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  1. All right folks I actualy reasearched something for once and I have completed the "Official" list of who graduated first and stuff (note: these are the listed graduation times, not the placment times) 1. Precip 9-23-02 2. Dumbass (vanroy) 9-25-02 3. Garnoopy 10-8-02 (grad. day was not posted, date the anouncment was made on the boards) 4. Cocheese 10-8-02 (Same as Garnoopy) 5. Travis 10-16-02 6. Lo'ami 11-06-02 (Same as Garnoopy and Cocheese) 7. HD (Hyper drive) 11-19-02 8. Spg 11-21-02 9. Cruz 11-21-02 10? Raymill83 1/9/03 (Unknown if the tenth, i couldnt find a graduation notice but he showed as a posting, for the reaent and the manticore...He's the next new person to take a sim i think...Trekie might be ten, ray mill might... I cant be positive, if some one could track down the info it'd help) Except of Cocheese, Cruz, and Raymill every one in the top ten are pretty much the core of STSF, besides the gm's and stuff. Because with out us first players to come, play and graduate STSF might not have gotten off the ground so fast, if at all. If people have questions about the three I mentioned above, I know Cruz. He joined the Reaent, took a LOA soon after and due to inactivity left. I also rememeber seeing Cocheese around, although i cant place him with in a sim, any info on him would be appreciated. And as for Raymill, the possible tenth I have absolutly no idea who he is. Some of the GM's obviously must have simmed with him to have graduated him. Again any info would help. Well that about rounds things up. If any one cares to try to put in order the rest of the graduates go ahead. Just remember, only go by the graduation notice topics, aditional postings throw things off and some of the people that came to STSF on a certain ship, might have jumped ships or taken extra postings as well. Well im signing off, not for good just off this topic because i think it's the most i've typed for one topic...~Travis~
  2. They all made me lol, but Will's made me lol most. Take it away.
  3. Because the world can't get enough Arnold. Well, except California maybe. Probably.
  4. Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?
  5. Extra credit if Kirk cookie comes with a removable candy tunic top.
  6. Acid, not once.
  7. At this point in history, I believe it's safe to say that the bible should be taken as a mixture of truth and folk tale. For the record, I'm an agnostic, but I don't go out trying to disprove everything in the bible. Yes, its entirely possible to say that some of the "supernatural" events depicted in the bible could have been interpretations of measurable phenomenon on earth. Imagine yourself as primitive human. A meteor shower rains down on your city, causing massive death and destruction. Would it not be plausible that these people would witness this event and claim that their God was vengeful, and rained fire down on them as a means of retribution? Imagine the God you could have been if you whipped out your bic in the city square to light your cigarette. On the other side of the coin, there isn't much reason to disbelieve. Do I believe Jesus Christ is the son/part of/something of God, sent to forgive all our sins? No. Do I believe that a man named Jesus, who lived in the time period depicted in the bible, had some real measurable effect on the world? Probably. I mean, everything has to be based in some sort of truth. Probably. Meh. Trying to keep this topic on topic, what do you all believe the potential fallout for the discovery of alien life would do to the various religious establishments around the world? I mean, even bacteria in a meteorite is bound to raise a few faith questioning...questions.
  8. Before we prove or disprove god, I'd just like to take this opportunity to welcome our new alien bacteria overlords. May they rule with an iron cell membrane, and punish with a swift and deadly cough.
  9. Kirk never, NEVER gelled a dog while there were two scantily clad women in the room.
  10. We better get Lucy Liu love bots out of this.
  12. No, i did not forget. Probably. Scooter, you win.
  13. Sorry for the wait, but it was worth it. Because this is the coolest thing ever.
  14. No Mister Smith...it's a request from the 21st century to cease and desist all the ad placements...
  15. Why did I remember Iron Man 2 being better when I saw it in theaters?
  16. A new hero, for a new age.
  17. McCoy: Spock! Get up! The Klingon's are near and we're nearly out of red-shirts! Spock: Can't...too high...
  18. Don't buy those yoplait smoothie mixes in the freezer aisle. They taste like pennies.
  19. The camera adds ten pounds is not a myth.
  20. This is why I don't watch TV. I watch Hulu.
  21. (Dammit Seiben you took my idea! :P) "Now the aliens can't read my---oh."
  22. "How do you think I feel about this?"
  23. imar coolk gothic knor guys non fhiar.
  24. IM soin colo
  25. You know whattw sucks? NOthing! EYAHE!~