about to do what? Shane -> ::grumbles under his breathe::Of course... STSF_Nickles -> ::nods at Phers question:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Enter the clinic's basement. ::Looks at Pher with a little bit of a disgusted look:: William Chocox -> ::walking with the group:: Byblos -> ::looks at Shane briefly then returns his gaze to this "Argyle" being:: STSF_Nickles -> Is that where Joe is? Joe Manning -> Argyle> Mind you, they're not going to let you do so easily. And the more easily you do so, the easier it is for me and anyone working for me. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Absolutely. Shane -> What does this clinic "deal" in? STSF_Nickles -> Anf how do you propose we do it "easily". Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Glances over his shoulder in Shane's direction:: ... medicine. Officially. Unofficially, black market body parts, for people who can't afford Xorax prices. Troy Parson -> What a charming place. Shane -> ::scowls and spits at what Argyle says:: Byblos -> ::does not know Argyle...does not trust Argyle but Pher is with him...he trusts her..so the Nausicaan surmises Pher knows what she is doing :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Well, that's going to be up to you, I'm afraid. Not much I can do without letting my involvement slip into this. Pher -> Can you give a few hints on the security? Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Weaves through the crowd until they reach a bunched together row of storefronts across from a large food court:: STSF_Nickles -> I guess I could go in looking for job here Joe Manning -> Argyle> Some automated security in the basement, I know that. If an alarm's triggered, they'd open fire on anyone moving around down there. Byblos -> Heard about something like this on Tranquility...::mutters to Shane :: These dudes get a lot of latinum for what they provide..could be ...messy with bad guys in there. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Of course, an alarm wouldn't be triggered if any of the clinic staff were down there. Shane -> ::to Byblos:: No jykin' joke. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Points in the direction of a glass door with a red cross sign above it:: Shane -> ::looks to the door, then back to Argyle:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> That's the place. They'll have two doctors on staff ... Joe Manning -> Argyle> Not sure how many guards they'll have on hand in the basement at this hour. STSF_Nickles -> Pher your call. Pher -> You are damn sure Joe is parts? :: To Argyle :: Byblos -> Yeah...someone in the Latinum district ran a scam...for species body parts...Guardians took them down. Word was some of the Guardians were getting paid hush money. These guys are probably connected to law enforcement on Andus given the potential ....Latinum involved. Byblos -> Listen I hold nothing against you for that Gilmo twit. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Shrugs:: Lot of people on Andus keep track of the new arrivals. The same red flags I catch wind of ... other people catch wind of them too. Shane -> ::aside to Bybs:: Everyone is involved or payed off in this asteroid. Just a matter of who's payin' who... Byblos -> :: said to Shane :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Your friend, the older one, went in first and still hasn't come back out. The younger one followed about ten minutes later. He was at the food court when the older one went in. Pher -> Is there a basement door, or we have to wander in the front? Joe Manning -> Argyle> Have to go through the front Shane -> ::sighs and growls:: Well, no use in standin' around...::begins stomping to the door:: STSF_Nickles -> Pher want me to go in the front? William Chocox -> ::to Troy:: So what are the odds Joe's still alive in there? STSF_Nickles -> Go in looking for a job? William Chocox -> ::notices Shane:: Shane, what are you doing? Troy Parson -> ::shrug:: He's not really the type to die easily. Shane -> ::over his shoulder:: Makin' an inquiry, what do think? Byblos -> ::chuckles:: Your on camera...big guy. And you do look like you need ....well service. William Chocox -> Kept alive by sheer force of will? Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Crosses his arms and looks from Shane to Pher:: That what you were talking about? William Chocox -> ((that was to troy.)) Pher -> Yep. Byblos -> ::looks to Pher:: Shane does look like he might need..certain services. Troy Parson -> Suppose it's possible. Not, mind you, that I'm likely to try anytime soon. Shane -> ::pauses at the doorway, looks at the sign above before opening the door:: Pher -> OK. Guess we're going in. Thanks. Where do we meet, Argoyl? Pher -> :: Starts towards Shane. :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> I'll find you. ::Flashes his teeth and backs into the crowd:: Pher -> Right... STSF_Nickles -> ::sighs:: I have a bad feeling about this Pher -> He's shown us his credentials. We've got to show ours. Shane -> ::stomps into the waiting area and glances around before spotting the robot:: Joe Manning -> Stan the Robotic Receptionist> ::Twists around to face Shane as he enters:: Joe Manning -> Stan> Welcome to Gular Consortium Promenade Two Medical Clinic. Please take a seat and fill out this form. ::The form pops out of the slot on the desktop:: Pher -> Actually, we're looking for a guy named Joe. Joe Manning -> Stan> ::As more people enter:: Welcome to Gular Consortium Promenade Two Medical Clinic. Please take a seat and fill out this form ::Several more forms pop up:: Byblos -> Listen..I best just...stay out of there...not like a bunch of people walk in all at once to some place like this... Lifeguard ::to Pher:: Swimmer wants to keep watch outside you got too many bodies here I thinks. William Chocox -> Why should we plan Chris? We plan, we show up, all hell breaks loose. At least we now know that all hell is just going to break loose from the start. STSF_Nickles -> :: follows Pher William Chocox -> ::starts following:: Joe Manning -> Stan> I have four individuals named 'Joe' in my archives. Please specify. Shane -> ::narrows his eyes and walks to the counter:: Do we make service inquires here? ::to Stan:: Pher -> He would have entered less than an hour ago. Joe Manning -> Stan> ::Twists its head unit toward Shane:: We provide medical services. Please have a seat and fill out this form. Joe Manning -> Stan> ::Head twists to Pher:: ... no 'Joe' has entered this facility within the last hour. Pher -> Are you authorized to disseminate false information? Joe Manning -> Stan> No. STSF_Nickles -> :: steps to the side out of sight:: Shane -> ::looks aside to Pher with a raised eyebrow:: Joe Manning -> ( :D ) Pher -> Then I'd like to speak with your operator, please. Joe Manning -> Stan> Is this an emergency? Shane -> ::grabs a form and a pen and begins filling it out at the counter:: Pher -> Could become one. Joe Manning -> If this is an emergency which threatens well-being, please proceed to the Consortium Medical Facility in Promenade Four, located on the other side of the visitor’s asteroid. I may summon a tram at your request. Joe Manning -> *Stan> Shane -> ::under his breathe to Pher:: I was gonna ask about reconstructive services... Pher -> Uh huh. :: Looks about to see that the gang is all present :: Troy Parson -> ::is present:: Pher -> Go ahead, Shane, but let's not take to long about it. William Chocox -> ::is standing there:: Pher -> :: Moves to Troy :: Joe Manning -> Stan> ::Head twists to Shane:: An appointment will need to be made for reconstruction. Byblos -> ::Byblos....outside the clinic on a bench with the enterance in view reading the Andus Journal:: Pher -> (( QUietly )) How much security around the door inside? STSF_Nickles -> :: standing out if sight of stan ;;pointing to a door that goes to the back:: and then to himself, for Pher too see:: Shane -> ::hands his form back to Stan:: I'm lookin' for options. Just need to know what yall can do in detail. Joe Manning -> ACTION: A shapely, older red-headed woman appears in one of the doorways to either side of the receptionist's desk Troy Parson -> (w) I'll let you know when I spontaneously develop x-ray vision. STSF_Nickles -> ::steps back:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Smiles and looks around the assembly:: Wow, such a large group. I hope you aren't all ailing too much. Pher -> (w) Appreciated. Troy Parson -> (w) Plenty of power sources, though...:::looking down at a tuning fork:: Byblos -> (ACTION> Byblos did not go inside...he stays behind outside within view of the clinic enterance....reading a News Padd on a public bench...apparently he objected to something with the plan :: ) Pher -> Well, no, we're just looking for a friend of ours. Joe. William Chocox -> ((What plan?)) Shane -> ::looks to the red-head and turns to her:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looks in Pher's direction and furrows her brow a bit, as if confused:: Joe? Nobody by that name's been in our clinic lately. Pher -> You did do your research before picking him up? You did learn he isn't alone or without contacts here? STSF_Nickles -> Excuse me Doctor would you happen to need any help around here? Byblos -> @::mutters:: Nuts...they probably have been eyeballed already..I cannot believe Pher went down this path....or maybe I am just getting to old.. :: looks at the REd Medical logo above the enterance to the clinic 15 meters away:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Shakes her head a bit and crosses her arms, clearly stiffening up a bit:: I'm sorry? I'm not sure what you're talking about? ::Looks around at the group:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looks at Nickles:: We're ... always looking for new staff, yes. We could certainly use the help. Pher -> OK. You obviously didn't do your research. Shane -> ::sighs and leans on the counter on his real arm, frustration on his face:: I told you Ms. Pher, he ain't here. I think you're being paranoid. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Blinks a few times, a bit rapidly and looks at Pher:: I'm ... sorry, I wish I could help you. It's possible your friend was diverted by one of the shops nearby? Or the food court across the way? Byblos -> @::looks in the classfieds:: Computer Accessories...notes a few contact numbers. STSF_Nickles -> Hey Pher, Maybe I can work here a bit and make some earnings? Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looking around at each person in the group in turn, somewhat quickly:: Pher -> Frankly, no. Look, you play some big stakes games. You really ought to do a bit of external security. Pher -> Neither one of us wants trouble, but Joe is worth more to us than you, I think. Byblos -> @:: had pondered following Argyle...but, If he was able to trump Gilmo and his muscle....he might not be one to do Detective work.... Pher -> If your memory suddenly recovers, no harm done, and but you don't get to find out where you messed up. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Gasps in slight exasperation:: A clinic with external monitoring would raise all sorts of red flags with Consortium security. Pher -> That's the risk, I guess. Byblos -> @::looks in Classfieds:: Hmm...they wouldn't dare.....Organ Services....::looks....:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> Just ... ::Uncrosses her arms and straightens them stiffly at her sides:: Just what lead you to believe this man is here? Pher -> Someone who can do external security. STSF_Nickles -> :: stays quiet and lets Pher handle it since she wouldnt go with his idea:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Narrows eyes at Pher a bit, as if reading her:: Pher -> :: Smiles :: You don't know, do you. Want to risk your operation on the call? Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> Perhaps we should discuss this somewhere more privately? In case someone enters looking for our services? Shane -> ::just remains silent, eyebrow raised slightly:: Pher -> Certainly. :: Looks about, gestures for the others to follow :: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Turns and walks back through the doorway:: STSF_Nickles -> ::follows Pher wondering what shes up to:: Pher -> (W to whoever is near.) Cover me. Expect trouble. William Chocox -> ::starts following Pher hand nearish his phaser:: Byblos -> @ ::mutters:: Body Harvesting....::thinks back to Tranquility and the case there recalling a Dozen Guardians were bought off by the "Hospital" before Savoy moved in :: Troy Parson -> ::follows after Pher and William:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Walks through a short hall. Two rooms open off of it, one with a medical cot and another with a chair:: Shane -> ::lets a the others go first before following, annoyed expression on his face:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Stops at a panel at the end of the hall and reaches for it:: Pher -> :: Palms her cricket :: STSF_Nickles -> caution.. Byblos -> @ ::sets his chrono:: He can only read the Andus times for so long...but..::checks his COMM:: Nuts..this is nuts. Troy Parson -> ::takes out a cigarette, but doesn't light it yet:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Pushes one of the buttons on the panel. Glass doors slide into the two doorways around the receptionist's desk:: William Chocox -> ::inches his hand closer to his phaser:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Turns and looks at the group:: We can speak in private now ... Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> It is true that your friend is here. Pher -> Very well. Pher -> I know. STSF_Nickles -> Take us to him then Shane -> ::looks over his shoulder at door, then back to the doctor, brow furrowed:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Lifts her hands and rubs them together in front of her:: Which is something I'd like to be enlightened about. Pher -> Of course you would. Unfortunately there is a saying about intelligence sources and methods. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> I am sorry, but if you wish to see your friend, I am going to have to insist that you tell me how you were informed of our 'operation' Byblos -> @::gets up from the bench and walks over to the Drill Shop adjacent to the Medical Facility, enters and begins looking around like a customer:: Pher -> Your curiousity will have to go unsatisfied. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Lets out a tense sigh and straightens her arms again, looking around at everyone:: Then I'm sorry. Your friend will remain here. Pher -> Wrong answer. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Glances around at the group, quickly. Though she isn't sweating:: STSF_Nickles -> Look lets just say we have delt with places like this before and leave it at that. Shane -> ::speaks out from the back:: I've got connections with the Bossman. Byblos -> @::notes many people shopping this place is packed:: Execuse me, ::looks down at associate..can I have a price check on this Plamsa Drill xr by Norelca? Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> Dealt with? You've done business with places like this? Business arrangements are another thing entirely, but I'd like to know who I'm working with. Pher -> :: Pretends to be annoyed at Shane :: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looks over at Shane:: Byblos -> @Clerk>Yes one moment..sorry..very busy today. Byblos -> @Yeah I noticed...need to do some repairs, but needs something than can work with durelium. Shane -> ::steps forward, his expression unreadable:: I paid to get info on replacement parts Shane -> For obvious reasons... Pher -> :: Lets Shane take the lead for the moment. :: Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::alertly passes through the crowded court on promenade 2 en route to an unknown destination; fatefully timed while Byblos's attention is elsewhere:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Glances at the arm, then around at the rest of the group:: I think I may be beginning to understand. Shane -> Then I was informed that a friend of our wandered in here to and we got ...worried. Byblos -> @Clerk>30 bars. ::Byblos nearly drops his tusks at the price:: I need something that can work with Durelium. I know that is not cheap. Shane -> ::waits for her response quietly:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looks at Shane as if she understands something about what he's telling him:: ... it would be highly unusual for your friend to have not passed through processing more easily if he were connected to the Bossman. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> There are ... procedures in place for connected people. Byblos -> @Clerk> Hmm perhaps the Drexler model you might prefer, larger handle...more power. multiple facet plasma ejection settings. Byblos -> Hmmm..letme see that. Heh..how long is that clinic next door open too? Do they sell Pain killers for a bad back? Pher -> We are new here. We haven't worked our way through all the (expletive) procedures. Byblos -> @Clerk> ::Balks:: Oh that is not a pharmacy, imaging I believe they do. Uhm...a Pharmacy is 30 meters down the corridor on the left..but. You have a perscription of course... Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looks at Pher:: I know little about his ... group on the station, but they're not known for being sloppy. Shane -> ::mumbles to himself loudly:: Apparently I didn't pay enough... Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Turns to the panel again:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Presses a series of keys on the panel. The medical cot in one of the side rooms drops into the floor and slides into it, revealing an opening:: Pher -> That's what I'd heard as well. :: Grumble :: Byblos -> ::looks at the Drexler model:: Of course I have a perscription. Heh...Just because I am a Nausicaan does not classfy me as a drug user. Byblos -> @Clerk>Yes of course. 100 bars. STSF_Nickles -> Something just dropped... ::points:: an escape route? Byblos -> Okay....take credit? Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> You must understand, I will need to check with some contacts who are also connected with the Bossman. I do not understand why they were not put in touch with me about this. Pher -> (( A slight shrug to Nickles )) Byblos -> @Clerk>Depends on whose credit it is... Pher -> Do what you feel you have to, but the less said the less trouble raised. Shane -> ::aside to Pher:: If you had let me ask like Gilmo told me to... STSF_Nickles -> One of us should go with the good Doctor Dont you think? Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Turns and points:: That room there, just head down the stairway Byblos -> @::Byblos bumps into a Ferengi by accident:: Out of the way Lobes! Pher -> :: Nods agreement to Nickles :: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looks at Nickles:: The office is at the other end of the hall. ::Points:: William Chocox -> @Ferengi> ::stumbles:: Watch where you're going you ugly brute! Pher -> :: Stays with the Redhead :: Byblos -> @::thinks this over...he uses Samus' credit...that gives Samus a local...:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looks at Shane:: ... Gilmo? Byblos -> @Okay...okay...good luck on your bets...have a nice day... Shane -> ::nods, cautious:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::A small nod as she passes the group to go down the hall:: I believe I understand the problem now. STSF_Nickles -> Office? Pher -> (( Repeats to herself, not time for recriminations yet, not time for recriminations yet... )) William Chocox -> @Ferengi> ::walks off mumbling something about damn Nausicaans and there inability to see where they're going:: Byblos -> @::thinks might need backup..Joe sort of trusted him..and this looks bad...to him:: Okay I'll take the Drexler... Shane -> ::gives a look at Pher and follows the doctor:: STSF_Nickles -> :: since Pher is staying with the Doctor, moves to the room where the bed dropped and goes down the stairs:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Motions into the room with the revealed bunker entrance as she passes it:: Please, just wait in the room down there. Dr. Slythe is awaiting you Byblos -> @Here we go.....::presents Data Card:: Pher -> :: Nods and follows :: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Moves to the other end of the hall, passing another room with a bed, before turning into the office at the end:: STSF_Nickles -> :: goes down the stairs cautously:: Pher -> :: Gestures for someone to stay near the doctor :: Troy Parson -> ::follows Carver:: Pher -> :: Proceeds with care :: Troy Parson -> By the way...you don't happen to have any spare skulls, do you? Troy Parson -> I'm something of a collector, see. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> Skulls? ::Glances back as she circles around the desk in the office:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Takes a seat at the computer terminal and begins tapping:: Shane -> ::waits at the top of the stairs as Pher and Chris proceed:: Pher -> :: Nods approval to Shane :: Byblos -> @Clerk>A fine choice...and it will slice through Durelium rather well..... STSF_Nickles -> :: stops and looks around at the bottom of the stairs:: Troy Parson -> A rather expensive hobby, though, so whenever I'm somewhere like this, I ask if they've got spares lying around. William Chocox -> ::stays close by Pher and the others in her group:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The stairs lead down to a doorway into a square white-walled room with a door on the other end. A handsome black-haired man in a medical smock is standing in front of it Troy Parson -> I mean, when I collect them myself, they're cheap...but it's easy for them to become damaged in that kind of situation. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Glances up at Troy:: You're with Gilmo, aren't you? Why don't you arrange a deal through him? Byblos -> @ Well I have used Drexlers in the past, but not on Durellium. Special project. Troy Parson -> ::sighs:: I fear he fails to appreciate what counts as "display quality." STSF_Nickles -> ::takes in the surroundings:: Hey. Im new here care to show me around? Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> I wouldn't know. ::Shrugs as she taps:: But he has people who work 'disposal' for him. The same people can arrange for what you need. Byblos -> @Clerk>Credit is outstanding. Thank you for shopping. :::subordiniate delivers drill in case:: Byblos picks it up with ease. I will need a reciept. Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Looks at Nickles and raises a hand:: Just wait here. Byblos -> @Clerk>Of course...:::sort of grins:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::A few spots of blood are visible on his smock, near the left side of his hip:: Troy Parson -> ::sighs:: Well, thanks anyway. Troy Parson -> ::holds up cigarette:: Got a light? STSF_Nickles -> ::looks at Pher then looks back to the man:: Are you ok? You have blood on your smock? Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Stops tapping and pulls her hands back and folds them on her lap, watching the terminal:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looks up at Troy:: No smoking in the clinic please. Byblos -> @::exits the store with drill in package..and returns to the bench outside about 20 meters from the Clinic:: Oh brother...okay..that will tip of Samus....if he gets concerned. Hmm...::looks at drill package while checking his surroundings:: Troy Parson -> ::looks disappointed:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Gives Nickles a bemused look:: I'm ... operating. Shane -> ::coming down the stairs:: He deals in body parts Chris, what else would it come from? Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Glances at Shane with an annoyed expression:: STSF_Nickles -> ::glances at Shane:: Shane -> ::to Slythe:: I'm here for an arm. What have you got in stock? Shane -> I'd prefer something as fresh as possible. Byblos -> @::reads power specs and notes a power cell is included....Drexlers were always well prepared :: C'mon guys...get out of there..please. Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Shakes his head:: I'm not the one who deals with the customers. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Reaches up and taps a series of keys at the terminal:: STSF_Nickles -> ::looks back to Pher: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The cot slides back into the bunker opening STSF_Nickles -> ::then back to Slythe:: Need any help in surgery? Troy Parson -> ::feigns interest:: Is that a J-21 terminal? ::takes a peek at the screen:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looks at Troy:: We seem to have hit a snag. Pher -> We're just here for Joe. Let's just keep it simple and easy? STSF_Nickles -> ::looks up at where the opening was that closed:: Troy Parson -> ::leans back:: A snag? Byblos -> @ ::decides no doubt if a Nausicaan has a purchase like this..some security guy is going to ask if he bought the thing and sets another Chrono:: Troy Parson -> I'm not fond of snags. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> Gilmo's contacts do not know who this Joe Manning is. STSF_Nickles -> ::sighs:: Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM William Chocox -> ::wondering what the hell is going on:: Shane -> ::slips the strap off of his giant gauss pistol, eyes narrowing at Slythe:: This is gonna suck... Byblos -> ::notes how darn crowded this area is..between the tool shop...the hell hole his friends are in and the (market?) lots of beings. Pher -> :: Below, watching Slythe somewhat, but also watching for guards :: Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Glances at the stairs leading up as entrance is sealed off. But remains standing in front of the door at the other side of the 'pit', watching the group:: Shane -> *::mumbles:: Troy Parson -> ::looks at Carver:: Ahem. Might I suggest that you...un-snag things? Byblos -> ::Byblos decides to do something:: William Chocox -> ::notices Shane move his pistol and puts his hond on his phaser:: Byblos -> ::takes his small comm unit..nothing of note and COMMS Pher....time to be a client:: William Chocox -> ((hand as well)) Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Stands up from behind the desk and looks at Troy:: The snag was created, it seems, by your friend's claim that you are all associated with Gilmo and his boss. That claims seem to be not completely true. Ethan Neufeld -> @ ::conducting some business on another promenade, unaware of the situation with Dr. Carver:: Pher -> :: Walks closer to Slythe, but doesn't block the other's lines of fire :: Shane -> ::glances at Pher, knowing he's probably jyked things up again and waits for her move:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Takes notice of the movements toward weapons and glances pointedly in William and Shane's directions, but does not otherwise react:: Troy Parson -> ::starts walking slowly towards Carver:: Isn't the truth so inconvenient sometimes? Pher -> :: Stands aside to answer comm :: +Byblos+ Yes? Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Looks then at Pher and taps a small device strapped to his wrist, talks into it:: They're making contact with someone. Byblos -> @::wonders if he is premature...it has only been::....Hey my love, how you doing sweets? Can we talk or are you with another client? Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Hears Slythe's comm, as does Troy:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Shakes her head at Troy:: I've had assurances from one of the Bossman's lieutenants that you people are not under protection. Except perhaps for the one with the metal arm. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Moves to step around Troy:: Troy Parson -> ::blocks Carver's way:: Surely that depends on what you mean by protection. Shane -> ::whispers aside to Will, eyes still on Slythe:: (w) Start a passive ODRI scan, see if their network is acssesable... Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Stops and looks at Troy squarely in the face:: Step aside, please. Pher -> +Byblos+ Another client I'm afraid. Make it ten minutes? Shane -> accesible* Troy Parson -> ::smiles at Carver:: Now why would I do a silly thing like that? Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Flat expression:: Because if you do not, I may be forced to hurt you. Byblos -> @+Pher+ You know sweets...I am always nearby. I'll get you some choclate tonight. Gnight babes. ::does a Kiss sound and closes the COMM:: Pher -> :: Closes Comm :: Shane -> ::rolls his eyes at Pher's comments, mumbling something about loose women:: Troy Parson -> Interesting. Tell me, Doctor...have you ever seen one of these before? ::reaches to take something out of his coat:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Simply blinks and looks at Troy's hand:: William Chocox -> ::w:: Will do. ::bumps his wrist on his side surreptitiously to start the scan:: Troy Parson -> ::takes out a plastic toy dog:: Harmless-looking thing, isn't it? William Chocox -> ((BRB)) Byblos -> @::thinks Okay...maybe..this is not as bad as he believes. Time to get some...choclate?:: Stands with Drill in bag...looking like he's shopping around. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looks back up:: I am going to give you one more chance to step aside. Pher -> :: Continues to close with Slythe :: Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Still watching the group, emits what sounds like a small impatient sigh:: Troy Parson -> Ah, but if you insist on that, I'll have to squeeze this. And that...::sighs::...that could make things rather messy. Troy Parson -> Not, of course, that you're any stranger to mess... Troy Parson -> It's just...you're probably not used to being part of the mess. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Grabs Troy's left shoulder and pushes him to the side, remarkably forcefully:: William Chocox -> ((BRB)) William Chocox -> ((Back*)) Troy Parson -> ::staggers back:: So that's how you want to play it, hm? Troy Parson -> I'll give you one more chance! ::waves plastic dog threateningly:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Simply brushes past Troy, ignoring his barbs:: Troy Parson -> ::sighs, hangs head as Carver leaves:: Blast. William Chocox -> ::looks down at his ODRI to check the scan, to his surprise the system has minimal security:: Byblos -> ::walks down the busy promenade and thankfully for his height he can see things to avoid...but not from his six...:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Re-enters the hall and moves down it to the room with the bunker entrance:: Shane -> ::glances down at Will's ODRI as well and nods to Will:: (w) Get in. Pher -> :: Considers if Troy doesn't get his bluff working, it has to get physical. :: Troy Parson -> ::raises ODRI, switches to comm mode:: Erm...hi, everyone. Might be a bit of trouble ahead. ::starts searching Carver's office for anything valuable:: William Chocox -> ::more bumps start the decryption program:: Pher -> +Troy+ Fine. Shane -> ::grumbles under his breathe at Troy's comment:: Jykin' qoh... Troy Parson -> +Pher+ Good luck! Pher -> :: Rushes Slythe, tries to prevent him from getting a weapon. :: Troy Parson -> ::pockets an expensive-looking crystal paperweight from the desk:: Pher -> Shane, support. Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Snaps gaze to Pher and reacts quickly, reaching up to grab her arms:: Pher -> :: Just tries to pin Slythe down long enough for reinforcements to arrive. :: Shane -> ::charges at Slythe with a growl, pulling out his pistol:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Doesn't budge:: Byblos -> @Gular Secuirty> Execuse me sir, may we have a word? ::Byblos turns to see two Gular security agents...Cops Humans...both with stun batons:: William Chocox -> ::couple seconds later slight beep as the program finishes:: Pher -> :: Tries to make sure he doesn't budge :: William Chocox -> ::sees the commotion and draws his phaser:: Pher -> No weapons if you could, Shane. Twould draw company. Shane -> ::makes a vicious stb with the closed clws of his bionic at Slythes stomach:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Pulls Pher downward, exerting incredible force:: Shane -> stab* Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Lurches back a bit, but simply looks at Shane as if he feels no pain:: Pher -> :: Tries to minimize the damage somewhat, but is counting on shane to finish this quickly :: Byblos -> @Hello...::turns around fuming knowing exaclty what this is about:: something I can do for you...two? Pher -> Zombie? William Chocox -> ::moves to get behind Slythe:: Joe Manning -> Dr.Slythe> ::Lets go of Pher long enough to smack Shane in the head with his right arm, a heavy blow:: Troy Parson -> ::runs out of the office, headed for the front door of the clinic:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Some blood ... and a greasy white substance begins pouring from his stomach wound:: Shane -> ::spins with the blow to the side and spins to bring his pistol to bear on Slythes head, pulling the trigger:: Ethan Neufeld -> @Gular Security> Where you going? Joe Manning -> ACTION: The way to the waiting room remains sealed Troy Parson -> :::finds himself facing a locked door:: Oh, this just keeps getting better and better. Pher -> :: Not quite a zombie :: William Chocox -> ::jumps back at the sound of Shane's gun:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Head sparks and white fluid gushes out the other end as he's dropped by the pistol wound:: Byblos -> @Uh is this a good place to talk..we are surrounded by people...can we find an alcove or something? ::it is very crowded in the promenade? Pher -> :: Tries to roll free, not getting fluid on her :: Byblos -> (statement of fact) Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Still holding Pher's arm with one hand as he falls. His head continues sparking as white fluid and wires pop out of the wound:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> Nervous? Have something to hide? Shane -> ::with a fierce expression, stands over the body and puts two more rounds into Slythes head:: Byblos -> (oh man FX budget in use) Pher -> :: Goes down with him, trying to minimize fluid contact :: Troy Parson -> ::runs back into Carver's office, tries pressing all of the buttons on the desk terminal:: Pher -> William, if you could find Joe and Sal... Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Body twitches uncontrolably a couple of times:: Byblos -> @Uh...no. But all these people are going to start gawking.. William Chocox -> ::fires his phaser at Slythes Shoulder:: Will do. Pher -> :: Works a bit at getting free :: Shane -> ::to Will:: Can you get this door open yet? Joe Manning -> ACTION: The buttons on the terminal produce much the same effect that pussing random buttons on any computer would Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> Put down the back and turn around. Pher -> Humph. This guy might have been more in your weight class. Ethan Neufeld -> bag^ (not back) Joe Manning -> ACTION: One clearly indicated control opens up video surveillance of the 'underground' areas of the clinic William Chocox -> One thing at a time people. Do you want me finding lost souls, or opening doors? I'm an engineer not a magician damnit! Byblos -> @Reciept is in the bag. ::turns around ...of all the places...getting some attention from the crowd:: Pher -> Thanks for the support. ::Trying to break out of the grip :: Shane -> ::wipes the blood from his eyes as it runs from a deep cut on his forehead where Slythe hit him:: Troy Parson -> ::sees images pop up on the monitor:: That's more like it. Shane -> ::to Will:: Open the door, then we'll find the Cap'n and Rosetta. Joe Manning -> ACTION: One feed shows Pher and Co. hovering over the body of Slythe. Another shows a long room with several beds that have bodies strapped to them Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> ::picks up the bag, but doesn't look inside of it yet:: Byblos -> @Ferengi Passerby> Bust that tusker..crook! ::walks on:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> Hands on the wall and spread 'em. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> Ferengi> Move along. Shane -> ::to Pher:: Stay still. Pher -> :: stays still :: William Chocox -> :starts entering commands on his ODRI:: That should work. Troy Parson -> ::looks at the picture of the room with bodies to see if Joe is visibly present:: Byblos -> @Okay..okay...I'll try not to bump into anyone.....::puts hand against the wall after he has waded through some of the crowd..the last a Bajoran female freaks and sprints away:: Joe Manning -> ::Definitely strapped to one of the farther beds. Appears either unconscious or dead. Wearing only short trousers and several marks drawn on his torso:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> Don't try anything stupid. ::begins frisking Byblos:: Shane -> ::steps on the upper arm of Slythe while grabbing the forearm with his claw, squeezing and twisting to break any pistons holding tension on Pher:: Byblos -> @Officers..you are making a big mistake..I am just a visitor shopping for goods to fix things. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> Shut up. Pher -> :: Waits for grip to relax before trying to pull free :: Joe Manning -> Dr. Slythe> ::Grip on Pher tightens a few time before releasing:: Pher -> Ouch. Pher -> :: pulls free :: Shane -> ::arm whines and hissing as the sound of snapping metal is heard from Slythe's arm:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::patting Byblos down, pulls things out of Byblos's pockets:: Pher -> :: Rolls smothly to her feet :: Shane -> Shane's arm* Joe Manning -> ACTION: The door out of the 'pit' opens, revealing what looks like a medical lab beyond. Red lights are flashing in it Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::steps back and examines item 1 - Byblos's wallet?:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> What do we have here? Pher -> :: Looks to see which door is more easily phyiscally borken. :: Byblos -> @ ::pockets...contain. Credit...Samus...ID....Samus... Shane -> ::slides the body away from the door with a push of his foot:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> ::going through the contents of Byblos's shopping bag:: William Chocox -> Hm, that's odd. Delayed reaction much. Pher -> OK. :: Starts to the pit, with a gesture for Shane to follow :: William Chocox -> Also, are there supposed to be flashing lights up there? Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::holds up credit:: Where'd you get this? Byblos -> @ That would be my credintials officer. Contrary to popular belief..we Nausicaans do carry ID. the Friendly ones. Shane -> ::holding his pistol down and ready, follows Pher, searching the room:: Pher -> I suspect we've rung the doorbell. Joe Manning -> (( Note, it's the door on the other side of the pit that opened, not the trap door that you took to get down there )) Troy Parson -> ::studying the displays, trying to figure out how the different images connect up:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::irritated:: Not that. ::holds up credit:: This. Pher -> :: Looks for Sal and/or Joe :: Byblos -> @ Shopping Bag>:: Drexler 1000 premium plasma drill...with reciept:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: A display of the room that Joe is in is shown from a different angle. A flashing red light can be seen emerging from the hall entrance there Shane -> ::starts down the tables, looking for recognizable faces:: Byblos -> @ Am I allowed to turn around.. Byblos -> ? William Chocox -> ::continues trying to get the upper door open:: Let me try something incredibly stupid. Byblos -> @To answer your question? Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::growls:: Don't play smart. Pher -> :: Keeps moving as well :: William Chocox -> ::starts inputing commands:: Troy Parson -> +Pher et al.+ Ah, hello again, everyone. You don't happen to see any flashes of red anywhere, do you? Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> Hey, look at this. ::shows drill to his partner:: Shane -> +Troy+ The whole room is flashing! William Chocox -> +Troy+ Everywhere down here! Joe Manning -> ACTION: Glass containers all around the lab contain various organs of various species suspended in a clear gel substance Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::glances at drill:: There a receipt? Byblos -> @Alright...alright..::starts to think...if he takes these two down...there will be a riot in this place..and Joe did not want attention...assuming the BOSS is still alive. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> Yeah. ::passes receipt:: Troy Parson -> +Pher etc.+ Ah. So you're close, then. Look for a doorway. Pher -> Let's assume something bad is counting down, and expedite. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::checks the numbers on the receipt with the credit:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> Matches. Shane -> ::over his shoulder to Will:: Will, keep that other door at the stairs locked. Don't want anyone flankin' us. Joe Manning -> ACTION: Several computer chips and bolts of wiring are also scattered around the lab on workbenches Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security> ::passes receipt back to partner and frowns at Byblos:: William Chocox -> Fine! ::stops trying to open the door:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> Turn around, wise-guy, and answer my question. Where'd you get this credit? Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Moseys his way over to Byblos' general vicinity:: Pher -> :: keeps moving and looking for Joe and Sal. Not going for other goodies yet. :: Shane -> ::sees some of the chips on the workbenches and grabs them, stuffing them in his cargo pants:: Byblos -> @:: Now he wonders why no other Nausicaans have been seen here..Turns around.:: Shane -> ::sees a doorway at the end of the room and hurries to it:: Pher, Will! Over here! Pher -> :: Moves as Shane suggests... Quickly :: Pher -> If you're not feeling subtle, Shane, don't be. Byblos -> @I came to Andus looking for employment, I had an interview. The man I was discussing a job with demmanded I had better clothes to begin with..issued me some credit for that and for the job I planned to do. Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Hovers with the crowd near Byblos, listening for the moment:: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Also keeping some of the spectators between Byblos and himself:: Byblos -> @::Gawkers of all types getting a kick out of a Nausicaan getting busted for theft..in their minds...Nausicaan Trash:: William Chocox -> ::moves quickly:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::glance at partner:: Y'know, I don't like being lied to. Shane -> ::approaches the door and stabs his pointed, clamped claw into the crack of the door with a growl:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The lights are not flashing in the long room with the bodies, though they are dim. Some of the bodies are cut open and others are clearly lifeless Joe Manning -> ACTION: Trays with sharp blood-covered instruments are scattered all over the room Shane -> ::widens the crack with his claws and with a grunt of effort, shoves one side into the wall:: Byblos -> @ May I ask the officer what he believes is not the truth? ::trying to control the Nausicaan rage to just test Shane's blade on these two..but again teh BOSS said lie low.:: Shane -> ::steps through the now open door, breathing heavily and looks around the room full of bodys, eyes narrowing:: Joe Manning -> (( Err, actually you're in a different room :) )) Joe Manning -> (( If there was a closed door, no flashing light would have been visible on Troy's display )) Shane -> ((scratch that >.>)) Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> Think this credit card is stolen, which means this merchandise is stolen, too. ::passes the Byblos's stunner and "odd-looking handle" to his partner:: Pher -> Quick glance. Looks for the next place to try. Troy Parson -> +Pher et al.+ Found that door yet? Should be open... Pher -> :: Looks for an open door :: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The door opens to what looks like a small control room. There are computer terminals all around the walls, and a short old man is sitting in a chair in the center. He spins the chair around and looks nervously at Shane Troy Parson -> +Pher at al.+ Well that, or there's more than one set of flashing red lights, but that'd be rather unfair, wouldn't it? Shane -> ::steps through the doorway into a dark hall, breathing heavily and looking about:: Now what? Pher -> +Troy+ Did you neutralize Carver? Byblos -> @ Call the authorizer...I assure you that was given to me by the man who interviewed me. Troy Parson -> +Pher+ 'Fraid not. Shane -> ::spots the man and points his giant pistol at the mans head:: Pher -> Knock down doors. You hug the right wall, I'll hug left. Shane -> ::to the man:: The bodys, where are they? Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Raises his hands up in front of him:: Don't shoot! Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> I plan to. But first, you'll come with us to the station. Joe Manning -> Old Man> Down the hall, other side of the la-- ::Has a coughing fit as his voice trails off:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::secures the dagger he frisked from Byblos's boot:: William Chocox -> That better be true! Pher -> :: Tries to follow Oldie's directions :: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Emerges smoothly from the crowd and looks over at the security men:: What's the problem here, gentlemen? What's this Nausicaan done? Byblos -> @ If you think that is necessary. Will you carry my drill, oh and you never can be to safe around here....::notes dagger unsheathed:: Shane -> ::indicates the man to Will:: Stun him. William Chocox -> ::shoots:: Joe Manning -> Old Man> Now would be a good ti-- ::Shot:: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Falls sideways off the chair:: Pher -> :: Hopes that wasn't a mistake :: Byblos -> @:hears a vaguely familiar voice..not certain..is that that argyle indiivdual Pher was working with earlier:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> Argyle> It's none of your business, keep walking. Shane -> ::glances at the screens of the man's console:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The hall leading from the other side of the lab opens into the long room with the bodies Pher -> :: Continues as Oldie suggested, looking for bodies :: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> Well, I dare say it is my business, since this Nausicaan is a very recent hiring of mine. I would very much like to know what sort of trouble he's in. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> Yeah, we'll talk about your weapons at the station. Byblos -> @::complies with officers looking to verify if it is Argyle ...which it is:: Please do not damage the drill. I won't be abloe to work with it. William Chocox -> Any idea what he was about to say Shane? William Chocox -> Or did I just stun our one source of information? Shane -> ::then moves in a hurry down the hallway to the doorway:: Nope. Though I'd suggest we'd get the hell out of here as quickly as possible. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> Argyle> You can ask the desk sergeant at the station. Byblos -> @Oh hello sir, I was placing a COMM call and i guess they did not like it. I am sorry if I have embarrassed you sir. Troy Parson -> ::watching the others on the monitor:: Shane -> The more than likely have a contengancy plan if their operation is compromised. Byblos -> @(said to Argyle) Shane -> They more* Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> Byblos> Let's go. Joe Manning -> ::Strapped to one of the beds farthest from the hall. Sal is on another bed nearby:: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> Not so fast, if you please. ::Grins and pulls a small card out of his fur overcoat:: Pher -> I've got Sal and Joe! William Chocox -> ::moving:: Let me guess, more explosions than Troy on Federation day? Pher -> ( Loudly ) Byblos -> @::complies thinking...okay..all these guys have on him..is..a propped up theft charge:: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> Maybe you should have a look at this first. ::Holds the card out to one of the officers:: Shane -> ::follows Pher into the lab full of rooms:: I wouldn't have a doubt... Pher -> :: Moves to joe, evaluates what shape he is in, starts to consider how to release and wake him. :: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> ::initially glares at Argyle:: Joe Manning -> ::Quite out of it, though hard to tell whether dead or unconscious:: Pher -> Chris! Shane -> ::looks around the room and finds a gurney at the far end:: Byblos -> @Gawkers>Eh...let the cops do their job....he's trash!!!!! Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Flicks the card upward once with his fingers:: You'll want to have a look. If you want to keep your job, mate. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> ::takes Argyle's card with no amount of civility:: Pher -> Audrey, what sort of shape is Joe in? Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> ::looks it over:: Shane -> ::holsters his pistol and pushes it to Joe's bed:: We need to move quickly... Pher -> Confirmed. Byblos -> @::Byblos continues to comply with the officers movement..if they stop..he stops if they go forward...he goes forward:: Joe Manning -> ::Heavily sedated:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> ::gives Argyle a second glance:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> ::elbows his partner and passes on the card:: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Simply gives a wide grin and bobs back and forth on his feet, waiting:: Pher -> Joe is really out of it, but intact. I'll start pulling his straps. You grab Sal. Shane -> Just stack 'em on here. No tellin' what the security is gonna do to us if stay here long. Pher -> :: Starts freeing Joe up to move him on the cart. :: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::reads card and then curses under his breath:: Byblos -> @I am so sorry sir...I understand if you will terminate me for this embarrassment. Pher -> Nothing good, for sure. Byblos -> (to Argyle) Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Makes a small saluting gesture at the other officer:: Shane -> ::turns to grabs Sal, unstrappin and hauling him up in a firemans hold:: Pher -> :: Makes a small effort to make Joe look a neat and proper patient :: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Looks at Byblos:: I'm still waiting to hear the details of the embarrassment. ::Looks back at the officers:: What did he do, exactly? William Chocox -> ::Accesses the schematics on his ODRI:: We need to move NOW! Shane -> ::unceremoniously dumps him on the gurney and looks to Will:: Is the stair entrance the only way out of here? Pher -> William, you know where to move? Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::begrudingly:: Sorry to have inconvenienced you, Mr. Byblos. We were...mistaken. Pher -> We've got Joe and Sal. Joe Manning -> @Argyle> Ah, if you please. ::Holds out his hand to receive the card:: Shane -> ((we just have one gurney, right?)) Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::passes Argyle his card and gives Byblos his belongings:: Troy Parson -> +Pher+ You don't happen to see a way out down there, do you? Pher -> ( believe so. ) William Chocox -> Yes the stairway is the only way out and I have a stupid plan to open it, so let's go. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> Argyle> ::quickly:: Just a case of mistaken identity...sir. Pher -> +Troy+ We're just working that. What's your situation? Shane -> ((ok, I put Sal on top of Joe then he he)) Byblos -> @::obviously Argyle is a player..Pher sensed it before he did orf course:: I am so sorry sir.. I went to buy a drill as part of the project..And I guess the officers were confused. Pher -> (( Sounds good, Shane )) Joe Manning -> @Argyle> Ah, indeed. ::Nods and grins and looks at Byblos:: Consider yourself lucky, big fellow. These gentlemen typically mean business. Troy Parson -> +Pher+ The door out's sealed...haven't seen our doctor friend in a while, either. Byblos -> @Gawker>What he gets cut loose! No way... Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> Have a good evening. Shane -> ::pushes the gurney in a small jog out of the room, back down the hall:: Pher -> +Troy+ You out of electronic miracles? Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::trudges back into his foot patrol:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> ::carries on:: Troy Parson -> +Pher+ I don't do miracles. I do science! William Chocox -> +Troy+ I have a plan to get us out I just need you to stay away from the doors. Pher -> I think we have to go out the way we came. Shane, might have to to use your skeleton key. Joe Manning -> ACTION: The door to the small control room is closed Byblos -> @Gawker>You call yourselves cops...::spits on officer2:: The Human begins cursing....perhaps he had a few too many Pher -> +Troy+ William is offering miracles. Looks like we're going out your way. William Chocox -> Heaven forbid I have a plan! Troy Parson -> +Pher+ Sounds good. Byblos -> @Yes , Sir...::to Argyle:: Now where were we... Troy Parson -> +Pher+ I'd be rather cross if you all left me locked in here, after all. Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> ::suddenly snapped out of his "funk"...pursues the spitter:: William Chocox -> ((scratch that)) Pher -> If one of you can't get doors open, the other will. Can't help much here. Shane -> That door at the stairs is a heavy reinforced piece, Will will have to open it. Pher -> You're up then, will. Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Nods to Byblos:: Your friends are what I might call ... a bit late? You may want to check up on them. Byblos -> @::Spitter, an intoxicated male human trips falls and then the attention all is drawn to them now:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> You smell that? William Chocox -> ::continues to input commands:: Shane -> ::to Will as he steps around the gurney to the control room door:: Start on the exit door, I'll get this one:: Shane -> one.* William Chocox -> Ok, when we get to the room we will have to go in after my plan come to fruition. Byblos -> @Grattitude...I never introduced myself but I guess you know my name. I did not like all of them going in to a meat shop at once...I felt one should stay outside...what mistake. Thanks for the bail. Pher -> :: Takes the cart, stands by not far from Will's big door :: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 2> Drunk. Joe Manning -> ::After being given a stimulant by Chris, who hovers over the gurney scanning him, his eyes slowly open:: Shane -> ((so we don't have to go through the control room to get to the stairs doorway?)) Pher -> Hello, Joe. All is to hell and gone. William Chocox -> ((Joe PM)) Byblos -> @Spitter> You gunna' stun me you jykin' idiot...::attempts a swing at the cop he spat on drawing the crowd totally away from argyle and Byblos William Chocox -> Ok, everyone ready? ::inputs his commands:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1> ::grabs the spitter, wraps him up and takes him down:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks up at all the faces, then takes a quick look around:: What ... where ... William Chocox -> ::From the room comes an explosion:: Joe Manning -> (( The control room is off to the side of the lab, not in the way )) Byblos -> @Byblos attaches his things to his belt. I am going to have to not be a Nausicaan I guess to survive here.... Shane -> ::shields his face from the blast:: What the jyke did you do?! William Chocox -> I blew up the door! You want to get out or what? William Chocox -> ::starts moving out:: Joe Manning -> (( I think Shane's question needs and answer ;) )) Byblos -> @Drunk>Bovine Fecal Matter ingesters I fart in your direction...oh you going to bring in the Targs next...ahhhh!!!!! in Pain Joe Manning -> (( * an answer )) William Chocox -> ((How was that not an answer? William Chocox -> ))* Shane -> ::shakes his head, mumbling about youngin', explosions and idiotic monkeys:: Ethan Neufeld -> @ Security 1/2> ::cuff up spitter and haul him off to detox:: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> You can be whatever you want to survive here. Just know the right people to befriend and the right people to keep your distance from. You've found one of each I'd wager. William Chocox -> ((Point of order, My character is tecnically in his 40's I believe.)) Shane -> ::pushes the hover-gurney towards the exit, watching over Joe and Sal:: Troy Parson -> ::looking on the monitors, trying to figure out exactly where the blast was that just shook the floor:: Shane -> ((My comment still applies :P)) Joe Manning -> (( From a simming perspective, though, you need some sort of explanation for an explosion being caused )) William Chocox -> ((Ah)) Joe Manning -> (( You were scanning security earlier, something along that line would be a way to go )) Byblos -> @Byblos> Yeah unfortunately those are not the only two security guards on Andus who think Nausicaans are crooks. Again thanks for the bail..if you need to exit I understand William Chocox -> If you really want to know Shane the Lab has explosives to destroy the lab if they are found out. I activated the ones right at the stairway door early to make an exit. Shane -> ::grunts in reply as he pushes the cart over the remains of the door and up the stairs:: Joe Manning -> ::Barely even registers the explosion as he looks around:: How long was I out? I must have had some night ... William Chocox -> Which is why we need to be moving now if we don't want to wind up goop. Troy Parson -> ::heads out of the office towards the stairs:: Pher -> You found a body parts lab, Joe. Congradulations. You're a doner. We decided to withdraw you from the program. Byblos -> @Byblos> I best get back to the others... Pher -> You might want to lie down and look sick. Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Pher -> :: Pauses briefly to think :: Joe Manning -> ::Still lying on his gurney having just woken up thanks to Chris' stimulant:: Byblos -> ::on the bench outside..could of sworn there was a minor tremor, a tremor on Andus?:: Joe Manning -> ::Rubs his ears, trying to clear out the ringing from the explosion:: Byblos -> @ ::tries COMM:: Swimmer to Lifeguard.. Pher -> Shane? I think that must have been a control room, and Doctor Trouble must be inside. Keep an eye on it. Pher -> +Byblos+ Yo, luv. Troy Parson -> ::peers cautiously out of the office door, trying to determine what caused the recent explosion:: Byblos -> @ Did you just blow something up babe? I am kinda worried about you! Pher -> William, if you could give me an option or three, twould be appreciated. Open doors would be nice. William Chocox -> Well, I could see about blowing up the doors out of here. Byblos -> @ (ARGYLE around Byblos? ) Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Returns to Byblos, glancing in the direction of the clinic, and takes a seat next to him on the bench:: Pher -> +Byblos+ Not time to worry quite yet, babe. Give me fifteen minutes. Unless I give you another stand down, bring it all. OK? Pher -> :: Hopes Byblos figures out she needs a bluff. :: Joe Manning -> ::Props himself up on his elbow and looks down at his bare chest. Sees the marks on the skin above his organs:: William Chocox -> ((Hello Jami)) STSF Jami -> (Hey, Wil) Byblos -> +Lifeguard+ Affirmative Swimmer out. Byblos -> (AFK one sec folks) Joe Manning -> If someone was using me for med school lessons, I prefer bein' conscious for that. STSF_Nickles -> :: on the back of the Clinic with Joe:: How ya feelin Joe? William Chocox -> Well, we prefer you not being used for med school lessons. Pher -> Chris, I figure there is lots of expensive stuff around here. I'd like you to parade around in front of the security cameras and make it clear that you could make it very expensive for Doctor Trouble. Joe Manning -> Like I had a wild night. Wouldn't surprise me if I did. But I can't figure out what y'all are doin' here. Pher -> She isn't in a profitable situation. Make it clear she could cut her losses by letting us go. OK? Pher -> Joe, this is a body shop. Little Miss Redhead covets your kidneys. Pher -> We like your kidneys. Byblos -> (back) Troy Parson -> +Pher+ Ah...hello? Byblos -> ::looks to Argyle:: Sometimes I wonder.... Pher -> We think Red is in the control room trying to keep us locked in. We're looking to get out. I want to try talking again. We'll see. Pher -> +Troy+ Hello, Luv? Byblos -> (add a @) Joe Manning -> A body shop? Only thing on wheels around here is me ... ::Looks down at the marks on his chest again for a moment. Groans, grabs his forehead and drops back down on the gurney:: Pher -> :: Decides that everyone's code name today is Luv. :: Troy Parson -> +Pher+ Smelling a bit of smoke up here. Everything all right there? STSF_Nickles -> ::nods:: starts looking walking around making himself more visible:: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Leans close to Byblos and mutters:: Security got wind of the explosion ... Pher -> +Pher+ Other than being locked in a bunker that's likely rigged to blow, we're fine. Joe Manning -> @Argyle> I had a chat with some contacts who will keep them on a leash for now. But whatever your people are doing, they'd b etter crank up the subtlety meter from now on. Pher -> +Troy+ If you could open the door going downstairs it would be nice. Byblos -> @ Thanks for the note. You have good contacts Mr. Argyle. William Chocox -> ((Didn't we make it above the bunker?)) Joe Manning -> (( You did. That door was blasted )) Joe Manning -> (( You want the doors leading out opened :) )) Pher -> (( So what's between us and the lobby? )) Pher -> (( Are said doors Shane resistant? )) Byblos -> @+Lifeguard ( Pher )+ Swimmer here..be advised security is aware of a boom in your area and responding. Joe Manning -> (( Well, nobody's tried anything thus far ... )) Pher -> Shane? See if you can crowbar the door upstairs. Joe Manning -> @Argyle> I cultivate good contacts. Keeps me in business in this sector. ::Grins:: William Chocox -> ::starts tinkering with his spare phaser power packs:: Worse come to worst I could try blowing it. Pher -> HEY RED! If you don't want us damaging the door, you could open it. We've got what we want. I don't really need to destroy all your stuff. Security is coming. If you want to come up and greet security, I'll cover your ass if you cover mine. Joe Manning -> ::Slowly swings his legs off the gurney and glances at William:: I think we've had enough booms for today, Will. Byblos -> @::looks to Argyle:: I cannot believe my BOSS gut sucked in their. He seemed to me to be the expereinced type. William Chocox -> Like I said it's a worst case scenario. Pher -> :: Goes briefly into the operating chamber :: Audrey. Record everything as evidence, please. :: Pans Audrey around the room. :: Joe Manning -> Old Man's Voice> +Pher+ ::From a comm speaker in the hallway:: I want to know who you people really are! You know too much about what's going on here. Byblos -> @ ::looks at the Red Cross then back to Argyle :: Something about that symbol just draws humans in. STSF_Nickles -> :: goes over to Help Joe and Sal:: Joe you think you can stand? Joe Manning -> @Argyle> It's an old Earth thing. Funny how much of old Earth culture's taken root here in Bull's Head. Pher -> +Old Man+ We're a bully crew here for nothing at all to do with you. Fraid you don't have a need to know, but we don't like our people being killed. Understandable? Joe Manning -> ::Glances at Nickles:: Usually. ::Swings his feet around and to the floor and tries pushing himself up:: Troy Parson -> ::sighs, looks at the office terminal:: Why do they never label the buttons on these things...? Pher -> +Old Man+ I'm not here to clean up Andus Station. That's too big a job for me. Let's cut our losses. William Chocox -> +Troy+ Hey Troy, any bright ideas that don't involve me being poisoned? Byblos -> @ ::chuckles:: Might be the reason I am having such a hard time getting my space legs in the Space Job business, instead of being on Tranquility doing jobs. Joe Manning -> Old Man> +Pher+ If it has nothing to do with me, why did two of your friends come here? And how do you know so much? I find it hard to believe that your business has nothing to do with me or my establishment. Troy Parson -> +William+ They don't happen to have an operating manual for their doors down there, do they? Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Crosses his arms:: And you, uh, let Tranquility ... why was it again? Joe Manning -> *left William Chocox -> +Troy+ No, no they don't. Pher -> +Old Man+ I told my people to get local jobs as cover. Joe is Doc. I assume that's whay we came here. Troy Parson -> +William+ That's a shame. Pher -> +Old Man+ I think some of the people who brought me here have connections with some of the people you work under, but I'm under orders not to name drop. Byblos -> @ One big Clusterjyke of a job. It went that wrong by those variables you just don't see coming. Like your BOSS walking into a Body part service. Pher -> +Old Man+ Do you feel comfortable name dropping your bosses? Joe Manning -> +Pher+ I don't work under anyone. Someone with the right 'connections', as you say, would know that. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Slips through the door to the control room and glances around:: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> And now you're looking for more luck with this crew? ::Nods back in the general direction of the clinic:: Pher -> +Old Man+ Well, if you haven't got big names covering for you, you're in big trouble. Security is on the way. Do you want me to try to cover for you? Byblos -> @::looks to Argyle :: Sorry if I do not elaborate. We seem to have only just met. Though I am grateful for your presence with those racist security guards. Joe Manning -> ACTION: The doors leading to the waiting area seem to have been installed for emergency purposes. They won't budge to Shane's crowbar Pher -> +Old Man+ They know about the explosion. We need a lab accident story right quick. Byblos -> @ Let's just say..this. Picture a Job go so wrong..you got to skip a planet for it, because so many ...individuals of different organizations want you dead. STSF_Nickles -> ::give Joe a hand to stand:: Take it ease Joe. Pher -> +Old Man+ I don't want attention, and I doubt you do. Joe Manning -> Old Man> +Pher+ I have nothing to fear from this station's security. Unless you bring the trouble here ... then it will only be your heads. William Chocox -> Damnit. I was hoping that would work. ::motions with his phaser packs:: I do have explosives. Joe Manning -> ::Waves Chris' hand away as he wobbily gets to his feet and braces himself against the nearest wall:: Nah, I'm used to this. ::Rubs his head:: Byblos -> @ I do hope the BOSS is okay. I actually kinda like him. Pher -> +Old Man+ Then you do have connections. I don't want to make any more trouble than I have to. I was told to minimize complications. I'd suggest you want to do the same. Joe Manning -> @Argyle> Well ... you'll find refuge of a sort here on Andus. From whoever it is you're running from. Just need the right people watching your back. ::Flashes teeth:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Creeps slowly up the steps leading out of the basement:: Byblos -> @ I would do a few things differently..but he seems experienced...well until this goof. ::looks at Argyle:: What is your trade. Information? STSF_Nickles -> Used to it?? Not sure how but OK Whatever you say. ::backs off and goes over to check on Sal:: Troy Parson -> ::peering at the console, oblivious to Carver's emergence:: Joe Manning -> Old Man> +Pher+ Told? So someone did send you here. But we've confirmed that it was not Gilmo or anyone he works for. Letting you all go would be a terrible risk. My operation would be placed in jeopardy anyway! Troy Parson -> ::talking to himself:: Why does it bleep when I press this button? I don't know what that means...couldn't it just say things in words? Joe Manning -> @Argyle> My trade is any trade that can make a profit here on Andus. And that includes quite a diverse range of activities. Information, of course, has value here. This is a corporate hub, after all. Byblos -> @ My only Trade is the ability to provide limited personel security. That is Muscle in the business. Just myself and what I have been through. Joe Manning -> ::Shakes his head quickly and looks around, taking stock of his surroundings:: Well, I remember this place. And a woman. I definitely remember the woman. William Chocox -> So, anybody have any other ideas on how to get out of here? Pher -> +Old Man+ We are here for our own reasons. You took two of ours. You have a leak somewhere above you in your organization. For obvious reasons, I can't tell you where the leak is. Pher -> +Old Man+ You ought to work on your security a bit, and be more careful who you take, if you want business advice. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Peeks out of the examination room with the basement entrance to see where everyone is in the hall outside:: STSF_Nickles -> What did she look like Joe? :: checking Sals vitals::: Byblos -> @ Which makes you getting involved with saving a Nausicaan from Jail. Odd. No Value to it to me. Well I appreciate it. Just I don't see any benefit I can offer you in return. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Leaps out of the exam room toward Shane and quickly sticks him in the neck with a hypo, showing remarkable quickness for her apparent age:: Byblos -> @::looks at Argyle wondering when the first security responders will be drawn to that Red Cross ' Thing ':: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> Well, I'm making a deal with your boss, the Orion. The rest of you can choose to work for her or for me as you please. ::Shrugs:: I don't know enough about any of you to determine how you might aid me ... William Chocox -> ::looking over at the door and shane:: Whoa, when did she pop up? ::grabs his phaser and fires:: Joe Manning -> @Argyle> But you're a friend to someone I'm arranging a partnership with. Helping you out and helping her out are the same thing it seems. Pher -> +Old Man+ If you really want good advice, I don't really think you want to dig too much. Pher -> +Old Man+ You really don't have a need to know. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::With catlike reflexes, leaps away from the area where Will is pointing the phaser, then jumps forward and grabs his wrist, hard:: STSF_Nickles -> ::looks over:: hearing the disturbance:: HEY!!! ::pears to Shane:: Shane you OKAY?? Troy Parson -> ::heas phaser fire:: Uh oh. ::quickly hides under the desk:: Pher -> :: Wanders towards the ruckus :: STSF_Nickles -> PHER!!!! Pher -> Coming! Pher -> :: Palms her cricket :: William Chocox -> OW! Hey, listen hear. Let me go or I blow this whole place sky high. ::puts his thumb on one of the phaser power packs:: Byblos -> @ I do work for the Orion. She will not be happy about my brief detainment. Myself aid you....Hah!! Not me I highly doubt it. The best thing I do, is ...Kill and that is not something many professionals want. Especially with the Nausicaan reputatioin. STSF_Nickles -> Joe Becareful!! ::moves towards Dr Carver:: Let my poeple go!! Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Pulls William over to her and spins him around, twisting his arm around his back, again with remarkable strength:: I don't think so. Byblos -> @ ::looks at Argyle:: Let's just put it this way. In the big scheme of things ::gestures a while with his hand:: I am an expendable asset. That is all. Pher -> :: Glances at the fight in progress, evaluating :: Joe Manning -> ::Follows Chris and Pher into the hallway and looks down at the scene:: Well, that's what she looked like. Pher -> Way enhanced. She's like the other one. Fast. Strong. Trained. STSF_Nickles -> ::Carver:: Let him go. Pher -> Low power isn't apt to work well. Byblos -> @ Pher has skills. She CAN be a valuable Asset. Pher -> :: Hands her cricket to Joe :: Byblos -> @ ::to Argyle:: Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Voice again comes over the speaker:: +All+ Give me a name. Make me believe that you don't work for people seeking to disrupt my operaitons here. Pher -> :: Draws pain stick, cranks it to maximum :: STSF_Nickles -> :: slowly steps towards Carver and Will:: Let him go and no one will get hurt. Joe Manning -> ::Blinks and takes the cricket. Looks down at it:: Joe Manning -> Hope you ain't expectin' me to do anything useful with this. Pher -> +Old Man+ If I were out to disrupt your operations, I would be wrecking equipment and transmitting pictures of what you are doing to all and sundrey. Troy Parson -> ::sees some wires running behind the desk that he's hiding under:: (w) Wonder what these do... Joe Manning -> Old Man> +All+ I don't care if Dr. Carver is 'hurt.' She can be replaced. Pher -> +Old Man+ If I wand to mess you up, you'd be messed up already. Byblos -> @ :: To Argyle :: I wish she were my boss back on Tranquility. I'd still BE on Tranquility without a deathmark. STSF_Nickles -> ::talking in a calm voice:: Come on Let him go and no one will be hurt. Joe Manning -> @Argyle> A deathmark? Well, that sounds worse than the usual trouble. But then ... this is Bull's Head. William Chocox -> Are you really not counting my twisted arm here Chris? Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Checks his chronometer:: Still no word from your friends? Pher -> :: Stands by, letting the others take the lead, only intending to go in if things get out of hand. :: Pher -> :: Watching the tactical situation, but focusing more attention on the Old Man :: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Reaches up with her other hand and grabs William by the chin:: I can snap his neck quite easily. I would suggest that you do as Dr. Zade asks. Byblos -> @ Anyone group that has a ship that wants you dead. You might as well say I have one. ::checks chrono:: Hmm...Something must be delaying them. Could be my BOSS is dead. Not sure...I'll call. STSF_Nickles -> ::stops in his tracks:: Whos Dr Zade? Pher -> Likely the guy I"m talking to, right? Joe Manning -> Old Man> +Com+ ::A sound of frustration comes over the speaker:: Byblos -> @ +Lifeguard (Pher) + Honey I really do miss you. Is there anything I could do to make things up? STSF_Nickles -> :: puts hands up:: Ok ok I need my man alive. Pher -> +Pher+ Is our tour guide about? Would you know how to find him? Byblos -> @ ::to Argyle:: Wierd..security is quick to bust a Nausicaan for being what he is...but if there is an explosion. I thought I'd see people pooring into that Red Cross thing's doors. Joe Manning -> Old Man> +Com+ Whom do you keep speaking to? How many people do you have lurking around my business place?! STSF_Nickles -> ::looks to Pher:: William Chocox -> ::starts tinkering with the power pack so it's not so destructive:: Byblos -> @::to Argyle :: Tourguide. She's asking for you. Shall I handle the COMM, I do not know your means of business if you take calls. ::offers COMM unit:: Pher -> +Old Man+ You really ought to read up on need to know. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Too busy watching Pher and the others to pay any notice to William:: Troy Parson -> ::is about to pull on one of the wires, but then thinks better of it, and risks a peek out from under the desk to see the situation:: Pher -> +Byblos+ I need to know if he will release the privacy clause. Could avoid some ruckus. Joe Manning -> @Argyle> It's probably better if I don't. ::Smirks:: My voice being heard in there could complicate matters ... if they're already as complicated as they're sounding. STSF_Nickles -> Doctor who is Dr Zade? Byblos -> @ + Yes, our Tourguide is with me. And I am so desiring you right now. I am going to ask about that privacy issue. And who is that old cranky voice I hear...Are you dating an older...being now hun? Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Looks at Nickles:: Dr. Zade is my ... employer. Pher -> +Byblos+ Having a regular orgy. Might have to have the rest of the crew join in. Hold off a while, though. Byblos -> @::to Argyle:: releasing a Privacy clause she is asking. William Chocox -> ::finished with the power pack drops it behind Carver and throws his whole body weight to shove her onto it.:: Joe Manning -> ::Furrows his brow at Pher then at Carver and William. Turns and looks around the hall:: Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Falls back with William on top her, roughly jarring his twisted arm:: William Chocox -> AAH! ::phaser pack explodes:: Pher -> :: Allowing the edges of the pain sticks nimbus to tickle her leg a little. :: Byblos -> @+ Lifeguard ( Pher) + Well I am one jealous Swimmer. I am talking to our Touguide right now about scheduling a more intimate invionrmnent Troy Parson -> ::sees movement, ducks his head back under the desk:: Pher -> :: Closes, if she doesn't get in anyone elses ways, attempts to tage Carver with the pain stick :: STSF_Nickles -> :: rushes over to Help Will:: WILL!! Pher -> :: In full gladiator mode :: Byblos -> @ She's an operator Argyle...a good one. If you can do something like a Privacy Clause, I think it would benefit you in the long run to know this Orion. Joe Manning -> Dr. Carver> ::Her and William's body are thrown up by the explosion. White fluid and electric sparks fly out from her body:: Pher -> :: retreats to minimize splash :: STSF_Nickles -> :: Grabs Will pulling him away from Carver:: William Chocox -> ::is knocked unconcious by the explosion:: Pher -> +Old Man+ You just lost the Redhead. You really want to cut your losses. Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Doesn't answer:: Pher -> :: Relaxes :: Pher -> Someone watch the control room. Byblos -> @::felt a tremor...he thought:: Ah yes..dear Tourguide did you feel another tremor? Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Rubs his chin and looks over at Byblos:: I think she may have been referring to the leash we've got security on. And considering what we just felt and heard ... ::Sighs:: Byblos -> @ Not good. William Chocox -> ::has burns on his body and his arm is at an unnatural angle:: Joe Manning -> ::Moves over to Chris and William, looks in disbelief at the mangled 'body' of Dr. Carver:: What in the hell is that? STSF_Nickles -> :; gets him safely away and starts going over him:: Pher -> +Byblos+ If you see an old guy exiting the clinic, let me know, please. I'm not finished. Byblos -> @ If Andus has a Fire detachment..like the Guardians do on Tranquility..they are going to get involved I would expect. Byblos -> @ +Pher+Copy. Joe Manning -> @Argyle> I'd suggest you have a look inside, big guy. I'll do what damage control I can ... Joe Manning -> ::Grabs his left arm, realizing now that his ODRI is missing:: STSF_Nickles -> ::looks up to Joe:: He has burns on his back and arm and a broken arm Byblos -> @Yes...I was just told to look for an old man attempting to flee the building. ::stands:: Please, stay in touch with Pher. It is a wise investment. Troy Parson -> ::Cautiously emerging from under the desk:: Hello? Everyone all right out there? Joe Manning -> @Argyle> ::Nods at Byblos and gets up from the bench. Looks around and slips back into the crowd:: Pher -> :: Moves to the base of the staircase going up. :: Byblos -> @::does a courteous nod to Argyle and proceeds to the enterance of the dreaded Red Cross Building entrance:: Pher -> :: Takes a tactically correct position, with cover, close to the door. :: William Chocox -> ::moans in pain:: What did I just do? Byblos -> @::Takes his shopping bag with him:: STSF_Nickles -> I need medical equipment, :: to Will:: you Killed whatever that was... Lie still for a few Joe Manning -> ::Moves over to Carver's mangled body and crouches next to it:: Pher -> +Old Man+ Sorry, couldn't get permission to name drop. Do you really want to continue the tactical conflict? Joe Manning -> Old Man> ::Still no answer:: STSF_Nickles -> your arm is broken and you have severe burns. Pher -> Audrey, scan for life forms. there was an old man in the area a while back. Where is he? Joe Manning -> ::Turns the body over to look at the back, which bore the brunt of the phaser pack blast:: Pher -> :: Waves Audrey about :: William Chocox -> ::wincing severely with the pain:: That would explain the pain. I can't believe that actually worked. Byblos -> @ ::Byblos ponders things...:: Pher did not say stop....Just notify...::he stands by the entrance to market..to the left of the large red cross building entrance. Checking his Chrono...and then pretends to be on his COMM talking to someone. Joe Manning -> ACTION: No other lifeforms present in the clinic or the basement. Aside from a few in the waiting area beyond the sealed doorways Pher -> :: Loudly :: Dr. Z seems to have flown the coup. Joe Manning -> ::Flinches as a few more sparks jump out from exposed cables:: Synthetic. But ... ::Narrows his eyes and peers closer:: Some tissue as well. I ain't diggin' into this, but I may see a heart in the middle of all this mess. Pher -> +Troy+ Is someone out there with you? The boss guy is apparently an old fellow. I thought he was in a command center, but Audrey says no. What's your situation? Byblos -> @::Byblos pretends he is on the phone with a client..lifting his bag up and down...:: STSF_Nickles -> Is she savable Joe? Joe Manning -> I don't know what 'she' is. But she's beyond saving, I'd say. Back was torn right open. Troy Parson -> +Pher+ Erm. I'm alive. Nobody in here with me. Have things quieted down out there yet? STSF_Nickles -> :: gently manuevers Wills broken arm:: OK Will this is going to hurt a bit. Pher -> +Troy+ Look hard for nobody. Audrey doesn't think you're alone. STSF_Nickles -> Ready??? William Chocox -> Yes, just get it over with. Joe Manning -> ACTION: A loud rapid beep suddenly starts in the basement Pher -> Audrey, locate life forms in the upper rooms please. Joe Manning -> ACTION: Aside from the crew, there are only a few people in the waiting room Pher -> William! We have to get out and now! Everybody! Phasers on the stair door! Byblos -> @Okay, interesting...Tourguide sure can divert a cruise... STSF_Nickles -> :: manuevers the arm into postition and gives it a hard pulling yank :: Pher -> Assume that's the self destruct warning! STSF_Nickles -> Pher Hes hurt pretty bad. William Chocox -> GAAAH! YOU CALL THAT A LITTLE BIT YOU JKYIN QUACK! Joe Manning -> ::Glances at Chris and points at his gurney:: Put him on that. Pher -> I'm guessing he'll be hurt worse if we stay. Pher -> Someone get a real phaser fast. I've just got my stick! STSF_Nickles -> :: helps him up cradeling his arm close to his body:: EasY will Lets get you on the gurney We will take care of the rest later. Byblos -> @::trusts Pher:: No old man yet...bastard probably had a back exit Pher -> +Byblos+ I may be wrong, but I think the self destruct timer is active. William Chocox -> GAH! Pher, my phaser should be around here somewhere. STSF_Nickles -> :: get him on the gurney:: Ill find it Just work with me here Pher -> :: Moves to Shane's body. He'd have a real gun :: Pher -> Shane is down too! Byblos -> @ +Pher +...Tourguide is handling what he can on his end...but you need to get your jikin' sweet ass out of there! Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM
  4. A plaque with a red cross -- universal symbol of medical aid -- hung above the glass sliding door in one of the Gular visitors’ asteroid’s busy promenades. The entrance was wedged, appropriately enough, between a fast food restaurant and a hardware store that appeared to specialize in laser drills. Space was at a premium in this area -- business entrances were crowded together with only one or two yards to separate them, the long corridors beyond crisscrossing their way to structures spaced along the asteroid’s surface. With the business fronts crunched together, so too were the people crunched together, especially so soon after the end of the day’s work shift. Joe felt not unlike a herd animal in the streets of the visitor’s asteroid; no doubt this was precisely how the Consortium viewed their customers. Joe very briefly considered the merits of flipping targ burgers or showing laser drill users how not to cut their fingers off before passing beneath the red cross. The corridor behind the sliding door was short and straight; at least the Consortium paid that much consideration to people who were either limping or being carried. The waiting area was a half circle, with eight presently empty chairs against the curved wall to either side of the entrance corridor and a round desk between two doorways leading to the unseen back areas. Behind the desk was something that looked humanlike in shape and machinelike in every other way. The only features on the robot’s head were two round glass discs that were glowing a soft white. The head swiveled to point these in Joe’s direction and a raspy mechanical voice emerged from a hidden speaker. “Welcome to Gular Consortium Promenade Two Medical Clinic. Please take a seat and fill out this form.” A sheet of paper popped out of a slot on top of the desk. “If this is an emergency which threatens well-being, please proceed to the Consortium Medical Facility in Promenade Four, located on the other side of the visitor’s asteroid. This unit may summon a tram at your request.” Joe grinned and leaned over to look behind the desk. He saw that the robot’s plain cylindrical body was connected to a stand that would otherwise serve as a receptionist’s chair. Just above the stand, etched into the body, was the logo of a splayed wasp -- MechiTech, Bull’s Head’s chief manufacturers of service and labor robots. “Well, it looks like the hours at this place are brutal,” Joe remarked as he looked up at the robot’s ‘eyes.’ “Do they pay you well?” “This unit is programmed to serve and does not require compensation.” “Someone giving you trouble, Stan?” Joe looked up at the voice that emerged from the back doorway on the left. Joe straightened up as he saw the very attractive woman standing against the doorframe. She appeared to be in her late fifties, with fading red hair tied into a loose bun. A warm smile was twisting the laugh lines along her face and her cool blue eyes were regarding Joe. The white coat which marked her as a doctor did little to conceal the shapely form beneath. “This unit has no objections to any unfavorable treatment from patients, Doctor Carver, barring physical damage.” “Well, I certainly wasn’t planning on doing that,” Joe said, returning the woman’s smile. “Besides, way you got him shackled behind his desk here, it looks like the harm’s already bein’ done.” “Robot rights advocate, are you?” Dr. Carver walked over to the desk in front of Joe and rested her arm on top of it. “Stan here was ‘provided’ by the Consortium. I prefer a human touch myself, but the Consortium overlords wants to make sure all the patients’ records are kept.” Joe tugged at the slip of paper that was still flopped over the desk top and looked it over. “They keep the records, or you do?” “I don’t need the records,” Carver replied. “I’ve got a good memory, and I make it a point not to forget a patient. The Consortium may look at everyone as a lamb to be catalogued, but I don’t need or want to bureaucracy. In fact, don’t even worry about the form. Stan won’t tell -- I’ve had a friend who’s good with machines make sure of that.” Joe flashed his teeth in a grin, surprised at this woman’s candor. “You have interesting friends, sounds like. Hope you all don’t get yourselves into trouble.” “On this asteroid, the Consortium doesn’t really care,” Carver shrugged. “In fact, they might already know that I don’t keep all the records. I’m providing a service to their customers and I’m not hurting them or their precious ‘profit margin,’ so they leave me be. So, what’s ailing you, stranger?” “Well, a drinking problem for one thing,” Joe began crunching the form into a ball. “I don’t expect you can do much for my poor ol’ liver and kidneys. The real problem is when my liquor cabinet runs dry.” “Probably the best thing for you,” Carver remarked with a small wink, not the reaction Joe would have expected from a doctor. “Truth be told,” Joe said, “I’m looking for a job here in the Gular District. I happen to have a medical degree stashed away … somewhere. I know it ain‘t in the liquor cabinet. You hirin‘ by chance?” “Hm,” Carver’s eyes narrowed slightly and looked Joe up and down. “Wasn’t making a point of it. But I won’t turn away an extra pair of hands if it’s qualified. Besides, you seem pleasant enough to be around … though I’m not sure whether I should keep the clinic’s liquor cabinet locked or wide open for you. Why don’t you come on back and we can talk about your credentials … “ Carver kept that warm smile directed at Joe a moment longer as she slowly turned away to lead him out of the waiting area. Joe followed, thinking that this day might turn out to be not all that bad.
  5. 5/13 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM William Chocox -> ::looking at the door:: What are the odds someone will actually answer? Troy Parson -> ::looks at William, then at the door:: No idea. But what's the worst that could happen, hm? William Chocox -> We could get killed? Joe Manning -> ACTION: A large heavily built man with a fur-collared outfit and a thick beard enters the crew's dive Troy Parson -> Ah. Yes, I suppose there is that. Shane -> Nel>::leads the two Qobbers into a side corridor, ouside of the regular flow of traffic:: The shipyard's is this way. Troy Parson -> Other than that minor, minor issue, though... ::stops as the sound of a door unlocking echoes through the corridor:: William Chocox -> ((Unless you are really a timelord.)) William Chocox -> ::looks at the door:: Byblos -> ::Follows Shane:: Pher -> :: Looks over to the big guy. Looks him up and down thoroghly. :: Shane -> ::following Nel, looking around casually as he stomps along with his arm whirring:: Pher -> :: Small suggestive smile :: Troy Parson -> Apparently human woman of about 90> ::opens the door:: Why, hello there. How may I help you? Joe Manning -> ACTION: The large man picks up Pher's gaze and looks her up and down as well. He looks somewhat like a barbarian out of ancient Earth history Pher -> :: Gives him a little something to look at. :: Byblos -> ::Quietly pushing the cart, with engine for Nel, in the rear:: STSF_Nickles -> :: looks at the guy that just entered nd looks to Joe and Pher..:: Troy Parson -> Well, we're looking for, erm...::turns to William:: What were we looking for again? Joe Manning -> Barbarian> ::Returns the smile, but it seems to be something other than suggestive, as he makes his way over to Pher:: Joe Manning -> ::Elsewhere:: William Chocox -> No clue. I was just following you. Were scanning for something right? STSF_Nickles -> :: just sits back and watches the confrontation knowing pher can handle herself:: Pher -> :: Feels the fur :: Kill it yourself? Shane -> Nel>::leads the two down the corridor and to a large double doorway several at least 20 feet high and hurries up to a panel glowing to the left:: Byblos -> ::is begining to get that feeling when he was visiting Samus' tailor:: Shane -> Nel> Wait here a sec...if you don't mind that is... Byblos -> Your Engine Nel? Troy Parson -> Right! Scanning! ::slips past the old woman through the door:: Joe Manning -> Barbarian> ::Voice is deep and rumbling, but his accent seems downright cultured:: Kill it? No, can't say that I did. But that doesn't discount a less than savory means of acquiring it. Troy Parson -> Old woman> ::looks at William:: Why don't you come in, my dear? I'll brew you a nice cup of tea. Shane -> Nel>I'll get the door open. ::scurries off to the other side where the panel is located:: William Chocox -> ::starts following Troy:: Thanks for opening the door. Pher -> Oh. A story to tell? :: Makes room for the telling. :: Joe Manning -> Barbarian?> I've got a million to tell. ::Flashes his teeth, which are remarkably white and healthy:: Troy Parson -> Orange Cat> ::was walking around inside the room beyond the door, which appears to be a small apartment with somewhat threadbare furniture:: Byblos -> ::notes the doorway, this will be one of the few exceptions in his life he hasn't had to worry about hitting his head on the doorframe:: Wow..tall doors. How pleasant. ::looks to Shane:: Troy Parson -> Orange Cat> ::walks up to William:: Mraow. Shane -> ::leans against the stone wall next to the door and looks to Byblos:: Looks like we're gettin' somewhere... William Chocox -> ::looks down:: Oh God, I hate cats. Pher -> :: Completes the dental comparison. :: Well, by all means make a start. Pher -> :: Gives her name :: Joe Manning -> Barbarian?> ::Helps himself to the seat next to Pher's and waves a finger at the bartender without looking at him. The bartender seems to understand this:: Troy Parson -> Old Woman> ::slowly walking over to the kitchen alcove:: Oh, come now, don't be rude. He likes you! Byblos -> I imagine we are on camera right now. ::nods to Shane:: William Chocox -> I have bad experiences with cats. Joe Manning -> Barbarian?> Pher, I know. Not many Orion women stroll through processing these days. Name's Argyle. STSF_Nickles -> :;sitting a table in the corner watching the goings on:: Shane -> ::keeps his rumbling voice low:: Remember, we're just gettin' info right now. Don't accept a job too quickly, we don't want to seem over-eager. Pher -> :: Quick glance at the bartender. :: Troy Parson -> Old Woman> They're really quite gentle creatures. Troy Parson -> Old Woman> Good judges of character, too. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Don't worry, dear, you're safe and sound as can be in my company. For now. ::Smirks slightly:: Byblos -> Aye William Chocox -> You never met the family cat we had back on Earth. Pher -> :: Nods, smiles :: Got other places to be, I guess. Troy Parson -> Old Woman> If he didn't like you, you and your rather peculiar friend would be quite dead right now. ::putting a kettle on the stove:: Pher -> :: Snorts :: If I wanted to be safe and sound, you think I'd be here? Shane -> Nel>::after much whispering and gesturing at the small screen, types in a few buttons then scurries back to the pair, wringing his hands nervously:: William Chocox -> Why do I find that a bit unsettling? Joe Manning -> Argyle> No, I don't imagine you would be. ::Nods shortly:: Point of fact, that's why I'm here. Troy Parson -> ::searching around the room with his tuning fork:: William Chocox -> ::starts scanning with his ODRI:: Byblos -> ::looks to Nel who looks...frazzled:: Troy Parson -> Old Woman> Never fear, dear. You're my guest, and I'll have you know, I've never in my ninety-three years shot a guest before suppertime. Pher -> Oh? And if I assured you that you'd be safe and sound with me, would that be a turn off, or on. And would you believe it? :: Small laugh :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Grabs his drink. A martini of all things. With an onion. Doesn't give the bartender any payment, which the bartender doesn't protest:: Shane -> Nel> Well, Gilmo doesn't want you coming in through the service entrance::indicating the big doors with a thumb over his shoulder:: so he wants you to haed to the other door. Shane -> head* Troy Parson -> Orange Cat> ::rubs against William's leg:: William Chocox -> ::looks up suddenly:: What happens after supper? Byblos -> Okay, where would you like the engine here? William Chocox -> ::reaches down to scritch the cat behind the ears:: Shane -> ::glances at Byblos, then back to Nel:: Where are you goin'? Joe Manning -> Argyle> I'm always safe on this station, my sweet little green thing. Not safe from Orion pheromones admittedly. But throwing those around in Gular territory can get you in mighty deep trouble. Take that as the sound advice it's meant to be. ::Points up at one of the lights in the ceiling:: Byblos -> ::lets the Cheif take over:: Troy Parson -> Cat> ::purrs contentedly:: Troy Parson -> Old Woman> Oh, I don't think you'll be staying that long. STSF_Nickles -> ::siping his drink ever so slowly:: Shane -> Nel>::continues to wring his hands, glancing around:: I'll take the engine back, Gilmo wasn't too happy to see you handling it...someone will meet you at the other door, its down that way::points down the way:: William Chocox -> ::goes back to scanning:: Pher -> Can a girl have a little fun? Not looking to acquire any pets, just to make life... a bit interesting. Troy Parson -> Apartment> ::has a door at the far end of the kitchen alcove that is emitting a large amount of energy:: Byblos -> ::looks to Shane briefly then observes Nel take the engine cart:: Shane -> ::a little annoyed at the strange instructions, but starts down the way:: Fine, lets go Bybs. Joe Manning -> Argyle> I've heard that for an Orion girl, having fun and making pets are one and the same. ::Glances to the side:: Speaking of which, is Mr. Nickles one of your pets? Are all the others your pets? Or is he just a protector who thinks I don't know he's watching us? ::Smiles:: William Chocox -> ::looks at his ODRI:: (w) Troy? I'm getting a large energy reading from the far end of the kitchen. Shane -> ::stomping down the dim, damp corridor rounds the corner:: Byblos -> Aye Chief..::quieter:: if this subject is a player, he's scanning our mugs on a database..::rounds corner with Shane:: Troy Parson -> (w) Likewise. Troy Parson -> Tea Kettle> ::Whistles:: William Chocox -> (w) Wonder if we can get a closer look without her shooting us. STSF_Nickles -> ::calls the bartender to refill his drink for him:: Troy Parson -> (w) The alcove's pretty small. Not sure that'd be a good idea. Shane -> Aye. ::looks down the tunnel to see a more regular sized doorway at the end of the corridor, with a single light over the top and a rather large Klingon standing guard in a black armor:: Pher -> Well, I've had some fun with a few of them, including Chris, and we're all drifting in the same direction for the time being. And, yes, he thinks I need looking over, and he enjoys looking. :: Amused tolerance :: Byblos -> ::notes who is in the corner:: Oh joy. Troy Parson -> Old Woman> ::takes out three somewhat chipped china teacups:: I have English Breakfast, Earl Gray, or Klingon Blue. Pher -> But I'm not running a rolling harem, not exactly. Shane -> ::cocks an eyebrow and glances at Byblos, before heading straight up to the door:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Could have fooled me. You seem like the type to have a legion of men trailing behind you ready to meet your every desire. Must be tempting. What direction would you all be heading in, aye? ::Sips his martini:: Shane -> Gurm the Klingon>::Spots the two and sneers at Byblos before holding up a hand to stop them:: State your business. Shane -> Gurm>::armed with a disruptor on his belt and not in a very good mood, even for a Klingon:: Ethan Neufeld -> (Heh.) STSF_Nickles -> ::accepts the drink from the bar tender and takes a sip setting the glass on the table and looking down at it but moves his eyes so he can still see Pher and the man:: Byblos -> ::without even thinking is reminded of the Axiom taught to Nausicaans 'not to cross blades with a Klingon, for you shall lose' :: Troy Parson -> ::looks at the old woman:: Always been a fan of the Klingon Blue, myself. Pher -> Well, as you say, dose em too happy and people start paying attention. Glances breifly to the point in the cieling he looked to. And too much dust and you get too many hands and too little personality. William Chocox -> Earl Grey for myself. Byblos -> Did I ever tell you how fondly Klingons think of Nausicaans..::a quiet statement to Shane as they approach :: Pher -> And I fear we're not heading too much together. We're just not feeling tranquil in Tranquility anymore, and we'll all need jobs. Chances of us all finding em in the same place? We'll see. Troy Parson -> Orange Cat> ::settles down for a nap on top of William's foot:: Shane -> You don't have to...::indicates over his shoulder as they stop, expressionless:: A man named Nel sent us here, said Gilmo wanted us to come in:: Pher -> :: Glances breifly should have been in double colons :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Well, it just so happens I may be able to help with that. The boy in processing? One who annoyed you with all the questions? He reports to Consortium security. He also reports to me. William Chocox -> ::looks down:: Well he is kinda cute. Byblos -> ::decides the Klingon is even more annoyed to see a Nausicaan wearing decent clothes, but puzzled as to not having a sword in sheat on his back:: Troy Parson -> Old Woman> ::comes out with three teacups on a tray:: Here you are, my dears. Drink up! It's good for your stomach. Pher -> Ah. :: Looks at him with a new tilt of the head :: And they told me you guys all walked on your knuckles. Shane -> Gurm>::looks between the two, thinking Shane's statement over:: You have any IDs? William Chocox -> ::grabs his cup:: Shane -> ::scowls slightly and bites back a angry retort, going for sarcasim instead:: Did you get a description? Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Chuckles a bit:: He doesn't tell me about everyone. Just the ones who seem to be trying hide something. And who seem to be capable of more than they're letting on. Joe Manning -> Argyle> I won't pry. But I'm guessing your group has experience at more than fixing up ships at spaceports. Shane -> Gurm>::brows furrows deeper and bares his teeth to reply before receiving a message on his ODRI:: Byblos -> I think your boss already has our faces on file by now ::looking at the Klingon, no fear shown...Notes the ODRI:: Troy Parson -> ::takes his own cup of tea:: Cheers. Pher -> :: Bats eyes :: And you think that might just be us? Shane -> Gurms ODRI> Bring them in, code 5. STSF_Nickles -> ::takes another sip of his drink and acts like hes looking around for somone:: Shane -> Gurm>::looks back at the pair, scowling at them for a moment before stepping to the side of the door and entering a code:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> I think it's obvious. A few of your men clammed up when they were questioned. You got demons in your past, things you don't want the Consortium knowing about. That's fine by me ... Joe Manning -> Argyle> I need people who are willing to go around the Consortium's regulations. Troy Parson -> Old Woman> ::smiles, revealing teeth filed to points and capped with rusty metal:: William Chocox -> ::nervous smile:: Pher -> :: Snorts :: Um. These guys will be willing to go around regulations all right. STSF_Nickles -> ::sighs acting as if looking back down at his glass but still watching Pher and her new buddy:: Shane -> ::shrugs and stomps forward, entering the now open doorway into the dark interior:: Byblos -> ::notes the Disruptor but no Bat`leth:: Awaiting things, strategically positions himself clear of Shane's bionic arm...in case and proceeds inward:: Troy Parson -> ::looks at William:: Well, nothing else for it, then. Maybe we'll get lucky? ::with that, starts to sip tea:: Pher -> But we didn't care for the Bull Brothers, not sure how crazy they'll be under Gular. Most of em do like independence for assorted reasons. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Sips his martini, puts it down, and points at Pher:: Don't get me wrong. Loosely interpreting laws and regulations are what I need. Loosely interpreting my orders, that's something I wouldn't allow. But I pay well for competent work. Shane -> ::squints and holds his bionic up as a bright light comes on suddenly while the door slams shut behind them:: William Chocox -> ::takes a sip of his own tea:: Byblos -> ::does not look to see if Gurm is behind them even when the door slams shut..but is forced to squint as the light shines on them:: Troy Parson -> ::looks at the old lady:: So, just out of curiousity...what agent did you use? It's completely flavorless. Pher -> :: Nods :: I get that. You get that. :: Small smiles :: But if you're looking for a tightly disciplined group, you might want to, err, be clear and forceful. Pher -> :: Sounds sincere for some reason :: Shane -> Gurk the other slightly smaller Klingon>::stand at the other end of a dirty room holding a charging disruptor rifle:: Hands up, pe'taQs! Troy Parson -> Old Woman> Oh, dear. I'm afraid that's a trade secret. ::still smiling:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> As clear and forceful as I can be is this -- screw up and I feed you to the dogs. That is throw you to Gular security. Your people might not be disciplined, but I get the sense that that know how to avoid ticking off the wrong people. Troy Parson -> ::turns to William:: No odd taste about yours, either, right? Shane -> Gurm>::comes up behind the two with his pistol in hand:: Weapons! On the tbale, now! William Chocox -> Nope. Byblos -> ::complies with the hands up:: Shane -> ::turns his head to see and old metal table positioned on the middle of the small room:: Troy Parson -> Hm. Quite remarkable. Pher -> Mostly we can. A few of us? The guy with the big claw? Enjoy ticking people off. You won't be getting Starfleet marines, but in most ways you're reading us right. Shane -> ::looks back to Byblos and nods, his face expressionless still:: Shane -> Gurk>::keeping his distance at the other end, watching the two warily:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Grins:: Well, then, that one we can use precisely to tick people off. That's the key, turn the weaknesses of the people working for you into strengths ... Troy Parson -> ((William, PM)) Joe Manning -> Argyle> But I wonder ... are you as interested as I am? Byblos -> ::begins placing his weapons on the table, the obvious stunner and the not so obvious Pommel of the Powersword Shane made for Byblos, who thinks they'll have no clue what it is:: Troy Parson -> Orange Cat> Indeed. Pher -> OK... He's also pretty good with a hydrospanner. Really. Troy Parson -> Room> ::starts to twist and turn funky colors:: William Chocox -> ::looks down at the cat:: Holy crap it talks! Shane -> ::lowers his hands slowly and approaches the table, pulling his Gauss pistol out of its holster and laying it on the table:: Byblos -> ::raises left boot up placing on the table...extracts a throwing blade and places it on the table wit a "Clang":: Shane -> Gurm>::waits near the entrance with his pistol ready:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Sounds perfect. ::Smiles:: Officially, the people who work for me pull dock duty. Troy Parson -> Orange Cat> Oh wow, a talking human! Joe Manning -> Argyle> We service the ships that pull in to Gular's asteroids while we keep a close eye on their cargo lists. Troy Parson -> Orange Cat> That's faaaar ooouuut, maaaan. Pher -> :: Nods, puts on listening face :: Byblos -> ::awaits the next verbal command from whomever...:: Shane -> Gurk>::waits until the two are done, then motions to another door near him:: Through here, now! Troy Parson -> The tea is really a nice touch. ::swaying slightly:: Byblos -> Fun. ::complies:: Troy Parson -> Old Woman> No energy signature, either. Very clean. Shane -> ::walks to the doorway, his boots clanging on the floor and steps through it into a hallway:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> A weapon crate finds its way into the wrong warehouse ... maybe something incriminating finds it way onto a ship belonging to someone who could use some incriminating ... Joe Manning -> Argyle> Working the docks gives us a lot of advantages. Pher -> Sounds like you have a bit of an agenda? :: Not surprised, not making a big deal of it. :: Shane -> Gurk>::along with Gurm, follows the two, directing them loudly:: To the left all the way to the end. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Shrugs:: So do you. ::Sips his martini, keeping his eyes on her:: William Chocox -> ::hits the deck:: Troy Parson -> Teacups> ::hovering slightly, talking to one another in Klingon:: Byblos -> ::loves the boots Shane is wearing, probably generating a noise the Klingons find irratable:: Sure thing guys. Pher -> Doesn't everyone? :: smiles :: Troy Parson -> Uhh. Ggghhhhh. Hm? Oh. Riight. I think I'm going to lie down for a bit. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Lot of people really come here looking for work. You came here looking for more than work. Don't deny it, the boy in processing, he's got a way of fishing things like that out ... Shane -> ::walks in silence all the way to the end, where a set of regular sized double doors sat:: Troy Parson -> Old Woman> Have a nice nap, my dears. Joe Manning -> Argyle> But don't worry, we won't tell. In fact, my 'agenda' might just be getting in on whatever your people are up to. Shane -> Gurk> In the doors! STSF_Nickles -> ::trys to ease drot doing very well at it. Just keep watching and sipping at his drink::op Troy Parson -> Cat> ::starts to nibble lightly on William's face:: Byblos -> ::stops at the doors, then hears Gurk and proceeds to open them:: William Chocox -> Damn you Tory. Damn you to the Seven Hells. Troy Parson -> Well, it beats being shot. And we got to see all the pretty colors...::staring up at the ceiling:: Pher -> :: Tilts her head back the other way. :: Possible. Possible. You find use for medical people? Shane -> ::steps through into a massive, dimly lit room, filled with packages, boxes and ship parts. Some sort of warehouse:: William Chocox -> I think I would rather be shot. It's much faster. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Shrugs:: We try to avoid getting shot. And folks tend not to get sick in space. But there's no telling what kind of hazardous materials we might come into contact with when we're working with the cargo. Joe Manning -> Argyle> I won't turn away the help if it comes with the package. Shane -> ::sees three figures about 50 meters in, standing and waiting. Begins heading for them:: Troy Parson -> But more lethal. Going quietly makes it much more likely that they'll take us alive, which will get us closer to...to... Byblos -> :: notes the scenary following Shane and notes if the the Klingons are following:: William Chocox -> But not right now mind you. Let's not follow in for a penny in for a credit right now. Troy Parson -> Oh, my. Is that a unicorn?! Pher -> It is. Shane -> Gurk and Gurm>::following the two with weapons still threatening:: William Chocox -> No you idiot it's clearly a triceratops. Troy Parson -> Orange Cat> Personally, I think it's a chair. William Chocox -> Screw you cat. Joe Manning -> Argyle> I understand I'll need to earn your trust before you tell me your secrets. I notice that aside from your Nickles, none of your other people are here ... Pher -> :: Reading him in turn, trying to count layers of sincerity and secrets :: William Chocox -> You and the horse you rode in on. Byblos -> :;Puts it 5 against 2 if a fight starts, the advantage is with the ones with numbers and weapons:: Troy Parson -> Orange Cat> Ooh, tough words from the talking human. Joe Manning -> Argyle> People who wander off on Gular station without knowing where they're going? They tend to get into trouble. Troy Parson -> Old Woman> ::carefully washing out the teacups in the distance, i.e. the kitchen alcove:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> And by your description ... your people tend to get into trouble. ::Smiles:: William Chocox -> I should have punted you to the stars when I had the chance. STSF_Nickles -> ::light stirs the ice around the glass of whats left of his drink:: Troy Parson -> Orange Cat> Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Shane -> ::peers into the darkness to the three figures under a single light, noting that two where in the same uniforms Gurk and Gurm wore and big. The other man was small and round, where a white shirt unbuttoned to reveilve a hiary chest. He had a black mustache and an annoyed expression o his face:: Pher -> Yep. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Puts a finger up to his left ear:: Shane -> ::stops as he enters the edge of the light and waits for the fat little man to speak:: William Chocox -> Troy? How long was the cat able to talk? Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Pushes slightly against the lobe, then pulls the finger away. A very small beige colored object with a tiny green light is attached to the finger:: Byblos -> ::Stops to Shane's surviving arm's side:: Troy Parson -> Uuuh. Cat? Talk? STSF_Nickles -> :::seeing Argyks hand move quickly looks up to see whats going on:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> My people are always in contact with me. And some of my people happen to be watching some of your people. Troy Parson -> I must have missed it...was busy watching the table dance. William Chocox -> The Orange Cat. The one that's been talking to me. Shane -> ::looks between the two with his balding, sweaty head reflecting light, holding his hands behind his back::to Shane:: Mr. Tayjer, it has been quite a while. Pher -> Oh, dear. They over their heads yet? Joe Manning -> Argyle> Two of them have wandered into a place ... ::Shakes his head:: They do not want to be. Byblos -> ::remains stilll and quiet:: Shane -> ::expressionless as usual:: Yep. Pher -> The big pair, or the litte? STSF_Nickles -> :: looks back down to try to keep from looking guilty about something:: Pher -> (Little) Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Grins and returns the device to his ear:: William Chocox -> The table appears to be swing dancing with the chairs. Shane -> ((That second to last line: *Gilmo>)) Troy Parson -> ::tries to turn his head to look at the cat, and fails:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Are you willing to work me, Ms. Pher? At least long enough to determine if trusting me is a wise course of action? Joe Manning -> *work with me Shane -> Gilmo> ::looks Byblos up and down:: Who are you Naussy? William Chocox -> Or is that the foxtrot? Shane -> Gilmo>::speaks in a heavily accented voice:: Troy Parson -> Orange Cat> ::playing the trumpet for the furniture to dance to:: Troy Parson -> Ceiling> ::Also dancing...somehow:: William Chocox -> Well that settles it. It's swing dancing. Byblos -> Byblos. ::simple answer:: Troy Parson -> Walls> ::blurry, getting darker:: William Chocox -> For such a big thing the ceiling is quite nimble. Pher -> Yes. I will. I just hope that happens before you figure out we might not be the super cool folks you think we are. We've more skill than discipline, but could sure use a native guide. Troy Parson -> ::no response:: Troy Parson -> Ceiling> ::gets darker:: Shane -> Gilmo>::cocks a thick eyebrow:: You with the Death-riders? William Chocox -> Ah, screw it. ::passes out:: Shane -> Gilmo> Back on Tranquility. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Then let me guide you. ::Finishes off his martini and puts the glass back on the bar with the onion inside. Stands up:: You might want to bring your friend. ::Nods subtly in Nickles' direction:: He seems determine to stay in stealthy watch mode. Troy Parson -> Cat> ::fades into the darkness, leaving a smile behind for an instant:: Joe Manning -> *determined Byblos -> Is that what Death calls his minions now. Should of known he would change the name. Pher -> :: Nods :: Gives Nickles a come hither look and a small hand gesture to accompany it. Shane -> Gilmo>::shrugs:: Its hard to keep the names straight. My cousin, Louie, mentioned your group a few times. STSF_Nickles -> ::sees Pher wondering whats going on ..pauses a moment then stands and moves towards her:: Having a problem Dear? This guy bothering you?? Shane -> Gilmo>::to both of them:: Now, my man Nel tells me that you's guys are lookin' for work. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Deep rumbling laugh at Nickles:: Shane -> Gilmo> Dis true? Pher -> Not in the way you're thinking. He might need a few people, including doctors. Shane -> ::nods:: Aye. STSF_Nickles -> ::looks at Argyle then back to Pher:: Pher -> Would you like to come along for a walk? Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM 5/20 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Waiting at the entrance to the dive bar for Nickles and Pher:: Troy Parson -> ::opens an eye, noting plain walls and some bars:: Uhhhhh. Troy Parson -> ::killer headache:: Shane -> ::standing in front of Gilmo and his four thugs, his face expressionless:: Pher -> :: Wanders up to Argyle :: Pher -> :: Small smile :: Good evening, if you have evenings here. STSF_Nickles -> :: stands and moves to meet with Pher and Argyle:: Shane -> Gilmo>::looks between Byblos and Shane:: So you and your friend are interested in a job? Byblos -> ::standing on Shane's living arm's side. keeping quiet for the Cyborgs benefit:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Leaning against the wall next to the door, looks at Pher:: We have a time cycle, sure. Regulated by the station's overseers and based, presumably, on some complicated pattern of the asteroids' motions. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Thankfully, we don't need charts. Just look for the nearest computer terminal and check the chrono readout. Shane -> ::nods slowly, eyes shifting between the thugs:: Thats right. Pher -> Don't know that it really matters. So long as everyone agrees. STSF_Nickles -> :: stands next to Pher:: Pher -> :: Gives Chris a grin :: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Pushes himself off the wall and presses the button next to the door. It slides open:: Let's agree then that it's roughly three hours past shiftend. ::Waves for Pher to go ahead:: Byblos -> ::nods slightly:: Pher -> :: Goes as indicated :: Shane -> Gilmo>::smiles scratches the back of his balding head:: Thats real interesting. Cause I distinctly remember you turning down my offer several years ago, saying I was a...what was it Jimmy?::looking to a tall brute of man beside him:: STSF_Nickles -> :: give Pher a snappy brow raise to meet her grin:: Troy Parson -> ::grimaces, opens other eye:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Cuts right in front of Nickles, going through the door next:: [Action] Byblos -> thinks this Gilmo clearly has enough Muscle, Shane is really goint to have to sell him STSF_Nickles -> ::growls under his breath but follows :: Shane -> Jimmy> ::speaks while keeping eyes forward:: A no good, two bit, monkey humpin', petaQ. Shane -> Gilmo> ::nods, looking back to the pair:: Thats right. Now, unless you've had a sudden change of heart and a large blow to your level of ego Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Strides up next to and just in front of Pher, guiding her through the sparse night crowd:: Should just be a few minutes. Ah ... I probably shouldn't have to ask ... but are you armed? Pher -> Sorta lightly. Shane -> Gilmo>...I would have a difficult time believing you and your friend. Byblos -> ::hears the insult and does not dare flinch. Besides...Shane could swing that robotic arm of his in one sweep and take the big dude of his feet:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> Light's good, as long as you know how to wield it. Like I warned you before, want to be careful about throwing Orion dust around the station. Pher -> Humph. Shane -> Gilmo> So..::indicates with his hand:: Byblos -> ::Is not about to get in a fight with two Orions and two armed klingons behind him...:: Troy Parson -> ::gets up into a sitting position, looking out through the bars of the cell:: 'Ello? Shane -> Jimmy, Gurk,Gurm and other thug>::raise their weapons, charging them:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Turns a corner into an abandoned corridor:: How bout your friend? ::Glances back at Nickles:: Shane -> Gilmo>::smiles again:: You are going to tell me why you are really here. STSF_Nickles -> ::following but not liking it much:: Troy Parson -> ::gets up, walks over to the cell bars, and looks as far as he can in either direction, not seeing anyone:: Byblos -> ::hears the weapons charge up not moving trusting in Shane beyond....he probably should:: Pher -> If he's supposed to be keeping me out of trouble, I'd assume he's got something to get in trouble with. Shane -> ::looks from side to side, then glances at Byblos and shrugs:: Troy Parson -> ::gingerly prods one of the cell bars with a finger to test for electrification or forcefields:: Pher -> But just summin. Haven't done an examination recently. Shane -> We need info. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Steps onto a broad cargo lift at the end of the corridor. Reaches into his fur-collared overcoat and pulls out a pass card:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Slides it into the receptacle at the front of the lift and presses a series of keys on the keypad. Looks up at the other two:: Shane -> The Gular are up to somethin'. And I'm willin' to bet an arm that you've got inside info. STSF_Nickles -> :: steps in with pher and Arglye:: Pher -> Care to say what sort of party we're getting into? Joe Manning -> Argyle> The kind that shouldn't involve too much shooting ... ::Grins:: Pher -> Just a little, eh? Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::The lift lurches downward and he steps back. Raises his right arm and pulls the sleeve of his coat back, revealing an ODRI:: STSF Jami -> (have a good one, Qob) Byblos -> ::byblos is very quiet...hearing an occasionally hiss from Shane's robotics. Daring...very daring situation. Thank goodness he is not in his 20's where most Nausicaans lose it in rage..:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> On this station, I'm always prepared for a little gunfire. Lot of the people in Gular district serve two roles. Your lowly dockworker might just be a security agent reporting to a Gular bigshot. Or he could be an odd job man planted by one of the Vega bosses. STSF_Nickles -> :: looks to Argyle:: Troy Parson -> ::gives the cell bars an experimental shake, and finds that they are quite solidly anchored to the floor and ceiling:: Shane -> Gilmo>::silently considers the two for a moment before speaking to his thugs:: Take them to the starboard holding cell. ::turns to leave:: And keep your distance. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Your friend Senz in processing, for instance. Reports to Gular customs. Also reports to me. Shane -> Gurk>::barks an order:: Walk back the way you came. Now. Byblos -> Looks to Shane? :: Acceptable sir? Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Taps the ODRI:: Another thing you need to learn about this station ... some areas have weapons screening set up. The sorts of areas you shouldn't be wandering into. The sort your friends wandered into. Shane -> ::looks to Byblos, expressionless:: I ain't your sir. Come on. ::turns and heads back to the entrance door:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::The lift stops at a junction and then lurches to the party's left side, proceeding through a horizontal shaft:: Pher -> Not too surprised. Byblos -> ::follows Shane and wonders what...Gilmo will get from that remark:: STSF_Nickles -> :: stumbles a bit but catches himself:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> You'll find however. ::Finishes tapping his ODRI and smiles at Pher:: That the screening in the area we're headed has been shut off. Just one of the assets your friend Argyle can contribute ... to whatever scheme you and your friends are concocting. Pher -> :: Snorts slightly :: Byblos -> ::wonders what the heck it is with Balding humans...they were pains on Tranquility as well:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::The lift stops at the end of a long corridor with several barred cells running along it:: Shane -> ::walks through the doorway and follows Gurk's instructions to head down another hallway and to a heavy door:: Shane -> Gurk> Inside. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Steps off the lift and tugs his belt upward, looking down the corridor:: STSF_Nickles -> :: allows Pher to step out first and follows:: Shane -> ::hits the control panel and enters a small room with benchs on the walls:: Byblos -> ::still walking besides Shane..on his human arm side. Keeping the Cyborg ready to swing with no delay..if it comes to it:: Shane -> Gurk>::waits until the two enter and seals the door way behind them before turning and walking away:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Guides the small group slowly along the corridor, glancing from side to side into the cells:: Shane -> ::takes a seat and grunts, thinking to himself:: Pher -> :: Tries to get an impression on the sort of guests that are staying here. :: Byblos -> ::immediately displays a quiet symbol as he looks around for ...obvious ..listening devices...the chances though of him spoitting one Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::The first cell that isn't empty contains a Klingon sleeping on a cot on the far side, back turned to the group:: Troy Parson -> ::tapping rhythmically on a cell bar with a fingernail out of boredom:: Shane -> You won't be able to find any. Byblos -> ::shakes his head:: Agreed. STSF_Nickles -> :: looks to the klingon but keeps walking:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Follows the tapping as it gets louder. Most of the cells along the way remain empty:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly nursing a cup of some kind of tea at a cafe in the upper scale Gular:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Looks at Troy's cell as he passes. Recognizes the face and stops:: Troy Parson -> ::looks out at Argyle:: Erm. Hello? Joe Manning -> Argyle> Ah. Here we are. ::Smiles, turns to Pher, and motions ino the cell:: STSF_Nickles -> ::stops behind Argyle looking in the cell and sighs:: Pher -> Oh, dear. I was hopping for the big guys. Troy Parson -> ::looks out at the others:: Well, hmph. Pher -> Hello, Troy. Troy Parson -> If I' Byblos -> ::takes a seat on the bench next to Shane, he barely fits....the huge cyborgs upper body takes a lot of space:: Troy Parson -> d known it was you waiting for me outside the cell Troy Parson -> I never would have bothered to get captured. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Leans against the wall next to the cell bars. Raises an eyebrow at Pher when she addresses Troy:: Shane -> ::rubs the area close to his artificial shoulder:: We wait. For now. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Hm. Interesting. ::Smirks slightly:: Pher -> Troy, Argyle.... Argyle, Troy. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Looks at Troy and nods:: STSF_Nickles -> :: remains slient:: Troy Parson -> S'a pleasure. Byblos -> I do not think we have a choice on that one. This Gilmo clearly has control of the situation. Shane -> He thinks he does. Joe Manning -> Argyle> If you'll excuse me. William shouldn't be far. ::Removes himself from the wall:: Assuming his name is really William ... ::Turns to look into the other cells:: Troy Parson -> So erm... Pher -> Argyle let me know that two of 'my' people got into trouble. Seems to think we need a native guide. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Heads down the corridor away from the others, searching cells:: Pher -> What do you think? Do we need a native guide? STSF_Nickles -> ::whipsers to Pher :: do we get him out? Troy Parson -> I was hoping it'd be the bad guys capturing me, so that I could learn something. Troy Parson -> Being here, though, appears to be useless. Troy Parson -> So if you could let me out, I'd be much obliged. Pher -> I'm getting the impression that we're all bad guys here. Byblos -> I called you "sir" for two reasons. One you are the Chief on Qob. Second, Nausicaans...rarely reach the top of an organization...we are always subordinates, muscle. Shane -> I never figured the whole "job seekers" guise would get past Gil'. Shane -> I ain't a sir, I told you. Call the Green Skin that if you want. Pher -> Let's give Argyle a bit more time. He can get in well enough, anyway. We'll have to see about the other direction. Byblos -> And did you not listen to why I did it just then Shane? Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Recognizes William in a cell and stops:: Hello lad. Brought your friends. Shane -> Grow some balls bybs. You don't always got to be a sub-ordinate. Shane -> ((brb)) Joe Manning -> ACTION: The bars in front of Troy slide out of the floor and up into the ceiling STSF_Nickles -> :: looks into the Cell:: Will. Pher -> That might be your cue... Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Steps back as William moves out of his cell:: Troy Parson -> ::steps out of the cell:: Well, that was the shortest stay in jail I've ever had. Byblos -> You want me to play outside the common role for my people. STSF_Nickles -> Be glad :: to Troy Pher -> Good sort of record, I guess. C'mon. :: Starts in the direction Argyle went in. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Follows William over to the others and looks at Troy:: I wonder ... how often do you use the name Phillip Morris? And how many such names do you have? Byblos -> (grrrrr) Pher -> :: Wonders if Troy has kept count... :: Shane -> ::looks at Byblos like its obvious:: Uh, yeah. You ain't a slave. Troy Parson -> ::looks at Argyle:: Depends. Do ones I only used once count? Byblos -> I could of said something in their, to that trash talking Orion. But it would of been counterproductive. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Well ... ::Grabs his belt:: I'm going to assume Troy is your real name ... unless you're conning your friends as well. ::Friendly grin:: Is there a last name to go with it? Troy Parson -> Parson. Troy Parson. Troy Parson -> As far as my names go, that one's as real as they come. Probably. Byblos -> Of course not, but let's face it you know this guy ..I dont. Although I am suprised he knows about the Cycles. He has sources. Shane -> Yeah it would. Gilmo barely let us live anyways. Shane -> ((scratch the last line)) Joe Manning -> Argyle> Much obliged to meet you, Mr. Parson. I'm just Argyle for the time being. And you oughta be thankful. You were awfully close to wandering into a part of this station you -really- don't want to be. ::Turns and heads back down the corridor, away from the lift, motioning for the others to follow:: Shane -> ((brb)) Troy Parson -> Ah. Well I'll, erm...keep that in mind. Troy Parson -> ::follows:: Byblos -> The Pet`aq is probably checking with bounty hunters on the price of our heads before he kills us. He's got big guys. Jyking Klingons, I wanted to try that sword out. Pher -> :: follows as well :: STSF_Nickles -> :: follows at the back of the pack:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Nods:: Keep in mind that while you're in one place ... you're also in two places. ::Grins at his cleverness:: A Gular station and also Andus station. Joe Manning -> Argyle> That means wandering into the wrong place can get you in trouble with one or both of two parties. Troy Parson -> Only two? That doesn't sound so bad. Troy Parson -> So which was it that I very nearly managed to upset? Joe Manning -> Argyle> Clearly, you have no idea. ::Glances back at Pher:: And you think there's any question that you need a guide? Byblos -> And I will get it back. Joe Manning -> Argyle> You nearly managed to upset our faceless Andus overlords. The Gular execs don't mind people wandering around their stations too much, as long as you stick to your designated asteroids ... Joe Manning -> Argyle> But the Andus overlords? They want everyone sticking to the right proper chunks of the maze. Pher -> None. Just not entirely sure where we're being guided to. Pher -> Makes sense. Troy Parson -> ::disappointed frown:: Ah. I see. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Reaches a stairwell leading up, and begins climbing:: To a friend of mine. One that your friends have already met. Byblos -> The Boss is probably going to have a nice chat with us once we get our asses out of here. ::more Nausicaan cursing:: Shane -> Not if we've got info. And Gilmo ain't gonna kill us. Joe Manning -> Argyle> Any place in particular you folks were trying to reach on the station? ::Glances down at the others:: Shane -> If was, we would have been dead in the alley. Shane -> He's probably chattin' it up with the Bossman Byblos -> Gilmo is not the Bossman? STSF_Nickles -> :: look to Pher for the answer:: Pher -> I doubt it. Troy? You looking to get into any particular sort of trouble, or just trouble in general? Shane -> Nope. He's just a superviser of sorts. Byblos -> Geesh..::rubs chin :: Jykin' lot of muscle for a subordinate. Shane -> But he's the one I've had the most dealin's with. Shane -> But that Nel guy was right, their down on hands. Shane -> they're* Troy Parson -> Hm. I prefer informative and relevant trouble, if it's all the same to you. Byblos -> Hmmm...what type? Engineers? If that guy has Four goons guarding him, The Bossman must be one tough son of a Klingon whore to get to. Pher -> Did you get that far? Shane -> If I remember right, the Bossman has a couple Gorn. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Slows his pace up the stairs a bit, listening:: Shane -> And no, joe-blow thugs. Must have been a turf-war. Byblos -> Okay, say we meet Mr. Bossman. I will not be your subordinate..I'll be myself. Although I think that is foolish. Gorn huh, saw some in Samus' employment. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Reaches a door at the top and knocks on it:: Byblos -> ::places hand on heed and brushes his hair backwards with it:: You want me to be myself when we meet the Bossman Chief? Shane -> We won't meet him. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Crosses his arms and waits for an old lady to answer:: STSF_Nickles -> :: watches closely:: Byblos -> Or your buddy Gilmo again? Shane -> I've only seen him once. And that was under..unique circumstances. Ethan Neufeld -> ::finishes tea, transfers payment and tip via table inlay:: Shane -> He'll come get us in a bit. Shane -> He's curious as to what we have to offer. STSF_Nickles -> ((WB PHer)) Pher -> (( Test )) STSF_Nickles -> ((pass)) Pher -> (( Sorry, what was the question? )) Byblos -> Myself would of smacked that Jimmy's head in. But the Klingon Pe`taq's would of shot me down before I killed the S.O.B. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Looks down the stairs at Troy:: It just so happens that I keep an eye and an ear on your old friend Cecilia's dealings. Ethan Neufeld -> ((Where you want to go.)) Troy Parson -> You mean the lady who served us tea? Shane -> Jimmy ain't so bad. Pher -> Back to our crash space, if you don't mind. Byblos -> He was asking to look bad.. Shane -> Gurk's a qoh, though. Bash his head in. Joe Manning -> Argyle> That's the one. Lives down here all by her lonesome. Though she's got other people on call to come down here and drag bodies off to the cells. Ethan Neufeld -> ::leaves tea shop/cafe:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Puts a finger to his ear and listens for a few seconds:: Troy Parson -> Ah. I was wondering how she planned on moving us. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Looks at Pher:: We're running a bit out of time ... ::Knocks on the door again:: Byblos -> Klingon's are a bit well suited for close combat than Orions. Darn redundancy in their bone structure. But it would be my pleasure. That Qoh played a diety weapon snatcher.... Shane -> ::looks up as the door slides open to reveal an armed Gurk:: STSF_Nickles -> out of time? :to Argyle:: Byblos -> Well hello there. Joe Manning -> Argyle> ::Looks at Chris:: For your two friends. The ones who wandered into a place they shouldn't be. Shane -> GurK>::motions with his rifle:: Lets go, petaQs! STSF_Nickles -> Lets go get them now then Pher -> Ah. :: Sighs :: I guess it was too much to hope for. Byblos -> Didn't your mother teach you better language skills? ::stands:: Shane -> ::gets up and moves out into the hallway:: Joe Manning -> Argyle> There's still some time. And since Cecilia isn't answering, I suppose we'll have to head back to the express elevator. ::Motions down the stairs:: Shane -> Gurk> ::glare:: My mother died before she could. STSF_Nickles -> ::turns around and goes back down ther stairs:: Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM
  6. 4/15/12 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Pher -> :: Dressed down, loose fitting overalls. Hair up in a businesslike bun, covered with scarf. :: Byblos -> ::exits his quarters wondering if he might need some of that human good smell stuff...cologne?:: Joe Manning -> ::Leaves the infirmary and tries to locate the others, possibly already in the docking bay?:: Pher -> Troy. You were awake, sort of, in that meeting? Byblos -> ::heads to docking ring where hopefully Joe is:: Troy Parson -> ::yawns:: Awake...what? ::looks over sleepily:: William Chocox -> ::wearing black vest, cream shirt, and black pants, waiting to get on the shuttle:: Pher -> :: playfully slaps Troy awake. :: Troy Parson -> Oi! Pher -> Oooh, fancy William. Joe Manning -> ::Runs into Byblos at the airlock:: Don't have your new threads on yet, big man? Byblos -> ::observes Troy get a slap and chuckles:: Pher -> I'd kind of like you to work the techi end of the low key scouting, if you're willing? Byblos -> This is one outfit. ::looks around for samus:: He....provided many. Pher -> :: Admires Byblos's outfit. :: Joe Manning -> Well, if you should happen to attend any parties over there, I'm sure you'll have a place to dress. We're being given an untraceable line of credit for expenses over there. William Chocox -> Fancy? This is my everyday outfit. And sure I'll run the techie stuff. Byblos -> Boss...we're going to need..uh what do humans say....you to pull a rabbit out of hat on this one. Byblos -> Where is Samus Sir? Joe Manning -> Making transportation arrangements. ::Steps out of the airlock and looks around the docking bay:: Pher -> Good enough. Thanks, William. Try to keep Troy awake and out of trouble? :: winks :: Troy Parson -> Me? Get into trouble? Never. ::pops one eye open so that he can see what he's doing enough to light a cigarette:: Shane -> ((Hey everyone, so sorry I'm late)) Byblos -> Okay, FYI..I have Shane's energy blade. It is so customized, I don't think anyone will realize what it is without maiming themselves by activating it Pher -> :: Has been watching too many 3 stooges previews. :: If he starts to fall asleep again, just do this... Byblos -> ( S H A N E ! ) Pher -> :: Fakes like she is going to do something, then retreats. :: Joe Manning -> ::Joins the others at the opposite end of the docking arm:: Samus should be along in just a moment. Pher, a word? William Chocox -> If I could keep Troy out of trouble I would be running this ship. Pher -> :: Wanders over to Joe :: Pher -> Pretend, William. Byblos -> Hey Troy? Going to smoke some more dead plant material? Joe Manning -> Byblos, keep the inmates rounded up? ::Motions to the others:: Troy Parson -> They're mostly chemical additives these days, actually. ::smokes:: Troy Parson -> Want one? Byblos -> wait aren't those like...expensive? Troy Parson -> ::snorts:: Not like I have much use for a savings account. Joe Manning -> ::Leans close to Pher and speaks quietly:: Our friend Ethan will be taking a separate shuttle ... Shane -> ::with his usual loud stomping and mechanically noisy arm, joins the crew at the airlock with a duffle-bag on his real shoulder:: Byblos -> I recall a Nausicaan biker who scrounged off well....never mind. Byblos -> Uh..My Tusks will.probably rot Troy. Pher -> :: Resists the temptation to question the word 'friend'. :: Pher -> OK. What's the thought behind that? Troy Parson -> Suit yourself. ::puts carton away, closes eyes, smokes:: Byblos -> Shane, What is in the bag. It better not be my friend. Joe Manning -> We both agreed that he may be better off on his own for this one, using his own means to gather intelligence and dropping anything he finds off in prearranged locations. William Chocox -> Hey Shane. Joe Manning -> He's willing to help as long as I'm willing to follow through with that vial. But since he ain't on the crew ... ::Shrugs:: Working with the rest of us may be a shaky prospect for him. Shane -> (oi...)) William Chocox -> ((William Chocox destroyer of conversations.)) Shane -> ((he he))::nods to Will Pher -> Shaky both ways, in my opinion, but I think you've already figured that out. Shane -> ::* Shane -> ::looks to Byblos, his expression empty:: Tools, Naussy. Your head's in your room. Joe Manning -> ::Nods:: Yeah. ::Shrugs:: For my part, he gives us some deniability. He might be able to push riskier buttons to gather some intel, and since he can't be connected to the rest of us ... ::Frowns:: Samus -> ::Approaching the group from one end of the docking ring, holding a small leather case at his side:: Shane -> and if he gets caught, its no skin off our back... Byblos -> Thanks...::to Shane rather calmly:: Shane -> ::shifts eyes to Samus approaching:: Joe Manning -> ::Glances at Shane, who's passing by:: Try not to eavesdrop so obviously, Shane. Byblos -> ::notes Samus:: Mr. Samuis Samus -> ::Flashes teeth:: Mr. Byblos. ::Nods to the others:: Friends and comrades. Shane -> ::snorts a bit at Joe's comment, nods at Samus:: Byblos -> Pher, when you have time for a question..please let me know. Samus -> ::Motions a hand up and down Byblos:: Looking sharp. I guess that fashion budget is paying dividends for you? Pher -> :: Considers further evaluation of Ethan's abilities, but decides Joe has already committed him. :: Joe Manning -> ::Nods toward the group and rejoins the others:: William Chocox -> Hey Samus. Byblos -> That will depend if Andus security shoots Nausicaans on sight. Pher -> Sure, Swimmer. Byblos -> ::execuse me Mr. Samus I need to speak with my superior briefly..::walks over to Pher..very close to her:: Samus -> ::Holds out a leather case for someone to grab:: These are the codes you'll need to transmit to Gular Flight Control before you dock. They will grant you clearance to the commercial areas of the district -- that's two asteroids, one for goods and services and another for corporate clientele. They will not grant you access to the restricted asteroids. ::Scratches his chin:: Byblos -> ::hushed:: Question about my look. Joe Manning -> ::Crosses his arms and starts to scowl a bit at that last bit of information:: Pher -> Sure. I think we've switched rolls. I've dressed down. You've dressed up. You willing to associate with low life like me? Pher -> :: smiles :: Shane -> ::takes the case from Samus in his bionic, dwarfing it in his claw:: We'l have to work with that... Byblos -> ::hushed:: I read something in Mr. Samus, box about something called cologne? Humans I guess use it. What would be your opinion...::very hushed:: Of..well me using some Joe Manning -> I was under the impression that we'd be getting total access? Samus -> ::Quick nonchalant shrug:: You'll just have to improvise. Be clever. Use that infamous mercenary resourcefullness to open some doors. You all can handle that can't you? Pher -> :: Considers :: Very lightly in a station. Closed life support. Some scrubber's got to take anything extra out of the air. Byblos -> ::very hushed:: Some say we smell. my people. Pher -> You might please the ladies, but annoy the tech. Byblos -> But the Mark? would he be..annoyed? William Chocox -> ((brb)) Shane -> ::grunts at Samus's comment, looking the case over:: Samus -> Quiet bunch. ::Claps his hands together:: So. Anything resembling a plan yet? Troy Parson -> ::usually smells of cigarette smoke and stale almost-coffee, personally:: Pher -> :: Considers :: The Mark? I don't know him that well. Very light touch, I'd suggest. Byblos -> Thanks Pher. Pher -> We plan to gather enough information to start making a plan. Repeat as necessary. Shane -> ::glances at Joe, not quite sure of what to tell:: Pher -> You're welcom, Byblos. Byblos -> ::straightens up to full height:: Pher -> You in a hurry, Samus? Joe Manning -> I think a good many of my crew are waiting for old pops to do all the thinking and make all the decisions. Not this time. ::Smiles:: The difficult dangerous stuff I let them handle. William Chocox -> ((back)) Byblos -> ::Shane probably notices.....Byblos sporting his Energy sword..the pommel...on his belt:: William Chocox -> Great. Samus -> There's no telling how much time we have to waste. In any event, I obviously won't be joining you. My face shows up in a Gular Consortium security feed, I'll be placed under nonstop watch. Byblos -> Hey William..honestly..you have the best advantage.. Pher -> We could use you as a distraction. Tie up all their interrogation room personnel. William Chocox -> Really? How, so. Samus -> ::Laughs a bit at Pher's joke. Joke, right? Laugh seems genuine, but who knows:: Byblos -> You look like just another Human ::winks:: Shane -> ::to the rest of the group, as he starts to move down the airlock, past Samus:: I say we quit wasting time and get goin" then... Samus -> I've been interrogated a few times before and just barely escaped with the charming good looks ::Points at his face with both hands:: In tact. Byblos -> Check that Chief. Byblos -> Pher I will have your...six. Samus -> I'll pass on the distraction angle. But I might be able to fish up an employee who's on the Consortium's radar. Just give the call, and I'll have him sent over. William Chocox -> Just another human? I am freakishly handsome. Samus -> I like that. ::Grabs Shane by the shoulder as he passes, stopping him:: Samus -> Straight to business. Byblos -> ::hears William and busts up:: Pher -> Good nuff, Byblos. Not too obviously. I'm not in my high faughtlin gownless evening strap. Girls in dirty coveralls don't generally have bodyguards. Shane -> ::stops, and looks down at Samus's hand, then back to him, a little annoyed:: William Chocox -> You find that funny Big Ugly? Byblos -> You leaving Audrey at home? Pher -> But everyone keeping an eye on each other's back is good. Samus -> Joe, Pher my dear, you wouldn't mind if I hold this big fellow up until the shuttle makes another pickup? It only holds 6 passengers, I'm afraid. Joe Manning -> ::Reaches into his vest for his flask of bourbon, eyeing Samus:: Byblos -> ::to William, okay if you get laid on this job William ..I swear I will clean your quarter's head spic and span :: Shane -> ::turns to look at Joe, a slight frown on his face:: Pher -> I won't cry this time, Samus. Samus -> Just send someone back here with the shuttle for another pickup, and I promise I'll let him go. ::Looks at Shane:: Just need to discuss some of the work my crews did on the old bird. Byblos -> Don't toss him Shane...He' looks a bit lighter than me...Hah! ::chortles:: Joe Manning -> ::Sips from the flask and returns it to his vest pocket, still watching Samus:: Joe Manning -> Lead the way, Samus. Byblos -> ::to William..no I alter the bet...If you get two....ladies hitting on you this job...I will be your personal servant for two weeks Samus -> I will endeavor to give him no good reason to. ::Grins at Byblos then at Shane, before turning and heading back up the docking ring:: Joe Manning -> ::Nods to Shane:: William Chocox -> ::checks his engineering kit, phaser hidden in vest, and ODRI:: Whatever. I'm ready to go guys. Shane -> ::lets out a sigh and mumbles to himself as he walks back through the airlock, something about small shuttle designs and retarded monkeys:: Pher -> :: Shifts with the group to the shuttle :: Byblos -> ::Byblos boards and whatever he is supposed to do:: Samus -> ::Leading the group around the docking ring to a smaller adjacent bay. Looks over at William:: All about business yourself. Must be rubbin' off the fellow with the robot arm. William Chocox -> ::gets on the shuttle trying to squeeze in:: Pher -> :: Decides that if more than six people crawl in, she'll just have to sit on someone's lap. :: William Chocox -> ((scratch my last line. Retcon Cannon.)) Samus -> ::Watches the group file onto the shuttle, passes the leather case over to Pher:: Good luck over there. And I'm taking a rain check on that dinner invite. Pher -> :: Knows that William is looking for ladies... :: Troy Parson -> ::sleeping on a cargo shelf in the shuttle:: Pher -> :: Accepts the case :: Byblos -> ::to William:: You know, I am not being fair. If someone on this station wants to ::some shuttle noise covers up his word:: you. I will do whatever task youwish me to do on Qob so long as I do not interfere with other duties Samus -> Pilot> ::Sitting in the flight seat, a helmet obscuring his head, as he/she waits for the crew to board the shuttle:: William Chocox -> I'm not all about business. Just on missions. Pher -> Better had. Wouldn't want to waste a visit to Andus. William Chocox -> ::to Byblos:: Deal. Byblos -> Deal. Joe Manning -> ::Stops at the shuttle door and looks over at Samus:: ... and good luck to you. ::Glances back toward Qob's bay:: Shane -> ::enters the bay with the group, hanging off to the back and waiting by the shuttle:: William Chocox -> ((Where's Kaara Soora when I need her?)) Samus -> ::Small mysterious grin:: Pher -> (( The logical place. )) Joe Manning -> ::Shakes his head as he steps onto the shuttle and finds a vacant seat:: Byblos -> ::hunched over due to height:: William Chocox -> ::enters the bay and looks at the shuttle:: That's supposed to fit all of us? Maybe if we strap Byblos to the top. Joe Manning -> Everybody strap in ... just in case we hit a smaller asteroid. Pher -> We're OK William. We've got Troy in a cargo bin. Samus -> ::Turns and walks over to where Shane is waiting:: William Chocox -> ::quickly grabs a seat:: Byblos -> Wait he is asleep with one of those rolled up burning dead plant material things? Samus -> Pilot> ::Closes the shuttle hatch and looks back to see if everyone's ready:: William Chocox -> Good place for him. Less chance that he will do something crazy. Pher -> :: Settles in and straps down :: Byblos -> ::looks at Troy Parson:: Shane -> ::watches the shuttle a bit, then turns his stare to Samus as he approaches:: You wanna tell me what this is about? I have a feelin' it ain't about the Qob's repairs. Troy Parson -> ::opens one eye:: I'm perfectly capable of napping and smoking at the same time, y'know. Shane -> ::his scarred face and cold grey eyes expressionless:: Samus -> ::Smirks and points to his forehead:: Smart man. But then you'd have to be to make chief engineer on the old bird. ::Motions back to the shuttle:: They should be 10 or 20 minutes before the shuttle's back. Byblos -> I swear if you set off the fire suppression on this ship....I will...will..... Samus -> Pilot> ::Takes the shuttle up and through the forcefield protecting the open bay doors:: Shane -> ((lets say I handed the case off to Will before he got on)) Samus -> (( Covered that. Took it back and handed it to Pher )) Pher -> (( Yep )) Shane -> ((ah ok then)) Troy Parson -> Ehh. ::smokes:: Shane -> ::nods to Samus, waiting for him to continue:: Samus -> ::Turns and watches the shuttle depart, hand clasped in front of his waist:: How is the old bird doing these days? Joe Manning -> ::Looks over at Troy and sighs:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks around for the nearest vent to the exterior hull:: Shane -> ::watching the back of Samus's head:: Probably the same as it was several. Held together by spit and bailin' wire. Shane -> several years ago* Joe Manning -> ::Finds one and slides the cover open, pushes the little button next to it:: Shane -> But she's held together better than other ships I've been on. Samus -> I'm familiar with the old girl in her younger days. ::Glances back at Shane:: Was but 17 when I hired on with a man named Decker, ship's Captain at the time. Made chief engineer myself within two years. My ascent did not stop there. William Chocox -> ((Come on now Shane. It's mostly duct tape now.)) Shane -> ((He he, its a movie quote from the Rocketeer :P)) Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Pher:: I figure I'm gonna find the nearest bar and settle down over whatever swill they're servin'. Maybe I'll hear something. Pher -> I'm not intending to be much more ambitious. Might share a drink with you to start? William Chocox -> Any idea where I can find a computer terminal to settle down at? Pher -> I'm figuring that if I might come back later with the gownless evening strap, I'd best play it really low key now. Joe Manning -> ::Shrugs:: Whatever you think is best, girl Byblos -> Pher, sounded like you wanted me to buzz off since you are not..in attire...I'll shop. And hopefully I will not get profiled. Shane -> ::doesn't change his expression:: I knew of Decker. I figure he's not breathin' too well at the moment, is he? Joe Manning -> ::Grins at William:: I'm sure you can find an electronic catalog to browse. Don't go tryin' to crack their alarm systems just yet, though. Not unless Pher ok's it. Pher -> Sounds right, Byblos. We talked about a Princess and Bear routine, but this isn't the time for me to play princess. Pher -> Time might come, though. William Chocox -> ::sighs:: Fine. Samus -> ::Grins and looks at Shane:: I'm surprised you've been deep enough into the right circles to know the name Decker. Decker checked out. Peacefully and healthfully. And to my benefit, as I inherited the ship and his syndicate. Byblos -> Gotcha Pher. William if you hack..into Andus..successfully I will...be at your call for an entire week William Chocox -> Never underestimate me. Samus -> Pilot> ::Turns head to the back of the shuttle and calls out in a very deep male voice:: Gonna need those access codes. It's a short trip. Pher -> :: opens the case :: What you need? Shane -> Heard the name here and there. How did you lose her? Game of cards? Shane -> ((switch "her" for "the Qob")) Samus -> Pilot> Should be a data rod I can plug in. Don't go sharin' that around, by the way, unless you want to get someone in hot water with the Consortium. It's keyed only to your visit to the station. Pher -> Very much understood. My toy. :: smiles :: Byblos -> Boss..I did tell you I have a strange desire to off....::hears pilot and shuts up:: Samus -> Sold her. To Joe. ::Shrugs:: It was pretty much past her usefullness to me. We had ships in better repair. Though it sounds like Joe's kept together well enough to get by as a merc. Pher -> :: considers that she might need to work with Troy and William some after all. :: Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Byblos:: Kennedy? I think that would be another unwise strategy at this phase of the game, Bybs. Pher -> :: Finds a rod, hopefully the right rod... donates it to the pilot. :: Joe Manning -> Wouldn't be much more wise at a later stage for that matter. Byblos -> Not him Pher -> Would attract attention. Samus -> Pilot> ::Grabs the data rod and plugs it into a slot in his terminal:: Byblos -> I don't want to disturb the pilot with morbit thoughts guys Samus -> So ... what's your story, Shane? ::Slips his hands into his pockets:: Why Qob? Why a small-time mercenary ship? Byblos -> Forget I brought it up Pher -> :: Looks at the pilot. Suspects someone Samus selected for this job is no virgin. :: Samus -> ACTION: A cool feminine voice with a British accent comes through the pilot's terminal: "You are cleared to dock in Bay B-20" Byblos -> ::Byblos thinks of the bastard who ruined the Qob..oddly, he wants to kill the guy. But he wasn't even part of the Boss's crew at the time. Why does he want to kill Duke Redding? :: Shane -> ::pauses a bit before answering:: Backwater sector. Out of the eyes of certain groups. And Joe doesn't ask too many questions. William Chocox -> (m) How did a British accent survive this far from Earth? Byblos -> OH man I am going to lose the bet...William is already on to the controller! Samus -> Hm. ::Nods slowly, then mutters, almost as an afterthought:: Can't pay all that much either. Joe Manning -> I been told that I still got a little creole in my voice. I never heard it myself. ::Shrugs:: Byblos -> ::Byblos returns to something Joe Manning said however. What was the deal with killing an Orion Male? :: William Chocox -> Never know who you might meet Byblos. Shane -> ::shrugs:: Better than a lot of merchants that would take me. And more interestin' Byblos -> Indeed William. Indeed. Byblos -> Do those smokey things make humans sleep? I haven't heard anything from Troy Samus -> ::Shrugs:: There are certain individuals who'd be willing to pay you far more reliably to do the same sort of work. Samus -> Pilot> ::Takes the shuttle into the rather crowded bay:: Shane -> ::growing slightly impatient:: You offerin' me a job Mr. Samus? Byblos -> ::looks out a viewport?:: William Chocox -> ::looking out the window:: Looks like we're threading the needle. William Chocox -> They tend to keep the mouth occupied. Samus -> I'm always on the lookout for fresh talent, for people who can get things done. Who are willing to get things, the right way. ::Grins at him:: Troy Parson -> ::sleeping on the cargo shelf with extinguished cigarette still in mouth:: Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM 4/22/12 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM William Chocox -> ::sitting in his smallish processing room snoozing:: Joe Manning -> ::Seated in one of the chairs in the processing area, an uncomfortable assembly of thin steel and plastic:: Byblos -> ::looks at the Gular facility noting more humans than bolians:: Troy Parson -> ::perched on the back of one of the waiting room chairs, smoking:: STSF_Nickles -> :: sitting in the corner watching over everyone.. watching for any trouble. :: Joe Manning -> I wonder if this kind of a wait is standard? Or if they're busier than usual with the mysterious reception. Joe Manning -> The Consortium has a reputation for being efficient. But also bureaucratic. William Chocox -> ((wait, are we alone? Or in general population?)) STSF_Nickles -> My guess would be standard.. to make you say nevermind and leave. Pher -> Bureaucratic is right. You get big, you get overhead. Shane -> ::enters the processing area through the sliding door, having just arrived from the shuttle bay, stomping on the metal flooring loudly with his bionic whining and wirring:::: Joe Manning -> (( General population must be visible. Windows :) )) Joe Manning -> (( Or a balcony overlooking a common area )) Byblos -> The Nausicaan remains standing despite the length of time to keep a look on things. Being unfamiliar with the place, he is concerned about Guardians showing up. Joe Manning -> ::Recognizes the sound and glances over his shoulder at Shane:: Shane -> ::grey eyes wander around the room, expressionless:: STSF_Nickles -> :: looks up at Shane entering:: At least you made it Byblos -> ::definitely notes Shane's presence then resumes his glacing with his eyes not his head for Law Enforcement:: Shane -> ::grunts a reply at Chris and takes a seat in a chair that is obviously too small for him, his arm giving a hiss:: Troy Parson -> ::glances over at Shane, then looks away:: William Chocox -> ::gets woken up by Shane's whirring:: Wha... What? ::sighs:: Why do you have to be so loud? Byblos -> Pher, being wanted and tall occasionally is not a good thing. So many people here.. Pher -> Hmm. I don't know that you should worry too much. The Guardians and Gular aren't entirely on the same page. Shane -> ::makes brief eye contact Joe, but breaks away to look at Will beside him:: Grow a metal appendage and see how you sound you jyke... William Chocox -> I'm fine with my natural appendages thank you. Pher -> But I haven't really played with the Guardians that much. I was only on Tranquility a few years, and stayed out of their way. Shane -> ::scowls and looks to the windows:: Arse. STSF_Nickles -> ::looks between Will and Shane:: Wont you two ever get along? Byblos -> I just don't know, ::to Pher:: How strong of presence they are in the cluster..off of Tranquility. Joe Manning -> ::Glances at Byblos:: Any Guardians show up, the people runnin' the station are notified immediately. They don't allow anyone aboard on Guardian business without puttin' them through a screening process. Pher -> Depends on the planet. Here, where one corporation is running this area, their own security will be handling things. William Chocox -> We'll get along when we feel like it. Shane -> ::glares at Nickles and growls:: I didn't know it was a requirement. Pher -> I don't know that Gular would want em wandering around without a good cause. Byblos -> Good to here Boss. I just see so many eyes. Standing in a spaceport processing center is not something I'd like to do all day. ::to Pher:: The Consortium though wants to buy them off though right? ::then back to Joe:: A bidding war between them and the Brothers? Joe Manning -> ::Looks through the windows and sees a man in a solid black jumpsuit approaching the processing room:: Byblos -> ::shuts up:: William Chocox -> They didn't want us poking around whenever they landed on Tranquility either. STSF_Nickles -> ::crosses his arms and shakes his head:: William Chocox -> ((that was to Pher)) Joe Manning -> ::Nods in Byblos' direction:: That's the rumor. Pher -> Who wants anyone poking around? Joe Manning -> Guardians and Gulars do ample business with each other, but they aren't buddies. Joe Manning -> ::Taps Pher on the arm and points at the window:: You're up, Pher. Shane -> ::watching the black-clad man approach the room:: Pher -> Up? OK. Byblos -> Nonetheless, I don't want a stray Guardian catching a Nausiciaan standing around. Sorry Boss, I think they profile my people. Joe Manning -> Customs Officer> ::Opens the sliding door and steps through into the processing room. A handsome man in his early 20's, clean shaven, hair neatly combed. A slight smile on his face as he addresses the group:: Pher -> :: Stands, wanders towards the entrance wearing a well worn shipsuit, definitely dressed down. :: Pher -> :: Relatively little extra hip movement, for Pher. Scarf covering a good deal of her hair. :: Joe Manning -> Customs Officer> Good day to you all. I apologize for the delay. ::Bows slightly to Pher:: Pher -> :: Stands short of the Officer :: STSF_Nickles -> :: looks to the man entering but remain sitting were he is:: Pher -> :: Smiles :: Byblos -> ::looks to Troy:: Did you say those rolled up dead plant leaves actually make a person relax when they enhale the vapor? Pher -> :: Glances at Nickles briefly with a wink :: Troy Parson -> ::looks at Byblos:: Never said it, but I guess they do. Joe Manning -> Custom Officer> I am Emil Senz, a representative of the Gular Consortium here on Andus Station. Before I can complete your admission to the Gular District, I must process all of you into our local database. STSF_Nickles -> :;smiles and nods:: William Chocox -> ::smiles and nods:: Shane -> ::mumbles something about delays and crushing black-clad teenagers:: Shane -> ::under his breath of course:: Byblos -> ::wonders what would of happened if a female officer had greeted them:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::To Pher:: I take it you are the leader or spokesperson of this group? Byblos -> ::Byblos grins at Joe:: Joe Manning -> ::Slumps into his chair a bit, idly fishing around in his vest pocket:: Pher -> Well, I'll do. Pher -> :: Attention fully on Senz :: Joe Manning -> Senz> Then let us begin with you. ::Raises his right arm and taps at the attached ODRI:: Your name, please? Pher -> Pher. Pher -> :: Fishes out Samus's ID. :: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Continues tapping:: You all arrived under a single pass. Do you all share a common purpose on the station or will you be proceeding on separate ways? Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Glances up at the ID and waves it away briefly:: Oh, not necessary. That was handled through flight control. Pher -> Depends on the work allotments. We hope to be assigned as a team, but hopes are just hopes. Joe Manning -> Senz> Am I to understand that you have come here seeking employment? Pher -> Yes. Shane -> ::sighs and idly tapps on the seat beside him, wear his bionic rests:: Pher -> Rumors say things are busy here? Byblos -> ::keeps his mouth shut, What was that human phrase...Silence is Gold Pressed Latinum? STSF_Nickles -> ::listening to Senz carefully:: Joe Manning -> Senz> Things are always quite busy in Gular Consortium sectors. At the moment, we are hosting a bit more traffic than usual, but that is a very brief occurence. ::Tapping at the ODRI, quickly continues:: Where did you all work previously? Together? Pher -> Tranquility. Joe Manning -> Senz> Doing what? Joe Manning -> ::Looks around at the others to see if they're doing anything while they wait:: Pher -> Spaceport stuff. Repair. Longshorman. Engineering. Byblos -> ::thinks oh Killing Guardians then playing hide and go seek for myself..from such Guardians:: William Chocox -> ::tries not to look like a former Guardian/Starfleet enlisted man:: Joe Manning -> Senz> And you were in the employ of ... ::Pauses a moment as he taps:: The Guardians? Taurus Brothers? Or something more private? Shane -> ::glances at Will and notices him acting weird. Rolls his eyes:: STSF_Nickles -> ::hopes they dont look to close at his hands as they wold be able to tell hes not the hard working type:: Shane -> ::whispers aside to Will:: Calm down ya jyking idiot, you look nervous. Joe Manning -> ::Whispers in the direction of Shane and Troy:: Why don't you try taking some scans of the area? See what happens? Pher -> An engineering group at the airport. I think they were affiliated with something associated with the Taurus bunch, be we never saw any of the Bullstuff. Pher -> They were looking for repairs, not chicanery. Joe Manning -> Senz> Just one moment, please. ::Taps and waves his ODRI arm up and down in front of Pher:: William Chocox -> ::trys to calm down:: Pher -> :: Holds arm out :: Byblos -> Notes Pher just handling the situation with....apparent ease. ::impressed:: Shane -> ::looks to and nods to Joe, holding his bionic in front of him as he brings the holo-screen to life on the ODRI attached to it:: Pher -> :: He might pick up some small parts in her lower abdomen :: STSF_Nickles -> :: glances at the other hoping they dont draw the wrong type on attention:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Ignoring the arm, turns 90 degrees and steps back:: You may proceed, Pher. ::Smiles:: Have a pleasant stay in our Plaza District. Pher -> Thank you. :: Resists the temptation to give him a peck, picks up bags and moves on :: STSF_Nickles -> :: stands and goes to Follow Pher:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Turns again, blocking NIckles:: Troy Parson -> ::watching:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Grins at Nickles:: Your name, sir? STSF_Nickles -> Im going with my gal Byblos -> ::has a luggage cart for his bags, somewhat ridiculous looking:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Holds his non-ODRI arm up, hand open:: I'm sorry, sir, but you must go through processing first. Pher -> :: Steps through to find a vantage point, looking around while waiting for the others :: Shane -> ::brings up the scanner on the ODRI, starts a passive scan of the area:: STSF_Nickles -> Fine Nickles Byblos -> Joe, ::mutters under breath:: What are the odds of the Gular having access to the Guardian Criminal Database? Shane -> ::raises an eyebrow at Nickles, mutters to himself:: Joe Manning -> We're gonna be here a while. ::Turns to Troy and whispers:: You go next. Tell Pher to scope out the area, find out if there's a good place to stay. William Chocox -> ((brb)) Joe Manning -> Senz> Just Nickles? Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Taps his ODRI and waves it in front of him:: Troy Parson -> ::puts out his cigarette:: Wish me luck. STSF_Nickles -> Christopher Nickles Pher -> :: Looking to see if the big shots get anywhere near this area. Half expect they have a separate VIP area. :: STSF_Nickles -> Doctor if you want to be specific. Joe Manning -> Senz> What was your role on Tranquility? You worked with the others, correct? STSF_Nickles -> yes Joe Manning -> Senz> What was the purpose of your relocation to Andus Station? STSF_Nickles -> :;watching Pher move on:: Byblos -> ::decides he is not going to dare ask Joe Manning that question again in a whisper:: STSF_Nickles -> Didnt She answer that alrready? we are here looking for work Joe Manning -> ::To Byblos:: Slim. But I wouldn't know for sure. You're only wanted on Tranquility, right? Pher -> :: Looks for a map console, phamplets, advertising for hotels, any similar information :: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Glances up at Nickles' face:: Byblos -> Yup. ::quick reply:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Looking back down at the ODRI:: Where are you from originally? Pher -> (( Give him time, JOe. :) )) STSF_Nickles -> Earth STSF_Nickles -> ::sticking to short answers:: Joe Manning -> Well, as long as you ain't the Rainmaker type, blowin' crap up and raiding supply lines all over Bull's Head, I'm sure the Guardians haven't shown your face to every group in town. Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Looks up and assesses Nickles face briefly:: Starfleet? STSF_Nickles -> That was a LONG time ago I dont have anything to do with them now Byblos -> Copy Joe. ::does not say Boss since it was made clear...by Pher she was the boss in this scheme:: Joe Manning -> Senz> So you -were- in Starfleet? ::Looks back down at the ODRI and continues tapping. Before Nickles can answer, he turns and steps back:: You may proceed. Have a pleasant stay, Mr. Nickles. Troy Parson -> ::stands up, preparing to go next:: STSF_Nickles -> :: starts to reply in a negative way but stops an walks thru:: Thanks! Byblos -> ::looks to Shane:: Curious, this guy does his job with confidence. See anything that would back him up to such a point? ::looks at the Large Cyborg:: Joe Manning -> You really oughta not be lookin' over your shoulder everywhere we go, Bybs. Do Nausicaans get ulcers? Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Turns again and grins at Troy:: Your name, sir? Shane -> ::looks to Byblos:: How about a whole jykin' asteroid? Troy Parson -> ::no hesitation:: Morris. Phillip Morris. STSF_Nickles -> :: moves further into the facility:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Taps the ODRI and waves it in front of Troy:: Your place of origin? Pher -> :: Finds what looks like a fairly inexpensive dive, someplace workers would stay rather than tourists. :: Troy Parson -> Europa. That's in Sol. Byblos -> Ulcers...yes. Still geting my space legs in the cluster. Thanks for the point. Troy Parson -> Ever been? Joe Manning -> Senz> Not my place to say, sir. Were you in Starfleet as well? Troy Parson -> Oh, no. ::slight chuckle:: I'm not that great on starships, really. William Chocox -> ((back)) Joe Manning -> ::Blinks. Couldn't tell if Byblos was saying yes Nausicaans get ulcers or yes he gets them:: Joe Manning -> Senz> Have you known Mr. Nickles since you were both living in Sol? Byblos -> ::Byblos ponders what an ulcer is:: Troy Parson -> Oh, heavens, no. We met on Tranquility. STSF_Nickles -> :: step aside out of sight waiting for the others:: Hopefully that wont cause us to much attentioin. Damn Starfleet Joe Manning -> Senz> You were a port engineer on Tranquility, then? Or did you also have a different role? Troy Parson -> Actually, I tagged along with them at the last moment... Troy Parson -> Worked with machines before, but was trying to be a gardener at the time. ::wry smile:: Turns out plants hate me. Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Looks up at Troy's face suddenly:: ... I see. Are you also seeking employment here? Troy Parson -> If I can find it. ::frowns:: Byblos -> ::Byblos does look a bit nervous to the experienced eye...dealing with authority is not something he is used to:: Joe Manning -> Senz> Why did you depart Tranquility? Troy Parson -> There aren't that many jobs for failed tobacco-growers. Well that, and there was all that commotion a while back with those terrorists... Joe Manning -> Senz> Who did you work for on Tranquility? ::Looks down and continues tapping:: You mentioned machines? Troy Parson -> I've tinkered a bit. It's not what I'd do by choice, and I don't have formal training, but...::shrugs:: At least they don't die on me the way my plants do. Troy Parson -> Mostly. Joe Manning -> Senz> Independently employed, then? Troy Parson -> ::sad smile:: That's a really nice way of putting it. Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Turns and steps back:: You may proceed, Mr. Morris. Troy Parson -> Thanks! ::heads out:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Turns and waits for the next person:: Shane -> ::stands up and stomps over to Senz:: Joe Manning -> ::Goes fishing around in his vest pocket again:: Byblos -> ::moves up with luggage cart:: Byblos -> ::towers over Senz:: Troy Parson -> ::looking for Pher and Nickles on the other side of the checkpoint:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Looks up. Immediately looks over at Shane's arm. Raises his ODRI arm and begins waving it:: Your name, sir? Byblos -> (my bad) Shane -> ((no prob :P)) Shane -> ::growls, looking down at the man:: Shane Green STSF_Nickles -> ::motions to him as he passes:: I see ya got through Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Looks down at the ODRI display, not affected in the least by the growling:: And your profession? Shane -> Engineering, security. Troy Parson -> Mhm. Joe Manning -> Senz> Did you come here from Tranquility? Byblos -> ::amazed by the guy's lack of intimidation:: Shane -> Aye. Joe Manning -> Senz> Who did you work for there? STSF_Nickles -> Pher went down that way. My guess is she will return when she finds someplace for us. Shane -> Frieghter. Troy Parson -> ::nods:: Sounds like a plan. Pher -> :: Looks up and spots a few of the others :: Pher -> :: Starts back towards Troy and Chris :: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Looks up at Shane:: You worked aboard a freighter? Shane -> Aye, as an engineer. Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Taps at the ODRI:: So you did not work at Tranquility's spaceport? STSF_Nickles -> :: looks back to where Pher had gone:: Speaking of there she is. Shane -> Tried to get a job there, but I met these guys before I heard back. Pher -> :: wanders up :: Joe Manning -> Senz> I see. Joe Manning -> Senz> To whom did the freighter belong? STSF_Nickles -> Find anything doll? Shane -> Turgel Yap Pher -> Something cheap, yes. I figure you're not looking for a vacation spa on this rock? STSF_Nickles -> nope Pher -> We might swap up when we find employment, but I figured we'd best start humble. Troy Parson -> So long as it's got a nice sofa and not too many fire alarms. Joe Manning -> Senz> And that individual is ... ? Affiliated with any local corporations? The Guardians? Pher -> They didn't actually post an alarm count on the ad. Shane -> Independent owner.::getting even more annoyed:: Byblos -> ::blinks when the word Guardians is always said:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Without looking up:: In what line of business? STSF_Nickles -> Where do we go looking for jobs? Joe Manning -> ::Rubs his chin, watching Senz and Shane's exchange:: Shane -> Frieghtin', ya jyke, like I said! We took whatever we could find! Byblos -> ::Bylos stands with his luggage cart behind Shane:: Pher -> There seems to be net access ports off the lobby. Might want to start there. William Chocox -> ::due to the time starts dozing again:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Glances up briefly at Shane:: Scavenger ship, then? ::Turns and steps back:: Proceed, please. Shane -> ::stomps past Senz, mumbling angrily to himself:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Somehow starting to look more serious than he did at the start of this process:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Again turns and looks at Byblos:: Your name? Byblos -> ::pulls up with Luggage Rack:: Pher -> (( What? Shane not as pretty as Pher? )) Byblos -> Byblos. ::looking down at Senz:: Shane -> ((Suppose not)) STSF_Nickles -> :: moves to the access port she just pointed out and begins typing:: Joe Manning -> Senz> And are you part of the group that worked with Ms. Pher on Tranquility? ::Waves his ODRI in front of Byblos:: Byblos -> Yes, I was recently hired by Ms. Pher on Tranquility. Joe Manning -> Senz> You worked for Pher then? ::Looks up at Byblos:: Troy Parson -> ::looking over Nickles' shoulder:: Byblos -> I do now. I am a new hire. I used to be an exterminator. STSF_Nickles -> :: wondering whats going to come back:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Figures it's not even worth bothering at this point. Turns and steps back:: Proceed. Byblos -> Good Day. ::wheels by with luggage rack:: Joe Manning -> ::Nudges William with his elbow:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Waves his ODRI arm in William's direction:: Shane -> ::stomps up behind Pher, Chris and Troy, mumbles to himself still:: Shane -> mumbling* William Chocox -> ::wakes up:: I'm up, I'm up. ::walks towards Senz:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Then waves his ODRI arm in Joe's direction:: Pher -> :: Looks to Shane :: Didn't feel a need to squish him in half? Joe Manning -> Senz> ::To William:: Name please? Byblos -> ::rolls his luggage rack towards the plaza looking for the group...spots the huge cyborg..and rolls over to him at the rest with Pher:: William Chocox -> William Chocox Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Pulls the arm back and taps at the ODRI:: Please proceed. Shane -> ::glares at Pher:: What do you think Captain Obvious? William Chocox -> That's all? STSF_Nickles -> ::turns hearing the others waiting for a return on what he entered:: Joe Manning -> Senz> ::Looking and sounding somewhat bemused:: That is all, sir. Have a pleasant stay in the Gular District. William Chocox -> ::walks through:: Goodbye then. Byblos -> Okay Boss ::looks to Pher. I am your new hire, and I follow your commands. STSF_Nickles -> Wheres Joe? Joe Manning -> ::Again rubs his chin and looks up at the customs officer, thinking the group may have already put themselves on the Consortium's map:: Shane -> ::indicates over his shoulder to the customs room:: Pher -> No commands at the moment. Let's wait for Joe and wander to a low level dive. Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM
  7. 3/18/12 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Byblos -> Big Mark. ::having read the report..:: Very Big Mark. Joe Manning -> ::Stuffing a couple of complimentary cigars into his vest pocket (cheap though they may be):: Shane -> ::seated on the couch farthest from the door, bored expression on his face:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::quiet, satisfied with the vial outcome:: Joe Manning -> I'm gonna take Qob for a little spin. Who's with me? Troy Parson -> ::gets up:: Beats staying here. Ethan Neufeld -> ::stands:: Shane -> ::stands up with his arm whirring and nods to Joe:: Pher -> Hmm. I'm game. How little a spin? Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Pher:: I think you'd rather be doing something else ... like meeting with Samus? Pher -> :: Makes sure she is clear of whirring arms. :: Shane -> ((whirring sounds)) Pher -> Moi? :: Attempts to look innocent. Fails miserably. :: William Chocox -> I"ll go. Byblos -> ::Byblos glances back between Pher and Joe not moving:: Joe Manning -> Ask questions. Share plans. That kind of thing. I'm certain you wouldn't have anything else in mind ... Pher -> Of course not. Byblos -> Lifeguard, Id suggest Audrey look for insects. Byblos -> On Qob...who knows what critters live on Andus..::half grin:: Joe Manning -> And I ain't sending you alone ... you know, just in case you can't think of the right questions to ask. Pher -> Perhaps, though Samus generally knows what he's doing. William Chocox -> ((brb)) Pher -> No? Byblos -> ::stretches his back:: Joe Manning -> He generally knows what he's doing. I like to have at least an idea of what he's doing ... ::Frowns a bit:: Joe Manning -> If anyone wants some of the -good- cigars and booze, you can join Pher. Joe Manning -> He keeps them in the cabinet next to the fountain. Steal 'em if he doesn't offer 'em. Pher -> Becides deciding the Lion's den is to hot for him, and volunteering us? Joe Manning -> Besides that. ::Looks at Shane:: Why don't you start heatin' up the cloak device, Shane? Pher -> Really good cigars and booze. Pher -> :: Considers saying more, but... :: Shane -> ::nods again to Joe and starts stomping off for the door:: On it cap'n... William Chocox -> ((back)) Byblos -> ::walks over to Pher:: Shane -> ::pauses by the bar and grabs a good bag of coffee beans, stuffing it in his pocket:: Better than Parson's tar... Joe Manning -> ::Makes sure the cigars are tucked away and heads out of the lounge:: Pher -> :: Smiles :: Troy Parson -> ::gives Shane a look:: Technically, it's not tar. It's sludge... Ethan Neufeld -> ::catches Pher as he's going out the door behind Joe, speaks lowly:: For the record: you're no saint. Shane -> ::over his shoulder:: It's still giving us cancer I'll bet. Byblos -> You aren't going to the ship or for look at the Mark Troy Parson -> ::thinks for a moment:: Well, one time, it *was* tar. But that was a mistake... Pher -> No? :: Laughs at Ethan :: Byblos -> (that did not come out right) William Chocox -> ::pockets the PADD:: Well I'm ready. Shane -> ::stops and narrows his eyes at Troy:: Can I ask why? Pher -> :: To Byblos :: I'm not? Joe Manning -> We've actually got a budget now, Troy. Market here's got some decent goods. Byblos -> Lifeguard you heading to the ship? Or do you need an escort? (disregard my last line bad typing) Ethan Neufeld -> ::smirks at Pher:: Glad we can agree on something. ::walks on:: Shane -> ((Is this hotel right off the docks?)) Troy Parson -> Why? Well, that should be clear enough...it was a mistake because it was supposed to be coffee. ::raises an eyeborw:: Joe Manning -> (( Fairly close )) Pher -> No, I've got to establish good relations with a Friendemie. :: To Byblos :: Shane -> ::continues down the hallway heading for the lifts:: Do you even use real coffee grounds? William Chocox -> When was the last time you actually brewed "coffee" Troy? ::finger quotes on coffee:: Byblos -> You need a roleplayer? Joe Manning -> ::Heads down the short ramp to and through the hotel lobby, exits out into the market:: Byblos -> ::to Pher:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::brings up the rear behind Joe and party:: Troy Parson -> ::thinks for a moment:: William Chocox -> ::walking with everyone:: Troy Parson -> ::thinks for another moment:: Pher -> Hmm... At least to start. Troy Parson -> Well, last Tuesday was pretty close... Joe Manning -> ::Looks around for faces he hopes he doesn't recognize:: Shane -> ((scratch my lifts comment, heading behind Joe)) Ethan Neufeld -> ::eyes out:: Troy Parson -> ::follows into the market:: Pher -> You appreciate good booze? Byblos -> Unless you prefer to act alone. ::next to Pher:: I do not mind a good drink. No. William Chocox -> Close only counts in horseshoes, wide spread phaser beams, and proton torpedoes Troy. Joe Manning -> ::Glances back at Byblos:: She ain't actin' alone. Pher -> Then come along. :: Sticks out tongue at Joe. :: Joe Manning -> Nah, I've had enough of me in a room with Samus for this visit. Byblos -> ::looks to Pher then to Joe:: No..she shouldn't:: Pher -> What do you guys think I am, a saint? Ethan Neufeld -> ::smirks; no comment:: Shane -> ::laughs once:: Ha! Joe Manning -> ::Weaves around a couple of people, shady looking associates of Samus' syndicates, the kind who have clearance to do business on his central asteroid:: Shane -> ::does no such weaving as people try their hardest to stay out of the way:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::notices Joe's avoidance maneuvering; observes the associates for a moment:: Pher -> :: Starts off towards Samus's booze cabinet. :: Joe Manning -> ::Enters the docking ring and leads the group around to Qob's airlock:: William Chocox -> ::accidentally runs into some of the people avoiding shane:: (m) Pardon me, excuse me, so sorry. Shane -> ((gonna be a bit distracted guys, just got some food)) Joe Manning -> (( Pher and anyone joining her, please grab a @ )) Samus -> (( Am I interrupting something? )) Ethan Neufeld -> ::sees the Qob's airlock ahead:: Troy Parson -> ::headed for QoB:: Byblos -> @::looks at Lifeguard:: Me and my big head...::mutters:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks at the two guards at the airlock, who seem somewhat surprised to see him:: If you'll excuse me, I feel like takin' her out for a drive. Joe Manning -> Guards> ::Glance at each other before moving apart, clearing the way:: Pher -> @ Not just your head that can get big. Byblos -> @::with Pher:: William Chocox -> ::walks towards Qob:: Pher -> @ Any questions or snide comments? Byblos -> @::I suggest you create an operational name for me ma`am:: Joe Manning -> ::Walks down the short docking arm, tilting his head a bit:: You'd think the new help would've been briefed about me. Byblos -> @Just not Ugly okay..please it gets tiring after a while. Pher -> @ Hmm... Swimmer? :: winks :: I'm open to other suggestions. Joe Manning -> ::Glances back at the others:: Where the hell is Sal? He went with Pher? I need a pilot. William Chocox -> You can never get good help this days it seems. Byblos -> @That's fine...I am certain you are going to save my arse sooner or later. Pher -> @ Ugly. No. That would get old fast. Pher -> @ And vice versa. Shane -> ::heads for the engine room after exiting the airlock, stops and looks at Will:: Didn't you say something about piloting? Troy Parson -> I can pilot, if you don't mind crashing a bit here and there. Pher -> @ The few times we've got in hot action we suited each other well. Troy Parson -> Or more than a bit, on a bad day. Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly following:: Joe Manning -> Crashing? Andus'll hit us with a lawsuit so big, we'd have to spy on the Federation Council to get a big enough payday. Byblos -> @I will follow you, but...if I need the appropriate attire..for our date we do need to shop. Ethan Neufeld -> ::mildly smirking here and there:: Troy Parson -> Ah. Someone else should fly, then. Joe Manning -> ::Looks from Shane to William:: Pher -> @ Hmm... :: Looks him over. :: William Chocox -> I can be serviceable pilot. Shane -> ::tp Joe:: There ya go. ::heads off to the engine room:: Pher -> @ Likely should we end up crossing the station. For Samus, you'll do as you are. Joe Manning -> Grab the stick, then, William. Ah ... you know our guidance computer ain't in the best of shapes at the moment? Stay well clear of the asteroids. And take our wingspan into account. Pher -> @ Have you ever tried to mingle with the haught alphas? Byblos -> @::has a leather type long pants...belt and somewhat casual shirt..much better then he did before:: William Chocox -> Will do. ::moves to the control seat:: Joe Manning -> ::Follows William onto the Bridge:: Byblos -> @ I worked for one for a while. Pher -> @ What you think of living pretentious? Ethan Neufeld -> ::bringing up rear behind Joe:: Shane -> ::stands at the main console in engineering, startings up the impulse engines:: Joe Manning -> ::Immediately takes up a position behind William, so as to look over his shoulder of course:: Byblos -> @pretentious..okay...where is my universal translator when I need it...oh that's right I don't have one. Gonna have to use a easier BASIC word for me. You see Nausicaans once they are thrown out of the house around 13..that's the most educaation we get.. Ethan Neufeld -> ::takes a spot at the rear of the bridge, keeping out of the way for the moment:: Troy Parson -> ::settles in at his usual place behind the bridge railing, next to the coffee machine:: William Chocox -> ::looks at the reading:: Engines are on. ::notices Joe right behind him:: Let's get going. ::lifts the ship off the landing pad:: Samus -> @Dmitri> ::Emerges from the entrance of the Q-Pid's Retreat club in the market, moves toward Pher and Byblos:: Pher -> @ Pretentious. Dressing fancy. Talking fancy. Pretending one's farts don't stink. Pher -> @ Using big words when you don't have to. :: Smiles :: Byblos -> @I'll learn. ::glances to Dmitri:: Pher -> @ :: Smiles at Dmitri :: Joe Manning -> ::Looks around at the group on the Bridge:: What we'll be doing here is a good old fashioned stakeout. Though I ain't sure what we're stakin' out for yet. Ethan Neufeld -> ::mildly smiles:: Pher -> @ :: Starts working her hips just a little more than necessary. :: Samus -> @Dmitri> Madam Pher. ::Nods. Then nods to Byblos:: William Chocox -> ::glancing back at Joe:: Where is this stakeout going to happen? Byblos -> @::stands tall as if shadowing Pher as if she needed security...yeah Byblos thinks she'd probably whoop this guys arse allright. Joe Manning -> Gular Central. We'll cloak, move in, park outside their asteroids and watch. Pher -> @ Good day, Dmitri. Might I present my man, Byblos. Pher -> @ :: Gestures towards Swimmer. :: Samus -> @Dmitri> Mr. Byblos. ::Nods again:: Samus is aware of your intentions to meet him. Please, follow me. Byblos -> @Greetings...::a curtious nod of the head:: Samus -> @Dmitri> ::Quickly turns and leads them toward the club:: Troy Parson -> Ooh, watching. I like watching. William Chocox -> +Shane+ Do we have an operational cloak Shane? Pher -> @ What? I suppose he also heard Joe's invitation to be free with the booze? Pher -> @ :: smiles :: Shane -> ::double checks the power grids stability:: +William+ Everythings a green light. Byblos -> @::grins:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::waiting:: Joe Manning -> @Dmitri> Of that I am not certain. ::Guides them through the doors into the club, which is not very active at this time of day. A couple of people drink at the bar:: Pher -> @ :: follows :: Joe Manning -> Troy, what's our scanning capability look like at this point? Everything's been up and down with our computer. William Chocox -> ::activates the cloak:: Ready when you say so Captain. Byblos -> @::doing an normal eye sweep of things as he goes, noting Lifeguard must have Audrey Muted:: Troy Parson -> ::presses some buttons on the sensor console:: Well, don't expect any sort of computed analysis...basic detection is functional, though. Joe Manning -> ::Notifies the asteroid's port authority that they'll be disengaging:: Samus -> @Dmitri> ::Heads up a spiraling flight of stairs in the back and through sliding double doors into a sitting room beyond:: Joe Manning -> Good enough for now. Anything you can do to enhance that. Byblos -> @::follows Pher a few feet behind..not crowding:: Pher -> @ So, keeping busy, Dmitri? Joe Manning -> ::Feels the docking clamps release. Taps William on the shoulder:: Good to go. Samus -> @Dmitri> Managing a club that's frequented by mercenaries by night? Dealing with threats to my employer's safety by day? Always. Troy Parson -> ::nods:: Right. Samus -> @Dmitri> ::Turns to look at Pher:: You are vouching for your friend, yes? ::Looks at Byblos:: Pher -> @ Yes. William Chocox -> And we are gone. ::moves the Qob from the arm engaging the cloak:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Troy:: Just remember, we can't go launching anything out of the cloaking field. Ethan Neufeld -> ::approaches Joe as the Qob moves off:: William Chocox -> ((disregard the cloak comment from a little bit ago.)) Pher -> @ Byblos... is Samus's sort of people, if you believe that's a recommendation. Byblos -> @ ::stops pleasantly trying to make a nice face, which with tusks many do not think is nice:: Samus -> @Dmitri> ::Nods swiftly:: Good. ::Turns again and moves to the buzzer beside the doors to Samus' office. Presses the button:: Pher and Byblos to see you. Ethan Neufeld -> Joe, you gotta minute to talk? In private? Pher -> @ :: Smiles first at Dmitri, then Samus. Makes a bit of an entrance. :: Joe Manning -> ::Watching William's management of the flight console closely. Glances back at Ethan:: Troy? Mind keepin' an eye on William? Play wing man until we get there? Troy Parson -> Can do. Byblos -> @::enters:: Mr. Samus. ::courtious bow of the chin:: Samus -> @::Standing in front of his desk, grinning as Pher enters:: Ah, my green beauty arrives at last. William Chocox -> ::inputs the commands to get the ship to Gular Central:: Shane -> ::watchig the readings on the main console, tapping his fingers on the panel absently:: Joe Manning -> ::Steps away from the flight station and toward the Bridge exit:: Ethan Ethan Neufeld -> ::follows Joe:: Pher -> @ :: Makes a courtsy :: I hope you have not found the waiting too dire. Joe Manning -> ACTION: Qob dives right into the depths of the Web. It must maneuver around the umbilicals connecting all the asteroid substations Samus -> @I had a stirring chat with your Captain that engaged a good deal of the time. So you can draw your own conclusions. Byblos -> @::stops and waits aside from Dimitri unless summoned:: Troy Parson -> ::sees all of the umbilicals on the viewscreen and looks at William:: Oh, my. Probably best if we don't crash into those. Samus -> @And it's nice to meet the mighty one. The guys have been talking about you. ::Turns to smile at Byblos and extends a hand:: Pher -> @ :: with a great effort, takes a half step out of the limelight and turns to Byblos :: Byblos -> @ I wouldn't call myself Mighty..but a pleasure ::extends hand as well to Samus for a shake:: William Chocox -> ::sees what he has to navigate:: Oh my word. ::starts trying to maneveur the Qob around the umbilicals:: Joe Manning -> ::Taps the panel next to the door leading to his quarters. Motions Ethan inside:: This is private enough. Unless Pher's got bugs hidden somewhere. Pher -> ((( Moi? ))) Joe Manning -> ACTION: Ships navigating between the asteroids add an extra complication ... particularly as they don't notice the Bird of Prey Ethan Neufeld -> ::brow rises in a mixture of consternation and amusement; enters:: Samus -> @::Grasps Byblos' hand as tightly as he can, shaking:: I hope this isn't an indication you find my own security lacking, Pher. ::Looks at Pher:: You know I supply myself only the best. Byblos -> @::retreats back to a Dimitri's position so Pher could be the focus...he doesn't want the attention:: Joe Manning -> ::Follows him in and closes the door shut behind him:: William Chocox -> Crap, crap, crap. ::sends the Qob in an increasingly complex set of manuvers to avoid the ships:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::once the door closes:: I realize you didn't do it for me, but I appreciate that you backed me up on the vial back there. It seems like we're working in the same direction here, and I'd like to return the favor. But I have a condition. Pher -> @ Oh, he isn't here to protect you. I think Joe has some notion that I'm going to prance over to Gular on my own and try to seduce somebody. Pher -> @ He's here for my own good, I'm sure. :: Bats eyelids at Byblos :: Joe Manning -> Weren't backin' anyone up, Ethan. Just tellin' it like it is. But let me hear what you've got. ::Leans against his private desk, next to the door:: Samus -> @Ah ... and why, exactly, is the old man taking the ship out? I'm rather surprised. I'd arranged for transportation. Troy Parson -> ::watches William piloting:: Fancy a smoke? I find it calms the nerves a bit. Ethan Neufeld -> ::nods, having pointed out that he realized that:: Please don't share this with your crew until absolutely necessary. Some of them apparently don't share your decision-making paradigm and I can't risk this information getting out. Byblos -> @::looks down at Lifeguard with a one eye wink then back to Samus and what he just said:: William Chocox -> No think you. I prefer freaking the hell out in these situations. Keeps my wits sharp. Pher -> @ You don't think he told me anything in advance, do you, or his reasons behind it? I mean, I'm just his XO, why would I need to know anything? Ethan Neufeld -> You wanted to know the name of the client that originally hired me for this job. Pher -> @ And he wonders why his crew has this tendency to act on their own without telling anyone anything. :: Smiles :: Joe Manning -> ::Nods:: They're good people. Mostly. But I see your point exactly. Some of them were emergency hires. ::Listens:: William Chocox -> ((thank*)) Samus -> @::Extends a hand to Pher with a smile:: I would never treat you that way, you know that. Byblos, help yourself, please. ::Motions to the bar with his other hand:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::expresses understanding at 'emergency hires' and a sign of appreciation:: Byblos -> @Thank you Mr. Samus...::nods at Lifeguard as well:: Dimitri I have a question for you if you wouldnt mind answering. Pher -> @ Oh, no. You're not at all the secretive tricksy type. :: /irony :: Samus -> @Dmitri> Da? ::Looks at Byblos, then quickly back to Samus. Not sure if he should be talking with the guests:: Pher -> @ :: Looks to Dimitri :: Ethan Neufeld -> The clients' in a bad position. I went dark and continued this misison on my own not only to protect the intel I was gathering, but also to protect her. Ethan Neufeld -> She's a Rainmaker. Samus -> @::Guides Pher over to a chair behind the desk and turns it around for her:: So, you've been briefed on the job. What do you think? Byblos -> @::heads to the Bar, I wanted to compliment you on your tailor. A fine outfit. I am in need of a tailor's services. I was wondering if you could recommend one here on Andus. Joe Manning -> ::Sits against his desk a bit, his face dropping only a little bit. Looks down and reaches inside his vest:: Pher -> @ I think I need to think a lot more. Sounds like something somebody's got to do. So far, we're just nibbling around the edges of the problem. Don't have a clean vector yet to get it done. Joe Manning -> ACTION: The seven asteroids that make up the Gular Consortium district of the station are clustered not far from the station's center, just up ahead Ethan Neufeld -> Not what you're thinking. ::interjects:: She started out in the group as a kid, before Minos. She's an objector. William Chocox -> ::continues throwing the Qob into complex maneuvers:: I am not paid nearly enough for this crap. Joe Manning -> One of the ... uh ... peaceful protestors, you mean? ::Pulls out his flask of bourbon:: I've heard of those. Dyin' breed in the cult, so I hear. Pher -> @ I don't suppose you've got a small stash of miracles we can borrow? Byblos -> @::notes Dimitri's discomfort:: I am sorry if I broke your protocol upon speaking with guests. Samus -> @And I can't give you much of one. But I can get you onto the station. Certain anonymous contacts that can't be linked to me can make sure your name ends up on the clearance list. William Chocox -> ((brb)) Byblos -> @I shall disturb you know further..::to Dimitri:: Pher -> @ :: nods :: Samus -> @Dmitri> Ah ... I do not do my own shopping. It is not my thing. We have a woman who does this. Ethan Neufeld -> ::nods:: She wants to return the Rainmakers to peaceful protesting. She heard about the Motoroils showing up in the cult and wanted me to investigate. Byblos -> @Really? ::grabs his obviously out of date Data PADD:: could you ..give me a name. Or is she off station? Ethan Neufeld -> Don't think I need to tell you what will happen if her people or the Guardians find out she was involved. Samus -> @Dmitri> This is Debbie, her name. I don't know about stores on Andus. We get suits. Shipments sometimes. Ethan Neufeld -> Far cry from a black and white situation. Samus -> @::Looks up at Dmitri sharply:: One of the many arms of our business, of course. Completely legit. William Chocox -> ((back)) Pher -> @ :: Subtly bites her lip. :: Joe Manning -> And your means of investigating ... ::Sips from the flask:: Byblos -> @Mr. Samus, forgive me. As a person who does some of what Dimitri does here I noticed his fine attire, and given my unusal height have found it difficult to look.....more....respectable. Samus -> @How about ... ::Motions an arm toward Byblos and grins:: I set you up, big man? Pher -> @ :: Smiles, pleased with the idea of Samus setting Byblos up. :: Byblos -> @That would be greatly appreciated. Pher can definitely give me some tips as well. Forgive me..you have business. I shall sit at the bar. William Chocox -> ::comes up to the Gular district:: +Joe+ We're here. Samus -> @I won't hear of it. ::Motions to the seat next to Pher's:: Join us. I'd love to hear your input. Ethan Neufeld -> Survelliance first. Then I directly infiltrated a cell. Operated inside for a few months until I got a lead that pointed at Zoalus. After I extracted, she's been my blind source of continuing intel inside the cult. Byblos -> @::a courtious bow to Samus as you wish. ::walks and takes a seat next to Pher:: Pher -> @ Some tips, but not to many. Some elegance would do you well, Byblos, but you'd still want to be you. Pher -> @ :: Turns to Samus :: Samus -> @I'll get in touch with my secretary, and make sure she puts in an order for a big and tall suit set just to your measurements. I think a dark green jacket would suit you perfectly. Joe Manning -> ::Silences his ODRI:: So you were inside a Rainmaker cell? Ethan Neufeld -> ::nods:: Byblos -> @It is greatly appreciated. Some days I would like to experience some more sophisticated entertainment. My superior here is an expert hence I value her opinion as do I value yours. Pher -> @ Seriously, we have though only of preliminaries. I'm guessing Joe is doing some scouting now. I suspect I'll wander through in a preliminary trip too, either under your own cover or my own name. Still, we haven't got a real end game. Joe Manning -> ::Taps the ODRI:: +William+ Give the station some breathing room, William, but close enough for Troy to start takin' some scans. Byblos -> @::remains quiet:: Joe Manning -> ::Silences the ODRI again and looks at Ethan:: I think I'll want to hear a rundown of this from beginning to end. It's tough to swallow in small doses. Pher -> @ Slip a bug on an inner point of their network? Grab somebody? Get someone dust addled? All seem a bit desperate. We've not enough info to start any of them with confidence. Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM 4/1/12 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Joe Manning -> ::Re-enters the Bridge after his chat with Ethan in his quarters:: Pher -> @ :: got her own drink :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::goes somewhere useful, probably engineering?:: Byblos -> @::seated in Chair, not used to this discussion with high profile clients thing..trying to follow Pher's lead :: Samus -> @Debbie> ::A pretty little secretary wearing the obligatory skirt and high heels. Enters Samus' office:: You asked for me, sir? Shane -> ::stomps into the Engine Room through the doors, a cup of joe held delicately in his massive bionic claw:: Samus -> @Debbie. My guests here would like you to provide directions to our ... er ... private tailor? Ethan Neufeld -> (nice oxymoron) Joe Manning -> We reached the Gular District yet, Troy? ::Glances at William at the flight controls as he takes his chair:: Pher -> @ :: Briefly evaluates Debbie. Raises an eyebrow at Samus. Really??? :: Shane -> ::takes a sip, grimaces in disgust before tapping on his ODRI:: Shane -> ((Ethan, are you in ENG yet?) Joe Manning -> ::Reaches into his vest pocket to retrieve his bourbon flask:: Ethan Neufeld -> (uh, sure) Troy Parson -> ::checks the chart:: Be there in...45 seconds. Ethan Neufeld -> ::enters ENG:: Byblos -> @::turns while seated and notes "debbie" No weapons...seen...:: Samus -> @Debbie> Oh ... Mr. Aygok? ::Frowns a bit:: I'll retrieve those for you ::Looks at Pher and Byblos:: If you would follow me? Byblos -> @::mind clicks Dimitri's Tailor:: Pher -> @ Certainly. Shane -> When is that jykin' scientist gonna stop experimentin' with the coffee..::hears the doors slide open behind him and turns:: Joe Manning -> What's your take on this job, Troy? You've usually got a bright idea or two bouncin' around in your brain. Ethan Neufeld -> ::pauses aside from doorway and returns Shane's look:: Shane -> ::eyes narrowed slightly:: Yeah, what do you want? Samus -> @Debbie> ::Turns and leads the two out of Samus' office:: Byblos -> @::looks to Samus:: Sir if you need to discuss things with my superior, I am quite confident in your tailor's ability to find a respectable look for me. Samus -> @And Pher ... if you're still here on my asteroid tonight ... dinner? Ethan Neufeld -> ::shrugs:: Don't want anything. Came to see if you could use another body. Byblos -> @::hears Samus say that and inside...major relief:: Pher -> @ Dinner? :: smiles :: Certainly. Troy Parson -> ::sips "coffee":: Hm. Honestly? Samus -> @Mr. Byblos, you're the type to command respect at a glance, I must say. ::Grins:: Joe Manning -> Honesty is all I ever ask for. ::Sips from the flask:: Byblos -> @ ::not used to that comment at all:: Uh..Yes Thanks sir. Samus -> @I'll make reservations for 1900. It's up to you to pry yourself away from the old man. Samus -> @Debbie> ::Waits beyond the doorway for Byblos and Pher:: Shane -> ::considers the offer for a moment, then shrugs with grunt:: Whatever. What are you good at? Pher -> I think I can manage, somehow, depending on how much trouble he manages to get himself in to. Ethan Neufeld -> ::faintly smirks:: Following directions. Joe Manning -> William, circle around to the far side of the Gular District. Give us some time to collect scans. Byblos -> @::approaches Debbie..I was impressed with Mr. Dimitri's attire and inquired, who he hired, since I am in need of a more buisness like Suit. Samus -> @Then I've got something to look forward to. ::Tips his head and gives a slight saluting gesture to Byblos and Pher. Takes his seat behind his desk:: Byblos -> @ ::to Debbie:: Dimitri dropped your name. Troy Parson -> ::Thinks for a moment:: We don't know very much about why we're really on this job, do we? Samus -> @Debbie> Well, that's Mr. Aygok. Quite an unusual fellow. ::Walks over to the receptionist's desk in the waiting area outside Samus' office:: Pher -> @ :: Manages a tiny curtsy to Samus, and takes up a tailing position behind Byblos and Debbie. :: Shane -> ::turns to head towards the main console, taking another sip of "coffee" again:: Grab a kit then and head over there. ::indicates an open panel across the large room:: We'll try and tune the port-side power flow. Joe Manning -> With Samus, there could be any untold number of ulterior motives. I trust him not to send us into the fire without good reason though. ::Shrugs:: He thinks Gular is planning something big and he wants to know what. Shane -> ::coughs slightly at the coffee, looking at it with suspicion:: Byblos -> @::realizes he should be behind Pher:: Pher, I didn't expect such hospitality, I apologize if Plans were disrupted. Samus -> @Debbie> ::Steps behind the desk and taps at the computer terminal to one side of it:: Let's see if I can find that contact info. Pher -> @ No problem. I'm at loose ends until Dinner tonight. If you don't mind, I Ethan Neufeld -> ::nods; looks for and grabs a kit:: Shane -> Crap tastes like bath now... Shane -> bath soap* Pher -> @ I'll tag along and kibbitz your fashion transformation. Samus -> @Debbie> ::Looks up from the terminal just long enough to give Pher a somewhat nasty lookover:: Pher -> @ :: smiles at Debbit :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::approaches open panel:: Pher -> (( Was that a typo? Hmm.... )) Joe Manning -> ::Eyes roaming over the front viewport, taking in everything he can see, particularly any notable traffic:: Byblos -> @ Honestly, your opinion would be beyond valued..::hushed tone::more like a necessity I'm not used to this. Shane -> ::tapps at the main console, bringing port-side EPS junctions on-screen:: Pher -> @ Perhaps you undervalue yourself. Anyway, think of it as another part of your arsenal. Opens a few new job market slots. Joe Manning -> Seems busier than usual even for Andus. But then I don't know the Gular District too well. Byblos -> @Gotcha Pher. ::turns and smiles at Debbie..but the tusks just dont work with the smilie thing:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::looks over the port-side EPS; meters flow:: Samus -> @Debbie> ::Tugs a small data card out of a slot in the desk and holds it out to Byblos. It contains small print with the address of Aygok and directions from Samus' office:: Shane -> ::speaks over to Ethan:: Alright, use the hydrospanner to adjust Regulator B, starting at 0.005% increments. Byblos -> @::accepts card:: Grattitude Ma`am. Shane -> I'll tell you when to stop. Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Troy:: Pher thinks a gentle touch is the way to go here. At least as one facet of the job. We've got a few smooth talkers on the crew, and you're one of them. Ethan Neufeld -> ::looks through tool kit and pulls out hydrospanner; starts on Reg B at .005% increments:: Roger. Samus -> @Debbie> It's right here on the central asteroid. Mr. Aygok answers to Samus of course. Shane -> ::watching the flows vary slightly:: Good, keep tunin'. Ethan Neufeld -> ::still tuning:: Samus -> @Debbie> You'll find him in the portside warehouse area. His business isn't open to the public, you see. Shane -> ::looks up at the back of Ethan's head, eyes narrowing slightly again:: Say Neufeld, I ain't never heard where you come from. Pher -> @ :: nods :: Byblos -> @Please do pass my grattitude along to Mr. Samus of course. ::tries to do a bow for the woman...and know doubt he realized he probably made Pher laugh:: Byblos -> @Understood Ms. Debbie Pher -> @ :: Not laughing. Would discourage future attempts :: Ethan Neufeld -> That's because I never said. Samus -> @Debbie> Oh! ::Does a small curtsy and flashes her sparkling white teeth at Byblos:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::doesn't look up, concentrating on tuning:: Byblos -> @::realizes with her smile...maybe someone bleaches tusks on this station too:: Joe Manning -> If your mind is somewhere else, Troy, I'll be happy to leave you alone. ::Smirks:: Byblos -> @Alright, Pher shall we..::hands over directional card to Pher:: Pher -> @ Certainly. Shane -> ::keeping an eye on the flows, keeps talking:: I'd have to venture an ex-Feddie. You've got the look of one. Pher -> @ :: A final nod to Debbit, a quick glance at the directions, and they're off. :: Troy Parson -> ((Sorry, moden freaked out)) Pher -> (( The t and y keys are next to each other. Really. They are! )) Byblos -> @::walks behind Pher:: is the card compatable with Audrey at all? Print is a bit small..and I do not think we want to get lost here. Samus -> (( The e key isn't ;) )) Pher -> @ Oh, on this side of the station we're likely OK. Ethan Neufeld -> ::attention still on tuning; with no discernable delay:: Guilty. Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Troy:: Pher thinks a gentle touch is the way to go here. At least as one facet of the job. We've got a few smooth talkers on the crew, and you're one of them. Pher -> @ :: Feeds the card to audrey, then returns it to Byblos :: Ethan Neufeld -> (was gonna say: think it's spelled debbie, not debby) Shane -> Hold there. ::tapps at the screen:: Back it off 0.007%, we over-shot by a bit. Byblos -> @At least we can get a bit more acclimated to this station, if plans proceed. Ethan Neufeld -> ::does as instructed:: Troy Parson -> Well, all else being equal, talking tends to be safer than shooting. Byblos -> @::puts card in fornt shirt pocket:: Samus -> @ACTION: Workers are cleaning the lounge area of the Q-Pid's Retreat, prepping it for the nighttime crowd as the hour grows later Pher -> @ At least the general flow of stationness. Other parts of the station have different feels. Shane -> ::pauses a bit before venturing to the big question:: You fight in the War? Pher -> @ :: Decides that getting too specific outside of Samus's office might not be prudent. :: Byblos -> @Lifeguard, did you ever have a client take you offworld? Was that allowed on New Risa? Ethan Neufeld -> ::backs up from EPS, subtly exhales:: Yeah. Joe Manning -> I plan to avoid shooting as long as it's possible. Still, I'd like to have our less talkative specialists working other angles while we talk. Ethan Neufeld -> ::replaces hydrospanner in kit:: Byblos -> ::walks down hall surveying things..noting an occasional security cam:: Joe Manning -> I don't think Pher or anyone else on the crew is going to convince anyone to hand over the information we need. But they might provide distractions from key areas that we can target. Pher -> @ Not quite formally forbidden, but, no, I only got off world the once... and have stayed off. Shane -> ::watches Ethan replace the hydrospanner closely, eyes still narrowed in deep thought:: You a Marine? Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances up as he closes the kit:: No. Pher -> @ Evenstar liked to keep a monopoly on the type of service offered, and tried to keep the girls on the beach. Pher -> @ But... the clients occasionally made offers that are too tempting to turn down. Shane -> ((wrong button >.>)) Ethan Neufeld -> (wb. Answer was No.) Byblos -> @You seem to have adapted well. I still feel like what do the humans say..a bit of a fish out of water. My prior employer, well, we were not an interstellar company. Pher -> @ In my case, sorta like Chris, one of the clients got himself hooked and needed someone to bring him down. Joe Manning -> ::Stands up and walks over to the flight station and the front viewport beyond. Takes a closer look at some of the ships outside the docking bays:: Busy enough that they're lined up outside? Pher -> @ I gathered that. Byblos -> @That obvious huh. ::looking around slightly behind and to Pher's right:: Pher -> @ I'm thinking you may be a bit humble though, or prudent. You've done a few jobs where your skills and leadership might come useful. Joe Manning -> Let's see if we can slip between some of these ships and pick up any interesting communication streams. Shane -> Huh. ::delibrating avoiding the question of sides, looks back down at the console:: Looks good. Maybe that'll last till our over-haul. Doubt it. Pher -> @ I'd kind of like to see you jump into planning sessions a bit more. Ethan Neufeld -> ::doesn't have a response to that; picks up kit and approaches Shane:: Ethan Neufeld -> What's next? Byblos -> @I'm not sure my standing with the crew is at that juncture yet. I am what I am right now...muscle. As for planning, yes I did plan some jobs on Tranquility. Byblos -> @::notes people walking about, Andorians...Humans..Bolians an occasional Orion Male which instantly recalls something Joe said:: Samus -> @ACTION: The market area of Samus' private asteroid is still relatively empty, only the usual crowd of mercenaries and hired thugs loitering around or moving between shops Pher -> @ Your standing could be what you want it to be... but if you want to stay muscle till you know the ropes better, makes sense. I likely should have done more of the same. I'm more than a little over my head at this point. Pher -> @ :: Looks over the ususal crowd as if she knows what she is looking for... :: Byblos -> @ I don't see that, you are talking with our current client. And he seems to enjoy talking to you. As for my previous line of work, I hade personnel working with me that made the jobs work. Shane -> I was gonna check our situation on the bridge. Can't make too many more adjustments with out riskin' the cloak. Damn thing's sensitive. ::heads for the doors to the cooridor. Samus -> @ACTION: Closer to the port, the faces change to those of manual labor, dockworkers moving crates to and from the docking bay and the warehouses Byblos -> @::notes the decor change as they walk:: Pher -> @ :: Following Audrey's direction. :: Pher -> @ Not all glamor and intregue, no? Troy Parson -> (( test )) Pher -> @ A little additional glamor might be nice, though. Samus -> @ACTION: The dockworkers give Pher and Byblos plenty of room, likely assuming the pair to be more mercs in Samus' employ Ethan Neufeld -> ::nods and puts kit away, following Shane:: Pher -> @ :: struts a bit, sorta trying to earn the extra room, not that she really needs it. :: Byblos -> @Basically Pher, I had the layout of every facitlity involved in a job provided to me by one of my crew...gosh I miss that guy. As a result the jobs were planned ahead executed well. The Boss..our Boss does things differently. Shane -> Plannin' on stayin' with us long? ::stomping down the stairs:: Samus -> @ACTION: While a few of the dockworkers eye Pher, they mostly assume she's the usual Samus female merc -- pretty face, but extremely dangerous Pher -> @ Yah. New Risa was different too. Every girl for herself, but you still didn't do anything to really hurt one of your sisters. Pher -> @ (Dangerous? Who? Me???) Byblos -> @::Gives the look if anyone messes with Pher..you'll have to deal with me...not that Pher needs the help :: Joe Manning -> William, make a couple more passes, then we'll head back to Samus' place. Assuming we don't pick up any useful chit chat. Ethan Neufeld -> Haven't made plans. See how things turn out. Pher -> @ Things were ugly enough without turning on each other. Samus -> @ACTION: As Samus indicated, Aygok's place is really a warehouse, dark and forboding on the inside. There are no dockworkers in sight of it Byblos -> @Haven't seen any Nausicaans...no Klingons thank goodness. Pher, in your line of business..wouldn't that hurt business if one of your coworkers was displined to a point? Shane -> Hm. ::enters the bridge and tries to finish his coffee, without success:: Pher -> @ The real world has been a relevation. You have to back stabe or betray the other guy really quick before they get you. Don't know how to deal with that. Pher -> @ :: Looks about :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly enters bridge behind Shane; studies screen:: Byblos -> @::Byblos slows his walk a bit:: Different neighborhood we are in now, someone elses' turf Lifeguard.. Shane -> Jykin' qoh, Parson, why can't your joe taste normal at least once a week? Joe Manning -> There! ::Points to the forward viewer, specifically at a small Ferengi craft pulling close to one of the nearby docking bays:: Position us between the station and that ship. Byblos -> @::is aware of his Sword that Shane surprised him with just in case:: Pher -> @ This is supposed to be the place. Not like the gift shops on Risa. :: Grins :: Shane -> ::focuses on the screen, watching their approach:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances at Joe and then the Ferengi ship:: Byblos -> @ Indeed I was expecting a holo boutique..::looks around:: Pher -> @ Nah. Joe Manning -> Troy, open up the sensor arrays ... passive only. They're sure to get in touch with Gular flight control. Samus -> @ACTION: There are stacked crates just inside the entrance to the dark warehouse Pher -> @ :: starts glancing at the labeling on the crates. Figures that will draw an attendant. :: Troy Parson -> ::presses buttons, nods:: Shane -> ((brb)) Pher -> @ :: Moves on to the entrance :: Samus -> @ACTION: The labels display the insignias of many different Bull's Head corporations Byblos -> @Okay Aygok, you clearly don't want the everyday scum around here making a place dark like this. ::notes Pher and keeps an eye on her six:: Byblos -> (not your butt...watching your back..lol) Samus -> @ACTION: Hearing the voices, a Gorn in a red three piece suit and wielding a very large hatchet steps around the crates and into view Pher -> @ (( Are said corporations in the attire business? )) Samus -> (( Not all of them )) Pher -> @ :: Grins at the Gorn. :: Nice complexion. Joe Manning -> ::Looks back at Shane and Ethan:: Doing a little spying in the Gular's neighborhood. STSF_Nickles -> ((Magic Edit)) ::comes up behind Pher and Byblos on the Astoriod:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::briefly glances at Joe; no comment:: Byblos -> @Oh.... I see...::notes the hatchet and is somewhat impressed:: Samus -> @Aygok> Blar! What you want?! ::Waves the hatchet a bit:: Pher -> @ Samus sent us. Samus -> (( This is TOS Godzilla Gorn, btw, not the silly Enterprise raptor Gorn )) STSF_Nickles -> :: watches the gorn not saying anything:: Byblos -> (welcome Nickles) Pher -> @ My friend here needs to put together his trousseau. Ethan Neufeld -> (No idea on the difference.) Samus -> @Aygok> ::Looks Byblos up and down and hisses, then looks at Pher:: You the one that dress him? Ethan Neufeld -> ((::googles again: :) Shane -> (never watched much Enterprise)) Samus -> (( Just that it looks cooler ;) )) Pher -> @ Not this outfit, no. Pher -> @ This :: gestures :: is his own idea. I'd like to see him with more class. STSF_Nickles -> @::chuckles slightly at that comment:: Byblos -> @ Yes as you see, height is the issue. And no she doesn't. Mr Samus wanted an improvement...an excellent improvement. Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Troy:: We get anything, pipe it through to the Bridge speakers Byblos -> @ I grow weary of looking at Oversized Klingon attire displays. Samus -> @Aygok> You come to right place! ::Leers at Pher:: I do many things for Samus. I provide clothes. I solve problems. I make good butcher. I do these things for his friends if he want. STSF_Nickles -> But they do so much for you. ::snickers: Shane -> ::listening closely, hoping the cloak doesn't glitch:: Pher -> @ Good. For the moment, I need a tailor. Shall we? STSF_Nickles -> @ Joe Manning -> ::Returns to his chair:: How we doin' Shane? Byblos -> Oh he was insistent upon his desire I upgrade my attire, very insistent. Pher -> @ :: Ignores / accepts the leer as her just due. :: Samus -> @Aygok> Raah! Follow. ::Turns and guides them through the maze of crates:: Ethan Neufeld -> (::couldn't help chuckling at "I make good butcher": :) Pher -> @ :: follows :: Samus -> @ACTION: As they get deeper into the warehouse, a strange sickly smell meets the group Ethan Neufeld -> ("I to be the butchering of the animals, yes.") STSF_Nickles -> @ ::follows:: Hey Byblos, lets hope its good looking stuff Shane -> Power flows are about as reliable as they'll ever be without the main core like it is. Just don't do nothing fancy like in manuverin'. Samus -> (( 'Animals?' Oh, right, of course ... animals ... )) STSF_Nickles -> @And hope it hasnt taken up THAT Smell Byblos -> @ You got some Vole trouble here Mr. Aygok? Reminds me of a place I worked around before we finished them off. Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances at Shane, evidently understanding the bare minimum of what he said; enough to function:: Joe Manning -> We won't be here much longer. We've already scoped the place out for the most part. It -seems- busy, but I never been to this neck of the woods. The station, that is. Shane -> ((with* not without)) Samus -> @Aygok> ::Leads the group to a wide open and well-lit area between the stacks of crates. Two nasty looking mercs are closing up a couple of plastic bags:: Byblos -> @::notes Nickles reaction, the medic might have a better idea of what the smell is..rotting flesh? or Dung:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::Joe:: Couldn't hurt to set up site intelligence inside, too. STSF_Nickles -> @ What are they doing? ::Point sto the two:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The Ferengi open a comm channel to the station Byblos -> @::snickers slightly:: Look like Guardian Forensics officers after one of my crews works. Joe Manning -> That'll be next. We've got Samus' passes for that. ::Glances over his shoulder:: You volunteering, Ethan? Ethan Neufeld -> ::mildly surprised look:: Guess I am. Shane -> ::to everyone:: We could peg Troy's creeper probe to one of the smaller vessels before that. STSF_Nickles -> @My thoughts exactly Samus -> @Aygok> ::Waves the hatchet at the two mercs and yells:: Mikel! Bring the new clothes shipments here, now! We have customer. Ethan Neufeld -> (magic edit: ::mildly surprised and/or contemplative look::^) Byblos -> @Aygok, I must confess you are the only guy affiliated with a tailor that uses a hatchet..I imagine you cut a lot of threads. Shane -> Give us a better idea of the docking bay itself. Joe Manning -> Something tells me I could do a lot worse. Joe Manning -> Think you could slip something onto that ship undetected, Troy? Byblos -> @::Byblos would say limbs but figures his word of choice will do:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::rock of head and a mild smirk mixed with a possible look of agreement for Joe:: Samus -> @Aygok> ::Rumbling laugh:: Yes, Aygok cuts many threads for Samus. Troy Parson -> Depends on what they've got for sensors that we don't know about...but, tentatively, yes. STSF_Nickles -> @::wonders what he meant by that and knows its not clothing threads:: Byblos -> @Hah! ::Byblos' typical chorttle:: Excellent. We've come to the right place then. Ethan Neufeld -> ::listening to the plan to stick one of Troy's creeper probes in the bay:: Pher -> @ :: Settles back to kibbitz :: Joe Manning -> Com Message> "This is the Hard Bargain to Gular Flight Control, carrying ambassador Sudot here for the Anniversary Gala" Troy Parson -> ::has the passive sensors set to relay messages to the bridge speakers automatically:: Samus -> @Aygok> ::The two men roll a rack of clothes into the open area:: Ah. We see if we have something big for you, yes? Take look at selection. Shane -> Hm, party goin' on. Great distraction for an entry. Ethan Neufeld -> ::passive expression, gaze changes as comms activate:: STSF_Nickles -> @ There you go Byblos.... Joe Manning -> ::Furrows his brow at the message and rubs his chin:: Troy Parson -> ::thinks for a moment:: Sounds like someone's throwing a party... STSF_Nickles -> @;;looks at the rack:: Not bad Byblos -> @::Byblos moves to point:: Excellent no Klingon whatsoever. Samus -> @Mikel> ::Smirks at Byblos:: This was a nice haul. Cargo ship with this ::Motions to the rack of clothes:: Fine liquor from Aldebaran. And a couple of expensive paintings for some Hyades big shot. Samus -> @Mikel> Captain didn't even put up a fight. Instant surrender. Joe Manning -> We'll have to make inquiries. Samus didn't mention anything about this, but ... yeah, could be a nice opportunity for us. Byblos -> @Did you give him one just for fun nonetheless ::turns to Mikel with that response:: Samus -> @Aygok> ::Smacks Mikel on the head with the flat side of the hatchet:: Quiet, stupid! Go back to stashing meat. Ethan Neufeld -> Mission for Jane Bond? ::asks dryly:: Troy Parson -> By any chance, when you say "make inquiries", you don't mean "crash the party", do you? Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM 4/8/12 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM William Chocox -> ::sitting in the Engineering Department of Qob:: Samus -> ::Seated in the Captain's Chair on the Bridge, in a very relaxed posture, dazily staring at the front viewport:: Pher -> :: Just loves coming aboard ship with a bunch of crates of cloths coming along behind. Alas, most of it is for Byblos. :: Joe Manning -> ::Waiting for arriving crew at the airlock. Notices Pher and her crates:: Byblos -> ::is in utter disbelief Samus did this for....a Nausicaan?::: Ethan Neufeld -> ::sitting quietly on the bridge:: Pher -> :: Hits a pose for Joe :: Joe Manning -> ::Shakes his head:: Pher, I thought you were going to get a suit for Byblos. Pher -> You know me. Why stop at one? Byblos -> Quarters are mostly empty Pher, I'll transfer my new gear to quarters...with your permission Boss? ::looks to Joe:: Joe Manning -> Exactly how clear did Samus make it to you that all of this would be put on his credit account? Pher -> Most of it is for Byblos, anyway. You ought to know better to let me near a shop if you thought it would all be for Byblos. Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly scrutinizing Samus sitting in the Captain's Chair:: Byblos -> Sir, he was insistent on handling the issue. Pher -> :: Looks innocent. Tries to look innocent. Not her strong point. :: William Chocox -> ((brb)) Samus -> Hmm. ::Lazily rubs at his chin and slowly looks around the Bridge:: Troy Parson -> ::sitting at the science terminal of the bridge, smoking a cigar "liberated" from Samus' waiting area:: Joe Manning -> Is anyone left on the station? ::Motions through the airlock:: Byblos -> No sir. Chris was with us. Shane I presume remained onboard. Joe Manning -> Then all aboard. ::Steps aside to let them pass:: Just put that somewhere in the hold that no one'll trip over it. Byblos -> But..someone else is aboard. ::a blatant reference to Samus:: Pher -> But I want him getting used to the concept of elegant. Joe Manning -> ::Nods at Byblos:: If you mean Samus, I invited him aboard. Pher -> Does this me we've got to send a broad to seduce him, rather him us? Byblos -> Okay Boss. ::turns to Pher:: Let me know when you wish to train, I need to unpack things. William Chocox -> ((back)) Ethan Neufeld -> ::briefly glances at Troy and his cigar:: Pher -> Time enough to train when we're in vacuum. We'll see. Joe doesn't have that laze about look in his eye just now. Joe Manning -> ::Nods and hits the control panel next to the airlock when everything is through:: We're transferring to another part of the station William Chocox -> ::starts working an EPS conduit:: What is up with this conduit? It shouldn't be this hard. ::smacks conduit with a tool:: Pher -> :: Wraps herself around a bridge station chair in an interesting way. :: Pher -> :: waits for it. :: Samus -> ::Hears a beep from a tiny device he has attached to his wrist and gives it a glance:: Ah. Troy, why don't you be a gent and grab the flight controls? Byblos -> ::bows to Joe and retreats to his quarters to to store the items acquired..making Byblos small quarters bery tight. Pher -> (( Samus giving orders now? )) Troy Parson -> ::nods:: I hope you like crashing. ::starts to move towards the flight console:: Joe Manning -> ::Taps his ODRI:: +Eng+ William, cloak still green? Ethan Neufeld -> ((It's Samus.)) Joe Manning -> (( Apparently so ... )) Byblos -> ::puts things quickly in place and makes a note for Pher to do a security sweep once she is free of Samus:: William Chocox -> ::looks over at the computer board:: +Joe+ We're good. Don't go too hard on the ship though. Pher -> (( Joe woun't be so cruel and abusive as to demand Troy act like a gentleman. ;) )) Samus -> ::Contacts the stations port authority and instructs them to release the docking clamps:: You were always were a good chap, Parson. Entirely out of place on this wreck. Ethan Neufeld -> ((Heh, sounded like plausible Samus flippancy to me.)) Troy Parson -> ::smokes stolen cigar:: With you there, but it's not like my other options turned out any better. Samus -> Speaking of which. ::Turns to look at Pher:: I hope you purchased a nice revealing red dress for this evening? Byblos -> ::ponders if everything purchased at the Andorian's shop has been deposited in the cargo bay, yet something odd about Samus being onboard Qob makes him want to be watching things rather than forging a blade:: Joe Manning -> ::Proceeds up the neck of the ship toward the Bridge:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::sitting at some unmanned, possibly unused station on the bridge:: Pher -> Not nice. I went for naughty. Not red. Went for black. Do I need to go shopping again? Byblos -> ::returns to Bridge with an actual decent working outfit on and takes a guard position by the bridge door:: Samus -> ::Smiles:: As long as it shows off all your best assets, I won't mind the color too much. Pher -> :: staying vaguely near Samus, under the trust but verify theory of security. :: Pher -> Of course. :: smiles :: Pher -> :: besides, one always rewards flattery. :: Joe Manning -> ::Enters the Bridge and looks immediately toward Samus:: Byblos -> ::straightens up upon the BOSS entering the bridge:: Joe Manning -> Get the hell out of my chair, you little snot. Pher -> There a dress up occaions coming up? Ethan Neufeld -> ::blankly watches exchanges between Pher/Samus, Samus/Joe:: Pher -> * occasion Samus -> ::Ignores Joe and glances up at Pher:: Uh oh, sounds like the death of the party has arrived. Pher -> He doesn't look good in a dress anyway. Byblos -> ::smells something and then looks to Troy Parson with a Cigar:: Hey Troy, why do humans like to enhale dead vegetation fumes? Pher -> :: Smiles at Joe :: Joe Manning -> ::Taps Byblos on the shoulder, then points at Samus:: Byblos -> ::nods to Joe and then proceeds to walk down the Captain's Chair ..occupied by Samus...who Joe no longer wants there:: Samus -> ::Blinks at the sudden shadow and looks up at Byblos:: Byblos -> Mr. Samus, the Captain requests you relinquish the chair immediately. Troy Parson -> ::stops smoking for a second, looking at the cigar as he contemplates Byblos' question, shrugs, resumes:: William Chocox -> ::continues working on the conduit whistling:: Pher -> Joe's getting prickly about this sort of thing. Insecurity, you understand. (To Samus) Ethan Neufeld -> ::watches Byblos handle Samus:: Samus -> ::Small nod:: The Captain is an insufferable ass. But as I am a guest, I'll comply. ::Gets up slowly:: While reminding you that I was the Captain of this ship before Mr. Manning. Pher -> Oh, I remember. Byblos -> ::looks to Samus:: Really? ::notes Samus is leaving the chair..and is greatful no force was necessary:: Joe Manning -> ::Shakes his head at Byblos:: I'm fairly certain I ain't payin' you to be a public relations director, Byblos. I'm payin' you to toss people on their asses. Pher -> Samus buys him better outfits. Samus -> ::Finds a clear tall bulkhead to lean against:: Joe Manning -> Troy, I don't know what the hell you're doing at the helm, but as long as you're there, let's get ready for departure. Troy Parson -> ::nods, starts tentatively pecking at the helm console with the tip of one finger:: Pher -> :: Settles down in her usual place :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::hint of surprise at Troy's method of helming:: Samus -> Actually, the docking clamps have already been released. ::Taps at his small wrist device, sending some coordinates to Troy:: We'll be docking with Asteroid K-14 Byblos -> ::pursues Samus to his new position and stands next to the much shorter human:: Why the heck did a person like you hire an individual like Duke Redding. Does not make sense. Pher -> :: More conventional in arranging herself in the chair than usual. :: Troy Parson -> K-14...got it. ::searches for the button to make the ship move, and then presses it:: Joe Manning -> ::Walks over to his chair with a snap in Samus' direction:: Just keep quiet until you're called on. I give the orders 'round here boy. Troy Parson -> ::looks over at Joe:: We *are* going to K-14, though? Samus -> ::Finishes tapping his wrist device and grins at Byblos:: Now, what do you mean by 'person like you?' Joe Manning -> ::Sits and nods at Troy:: That's right ... Byblos -> Your employee clearly has my Boss to say the least..upset. Pher -> :: Wonders if she should focus on the mission, whatever it is, Joe being as sharing as usual, or watch the group dynamics. :: Joe Manning -> ::Raises his ODRI arm:: +Qob+ All hands, we're headed out into the open under cloak. Keep communications face to face from here on in. Troy Parson -> ::turns back to the console, muttering to himself:: I don't get any more or less likely to crash based on who tells me to fly, you know... Pher -> Audrey, lock down comm functions. Samus -> True ... but that's there business, not mine. Duke get results. That's all I need from him. ::Shrugs:: Byblos -> You look like the type of guy that does not hire a person like him. I mean what he did to My Boss, that kind of ::Nausicaan word for crap:: would not be tolerated say the least. On Tranquility my boss would of shot him dead. Byblos -> My former...boss. Samus -> Your boss sounds like a rather unforgiving sort. Not sure what line of business he's in, but in my line of business, shooting people dead is bad for business. William Chocox -> ::hearing the comm:: Man, I was just about to have a witty response about the pilot's inability to take off properly. ::since nothing else seems to be working whacks the conduit again:: Byblos -> Biker Gang, Tranquility City. He did not tolerate insuboridination at all. Joe Manning -> ::Looks over at Pher:: We're headed to a private docking bay owned by some small-time tritanium magnate ... Ethan Neufeld -> ::given his radio still hasn't been returned to him and doesn't have access to the Qob's, not likely he'll be a comm problem:: Troy Parson -> ::steering the ship in the general direction of K-14 smoothly enough, but in a way that demonstrates complete obliviousness of the concept of a "margin of safety" when it comes to avoiding other objects:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::apparently listening to Joe:: Pher -> :: Nods :: Social visit, or do we need tritanium? Joe Manning -> We're transferring to a shuttle. Wouldn't be wise for the Gular boys to see us leaving Samus' station. This magnate has no connection to Samus ... that anyone is aware of. Pher -> :: Checks the proximity of K 14 and the Gular complex. :: Pher -> :: nods :: Byblos -> By the way, your muscle at the Tailor shop. Not very bright disposing of individuals just when we arrived. Unless the tailor wanted me to see his ability with an axe. Samus -> Well, naturally, I have no idea what you're talking about. ::Looks sidelong at Byblos:: Weren't disatisfied with his selection, I hope? Pher -> Does this imply that somebody has a plan? Byblos -> No. I never thought a Gorn as a tailor. But many people make the same mistake with my Species. There are some very ..very intelligent Nausicaans believe it or not. Yet we still average only 30 year life span. Joe Manning -> ::Watches the asteroids pass the ship (or the ship pass the asteroids) on the front viewer:: We're going to need to work on our cover story, but for now the plan is to scout around, like Ethan suggested. Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances at Joe at the mention of his name:: William Chocox -> ((Plans? When has a plan of ours worked? When plan, we show up, all hell breaks loose.)) Samus -> You sound like an intelligent fellow yourself, Byblos. What drew you to the starship life? Pher -> Ah. On foot for a while? I hope you don't want me to play inconspicuous. Samus would be so dissapointed. Byblos -> I am old for a Nausicaan. Do you really want to hear my story? William Chocox -> ((We plan*)) Joe Manning -> ::Glances at Samus and Byblos and narrows his eyes a bit:: Drawing some attention might help us learn who's who over there, who you might be able to work over to get us to the places we need to go. Joe Manning -> But for now, our strategy could be as simple as making an appointment with one of their executives in a few days, then gathering as much info as we can. Pher -> Leaking them expendable Rainmaker info still on the list of possibilities? Samus -> I didn't ask for your story, Byblos, I asked for your motivation. Why this ship? You could probably be doing so much more ... earning so much more. Byblos -> You like Guardians Samus? Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances at Pher, hint of a momentary jump in thoughts:: Joe Manning -> Not right away. We float that out at once, we probably won't have much time to move about beneath their notice. Pher -> Good thought. Samus -> ::Small shrug:: If they can serve a useful purpose to me. If they try to get in my way, I don't like them at all. But I work hard to keep them out of my way. Joe Manning -> You suggested you had some ideas of your own? William Chocox -> ::looking over at the console to check the cloak:: That could get interesting at some point. ::frowns walks over and goes more detailed:: Will need to go to the bridge soon to tell Joe. Ethan Neufeld -> ::faint sign of agreement with Joe:: William Chocox -> ((::frowns and walks*)) Troy Parson -> ((I need chatroom-glue ::sighs: :)) Byblos -> On Tranquilty I ran a job, that got a lot of Guardians mad. Needless to say, it was extremely unwise for me to remain on Tranquility. This ship arrived, depleted of crew thanks to your employee Redding, I got a lift of Tranquility and her Guardian hounds. Pher -> Nothing I'm really ready to push. While we're wandering around cloaked, at some point we might want to drop som comm sensors. Pher -> But snooping around the fringes before committing to an end came seems prudent. Byblos -> Motivation was survival Samus. simple as that. Pher -> * game Joe Manning -> Right now we just need a cover story to get us onto the station. They're going to ask about our business on the station ... Joe Manning -> Buying a ship or two is the simplest approach, but that might get us treated like commoners, stashed away in some hotel with our station access restricted. Ethan Neufeld -> ::speaks up unexpectedly:: We like a good party? Samus -> And you really think you have a good chance of surviving long on this -- ::Cuts himself short and rethinks:: Vessel? Troy Parson -> ::looks up from the helm:: We could always try and buy more than one or two... Pher -> We'd have to pass for someone who could afford it. Joe Manning -> ::Nods at Ethan:: An invitation to that party wouldn't be unwelcome. And I doubt their common starship buyers are the types to get invites. Ethan Neufeld -> Mm ::agrees:: Socialites. Joe Manning -> I think we need to intrigue them without giving them too much reason to keep us all under close watch. Pher -> What's this about a party? Really? Byblos -> I have a better chance here than continuing to avoid Guardians in their captial city. Two years on the run, my best friend who helped me to get free from my ex employter disappeared...I had nothing left. Just the clothes and what services I could provide. Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Troy:: Buying a small fleet would raise eyebrows, especially if we imply that we aim to be players in the region. And it might clash with the plans of whoever they're selling ships to in the Rimward Territories. Joe Manning -> Could put us in contact with exactly the right kinds of people. Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly agrees:: Troy Parson -> Well, personally, I've always rather wanted a fleet. Samus -> You realize that it's not unprecedented for the Guardians to be ... bribed? By the right people, especially. Joe Manning -> They're having some sort of anniversary gala in a few days. Ships are already arriving with guests. William Chocox -> ::transfers the readout to his ODRI and starts walking towards the bridge:: Pher -> Ah. :: considers :: Pher -> We have anything like a guest list? Joe Manning -> Not yet. We don't even know what it's celebrating. Byblos -> ::looks to Samus:: I have been..and still am accused of murdering 15 Guardians. A Sheriff and a Deputy. You kill a sheriff on Tranquilty no matter how stupid he is..you are made a mark for sure. Plus somebody altered my record to make me sound more of a butcher. Ethan Neufeld -> It'd be handy. Look into posing as some of the 'poorer' guests. Ethan Neufeld -> ::shrugs like he's not entirely sold on his own suggestion:: Pher -> I might possibly know a few of the richer ones, if they've visited New Risa. Byblos -> I had no coin, and I sure could not match the bounty on my head with a bribe. Ethan Neufeld -> (A list would be handy.^) Samus -> ::Shrugs and laughs just a little bit:: Byblos ... do you really think the Guardians care about murdered members? Any more than other mercenary bands would? They make a big show of being some tight-knit fraternity with a mind to spread peace and prosperity throughout Bull's Head ... Samus -> Truth is, they're just money-making individuals with badges. Ethan Neufeld -> Richer guests might also be more intimate with the host. Joe Manning -> We'll make a guest list one of the targets of our scouting. William Chocox -> ((scratch my last line)) Joe Manning -> Pher, I'm going to make you the mouth-piece for this. You'll act as our leader. I'm putting this stage of the mission largely in your hands ... Pher -> :: Raises an eyebrow :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::isn't surprised:: Joe Manning -> ::Shrugs at her:: Classic maneuver. You're the pretty face. You'll have these corporate exec types eating out of your hands. Byblos -> ::to Samus:: Tranquilty is different. There is enough...Federation mentality in that city, that allows a Marshall to get some cooperation with citizens and her Guardians. Sure some are scum. The bastard Sheriff who replaced the one I alledgedly killed rallied his men well....and made my life a living hell for two years. There are some Guardians that do not fit the mold of corruption in Bull's Head...especially the ex feddie type. Ethan Neufeld -> ::wears a look that says he can't disagree:: Joe Manning -> Meanwhile, our brains will look for ways to infiltrate whatever setup they've got going. Ethan Neufeld -> (can't disagree with Joe's assessment^) William Chocox -> ::looking at the readout for the cloak:: Why is the power to the cloak fading? Is there anything I can take power from to increase power to the cloak? Weapons probably, maybe enviromental in some of the unused areas. ::starts working to see if either of these solutions is reasonable:: Pher -> Sometimes they like to boast and talk. Sometimes they don't. That sort of fishing would be a full time job, though. Samus -> I'll admit I don't know as much about the way things work on Tranquility as the rest of Bull's Head. The city isn't as important as the Taurus Brothers try to make it out to be. Andus is the real heart of the Hyades Cluster ... Samus -> Still, I think a well-placed bribe here or there could get certain people off your backs. You'd just need a patron with the resources and the willingness to cover you. Joe Manning -> ::Glances at William, then looks at Troy:: Better boost the engines and get us into the docking bay, Troy. Ethan Neufeld -> Sounds like you'll be paid full time, at any rate. ::quips to Pher:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks back at William:: I was under the impression that Shane had these issues straightened out? Ethan Neufeld -> ::to Joe:: We worked on it. That doesn't mean it'd stay fixed. Troy Parson -> Erm...right. ::stares at the control panel for a second, then presses a button to boost the engines:: Pher -> Oh, no. One wouldn't ask to be paid. I'd expect gifts, though. :: Smiles :: William Chocox -> ((I'm still in engineering Joe. I retconned the walking to the bridge line.)) Ethan Neufeld -> ::brow rises briefly at Pher:: Byblos -> The Boss ::glances at Joe:: has a lot of leverage on my head. And I have no desire to return to Tranquility. If he needs a quick ...I haven't checked the bounty of my head on recently..sum of money. He'll sell me out. But he needs the crew..after your boy Redding jykied him. Joe Manning -> (( Ah. Okay. Forget those last two lines )) William Chocox -> ((Why, yes I do talk to myself.)) Ethan Neufeld -> ((Forgets like magic.)) William Chocox -> ::seeing that the cargo bay isn't inhabited starts to take power from the enviromental controls and shunting it to the cloak:: Samus -> Like I said Byblos ... you'd just need the right patron. ::Grins at him:: Pher -> Are the guests all going to be staying in the Gular complex? If there is to be overflow, where would they stay? Joe Manning -> They've got seven asteroids. That's a lot of room. Details beyond that. ::Shrugs:: We just heard about the party while we were intercepting comms an hour ago. Pher -> I suspect quite a few folk wouldn't want to be too deeply imbeded in Gular turf. Byblos -> This ship still needs more hands. The Boss knows that. Redding dug him into this hole..he is trying to get back into the game on an even keel. But you mentioned the ship's condition...that is another reason why he's not going to sell me out. He needs this ship rebuilt to a point where he can do his business on a stable footing. ::looks to Samus:: you don't know me..offering me a job would be foolish. Joe knows what I am worth..I think...so he's got leverage Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM
  8. “I know there’s a lot at stake here, and I know the danger is significant. I would not have asked anyone else to do this. I would not have trusted anyone else. “Your crew is largely new to me. You’ve brought lots of unfamiliar faces … and you don’t need to remind me who’s to blame for that. I’ve overheard rumblings that your new people aren’t getting along well with each other or with the old people. I think I don’t need to tell you that now is the time to put aside your differences and start working together. For your own sakes. You’re not about to cross one of the small-time corporate leaders that infest this station like leeches trying to suck whatever they can from the Bull’s Head economy. You’re going up against the Consortium itself, and every bit of intelligence that’s been fed to me by my inside contacts tells me that they’re brewing something big. They’re treating this like more than an account; they’re treating it like a project. “Goldrock builds Gular’s ships, but their nerve center is here on Andus. Anyone who knows where those ships are ultimately being sent and for what purpose can be found here. I have people inside the Consortium, but they’re mostly on Goldrock. Security in their Andus sector is too tight to get moles deep enough inside, especially since the Consortium keeps tabs on me as closely as I keep tabs on them. Nobody in my syndicate knows about this job, though. Not even Duke. There’s no telling which of my people have Gular fingerprints on them. You’re perfect for this because you’re independent; you don’t answer to me, you don’t owe me loyalty, we barely even chat these days. “I have a name -- Lightning. My contacts have seen it consistently associated with ships that were bound for the Rimward Territories. I don’t know if it’s a project name, an alias of someone the Consortium is selling the ships to, or a tag for illegal technology they’re concealing from the Federation. It’s a name you can keep an eye out for … though I’d suggest covering your bases and grabbing as much information on the Consortium as you can. I might even throw in a bonus for anything useful you can dig up. “I’ll start relaying briefing materials your way. Starting with this.” Guardian Dossier GC-581-Icarus7 Maxwell Arthur Kennedy II Security Clearance Alpha Access granted to Client #7493 - Timestamp 61908.12 0415 TCS Name: Maxwell “Max” Arthur Kennedy II Positions of Note: Gular Mining Consortium President & CEO Gular Mining Consortium Board of Directors Hyades Outreach Foundation President & CFO Aysaen Springs Resort Chief Investor & VIP Primary Location: Andus City Station Gular Mining Consortium District Private Estate on Asteroid G-5 Corporate Office on Asteroid G-3 Secondary Location 1: Goldrock Colony Corporate Office on Goldrock V Ice Mining Station Aliases: None Known Description: Male, Age 42, Height 1.85m, Weight 88.5kg Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes Complexion Varies from Light to Tan Family: Father - Jack L. Kennedy VI, DECEASED Mother - Lylian Kennedy, Retired on Earth Brother - Michael Kennedy III, Federation Council Representative Brother - Scott F. Kennedy II, Whereabouts Unknown See “Kennedy Family” for Manifest of Distant Relatives Guardian Record The Gular Consortium is the chief supplier of starships, stations, and materials to the Guardian fleet, and the Guardians are engaged in a lucrative ongoing contract to protect the Consortium’s construction yards and mining interests throughout Bull’s Head. Intermediaries are usually provided by the Consortium to negotiate fees for purchases and changes to the terms of the contract. On an official basis, Kennedy, as CEO, is considered the client and contract holder. Intermediaries are similarly employed by the company when contracting the Guardians for private work. It is not always clear whether these contracts can be traced back to Kennedy. Separate records are maintained for the Gular Consortium’s extensive history of employment of the Guardians; these should be consulted. Of specific note, the Guardians were contracted to investigate a group of corporate investors based on the Coreward colony of Silver Creek in 2418. The investors turned out to be corporate spies with possible (never confirmed) connections to the Rainmakers and a trove of assembled intelligence on Kennedy and his family. Guardian Command believed that the investors were plotting the kidnapping of either Kennedy or one of his closest family members. Details remain sketchy as the investors committed suicide to evade capture, and most of their center of operations was destroyed. See Contract GC-B-1193. A number of contracts involving Kennedy have been opened or denied. Anonymous clients requesting the arrest or execution of Kennedy for a wide variety of grievances are not uncommon. Given Kennedy’s preferred client status, these contract requests are always found to be lacking sufficient evidence or grounds for pursuit. Investigations into Kennedy’s activities are just as common and more readily pursued. Most notably, partners in Kennedy’s Hyades Outreach charity approached the Guardians in 2419 requesting that Kennedy’s use of the charity’s funds be investigated. There were suspicions that the charity, founded to provide colonies outside the Hyades boundary with food and medical supplies, was being used as a front to secure mining rights and labor on distant worlds, and that significant portions of the charity’s intake were being embezzled into Kennedy’s private accounts. The 2420 crash of the passenger liner Ganymede into the New Risa ocean claimed the lives of four of Kennedy’s partners in the foundation, including the two who opened the Guardian contract. The contract was closed with no significant findings having been made. In 2418, the Guardians were contracted to look into the disappearance of high-priced Vega call girl Sophia Sublime, known to have previously done business with Kennedy. Investigation of the sordid affair revealed that Sublime had been midway into a pregnancy with an unknown father before her mysterious disappearance. Associates observed that she had looked distressed in the weeks leading to her disappearance. The customs records of Vega colony do not show Sublime departing the colony during that time. The Guardians encountered extreme difficulties uncovering any further information, as all semblances of Sublime’s life on the colony had mysteriously disappeared with her. The contract is still open, though no solid information has yet presented itself. Known Associations The Gular Consortium maintains business deals with a number of individuals and agencies throughout Bull’s Head. Our records of the company’s activities should be consulted for more details. Kennedy has not been the type of corporate executive to lead silently from behind closed doors. He has been as much the face of the Consortium as its chief executive. In fact, the Consortium does not employ a Public Relations officer -- all releases to the press are made by Kennedy himself. Kennedy is one of Bull’s Head’s most well-recognized figures. A notorious traveler and playboy, Kennedy has cultivated relationships with many of Bull’s Head’s most prominent citizens, at times building crucial friendships, tense rivalries, fierce competitors, and outright enemies (few, it should be noted, emerge victorious from any conflict with the Consortium). His romantic liaisons have been similarly notorious. Kennedy has cultivated a status as a close (though not necessarily trusted) ally of the Klingon government, overseeing the company’s dilithium trading with Qo’noS. He is known to maintain friendly relationships (possibly a guise for illicit business dealings) with two of Vega‘s casino bosses -- Sonny Bevino and Quasar -- and is a frequent guest at their casinos. Separate investigations into the bosses’ illicit activities have yielded no connections to Kennedy, though it is widely rumored that Kennedy employs the bosses to do the Consortium’s ‘dirty work.’ Among Kennedy’s romantic liaisons is TNN anchorwoman Fala Richards, whose connections to the network’s executives are well known. He also enjoys VIP status at New Risa and is a frequent guest at its priciest resorts. There has been a long history of rivalry between the Gular Consortium and the Taurus Brothers, and the particulars of this rivalry are not well-understood. It is clear that the two organizations are the wealthiest in Bull’s Head. The Taurus Brothers encourage free trade above all, and it is unknown whether they view the Consortium’s monopolistic practices as emblematic of the Bull’s Head economic ideal or in opposition to the spirit of economic freedom. The Guardians’ contracts with the Consortium and the Brothers are our most lucrative, and conflicts of interest have occurred. Kennedy is known to have grand ambitions for Bull’s Head and, particularly, his role in it, and he has made no secret of attempting to wrest control of the Guardians away from the Taurus Brothers with every opportunity he can get. This last may be a key point in the rivalry between the two power groups. Kennedy and the Consortium are understandably opposed to Federation regulations of any sort and would undoubtedly resist the Federation exerting direct control over Bull’s Head. Minos has identified the Consortium as a target of the Rainmakers, both for their opposition to the Federation and the economic strength that they represent to a free Bull‘s Head, and the company’s assets have frequently come under attack from the cult’s cells. Details of the relationship between Kennedy and his brother Michael, a Federation Council rep, are unclear. Some rumors suggest that they are estranged, while others suggest that the brothers maintain secret contact, with Michael advancing Bull’s Head’s and the Consortium’s agendas in the Federation Council. Michael’s stance on a free Bull’s Head are not known publicly, but backroom politics have become the norm in the new Federation. Background Maxwell Kennedy is one of the dozen or so latest heirs of one of Earth’s oldest wealthy and influential families. The Kennedy family has produced business tycoons and politicians who have, in some cases, shaped human history. The family survived Earth’s final global war, utilizing their wealth and influence to seclude themselves from the nuclear conflict, and somehow managing to secure their assets as the planet’s political situation deteriorated further and further. The heirs’ interests spread all over the galaxy at the height of Humanity’s space age. The Federation’s collapse isolated many of the family’s scions at the fringes of civilized space, but their wealth and prominence has seemingly survived unscathed. In the years before Federation Civil War, the family’s interests in mining and fuel refining had already spread to the Hyades Cluster. The family was widely believed to have backed the contractors of Interstellar Frontiers in their strong bid to secure colonization rights from the Federation. A number of scandals mysteriously implication the organization at the last moment forced a sudden turnaround -- the Federation instead awarded the colonization contracts to the fledgling Gular Consortium. The Kennedy family’s assets in the Cluster seemed seriously jeopardized. With the death of Maxwell’s father shortly after the outbreak of war, the family business passed to his three sons. Maxwell’s strategy toward the Hyades Cluster differed greatly from that of his father’s -- he supported a merger of the remaining assets in the Cluster with the Gular Consortium. In 2406, the Kennedy family’s Hyades assets were absorbed into the Consortium -- now already an economic powerhouse in the region -- and Maxwell was made a majority shareholder and member of the company‘s board of directors. It is not known if Maxwell had split the family business with his two brothers or if the family’s assets in Federation space are also now controlled by the Consortium -- if they are, no official records of this are likely to exist. As a board member, Maxwell gained a reputation for being a shrewd businessman, an effective negotiator, and a keen investor. Aided by his guidance, the company has branched out over the last decade, widening its interests (traditionally mining and construction) to include colonial funding, research projects, and even entertainment ventures. The Consortium has relied less and less on the Guardian fleet in recent years, allowing its own private fleet to assume more of the duties of securing their mines, shipyards, and transportation routes. It should be noted that the Guardians have our origin as the Gular Consortium’s original private fleet. Some of the exact details of our founding remain sketchy, though it certainly predates Kennedy’s merger with the Consortium. Either the contracts of the Consortium’s fleet commanders were purchased by the Taurus Brothers, or the Consortium agreed to release their contracts so they could dedicate themselves to Hyades Cluster security, or some combination of both. What we know is that in the years since Kennedy’s appointment to the Consortium’s board, the company has been aggressive in attempting to buy back the Guardians. The Taurus Brothers have been staunch (and financially generous) in resisting the Consortium’s attempts to repurpose our fleet into their own private security force. Kennedy is known to be one of the company’s most steadfast proponents of these attempts; we can freely speculate how this reflects his own personal ambitions toward Bull’s Head. Kennedy’s rise through the Consortium was remarkably rapid. Rumors persist of shady backroom deals and ruthless cut-throat tactics; further, the backing of the Bolian government once enjoyed by the company’s founders was not strengthened when they declared themselves independent of Federation authority. Whatever resources Kennedy has brought to bear for his company or against his fellow board members, he has managed to position himself as the company’s CEO, and there is no sign that his influence will wane in the near future.
  9. Joe spoke up, glancing between Ethan and Pher. "The vial's not in the discussion. It's staying in my possession for now and no one else's. And if I do decide to give it to someone else, it sure as hell won't be the Consortium. Maybe I don't know them the way you do, Pher, but their track record is pretty ruthless as far as the rest of Bull's Head is concerned. Even if they didn't decide to sell it, they could put it to use in all the wrong ways. Hell, they'd scare me as much as the Federation if they had Feddie resources. "Now, we do have information on the threat and firsthand experience with it. I think you'd agree, Ethan, that a warning would be just as humanitarian as a cure. We don't have to be the only people in Bull's Head aware of the threat, and the more rumors we pass around the local power groups, the more we contribute to everyone's readiness. No one needs to know we have a sample. "The best part is that the Rainmakers got their hands in this. That's the area where the Consortium shares a common interest with us. The Consortium hates the Rainmakers, and if raids and bombings are any indication, the feeling is mutual. It just so happens that I've recently gotten ahold of a good deal of intelligence on the Rainmakers and their Tranquility operations. The data's been gettin' cold the longer I been holdin' onto it, so it might be time to pull it out of the icebox and use it without spoilin' it. Between the Tranquility intel and the proximity of Ethan's threat to whatever the Consortium is doing in the Rimward Territories, that gives us enough valuable information to sell that we can pick and choose what to use or not use. "Biggest problem as I see it if we go in without cover is that Qob's been seen docking in Samus' district of the station. Samus can hide a lot for us -- he can certainly hide that he's the one getting us access to Gular district -- but every power group on this station has people watchin' traffic. If I'd known Samus would be puttin' us on an op like this, I'd have pulled us in cloaked ... but that ship's sailed. "We've got lots of new crew, but they'll know 'Qob' if they see me or Chris, they'll know 'Qob' if they see Pher, and they might know it if they see Troy. We'd either need to leave ourselves out of the Gular district, come up with convincing covers, or play on our relationship with Samus." Joe glanced at Pher. "They know I'm a friend of Samus' ... but they also know I'm an enemy. And I just might have a way to play on that too ... "
  10. Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Pher -> :: Settled into the lounge, checking makeup. :: Byblos -> ::grumbling about something but watching the door as instructed :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::breaks from the table, leaving Stelara behind without much of a smile or word:: Byblos -> ::wonders who the heck that was...and if she will last a second with Pher:: Troy Parson -> ::perched on the back of a chair, smoking a cigarette:: Joe Manning -> ::Returns to the suite still looking a bit dazed:: Byblos -> I tell you intergalactic inflations stinks! Pher -> :: Raises an eyebrow on Joe's approach. :: Joe Manning -> ::Looks up at Byblos when he hears the outburst:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::apparently Stelara didn't get very far with Ethan:: Pher -> It is what everyone imagines itself to be, Byblos. Joe Manning -> Calm down, big man. Soon we may all be very rich. Or very dead. Pher -> :: Puts away makeup. :: Pher -> Do we have a choice, Joe? Ethan Neufeld -> ::settles on a couch, furrowing a brow at Joe:: Byblos -> Okay Boss. ::shuts up:: Joe Manning -> ::Passes Byblos and looks around the suite:: Anyone who isn't on my crew, get the jyke out. Pher -> :: Twists herself into a mildly implausible position. :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::brow rises, shifts weight forward:: Byblos -> ::notes the being that was talking with Ethan exited:: Joe Manning -> Masseur> ::Stops working on Nickles and makes a quick exit:: Pher -> :: Smiles at Stelara. Blows kiss. :: Byblos -> Uh Troy, you are not going to set off a fire suppression system doing that human enhaling dead plant smoke thing? Ethan Neufeld -> Stelara> ::gives Pher a knowing smile; exits:: Joe Manning -> ::Glances at Stelara as she leaves. Eyes the masseur when he leaves:: Troy Parson -> ::shrugs:: Maybe. ::keeps smoking:: Joe Manning -> (( Hey Chris )) Byblos -> I need an ODRI...who knows what those two had on them. STSF_Nickles -> ((Sorry folks got off work late)) Byblos -> (hi Chris) Ethan Neufeld -> (Lipstick.) Joe Manning -> ::Moves over to the sitting area and drops into one of the sofas, a distant expression on his face:: Pher -> Oh, dear. Here we go again. Byblos -> ::maintains body guard position by door:: Seriously Boss she could of been carrying something in her ....purse yes. STSF_Nickles -> :: wraps the towel around himself as he gets up:: OOHH That was good. Joe Manning -> Samus is insane. And he aims to hook me into his insanity. And, god help me, I'm thinking about letting him. Pher -> You do have that look, Joe. Troy Parson -> The last time I went insane, I found it quite unpleasant. Byblos -> ::folds arms not liking the way the Boss is talking:: Pher -> Sure you don't want to get laid? Ethan Neufeld -> ::sits back, a guarded curiosity on his face:: Joe Manning -> I've been offered half a million credits. ::Still a distant look, either not noticing or not caring that Ethan is still here:: [Action] Byblos -> chuckles at Pher STSF_Nickles -> ::smiles at PHer:: OHH you know it doll [Action] Byblos -> hears a big number Pher -> Ah. Offer me part of that, and I might consider going nut too. Joe Manning -> ::Looks toward Pher:: We've all been offered that. For our services as a mercenary crew. Byblos -> One flaunts that kind of credit there is ALWAYS a catch. Pher -> Ethan? What you think. Want to be tempted into the mercinary life, or you want to stay a virgin? Troy Parson -> Mercenary work. Joy. Joe Manning -> Oh, there's a damned catch alright. Ethan Neufeld -> ::Pher:: You're four years too late. Pher -> Oh, well. Pher -> :: Attention turned to Joe :: Byblos -> Hah! ::quiets:: Sorry Boss STSF_Nickles -> OK Spill it Joe what is it Joe Manning -> ::Looks around at everyone:: I need total discretion. From all of you. Not a word of this can leave this room, whether we decide to do it or not. Byblos -> This room is bugged. Joe Manning -> Bugged by Samus. This comes from him. Byblos -> ::looks to Pher:: Joe Manning -> ::Pulls his flask out from inside his vest, having refilled it before he left Samus' office, much to Samus' annoyance:: Pher -> :: nods :: Old frinedimies. Byblos -> What type of job? Joe Manning -> Keep in mind, you let any of this get out, you make yourself a target. A target of people who don't just hand out citations for grievances. Joe Manning -> ::Sips from the flask:: Pher -> And me too! William Chocox -> ((Hey y'all)) Troy Parson -> ::smokes:: Byblos -> ::still does not like his Boss Drinking the way he does...but he has barely known him long enough:: STSF_Nickles -> ((Hi WIlliam)) Byblos -> (Hey William....) Pher -> :: Shifts into a different implausible position. :: Joe Manning -> ::Glances around at everyone in the room:: Samus' people have learned of some disturbing things outside the Hyades Cluster. They worry him because he's afraid they could compromise his own operations in the cluster. STSF_Nickles -> :: pulls on his trousers:: William Chocox -> ::walks in trying to be inconspicuous because he's late:: Byblos -> ::moves backwards and leans against the doorframe as he listens...if another mausuess or prostitute comes in he'd fall backwards into the individual:: Joe Manning -> It's the Gular Consortium. They're up to something ... Ethan Neufeld -> Up to what? Joe Manning -> His moles ... and I'm sure he's got at least one in the Consortium ... aren't sure. Just that a lot of resources are being diverted in the direction of the Rimward Territories. Ships are being build for unspecified clients. Joe Manning -> It's all being kept very confidential by the Consortium. Not unusual for clients who want privacy. But the Rimward Territories are nothing but raiders and isolated colonists. Pher -> :: Eyes get a bit harder at the mention of Gular. :: Joe Manning -> So who's the Consortium building ships for? What are they doing out there? Byblos -> Oh the Feds must be really happy about this. ::sarcasm:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances at Byblos:: Joe Manning -> ::Closes the flask and returns it to his vest pocket:: One more reason for Samus to worry. These ships might not be getting built within the Federation's spec restrictions. Joe Manning -> Near as Samus can tell, every phase of their construction and deployment is being kept under a shroud of secrecy. STSF_Nickles -> Any ideas on who they are? Joe Manning -> Samus suspects that it goes to the top of Gular Consortium. His contacts on Goldrock colony can't find anything. But even though the Consortium is headquartered on Goldrock officially ... Andus is their real center of operations. Byblos -> Okay, who is going to man these vessels? Guardian petaQs? ::looks to William :: No insult intended to you Joe Manning -> I think that if the Guardians were putting together a fleet in the Rimward Territories, it wouldn't be hushed up like this. But who knows. ::Shrugs:: Our job is to find out. William Chocox -> ::looks over at Byblos:: I'm not a Guardian anymore. William Chocox -> Insult away. Joe Manning -> This is where it gets nuts ... Byblos -> ::to William :: That's why I like you so much William..you said the +bleep+ with them. ::Quiets himself again ..he should not be talking about things bigger than what he knows...Guardians and Tranquility:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::attention on Joe:: Joe Manning -> Samus is convinced that the best way to get the information he wants is from the President of the Consortium -- Maxwell Kennedy himself. Ethan Neufeld -> ::brow rises:: Pher -> Yep. Nuts. Joe Manning -> Yeah. Kennedy is rumored to be the most dangerous man in Bull's Head after Minos. Behind that charming Louisiana smile of his, o' course. Byblos -> Louisiana? Where is that? William Chocox -> Earth. Byblos -> ::blinks at the thought of a Human running the Consortium ...in his shallow pool of information about Bull's head in the Nausicaan's mind..he thought the Bolians were the Consortium:: Joe Manning -> Samus can use contacts of his to get us put on Gular Consortium's client list. It would clear us to enter the Consortium's district on Andus station. Joe Manning -> From there ... well, basically, we'd have to spy on him. Or convince him to give us information. Or kidnap him and torture him. Et cetera ... STSF_Nickles -> Doesnt sound to bad. Byblos -> ::looks around the room for reaction to that because he has one and he isn't going to say it:: Troy Parson -> So...does this sound rather unwise to anyone else? Pher -> :: Glad he didn't unclude seduction as the primary option. :: STSF_Nickles -> ::looks around:: we have enough man power to convence someone to give us what we want right? Joe Manning -> Unwise is what crime bosses pay half a million creds for. Byblos -> Uh Boss...Troy has Brains. Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances at Chris:: Joe Manning -> Chris, believe me ... it ain't as easy as a mercenary crew entering the Consortium offices and putting the squeeze on people. Byblos -> ::looks at the Doctor very fast :: Really? STSF_Nickles -> ::shrugs:: Byblos -> ::Byblos thinks and decides not to add anything else for the moment:: Joe Manning -> We're talking Gular central here. Their most secure offices. Kennedy's private estate. Their Goldrock offices are just a front. Best place to find incrimination information. But also the trickiest to crack. Joe Manning -> Unfortunately ... Samus ain't too open to giving us what we came for unless we do what he wants. Byblos -> ::his eyes do the looking at the crew's reaction:: Pher -> :: Calculating, dubious, considering angles. :: Troy Parson -> ::smokes a little more:: And with half a million on the line, what's to stop him from simply killing us once he has what he wants? Troy Parson -> I know I would, in his position. Ethan Neufeld -> ::faintly, incredulously smirks at Samus's form of blackmail:: Byblos -> ::looks at Troy then at Joe:: Joe Manning -> ::Shakes head at Troy:: No, you wouldn't. You don't know Samus. ::Rubs the back of his neck:: Joe Manning -> Samus would come through with the payment. Assuming we could actually pull this off. Byblos -> ::looks at Pher and decides not to look like he is looking at her body..intentionally trying to give...what do you think? look :: STSF_Nickles -> By the sound of it AND make it out of it alive Pher -> :: Still obviously considering angles. :: Troy Parson -> ::shrugs:: Well, it's your funeral. Mine too, I suppose, but that's neither here nor there. Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Nickles:: That's another thing ... Joe Manning -> Making a long term enemy of the Consortium would not be in our best interests. Pulling this off without anyone being the wiser would be preferred ... maybe even neccesary. Pher -> That would kill a lot of options, but I'd lean towards necessary more than preferred. STSF_Nickles -> Is that even possible? Pher -> We've already got one big group that would like to squish us. Byblos -> ::Byblos having made his mind on the idea continues to look around at faces with his eyes:: Ethan Neufeld -> Sounds like we need to become...friends. Joe Manning -> ::Shrugs at Nickles:: Samus isn't giving us a lot to go on. It may be possible that we could find information, copy it, then bring it back here without anyone knowing. Joe Manning -> But while Samus knows the general layout of the Gular offices here, he wouldn't know where they store their most sensitive information. Kennedy may keep it close, in his estate. Pher -> Might be we want an option like tap his network. Pher -> Or clean break in and out. Joe Manning -> Making friends with the right people. Tapping communications. Bugging Kennedy's office. It's an open job without much in the way of clear objectives. STSF_Nickles -> ::looks to Pher:: I wonder if Kennedy is in need of a new maid? Pher -> :: Glances at Tony and Ethan :: Ethan Neufeld -> How about a friend in need? Joe Manning -> Samus could be cookin' up stories to just get us to spy on the Consortium for him. Ethan Neufeld -> ::mildly displeased with that idea:: Joe Manning -> I think everyone should brainstorm this. Byblos -> I have a question regarding the payment. Joe Manning -> We could even dip our toes in the water before we decide anything -- head to the Gular district and have a scout around. Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Byblos:: This would be our normal payment for a job, divvied up among the crew. Byblos -> We need, if we even decide to do this..additional assets..equipment. Is this Samus willing to pay some of the job forward. Joe Manning -> ::Sighs and considers for a moment:: I could probably convince him to take any job expenses out of the pay. But since the pay ain't guaranteed, he won't float us much. Byblos -> ::says nothing back to the Boss:: Pher -> If I played my sort of games, I'd need a new cover id. Samus might have the right folk for that. I'd also need to change my appearance considerably. There aren't that many Orion on Andus. Byblos -> ::coughs:: You aren't the only one Lifeguard. Joe Manning -> ::Smirks at Pher:: You sure this ain't the kind of job that you'd want to attract attention? Pher -> But I could likely climb up the corporate tree a good way. Byblos -> ::thinks of Shane the one armed wrecking crew and himself:: Pher -> Oh, I'd be noticed, all right. You don't let addictive people get too close to your big thinkers. It's just that if there's an aftermath, we don't want them thinking Qob too quickly. Byblos -> ::thinks of Qob a second..and that pretty much cements his thoughts on this idea:: Joe Manning -> Whatever would help. Their Andus offices do get a moderate amount of traffic. A mercenary crew with a banged up ship wouldn't stick out -too- much. But we would have to be careful about where we step. Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM
  11. Joe leaned back in the armchair watching the Andorian quicksilver fountain that nearly occupied all of one of the walls in Samus’ office. Joe knew that the silvery liquid issuing from the fountain’s sixteen wide nozzles was not actually mercury, nor that the marble material of the fountain was producing the odd crystalline noise as the water cascaded over the first then the second then the third tier into the basin below. The sound was produced by crystal pellets ricocheting off one another inside the fountain’s concealed water cycling system. The color was produced by a silvery dust that, quite inelegantly, was a byproduct of chemical processes the Andorians used when constructing the outer hulls of their ships, processes meant to conceal the ships from outdated sensors. The water (along with its dust) was perfectly safe to drink and rumors spread (usually among non-Andorians) that it could add years to one’s life. All an illusion, of course. Still, Joe found it relaxing. Finding Samus’ office empty, he had helped himself to a glass of bourbon from the mini-bar. That the bar was next to the fountain was not an accident. This was all part of Samus’ game; seat the client in his office, let him spend a few minutes alone having his mind clouded by the fountain, allow his attention to inevitably drift to the bar, then pounce when his defenses were suitably weakened. The game didn’t work on Joe. He knew it and Samus knew it. Odd, then, that Samus was keeping him waiting. But maybe the game did work on Joe. He barely noticed when Samus strode behind the chair and seated himself on the other side of his desk. Joe rotated the armchair to face him. The broad viewport behind Samus showed almost the entirety of the station. Though Samus’ district was near the edge of the station, he would naturally have a view of all the hollowed out asteroids and the umbilicals that joined them; he‘d want to keep an eye on everything. Normally Andorian inspections disallowed any viewports which showed too much of the station -- many of their tenants desired privacy, not even wanting the traffic of ships to and from their asteroids to be common knowledge. Somehow, Samus got away with such an encompassing view. “Helped yourself, I see,” the young man motioned to Joe’s bourbon glass. He was no longer smiling; that had been a show for the crew. Now he looked slightly annoyed, and slightly tense. Joe finished off the bourbon and set the empty glass down on the desk, not bothering to use one of the foam cradles stacked in both corners on his side of the desk. “I noticed a bottle of Sylvaran Green Wine; very difficult to get something like that shipped out here. And Romulan Ale. Business must be good.” “Always,” Samus answered simply, allowing a brief smile. He clasped his fingers together on top of the desk, tighter than usual, and watched Joe. “What brings you to Andus, Joe?” “Need something you’ve got.” Joe inclined his head slightly. “What are you nervous about, Samus?” Samus visibly tightened, though his expression betrayed nothing. He forced a shrug. “Nervous?” “I know you well enough to see it,” Joe said. “It’s in your eyes, in the way you’re carryin’ yourself. It’s no secret that you and I have never felt completely at ease around each other, but something about this visit has you … more unsettled than usual.” “You must be misreading. What would I have to be nervous about?” Samus forced a smile, but Joe could sense that he was like a spring wound up tightly and ready to pop. “Could it be that stunt your pet bloodhound pulled in the Hydran Expanse?” Joe asked in an even tone. Samus quickly rose from his chair and turned to the viewport, not even giving Joe time to see the reaction on his face. He crossed his arms and stared out the viewport in silence for a few seconds before answering. “When I heard about what happened to Qob in the Expanse, I was mortified. You had people on your crew that I liked; I assure you that hearing about their deaths was not pleasant for me. I was glad that some of you survived and made it back to Tranquility. Believe me when I tell you that Duke was severely reprimanded.” “’Reprimanded?’” Joe repeated scornfully, allowing some anger into his voice now. “What reprimand could make up for the lives of half my crew members? I’d have had his head on Tranquility if the Guardians weren’t around to protect him. And I imagine that if he shows his face here, you‘ll protect him too?” “You know how it works, Joe,” Samus replied, still looking away. “I allow the people who work for me considerable freedom to pursue independent projects and mercenary contracts. They just need to answer to me above anyone if I call on them for jobs and to share a cut of any profits they generate independently.” “I see. So tell me, Samus, how much of the raider bounty did Duke share with you after he finished leaving me and my crew for dead?” Samus turned then and pointed a finger at Joe. “Don’t talk to me that way on my station! How many times have I told you? I call the shots here, and I’m not going to be lectured by you, of all people, on morality.” Joe simply smirked back at him, pleased to have gotten such a reaction. Samus lowered his arm and glared now at Joe. “Like I said, Duke was reprimanded. I’ve put him out of action and under watch for the time being. The raider bounty was turned over to me, and I may just see fit to turn it over to you.” “How generous,” Joe said mockingly. “It just so happens that I may be able to utilize your crew’s help, now that you’re here.” Samus circled around the desk and walked to the mini-bar, trying to appear as if he‘d recomposed himself. “But first, tell me what exactly you want. If you wanted bloody vengeance, you wouldn‘t have taken a vacation on Zoalus first.” Joe shook his head; who had given Samus that nugget of information, he wondered. “No, what went down in the Expanse ain’t the reason I’m here. Well, to be accurate, it’s part of the reason. Qob took extensive damage from the raiders --” “My mechanics are already working on her,” Samus interrupted. He was pouring something out for himself. “I figured that’s where the more recent battle scars came from. You can consider that another form of reparation that will come out of Duke‘s pay.” “Touching. Why don’t you just get rid of his lousy stinkin’ ass?” “Because he’s good at what he does.” Samus slammed a bottle down and returned to his desk holding a full glass. “Why? Do you want him back?” Joe didn’t appreciate the sarcasm. Samus knew full well how Duke’s stint as Qob’s First Mate had ended. “Like I was saying. Among our battle damage were some pretty severe hits to the computer core. There was some major corruption, but we were mostly able to patch it up and get by. Certain … incidents … at Zoalus made matters worse. Our core ended up fried, and there’s something inside it that’s making it difficult to start it back up.” “As I said, my people will look at it,” Samus said, now seated across from Joe again. “But if your engineers can’t do anything … “ Joe raised his arm and tapped at his ODRI. The holographic image of an elderly Klingon appeared above its control interface. The Klingon faced Samus. “Do you recognize him?” Joe asked. Samus peered at the image for a few moments, taking a sip of his drink. “I never met him.” “Don’t lie to me, boy,” Joe growled. Samus slammed his glass down on the desk. “What did I just tell you about that, you old bastard?!” Joe ignored him and continued, “I know you have a backup of Qob’s computer core -- everything that was on it before you wiped it and sold the ship to me. I know you wouldn’t have trashed it. Now, I want that backup. It rightfully belonged to me after I bought the ship.” “Oh, no no.” Samus chuckled and wagged a finger at Joe. “I sold you the ship after the core was wiped; you bought Qob with an empty core. -If- a backup existed … you’d have no right to it. Remember, Qob was my ship. Hell, it was the flagship of my fleet. You think I’d want information that was on that core to fall into the wrong hands? Information about my syndicate‘s operations?” “Damn your operations,” Joe snapped. “I don’t care about them. What does he have to do with them?” He pointed at the Klingon. “Like I said … I never met him. But I have seen his face in some old data archives -- -very- old data archives, going back before two or three wipes of Qob’s computer. I’d hazard a guess that your Klingon friend was Qob’s first Captain. Or maybe its last Klingon Captain. What does he have to do with your computer anyway troubles? Any information about him would have been cleared out by the wipes.“ “Apparently not. We’ve seen broken fragments of a recorded message or a journal entry or orders being given by this guy. He pops up whenever the few computer functions we’ve got working start acting up. We can’t piece together enough of the message to figure out what he’s saying or how he survived the data wipes. Best guess is that something was rooted deep inside the computer, embedded in the core functions even.” Samus listened to Joe’s explanation, then shrugged. It seemed genuine. “In any event, he predates Qob being a part of this syndicate. I never met him, and I‘m fairly certain my predecessor never met him.” Joe frowned deeply. “What do you want for access to the old computer dumps?” “Now you’re talking in my language,” Samus replied with a wide smile. “As I alluded earlier, it just so happens I have a job for you.” “Don’t be a pain in the ass, Samus,” Joe said. “I just want access to some old computer backups.” “And can you pay me for that access?” Samus asked. “Between your light cargo hold and the long shopping lists your crew is throwing around in my Market, I’d guess your budget is a bit skinny these days. Besides, I’m not trying to bleed you here. Do this job, and I’ll give you access to the backups -and- pay you credits on top of the raider bounty.” “The way I see it, I’m owed that bounty anyway,” Joe argued. “You can take the cost of the backups out of it, give me the rest, then when I’ve got the computer restored, we go our separate ways.” “Sorry, Joe, but that’s not going to work for me.” Samus leaned back in his chair. “The truth is I -am- in need of someone for this job, and you and your crew fit the bill perfectly. I trust you. You usually gather capable hands around yourself. And you don’t work for me officially; anyone on my standard payroll would attract too much attention.” “Even if I was interested, Qob is practically crippled without her computer restored. We--” “You wouldn’t have to leave the station,” Samus interrupted. “I need you to do some work for me right here on Andus. Another district of Andus, but I could get you clearance.” “Somehow I get the feeling this ‘job’ has trouble written all over it,” Joe said. “More trouble for me than for you. I’m not interested. Let’s discuss a price for the computer backups alone. It’s all I need right now.” Samus picked up his glass and started circling the rim with his finger. “The job is a bit troublesome, but when have you ever shied away from trouble. Help me out here, and you get complete access to the computer backups and … how does half a million credits sound?” It took Joe a long moment to answer. Truthfully, it sounded better than the quicksilver fountain. But it was equally unsettling. Despite grievances about the Hydran Expanse debacle being aired, Samus had still appeared nervous throughout the conversation …
  12. Jan 29 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Joe Manning -> ::On the Bridge going through the collected reports, making sure he has everything he's going to submit to the administrators:: rosetto -> ::turns on seat::Approaching Xorax Colony, SIr Byblos -> Byblos looks at the Qob's hovercycle formerly his, he examines for anything else amok and declares to himself ::Fixed! Pher -> :: On the bridge, looking for signs of approaching civilization. :: Joe Manning -> ::Without glancing up from his ODRI:: I've already radioed ahead to let them know we're coming. Get in touch, tell'em we're here, and settle into orbit over the colony site. Kaara Soora -> ::sitting at her desk, boots on it, monitoring Ethan on her PADD:: William Chocox -> ::working in engineering making sure the Qob doesn't go down in a big ball of flames:: Pher -> :: Is ready for civilization :: Shane -> ::gathering his equipment in the Engineering Lab for a trip to the surface:: rosetto -> Aye, Sir... geocentric orbit... Pher -> :: Dressed for civilization, which might be mildly distracting, but then again she's always at least mildly distracting... :: William Chocox -> ::looks over at Shane:: You going down Shane? rosetto -> +Xorax Colony+This is QoB. Premission to orbit? Shane -> Where's that jyking emmitter...worthless equipment...::hears Will, yells out tof the Lab to the Engine Room:: Yeah! Gotta return a broken emmitter and get some supplies Joe Manning -> Xorax Flight Control> +Sal+ This is Xorax Colony. You have permission to orbit, Qob. We are relaying coordinates of eight vessels already in orbit along with the coordinates you are to assume. Shane -> Jykin crap for equipment... Joe Manning -> It wasn't a total disaster ... Pher -> :: Decides to check on the names of said ships... looking for any that might reek of Guardianship. :: William Chocox -> ::yells back:: Can you get some duct tape while you're down there? We're running low. Byblos -> ::grunts as he stands up and stretches:: Secured. Now you won't go flying off in battle. ::picks up the toolbox and begins walking towards his quarters:: Troy Parson -> ::exhales some smoke:: Quite a welcoming committee...they did say eight, right? Pher -> Under the circumstaqnces, it was a nicely minimized disaster. rosetto -> +Xorax Control+Thanks. Begining our descent... QoB out.. Joe Manning -> ACTION: The Guardians, typically not being welcome at Xorax, do not display their emblem on any of the ships in orbit Shane -> ::yells back:: What else? And keep yer voice down! Pher -> :: Looks over the various ships in line of sight, just to see what can be seen with passive sensors. :: Joe Manning -> The objective I mean ... not all the other crap. ::Looks up at Pher:: Aside from that Macen kid, we didn't get any of Verbistul's scientists down to the surface. But between your two trips to the planet and Troy's masking device, we can give them some solid guidelines for future missions. rosetto -> ::quickly projects course based on received data stream; slips QoB in between two freighters:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The ships seem to be ordinary traffic, a couple of Gular cruisers and an assortment of privateers Pher -> Yes. I think the guidelines, assuming we have some discipline to go with them, might be good to have. William Chocox -> ::lowers voice a little bit:: Some ((OOC: insert WD-40 equivalent here.)) would be nice. STSF_Nickles -> :: makes his way to medical :: rosetto -> ::fixes controls to auto and rises:: Orbit is attained sir. Feel free to move about the cabin... Shane -> Check our plasma coolant reserves! Kaara Soora -> ::toes tap to a tune in her head:: Joe Manning -> ::Nods at Sal:: Good, then. ::Taps his ODRI:: +Com+ Anyone who's coming down to the planet with me, meet me on the Bridge rosetto -> ::raises a finger::I think I could use some fresh air... Byblos -> Oh....I need a sword. No money. Problem. William Chocox -> ::checks reserves and notices they're a bit low:: We could do with some more. Levels are a bit low. Shane -> ::hears the com and steps into the E room:: I'm leaving. Are you comin? Byblos -> ::places toolkit in quarters, securing his quarters he's quickly to the bridge:: STSF_Nickles -> ::enters medical:: Kaara Soora -> ::looks up as Chris enters:: Troy Parson -> ::swivels at his bridge station:: Well, I've already transported once recently; suppose another wouldn't do any more harm. rosetto -> ::picks up his PADD nd looks to the captain:: William Chocox -> ::looks back up:: Nah, I'll stay up here and make sure the bird still flies when you get back. Shane -> (test) Shane -> (never mind) Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Sal:: There ain't any fresh air to be had. Whole colony's under the mountains and they seal off every fissure to the surface. Pher -> Could you possibly get more scrambled, Troy? :: Smiling. :: Byblos -> ::Enters the bridge and just stands on the right side of the door:: Erhm...Pher, Could use your opinion. William Chocox -> ((pass to me)) Troy Parson -> ::gives Pher a look:: Pher -> Sure, Byblos. :: Stands and wanders over to Byblos :: Pher -> :: Returns Troy's look with a wink. :: rosetto -> Bad choice of words, I guess, sir. Stretch my legs? ::smiles thinly:: STSF_Nickles -> :: walks over to Soora:: Whats on the books for the day. Shane -> Alright.::turns to leave, a duffel strung over his good shoulder, his bionic hissing:: Send anything else you find to my ODRI. William Chocox -> Sure thing boss. Shane -> ::yells over his shoulder:: Don't blow up my engines!! Kaara Soora -> ::waves a hand to Ethan vaguely:: He's stable. Bay is clean and stocked, for the most part. Pher -> They're not long enough, Sal? Joe Manning -> +Com+ Xorax, I have a group assembling for transport. Kindly lock on to my signal. Byblos -> Listen, I need a blade. Problem is....no currency. Is it possible someone can get me some dough to buy a new blade? rosetto -> ::struggling::nope! ::then smiles:: Joe Manning -> ::Does a quick head count:: William Chocox -> ::yells back:: They'll still be there when you get back. Byblos -> ::points to empty sword sheath:: Shane -> ::stomps down the stairs and down the neck cooridor:: Pher -> :: Winces a bit :: Joe's project is getting paid. If he succeeds we might all have a little something. Pher -> I've got a trinket I was hoping to sell for pocket change, but... how good a blade are you looking for? STSF_Nickles -> With as much damage that was done I think keeping him sedated until hes completely heeled is a good idea. We do not want him to tear anything else open and bleed out Byblos -> Okay that being the case, without currency. I might be arrested for Vagrancy. I suppose I should stay aboard. Shane -> ::stomps onto the bridge, looks around the room:: I'm headin down. Joe Manning -> ::Hears Shane's noisy approach and wonders if he's intending to join the group:: Pher -> :: Moves towards a transport formation with Joe :: Pher -> :: Gestures for byblos to foolow if he is so inclined. :: rosetto -> ::follows suit for transport:: Kaara Soora -> ::nods, setting down PADD:: Agreed. ::takes boots off of desk:: Is that you came to say? Joe Manning -> Alright then, I got ... +Com+ 6 for immediate transport, Xorax, on my location. Byblos -> I need something to sever a Guardian's head in one swing....::follows PHer as if it were a command::: Pher -> Hmmm... We can bail you out. Joe Manning -> ACTION: The group is quickly snatched up by Xorax Colony's sleek rapid transport beam rosetto -> ::shakes head:: Byblos -> Your Call Pher. Pher -> Ha. Nothing very large, then. They have such scrawny little necks. Shane -> ::looks to Byblos, raising an eyebrow:: I can make you something. ::shimmers:: Troy Parson -> ::is sleekly, rapidly transported:: Joe Manning -> @ACTION: And just as quickly deposited in one of the Colony's Transporter rooms STSF_Nickles -> Not all.... We are near Xorax take some time offou want to Colony, if y rosetto -> ::pfizzles:: Pher -> :: Shimmers :: STSF_Nickles -> Not all.... We are near Xorax Colony, if yyou wan to take some time off Troy Parson -> @::checks himself to make sure his limbs are all there:: Byblos -> ::fizzles:: ::looks to Shane:: Really? Like One swing off the head strength ? Joe Manning -> @ACTION: Two black uniformed men stand near the transporter station. One circles around it and approaches the group. Kaara Soora -> ::raises eyebrow:: Chris, I'd much rather be up here. ::stands:: Feel free though. rosetto -> @::opens his eyes. He always closes his eyes when he transports:: Byblos -> ::quiets upon seeing the black dudes:: Pher -> :: Decides not to comment on Troy's missing tail. Security people can sometimes have no sense of humor. :: Joe Manning -> @Li'rok> ::A Vulcan gentleman. Nods to the group:: The crew of the Qob, correct? I have been instructed by the Administrators to show you to a local center of entertainment until they are prepared to meet you. rosetto -> @::looks up and smiles at Vulcan::hmmm... Shane -> ::turns and looks around the room, checking his surroundings and the two figures:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: Not long after, two more transport beams deposit two very short, identical-looking aliens in Qob's infirmary STSF_Nickles -> I have nothing I want to go to the surface for. Kaara Soora -> Neither do I. ::looks around:: Care for a hot beverage? Joe Manning -> @Hm. ::Regards the Vulcan and looks back at the group:: I do believe this means we are being confined to a location of their choosing. STSF_Nickles -> Sure Hot black tea with honey Troy Parson -> @ Joy, imprisonment again. Joe Manning -> Bynars> ::Look around the infirmary curiously:: Byblos -> @::realizes he should be thinking of clothes too...his current set..his only set looks weathered with combat damage:: Pher -> Hey. We could have done more of that when we were out and about. Would have saved some trouble. Shane -> ::aside to Byblos:: Get a hold of a disruptor, klingon preferably. I've got everything else. rosetto -> @::out of the fryg pan...:: rosetto -> ^frying Kaara Soora -> ::nods, heading to the replicator and putting in the order:: You know, I didn't expect you back so soon. Shane -> *@ Joe Manning -> @Li'rok> ::Looks at Troy and blinks:: If we had meant for you to be imprisoned, we would not escort you to one of Xorax Colony's finer lounge facilities Joe Manning -> @Li'rok> Consider this a service to you for your efforts on the Zoalus expedition. Byblos -> @ ::to Shane:: I'll check the Klingon outlet. rosetto -> @::looks at Troy::Let's go see what kind of brew they have to offer, okay? Pher -> @ :: Culture shock as usual. Different planets, different things important... :: Troy Parson -> @::looks at Li'rok:: Right, service. Service is good. Joe Manning -> Bynars> ::Separate and begin poking and prodding and picking up any small item they can find from the infirmary's counters and cabinets:: STSF_Nickles -> Well as I said before, You will be seeing more of me. Troy Parson -> @ ::takes out a cigarette and lights it:: Kaara Soora -> ::nods, walking over and handing him the mug of tea:: Hope it got it right this time. It choked on me earlier today. Joe Manning -> @Of course, our efforts involved getting a good deal of their science ship's crew killed, so ... ::Nods to the Vulcan:: We'll play along. Lead the way, son. Pher -> :: Hopes for Troy's sake there is no tax on oxygen use... :: rosetto -> @::follows the Vulcan:: Joe Manning -> @Li'rok> ::Turns and guides the group out of the transporter room:: STSF_Nickles -> :: takes a sip from the cup:: Byblos -> @::thinks about Shane's request which is probably tied into the CPU package..with no currency at the moment, it would require theft. This place being full of cameras at every angle makes that not a wise move, best hope the BOSS scores on the paycheck:: Joe Manning -> 111> ::Looks over at Ethan:: Shane -> @::shifts his duffel as he follows the group, his arm whirring and hissing:: Challenge a Klingon to a fight to win one. Get him to throw his shirt too. Joe Manning -> 111> ::Scurries over to the biobed to look more closely:: STSF_Nickles -> Its right this time Kaara Soora -> ((111?)) Pher -> :: Slips back to fall in with Byblos more or less :: Joe Manning -> ( One of the Bynars. Well ... Trynars :) ) Pher -> (( Karra.... the locals have binary names. )) Joe Manning -> ACTION: A third transporter beam deposits a third alien in engineering Shane -> ::stomping behind the rest of the group:: Pher -> (( To drive them nuts, introduce yourself as Pi. )) Shane -> @* William Chocox -> ::continues working on the engines:: Damnit! How uncooperative can this ship get? ::smacks panel with tool:: Kaara Soora -> ((::scrolls up::)) rosetto -> @::steps up::So, what is your name, sir?::questions Li'rok:: Joe Manning -> 1-10> ::Immediately begins looking around until his attention is distracted by the noise:: Kaara Soora -> ((must have missed that)) Byblos -> @ ::looks to Shane then back to Pher:: Acquistions, are adding up in my head. There is a Klingon outlet if I recall our last visit. Id like to visit. However, that would be after Joe Pays us. William Chocox -> ::looks up at the sound of the transporter beam:: What the hell are you doing here? Shane -> @ If we get paid... Pher -> Yah. I'd like to make minimal waves until that point? Joe Manning -> @Might be best if we all stick together until the colony gives us the all-clear to move about freely. Don't want to cause any trouble for our gracious hosts. Kaara Soora -> ::looks at Chris:: rosetto -> @::nods:: Troy Parson -> @::nods:: Right. ::smokes:: Joe Manning -> 1-10> ::Looks at William and nods:: Greetings to you. I am here looking for my good friend Troy Parson in the hopes that he may update us on his experiments and provide 'smokes.' STSF_Nickles -> :: sees her looking at him ::something wrong? Pher -> @ You thinking sword, Bat'lah or other? Byblos -> @::ponders if Shane wants him arrested, any fight with a Klingon would be extremely security drawing, and send Byblos to the Brig...no he has to think this one out::: Joe Manning -> 111> ::Pokes Ethan in the arm before circling around the biobed to look over his vitals:: Troy Parson -> ((Oh dear, did I get a Trinar addicted to nicotine?!)) Kaara Soora -> ::points at 111:: Something I should know? rosetto -> ((Troy, The Pusher Man)) William Chocox -> Well he's not going to be in here. You might want to check the bridge and if he's not there than he should be down on the planet. William Chocox -> ::goes back to his work:: Joe Manning -> 011> ::Climbs onto a counter to look into a box of medical gauze:: Byblos -> @Klingons do not part with Bat`leth's. There is a certain honor they have with them. If I could a sword made of their alloy would be a big plus. If they do that thing here. STSF_Nickles -> What the... ::walks over to the bed:: What is going on here? rosetto -> @::hoping they get to this entertainment center soon:: Joe Manning -> @ACTION: Li'nok leads the group into one of the Colony's large cavernous tiered plazas. Shops, office fronts, and activity centers are scattered around the tiers Byblos -> @Pher, entertainment center? Does that include mall...or....oohhh::Looks ath the large cavernous Plaza:: rosetto -> @::looks around all wide-eyed:: Joe Manning -> 1-10> ::Continues looking around:: Having equipment troubles? Troy Parson -> @::surveys the cavern:: That *is* rather impressive... Joe Manning -> 111> ::Looks over at Nickles:: Oh, greetings to you. Do you know the whereabouts of Troy Parson? STSF_Nickles -> Leave him alone. ::steps between 111 abd the biobed:: Pher -> @ :: Looks about for Klingon weapon shops and possible Victoria's Secret franchises. :: Joe Manning -> 011> ::Gets down from the counter and runs over to 111's side:: Byblos -> @Jykin' great time to be broke..jyking great time. ::swears at the ground in front of him:: STSF_Nickles -> I believe he went to the surface. Kaara Soora -> ::comes to stand beside Chris, eyes on the monitors:: Pher -> @ Is there a good time to be broke? STSF_Nickles -> Wgy are you looking for him? Joe Manning -> @ACTION: No Klingon weapon shops or Victoria's Secret shops in the this area, but there is a Klingon lingerie shop Troy Parson -> @::to Pher:: Sure there is...when you're dead. Shane -> @::stomping along, ignoring ads and glancing from person to person as they past:: rosetto -> @Not where I come from, Darlin'... Joe Manning -> 111> That is disappointing. We missed him then? STSF_Nickles -> Yes Pher -> @ I'm not in that big a hurry, Troy. Joe Manning -> 011> We were hoping to catch up. ::Looks around:: It would seem that our companion has not ... oh, no, he is in your engineering area. STSF_Nickles -> What interest do you have in Ethan? rosetto -> @All agreed here...::smiles at Troy & Pher:: Byblos -> ::sticks with Pher watching her back just in case:: Uh what Troy said...What? Klingon Lingerie??? Can a Nausicaan get a break!! Hmmm...Looks like I will have to wait until the Joe gets us some payment. STSF_Nickles -> What? Joe Manning -> @Li'nok> ::Stops at the entrance to a large neon-lit structure with a sign that says 'Club Trinity' in front. Techno music blares from within:: Our destination. ::Waves the group inside:: Byblos -> @^ William Chocox -> ::without looking up:: All the time. Where is your companion? Kaara Soora -> Sure William is loving that ::mutters:: rosetto -> @I guess we're going in here... Pher -> @ I'd keep clear of the Klingon Lingerie store. I understand their sound system broacasts Klingon Opera and very bad poetry. Troy Parson -> @::eyes the club dubiously:: Joe Manning -> 111> This gentleman? ::Motions to Ethan:: He appears to be sleeping. We do not wish to awake him. Kaara Soora -> No, please do not. Shane -> ::pauses at the entrance, then enters, eyes narrowing:: Pher -> @ :: Tries to figure out if she knows a dance style compatible with the music. :: STSF_Nickles -> Agreed he does not need to be awaken thank you rosetto -> @::looks for 'table' entertainment; just for fun:: Joe Manning -> @Thank ya kindly. ::Nods to the Vulcan and enters the club:: I hope you all know how to dance, otherwise we'll stand out like sore thumbs STSF_Nickles -> You poked him. What interest do you have in doing that? Pher -> @ I dance a little. :: twinkle in eyes :: Byblos -> @::to Pher:: I am not dancing Pher..Nausicaans do not dance. Blast...Hey uh.....Li'nok beverages on the house right??? Joe Manning -> 1-10> Companion? You mean ... companions? They are ... elsewhere on the ship. STSF_Nickles -> How many of you are on this ship? rosetto -> @::shakes his booty comically:: Joe Manning -> @That's hardly polite of you to say, Byblos, when there's a lady in our company. Joe Manning -> 111> Just me ... Joe Manning -> 011> And me. Joe Manning -> 111> And three. Three is trouble. Joe Manning -> 011> Yes, big trouble. ::Shakes head:: Always late, always errant. STSF_Nickles -> Three? William Chocox -> ::looks up with a quizzical look:: Companions? I thought Bynars traveled in pairs? Kaara Soora -> Three is always trouble. Byblos -> @ Well Boss, I just did not want to embarass said lady by ordering something I cannot pay for. Joe Manning -> 111> One Negative One Zero. He is in your engineering area. Unless you put your engines on your Bridge. Then he is in your Bridge. Pher -> @ I'm not sure that 'Lady' is the most fitting of descriptions, Joe. Joe Manning -> @All the same, Pher. ::Holds his hand out to her:: The dance floor is calling, won't you join me and try to humor my creaky old bones? STSF_Nickles -> Soora I better get up there. Keep an eye on these two Kaara Soora -> ::walks back over to her PADD, sending a quick message to William:: Byblos -> @Lifeguard I need to find a wall and scope this place. I don't like just being led into a danceroom on a rock like this Pher -> @ :: Smiles :: Sure. Kaara Soora -> Aye, aye. ::said comically:: rosetto -> @Come on, Byblos... I'll buy you whatever... ONE of whatever... STSF_Nickles -> :: sets his cup on the counter and heads for the bridge:: Shane -> @::having looked the room over thouroughly, leaves the group and heads for the bar:: Pher -> @ :: Holds up a hand to be led by Joe. :: Joe Manning -> @::Looks at Byblos:: Keep an eye on Sal and Troy while you're at it. I think the game tables caught their attention, and Troy's card counting has gotten us in trouble before. Kaara Soora -> ::to Bynars:: Don't make a mess. I just cleaned. Joe Manning -> 111 & 011> ::Glance at Kaara, then quickly move to follow Nickles:: Troy Parson -> @::looks indignant:: Only because I was too drunk to use a proper concealment algorithm... Kaara Soora -> Company, Chris. STSF_Nickles -> ::enters the lift:: Bridge! Joe Manning -> 1-10> Oh no, not on Xorax Colony. On Xorax, we travel in threes. Threes is a good solid number, wouldn't you agree? Byblos -> @Aye Boss Sal just offered me a drink Ill take it. ::he follows Rosetto :: rosetto -> @Troy, you too! Let's go Joe Manning -> @::Takes Pher's hand and leads her onto the busy crowded dance floor, where individuals of a variety of alien races are paired up in any number of odd ways:: Troy Parson -> @ ::turns to Rosetto:: Very wel. Byblos -> @::looks around the club:: Kaara Soora -> ::taps another message to William:: Joe Manning -> 111> ::Climbs the ladder behind Nickles:: I find it odd that you speak to the ladders on your ship. Pher -> @ ::Looks about to see what sort of moves are in vogue here. Starts out not trying to gather too much attention. :: Shane -> @::takes seat at the bar, the stool creaking loudly, growls loudly:: Bartender! rosetto -> @::steps up to the 'crowded' bar and begins to yell::Could we get some drinks here? Pher -> @ Didn't know they were this much into variety. Troy Parson -> @::hanging behind Shane and Rosetto:: Joe Manning -> @::Begins moving to the techno music, trying his hardest not to appear too embarassing:: STSF_Nickles -> ((kEEP FORGETTING THAT)) Kaara Soora -> ((LOL)) STSF_Nickles -> I thought you were going to remain in Sickbay rosetto -> @::momentarily looks out at the dance floor and Joe & Pher:: Joe Manning -> 1-10> ::Leans over a nearby station and begins tapping the controls, but gets no response as the console is dark:: STSF_Nickles -> ::climbs onto the bridge:: Kaara Soora -> ::checks on Ethan, making sure the Bynars didn't harm him:: Shane -> @Bartender>::edges towards Sal and the imposing cyborg:: Yeah? William Chocox -> ::looks at his message and replies back "No duh Sherlock.":: It is when you are together. Don't touch anything. ::smacks Bynars wrist:: Byblos -> @Rosetto just beer...beer please. ::looking around with his eyes :: Joe Manning -> @Vulcans and Bynars are prominent here, but they don't discriminate on Xorax. Science is neutral like that. STSF_Nickles -> HEY!!! ::sees 1-10 :: Stops doing that rosetto -> @Okay, what do you all want? I'll have a dark ale... Joe Manning -> 1-10> ::Snaps back his arm and rubs his wrist:: Ouch? Troy Parson -> @::timidly:: Make that two... STSF_Nickles -> Why do you say Ouch I did not touch you rosetto -> @::reaches into his pocket for some lat':: Pher -> @ You were a professional dancer in your youth? Byblos -> ::takes a seat near Sal sees Shane and realizes...if he were in his 20's this would be an awesome place to pick a fight...but experience has taught the Nausicaan a bit of caution:: Shane -> @::slaps a few creds on the counter:: Rum. A bottle. Joe Manning -> @You I can see through the flattery, Pher. ::Smirks:: I did run a place like this, once. Owned a nightclub for a time, back before my joints stiffened up. Byblos -> ::thinks of all the credit lifting to be done with the dancing..:: Yeah right a camera up my arse. (not heard due to loud music?) Pher -> @ Hey. Never hurts to try. Joe Manning -> 111> Is Troy Parson well, then? Shane -> @Bartender>::scurries away to get the order:: Pher -> @ Starships are less hard on the joints? William Chocox -> ((1-10 is in Engineering I believe Chris.)) Kaara Soora -> ::PADD beeps, and she smiled a little, types back 'They can cause trouble. Just making sure you knew. Sounds like Nickles has his hands full':: STSF_Nickles -> Why are you three here? William Chocox -> ::looks at the message and replies "Yeah, I just smacked one today.":: rosetto -> @::lays the lat' on the bar but keeps his hand over it:: Joe Manning -> @::Glances around and notices that several people are already eyeing Pher:: ... never rains on a starship, so I got that goin' for me. ::Quietly:: You best control your movements here; don't want to start a riot. Byblos -> @::looks to Shane:: Klingon Lingerie...unless you think it's a front. But I've spotted enough security cams to make it a possibility. William Chocox -> I smacked the one who just said ouch Chris. Joe Manning -> 1-10> ::Moves over to another terminal and finds that it is equally dark:: Pher -> @ Aye. Believe it or not, I am trying to tone it down. (Quietly) Byblos -> @::looks at Rosetto making certain everything is okay with his action there:: Shane -> @Bartender>::brings back the drinks, setting them between Sal and Shane, taking the creds and lat':: Joe Manning -> 111> Just checking up on an old friend. We became acquainted with Troy Parson during your last stay here. Pher -> @ :: Tries to tone it down a bit more. :: It's hard, though. Pher -> @ So many males. So much need. rosetto -> @::takes his drink and hands Troy his:: Joe Manning -> 011> ::Glances around the Bridge:: There is something amiss here. Many of the interface mechanisms on your ship are not functioning. STSF_Nickles -> I told you hes on the surface rosetto -> @Cheers! William Chocox -> ::to 1-10:: Don't touch anything. Troy Parson -> @::takes his ale from rosetto:: Cheers. Kaara Soora -> ::checking vitals when PADD beeps again. 'They said he was trouble' STSF_Nickles -> Ya I know we have had some troubles STSF_Nickles -> They are being worked on Shane -> @::grabs the bottle and takes a long swig:: Joe Manning -> @And we already drew enough of the local security's attention last time we were here ... Joe Manning -> @Besides, I brought you over here for some business. Byblos -> @::looks to Rosetto:: Is it purchased..I don't want to land in the Prison here. Boss will probably let me rot after this last job. Joe Manning -> 111> How unfortunate ... Pher -> @ Yep. :: Pauses :: Business? Joe Manning -> 011> Anything we could assist with? STSF_Nickles -> Not without the Captains permission Joe Manning -> @Your report. On the Zoalus mission. It was rather, uh, candid. rosetto -> @Ah... that's what I needed... ::to Byblos:: This one's on me... ::hands him the third mug:: Pher -> @ :: attentive... Though she expects it won't be the usual sort of business that she sets up on a dance floor... :: Joe Manning -> 1-10> ::Sighs and looks around:: Your ship is so ... quiet. It was not this quiet the last time we were here. Shane -> @::rolls his eyes and stands up, turning to Byblos:: You gonna get a disruptor or not? Pher -> @ Yes. I feel I ought to be. Did I write burn after reading on that? STSF_Nickles -> We are on a rest Period rosetto -> @::to Shane::Big Guy... I think we should stick together for now, ay? William Chocox -> Last time you were here more of the ship was actually working. Byblos -> @::to Shane as he takes his drinks:: You want me to shop for PHer or something? ::looks his eyes at the Klingon shop:: Joe Manning -> @You had some not-so-flattering things to say about me. About my command habits. ::Spins around Pher, looking much like an old man dancing at a wedding:: Shane -> @::glances to Sal:: Keep yer panties on, I'm not leaving the room. Joe Manning -> 1-10> Aaaah. Trouble? ::Peers smartly up at William:: Pher -> @ :: Tries to make Joe look good. :: Shane -> @::nods his head towards the back where a drunk Klingon is dancing wildly:: rosetto -> @::swallows hard::er... right... Joe Manning -> 111> You rest at Xorax Colony? That is curious. Joe Manning -> 011> They must be here on business. Byblos -> @Panties. HAH!!!!!! ::slams beer mug on table and then just downs the beer liberally:: Pher -> @ I tried to tone it down some... But I've honestly felt lost at times. Pher -> @ I've felt out of my depth. William Chocox -> Yes, and lots of it. rosetto -> @::tips mug to Byblos and smiles:: STSF_Nickles -> If your looking for Troy hes on the surface. Shane -> @::grabs Byblos shirt with his good hand and pulls him through the crowd towards the back:: Come on... Joe Manning -> @Who asked you to tone it down? Hell, with all the butterin' up I get from Chris, it's refreshing to butt heads with someone who knows what she's talking about. Byblos -> @::blam as the mug sets on the bar:: Oh that was good...::to Shane:: That guy is dishonoring himself. Kaara Soora -> ::sits back down at desk, boots on tabletop. Takes knife out of her boot and starts to trim her nails:: Pher -> @ I do? Joe Manning -> 111> It would be terribly difficult for us to find him down there. Byblos -> @Okay.......::dragged by shane:: He needs an honor check..gothca. Joe Manning -> 011> They don't let us move about the colony freely, you see. Troy Parson -> @::watching the situation develop:: Right, go do that...I'll be...in a different part of the bar. rosetto -> @::spins around and faces Troy::Should we ollow them? I'd just as not... ::smiles:: Byblos -> @You realize we will get caught or is the idea for just myself to get caught... Joe Manning -> @Well, you've got a strong enough handle on the crew. ::Nods his head toward the group at the bar:: Truth is, I'm not sure my own handle on them ain't slippin' these days. rosetto -> ^follow Shane -> @::gets close to the Klingon and tosses Byblos stumbling at the Klingon ratherly forcefully:: Troy Parson -> @::turns around to Rosetto:: They're going to do what they want either way...personally, I'd rather be as far away from what's about to happen as possible. Joe Manning -> 1-10> So ... what are you working on? ::Looks behind William:: Pher -> @ They aren't an easy group to handle, to understand. Byblos -> @Heh......::Collides with Dancing Klingon ...doing a quick "lift":: rosetto -> @Ditto...::turns and looks:: Whoa! Now THAT is nice ::sees a bery ttractive woman:: rosetto -> ^very Joe Manning -> @Exactly ... ::Finds himself half watching Byblos and Shane, as he's sure Pher is as well:: Pher -> @ I'm starting to get the understand part. The handle? Pher -> @ :: Isn't sure she needs to break off and babysit... :: Joe Manning -> 011> ::Looks at 111:: I believe this one is trying to let us know that we are not welcome here. Pher -> @ That, for example... Shane -> @Klingon>::falls under Byblos in a heap cursing:: Pher -> @ Too late. :: Sighs :: Byblos -> @::kicks the disruptor to Shane:: OH Sorry big fella it appears I had a bit too much.... William Chocox -> ::continuing to work on his job:: Just basic engineering stuff. STSF_Nickles -> what is it you want with troy? Shane -> @Klingon>::pushes off of him and grabs his throat, yelling curse:: Jykin qoh! rosetto -> @::sips his ale:: Joe Manning -> @::Shakes his head:: Boys bein' boys ... and my message ain't gettin' through to them Troy Parson -> @::sips ale while trying to slip through the crowd to get further away from Shane and Byblos:: Joe Manning -> @ACTION: Xorax security forces, four black-uniformed figures, enter Club Trinity Byblos -> @You haven't heard of me have you buddy....I don't fight fair. ::Promplty knees the Klingon in the groin:: Pher -> @ Brought pain stick. Could amplify the message if you like, but little girls sticking their noses into big boy brawls isn't often welcome. rosetto -> @::notices that he is now alone; looks for Troy who is trailing away into the crowd:: Pher -> @ And the locals apparently know us pretty well, anyway. Joe Manning -> 111> Smokes, for one thing. Shane -> @::comes behind the Klingon on byblos and grabs his neck with his bionic, picking him up effortlessly:: Joe Manning -> 011> Delightful objects. But also scientific inquiry. STSF_Nickles -> Smokes? Joe Manning -> @What do you think? Should we intervene? rosetto -> @::nods to the woman as she approaches::Buy you a drink, ma'am? Byblos -> @::laughs:: Your dancing is so bad...... Shane -> @::tosses him into a bulkhead, knocking him out cold:: Pher -> @ Let's bail them out... and take it out of whatever is coming. Joe Manning -> @ACTION: The security officers surround the brawlers and close in. They pull short, slender rods from inside their uniforms Byblos -> @::hostiles entering from the six:: Byblos -> @(said to shane) Joe Manning -> @This could reflect badly on us, though. We are here on important business. Pher -> @ Do you know if they expect more of ship crew discipline than most planets? rosetto -> @::notices the commotion and sighs:: Pher -> @ :: Breaks off the dance :: The locals are ready to solve it physically. Byblos -> @Okay fellas wanna dance??? ::looks to security::: Pher -> @ One of us might go along with them to play lawyer. Joe Manning -> @They might expect more of us given the way our Zoalus mission went. Why don't you go rein Shane and Byblos in. And tell 'em you're the First Mate now ... make sure they listen. Byblos -> @::looks to Shane:: Shall we clear the floor? Shane -> @::steps towards the security officers, hands out:: Klingon had too much to drink, jumped on my buddie... Pher -> @ I am? Oh dear. Pher -> @ :: Moves towards the fracas :: No, Byblos. Stand Down. Joe Manning -> 111> ::Imitates a smoking motion to Nickles:: Are you familiar with these objects? Byblos -> @Ah yeah..what the big guy said... Pher -> @ You too Shane. Byblos -> @::spies Pher:: rosetto -> @::to woman::Anyway, whatcha doing later? Joe Manning -> @::Quickly realizes he's making an ass of himself on the dance floor alone. Moves off it to join the rest of the group at the bar:: STSF_Nickles -> I am they are not good for you. Nor him for that matter Shane -> @::glances at Pher, eyes narrowing:: Byblos -> @Listen you guys I would.. Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM Feb 19 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM William Chocox -> ::In Engineering attempting to jury rig a better semblance of a computer core:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::in the mess/galley reading a paperback:: Byblos -> (color test) Joe Manning -> ::Shimmers on Qob's Bridge, having been sent up by Xorax Colony's transport control:: Troy Parson -> ::In the mess nibbling on some toast:: William Chocox -> ((pass with flying colors here Byblos)) Byblos -> ::takes a seat across from Ethan eating some sort of slop pourage nutrient thing. Ethan Neufeld -> ::briefly glances at Troy and Byblos:: William Chocox -> ((color test for me)) Joe Manning -> ::Noticing the Bridge is empty, moves over to the only console Shane's managed to get functioning to finalize the transaction from the colony:: Byblos -> ::looks at Ethan:: Erhumph..You are not going to shoot black goo out of your eyes ...or puke it on me, and make me turn into...what I have heard was down there? ::spoons some slop and eats:: William Chocox -> ::muttering:: If I do this we might get some more power out of this. ::makes an adjusment to the computer:: Byblos -> ::looks at Troy:: Okay yes..I AM a germaphobe..have a laugh. Byblos -> ::looks back to Ethan:: At least when it comes to moving black ooze. Troy Parson -> ::nibbles toast, eyes the others:: Joe Manning -> ::Shakes his head, not satisfied that he was able to confirm the funds were transferred, given the computer limited ability to tap into Bull's Head's subspace network:: Joe Manning -> ::Turns from the console and exits the Bridge, begins walking down the neck of the ship toward the infirmary:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::looks at Byblos for a moment; then dispassionately:: No, you're safe. Byblos -> ::slurps some nutrient slop via spoon:: And, whom am I to call you buy anwyays Mr Non logical Vulcan formerly named Selek named Ethan Neufeld . I swear if you are a guardian head hunter William Chocox -> ::after the adjusment a couple of the consoles flicker on and promptly go out:: For the love of all things good and holy. You know what? I'm done! D! O! N! E! Done! ::slams port shut and stomps out of Engineering towards the mess:: Joe Manning -> ::Peeks into the infirmary and notices that it's empty. Hears the noises emerging from the nearby mess and detours:: Byblos -> ::makes a pointy gesture at Ethan then hears some noise mainly coming from Engineering:: That must be William unless Shane had some sort of...mystical experience. Byblos -> ( P H E R ) Ethan Neufeld -> ::minimally:: Mm. Pher -> ( Hello... ) Ethan Neufeld -> (Hey, Pher.) William Chocox -> ((hey Pher)) Pher -> ( Sorry for late... ) William Chocox -> ::stomps into the mess and sits down:: Byblos -> Listen ::looks at Ethan:: I don't know who the hell you are. Think of it from my perspective, any Guardian who gets me...gets a nice reward..not much maybe enough for a new speeder. Joe Manning -> ::Stands at the door to the mess and looks inside. Sees, to his surprise, that Ethan is sitting at the table. Assumes that Pher has a careful eye on him somewhere:: Pher -> :: Comes in a little late, goes to the line. :: Pher -> :: A bit surprised to see Ethan up. :: Byblos -> ::slops some more pourage...it appears to be that..nutrient rich pourage :: Pher -> Hello, Joe. Ethan Neufeld -> ::returns Byblos's gaze:: Not in the market for a speeder. Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances at Joe and Pher; then returns to his book:: William Chocox -> ((brb)) Joe Manning -> ::Looks over at Pher:: I was about to check on you. Good rest? Pher -> Good enough. I may never catch up from those two days at Zolaus, though Pher -> Yourself? Is the universe making any sense? Byblos -> ::looks at Ethan:: Well couldn't fit one in the Bay anways! Hah!!...Oh hey Boss, Pher...what do I call this human in front of me...Ethan or Selek..or man who survived Black Goo? Pher -> :: Laughs :: Joe Manning -> ::Enters the mess and moves to join her:: Never makin sense. But it's payin us for once ... Ethan Neufeld -> Ethan's fine. ::without looking from his book:: Pher -> You might ask him that. Pher -> Pay? :: looks impressed :: Pher -> Ethan? I was sort of hoping for something with four letters. :: winks :: Joe Manning -> Something, at least. I sent all our data on Zoalus, along with the schematics of Troy's little delta ray gizmos, to the administrators ... Joe Manning -> That's the official reason that they agreed to pay us half of what they were promising for a successful month-long expedition. Ethan Neufeld -> ::briefly furrows brow at Pher:: Pher -> Not bad for two days on station, then, assuming we can get a working computer out of it somehow. Byblos -> You have a rank Ethan? Clearly you have some skills that are not one a Guardian would normally have ::looks to William Chocox :: no offence William Chocox -> ((Back)) Joe Manning -> That's next on the agenda. We'll be checking in on an old friend of yours. ::Curiously exhausted expression on his face as he says that:: Byblos -> Half!!!! ::thomps both fists on the table:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::considers question before answering:: Retired. ::watches Byblos thump the table:: William Chocox -> ::looks over at Big Ugly:: None taken. I was also in Starfleet for awhile before joining the Guardians:: Pher -> Oh dear. I have too many old friends. Troy Parson -> ::listening in:: Pher -> :: Blinks and turns to Byblos :: Byblos -> Those jyking....cheap ...::mutters a few more expletives:: Joe Manning -> ::Attempts a grin and nods, then mutters quietly after she turns away:: One too many. Ethan Neufeld -> ::hint of a smirk as he reads:: Pher -> :: Smiles at Byblos and consideres sending him on a high stakes negotiation session... Maybe not... :: Pher -> :: Returns attention to Joe :: Byblos -> Boss what the heck am I supposed to do? I look like targ Fodder. I need clothes...and of course the only shop that might have some for me...Klingon is a Lingirie shop!!!! Arrrrggh!!!!!! Joe Manning -> ::Leans over the serving table to see what's available. Wonders briefly who cooked this meal, then quickly realizes that it's the canned paste they picked up on Tranquility before they left on the expedition:: Pher -> :: Hides another smile :: Byblos -> I don't look good for your business...and william no joke about my tusks! Joe Manning -> ::Sighs and grabs a bowl and spoon and takes two globs of it:: Joe Manning -> We need someone who can cook on this ship. And some decent food to cook. Pher -> I picked up a wonderful skill on New Risa. Being able to smile and look happy under most any situation. This paste helps me keep in practice. Pher -> Noted. Above or below 'computer' on the list? Troy Parson -> ::nibbles more on toast, still not bothering to looks up:: If you run it over a gas burner a few times, it almost tastes like bread... Byblos -> Darnit Pher, it's not fair ...the Galaxy is not fair....you can wear nothing...and be....well...you can were anything and be ...decent. I have no option but to look like some Kevin Sorbo Hercules guy. William Chocox -> I wasn't going to make a joke about your tusks. The rest of your face? Yes. Your tusks? Never. Joe Manning -> Bull's Head taught me the skill of bein as ornery as I can under just about any circumstances. ::Moves over to the mess table:: This ship keeps that in practice every day. Byblos -> ::growls at William teasingly:: William Chocox -> I believe the computer should be the number one priority. Pher -> Ah, but you're stronger than I am. Curves? Muscles? There are trade offs! Ethan Neufeld -> ::brow rises behind his book:: Joe Manning -> ::Stops behind Byblos and taps his shoulder to get his attention:: Byblos -> The Boss needs someone to look respectable...right? ::looks to Joe Manning behind him:: Joe Manning -> ::Motions to Byblos to take another seat:: Byblos -> Oh yes...sir..Sorry sir. Go ahead sir. Yes sir...::moves to another seat:: Byblos -> ::takes his nutrient rich slop with him thinking Joe wants nothing of it:: Pher -> You mean you weren't born ornery? Joe Manning -> ::Drops the bowl of paste on the table and looks across at Ethan:: Pher -> :: Tries to find a nearby seat, in respectable distance from both Joe and Byblos :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::folds a corner of his book down and glances at Joe:: William Chocox -> ::gets up to get himself a bowl of the slop/paste/porridge:: Joe Manning -> ::Watches Ethan as he takes the vacated seat:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::lets the corner go and resumes reading:: Byblos -> Oh jyking Guradian toilet head I am a condemened person anways..might as well live it up while you can....::continues eating:: Pher -> :: Wonders if she should go into referee, wing man or audience mode, seeing Joe and Ethan noticing one another. :: Pher -> :: or not :: William Chocox -> ::sits back down with his bowl:: Byblos -> ::swears the Cyborg must be sleeping or something...not a thumping sound at all:: Joe Manning -> Sal, we'll be leaving soon. Why don't you head up to the Bridge and plot a course for Andus station. If you don't know where that is, just head roughly for the center of the cluster. Pher -> Hmmm... A computer seems more valuable, but higher quality paste might be cheaper. Byblos -> ::looks to Pher:: Ship needs a new brain, if it is as bad as I have heard ::looks to William Chocox :: Pher -> Sure does. :: to Byblos :: Byblos -> Some say I need one too! Hah! ::gives William a gentle elbow:: Troy Parson -> ::doesn't look up:: Brains are overrated. Ethan Neufeld -> ::subtle smirk behind his book:: William Chocox -> ::sways a bit:: OOF! Without a new computer we will be just a little bit better than sitting ducks. Currently only one console works in Engineering and I don't know about the Bridge consoles. Byblos -> ::notes that the Boss might be getting ready to talk to ethan and shuts up:: Joe Manning -> All we need is to restore an old backup ... ::Pokes the porridge with his spoon:: Pher -> But are you thinking of moving past need, to want? Byblos -> ::looks at Troy perplexed, he thought he was the smartest of the crew but he is dissing himself? The Nausicaan did not get Troy Parson 's comment :: Joe Manning -> Easier and cheaper than getting a brand new core that'll work on this computer. Troy Parson -> ::takes out a small propane torch from a secret compartment in the bottom of the table and starts converting some more paste into "toast" silently:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::idly rubs the top his left ear, which, like the right ear, no longer ends in a Vulcan point thanks to Soora:: Byblos -> ::notes Troy's clever hiding spot for future reference :: Pher -> Hmm... Will we end up using the targeting perescope? William Chocox -> ::to Troy:: I was wondering how you got toast. Troy Parson -> ::nibbles, glances briefly at William:: Want some? ::offers torch:: Pher -> :: Wonders if the ship will end up spending its profits on propane personal cooking tools... :: Joe Manning -> Only if we run into the ... usual trouble at Andus. ::Scowls a bit:: William Chocox -> ::grabs torch:: Can't be any worse than just the plain porridge. ::starts using the torch:: Pher -> You wouldn't be speaking of Samus, would you? Byblos -> ::looks to Ethan...without Vulcan Ears and then to Joe wondering if he is trying to get something out of the mysterious human known as Ethan Neufeld :: Joe Manning -> No, I'd be speakin of his lapdog, Duke ... Joe Manning -> Who's probably still itchin for a fight with me after our last exchange, on Tranquility. Ethan Neufeld -> ::appears quietly grateful to again have the ears he had at birth:: Byblos -> ::notes William using the torch and chuckles but then focuses back on Joe Manning Pher and the Ethan being mentioning names he is not familiar with :: Pher -> Ah... I'd rather talk about Samus. He might possibly have redeeming qualities. Duke? Tell you what. I'll take Samus if you take the Duke. Troy Parson -> ::looks up at Joe:: Remind me why he's still alive, again? Joe Manning -> I already had the Duke. He had your job once. ::Points at Pher with the spoon:: 'Till he decided he didn't want to be had no more. Byblos -> Pher, when you use the word take are your referring to killing or something else your in your talent spectrum Pher -> I still want to be had. I think. Ethan Neufeld -> ::briefly glances up:: Pher -> :: To Byblos :: Ummm.... Something else. :: grins :: Joe Manning -> ::Smiles over at Pher:: You mean my crew ain't havin you enough? William Chocox -> ::hands the torch back to Troy:: Thank you. Pher -> :: pouts :: I'm working on it. Really I am. Troy Parson -> ::takes torch back:: You're very welcome. ::nibbles:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::brow rises; keeps reading:: Joe Manning -> Stop confusin' Byblos over there, and you'll get to it. Pher -> :: Looks Byblos up and down. :: OK. Byblos -> Okay who is Duke and who is Samus I need to know because, if they are Guardian scum I really need to get a blade. And yes I admit I have no idea what you are talking about. Pher -> :: Glances at Joe with a 'you take that one' look. :: Byblos -> ::looks to William Chocox :: I do not consider you one of them anymore Pher -> :: smiles :: Joe Manning -> Samus and the Qob crew go back. ::Glances at Byblos:: He sold me Qob, in fact. William Chocox -> Haven't considered myself one of them for awhile. Byblos -> Really? ::looks interested:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::tentatively lowers his book:: Joe Manning -> It used to be a ship in a little pirate fleet that was run by his predecessors. He claims the organization he runs now is a legit consortium of merchants and mercenaries. Pher -> :: snorts :: Troy Parson -> ((sorry)) Joe Manning -> That he employs Duke Redding as his right hand man tells you how authentic that claim is. Byblos -> Duke Redding..I swear I may of heard that name when I first caught up with you all. Joe Manning -> Yeah. ::Pokes at his porridge again. Stabs at it in fact:: Got half my crew killed in the Hydran Expanse not more than two months ago. Joe Manning -> We go back too. William Chocox -> ::continues eating his "toast":: Byblos -> ::listens thinking okay Duke is probably not long for the world :: Pher -> :: Eats some of the delicious non-black goo. Smiles :: Byblos -> Jyke me...I'd kill someone if they did something like that to me. Pher -> Joe is to ornery to do anything quite so quick and merciful, right? Joe Manning -> ::Looks over at Byblos:: -Would- you kill them? Or would you take the opportunity to control them? Use them for whatever purpose you see fit? Pher -> :: Knows that Byblos would kill them... but he is young and still learning. :: Byblos -> Joe, look at me. Do I look like a businessman? ::flexes one of his arms:: I'm muscle not one to manipulate like a certain other Nausicaan I once knew... Ethan Neufeld -> ::returns to his book:: Joe Manning -> ::Pokes at the porridge again, still looking at Byblos:: Death? Pher -> ( AFK a bit ) Byblos -> Sorry to interrupt...you de.......::stops and a chill runs down his spine he noticable tenses up for a second then releases:: I prefer to think of said scum as a thing of the past I will not see again. Byblos -> ::a bit rattled at Joe's knowledge:: Pher -> (( BAK )) Joe Manning -> Interesting ... ::Notices the effect that name had on Byblos:: Joe Manning -> Me? I always prefer usefullness to death. ::Grin widens:: Troy Parson -> ::still not looking up:: A person can be useful without bneing...complete, though. Byblos -> ::keeps quiet and retunrs to his pourage:: Joe Manning -> Who the hell is 'complete' anyway? Unless you're a complete ass. ::Dares a spinful of the porridge:: William Chocox -> ::starts looking at his ODRI to make sure the ship doesn't completely collapse with a "book" on the side to distract him:: Troy Parson -> ::shrugs:: Fair enough. ::nibbles toast: Joe Manning -> ::Looks at his beeping ODRI:: Ah! Sal's all set up. Will be leaving in just a moment Byblos -> Don't rely on your fancy devices all the time. There are those that have defeated them ::just spits out the thought and returns to his pourage:: Pher -> Sailing dead reconing still? William Chocox -> ::finishes toast:: Am I going to be needed in Engineering than? Joe Manning -> Still. It'll get tricky as we get closer to the cluster's center. But I'm sure Sal can manage it. Ethan Neufeld -> ::closes book and sets it face up on the table, titled Discorsi sopra la prima deca di Tito Livio:: Joe Manning -> That's up to your boss, William Joe Manning -> ::Looks over at Ethan:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::straightens in seat and halts with a muscle spasm:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::notices and glances at Joe:: Joe Manning -> I'm sorry, were you expectin us to drop you off, son? Pher -> :: Figures it is time to shut up and take ornery lessons. :: Byblos -> ::The Nausicaan drains his pourage via bowl and finishes:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::stares blankly and then smirks:: As 'useful' as I am? Not expecting much. Pher -> :: finishes her own as well. :: Joe Manning -> ::Points the spoon at him:: You learn fast. Byblos -> ::wipes mouth with arm:: Joe Manning -> I hope you can talk fast. Cause you got a lot of people in this room waitin for answers. And if they don't come fast, you can expect trouble. Pher -> :: Smiles, in a not so reassuring way... :: Ethan Neufeld -> Mm. ::glances at the faces around the table:: Say when. Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM Feb 26 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Joe Manning -> ::Standing behind the flight station, where Sal is dropping Qob out of warp. Goes between looking over his shoulder and looking up at the main viewer:: Troy Parson -> ::on the bridge, drinking coffee:: Shane -> ::in the engine room, warily watching the main console read-outs:: Come-on you jykin' piece of qoh... Pher -> :: Settling back at the designated security station, trying to keep track of where various life forms are, not paying much attention to the light show on the main screen :: Byblos -> ::working on the hoverbike in the bay, noticing he forgot to remove a clasp that at one time held a barrel on the front left side of the bike:: STSF_Nickles -> :: in medical thinking if he wants to try the solution Kaara suggested before she left.:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The asteroid field appears on the viewer, with the network of conduits that is The Web making up a large blotch in the center of the screen Pher -> Did we win the lottery? Hit one of our top ten choices of destinations? Byblos -> Hmmm...how did I forget to remove you? ::looks at part and retrieves a plasma cutter from ihs tool kit..he places some goggles in front of his face to protect his eyes:: Joe Manning -> Only the kind of lottery that we would win. This is about one of my bottom ten choices. Pher -> :: Smiles :: But we're here anyway? Pher -> :: Stretches a bit :: Joe Manning -> Don't have much in the way of alternatives ... Joe Manning -> Aside from what Shane would no doubt suggest ... hunt down a Klingon ship, board her by force, and strip out her computer. Or just take the ship. Pher -> That would be more exciting, I'm sure. Byblos -> ::cuts through the old weld easily the part clanks on the cargo deck. Byblos picks it up and puts in the tool box finishing his work:: Troy Parson -> ::sips coffee:: Not to mention nearly suicidal. Pher -> That too. Joe Manning -> In our ship's present state, not 'nearly.' Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly shows up in the bay behind Byblos's bike:: STSF_Nickles -> ::begins to check inventory to see what needs to be gotten at the next stop:: Troy Parson -> Oh ye of little faith. Joe Manning -> ::Reaches over Sal's shoulder and hits a comm control, hailing Andus station:: Shane -> ::mumbles as he tapps on the console: Should be taking a core from a ship. Instead we're in this ratway... Byblos -> ::closes his tool box and looks at the bike then hears footsteps and turns around:: Hello there...whoever you are? Pher -> :: settles back to listen in on Joe's conversation. :: STSF_Nickles -> ::makes list:: antibiotics, Anesthetic, analgesic, Dang we went through a bunch of this stuff Joe Manning -> ::Keeps it short and straight to business, the way they like it on Andus Station:: Class B. Clearance code Decker-Maroon-17-Maelstrom. Joe Manning. Ethan Neufeld -> ::faintly smirks at Byblos:: Yours? ::indicating bike:: Byblos -> IT was yes. Part of my payment to join this crew . It was vastly different weeks ago, even more a year ago Joe Manning -> ::Continues:: Be advised that because of recent battle damage we are no longer in possession of our map fragment. We request that it be transmitted directly to my data device. Shane -> ::hears a pipe burst on the second level, curses as he turns to see the hot liquid escaping everywhere:: Pe'taQ! Byblos -> When you need to get off Tranquility in a hurry...even a Nausicaan's bike is open for discussion. Shane -> ::quickly re-routes the flow from the main console, then looks about for his tools:: Where the jyke... Joe Manning -> Now we wait. Take us in and ready for docking, Sal. Ethan Neufeld -> ::brow furrows:: You paid to join this crew? STSF_Nickles -> ::continues:: Cortizone, Cordalizine, Dailizine, Epinpherine, ... Shane -> ::growls as he can't find his plasma cutter and storms out the double engine doors, stomping to and down the stair way:: Jykin Naussy.. Byblos -> ::looks at Ethan:: Guardian heat was closing in. I had no choice. Ethan Neufeld -> ::seems to accept that with a nod:: Joe Manning -> ::Watches the station get larger on the viewer for a few seconds before turning to Pher:: Anything interesting on TV? Pher -> Nah. Pher -> No impending riots that I can see. Ethan Neufeld -> And that's why you thought I might be a Guardian? Byblos -> But a Nausicaan Cycle of Death Hovercycle is uselessly loud for what I have a feeling the Boss will be doing with it in the future. I have been stripping it of all my...character..::looks at Ethan:: Kind of sad but we do what we do to survive Shane -> ::stomps through the sliding doors of the cargo bay, his bionic hissing and whirring:: Byblos! Where's my jykin' plasma cutter?! Joe Manning -> ACTION: Pher's monitor flickers a bit then shows the now familiar face of an old Klingon spouting several broken fragments of speech in his native language Pher -> Well. Hold that. Proximity alert. Byblos and Shane in the same quadrant of the galaxy. Ethan Neufeld -> ::calmly glances up as Shane enters:: Shane -> ::pauses as he see Ethan next to hoverbike, narrows his eyes and slows a bit as he approaches the two:: Pher -> :: Looks intently at the intermittant :: Byblos -> Hey Shane...::looks at Ethan a second:: What do you mean yours? I just bought it at Xorax.. Now if you want to borrow it. You may. Pher -> :: Audrey, record that. Joe Manning -> ::Hears Pher's warning, then the old Klingon again:: Pher -> And, Audrey, try to catch any other such breaks as you can. Byblos -> ::bends open tool kit and produces a Plasma Cutter which does not look like Shane's:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly watches exchange:: Byblos -> Got it cheap..hopefully it will not blow up in my face. Shane -> ::stomps over and grabs the torch:: Like hell it isn't min...::stops as he realizes its not his:: Yeah, this is a piece of crap... Joe Manning -> There's never been enough to put together for a solid translation, Pher. Just a few fragments about a prison and finishing something ... and none of our translators can translate 'Sargh' Byblos -> HAH! You should ask William, he's been very busy with odd jobs maybe he forgot to tell you he took it. Troy Parson -> "Sargh"? Sounds like something Klingons would eat. Pher -> Ah. Humph. Might be close to the human Sarge. Pher -> How many of the old Qob logs we still have? Joe Manning -> @Andus> +Com+ Qob, you have been cleared for docking. Proceed to the lit bay doors at Pod 18 Delta. We will lock to your provided signal to transmit a map of your cleared zone. Shane -> Jykin' kid...::tosses the torch back into the tool box, clearly flustered and annoyed:: Byblos -> ::Byblos steps back a few to look at the hoverbike:: Cannot believe it is the same one....when we left that Jking Tranquility Ethan Neufeld -> ::follows torch as Shane throws it back in the box:: Joe Manning -> ::Lifts his ODRI and begins transmitting. Shrugs at Pher:: None. Qob's computer has been wiped a few times ... just not enough space for thirty years of data. It was last wiped when I bought the ship ... Joe Manning -> Obviously something is still lingering in there, though. Byblos -> ::looks to Ethan:: You noticed I offered my own to the Chief. HE can clearly rearrange your spinal column if you are not nice to him. Pher -> You interested in it? The old stuff, I mean? Shane -> ::looks up a the bike, narrows his eyes at it:: You use Clinger Type 4s? Kinda unusual for a street bike. Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances at Shane on Byblos's remark:: Mm. Shane -> And I don't want "nice", I want my jykin' torch. Joe Manning -> ::Furrows his brow:: Never given it a second thought really. Could care less what was going on on this ship before I bought her. But now I've got to care ... Ethan Neufeld -> ::dryly:: Clearly. STSF_Nickles -> :: completes the list of needed Medical drugs... but then goes back to the Vulcan drug Kaara had told him about looking at the amount she left behind:: Is it enough to try it? If it works can I get more? Joe Manning -> Unless this is something that Maxwell's little red-eyed twerp planted in the computer. But that don't seem likely. He seemed bent on fryin' the computer, not infectin' it. Pher -> :: Smiles :: Yep. Byblos -> Well, yeah.I did. Acceleration was a must. And Power. I had so many accessories on this machine at one time. Now she's naked and will run...pretty quiet. Pher -> Any chance of finding a Klingon trained cyber nanny around here, or you still aiming for the secondary? Byblos -> I used to have a leather holster for my plasma rifle on the right side of the bike. Just pull it out..if you want to drop someone...bang! Job done. Lost the weapon though. Joe Manning -> ::Shakes head and looks over his shoulder at Pher:: I'll tell you something about Samus, Pher ... Ethan Neufeld -> ::listening:: Shane -> ::shifts his eyes to Ethan at his remark, glaring knives, then back to Byblos:: You should have enough power left for a Dradus apparatis, without the weapons. Pher -> In return, I won't. :: SMiles :: STSF_Nickles -> +Joe+ Nickles to Joe, Ethan Neufeld -> ::no visible reaction:: Joe Manning -> Ain't no way in hell he don't have every bit of data ever been wiped from Qob's computer backed up somewhere. To him, information is power in its rawest form. Pher -> Ah.... Joe Manning -> ::Taps his ODRI:: +Nickles+ Chris Shane -> An energy sensor would come in handy in most situations. STSF_Nickles -> +Joe+ Joe you think there is any way we can get a replenishment of medical drugs on our next stay at the station? Byblos -> That depends, if one can purchase one. It would be very useful for a recon mission. I imagine I would have to add some anti Glare metallic windshield of some sort...to prevent that type of electronic display from getting inteferred with. Pher -> :: Watches Sal at work for a bit :: Joe Manning -> +Nickles+ We can dip into the ship fund for that. Discounting private supplies, of course. Those are your business. Pher -> :: Handles the ship less intuitively than she would, but then again he seems to know what he is doing... :: Byblos -> Well, ::looks to Shane all of what your talking about is lighter that what was on the bike in the first place. But I have had to take some muscle out of the anti-grav. Joe Manning -> +Nickles+ Samus' clearance gives us access to four or five of these station pods. Got to be somewhere we can secure medical supplies. STSF_Nickles -> +joe+ Aye Joe Manning -> ACTION: Qob slips through the bay door of Pod 18 Delta and into the asteroid's spaceous and well-lit interior Byblos -> Errr...welll I suppose I should offer you Chief any scrap I took off the bike. You may find it useful.. STSF_Nickles -> +joe+ Joe did you say Samus? Byblos -> ::walks over to a pile of junk with a tarp on it..revealing a lot of chrome and shiny stuff and Anti Guardian trophies:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly slips out of the bay:: Shane -> I'll keep that in mind. While we were rescuin' pods a couple weeks ago, I ripped a basic escape pod sensor array out one of Capricorns pods. Use oneof those for now. Joe Manning -> +Nickles+ We wouldn't be at Andus station for any other reason, Chris. ::Wonders if Nickles even knew Qob was at Andus station:: Shane -> ::glances at Ethans back as he leaves, watching him for a bit with suspicion:: Check the bin in the Engine Lab. Pher -> :: notes Ethan on the move, and no hull breach in the cargo bay yet... :: Byblos -> Hmm..Ill have to reset the balance of the hover unit. But that should be useful. Yes it's true most of the chrome there supported the Exhaust system. STSF_Nickles -> +Joe+ Aye Didnt know we were going to Andus, Guess I wa left out of the loop on that one. Joe Manning -> ::Feels the ship tremor a bit as the docking arm clamps onto the airlock seal:: Byblos -> Anything I need to keep under a tarp? Pher -> We have thump. Byblos -> ::feels docking clamps:: Joe Manning -> +Nickles+ You been leavin' yourself out of the loop, Chris, buryin' yourself in the infirmary. Just like old times. ::Grins:: Shane -> ::feels the docking clamps attach and starts moving towards the doors:: Nah. Nothing there the Captain won't find eventually. STSF_Nickles -> +Joe+ Feels like we have docked. I have my list together Byblos -> Listen Shane...sorry I don't have any parts to offer you I mean your job with this Computer issue has to be ....like a hangover or something. Joe Manning -> ::Walks over to one of the Bridge viewports and looks up, trying to see if anyone else is docked in this bay:: Shane -> ::slows without turning around:: Engine business is always a hang-over. Byblos -> Hmmm....well best walk with ya...probably the Boss is going to lay down some ground rules Joe Manning -> Pher, let's get everyone assembled at the airlock. Pher -> Aye Shane -> I'm headin' to the Engine Room to shutdown the engines. Grab you sensor array in the Lab.::exits the bay and head up the stairs towards the ERs double doors:: Joe Manning -> ::Doesn't notice any ships that he recognizes:: Byblos -> ::walks behind the foot pounding cyborg and notices one thing he still needs to purchase..:: Alloy...good Alloy... Troy Parson -> ::looking out a viewport:: I've always thought this was an ugly station... Pher -> :: Activates PA :: Welcome to Andus. Everybody thinking of crawling around these rocks ought to meet up at the airlock. Joe wants to talk. Byblos -> ::does as the Chief Commands:: Shane -> ::walks through the double doors and stops at the main console, tapping away with his good hand:: Pher -> :: Clicks it off :: Joe Manning -> ::Shakes his head slightly:: We'n't built to be pretty. Just to do its job as efficiently as possible. And with as much room for expansion. Pher -> There is Ugly and there is Ugly. New Risa is pretty, but its still ugly. Andus is at least honest. STSF_Nickles -> :: collects his list and heads for the Airlock... remember some about this place:: Byblos -> Oh kay....::retrieves part and then wanders to the Engineering Bin:: Shane -> ::looks up as shut-down programs initiate and the loud roar of the warp engine starts to wind down:: Pher -> :: Ready to move with Joe :: Troy Parson -> I still think this place could do with some green. Or maybe a nice mural. Pher -> You could volunteer. Can you draw in a vac suit? Byblos -> ::looks inside Shane 's Engineering Bin as he directed:: Joe Manning -> ::Grins and moves away from the viewport to join the others at the Bridge entrance:: Shane -> Lets get Bybs. Don't want XO Greenskin gettin on our backs. ::turns and walks back through the double doors, heading for the airlock:: Pher -> And do you do nose art? I always thought the Qob needed a flashy nude on the nose. Byblos -> Okay I'll visit this later...::huries around the corner to the Airlock area behind Shane:: Joe Manning -> Now there's a thought. It's certainly give any raiders we come across pause. Troy Parson -> ::thinks:: Well, now that you meantion it, I'm not half bad with a power torch... Ethan Neufeld -> ::already waiting nearby the airlock:: Pher -> I'll model it for you. Troy Parson -> Sounds like a plan. Byblos -> ::shows up at the airlock behind everyone else keeping an eye on the mysterious Ethan..who is partially eclipsed by Shane's bulk:: STSF_Nickles -> :: makes his way to the airlock:: Joe Manning -> Green on green, Pher? Wouldn't stand out much. ::Smirks:: Shane -> ::stomps up behind Ethan and crosses to the other side of the wide corridor:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::watches the characters arrive:: Pher -> Hmm. We'll have to think of something. Byblos -> What's up Boss? Joe Manning -> And we ain't paintin' the ship pink. Still can't figure out where that runnin' joke came from. Shane -> ((lol)) Pher -> Why not? It would solve the contrast problem! Troy Parson -> ((brb, must remove soda from nose)) Joe Manning -> ::Approaches the airlock with Pher and Troy:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::keeps his back to the bulkhead:: Shane -> ::turns to see the three others approach:: Joe Manning -> Ah, Ethan. Come to see the fruits of Andorian industriousness have you? Shane -> ::mumbles to himself at the mention of Andorians:: Filthy blue pe'taQs... Ethan Neufeld -> That depends on the Qob's Captain. Byblos -> ::makes a note not to discuss Andorians with Shane:: STSF_Nickles -> Hey Joe has this place changed much? Joe Manning -> Well, I'll look that character up and get back to you ... Ethan Neufeld -> ::mild smirk:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Nickles:: I'm sure a pod or ten has been added to the station since we been gone. But I'm sure Samus' neck of the woods ain't changed much. Joe Manning -> ::Noticing that about everyone is here. Clears his throat:: Gentlemen. Lady. ::Glances at Pher:: Shane -> ::looks to Joe:: STSF_Nickles -> ::nods to Joe and gives him his full attention:: Pher -> :: Waits for a 'That's not a Lady... joke.' :: Joe Manning -> For some of you, this may be your first time on Andus. It's definitely your first time here with me ... Byblos -> ::listens:: Joe Manning -> I can't stress enough the need to behave. ::Finds his eyes straying over both Shane and Byblos with that remark:: Shane -> ::stays silent:: Byblos -> Guardians? STSF_Nickles -> ::follows Joes gaze to Byblos and Shane:: Joe Manning -> We don't have to worry about Andorians ... unless one of you creates a very large ruckus ... which I'm sure you're capable of doin if you put your mind to it ... Joe Manning -> And we don't have to worry about Guardians. The Andorians keep them at several arms' length. Byblos -> Good. Troy Parson -> I sense a "however" coming. Joe Manning -> We'll be restricted to a small part of the station run by a ... friend of mine. ... associate really. We are his guests, and I expect you to be courteous guests. Pher -> :: Thinks how easy it would be to get well withing arm's length of the biggest problem... :: Joe Manning -> Let me emphasize nothing more strongly than this ... Pher -> * within Joe Manning -> Do -not- ... and I mean -do- ... -not- ... stray out of the restricted area. Joe Manning -> Whoever's running this whole station, Andorians or otherwise, can get righteously furious in a right hurry. STSF_Nickles -> ::nods in agreence::: Joe Manning -> Aside from that golden rule ... just don't give our gracious host reason to get -too- annoyed at us. ::Grins:: Pher -> :: Puts on her echo of wrath face for a bit. :: Joe Manning -> If you've got any data devices ... ::Raises his ODRI arm and taps:: I can transmit a map to the areas where we're cleared to roam. Byblos -> ::notes Pher put on a face then turns to the Boss again:: Joe Manning -> Pher, if you'd please? ::Nods to the airlock:: Byblos -> Byblos checks his COMM Pher -> :: Dips a mini courtsy, and raises her wrist. :: Audrey. Open the lock, please. Shane -> ::raises an eyebrow, activates the holoscreen on his ODRI to accpet the map packet and establish a link to whats left of Qobs computer core:: [Action] Byblos -> checks his stunner Shane -> accept* Pher -> And Audrey, if you can pick up Joes station map, I'd appreciate it. Joe Manning -> ::Smiles at Pher and motions through the airlock:: Lead the way, my dear Pher -> :: Struts, stops if there are any security types present to hit a few poses. :: Pher -> :: Blows them a kiss, and sets off with a little more hip action than absolutely necessary. :: Pher -> :: Figures that if they have enough attention span left to focus on any of the others, they aren't male enough. :: Byblos -> ::pondersi if a greeter is present:: STSF_Nickles -> :: sighs watching Pher ead the way and the hip action still addicted to her pheromones:: Shane -> ::stomps through the airlock hatchs, his arm whirring and whining as usual:: Joe Manning -> ::Waits to take up the rear of the group:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances at Joe waiting; then inclines his head and moves out just ahead of him:: Byblos -> Boss...you sure you don't want anyone on the ship? Last time's unfortunate incident is in my mind. Pher -> :: Hesitates at the first junction, trying to figure out who the biggest real headache really is. :: Troy Parson -> ::heads out into the station, reaching into a pocket for a cigarette:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The guards in the docking arm corridor glance a bit more at Pher than they're probably supposed to. But they're just standing guard, not aiming to stop the group Shane -> ::raises his ODRI as he speaks over his shoulder to Byblos:: We've got links to the internal sensors on these. Anyone steps aboard, we'll know. Pher -> :: The Duke would be the real headache, but he'd be a threat of opportunity. :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly studies guards, corridor, strolling with his hands in his pockets:: Byblos -> Okay Chief, ::looks at the Boss and nods and proceeds:: Joe Manning -> Guard> ::Receives something through his earset and looks at Pher:: Ma'am ... ::Can't help glancing over her quickly:: Uh ... straight ahead ... ::Points to the door opposite the docking arm:: Ethan Neufeld -> (magic edit: left hand in his pocket^) STSF_Nickles -> :: moves up to Pher:: Which way Gal Joe Manning -> ACTION: The corridor at this point is a docking ring, running around the perimeter of the spaceous docking bay at the asteroid's center Pher -> :: Evaluates the guard as if wondering what he looks like under the uniform, then follows the direction he is pointing. :: Byblos -> Well given we are all lined up in a row we are vulnerable to a weapons spray..Those ODRIs I hope they keep working. Pher -> :: Smiles at Chris, the pointing guard, then 'straight ahead.' :: Joe Manning -> I hope you ain't puttin' together an itinerary of the malefolk already, Pher. STSF_Nickles -> ::moves With PHer:: Pher -> No need, Joe. I have arrived. The itinerary will take care of itself. :: Smiles at Chris and Joe :: Shane -> ::pauses, letting the others pass until Joe approaches him:: Cap'n, I'd like to be kept in the loop on the computer core. Ethan Neufeld -> ::brow rises at conversation:: Joe Manning -> ACTION: The door ahead leads to a large lounge area, decorated nicely with plastic plants and sparkling fountains. It is empty save for one man Pher -> Do you think you want Shamus more than he'll want me? Byblos -> ::walks by guards notes a door opening ahead:: STSF_Nickles -> Hey now I dont like sharing to much now. Pher -> :: Meets the eyes of that one man. :: Joe Manning -> You're the chief, Shane. Of course you'll be. We need you to work on the core. Joe Manning -> Samus> ::Turns to face the group. A handsome man in his late twenties with dark hair and green eyes. He smiles at the group:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly studying the man and the lounge as they enter:: Pher -> :: Such a wonderful eye color... :: Shane -> ::continues walking:: I just ain't fond of surprises on the job... Byblos -> ::notes the crib:: STSF_Nickles -> ::looks up seeing Samus:: Long time no see Joe Manning -> Samus> ::Holds his arms out at his sides:: Fantastic! My good friends from the starship Qob have paid me another visit. It's been far too long. Joe Manning -> ::Hangs back and watches Samus with a flat expression on his face:: Pher -> Charmed. :: Looking at Joe, decides there is a need for a token good cop. :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::observes Samus's greeting and Joe's reaction to Samus:: Joe Manning -> Samus> ::Nods at Nickles:: Chris. A familiar face. ::Looks at Troy:: And Mr. Parson. Still hitching a ride aboard the green giant, looking for better opportunities? Troy Parson -> ::frowns:: Still. Shane -> ::pauses and looks around before focusing on the young looking man, expressionless:: STSF_Nickles -> Better here than in hiding... right?? Joe Manning -> Samus> ::Laughs:: Some new faces too? ::Takes stock of the large Nausicaan and the bionic-armed man:: As colorful as ever. STSF_Nickles -> Of course. Joe Manning -> Samus> ::Approaches the group and holds an arm out to Pher, smiling wider:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::watching quietly:: Byblos -> ::notes PHer could probably tackle this guy if he did anything sh e did not like:: Joe Manning -> Samus> And my favorite of all. STSF_Nickles -> :: steps next tp Pher:: STSF_Nickles -> :: noticably Jealous:: Pher -> :: Folds herself gently in place, gives a gentle kiss that doesn't promise all that much, and hopes Chris doesn't open up with a second one to his kisser. :: Joe Manning -> Samus> ::Has noticed Nickles' reaction. A good deal else about the group as well. Locks his eyes on Joe's, still grinning and holding Pher:: Shane -> ::rolls his eyes at Chris's move:: Pher -> :: After all those lectures about not starting trouble, feels too much like the reason the riot started. :: STSF_Nickles -> Not to friendly there Joe Manning -> ::Stares back at Samus, frowning:: Byblos -> ::stands near enterance to luxury room taking in the view...greetings:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly sighs:: Joe Manning -> PAUSE SIM Mar 4 Joe Manning -> BEGIN SIM Ethan Neufeld -> ::quietly lounging on one of those sofas; observing:: William Chocox -> ::sitting on a sofa reading a novel on a PADD:: Joe Manning -> ::Smoking one of the cheap cigars from Gaia Prime, courtesy of the Palace:: Byblos -> ::lying in a hot tub with water jets on a therapuetic setting:: Troy Parson -> ::lying on a massage table, being massaged:: Ahh, yes, that's the spot, dear. Joe Manning -> ::Looking out one of the massive glass-steel windows that surrounds the common room, at the rest of Andus station and the ships weaving through the asteroid field:: Shane -> ::walks into the common area having just exited the sauna, dressed in a giant white bathrobe with the arm torn out for his bionic:: Pher -> :: Goes over to the hunk to see if he knows what he is doing. :: Pher -> :: Don't usually find a really good massage this far from New Risa. :: Byblos -> Darn...this feels good. Joe Manning -> ::Remembers the station being a lot smaller the first time he came here:: STSF_Nickles -> ::walks over to the hot tub:: Care if I join you Byblos? I see its on theraputic level. Shane -> ::speaking to his ODRI::...I don't jykin care, just get it sent to Dock 35. ::cuts the link and stomps to his room:: STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) Aye lady what type of massage can I do for you. Byblos -> Oh eh heh Chris...It's a bit hot...I dont know what human tolerance is. Joe Manning -> ::Turns to look at the crew and sees a Nausicaan in a hot tub and Shane in a bath robe:: Byblos -> Go ahead. Pher -> Start it out gentle, my fellow. Ad-lib. William Chocox -> ((And a partridge in a pear treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)) Ethan Neufeld -> ::staring in Joe's general direction:: Shane -> ::as he unlocks his door, glances at Joe staring:: What? STSF_Nickles -> :: tests the water:: It is a bit hot but I can handle it for a short time. Byblos -> I guess that is why the call it a hot tub! Hah! ::chortles:: Joe Manning -> ::Bites the cigar:: <m> Not here a day, and he's already made 'em soft and friendly. Pher -> :: slips off a few things :: Joe Manning -> ::Pulls the cigar out of his mouth and looks at Shane:: Just wonderin' how far along you were on that list of supplies we need. STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) Lie down face up face up my dear and Ill take care of you Byblos -> Oh this is what I needed...Uh Chris, pardon me for asking but do you have a ..like Doctor of Medicine or something. Or did you get out of the federation before the universitys started burning PADDs Shane -> Jykin hell he has. ::types at the holoscreen on his ODRI:: Here's what I got so far. STSF_Nickles -> )Hunk) ::Ill slip ou let me know when your ready unless you dont mind me staying Pher -> Hmm. I'm okay. Ethan Neufeld -> ::exhales and stands; gradually makes his way to a window:: STSF_Nickles -> I have a doctrine Byblos -> So..I should call you.... STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) Shall I stay or leave Shane -> Its been difficult to get repair equipment for the targeting system on the bridge, I had to go through a contact in another section. Pher -> Settles down, thinking the Hunk's doctrine might be more unusual than Chris's. Joe Manning -> Add it to the pool. We'll hand the list off to ... ::Waves in William's direction:: Will. He's the new guy. STSF_Nickles -> Call me? Is there a problem? Pher -> Stay. STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) ::grins watching the lady lie down:: Pher -> (The wnd line up should have been in colons) Byblos -> No I meant like that Dr. Phantos guy..he was a Doc...if you are a Doc...I should call you Doc Chris right... William Chocox -> ::looks up from his PADD:: What? Shane -> ::looks over to Will on the sofa and nods:: Fine by me. Joe Manning -> ::Looks down at William on the sofa:: You'll be handling the shopping. STSF_Nickles -> If you wish you can. I am a doctor. Byblos -> Well, ::looks around:: this is not the time to talk crewmember health...no privacy. Pher -> :: Lies down. Wonders if Joe really wants to do business? :: STSF_Nickles -> Hunk)::Let me know when your ready dear lady. Shane -> ::taps at his ODRI screen, sending a packet to Will's:: There's the list. I've already got the target component coming this way. Pher -> Always ready. STSF_Nickles -> I see :: settles down with the jets hitting him in the back:: OHH this hits the spot. William Chocox -> ::looks at the list:: Gotcha. Anything keeping me here or can I go shopping? Byblos -> Well, Shane already knows..and I think Pher knows...::said a bit quietly:: I got a back problem. Joe Manning -> No rush. I imagine we'll be here a few days. Finish your book. Or grab a massage ... or take over for the guy givin' Pher one. Shane -> ::grunts and enters his room, slamming the door behind him:: STSF_Nickles -> HUnk) ::grins:: OK Dear. :: moves to sit on a stool near her head and slides his hands ubder her back ans slowly pulls them back towards her head with his fingertips rubbing along her spind:: William Chocox -> Ok than. ::looks back at his book:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::apparently intently studying the base through the window:: Joe Manning -> ::Sighs and looks over at Pher:: Sorry to break it to you, but he chose the book. STSF_Nickles -> I see. Then its a good thing your taking advantage of the shot tub, Now the best thing would be to follow it up with a 20 minute slow swim in a pool, then come back for another 20 in he hot tub. Pher -> Book? Ahh... Then I'd best give him a chance. Audrey, safeties full, if you could. Ethan Neufeld -> (Shot tub. The ice is free.) Pher -> Book, indeed. Byblos -> Think we will have that option much on Qob? I mean I will try to do it here. STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) ::repeats the process a few times each time moving slightly out further from her spine:: How the pressure Dear? Pher -> Work it up slow but sure. Byblos -> (there ya go Willliam take that hunk's spot can him!!!) Byblos -> Listen..Doc Chris, I probably ought to show you the problem...::said quietly:: but so many people in here...I lose a rep..maybe my job. STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) will do :: slides his hands down her back once more appling a bit more pressure. Joe Manning -> ::To William:: Just so Pher knows what she's up against, what are you readin'? STSF_Nickles -> I under stand. Just come visit me in medical and we will see what needs to be done Byblos -> If anything can be done. Been two years since I took the hit. Pher -> :: Hopes he doesn't need to be micromanaged too much :: Byblos -> Just live with the Pain...or get in a fight with our Chief Engineer who has the magical toss to get the vertabrae to Pop! hah! STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) :: places his hand under the crown of Phers head and slightly turns her head to the left and rubs his fingers up and down her neck finding the trigger points and then applies pressure to to to coax them to release:: STSF_Nickles -> I see. Could be as little as a vertibrea twisted and locked, Shane -> ::comes back out of his room dressed in his usual garb; a hunter's green muscle shirt, a pair of grey cargo pants and black boots:: STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) Its the pressure alright? :: presses a bit harder:: Byblos -> ::moves around in hot tub to get his.....XXXXL length bath robe:: Probably fused..not by choice. William Chocox -> ::without looking up:: Fantasy from the 20th century. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Shane -> ::with a sigh, closes the ODRI he was looking at and takes a seat on Will's sofa, ignoring the creaking and complaining it gave off:: Shane -> gives* Joe Manning -> Fantasy? ::Tosses his spent cigar into a nearby trash dispenser:: Not my thing. Too much in the real world to occupy my mind. Ethan Neufeld -> ::without looking away from the window:: Good book. William Chocox -> Sometimes it's fun to escape from the real world. Troy Parson -> ::has never heard of that book, but doesn't bother to say anything:: STSF_Nickles -> We will check it out :: grabs his robe and exits the hottub:: Getting a bit hot now. Shane -> Got another one of those Cap? ::indicates the cigar:: STSF_Nickles -> Nice whole there Byblos Joe Manning -> ::Motions to a flat box on the table between the sofas:: William Chocox -> Book fan Ethan? Byblos -> ::gets out of tub quickly putting on bath robe:: Okay folks I have the Robe on....you can remove your shields there.....::looks to Doc Chris and turns towards the exit room:: Shane -> ::points to the box:: Pass me one of those, Will. Ethan Neufeld -> Read a bit. Joe Manning -> Don't expect to enjoy it. Samus keeps the good ones for himself. Byblos -> ::quickly gets into "personal changing room"? :: William Chocox -> ::reaches over:: Here you go. Ethan Neufeld -> ::briefly glances at cigars and those smoking them:: Shane -> Figures. Better than nothin. ::takes the cigar and produces a light out of his pockets, biting the tip off and holding it to the flame:: Byblos -> ::changing:: William Chocox -> ((brb)) Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances at Troy and then returns attention to window:: William Chocox -> ((back)) Troy Parson -> ::occasionally glances up to keep track of what the others are doing:: Pher -> :: Makes encouraging noises :: William Chocox -> Anything interesting out the window Ethan? Shane -> ::looks at Ethan and stares a bit, eyes narrowing slightly:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks at the chronometer and tries to make an estimate of how long Samus will make him wait, based on past experiences and the odd tension he appeared to be carrying himself with earlier:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::considers, answering dryly:: It's a view. Byblos -> ::enters main room in his newer looking garb purchased, leather pants of some sort....long sleeve vest and a sword sheath (unoccupied) , stunner and COMM:: Okay ready for business. Ethan Neufeld -> ::glances at Byblos's entrance:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::notices Shane's stare and returns it eye-for-an-eye:: Byblos -> ::walks over to Joe:: Thank goodness for new threads! Hah! ::chortles and walks over to the BOSS:: Joe Manning -> ::Glances at Byblos as he approaches:: That thing your people got against fightin' Klingons. That don't apply to Orions, does it? Shane -> ::holds the stare for a bit, then looks back to Joe at his question to Byblos:: Byblos -> Suprised you know about that Boss, then again..you may of had an occassion to see a Nausicaan decline to fight a Klingon. Orions? Male ones I assume. They are big. But not necessarily bright. Of course that is what they say of my people! Hah! Shane -> ((Gah! WHat do we do?!)) Shane -> ((::starts hyper-ventilating::)) Ethan Neufeld -> ((::hands Shane a paper bag::)) Byblos -> ( I did not mean to scare him!) Shane -> ((::grabs the bag and starts puffing into it::)) Joe Manning -> (( sorry about that ... )) Joe Manning -> (( Shane's line about looking at me and Byblos was the last thing I saw )) Shane -> ((I'm ok! I'm ok!)) Byblos -> Suprised you know about that Boss, then again..you may of had an occassion to see a Nausicaan decline to fight a Klingon. Orions? Male ones I assume. They are big. But not necessarily bright. Of course that is what they say of my people! Hah! (repost) Byblos -> Nah I don't mind killing them. Joe Manning -> ::Looks squarely at Byblos:: And you won't back down if you're challenged by one? Or if someone on the crew is attacked? Pher -> Anyone who's big seems to earn a not bright tag. Not *always* true... Byblos -> An Orion? Shane -> Damn right it ain't... Joe Manning -> An Orion. Pher -> A bigger and meaner one then me, even? Pher -> :: Not feeling very mean at the moment. :: Ethan Neufeld -> ::smirks faintly:: Byblos -> ::looks at Stunner back to Joe:: I will hold em off the best I can. If I can get my new blade forged..I'll give you a liimb. STSF_Nickles -> HUnk) :: continues working on Phers neck:: Pher -> Ah... Thanks. I've been a bit stiff necked lately... Ethan Neufeld -> ((::chokes::)) Joe Manning -> Andus Station is the place to go to get a weapon. And you been paid recently. Byblos -> ::Byblos stands close to the Boss folding his arms:: In the back of your mind your thinking what if a Klingon made a move on you. Shane -> No need Bybs, yours is in my room.::indicates with a nod of his head:: Joe Manning -> I suggest you get yourself armed as best you can as quickly as you can. And as long as we're on this station, I want you to know where everyone on my crew is at all times ... and to be ready to come to their aid at a moment's notice. Ethan Neufeld -> You except trouble, Captain? STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) :: turns her neck to the other side and works it:: Ethan Neufeld -> expect^ Joe Manning -> Not a Klingon. An Orion. We'll discuss that another time. ::Pointed look at Byblos:: Pher -> Shane? Were you working something for Byblos? Joe Manning -> ::Turns to look at Ethan:: On this station, I've come to expect trouble ... Byblos -> Sir, I lack an ODRI which will not keep everyone's position accounted for. I do the best with what Pher...gave me...this COMM Byblos -> Shane what are you talking about. My Blade broke in two on Vestibul.... Joe Manning -> ::Glances back at Byblos:: Then don't allow anyone to leave this suite until you approve of it. In fact, you may want to insist on escorts. Shane -> ::to Pher:: Yeah, thats what I was sayin. ::stands to the sofa's relief and stomps into his room:: Ethan Neufeld -> ::watches the sudden activity as Shane stomps off:: Pher -> :: Smiles :: I think you'll like this. William Chocox -> ::sudden shift in the sofa:: OOF! Byblos -> Our own crew escorts..teams of two....::walks away from Joe..and wonders what the heck Shane was talking about:: Pher -> I'd agree with the call for more ODRIs or tricorders for security folk. I really don't like to lend Audrey out. Shane -> ::re-enters the common room with a strange, large cutlass handle missing the blade and covered in electronics:: Here. Byblos -> Shane...My sword broke in two on Vestibule...I haven't had time to ...make a new one. Pher -> "Mine," she says, greedily. Byblos -> ::stunned as he looks at what shane holds:: Good +Nausicaan swear+ Joe Manning -> Not sure if you can find a tricorder cheap enough to go with the sword, but you can try. STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) :: slightly pulls on Phers head allowing her vertibrea to release in her neck:: ::looks like hes trying to pull her head off by anyone looking at them:: Pher -> :: Watches Byblos :: William Chocox -> ::looking up from his book:: I am kinda fond of my ODRI as well. ::stares at Troy:: Shane -> ::holds out the handle and slides an activater, bringing a blue glowing blade to life:: Pher -> :: Mellow at the moment, has to admit to herself that Shane might be good for something. :: Byblos -> What the ...heck...is....that? Byblos -> ::never seen anything like that before stunned yet amazed:: Pher -> Kindly don't test it against the outer walls of the station. Please? Shane -> Its a jykin' force blade, you idiot. Have you ever been on a minin' op? Byblos -> Nausicaans and Mines Shane...the height issue? Shane -> ::gives Pher a look:: Joe Manning -> ::Looks at Shane:: Force blades have drawbacks. I recommend you find a standard blade to go along with it. Byblos -> ::still looks at the blade wow..I need to read up on this baby:: Byblos -> Wow I need to read up on this..type of blade...may I? Ethan Neufeld -> ::watching Byblos's new blade as he moves up next to Joe:: How long do you think we'll be here? Pher -> :: Smiles at Shane, too mellow to glare back :: Byblos -> ::ectends hand:: Joe Manning -> ::Turns away to let Shane and Byblos 'bond' and looks at Ethan:: STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) :: allows her head to rest on the cot and moves around to her arms massaging them gently looking for trigger:: Joe Manning -> Long. Samus is nervous about something. I'm not sure what yet. Shane -> They have drawbacks, but they behave just like a real blade. Only with a molecular edge. Pher -> Chris getting possessive? Byblos -> ::grabs blade...feeling how light it is...:: Amazing...I wonder how it cuts.....I don't know what to give you in Payment Shane...uh.. STSF_Nickles -> Am I doing what Doll? ::hearing his voice while getting a massage of his own:: Shane -> ::tapps the flat of the blade, watching it fizzle:: This thing drains power packs like a doozy, so don't leave it on. Ethan Neufeld -> How long are we going to stay overall? You still have that vial I need to deliver. Byblos -> Okay..looks like a switch hear at the guard...::switches it off:: Pher -> Are you making Samus nervous by coming too quickly to my side last meeting? Joe Manning -> ::Moves closer to the window, motioning Ethan to follow:: I have a feelin' it's out of my hands how long we stay here ... for the time being ... Byblos -> uh...Thanks man...I haven't had a human do something like this for me.....I will pay you back some day. STSF_Nickles -> Hunk) :: gently pulls Phers fingers apart gently rubbing and turning each:: Joe Manning -> But as to that, I haven't changed my mind. ::Shakes head:: I'm not lettin' that vial get delivered to someone if I don't know who it is. STSF_Nickles -> I could be. He better leave you alone Shane -> You better. It takes Klin...
  13. “We need to discuss business,” Joe said, neglecting to return the smile that Samus was still fixing him with. “I‘m sure you do,” the young tycoon replied. He was still clutching Pher at his side, though his attention now was on the Captain. “It’s not like you make social calls these days. Nobody does. It’s true what they say, you know -- very lonely at the top.” “That’s heartbreaking,” Joe said, his expression unchanging. “But I think it best if we talk alone. My crew’s tired; it’s been a long month. And as you can see … we’ve got more new faces than usual, so they don’t know their way around.” “Of course.” Samus looked around at the group. He made as if to address them, though his eyes were constantly searching, studying. He glanced at each face as he spoke, only for a moment at a time, but absorbing information on everything he saw. He studied their expressions toward him, their expressions toward each other, their postures, their mannerisms, what features of the room were grabbing their attention. He would know each of these people, as he knew everyone he met, by simply watching them. Joe was quite familiar with his game. “My old friends, I’m glad to have you back in my little neighborhood of Andus City … and I look forward to getting to know the rest of you. “My man Dimitri will be here in a moment to escort you to the Paradise Palace, the finest inn in my kingdom. You’ll be put up in one of the shared suites -- ten private rooms around a common lounge which pokes out of the asteroid, one of the station’s outermost asteroids in fact, so you’ll have a sensational view of the entire station and the asteroid field around it. The asteroid is our commerce district, so I encourage you to look around and enjoy the sights and sounds of my zone of Andus. And if you really want your money to be well spent, may I recommend the Fountain of Joy? The women there have drawn recruitment interest from New Risa.” “We don’t plan on bein’ here long,” Joe said flatly. “The sooner we get to business, the sooner you can get back to countin’ your money … and your women.” “Patience, Joseph,” Samus laughed and glanced to the back of the reception lounge where a tall dark-suited man appeared. “Relax, all of you, take some time for yourself. I was in the middle of a number of important affairs when you surprised me with your arrival, and I simply cannot drop them for long. I promise that you will be next on my agenda, Joseph. And you, my dear,” he smiled at Pher and motioned her to follow Dimitri and the group. “With not be long after.”
  14. Locals call it 'The Web.' Like many of the terms used in Bull's Head, this possesses a double meaning. While some of the double meanings are more subtle and difficult to divine, anyone could give you both of the reasons that Andus City Station is called 'The Web.' Who founded Andus? Andorians, that much anyone will tell you, a small fleet of them. The origin of Andus is one of those mysteries of Bull's Head of which only a select few individuals are privy to the knowledge. In the Hyades cluster, secrets are horded -- not wholly unexpected of a society founded by people whose trust in their Federation leaders eroded. The Andorians enjoy hording secrets -- as a species, they are innately mistrustful. A match made in celestial nirvana; never mind the irony of Andor's role in driving so many people to the Hyades cluster. If you want to know of how and why the station started, and by whom precisely, you will have to first seek out one of the station's Andorian masters and second convince him to tell you of the station's earliest history. Best of luck with that. Simply aquiring a map of Andus is often an impossible feat. We know this. It began with the founding of a vast asteroid field on the outskirts of the Hyades core. No star. No planets. Just free-roaming debris from some ancient expulsion of matter from the chaotic core. An asteroid field was the natural first step in the construction of a place that could afford the Andorians secrecy. Against whom did they seek secrecy? Their home planet? The Federation? The Guardians? The answer was one of the many secrets to be hidden away in the asteroids. It is known that their resources were scarce. It is also known that something is easier to hide when it is placed inside something else. Thus, the city station did not have its roots between the asteroids nor on the surface of one of them ... but dug into one of them. A large asteroid was chosen and the excavations began. Rock was laser-drilled out of the asteroid, creating empty chambers. The extracted rock was shipped to manufacturing plants on board the ships and converted into construction materials. Manufactured support beams and floor plates were shipped back into the hollowed chambers, and the process of creating hallways and living spaces began. Furnishings followed, all constructed of the excavated rock. The innards of the asteroid were recycled into what would become the core of the city, all overseen by Andorian crews demonstrating almost insect-like industriousness. Next came the vital technological influences. Tractor beams were used to precisely spin the asteroid, creating centrifugal force sufficient to replicate Andor-like gravity. Force field emitters were installed at the entry points, ensuring that the asteroid's interior would be sealed against the vacuum. Atmospheric regulators and power plants were transferred into the new facilities. In a remarkable amount of time, the asteroid's interior was capable of supporting the small community of Andorians. What lay within the chambers of that first asteroid? What still lies within them? Just living spaces? Research labs, perhaps, and factories driving the weapons manufacturing operation that is persistently rumored to be taking place on the station? Did the Andorians simply come to the Andus asteroid field to hide, or did they have more ambitious aims in the Hyades cluster? More ... entrepreneurial aims? Your guess is as good as any other's. Interesting thing about the Hyades cluster -- it attracts people who desire secrecy. Word eventually spread to connected individuals who saw the setup in the Andus field as the prefered way to live. They requested space of their own on the station, bringing cases of latinum for the Andorian masters. Though the Andorians were no doubt reluctant to allow the size of their secret community to grow, the opportunity to profit must have been too substantial to pass up. While the populations of settlements like Tranquility, Goldrock, and Aldebaran swelled with Federation immigrants, Andus grew more slowly; only people in the know were even aware of the station's existence. Before long, one asteroid was not enough, but the space demands only grew. So another smaller nearby asteroid was chosen. It was tractored close to the first and excavated just the same. It was designed to be equally self-sufficient, but it soon became necessary to more directly link the two communities. A corridor was constructed between the two asteroids, a zero-g tube built to accomodate the centrifugal spin of both. Soon, a third asteroid was introduced into the system and also connected to the first. Then came a fourth, and it was connected to both the first and the second. The income generated was used to install gravity plating, eliminating the now cumbersome centrifugal system. In under two years, Andus had grown from a single excavated asteroid into a network of six linked asteroid communities, supported by a bevy of corporate investors. Inevitably, word reached the common masses of the existence of this new station. By this time, Bull's Head had declared itself independent from the Federation, so perhaps the masters of Andus station no longer saw a need for secrecy. Andus was opened to the public, its masters ready to offer the almost limitless vacancies that could be produced by excavating more asteroids. The population of the asteroid field soared. With new resources and manpower, the masters of Andus converted dozens of asteroids at a time into new communities. Many of the asteroid clusters were linked separately at first, then joined to the main network later, as greater interaction between the communities became vital. Many asteroids were repositioned, both to provide premium rental space to wealthier clientele ... and to further confuse the layout of the station. Among the more valuable commodities that one could perhaps hope to attain in Bull's Head are maps of Andus. Currently, there are over two hundred asteroid communities linked together in The Web, some connected to over a dozen other asteroids via corridors both long and short. There are residential communities, corporate office hubs, industrial sectors, commerce centers, all spread haphazardly throughout the network with little rhyme or reason to their placement. It may seem to the unitiatied that this is a clumsy and ill-conceived layout. It suits the Andorians just fine, however. While the existence of Andus is no longer a secret, much that goes on within the city-station is kept out of the sight of the overly inquisitive. In order to reach a specific chamber within the asteroid network, you must have a map revealing the presence of that chamber. The security guards stationed at each of the connecting tubes will not even allow you to pass to an asteroid if you do not possess a map of that asteroid. Once inside the asteroid, you may find more doors blocked off by security checkpoints; a map of an asteroid does not always show every chamber inside the asteroid. And to possess a map, you must know what you are looking for and be well-connected enough to gain access. Visitors to Andus receive the basic Traveler's Map for free; this, however, shows only 10% of the station, allowing access mostly to temporary rental quarters, shop districts, and entertainment centers. Does anyone possess a map of the entire network? It is said that the masters of the station possess a map. But just -a- map. Not a copy of the map possessed by each. One map, of which each master possesses but a fragment. The fragments, so it is said, would only be put together in the event of a crisis, such as an attack on the station. The Andorians always guard against the possibility of a security breach, and the maps are valuable commodities indeed. Securing a map of the area you need to reach (assuming you know what you're looking for) entails getting in touch with a person who knows a person who knows the master whose fragment contains a map of that area. All those layers of security seldom slow the process -- the Andorians are far too efficient at organization. Starfleet has inspected Andus station. The first few starship crews that came to Andus were immediately overwhelmed by the station's layout. They gave a cursory examination of a few of the asteroids (they were steered toward the 'safe' ones by the masters, of course), and quickly filed reports indicating that nothing illicit was going on on the station. The starship commanders knew better. They were certain that the rumors of illegalities on Andus were true; they simply did not wish to commit the time and effort needed to fully investigate a city built into an asteroid field. The Bull's Head patrol, you must understand, was not a popular assignment for the Fleeters; the sooner commanders who received it could file it away in their records, the better. Then along came Captain Fazer. He came to Andus station just two years ago, and he was not like the other starship commanders. He was a square-jawed military man and a stickler for mundane detail; duty and responsibility were very important things to him, you see. He was not content with giving Andus station a half-hearted search. As soon as he arrived, he had his crew catalog every single asteroid in The Web. He split his crew into teams of five on two work-shifts, and devised a search plan wherein every asteroid community could be covered within a month. The plan was submitted to the station masters, reviewed in under and hour, and accepted peacefully ... on the terms that the people of the station be given a day to prepare for the inspection. Captain Fazer suspected this was a stall tactic and stubbornly insisted on beginning the inspection immediately, but the station commanders were quite persuasive in convincing him how much instability could be caused by an inspection conducted without notice. A day of preparation was granted; really, how much on this incredibly complex station could be hidden in just a day? Silly Captain Fazer. He underestimated just how badly his officers could be confused by the weaving passages between the asteroids. Nothing that the masters of Andus station wanted to keep out of sight was removed from the station, yet none of it was located by Fazer's crew. As each search team entered an asteroid via one access corridor, station workers removed any illicit materials via other corridors. As the team departed the asteroid, yet another batch of workers swept in behind them to restore the community to its 'natural state.' It was an almost elegant game of chicken, orchestrated by the brilliant Andus masters' army of worker drones, leading Fazer's men all over the station yet nowhere. Fazer would have loved to shut down the corridors between asteroids, of course. But that would have choked the city's operations for an entire month, terribly disrupting the Bull's Head economy and generating a fierce anti-Federation outcry throughout the Hyades cluster; the good Captain would have had difficulty justifying that to his Starfleet superiors. Fazer departed The Web with nothing to report but a month of his crew's time completely wasted. Starfleet hasn't inspected Andus station since.
  15. One day away from the Hyades Cluster, Verbistul and Qob had both dropped out of warp and were now beginning the process of joining via Verbistul's docking arm. It was a second stop on the return voyage, one last chance for Captain Manning to confer with acting Captain Simmons and for the scientists to put the finishing touches on reports that would be submitted to the colony. Before returning to his ship, Joe determined to resolve one last order of business -- a chat too long in the waiting. The door to Verbistul's Captain's quarters slid upward, and Joe entered without announcement or invitation. That authority had been given to him by Simmons, as it had been given to the two armed guards who stood on either side of the sitting room beyond the door. The quarters were sparsely and neatly furnished. It did not appear to be greatly disturbed, though it was likely that any weapons or communications devices had been relocated. Nothing appeared out of the ordinary for the domicile of a career officer, save that the computer terminal on the desk in one corner was completely dark. Herman Maxwell appeared in the narrow doorway leading to the small adjoining bedroom. With a single glance at the visitor, his face showed mild and brief surprise. It passed, and he quickly recomposed himself and leaned against the door frame. He smirked at Joe, who looked back with a hard gaze. "The illustrious and victorious mercenary himself ... here to gloat, perhaps, or to apologize and return me to my command? Has his pirate friend proven threacherous at last?" "Tomar?" Joe shrugged. "Time will tell what it will, but so far he's proven more of an ally to me than the people I was hired to protect on this wondrous voyage of ours. Funny how things work out, ain't it?" "It is indeed," Maxwell answered slowly, an edge of poison to his voice. "Sit down." "I'll stand." "Wasn't askin'" Joe pointed at the guard standing beside the bedroom door. The guard removed one hand from his rifle to grab at Maxwell's arm, but the former Captain pulled it away sharply and walked toward the armchairs grouped around a low table near the corner opposite the desk. He glowered at Joe the whole way, but again smiled coldly as he lowered himself into the nearest armchair. "A guest in my quarters and on my ship and you address me with such indignity. I suppose I can expect no more from a mercenary." "I ain't buyin' the deluded madman act, Herman," Joe said as he seated himself across from Maxwell. "I know that the Rimward Territories can break a man, but not after two weeks, not after a single raider attack that didn't cost your crew one man's life. You know damn well what you done and what it's cost you, and if this whole act is meant to convince the colony to go soft on you, I don't expect it'll get you far." "My colony?" Maxwell leaned forward and stared into Joe's eyes with an expression of self-satisfaction. "I have been a faithful servant of the administrators of Xorax for twelve years. My service record is impeccable, as it was when I served the Federation. It is quite possible that I enjoy their backing to a greater extent then you would give me credit for." Joe peered back at Maxwell as he sat back in the armchair and joined his fingers together above his lap, that same smile of invincibility on his face. Did he have a way out of this trouble? Were there strings he could pull at Xorax Colony, favors he could call in? Would it, perhaps, be best for Joe to take him into custody? "What is your sin, Herman?" Maxwell laughed mockingly and shook his head back at Joe. "My sin?" "We all got one," Joe shrugged. "One that stands out a little more than the others, at least. But Bull's Head's got a way o' drawin' out every man's sins a little more. And your sin o' choice has to be a big one ... seein' as how you oversaw the deaths of a fair number of Capricorn's crew as well as your own ... and tried your damndest to oversee mine." Joe allowed his cheeks to flush a bit at that last. "Are you here to intimidate me, mercenary?" Maxwell asked, though he still smiled. "For what purpose? If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead. If I wanted you hurt, I'd spare you the conversation and get right to business. Simmons wouldn't stop me; he holds you here at my behest. And I couldn't rightly scare or humiliate you if I wanted to ... cause I don't know you. That's why I'm here, Herman -- to know you. "My sin is easy. I'm a gluttony man. I got a fondness for the drink. My fondness grows when I get myself all depressed, and that happens when I think on the past. And I ain't a happy drunk, Herman. I'm an angry drunk, the kind no one wants around when he's drinkin' heavy. And I get cranky when I ain't drinkin' enough. It so happens I've spent the last three days locked aboard the ship with not a drop of liquor in sight and with a lot o' thinkin' about the past on my mind. Got me nice and cranky to pay you a little visit." "You're not going to scare me, Manning." Maxwell blinked and crossed his arms. "Scare you?" Joe laughed. "Boy, I just gave you the key to my weakness. You know how dependent the habit makes a man? I got to rely on a steady stream of the juice, and I just ain't content if I can't get the good stuff -- Louisiana bourbon right from the source, no cheap imitations. I'm lucky enough that I got a reliable supplier. But cut me off long enough, and I'll get edgy enough to do something stupid; I'll make mistakes that I'll regret later. "You made mistakes, Herman. I'm sure that, for all that you appear to be at peace with yourself, you realize you made some big mistakes. And now I'm wonderin' what sin compelled you to make them." Joe stood up and started pacing slowly in front of the door out of the quarters. Maxwell watched him, the same smile on his face. "On the surface it might seem like wrath. You see the 'mercenaries,' as you like to throw around with disdain, rubbin' elbows with the pirates that tried to 'jack your ship, and you decide somethin' needs to be done about. But that don't seem to fit. The raiders may have put a scare in some of your crew, but no one was hurt and the ship wasn't damaged too bad. You had my crew to thank for that, so you had no cause to bear us ill will. And, hell, the Lucky Hand wanted to blast Capricorn into dust as much as you might have wanted to; turnin' us against them didn't serve no lust for revenge. "So what about greed? You have a chat with your traitorous engineer, Holstrum, and he spills the beans about Capricorn's plot to expose Xorax colony's Eden Project, maybe even to get their hands on that hydroponics ship. You weren't interested in feedin' no hungry colonists, that's for sure. But I'm sure the thought crossed your mind that controllin' the Eden Project would have given you one hell of a trade chip. Think of all the money that could be made sellin' the Eden plans to someone with the resources to build a fleet of those ships. Or think of how much more could be made with just the threat, sellin' the plans to Gaia Prime so they can keep their monopoly on the food trade." Joe stopped to look down at Maxwell. "Quite a bit of profit to be made, I'm sure," Maxwell said with a tone of disinterest. "But you don't care about that," Joe replied, waving his hand dismissively. "If money was your only aim, you wouldn't have wasted twelve years of your life ferryin' scientists around the galaxy for Xorax colony. You'd have gone mercenary like me. Or pirate like Tomar. An old Starfleet man like yourself's certainly got the skills. And the past week has shown that you've got some taste for danger. You wouldn't look down on us mercenary sorts the way that you do if your only motivation was profit." Joe nodded slowly and a small smile wrinkled his face. "O' course, I know what your sin is, Herman. I knew it when you first stepped onto my Bridge. Knew it when you looked around that little green wreck that Xorax colony was investing the whole mission in. Saw it in your eye when you looked at me, that barely concealed disdain and frustration. Sensed it fighting its way to the surface when I made it clear that we were gonna help those raiders out ... and there was nothin' you could do about it. "Yours is the deadliest sin of all, Herman -- pride. Twelve years of service to the colony, and rather than trustin' the expedition to you, they forced you to answer to one of us no-good mercenary types. It killed you to be told what to do by someone you couldn't tell apart from a raider. Especially when you know that that someone fought in the Civil War. Oh yeah, I'm sure you inquired about me, and Xorax colony had enough intel on me to share some of the important facts with you." Maxwell shook his head, but Joe noted that he was no longer smiling. "But I inquired about you too, Herman. I asked around about you back on Xorax, tryin' to get a sense of the type of people I was workin' with. I know that you were Starfleet during the war, but you didn't fight in the war. You were a Federation patriot, and if the people in charge didn't want its fleet involved in the conflict, you weren't about to sign on with one of the warring ships. You had yourself a nice safe job as a security officer on a patrol ship, makin' sure the war didn't spill over into this region here. Maybe this region grew on you, maybe the war cost you something -- I don't know -- but in time you saw fit to settle down in the Hyades Cluster." Joe took a step toward Maxwell's armchair and looked down at him with cold eyes. "Or maybe there's another reason you decided to stay put here. That'da been around the time Bull's Head started goin' independent. Maybe you thought if you stuck around, you could do some important work for your beloved Federation. Workin' at a science colony -- that'd give you a nice inside track, info on what sorts of new innovations the Commonwealth is working on, intel you could pass back to your old superiors ... or maybe to other pro-Federation agencies right here in Bull's Head." Maxwell sprung out of the armchair and fixed Joe with a furious gaze. The two guards flinched but made no attempt to stop Maxwell when it was clear that Joe was not going to back away. "Just what do you think to imply about me?" "I been surrounded by Rainmakers of late, Herman. It's put me in quite the paranoid state." "I'm not member of that cult!" Maxwell protested angrily. "And how dare you direct such an accusation at me! I love the Federation and I love the Hyades Cluster, but I am no terrorist and their means only sicken me." "Yet you were behind the deaths of ... what was the final count, sixty, seventy people? Chemical attacks on wounded people? Using misdirection to turn crews to fightin'? Hell, you even had Grotte murder one of your own crew. More'd be dead and my ship smolderin' on Zoalus if your boy Lazarus'd done his job right. "I get to thinkin' -- maybe you don't see profit in the Eden Project. Maybe you see a revoutionary new hydroponic ship prototype, and you start thinkin' about what that could do for Bull's Head. Hell, a fleet of ships like that could solve all the hunger problems on the fringe worlds. But then without the fringe worlds cut off, there'd be no call for Federation aid. Without their people sufferin', there'd be no vast fields of recruits for the Rainmakers. Could be, I reckon, that you only wanted to get your hands on that ship so you could destroy it, then use the data to cause as much infighting as you could between Gaia Prime, Xorax, the Guardians, and anyone else you could stir up. Pull off a coup like that, and I'm sure Minos himself would award you points." Without warning, Maxwell lunged forward and grabbed for Joe's neck, rage seething from his features. Joe tried to twist one of his elbows with one hand and push him back at the shoulder with the other. The guards swooped in to pull them apart. For Joe's part, the scuffle served as an unwanted reminder of his age; the strong, fit Maxwell managed to push him against the door before the guards managed to pry him loose. "Damn you," Maxwell fumed, struggling against the grip of the guard. "Your kind are the tools of Minos! Men of no scruples hopping around the stars pretending to be starship Captains when you're nothing more than paid thugs and hired hitmen. I won't stand here and listen to your accusations a moment more. Just as I wouldn't stand to follow a single one of your orders when it was quite clear that you cared nothing for this expedition, for your duty! We were ambushed, my crew held for ransom, their very lives held over my head ... and when they entreat for aid, you open your arms to them like a long-lost friend!? I restored order to this expedition when you and your raider friends were poised to muscle in and do God knows what to my crew and my ship. "I tell you now I didn't authorize a single death. I would have had the fleet brought under my control with no conflict, no bloodshed. But you all forced the hands of my crew ... th-they had to resort to desperate measures, and lives w-were lost when I wanted no such affair weighing on my conscience. Look to Grotte for your accusations ... but, no, now he's dead at the hands of the raiders, and I say with no lack of confidence that you will produce no proof that may condemn me for the bloodshed that was caused. Turn in yourself, turn in the thugs you surround yourself with and dare to call 'officers,' if you want blame to be laid." Joe straightened his vest and shook his head at the figure now shrinking back into the grip of the two guards. "You're a fool, Maxwell. A proud fool, but a fool. And a dupe. I don't know what exactly went on aboard this ship while my crew were on Capricorn, and I don't know why exactly you were after the Eden Project -- I'll leave it to Xorax Colony to figure that out. But I see now that the brains of your little takeover were elsewhere. Maybe it was Grotte, maybe Lazarus. Someone was motivated by either profit or sabotage; you just let yourself get strung along because your pride was an easy weakness for anyone to target. You were used ... and in the end you probably would have been disposed." He smacked his fist against the access panel beside the door and it slid up behind him. "I wasted my time coming here ... and my effort thinkin' you could be anything so fanciful as a calculating criminal. We'll be at Xorax Colony shortly, and you'll be turned over to the Administrators, who will do with you as they please. We both know you don't have anywhere near the clout with them or anyone else to get yourself out of this. You're just a Jack who played at bein' a King." As Joe turned and left the quarters, Maxwell, his energy spent, slumped completely into the arms of the guards. He was dragged back to his armchair, where he was left with his anger, his sorrow, and his fear.