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  1. Overwatch Commander Jami Farrington, Starfleet Academy School of Medicine Temporarily Assigned to USS Manticore After a long and somewhat dangerous visit to New Las Vegas and a well earned rest on an isolated asteroid hidden within the asteroid belt, Jami Farrington relaxed in the command chair. Captain McFly seemed to be recovering well—so well in fact that he had been called to his ready room for a private conversation. LtCdr Faldek had returned from his previous post and was again the Operations Officer. Lt Lackey, new to Manticore but well versed in the ship’s handling, had taken Helm until LtCdr Mizu returned. All was running smoothly… so far…meaning that after serving 15 years aboard Manticore, Jami knew that ship had a mind of her own. As soon as the crew relaxed, the other shoe would drop. “Commander Farrington,” came through her com. She sighed. “Farrington here. Go ahead.” “Secure communication from Starfleet Command, ma’am. Where should I send it?” Taking a deep breath, she pushed off from the command chair and pointed to LtCdr Faldek to take over. “Send it to the bridge conference room,” she replied, hoping this would not take long. Since their departure it seemed that Faldek was bouncing from one place to the other, but he didn’t seem to mind. Stepping into the conference room, she secured the door, entered her code, and found herself eye to eye with Admiral Gren Dejariov, Commanding Officer of Starfleet Academy’s School of Medicine. “Jami?” he began with a questioning look as he put his PADD aside. “Hello, Admiral.” She forced a smile. “Hey. It’s me, Jami. Forget the ‘Admiral’ and tell me what’s going on. You were supposed to be back by now.” “Well, Sir… I mean Gren. It’s a long story, and nothing we expected. But it is Manticore.” “And Manticore has a mind of her own. Of course. I should have known.” After a long pause, he relaxed in his chair. “Let me guess. You haven’t even begun your observations.” “No, Gren. I haven’t.” “Okay.” Dejariov said, looking at the ceiling for a moment of thought. “Where are they sending you?” Blink. “Sir?” “Where… are they sending… the Manticore…and why?” “No idea, Sir.” Dejariov slapped a hand on his desk, almost overturning it. “Damn, I bet I know. And I’ll bet it’s Jaffee. Commander, if you find out, let me know and I...will...tan...her...hide.”
  2. Manticore Brief Stardate 52008.24 TBS is 2 hours, 22 minutes and 2 seconds We are getting ready to leave the asteroid belt. Off to new adventures! =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Callista Tyrel: :: finishes cleaning up campsite :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::grabbing her gear and getting ready to leave::: Annika Sorenson: ::Helping pack up:: Callista Tyrel: Well got some sun at least. :: smiles :: LtCdrFaldek: @ ::on the bridge, sitting in the chair, looking at the real time status of the AT and their arrival back to Manticore:: Callista Tyrel: :: stretches :: It certainly is a beautiful place... Would not mind living here a while. Erich Jaenke: :: Gathering up their things :: What happened to me doctor? Annika Sorenson: Yeah, that's a plus. I wouldn't mind camping here for a week or two, that'd be nice. I hope we'll have a chance to come back here for longer some time soon. Gila Orrak: :: Looks at Erich :: A creature, err, licked your back and you fell asleep Callista Tyrel: Well at least the commander knows where this place is for future visits ... :: closes tent bin ...securing it for transport :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::takes one last look at the waterfall, as Beamer and baby join the herd in the distance::: Gila Orrak: I'll make a report. Cmdr JFarrington: :::slight smile, hoping they get to meet again::: Gila Orrak: You just fell asleep and I just made sure you were alright. Annika Sorenson: That's nice ::Packing up the last of her gear:: Callista Tyrel: + Manticore TR Guy + Manticore, Tyrel here...one mobile campsite ready to beam up. McFly: ::gets a comm from OpsGuy the CG wants to speak with him; looks at KK and sighs:: Guess playtime is over Kansas Kenickie: Play time is never over Gila Orrak: :: Helping Erich clean up :: McFly: ::McFly and KK shimmer and they head to their room to change:: Callista Tyrel: :: watches the tent kit dematerialize :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::waiting to be sure there is no one left behind::: Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ Commander Farrington to beam up. Gila Orrak: :: dereplicates their camp :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::shimmer shimmer::: Gila Orrak: :: Watches Erich stumble :: Hold on there Commander. Let's get you to sickbay. Callista Tyrel: Back to Manticore for us....+ Manticore + Ready to beam up... Gila Orrak: +Manticore+Two to beam up Annika Sorenson: ::stands next to Callista:: McFly: ::All dressed and looking semi-professional again McFly kisses KK then walks out of the room; heads for the TL then for the Bridge:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::to her room to change and clean up::: Callista Tyrel: :: Beamed back to Manticore :: Annika Sorenson: :::beams back onto the Manticore as well:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::as the door closes behind her, she remembers the quarters she has had many times::: Gila Orrak: :: Walks with Erich off the pad :: BrenFaliver: ::wakes up in his quarters with the greatest migraine in this quadrant, and stumbles around to get freshened up, unsure how long he was unconscious:: McFly: ::arrives on the bridge; starts walking to the RR then double takes as he sees Faldek standing at tactical:: ...Oh hell! I heard we were getting another Cardassian. I was praying it was Gul Dukat. LtCdrFaldek: ::spots McFly as he enters the bridge, stands up and moves away from the chair:: Captain, everything is as you left it. All the away teams are aboard and we are ready to get underway. LtCdrFaldek: Also, very funny. ::Moves to tactical:: Callista Tyrel: :: materializes back on Manticore :: Well...time to get back in the work clothes...:: off the transporter pad to the turbolift :: Annika Sorenson: Yeah, it's best I go change. ::follows Callista to the lift:: McFly: Keep the bridge, I have to talk with the big boys. Erich Jaenke: :: After some moments both he and Gila arrive at sickbay :: Erich Jaenke: I guess I should thank you for not letting me fall on my face. LtCdrFaldek: Aye. ::Moves back down to the chair:: Gila Orrak: Oh? Well yes, sure. How about you lie down on the biobed there. :: pointing :: Callista Tyrel: :: holds it for Annika :: That may have been the last sun we get for quite a while. Back to the Warp Core glow skin tone... :: designates level :: Annika Sorenson: Yeah, it was fun while it lasted. Back to the dull glows of the science consoles for me. McFly: ::walks into the RR and sits at the desk; takes a deep breath:: McFly: ::It feels different for him somehow, as if he can feel the time that passed while he was in the coma despite it actually feeling like he woke up from a long nap:: Gila Orrak: :: extends the biobed's diagnostic tools :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::clean uniform and such, she enters the bridge to do anything that is needed:: Callista Tyrel: :: lift opens :: Catch you later...:: smiles and scoots off to her quarters :: McFly: ::takes a moment to appreciate then taps the lcars laptop and opens a comm to SpecOps:: Gila Orrak: Remain still Commander. LtCdrFaldek: :: stands up:: Commander Farrington. ::Moves away so she can take the chair.:: Annika Sorenson: You too. Annika Sorenson: ::heads the other way to her quarters:: Erich Jaenke: Am I going to live? Gila Orrak: Not if I have anything to say about it. :: smiles :: Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you, Commander. Good to see you aboard. :::takes the command chair::: Callista Tyrel: :: enters her quarters and admires the view of the ship's nacelle in front of the asteroid with the atmosphere :: Pretty...now back to work. McFly: Jaffee> Captain, sent your request thirty minutes ago. McFly: Yeah I know. I had to take a shower. LtCdrFaldek: It's great to be back. :: Heads up the ramp to tactical:: All is well, Captain McFly is in his ready room. Gila Orrak: :: Taps :: All done. You may want to return to your department. Cmdr JFarrington: ::to Faldek::: Are we ready to leave? Erich Jaenke: :: Gets up :: Thanks. How about my sleepiness? Annika Sorenson: ::Enters her quarters and digs around her closet for a fresh new uniform and puts it on:: Gila Orrak: A stiff coffee. Doctor's orders. Erich Jaenke: :: Gets up and goes :: Thanks Doctor. McFly: Jaffee> Mhmm. I had hoped the recent events would have taught you a thing or two about minding command and authority. Gila Orrak: It's Gila...Erich. Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ All hands, report ready to depart. Erich Jaenke: :: Makes his way to engineering :: Annika Sorenson: ::checks her reflection in her mirror, before taking one last quick look at the asteroid from her large windows in her room:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::Faldek::: We'll take it slow and easy through the belt when we're ready. LtCdrFaldek: Tactical and security are ready. ::Looks down from tactical:: I'm not flying this thing ::half chuckles:: Callista Tyrel: :: back in uniform she exits her quarters and heads to Engineering..:: Erich Jaenke: :: Enters engineering :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::slight grin::: Annika Sorenson: ::no view of the nacelle since she was closer to the middle rear of the ship and takes the lift back up to the bridge:: Erich Jaenke: :: Does his hand signal to gesture for people to get ready to depart :: Cmdr JFarrington: And.. one more time.... +COM+ ALL HANDS REPORT READY TO DEPART. McFly: About what? ::remembers the mission logs during the time he was zonked out:: Oh, right. Uh, I learned not to cross Kansas. And, uh, something, something and the home of the brave. Annika Sorenson: ::Exits onto the bridge and logs into her console at Science II:: McFly: Jaffee> ::raises eyebrow:: ............. Captain. I'm sending you to the Pallus sector. McFly: Sounds fun, what's there? Erich Jaenke: +Bridge+ Engineering green Gila Orrak: +Bridge+ Sickbay ready Callista Tyrel: :: enters engineering and heads to the Pool Table near the warp cores :: Hello Chief! LtCdrFaldek: :: turns and acknowledges Annika behind him:: Annika Sorenson: ::notes the other Cardassian:: Sir ::respectful nod:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::nod::: Take us out of orbit Mr Lackey. Half impulse. Callista Tyrel: Looks like everything is where we left it. :: smiles :: Erich Jaenke: Hello Tyrel. I appeared to have slept for a good portion of our visit to that...place. McFly: Jaffee> Not much these days. The only inhabitable planet is known as Pallus four. It has few animal species but no intelligent life. A research team was excavating and recently became gravely ill. They don't have a large medical facility to investigate and so we're sending you to give them a hand. Hopefully all is needed is a good hypo spray. McFly: ...Wha-what, that's it? McFly: Jaffee> Yes McFly: Like, can't you send a medical ship for that? Cmdr JFarrington: Commander Faldek, Mr Lackey will need assistance to weave through the asteroid belt. McFly: Jaffee> You're closer. ::looks over what appears to be a padd:: Are you in an asteroid field? Callista Tyrel: Maybe that is what you most required. I got some sun...and a few hours of peace. That was nice. LtCdrFaldek: Do you want full resolution tactical scans, I could shoot a few asteroids... Cmdr JFarrington: Full resolution scans.::trying not to grin:: McFly: Yeah, don't worry about that. I mean, we're a special ops ship. Shouldn't we be dealing with an attempted government coup or-or, starting a government coup? Erich Jaenke: Yes. It was the doctor and I. Cmdr JFarrington: However.. .let's not shoot anything. We're hiding from some personnel from New Las Vegas. LtCdrFaldek: Aye. ::Starts a full resolution scan of the asteroid belt on the course we're on.:: Sending route and scans to the helm. Callista Tyrel: Gila? I hope she was not bored down there. McFly: Jaffee> Captain, I've read the recent reports. I would think you and your crew would welcome an easy mission. Erich Jaenke: She stayed with me the entire time, so most likely. Cmdr JFarrington: Lackey> ::checks the area over::: Thank you, sir. It helps. McFly: I mean, yeah I guess. I just feel, sending us to a desolate planet to help cure a cold is better dealt by someone else. McFly: Jaffee> ::sighs:: Annika Sorenson: ::scans the area and provides sensor scan assistance if necessary:: McFly: What? You know we're worth more. Cmdr JFarrington: We will await the captain's orders as to where we go from there. McFly: Jaffee> You're an ass. McFly: Yeah Callista Tyrel: I regret not spending more time with Gila lately, but it seems she was busy caring for you. McFly: Jaffee> Look. Of course there's more to this than a mere cold. Command is hoping it's something simple that can be figured out easily by your medical staff. But listen... How well do you know your history? Erich Jaenke: Yes... :: thinks :: She is hard to read. McFly: I didn't sleep through all of it. Annika Sorenson: ::would have also have liked spending more time with Gila too, but it was nice spending some time with Cal though:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::relaxes in the command chair, thinking:::: Erich Jaenke: :: taps the console :: LtCdrFaldek: According to sensors we're nearing the edge of the asteroid belt Commander. ::Tappity tap tap:: Callista Tyrel: Yet, the asteroid...there were only a handful of people down there. Perhaps it was a break from reading people anyway. Cmdr JFarrington: Mr Lackey, we're far enough out to go to three-quarter impulse. Cmdr JFarrington: Lackey> Aye, ma'am. Going to three quarter impulse. McFly: Jaffee> Alright, well, Pallus four has not always been empty of intelligent life. At one point there was a full civilization pretty new to warp, not unlike we were, maybe a bit younger. This was before the Federation, even before the Prime Directive. Something happened and the planet came down with an unknown virus. McFly: I don't remember hearing about any of this. Erich Jaenke: :: shakes his head :: I think she has had mental training... Cardassians... Callista Tyrel: Maybe I should ask Gila to train my brain to not blast your brain with my ....uhm... energy. McFly: Jaffee> Because it was kept under wraps. See they reached out for help but that was when the Xindi attack against Earth happened. Starfleet at the time forgot about them to deal with the threat. McFly: That sounds very Starfleet. Cmdr JFarrington: :::turns to Faldek::: Is Mr. Faliver aboard? Callista Tyrel: :: returns gaze to Power Grid flow management :: Erich Jaenke: :: Looks :: No significant slowdowns. Callista Tyrel: After what I saw on that Asteroid, it appears my career is going to have moments of beauty and...well... horror. :: stares at Pool Table :: Erich Jaenke: More of the latter if your career on this ship is long. LtCdrFaldek: I'm not sure ma'am. Internal sensors are down due to a diagnostic. McFly: Jaffee> Yes, well, next thing they know all the people are gone. The planet has been designated empty ever since. Recently Starfleet research has gotten the OK to excavate and learn what happened to them. But we're afraid this illness could be related to whatever wiped out those people. Cmdr JFarrington: Not surprised. I know we didn't leave anyone behind, but he could be gathering his wits after New Las Vegas. McFly: ::thinks for a beat:: I can't imagine the two are unrelated. Callista Tyrel: who is the resident psychologist on board...? Sounds like he or she probably is the most important on board. BrenFaliver: ::Drags himself, clean and in a pressed uniform, but with eyes almost squeezed shut, onto the bridge where he sits in Science-2, because it’s closer.:: McFly: Jaffee> Let's hope they are. But until we know for sure I urge you to take the utmost precaution when dealing with the research team and especially the planet. Erich Jaenke: :: thinks about that question :: Ugh, it may be Gila. I'll have to check. McFly: Will do. I'll alert medical to setup appropriately. McFly: Jaffee> Keep me informed. BrenFaliver: Science... ready to depart, Commander.... Callista Tyrel: I'll check on that. Although a Cardassian might have an interesting take on the human mind. Cmdr JFarrington: :::Faldek::: Anything on the screen that we need to know about when we exit the asteroid belt, Commander? Erich Jaenke: They are mostly cultural differences, though there are some gender norms. McFly: Oh, Admiral, ::large cheeky smile:: I knew you wouldn't send us on no lame ass vaccine mission. Annika Sorenson: ::moves to another science console:: Welcome back, boss. McFly: Jaffee> ::rolls her eyes then cuts off the comm:: Cmdr JFarrington: +Bren+ Understood. LtCdrFaldek: Looks good from here, Commander. Callista Tyrel: Hmm... someday we will get over there and I will learn a lot more. :: taps diagnostic panels :: BrenFaliver: ::Looks at Annika... or, actually, turns his pained face to Annika, and says something very quiet that could be interpreted as a greeting:: McFly: ::chuckles to himself; stands up and heads for the door; walks out to see everyone on the bridge and Commander Farrington:: Commander! Annika Sorenson: ::hopes he's okay, and continues to work from her console:: McFly: We're heading to our next mission, ::looks over at Lt Lackey:: Pallus IV, wherever that is. Cmdr JFarrington: :::stands and moves over, congenial nod::: Captain. Annika Sorenson: ::glances over to the captain, looks up Pallus IV on her console:: Cmdr JFarrington: We are about to exit the asteroid belt, awaiting your orders. McFly: You staying with us or do we drop you off at the next moon? ::toothy smile:: BrenFaliver: ::types into his console to pull up a datasheet on this destination. Momentarily confused at no results for 'Pallus Four":: Annika Sorenson: ::Doesn't find too much either:: Another uninhabited planet? Cmdr JFarrington: ::::smile, chuckling::: I'll be with you for a while, Captain. Medical things, actually. Then we got into New Las Vegas and everything cratered. McFly: Lt Lackey > Course enabled, Captain, ready to engage. BrenFaliver: ::types to Annika, refusing to add more sound to the world:: "Any suggestions on a migraine cure? I've never had one this bad!" Annika Sorenson: Suggest some aspirin hypos. I'm sure Dr. Orrak has a good stock of migraine hypos. Callista Tyrel: :: chuckles :: my holo exercise tyrant is going to kill me for having so much time off lately. McFly: Good, medical, could use that. People might die. Cmdr JFarrington: Well... hopefully not. McFly: No pressure. McFly: = /\ ======= PAUSE SIM ======= /\ = McFly: = /\ ======= PAUSE SIM ======= /\ = McFly: = /\ ======= PAUSE SIM ======= /\ = McFly: Jami, comments? Cmdr JFarrington: Just wondering where we're going. But you might want to tell us next week. It sounded scary. A meeting next week? Callista Tyrel: department head briefing… coming soon next week! McFly: Will probably do a TBS of 5 hours. Everyone will have heard by that time so when we start the next sim we can arrive in the sector. McFly: Unless you guys WANT to do a senior staff meeting. I mean I don't want to ruin anyone's fun. LtCdrFaldek: I don't mind staff meetings. Callista Tyrel: aye copy the plan sir McFly: I'll leave it to a vote. You guys can reply to the log email. You want a senior staff meeting to learn the mission or just do a long TBS and get to the sector. Cmdr JFarrington: Lots of stuff in there. You would get to point on the screen. BrenFaliver: lol McFly: I do like to point McFly: Alright then. Any questions or comments? Callista Tyrel: none here Cmdr JFarrington: Point well taken. We can be on the way while we have a staff meeting. BrenFaliver: Maybe do a staff briefing log? Best of both worlds? McFly: Well yeah, that would be the idea. Cmdr JFarrington: Lt Lackey won't mind. BrenFaliver: We get some story, we hit the next session in sector? McFly: All good suggestions, hit me up in email with them Callista Tyrel: good night! Cmdr JFarrington: We get to hit him. Cool. McFly: If nothing else, let's enjoy one last week of peace before we all die of a bad staff infection and be... DISMISSED!
  3. Manticore Brief Stardate 52008.17. TBS is 1 hour. Manticore remains in synchronous orbit above the asteroid. Lush grass and a waterfall cascades between the mountains. After enduring New Las Vegas, we are relaxing and enjoying freedom. =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Erich Jaenke: :: Lying in close proximity to the good doctor :: Amanda Davis PhD: ::her toes in the pool made from the waterfall::: Annika Sorenson: ::relaxing by the water as well:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::staring out into space on top of a knoll that is covered with lush grass:::: Callista Tyrel: :: Callista observes the Standard Starfleet " Tent " materialize in front of her...to be assembled :: Gila Orrak: :: Looks at Gila :: Kansas Kenickie: :::Starts building a fire since her skills are better::: Annika Sorenson: Need a hand with that? ::to Callista:: Callista Tyrel: Oh yes..sure. Where shall we set it up? Amanda Davis PhD: :::she spreads a towel over the grass to bask in the sun::: Annika Sorenson: Maybe over there by the water? Nice view there. Gila Orrak: Are you nervous? Afraid I'm going to stab you in the back? Erich Jaenke: No.. Gila Orrak: :: laughs :: Good, that's a Romulan thing. Callista Tyrel: Okay .. :: smiles :: Supposed to comfortably fit two.. Callista Tyrel: :: puts Tent crate where Annika directs :: Annika Sorenson: That's nice ::smiles:: Amanda Davis PhD: ::to whoever is close::: This is lovely. We must do this more. Annika Sorenson: Right here's a good spot. ::finds a nice, flat piece of grass by the water:: Annika Sorenson: Nice view of the falls. ::looks:: Callista Tyrel: :: pops crate open and begins assembling...:: If I fail assembly of this tent, I don't think I should be around a warp core...:: chuckles :: LtCdrFaldek: @:: settling into his quarters on the Manticore, unpacking as it were. Opens a box and pulls out a bottle of Kanar, the blue kind, and pours himself a glass. Sits down and takes a drink:: Well Beran, you're back. Annika Sorenson: ::chuckles:: It wouldn't look good. Callista Tyrel: :: notes the Doctor is sunning herself :: That is not a bad idea, sun looks great. Callista Tyrel: Annika can you hand off those support columns to me? :: starts building framework :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Stretching out in the sunlight...hoping to get a good tan Annika Sorenson: Sure thing. ::Hands them over to Callista;: Erich Jaenke: :: to Orrak :: You have interesting views on various species. Annika Sorenson: ::hammering in the ground pegs with a rock:: Gila Orrak: :: to Jaenke :: I've been around. Cmdr JFarrington: Action>A large furry animal, similar to a moose, wanders through deep grass to get to the water, spots Jami, and gives her a very slobbery lick on her forehead. Callista Tyrel: Wow this thing ....doesn't take long to make...perhaps because of it's emergency back up purpose.. Annika Sorenson: That's good... LtCdrFaldek: ::picks up a PADD and looks at the current crew roster, familiarizing himself the key players:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::jumps, wiping the wet from her face, she turns::: Beamer!! Annika Sorenson: ::hears Jami and sees the giant furry moose:: Wow, Jami has a friend. Callista Tyrel: :: has the frame in place..and looks :: Oh my. hehe. Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> :::lick, slurp, lick, slirp, scratches her head with horns::: Gila Orrak: :: Gets out her medicorder :: Callista Tyrel: Hmm..they seem to know each other it appears. Annika Sorenson: I hope all the wildlife on this planet is this friendly. Callista Tyrel: :: gets thick grey insulating fabric " walls " out :: Cmdr JFarrington: Action> A smaller one follows along, creeps up behind Annika, and gives her slobbery licks. Kansas Kenickie: ::Rolls over, enjoying just the 2 of them alone::: let's hope the sun stays up longer than earth’s. Annika Sorenson: ::stretches out the ground tarp as far as she can, until it's free of wrinkles and hammers in the last of the pegs:: Annika Sorenson: Ahh.. hello. ::wipes her face, and pets the animal:: Amanda Davis PhD: Oh, my. What... ::looks up the hill to Jami and then is licked by the smaller one::: Oh... Cmdr JFarrington: ::looks over after hugging::: Beamer, you have a baby!! Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> ::snorts, nodding::: Annika Sorenson: ::glad it went over to Amanda:: Callista Tyrel: Hmm...Commander...you familiar with these two ? :: asks Cmdr JFarrington :: Gila Orrak: :: to Jaenke :: You are tense. Annika Sorenson: ::sees her reflection in the water and washes her face of moose saliva:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::looks over the hill:: I've been here a few times. I always thought Beamer was a male, but I guess not. :::continues scratching::: Annika Sorenson: Ahh. Amanda Davis PhD: :::gets licked by the baby:: Oh... it tickles :::laugh:: Callista Tyrel: :: places exterior " walls in place " :: Cute. Erich Jaenke: :: to Gila :: Yeah, an aspect of my work.. and me. Annika Sorenson: Very. I met a squirrel in Sweden once that ate a nut out of my hand. But then it ran off. Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> :::walks down the hill toward Erich::: Kansas Kenickie: ::Sprays a little baby oil on her legs::: such a bad idea Callista Tyrel: I seem to recall squirrels in old Arizona being a bit too skittish for me to feed. Gila Orrak: :: To Jaenke :: Turn around. Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer Babe> ::walks around licking everyone he can find, smells the baby oil, and goes for a lick or few::: Erich Jaenke: :: to Orrak :: Excuse me? Gila Orrak: :: to Jaenke, does a spinning gesture :: Callista Tyrel: :: Looks at Finished Tent :: Okay...:: wipes her bangs from her eyes :: Annika Sorenson: It helps if you stay really still and make squirrel noises. Annika Sorenson: Nicely done. Erich Jaenke: :: huffs :: Fine. Callista Tyrel: :: grabs her large tote bag and places it inside :: Erich Jaenke: :: turns around :: Annika Sorenson: ::puts her bag inside:: I didn't think to bring that much stuff. Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer Babe> :::approaches Erich and instead of licking he stops to look at Erich::: Amanda Davis PhD: Erich.... I think it likes you. Callista Tyrel: :: holds the " Flap" Open for Annika :: Well I did not know anything about this place...so I threw everything in. Which is not much. Most of what I have is from NLV. Erich Jaenke: So it appears. Erich Jaenke: What is going on? Gila Orrak: :: Sitting behind Erich :: Kansas Kenickie: @ Annoying Karl> Snifes the chair:: Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> ::approaches Erich and stops to watch him, curious::: Annika Sorenson: Thanks ::sets her medium sized backpack and sleeping bag:: Callista Tyrel: :: looks at her uniform :: I need to get out of this thing , I think the Doctor is wise to be catching some rays....I think I will lay out for a while. Amanda Davis PhD: :::stands::: Now, that *is* interesting. LtCdrFaldek: @:: stands up and heads out of his quarters, still with the PADD, enters a TL:: Bridge. Annika Sorenson: Sure thing, it'd be nice to get some sun. Callista Tyrel: I'll be quick ... :: enters tent to change :: Annika Sorenson: ::smiles and nods, and relaxes by the water:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::slowly walks down the hill, watching Beamer and Babe::: Gila Orrak: :: Starts to help Jaenke, uses a muscle regen :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Snuggles up to McFly::: Erich Jaenke: :: Looks startled, on two fronts :: What are you doing Doctor? Gila Orrak: :: Laughs :: Not what I want to, but something to help your tension. Callista Tyrel: :: exits tent with shorts and tank top on applying some sunscreen :: Hehe...one vacation's unused sunscreen used for another. Amanda Davis PhD: :::approaching to watch the animals::: Callista Tyrel: Need some Annika? LtCdrFaldek: @:: exits the TL and looks up from the PADD:: Report? Kansas Kenickie: @ Karl> ::nods to Faldek::: Commander.............. it's been a long time Kansas Kenickie: @ Karl> We are in orbit or the rock below... most are down on vacation Annika Sorenson: Oh thanks, Sure. LtCdrFaldek: @ It has been a few years. ::Heads down the ramp:: Annika Sorenson: Yeah, that's true. I've a lot of leftover stuff from NLV Kansas Kenickie: @ Karl> looking for the 411 on the C.R.E.W. Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> ::continues to watch Gila massage, then pushes her aside to lick Erich's back slowly and gently:: Callista Tyrel: :: hands Annika sunscreen , places a towel on the ground with a mat as head rest:: Oh this is nice... Amanda Davis PhD: :::watching::: Now *that* is interesting. Annika Sorenson: ::applies on sunscreen as well:: Callista Tyrel: :: lies down :: Erich Jaenke: Gila? Really? Gila Orrak: It's not me Commander. It's your new friend. Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> :::slow, gentle lick, almost soothing::: Gila Orrak: :: Gets our her medicorder :: Hmm. Erich Jaenke: What's it doing? I can sense something from it, but I'm not sure what. Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer Babe> :::quiet hum next to his mother::: Annika Sorenson: ::sets up a towel to lay on and lays on it:: Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer> :::begins a low hum as she continues to lick carefully:: Callista Tyrel: :: puts a pair of UV glasses on :: Gila Orrak: Concentrate, Mr. Jaenke. LtCdrFaldek: @:: out of habit heads for Ops, but detours at the last second and stops in front of "the chair":: Cmdr JFarrington: :::on approach, she watches the moose and baby, then nods to Amanda::: I've never seen her do this before. Kansas Kenickie: ::Pulls out her phaser points it at the Beamer::: you should be lunch :::Aims::: Cmdr JFarrington: :::steps between them::: NO! Erich Jaenke: :: Feels Kansas' aim :: Amanda Davis PhD: Yes, :::also to Gila:: there is something different in her actions. Kansas Kenickie: :::Makes a face at Jami:: What? Callista Tyrel: :: hears the stream ...which is relaxing and then hears a startling NO! and looks up :: Cmdr JFarrington: Can't you see what she's doing? She's not hurting anyone. Why kill her? Kansas Kenickie: lunch Cmdr JFarrington: :::stern::: NO..... Ma'am. Annika Sorenson: ::looks over as well:: Erich Jaenke: Her aim is not as good as she thinks. Kansas Kenickie: ::Erich is wrong::: Amanda Davis PhD: :::watches the animal as it slowly walks away::: Callista Tyrel: :: hears Jami talking...but not clear enough to understand ..:: wonder what that was about... Callista Tyrel: :: lies back down :: Kansas Kenickie: :::Long sigh, lay back down::: yuppies Annika Sorenson: I don't know. Though I noticed that the big moose really took a liking to Erich. Callista Tyrel: :: chuckles :: The Chief is a nice guy.... Annika Sorenson: Yes, that he is. Cmdr JFarrington: :::steps back slowly, then turns to follow Beamer and Baby:: LtCdrFaldek: @Karl, you are relieved. Gila Orrak: :: Scans Erich :: Seems their saliva has certain enzymes... Kansas Kenickie: @ Karl> Hi-ho sir ::walks back to the TAC console::: Erich Jaenke: :: Looks sleepy :: Enzymes.. What do yo-.. :: falls back onto Doctor Orrak :: Amanda Davis PhD: :::standing by::: Very interesting. :::watching Gila::: LtCdrFaldek: @::sits in the chair, reading his PADD once more:: Gila Orrak: :: Jumps, but remains seated :: Callista Tyrel: :: rests :: Have to tell the ....Beamer that he is taken... Annika Sorenson: ::chuckles:: Gila Orrak: :: tilts her head :: It has very relaxing qualities. Cmdr JFarrington: :::watching them walk slowly over the hill::: Cmdr JFarrington: :::walking up to Gila::: Did Beamer's licks do anything substantial? Callista Tyrel: Cmdr. Keb....doesn't have anything to worry about. Gila Orrak: :: Looks at Erich as he has fallen asleep in her lap. Still scanning :: It contains an enzyme that has very relaxing qualities. Annika Sorenson: I'm sure. ::smiles:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::watches as they walk over the hill and out of sight:: Callista Tyrel: :: listens to the relaxing sound of the water nearby :: Amanda Davis PhD: Very interesting. Dr Orrak, is there a way to sample what the animal used? Gila Orrak: :: Moves Erich a bit to get a sample :: I should be able to synthesize this. Kansas Kenickie: ::Throws a rock at the Beamer near her::: Shooo Cmdr JFarrington: :::walks up the hill as Beamer and baby join the herd and move off:::: Annika Sorenson: ::lies down close to Callista and does the same:: Kansas Kenickie: <<Oh Jami .... McFly and I are up there... you might see more than you like :O >> Gila Orrak: :: Feels like she can't move and does not :: Cmdr JFarrington: (Hey.. I'm a doctor. I see everything anyway) Callista Tyrel: It was nice of the command staff to give us a make-up vacation. After what I saw in that courtroom I needed the beauty of the universe in my mind. LtCdrFaldek: @::sets the PADD down and looks around the mostly empty bridge:: It's good to be the King. Gila Orrak: :: to Erich :: Well, you got your relaxation. Callista Tyrel: :: stretches a bit taking the sun in :: Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: All yours, Boss. Kansas Kenickie: Nice work everyone. Kansas Kenickie: Any questions or comments? Callista Tyrel: Beamer...is a moose? Kansas Kenickie: Jami? Cmdr JFarrington: Beamer is a moose... not exactly the same kind as on earth, but she's a moose. Callista Tyrel: okay thanks Kansas Kenickie: and sound yummy Erich Jaenke: I now pronounce you Man and Moose Cmdr JFarrington: And icky licks. But they work. Callista Tyrel: sleepy icky licks? Cmdr JFarrington: That, too. Cmdr JFarrington: TBS, Boss? Kansas Kenickie: 2 hours, 22 minutes and 2 seconds Cmdr JFarrington: And we'll be on the ship or still on the asteroid? Kansas Kenickie: we will be wrapping up on the asteroid, getting ready to leave.. this way you can log log log Cmdr JFarrington: All righty. Amanda Davis PhD: It will be sad to leave the asteroid. Kansas Kenickie: If nothing else, dismissed.
  4. Manticore Brief Stardate 52008.10. TBS is 3 hours, 21 minutes and 8 seconds. Manticore is in synchronous orbit around an asteroid that has a waterfall between two mountains. We'll be going down to relax. =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Erich Jaenke: What kind of facility is this Commander Farrington? Annika Sorenson: ::on the bridge, looking at the view screen from her science console:: Oooh. Callista Tyrel: :: getting ready for another excursion in her quarters :: Gila Orrak: :: Checking in on the CO and XO again :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::turns to Erich:: No one else knows about it as far as I know. Uninhabited. Small animals, nothing dangerous. Amanda Davis PhD: :::grabs her gear, especially her swimsuit:: McFly: ::sitting up in sick bay; wearing clothes with an actual back to them this time; looks at Gilla:: Am I well?... No wait, let me rephrase... Am I si... no longer needing to be in sickbay? Erich Jaenke: Uninhabited? Surely this is not naturally occurring. Kansas Kenickie: ::Tries to clean herself up in the sink and touch up her hair:: Callista Tyrel: Computer , can you tell me any information on our destination, mainly...do I need to replicate snowshoes....or Sun Block? :: not sure if the computer will have anything on file :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::checking with the helmsman::: Yes, naturally occurring. Kansas Kenickie: ::Evil eyes Gila:: Gila Orrak: I can't do anything to you in here without people knowing...err, you should be fine. Unless you are feeling up to an implant. McFly: ::raises eyebrow:: What kind of implant? McFly: ((impant sounds like something you'd get on Risa )) Kansas Kenickie: an implant ::Tisks:: Typical Gila Orrak: Oh, did I say implant? Perhaps another time. Gila Orrak: Trusted Cardassian technology for centuries. McFly: ::furrows brow:: tease Cmdr JFarrington: ::notes the helmsman is not happy staying behind, but he'll get his chance::: Gila Orrak: You may both leave sickbay. Call me if anything changes. Annika Sorenson: ::back in her quarters, changing into some loose comfortable shirt and shorts and sandals, applies on some sunscreen and bug repellent:: Kansas Kenickie: No please tell us of your brain smashing technology. Gila Orrak: It has not smashed for a very long time. We have come a long way in our extraction techniques. Gila Orrak: :: putting away some of her medical devices. Putting new devices into her pack :: Amanda Davis PhD: :::feeling strange, going down to an uninhabited asteroid that even has a waterfall, grass, and flowers:::: McFly: Will do Doc. ::slides off the biobed and heads for the door; grabs KK around the waist and pulls her with him:: Erich Jaenke: Well, perhaps I can use some non-holographic environment Callista Tyrel: :: into her standard uniform she packs everything..which is not much into her utility bag. ..and her trusty tricorder :: Callista Tyrel: Okay...off to wherever... Cmdr JFarrington: ::is not going to tell them how she came upon this asteroid because it's too special::: Callista Tyrel: :: exits quarters to TR :: McFly: ((good thing we can't hear your thoughts with a tease like that)) Gila Orrak: :: Places the last item in her pack :: Cmdr JFarrington: (Heh) Erich Jaenke: :: Enters the lift :: Sickbay. McFly: ::walks down the hall with KK:: I read a couple of padds while I laid there to catch up on what I missed. Commander Farrington is back? How'd that happen? Amanda Davis PhD: :::exiting her quarters and moving toward the lift::: Annika Sorenson: ::grabs her holocam and sunglasses and heads to the TL:: Kansas Kenickie: Right place right time. Callista Tyrel: :: arrives at TR room waiting for with her over the shoulder tote :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::packing a bag of medical gear, just in case someone slips::: McFly: ::walks into TL with KK and inputs the crew deck:: Annika Sorenson: ::she arrives at the TR:: Kansas Kenickie: It did show me that I am an awful XO. Callista Tyrel: Hi Annika. Amanda Davis PhD: :::enters the TR::: Hello, everyone. This is going to be interesting. Kansas Kenickie: I wasn't trained for it. Erich Jaenke: :: Runs into the Doctor :: Oof! Annika Sorenson: Oh hey Callista. Back for take two of our vacation. McFly: For what, running the ship without me? Annika Sorenson: I guess? Gila Orrak: Ahh! Careful Commander. :: clutching her pack :: Kansas Kenickie: pretty much Cmdr JFarrington: :::exits the lift and enters TR::: Erich Jaenke: Are you going to the...surface too? Gila Orrak: Unless I get run over on my way to the transporter, or are we taking a shuttle? Cmdr JFarrington: I have to warn you... the water is cold. Erich Jaenke: Transporter I have been told. Callista Tyrel: Yes. :: a short smile :: Note Big tote....:: points to her large bag :: I don't know a thing about where we are going so..I figured..take everything Kansas Kenickie: ::Wraps her arm around him:: I am sorry I'm not better at all this McFly: I'm sure it was fine. I know there were plenty of times Sovak disappeared on me. It was a little overwhelming but you get the hang of it. Erich Jaenke: We should buddy up, as they say. Annika Sorenson: I hope it's not too heavy for you. Gila Orrak: :: blinks :: Really? McFly: ::hugs her tight:: We're security grunts. Neither of us was really trained for command. Amanda Davis PhD: :::waiting to TR down::: Erich Jaenke: You are the only one that dispenses my medication. Cmdr JFarrington: ::::trying not to toss Erich a grin::: Callista Tyrel: Oh engineers have to haul stuff occasionally. Gila Orrak: Oh, well I don't have any. Besides, you need to control your ability. Kansas Kenickie: ::hugs him back::: I wish I could see myself the way you do... I only see my failures. Gila Orrak: :: She gestures in the direction of TR1 :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::waits:::: McFly: Most people usually do. Just have to learn to deal with them and grow from them. Erich Jaenke: Who knows, perhaps this is some kind of sentient lifeform our sensors can't detect. Erich Jaenke: :: Enter the TR :: Callista Tyrel: Well I have one sweatshirt from school...hope that does it! McFly: ::arrives on deck; takes KK by the hand and walks to their quarters:: Annika Sorenson: Yeah, we science people do too. Hope so too. Gila Orrak: I'd rather not have that happen. Erich Jaenke: :: Steps on the pad :: I have no idea where at this place we are beaming. Kansas Kenickie: I'm not used to failing, I shoot failure in the face and more on. Amanda Davis PhD: ::steps onto the pad:: Annika Sorenson: ::Steps onto the pad as well:: Erich Jaenke: Our group to beam down...seemingly. Cmdr JFarrington: :::steps up, checking her knife and boots::: Callista Tyrel: :: on pad :: Callista Tyrel: :: looks at the commander's boots and...hopes the regulation ones will do..:: Annika Sorenson: ::not even wearing boots:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::TL person::: You have the coordinates. McFly: whelp, sometimes failure likes to shoot back. You just give it the middle finger and try it again. McFly: ::enters quarters and heads to the closet to get out a fresh uniform:: Will be nice to wear real clothes again. Callista Tyrel: ( our captain's attire is truly unreal! ) Kansas Kenickie: ((hey! no looking!)) Kansas Kenickie: Are we going down to that green nightmare below? Cmdr JFarrington: Lt Beamer> Stand by... beaming. :::beams whoever is with them::: Callista Tyrel: :: energizes :: Amanda Davis PhD: :::beams::: Kansas Kenickie: ::opens her messy closet ::: because I could go for a swim in non-simulated water. Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::arrives next to the waterfall::: Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::mouth drops open:: Oh, my. It's beautiful. Kansas Kenickie: I know everyone say there is no difference but I can feel it Erich Jaenke: @ Hmm Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::checking the area:: Just mind where you sit. Some of the plants are prickly. Gila Orrak: @ We are not in Cardassia any more. Amanda Davis PhD: @ Oh, I will look. But this is a beautiful place. Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks around impressed :: Wow...artificial construct or natural? Erich Jaenke: @ We weren't there before. Callista Tyrel: :: thinks cactus like back home :: Annika Sorenson: @ ::looks around::: Wow ::takes some scans with her tricorder:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ Natural. McFly: ((I'm still a security grunt at heart, I always go it commando)) Kansas Kenickie: ((::PPurrrs::)) Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::looks to Jami::: However did you find this place, Commander? Annika Sorenson: @ Yeah, very interesting. All this in an asteroid. I wonder what's swimming in these waters. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::slight grin::: If I told you I'd have to kill you. McFly: There's a green somthin-somthin down there? Guess I have more padds to read. ::groans:: Amanda Davis PhD: @ Oh. Well, then. I'll just... look around I guess. Callista Tyrel: @ :: notes Annika is probably in her element with the aquatic life :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ Wise choice. Kansas Kenickie: Don’t bother... nothing of import happened Gila Orrak: :: Holds onto Erich's arm, protest or not :: Callista Tyrel: @ Gila are you being silly? Erich Jaenke: @ Uhm.. Kansas Kenickie: ::says in a lying tone to her voice:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::checks out the water::: Yes, it's cold. Not frozen. Just cold. Gila Orrak: @ No, I'm taking charge... :: softly :: for once. Gila Orrak: @ We should get closer to the water. Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::sets her things down and wiggles a few toes in the water::: Oh... my. Yes, it's cold. Annika Sorenson: @ ::analyses a small sample:: Very pure. You can probably drink it. McFly: ::puts shirt on; chuckles:: That usually means something did happen. Or you're just trying to save me from all the paperwork. Erich Jaenke: @ That's fine. :: Looking all around, not sensing anything beyond the crew :: Kansas Kenickie: If it did happen then maybe you shouldn't read about it Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::Annika::: Good to know. It's been a while since I've been here. Annika Sorenson: @::dips her foot in the water:: Oooh, I have to agree. Kansas Kenickie: Let it go. ::waves hand about:: Callista Tyrel: @ :: reaches for her tricorder :: Drinkable? McFly: You're probably right, I'll wait for the movie to come out ::kisses her then heads to the door:: I should probably make an appearance on the bridge and say hi to Farrington. It's been a while. Kansas Kenickie: ::is being too blasé about things:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::just remembered::: +HELM+ Run silent, just in case someone or something followed us. Annika Sorenson: @ ::Nods:: I would say so, yes. These waters are quite clear and the pollutant levels are very low. Kansas Kenickie: ::Glances back:: everyone is below... Cmdr JFarrington: Lt Lancaster> Running silent, aye. Annika Sorenson: @And it's cold, so it'd probably be pretty refreshing. Kansas Kenickie: Expect Karl and Crystal. Callista Tyrel: @ Nature unspoiled. Not like New Las Vegas... Kansas Kenickie: They are manning the helm while we rest. Annika Sorenson: @Not that I'd recommend drinking strange water from a place you don't know. Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::dangling her feet in the water::: Oh... how nice. It's cold, but you get used to it. :::looks to Annika::: Kansas Kenickie: :::Grabs towels and a fancy robe::: Let’s just go relax and forget crap for a while. Erich Jaenke: @ :: They make their way to the waterfall. The white noise envelops the soundscape :: Annika Sorenson: @ ::Nods:: Its quite the contrast isn't it? I don't know which I prefer more? McFly: I feel a little sheepish going on vacay after a good sleep. Kansas Kenickie: I had the transport Dude find us a nice peaceful spot, away from prying eyes. Gila Orrak: @ :: speaks up :: I have not seen many waterfalls in my life, this one seems... :: tilts her neck up :: very tall. Callista Tyrel: @ :: observes waterfall :: Snowmelt? Annika Sorenson: @::Looks up at the waterfall as well:: If I had to guess, probably. Kansas Kenickie: ::takes his arm:: No prying eyes..... Erich Jaenke: @ It is tall. This is a good spot. The sound of the water blocks the sound of the other minds. McFly: But it's more fun when they pry ::winks:: Kansas Kenickie: ::Covers her face, blushing::: no noo... Gila Orrak: @ Really? Auditory therapy.... interesting. :: makes a not on her write device :: Callista Tyrel: @ Uhm...was I supposed to bring a tent? :: taking it all in :: Annika Sorenson: @ I haven't done tent camping in forever McFly: ::smirks:: That's alright. We'll always know Erich knows what we're doing Annika Sorenson: @or ever? ::thinks, she swishes her foot in the water:: Kansas Kenickie: how am I to relax with that on my mind? Callista Tyrel: @ :: walks along streambed looking :: Annika Sorenson: @::Gets up and follows Callista and the others:: Gila Orrak: @ :: moments upon moment pass :: I can perhaps use the embedded translator to emit white noise... Gila Orrak: @ Commander? Erich Jaenke: @ Hmm? :: looking up :: Cmdr JFarrington: (Is everyone on the asteroid?) McFly: ::pulls her close:: I'll make you forget all about him ::kisses her tenderly on the lips:: Callista Tyrel: @ Commander Farrington are we to beam down some...camping equipment? McFly: ((me and KK are still on the ship)) Gila Orrak: @ I never did thank you, any of you, for allowing me on this ship. If it was you on a Cardassian vessel you'd get the cold shoulder, or worse. Cmdr JFarrington: (Ohhhh..... all righty) Kansas Kenickie: Sounds perfect. Annika Sorenson: @Maybe we can share a tent? ::to Cal:: Erich Jaenke: @ Are we resting here? :: looks confused :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::starts wandering up the mountain, looking for something:: Gila Orrak: @ I don't see why not. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::turns:: You can rest wherever you want to. Just watch out for prickers. Kansas Kenickie: ::hurries into the transporter room:: Annika Sorenson: @::Glad she put her sandals back on:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::gets to the top of the fairly low hill and looks around::: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::spreads out her blanket and basks in the sun::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: sits down on a rock, placing her tote bag on the ground :: Sure. Commander...do we need to transport our own camping equipment? McFly: ::beams down with KK to the asteroid:: Amanda Davis PhD: @ Nothing like *real* sunlight. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Feeling calm :: That legal stuff really worked me over. Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks around as she awaits some 411 :: McFly: @ ::looks around:: Oh wow, it really is nice out here. Kansas Kenickie: @:::takes a deep breath:: I can smell the sunlight. Erich Jaenke: @ :: stumbles :: McFly: @ ::lets KK lead him to her spot:: Gila Orrak: @ Commander, perhaps we should stop here against this rock. Kansas Kenickie: @ to bad we won't be here long enough to get a crisp tan. McFly: @ Not enough UV in the stars. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::nods:: Everyone is below at the waterfall.....we are on top. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Sits :: What is that? Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::stops at the top of the hill, kneels down to pick a flower and slip it into her pocket, its petals visible::: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::sighs and sits there alone::: McFly: @ ::finds a nice spot near the water; sits down with KK and holds her by a waterfall:: Annika Sorenson: @::looks around as well:: Callista Tyrel: @ Well glad to be with you for another mysterious adventure Annika. Gila Orrak: @ Oh this, a pocket replicator. :: taps. Presses a button and a kit materializes :: Callista Tyrel: @ I guess we will just wait until the brass tells us more about this place. Erich Jaenke: @ Could you have simply brought a blanket or whatever? Annika Sorenson: @Yeah, likewise. If I was going to be on a mysterious adventure I'm glad it's with you. Kansas Kenickie: @ it has been to long since we just soaked up the sun ::Lays back:: Gila Orrak: @ Oh sure, but I just wanted to try this out. I figure when I unreplicated the items I'll run out of a charge. :: sits on the blanket :: Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::almost falling asleep, glad she has sunscreen on::: Callista Tyrel: @ Thanks... :: in her duty uniform at the moment not too concerned about the UVs yet :: Once we get another brief...I’ll swap out my gear. Annika Sorenson: @::sits down in the grass:: Ahh. Sounds good to me. Callista Tyrel: Then again we might not be down here long enough for a change...:: smiles :: Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you Cmdr JFarrington: All yours, Boss. Kansas Kenickie: Nice vacation spot Jami, better then the one I picked. McFly: Nice to have a little R&R especially when you wake up from a long nap as I did. McFly: Jami, KK and comments? Cmdr JFarrington: There's a story behind it, Commander. Kansas Kenickie: Soak up the sun while you can. Cmdr JFarrington: Just enjoyed it all, Captain. Cmdr JFarrington: Right. McFly: Questions or comments? Callista Tyrel: ? Amanda Davis PhD: We get too much sun here. McFly: Callista Callista Tyrel: Length of shore leave? Should have asked that in sim..lol McFly: I don't have anything too determined but probably not too long. Going to work on a new plot here. Cmdr JFarrington: How about 50 years Kansas Kenickie: eep Annika Sorenson: lol McFly: Or that, we can just live out our days as renegades on vacation and live on replicator rations. Callista Tyrel: It is pretty enough for that...just need to know if we need to beam down a tent! Cmdr JFarrington: Or grass. Amanda Davis PhD: Oh, dear. What did I get into? McFly: Probably not. Especially if we keep it an hour every week Cmdr JFarrington: One hour it is. Callista Tyrel: one hour copy McFly: Ok so no questions McFly: Alright if there's nothing else, grab a drink and chill by the fire while being... DISMISSED!
  5. Manticore Brief Stardate 52008.03. Commander Kenickie has friends in high places. Manticore has left New Las Vegas and has found an asteroid that looks like home. =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Amanda Davis PhD: :::checking out the captain, and he seems ready to go:: Erich Jaenke: :: Jaenke felt empowered as he had been sitting in the captain's chair for a while :: Erich Jaenke: Helm, slow to quarter impulse and plot a course inside this asteroid field. Erich Jaenke: Find a cosy spot with high metal content to diffuse sensors. Erich Jaenke: :: Helm does so :: Callista Tyrel: :: looks out the viewport in the lounge..still decompressing after what she saw on in the courtroom , the asteroid field almost looks relaxing :: Gila Orrak: :: Doctor Orrak scans McFly :: Hmm Gila Orrak: Interesting.. McFly: ::surprisingly little brain activity:: Erich Jaenke: ACTION: The Manticore slowly enters the asteroid field, weaving gently between the spaces safe for travel Callista Tyrel: :: still in her dress uniform looking outward as the viewport seems to pan... the duty helm officer must be enjoying herself :: Erich Jaenke: :: Checks to make sure the ship is in ship-shape before getting between a rock and a hard rock place :: Gila Orrak: How do you feel Captain? Cmdr JFarrington: :::enters the bridge, still in uniform::: Evening Commander Jaenke. Looks like a nice place to stop. :::she nods to the forward screen::: Amanda Davis PhD: :::finishing the captain's information, diagnosis, etc, Gila taking over to be sure he's ready to go::: Callista Tyrel: :: the vision of a courtroom full of dead people pulses in her head despite her attempts to dismiss it :: McFly: ::stirs on the bed; still groggy:: ....I'm tired, can't I get five more minutes? Erich Jaenke: Yes. There were no indications we were followed, but if we need to lose someone, this is the place. Let the crew decompress a bit, but we just need to be sure we can leave at a moment's notice. Amanda Davis PhD: ::glance in his direction with a smile::: Amanda Davis PhD: ::then back to work::: Gila Orrak: Captain, you said that almost an hour ago. :: The Cardassian doctor pressed something into McFly's head :: Gila Orrak: It is interesting to see a fellow Cardassian's work. Callista Tyrel: :: stands and walks with her beverage to the viewport taking in the view, a much better scene :: McFly: ::feels pressure against his head:: So I have to get up now? How long was I out? Erich Jaenke: This is the longest command I've ever had...and the most uneventful. Cmdr JFarrington: Well, Commander, as far as I know not many people are aware of this asteroid, especially because the rest of the asteroids are pretty.... dreary? Looking like asteroids, anyway. Cmdr JFarrington: ::blink:: Uneventful command? Erich Jaenke: Uninteresting no doubt. There are millions of these formations in the galaxy. Cmdr JFarrington: :::slips into the XO's chair::: Erich Jaenke: I was merely speaking of the voyage from NLV to here. Gila Orrak: What year is this again Captain? Callista Tyrel: Nurse Mallory> :: walks over to Gila Orrak and her Patient checking the Biobed readouts as a nurse does... :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::slow nod::: Gila Orrak: :: smiles while she removes the dermal probe :: McFly: ::blinks:: You're making me do math this early in the morning? ....Ugh.... 23xx? Gila Orrak: It's been nearly two weeks. Gila Orrak: Captain Jaenke is doing fine, thanks for asking. McFly: ((what year did first contact happen? It's that year)) Erich Jaenke: (2063 I believe) Callista Tyrel: Nurse Mallory> :: smiles listening to the Captain's humor :: McFly: Captain Jaenke? ...oh god, they did it, the crew mutinied. I knew it would happen eventually. Surprised KK didn't... oh frak! She's in on it isn't she? Cmdr JFarrington: ::settles in::: I've been in this belt... unofficially, of course... and taken a vacation with some friends on that one asteroid. I think you'll like it. Gila Orrak: You and your wife keep trading barbs with respect to injuries Erich Jaenke: I think a vacation was our problem all along. No telling who has a record at this place. What kind of place is this? McFly: Wife? Oh this is still a dream. No one is marrying Kansas. Gila Orrak: I really should get around to reading the personnel files. Gila Orrak: Jaenke is merely sitting in the chair. Callista Tyrel: :: does a brief Picard Maneuver and walks over to the small bar to get another cup of coffee :: Erich Jaenke: +Eng+ Jaenke to engineering, status? Erich Jaenke: :: Felt like he was talking to himself, but he was up here and not down there. Amanda Davis PhD: ::moves to her desk to file her report::: Gila Orrak: Do you believe you are fit for command Captain? McFly: ::looks over at Gila:: Do I look fit for command? Callista Tyrel: Crewman Wrench> + Bridge + Engineering here. Erich Jaenke: :: Watching the larger rocks go past them :: Callista Tyrel: Nurse Mallory> :: looks to Gila :: He might want a shave. Amanda Davis PhD: (And lose that handsome beard? ) Callista Tyrel: Crewman Wrench> +Bridge + Status is good no problems...everything good. Cmdr JFarrington: We should be reaching that asteroid within the hour. Callista Tyrel: :: takes her cup of joe and sits by the viewport looking outward :: Gila Orrak: You are within the norms medically, but mentally only you can judge... or I can after some pointed questions McFly: Brutus> ::manning tactical; shakes his head and thinks to himself "all those dead people":: Erich Jaenke: Good, good. That was a rough departure, I had seen death as a Betazoid. Callista Tyrel: Nurse Mallory> :: the Bolian nurse puts away some redundant Medical equipment :: McFly: Just don't ask me about the lights. Cmdr JFarrington: :::glance to Erich, having forgotten his telepathic abilities:: Gila Orrak: Oh, you have heard that joke? It's very popular in Cardassian circles McFly: ::looks at Gila:: What joke? Callista Tyrel: :: thinks about the courtroom again...:: Erich Jaenke: Having all of your minds register the gravity of what happened at the same time, the intensity building up like an echo in a deep canyon... Gila Orrak: How many lights do you see? Cmdr JFarrington: ::Erich::: (w) I take it that you are out of your medications. Cmdr JFarrington: ::it's been a while so she had almost forgotten that:: McFly: ::looks at Gila wide eyed with tears welling up:: Erich Jaenke: I have not gone to medical to get it yet, but Doctor Orrak wanted to get a complete baseline of my condition. I think she likes me... but only for my mind. :: laughs :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::how many years?.... at least 15::: McFly: ::squeaks out a response:: four lights? Gila Orrak: Captain? :: scans :: Perhaps that jest does not translate.. Cmdr JFarrington: :::slight grin::: Callista Tyrel: ( K K !!! ) Kansas Kenickie: <<<Hello peeps>> Cmdr JFarrington: (Greetings, Commander!) Gila Orrak: :: Looks behind her for how many lights were in the Captain's view :: Hmm. Maybe 10? McFly: ((KK powered a hurricane to be here tonight. That's dedication)) Cmdr JFarrington: In that case, since I know the area I can direct helm while you go to medical. Kansas Kenickie: ((Sky cleared up)) Erich Jaenke: I could pry into each of your minds and perhaps snuff out the intense memory, turn a raging river into a babbling brook, but at what cost to my sanity? Erich Jaenke: :: Gets up :: Perhaps a good idea, at the very least she can get another reading Callista Tyrel: :: looks at her uniform in the reflection of the viewport, the white contrasting with the darkness of space ..:: Cmdr JFarrington: I'm sure she could. Gila Orrak: Your XO is recovering as well, though her problems are not really physical. Cmdr JFarrington: The commander is in sickbay with the captain. I'm here to direct helm. Go for it. Erich Jaenke: I should go. Keep the ship safe Commander Farrington. Cmdr JFarrington: Aye, aye, sir. ::smirk::: Kansas Kenickie: ::Enters sickbay::: McFly: I've been trying to tell that to you guys for years. Erich Jaenke: :: Nods to the bridge crew as he enters the lift :: Sickbay. Callista Tyrel: Nurse Mallory> :: scoots away :: Gila Orrak: Oh in another place I would have popped her a few times. Erich Jaenke: :: moments later Jaenke enters sickbay :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::takes the command chair::: Helm come around to 207.7 at warp 4. Cmdr JFarrington: Around the next asteroid we should see the one we want. Gila Orrak: Well if this just isn't a party? Come in Erich. Callista Tyrel: Crewman Hammer> :: arrives at the engineering console on the bridge, having seen the CENG depart :: Erich Jaenke: :: Walks over to her and the Captain :: Captain. It has been a while. Kansas Kenickie: ::Enters Matt's room:: it's about time you got up. Gila Orrak: :: Recalibrating her tricorder for Betazoid brain patterns :: McFly: It's only been a couple of hours from my perspective. You going to drop me off at the nearest habitable planet and start pirating in the beta quadrant? Callista Tyrel: :: returns to a bench seat near the viewport and gazes :: Gila Orrak: Brain scans are free today...:: begins to scan Erich :: McFly: ::looks over at KK:: I keep wanting to go back to bed but people keep waking me up. Erich Jaenke: :: Searches for Tyrel with his mind :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::relaxing at the beauty of the stars that shine past the asteroid belt::: Kansas Kenickie: :::Shows people the door::: everyone out Gila Orrak: :: While scanning Erich :: Could simply tilt the bed up 90 degrees. Cmdr JFarrington: Helmsman Cocker, watch that next asteroid. It has a mind of its own. Cmdr JFarrington: Cocker> Aye, ma'am. ::;tappity tap:::: Gila Orrak: Oh we'll leave, but remember this is my sickbay Commander. Callista Tyrel: :: a mind trying to clear itself up at the moment :: Gila Orrak: Let's take ourselves to another room, get you a nice biobed Erich Erich Jaenke: Sure :: Leaves with Orrak :: Kansas Kenickie: I let you mind Sickbay... no one owns anything. Kansas Kenickie: Yet. Gila Orrak: :: At another biobed :: Does she always do that? Erich Jaenke: Does it enough. Callista Tyrel: :: gazes outward thinking....:: Kansas Kenickie: :::Sits McFly back down:: better? Cmdr JFarrington: :::stands to watch the screen::: As soon as you round that asteroid, you'll see an asteroid that has a green hew. McFly: Much. It's ironic how the last memory I have is a Cardassian in my face and I wake up to another one. Erich Jaenke: ~~Tyrel~~ Callista... Callista Tyrel: Crewman Hammer> :: looks at the viewscreen on the bridge very curious at where the ship is going :: Gila Orrak: I should have you probe my mind and get a reading on that.. Kansas Kenickie: ::lifts right eyebrow:: Never a good site Erich Jaenke: I am probing another.. Gila Orrak: Oh really? Who? Erich Jaenke: Callista. Cmdr JFarrington: Lt Cocker> Whoa... never seen an asteroid like that one, ma'am. McFly: I guess I was out for a while? Did I miss anything important? Gila Orrak: Oh do tell, a first-name basis no doubt. Callista Tyrel: :: sees the faces of a dead courtroom. not so much the judge...but the others present :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Hugs him:: you had me slightly worried. McFly: ::pulls her in:: I'm ok. Cmdr JFarrington: And you probably won't see many. Drop out of warp and put us in low synchronous orbit. Erich Jaenke: More familiar, the less formal the easier it is. Kansas Kenickie: Just a small break at New Las Vegas, nothing I couldn't fully handle. Gila Orrak: Ah, perhaps I could be simply Gila. Erich Jaenke: That's just it, there is nothing simple about you doctor, when you dig a little deeper. McFly: Damn, missed out on the blackjack. Cmdr JFarrington: Lt Cocker> She's a beauty, Commander. Callista Tyrel: Crewman Hammer> Impulse engines nominal Commander. Kansas Kenickie: Gambling and a little black dress. McFly: Ugh, don't tease. Cmdr JFarrington: That she is. ::points:: Establish synchronous above the waterfall between those mountains. Gila Orrak: What do you mean? :: puzzled :: Callista Tyrel: Huh? :: snaps out of her gaze and looks around the empty lounge having sworn someone addressed her..:: Geesh... Ghosts now. Kansas Kenickie: ::Smirks::: Hair was down and a little dress Erich Jaenke: There are mental blocks, but I don't think you realize them. Callista Tyrel: Is this my life I want to live?? Callista Tyrel: :: looks outward :: Gila Orrak: My training in the Order, all medical of course. =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: It's all yours, Commander. Kansas Kenickie: TBS, 3 hours, 21 minutes and 8 seconds Callista Tyrel: 3. 14 hours? Cmdr JFarrington: Heh.... thought so. Kansas Kenickie: Erich should be able to read a dirty mind in that amount of time' Erich Jaenke: Only one? Kansas Kenickie: They are all yours Captain. Kansas Kenickie: oooooooor 2 McFly: let's see if I can remember how to do this. McFly: Well let's give Erich some privacy as he impedes on someone's thoughts... DISMISSED!
  6. The Founding of STAR TREK SIMULATION FORUM Eighteen years ago on the 31st day of July we had a dream. The dream came to fruition and continues to thrive to this day. Thank you to Admiral Atragon and to all who stepped forward to make it happen. Thank you to those who have come after and continue to make it prosper.
  7. Manticore Brief Stardate 52007.27 "N.L.V. Law" After the trial of the Commander goes off the rails, by any standard, the senior staff awaits the courtroom to find the verdict. The proceedings demonstrated a clear bias of the court. Objections and evidence from the defense were ignored to fast-track to the main event: sentencing. We find the crew, the Commander, and her armed escort making their way back to the courtroom. We open with: The Crew all gather at the Brig to walk with their Commander to the Courtroom. Kansas Kenickie: >>> Begin Sim <<<< Kansas Kenickie: >>> Begin Sim <<<< Erich Jaenke: :: Looks at the armed escorts :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Takes a deep breath when the FF drops:: Annika Sorenson: ::looks at the escorts as well:: Callista Tyrel: :: follows :: Kansas Kenickie: ::waits as the guards shackles her up:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::standing just outside the brig, uniform complete with medals, straightened up, devoid of emotions except for an occasional poignant look at the guards::: Gila Orrak: :: Looks at the Commander from the back of the group :: Annika Sorenson: ::stands next to Callista and Gila, looking solemn but supportive:: Callista Tyrel: :: hands behind her back...just quietly following the procession...seems very solemn...:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::following behind with thoughts of tripping the guards and knowing that won't help the situation::: Kansas Kenickie: ::Adjusts her tunic and medals.. including a black star medal most haven't ever seen::: Gila Orrak: :: Presses down the front of her dress uniform...something the 'fleeters liked she supposed :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Shuffles her way to court::: Kansas Kenickie: ::Glances at Jami:: (w) Please let Matt know none of this is his fault... and he couldn't have stopped it ::Rarely Call McFly by his first name:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::nods in compliance::: Callista Tyrel: :: does a quick Picard Maneuver with the dress uniform observing Kansas being led ahead:: Kansas Kenickie: Thank you for trying Erich, you were great. Erich Jaenke: Really? :: Looks confused :: Annika Sorenson: ::smiles:: Kansas Kenickie: ::Stands up straight, exhales standing right outside of the Courtroom doors:: (whispers to herself) never fear, the end is always near Erich Jaenke: Are you ready? Kansas Kenickie: I have to be Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> :::Doors to the court room opens and lets everyone in:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::whisper:: You have nothing to fear. Kansas Kenickie: ::Squeezes Jami's hand:: Do I ever have fear? Callista Tyrel: :: enters with her shipmates :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::slight smirk:: No ma'am. Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> The Court room is full with everyone involved in the case.... ALL Slumped over DEAD IN THEIR SEATS. Annika Sorenson: ::follows everyone in and takes her seat in the courtroom:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::blink::: Gila Orrak: :: Wonders why this trial is... :: ... Erich Jaenke: :: Senses no one :: Kansas Kenickie: Courtroom Doors> ::Close:: Callista Tyrel: :: takes seat next to Annika and Gila :: Erich Jaenke: Doctor? Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> ::Kansas Knife is staged into the table with a note a 2 objects. Cmdr JFarrington: :::checks the area::: Gila Orrak: :: Moves to the front of he group, gets out her scanner :: Kansas Kenickie: Note, old fashion paper>> "We always keep our promises" Callista Tyrel: Oh my. Cmdr JFarrington: ::the stench is growing::: Gila Orrak: They are dead. All of them. Annika Sorenson: ::jaw is agape:: What's going on? Cmdr JFarrington: :::glance at the guards, who seem as surprised as the others::: Callista Tyrel: :: pops out the tricorder and starts to scan:: Kansas Kenickie: Action> the other a Black Challenge Coin "note" For Erich "With Risk comes reward" Callista Tyrel: :: looks at the deceased Judge :: Erich Jaenke: :: Reads the note :: Wonder what is meant by this.. Kansas Kenickie: you took a risk being my lawyer Callista Tyrel: :: wonders if the WHAT the Guards who entered are going to do :: Cmdr JFarrington: (w) ::KK:: Ready when you are. Erich Jaenke: I take a risk being in your presence. Kansas Kenickie: :::Looks at Jami:: we need to figure out how to get the Flock out of here. Callista Tyrel: :: quietly :: Annika, Gila...look for some cover...those guards are not going to like this.... Cmdr JFarrington: (w) You got it. ::presses one of her medals::: Gila Orrak: :: nods and goes off to the side :: Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> EVERYONE IS TRANSPORTED BACK TO THE MANTICORE Callista Tyrel: :: kinda shuffles behind a statue of "Blind Justice" and is transported :: Gila Orrak: :: Looks around :: Did someone call a transport? Annika Sorenson: ::suddenly transported before she could react:: What the? Kansas Kenickie: :::Twists her wrists a little and removes the handcuffs herself, then works on the leg cuffs:::: Cmdr JFarrington: :::beams into the bridge::: Lt Leander, get us out of here. Callista Tyrel: :: looks around :: The Bigger Players clearly made an entrance. Suffice to say...We won't be coming back to New Las Vegas anytime soon. Cmdr JFarrington: Leander> Moving out, aye. Annika Sorenson: Y-yeah..? Annika Sorenson: ::follows Callista:: Erich Jaenke: What kind of friends do you have Commander? Kansas Kenickie: :::Drops the chains into a pile on the bridge:: it's nice to know you can count on people to save your neck Callista Tyrel: :: arrives on the bridge:: Callista Tyrel: :: walks over to Engineering Console :: Annika Sorenson: ::walks to the science console on the bridge:: Annika Sorenson: Yeah, it must be nice. Cmdr JFarrington: Lieutenant, weave your way around and go to max warp. Kansas Kenickie: ::Smirks:: they are a little darker OPS than we are. Cmdr JFarrington: Leander> On it, ma'am. Hold on. Callista Tyrel: I supposed that was expected. :: looks over to Annika and Gila :: Hopefully no guilt by association will be upon us. Cmdr JFarrington: :::assuming that Gila Orrak hightails it to sick bay to check on the captain::: Callista Tyrel: All Systems nominal. Annika Sorenson: That's what I hope. Kansas Kenickie: ::Takes the black coin from Erich, holds it up:: these black coins are minted only for the Federation President.... no one will ever be able to win a challenge against you again ::Puts it back in his hand:: Gila Orrak: :: Enters sickbay moments later :: Kansas Kenickie: Callista, the guilt will always be on my head. Erich Jaenke: Well, I always wanted to start a coin collection. Gila Orrak: :: to Callista :: Oh I bet someone will remember this. Kansas Kenickie: you need to research Coin Challenge games buddy. Callista Tyrel: Sorry Ma'am..Just wondering what happened to the idiot behind all of this. I never saw him in the courtroom. Amanda Davis PhD: :::looks up with Gila enters::: Dr. Orrak! Callista Tyrel: Not that I knew what the guy looked like. Kansas Kenickie: They are all gone. Gila Orrak: We are back...with the Commander. Callista Tyrel: :: looks down at her console :: Yeah...thought so....but had to wonder. Erich Jaenke: What course have we set? Kansas Kenickie: I called in my challenge coin and well... anyone that was at court is... Umm, not living anymore. Annika Sorenson: ::nods:: Cmdr JFarrington: Leander> :::exits the corridor and punches it to max warp::: Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Commander Kenickie nice to have friends in high places...:: Kansas Kenickie: Leander, take us some place private for now. Callista Tyrel: Well my first time wearing these...:: looks to her " threads " :: will always be remembered. Cmdr JFarrington: Leander> Someplace private, Commander? Asteroid belt 278 work, ma'am? Gila Orrak: How is the Captain? Kansas Kenickie: sounds like a dream. Amanda Davis PhD: He's stable, but not any more than that. Has occasional dreams. Callista Tyrel: Not sure....That Judge was slouched over like a deceased obese cow, complete with tongue hanging out ... kinda gross. Erich Jaenke: Is anyone in pursuit? Kansas Kenickie: ::Looks at Jami::: I was worried my S.O.S. didn't make it out in time. Cmdr JFarrington: Leander> Changing course to Asteroid Belt 278. Not many know how to get there. Gila Orrak: :: Scans the Captain :: Amanda Davis PhD: :::steps aside::: Gila Orrak: Our Commander has some interesting friends. Callista Tyrel: :: to Erich :: Commander should I report to engineering? Kansas Kenickie: :::Swirls her knife in her hand:: (w) Hello beautiful. Cmdr JFarrington: Leander> Slowing to warp 6 to navigate the Asteroid belt. Kansas Kenickie: how about we all change into civies and have a good drink in the lounge. Cmdr JFarrington: :::sits in second chair::: Callista Tyrel: :: looks at Kansas :: Oh my God!!!..Quickly grasps her ankle ....Feeling something that should not have been there. I took my Knife into that Courtroom today..... Callista Tyrel: Uhm...sorry. Annika Sorenson: ::looks at Callista:: At least they didn't find it Kansas Kenickie: ::Looks over Callista's knife::: I can get you one that no section can pick up ::Holds up her own:: Annika Sorenson: I didn't know you carried a knife in your ankle. Annika Sorenson: Can I have one? Gila Orrak: Well, his vitals are stabilizing, but he still has a way to go. Erich Jaenke: :: Sitting at an engineering station on the bridge :: Kansas Kenickie: you need knife skills to swing these blades. Callista Tyrel: It's a Tool Utility knife..but that material would be nice to have Commander Kenickie. Annika Sorenson: Ah. Callista Tyrel: Well I suppose that is more special operations training to have. :: smiles :: Kansas Kenickie: Mine is made of Latimum, no one expects money to kill you. Cmdr JFarrington: Mister Leander, pick a good asteroid to hide us for a while. Annika Sorenson: That's really neat. Cmdr JFarrington: Leander> Oh, I know the belt pretty well, Commander. Got a good place to settle in. Kansas Kenickie: ::Evil Smile:: didn't you ever wonder why it was never picked up on any of our Missions? Cmdr JFarrington: :::nod::: You have the con. :::stands::: I'll be with Commander Kenickie. Gila Orrak: We should be able to release him to his quarters. Surely the sleep should be better there. Callista Tyrel: It would be an insult to the Ferengi for the pattern buffers to remove Latinum.. Kansas Kenickie: everyone please to the lounge, Commander Farrington and myself will be down there shortly. Cmdr JFarrington: :::straightens her uniform and approaches KK:::: Kansas Kenickie: ::heads to the Ready Room:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::enters the ready room behind her::: Annika Sorenson: Aye aye... ::heads to the lounge:: Erich Jaenke: :: Goes to the lounge :: Callista Tyrel: Yes sir. :: heads to Lounge :: Amanda Davis PhD: ::hourly check of the captain's vitals and nothing has changed::: Kansas Kenickie: :::Runs her hands through her hair pulling it loose::: I've never been that close to.... ya know. Amanda Davis PhD: :::still can't figure out what is keeping him in sleeping mode::: Kansas Kenickie: I mean I have put myself in deadly spots but not like that. Callista Tyrel: :: arrives at Lounge and takes a seat :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::takes a seat::: Not exactly somewhere you'd like to be. Kansas Kenickie: Waiter> :::Holds out Several drinks for Callista to pick from:: Erich Jaenke: :: Listens :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Leans on McFly's desk with her back to Jami:: Annika Sorenson: ::also arrives at the lounge:: Callista Tyrel: Thank you. :: takes a beverage :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::watching her carefully::: Erich Jaenke: So...what now? Callista Tyrel: I wonder what Ricky would of been like....:: takes a sip :: Annika Sorenson: ::sips her offered beverage:: I'm sure he would've been nice. Kansas Kenickie: :::Starts crying - not one to show emotions everrrrrr:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::glances out the viewport::: Looks like Lt Leander found a nice place to settle the ship. Callista Tyrel: He could have been one of those guys who used a fake holo image is suppose.... Annika Sorenson: I suppose.. Cmdr JFarrington: :::knowing she has to get it out so she just watches KK:::: Erich Jaenke: Commander? Kansas Kenickie: I was so careless going down there. Callista Tyrel: Fireman Guy...best memory of NLV. Cmdr JFarrington: :::listening::: Were you careless, or were the others just out to get whoever they wanted to? Cmdr JFarrington: It's not your fault, Kansas. Kansas Kenickie: ::Stops crying quickly, sniffles, then stands up right:: Erich? Callista Tyrel: And...getting to know my shipmates better. Cmdr JFarrington: He's in the lounge. Annika Sorenson: Yes, on both. It was short but very memorable. Hopefully, our next vacation time will be a little more uneventful. Cmdr JFarrington: It wasn't your fault, Kansas. Kansas Kenickie: ::Sighs::: It was my fault, I killed those people... and I never even gave any of them a second thought. Erich Jaenke: Could have told us you have a past on that planet. Cmdr JFarrington: If you hadn't killed them, they would have continued killing others. It was your duty, Kansas. Kansas Kenickie: the Federation need people to do their dirty work, I was their sword Cmdr JFarrington: :::slow nod::: Kansas Kenickie: but I didn't think about those lives, it was just a job. Callista Tyrel: Annika...seriously thank you for what fun we did have down there....as small an amount as it was. Annika Sorenson: ::Smiles:: Hey, anytime. I'm always down for a girls night out. Callista Tyrel: I just will stay away from "Atomic Brandy" in the future. :: chuckles and takes a sip of water :: Cmdr JFarrington: Did they think about the lives they killed? Cmdr JFarrington: You did what you had to. Kansas Kenickie: Some of them were just in the way. Cmdr JFarrington: You did what you needed to. Kansas Kenickie: >>>> Pause Sim <<< Kansas Kenickie: >>>Pause Sim<<< Kansas Kenickie: Oh man Atomic Brandy is the Bomb Cmdr JFarrington: ROFL Kansas Kenickie: Such a bad pun. Callista Tyrel: :: kerplunk :: Kansas Kenickie: So how did everyone like my very first plot? Cmdr JFarrington: Fantastic. Annika Sorenson: Yeah, it was fun. Callista Tyrel: fun indeed! Kansas Kenickie: I think I move mine a little faster than McFly. Cmdr JFarrington: "I like this ship. It's exciting." Kansas Kenickie: any questions before we depart? Erich Jaenke: Now to get away from this planet? Cmdr JFarrington: TBS? Kansas Kenickie: 24 hours, 38 minutes and 12 seconds Annika Sorenson: nice Cmdr JFarrington: We're already in an asteroid belt and the asteroid we're going to settle into is pretty awesome. Callista Tyrel: copy Cmdr JFarrington: Copy that, Boss. Kansas Kenickie: So Party harty Cmdr JFarrington: Great job, KK. Enjoyed it. Glad I'm back with Manticore.
  8. Manticore Brief Stardate 52007.13 "New Las Conviction" It's the next day and the trial of Commander Kansas Kenickie is set to begin. The officers of the USS Manticore assemble in uniform to defend their executive officer, though it does not look good. Everyone is walking into the courtroom, in s l o w m o t i o n… Cmdr JFarrington: Questions? Kansas Kenickie: can I run now? Cmdr JFarrington: All righty... Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Callista Tyrel: :: walking slowly towards the Courtroom....:: Erich Jaenke: :: Already in the courtroom as her defense, as if... :: Gila Orrak: :: Walking :: Anyone else feel sluggish? Annika Sorenson: I'm glad it's not just me. ::walking along:: Gila Orrak: :: Walking up the stairs :: Here we go.. not as ornate as Cardassian courts, but in the same vein. Kansas Kenickie: :::Handcuffed and brought into court by station security, nods to her people:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::in the courtroom, waiting, her shiny Starfleet Command insignia glistening in the light::: Cmdr JFarrington: ::neutral expression::: Erich Jaenke: :: At the defense table :: Callista Tyrel: :: enters courtroom and takes a seat noting KS ...and other people....:: Annika Sorenson: Interesting. ::enters and takes a seat next to Callista:: Gila Orrak: :: Sits in the back :: This is the sentencing phase right? Annika Sorenson: I think that comes last. Erich Jaenke: :: Turns to see the officers enter :: Kansas Kenickie: Court Officer> all raise for your honorable Judge Watson BrenFaliver: ::startles o see Gila and Annika by him, having come in late and snuck to the back as well:: They have to have a sham trial first. BrenFaliver: ::Rises:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::stands:: Annika Sorenson: ::rises from her seat:: Kansas Kenickie: Court officer> ::Opens her door:: Gila Orrak: What? Oh wait, this is a Federation trial. Callista Tyrel: :: stands :: Judge Watson: ::Judge silently judges the late comers: Annika Sorenson: ::nods:: BrenFaliver: ::Everyone is judging the late comer--that is, the Judge:: Kansas Kenickie: ::Looks at Erich:: so I am doomed Cmdr JFarrington: :::stands just behind Erich and Kansas::: Judge Watson: You may be seated. Cmdr JFarrington: :::sits::: BrenFaliver: ::EVERYONE DO THE FLOP:: Annika Sorenson: ::sits back down:: Gila Orrak: :: sits :: Kansas Kenickie: :::takes her seat:: BrenFaliver: ::whispering:: So, Annika, think she will get the Chair or is this a lethal hypospray kind of planet? Kansas Kenickie: Prosecutor> morning your honor Callista Tyrel: :: notes Bren arriving and smiles :: Erich Jaenke: Defense > Morning Callista Tyrel: :: seated :: Callista Tyrel: Bolian in back> :: seated :: Judge Watson: :: Heavily Eyeing :: Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> I am production for the federation.. we are trying Commander Kansas Kenickie with 13 counts of murder. Judge Watson: : no order in the court looking to slam down: Cmdr JFarrington: :::glares aside at Bren, her glare telling him to be still::: Cmdr JFarrington: ::neutral expression::: Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> May I begin with my opening statement your Honor? BrenFaliver: ::Doesn't see Farrington glaring as he and another spectator near-silently debate the merits of bringing back the gallows:: Annika Sorenson: (w)Hypospray hopefully. Annika Sorenson: ::watches the trial:: Judge Watson: You may. Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> we are here to send this murder of 13 or more people to her rightful death. Judge Watson: Go on. Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> she has taken lives with no remorse and we need to stop her now.... before she kills again. Judge Watson: You have terrible report. Callista Tyrel: :: Did not think the Death Penalty existed in the Federation...she'll have to read up on New Las Vegas Government. :: Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> I beg your forgiveness ma’am Annika Sorenson: :::didn't think so either:: Annika Sorenson: ::rubs chin:: Judge Watson: May the prosecutor bring exhibit A, or do i have to do your job for you Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> I am going to begin with Ms Kenickie... Erich Jaenke: :: Listens :: Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> ::Brings up photos of Kansas in different disguises... this woman goes from planet to planet and kills whoever she pleases. BrenFaliver: ::tnip:: That last one is Dame Edna.... Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> We have flight logs that show her going to these planets and then photos of her dressed up..... then shockingly a person is dead all in the same manner. Judge Watson: sext BrenFaliver: ::blink:: Erich Jaenke: :: Thinks of the flight logs :: Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> Ms Kenickie is known for cutting throats.... these people have all been killed with the weapon a knife. Judge Watson: ::judge notes eyes meeting each other, fever in the room: Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> I call Ms Kenickie to the stand Judge Watson: You may take the stand. Kansas Kenickie: ::Looks at Erich:: here we go. BrenFaliver: ::whispers to Annika and Callista:: since when does Kansas fall into predictable patterns? Only one weapon? Tsh. Callista Tyrel: :: wonders if the guy who brought Kansas to trial is in the courtroom :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Stands up still in chains and walks to the chair next to the judge:: Kansas Kenickie: ::Sits:: Judge Watson: defense you may ask your questions. Annika Sorenson: ::Nods in agreement to Bren:: Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> Kansas... ::walks up to the bench:: we have you on tape.... your flight logs.. just tell everyone the truth. Cmdr JFarrington: ::not impressed with their methods::: Kansas Kenickie: I was on vacation... I can't help that crazy people are in the universe Callista Tyrel: :: Bren has a point....ponders if this evidence is real :: Kansas Kenickie: Plus those pics look nothing like me ::all of them are her:: Judge Watson: Order in court. Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> your are calling everyone in court stupid? Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> holds up pics of dead people.... you killed all of these people. Kansas Kenickie: ::Squints:: I don’t know them. Erich Jaenke: Objection, we are here to prove she killed those people, not to presume beforehand. Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> ::Looks at Bren:::: you may prove your case.. I know you can Not! Cmdr JFarrington: :::wonders why Erich does not interrupt because the opposition is badgering the witness... in fact he is not even asking questions, he's pointing fingers.... mental note to report that the SF Command::: Judge Watson: mam do you have sight issues we should have been aware of previously. Judge Watson: this will not stand order in the court Kansas Kenickie: I can see just fine, I know none of those people.. before, during or after their lives. Judge Watson: how can you verify your alibi Callista Tyrel: ( is this guy using a screen presentation....or charts? ) Erich Jaenke: Objection. The prosecution is not asking questions of the accused. This is clear badgering. Cmdr JFarrington: ::a strange question for the judge to ask::: Kansas Kenickie: I was with my partner, Captain McFly for 6 of those dates Callista Tyrel: :: notes slit throats in images....lots of blood :: Judge Watson: The photos which have the throats slit have families. Judge Watson: Were you a harlot? Kansas Kenickie: no ma,am, I am innocent Erich Jaenke: Objection, the families of the victims are not relevant to presumed innocence. Callista Tyrel: Bolian in back> :: crosses his arms while listening :: Judge Watson: Mr Jaenke... Erich Jaenke: Objection your honor. You are badgering the witness with the term harlot. Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> please... tell your lies Judge Watson: if you can repeat yourself Judge Watson: " The families of victims are not relevant.." Judge Watson: Then sleep at night Kansas Kenickie: ::Looks at Erich::: Erich Jaenke: Correct, unless there is a family of the victims that saw their loved ones killed in front of them their mere existence is not the purview of this proceeding. Annika Sorenson: ::Doesn't really care for where this trial is heading:: Callista Tyrel: :: is worried..this judge is not what she expected..:: Judge Watson: Please Mr Jaenke. Kansas Kenickie: :::works on her cuffs...::: Cmdr JFarrington: ::would like to see this judge and prosecutor's credentials::: Judge Watson: did you ever lose a loved one? Cmdr JFarrington: :::blink:: Erich Jaenke: Again, not relevant. Fact is, your honor, the witnesses prosecution should be bringing in are ones that saw the murders happen, saw her exit or enter the flights from the logs, can verify they saw the alleged murderer. Judge Watson: Bring on the prosecution. Kansas Kenickie: Nellen> ::yells:: SHE IS A MURDER AND NEEDS TO BE PUT DOWN LIKE THE DOG SHE IS!! Judge Watson: ORDER Erich Jaenke: Objection your honor. Judge Watson: to what thee object? Erich Jaenke: I rule this outburst be stricken from the record and the prosecution reminded to stick to the facts. Kansas Kenickie: I get order like everyone else..mine are just out of your class. Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Gila...wondering if this in more inline with a trial from Cardassia..:: Judge Watson: Thinks to herself ::Keep your dog in a cage next time Jaenke:: Gila Orrak: :: whispers :: This sure feels like the sentencing phase, cause they sure think that B is guilty. Erich Jaenke: To the judge: She is not my dog and I do not keep her in a cage. Judge Watson: ( a lot of stake, been paid off) Judge Watson: Recess. Please collect yourself. We will be due back in an hour’s time. Erich Jaenke: Objection your honor, your impartiality is suspect due to your heightened emotional state. Judge Watson: HAH Judge Watson: I find you in contempt. Callista Tyrel: :: notes Erich getting fined hopefully will not spend the night in the jail :: Erich Jaenke: What, did not like a Betazoid on defense? Kansas Kenickie: Court officer> All rise! Callista Tyrel: :: stands :: Erich Jaenke: :: Doing that shuffling paper thing into his briefcase. Hey, were did that come from? :: Erich Jaenke: :: already standing :: Gila Orrak: :: Looks around and stands :: Judge Watson: ::slams gavel:: Callista Tyrel: :: awaits Judge to ..go to his chamber :: Kansas Kenickie: ::watches the urge leave the courtroom::: Erich Jaenke: :: Did read the contempt part of his Defense Attorney for Engineers, 34th Edition :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Leans forward, points at Erich:: you suck. Erich Jaenke: :: points :: You drug yourself into this. Dug a hole without a shovel. Kansas Kenickie: I am going to put you in that hole buddy. Erich Jaenke: Not if I snap your mind in two first. Callista Tyrel: :: with the gavel " bonked " Callista exits into the lobby :: Erich Jaenke: :: Proceeds to exit the courtroom :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::moves toward Erich and whispers:: they have no evidence whatsoever. This judge is definitely not Starfleet Command. Kansas Kenickie: ::stands up and lunges at Erich::: son of a B*tch. Gila Orrak: Well, I sure need to read up on legal proceedings. Kansas Kenickie: ::Court officer> ::Grabs KK::: settle down there. Erich Jaenke: I'd give you a headache, but you undoubtedly already have one. Erich Jaenke: See you in an hour, Commander. Judge Watson: I care about you all. Kansas Kenickie: So I don’t have a say in my own case!! Callista Tyrel: :: in lobby getting a drink from the nearby fountain and notes the New Las Vegas Courtroom interior :: BrenFaliver: ::wonders how bad it could possibly be to phaser this judge and prosecutor. Terribly ironic, though:: Erich Jaenke: :: Exits the back of the court as they take Kansas back :: Erich Jaenke: :: Meets up with the rest of the group :: Well, I am no attorney, that's for certain. Kansas Kenickie: :::Pulled along out of court:: Jerk ::to Erich;; Cmdr JFarrington: (w) I can take second chair. Erich Jaenke: :: Projects some word into KK's mind :: Kansas Kenickie: You little scum bag !! Callista Tyrel: :: does a Picard Maneuver and walks over to Erich Jaenke :: Uhm...I think this particular trial's outcome has been predetermined. This is a local jurisdiction trial by the looks of it. Annika Sorenson: ::orders a bag of chips from a vending machine:: Erich Jaenke: :: Looks to Farrington :: Yes. It does not help to have the defendant's hatred of her defense and the court already making up its mind. Annika Sorenson: It does not look good. BrenFaliver: ::Stares at the Bolian in the back, curious:: Gila Orrak: Inspiring to see a Cardassian court system on a Federation world. Annika Sorenson: ::opens the bag of chips:: Cmdr JFarrington: (w to Erich) And we need to get her away from everyone so we can talk. Cmdr JFarrington: :::closes in on KK::: Don't say another word. Callista Tyrel: Bolian> :: departs courtroom for recess :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Shuts up::: Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you Cmdr JFarrington: It's all yours, Boss. Kansas Kenickie: Good work everyone.. there were some freezes. BrenFaliver: Look, people were icy, but 'freezes' seems a little--oh, the tech! nm Kansas Kenickie: I will work on a log for this week, feel free to explore the court house Cmdr JFarrington: I'll be doing a log as well. BrenFaliver: Let's find the judge's chambers! Cmdr JFarrington: Nothing like insane prosecutors. Callista Tyrel: New Las Vegas Courthouse...> :: lots of pictures of previous Bubba Judges :: Kansas Kenickie: For what Erich, a booty call? Callista Tyrel: :: watches the Untouchables :: Erich Jaenke: :: puts down his padd :: What? :: to the padd :: Call you back babe. Cmdr JFarrington: Move on from here, Commander, or move forward? Cmdr JFarrington: As in TBS? Kansas Kenickie: next day Cmdr JFarrington: Next day, morning... gotcha. Kansas Kenickie: bright eyed and play like I am innocent. Callista Tyrel: okay goodnight! Kansas Kenickie: Good work everyone, thank my guest... if you didn’t scare her she will be here next week. Kansas Kenickie: Nite Peeps, it is my B-Day and I need a drink Erich Jaenke: Night all. Cmdr JFarrington: Happy Birthday! Annika Sorenson: night and happy birthday! Cmdr JFarrington: Night all. Leave some cake for me .
  9. = /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52007.06 "New Las Vegas" = /\ = TBS is 2.8 minutes, same day. Commanders Kenickie and Jaenke are in the brig. Commander Farrington is standing just outside their cells. Hunky Guy says they're going to trounce McRoy. The crew is pretending to be vacationers. Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= BrenFaliver: ::is sunning himself at a 5* resort ((LOL)):: Cmdr JFarrington: ::just outside the brig, leaning against the wall and wondering why they don't throw her in the brig:::: Cmdr JFarrington: (Works for me, Bren) Kansas Kenickie: ::watches Erich leave the Brig area:: bring a key with you next time. Callista Tyrel: :: looking out the window of the resort hotel....with her small Kanar drink in hand :: Erich Jaenke: :: turns :: They don't use keys. Annika Sorenson: ::doing the same with a gin and tonic:: Kansas Kenickie: hand grenade. Annika Sorenson: I wish we could at least go outside to the beach or something. Cmdr JFarrington: :::pushes off from from the wall so they don't trounce over her::: Callista Tyrel: So sorry about this Annika, Gila.. :: notes the weather outside looks really nice :: Annika Sorenson: Yeah, it sucks. Cmdr JFarrington: :::moves close to KK's cell, whispering::: This doesn't look good. But.. :::stops talking as an officer passes by::: Gila Orrak: What are you sorry about? :: brushes her hair, back, the climate is getting to her :: Callista Tyrel: I wonder what Commander Bren is up to.... Erich Jaenke: :: Goes to find the others :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Looks at the Guard:: Yo! this is my Doctor.. let her in to check me out Erich Jaenke: +G-A-C+ This is Jaenke. What's your status? Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad Waitress> :: approaches Bren in the sun :: Excuse me sir, care for any cocktails? Kansas Kenickie: Guard Bud> ok.... you have like 10 minutes to check her out. BrenFaliver: ::Yawns a bit, sits up and looks around at the beautiful environs, contemplates whether it is too quiet:: Callista Tyrel: :: hears the communicator come to life :: BrenFaliver: Uhhhhh, what are the local specialties? Kansas Kenickie: Guard Bud> ::Drops the FF for Jami::: Cmdr JFarrington: Ten minutes it is, sir. Gila Orrak: +Jaenke+ Just trying to blend in. BrenFaliver: ((worst guard ever)) Callista Tyrel: + Jaenke + Basically hanging tight in the room...sir... Have you seen Commander Farrington? Kansas Kenickie: Guard Bud> Brings the FF back up once Jami enters:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::steps in and begins to check her over::: Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad waitress> I recommend the NLV Smoothie green, very cool and...relaxing. Erich Jaenke: +Tyrel+ She is visiting the Commander. Kansas Kenickie: (w) how goes things? Erich Jaenke: +Tyrel+ I am heading to your location. Callista Tyrel: + Jaenke + Good to hear. Well everyone accounted for here. We shall await your arrival. Tyrel out. Cmdr JFarrington: ::using the tricorder, looking her over::: BrenFaliver: I'd love to try one, whenever you have a moment, no rush. Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad waitress> But...:: looks to Commander Bren :: Due to service disruptions from a situation beyond our control. The management has granted patrons free drinks for an hour sir. Erich Jaenke: :: After some time Jaenke arrives where the women are :: BrenFaliver: Oh, then I would appreciate it if you could have a moment within the hour ::big smile:: . What... kind of situation? Callista Tyrel: Well gals, we might get to go somewhere again. Cheers! Gila Orrak: :: Orrak sees the Chief :: Sir. Cmdr JFarrington: (w, back to the officer) ::KK:: Word from Hunky re 31... Erich Jaenke: :: to them all :: We have a problem. Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad Waitress > The whole city lost power for no reason. We heard it might have something to do with a discount hotel near the Pier resort. But just rumors sir. Annika Sorenson: Cheers, I hope so. Cmdr JFarrington: (w) :::scan...scan::: Think we should rally the troops? Kansas Kenickie: oh.. they're here. Annika Sorenson: ::Drinks her drink:: Pretending a vacationer is easy, since we *are* vacationers ::smiles:: Callista Tyrel: Chief...glad to see you. well I guess we need a briefing . :: smiles :: Annika Sorenson: What's up, chief? BrenFaliver: Doesn't sound like anything for me to worry about then, sorry, force of habit I suppose! Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad waitress> Talk of weapons fire as well. Well you are safe here..this resort is top notch. You chose your vacation right. Kansas Kenickie: (w) Did he say to leave or stay inside? Cmdr JFarrington: :::as an officer passes by::: Everything looks good, Commander. A few nicks here and there, but nothing else. :::forced smile::: Cmdr JFarrington: (w) Didn't say... Callista Tyrel: :: sets her Kanar on the table and listens to Erich :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::glanceglance:: (w) Word to me was to stay put because "They are going to take McRoy and 31 needs to clear out from this planet because it's not safe here." Callista Tyrel: Bikini Clad waitress> Oh the name is Barb. By The way. Care for a complimentary ticket book. :: sets one next to Commander Bren's sun chair :: Kansas Kenickie: Court is starting tomorrow, I would guess keep everyone close Cmdr JFarrington: Good idea. Erich Jaenke: What have you all been doing? :: notices their lighter attire :: BrenFaliver: Thank you very much, Barb. Kansas Kenickie: I will be here ::waves hand around:: Annika Sorenson: Been doing okay holed up in here. Cmdr JFarrington: :::listening::: Annika Sorenson: thanks! ::takes another drink she ordered:: Callista Tyrel: Yes...but ready to go in Tourist disguise in a moment's notice. Kansas Kenickie: (w) Did he hurt you? Callista Tyrel: Barb> Are you an Admiral sir. You look like one. Cmdr JFarrington: (w) No. Hunk took me in. McRoy doesn't even bother to speak to me. ::shrug::: BrenFaliver: Me? No, haha, no Admiral. Is that a polite way of suggesting I'm getting a bit soft in the torso? ::another smile:: just a spanner jock, one unused to open skies and... quiet. The quiet is disconcerting. Gila Orrak: :: Looks at Erich :: You okay Commander? Erich Jaenke: :: Looks back :: Just a lot of voices. Kansas Kenickie: Good... sorry if he scared you. Annika Sorenson: ::smiles:: Ahh. Kansas Kenickie: where are the others? Callista Tyrel: Barb> Oh sorry sir...no It was your haircut. It looks military. I actually served an admiral once. BrenFaliver: I'm just kidding you, Barb. So, was it one of the boisterous self-important admirals, or one of the very quiet-almost-silent ones? Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Gila :: Wish we had a connection with the ship, a small medical kit would be nice to have. Cmdr JFarrington: Scare me? I've been in worse situations. The others are playing tourist. BrenFaliver: There are only those two types, you know ::another big grin:: Cmdr JFarrington: (w) But why did they take Cdr Jaenke? Callista Tyrel: Barb> Well it was...not long ago. :: looks at the bright sun :: Do you require any more UV Screen? Erich Jaenke: I may be able to help with that..though don't we have access to a medical kit here? Callista Tyrel: I suppose we could get one at the front desk..I was thinking of something Gila might find handy though. Kansas Kenickie: ::Takes a deep breath:: I expect something to happen at court, before or after. Callista Tyrel: Pardon me....:: walks over to fresher :: BrenFaliver: No, but thank you. In fact, I'm rather enjoying the beginnings of the tan here on my arms! You don't get a tan when you are smacking conduits into place. They are always in, under, or behind something and never out in the open. Cmdr JFarrington: With the commander, too? Kansas Kenickie: Erich is my Lawyer.... so I don't expect to get a not guilty. Erich Jaenke: Ugh, I need to read a lot more. Callista Tyrel: Barb> Let me get you your drink sir... I will return in a moment. :: walks to the cabana bar :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::lips purse, arms cross::: Kansas Kenickie: What? ::Struggles:: Kansas Kenickie: *Shruggles Annika Sorenson: I still have a lot left of my suntan lotion I bought. BrenFaliver: ::Pulls from his pocket something that looks exactly like a tube of chapstick, and twists the bottom half:: Faliver to Tyrel, is this thing on? ::obnoxiously taps it against his lip to simulate chapstick but making a BOOF BOOF sound across the disguised communicator's feed:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::deep sigh:: Too many things not right. Callista Tyrel: :: jumps in Fresher hearing the comm near the sink burst to life :: Kansas Kenickie: that is the Motto of the ship right? Cmdr JFarrington: Yeah... sounds about right. Callista Tyrel: :: picks up communicator :: + BrenFaliver + Tyrel Here . Commander...Commander is that you ? You broke up.. Erich Jaenke: :: Reading and listening :: Kansas Kenickie: I feel like I have been in here a month, any tips on how to bust out Gila Orrak: :: Goes over to Erich :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::wry grin::: Last I heard the motto had changed to "You want a Tug, we give you a TUG" BrenFaliver: +Callista+ Yep, I'm here. I have no idea what happened, but I get the very distinct feeling I have been asleep a lot longer than I intended. I'll assume exhaustion and not sedatives. Everything ok? I'm not in eye-sight of anyone else of the crew, which always unnerves me when we're off ship... Callista Tyrel: Barb> :: notes her guest is on a call and quietly sets a tray with drink, Ice, Coupons and "News Paper" with an article about a Starfleet officer being charged with murder prominently on it. Cmdr JFarrington: Hulk's taking care of it. It's the waiting that's the problem. BrenFaliver: ::Smiles at Barb and nods his gratitude:: Callista Tyrel: :: peaks head out of Fresher door to Erich:: Sir...I have Commander Bren on Comm...do you wish to speak with him? Kansas Kenickie: ::Grumbles:: Gila Orrak: :: adjusts something on a hypospray :: Should provide some clarity. :: hiss :: Erich Jaenke: :: Nods :: Sure. Callista Tyrel: :: finishes and exits walks to Erich Jaenke and hands him the communicator :: Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ Commander? BrenFaliver: +Callista+ Callista? Your voice has changed dramatically! Callista Tyrel: Barb> :: thinks Bren is cute :: Cmdr JFarrington: I'm assuming that the crew always carries their communicators? Kansas Kenickie: yeah, tell everyone to be ready to run at any time. Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ This is Erich, but thank you. Kansas Kenickie: Get the majority of the crew back to the ship. Callista Tyrel: :: looks at Annika and giggles hearing Bren's comments :: Annika Sorenson: ::giggles as well:: BrenFaliver: +Erich/Callista+ Ah, sorry Erich. You were better looking when you were Callista, no offense. What's going on out there? I fell asleep and ended up alone. Cmdr JFarrington: :::slow walk to the back of the room and barely speaks:: +Crew+ Prepare to transport to the ship. Stand by. BrenFaliver: ::To himself:: Oh, she's on the phone too, guess its a party line Callista Tyrel: Oh well...Moving out orders...:: to Annika and Gila :: Maybe another time...:: gets her stuff together :: Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ Our first officer has been charged with multiple counts of a capital crime and those in command are discussing options. Kansas Kenickie: next time we are going to NEW New Orleans planet. BrenFaliver: +Erich+ Wow, so, they finally followed the trail of organs and blood back to Kansas, huh? I guess it was about time... Cmdr JFarrington: Agreed. Annika Sorenson: ::nods:: BrenFaliver: +Erich+ Ohh, let me guess, she actually didn't kill the person(s) this time? Callista Tyrel: :: gathers her things readying for transport ..but she cannot contact the ship, she assumes the Commander has that under control :: Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ She allowed me to 'enter' her mind. BrenFaliver: +Erich+ .... and..... then you killed the people? BrenFaliver: +Erich+ You all have some very wild ideas of 'vacation' in Starfleet. Annika Sorenson: ::hopes that's the case as well:: Callista Tyrel: Make certain you have everything :: to Gila and Annika :: I doubt we will be coming back. Kansas Kenickie: <<<Thanks Bran.... your next Mwhahahaha>> Callista Tyrel: ( lol ) Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ These were past Ops. Callista Tyrel: Barb> :: sets a souvenir Shirt on Bren's Sun Chair :: BrenFaliver: +Erich+ OOOOOH You mean like the ---smiles at Barb and nods again, and stammers until she walks away--- all the old stories we're not allowed to know about? Man, this trial could be GREAT, I'll get the popcorn machine from backstage! Cmdr JFarrington: ::sits next to KK on her bed::: It's been ten minutes, and they haven't come for me, so..... :::glances around::: not sure about this. Annika Sorenson: It's too bad, I liked it here. Callista Tyrel: Barb> :: heads to her next guest :: Annika Sorenson: ::gathering her things:: BrenFaliver: ((What's the easiest way to get a second Commander in the brig? Get her to ask for permission to enter lol)) Cmdr JFarrington: (heh) Kansas Kenickie: Guard Bud> you done in there Doc. Cmdr JFarrington: ::looks up::: Done. Callista Tyrel: Yeah...people were nice...:: gets her purse ready :: Would have loved to meet Ricky. Annika Sorenson: Yeah, too bad. There's always Risa though. Kansas Kenickie: Thank you Doctor.... I feel a little better. Cmdr JFarrington: ::hands KK a package of some kind of pills::: These will help with the pain. ::but it's a little more than that. Kansas Kenickie: thanks ::Smiles:: Callista Tyrel: :: has all her things ready and takes a seat next to Annika :: well...maybe next time. Cmdr JFarrington: :::stands as the FF drops::: I'll be around. Kansas Kenickie: if you see Erich tell him it's OK if they zap me into nothing I don't blame him. Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ We may have to employ some non-standard methods here if we wish to save her. Annika Sorenson: Hopefully ::smiles:: Next time, I hope our vacations last longer. Cmdr JFarrington: Oh, he'll have a field trip with that. :::grin::: BrenFaliver: +Erich+ Are we even equipped or trained in standard methods? Is there a plan? Would it be easier if I join you and Callista? Callista Tyrel: Indeed! :: a gentle hug to Annika :: Yeah...But I sense those Plasma scrubbers calling my name on Manticore. Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ Insanity...as in a plea. If not that then prevent the death penalty. Annika Sorenson: ::returns the hug:: Same for stellar cartography. Doubt I'll get to put my marine biology expertise anytime soon. BrenFaliver: +Erich+ Uh... that sounds like "Keep her alive" and not "Get her back on our ship so we can pop a wheelie on our way out of the system into the sunset" have we already gotten to that level of desperation? Annika Sorenson: put to use*^ Callista Tyrel: You know...I never thought to check if this place had any aquariums in the city. Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ Well, she does not have to be conscious to get her back on the ship. Callista Tyrel: :: wonders why those who raided the casino earlier just did not extract: Kansas themselves....perhaps there is something the Lt. is just not seeing :: Annika Sorenson: I wonder if they did. Annika Sorenson: but then neither did I. Callista Tyrel: I could picture You giving the people in charge of the place a good run for their money on their knowledge! BrenFaliver: +Erich+ Fair enough! So, where do I need to be right now? Erich Jaenke: +Bren+ I will send you what we have to your padd, but nothing quite yet. Annika Sorenson: ::chuckles:: Thanks! Callista Tyrel: This is a Beluga whale...native to earth...it is related to sharks! Then you wince and contemplate what to tell the person giving the tourist schpeel! Callista Tyrel: :: small laugh :: Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you Callista Tyrel: :: paused :: Cmdr JFarrington: It's all yours, Skipper. BrenFaliver: ((Oh man, but I've had to resist the urge to do that in real life Callista lol. NO, GLASS IS NOT A LIQUID)) Kansas Kenickie: OK SO next week is the start of trial Callista Tyrel: Live on New Las Vegas News? Kansas Kenickie: Everyone will attend court unless you are not supporting your XO. Annika Sorenson: oooh Callista Tyrel: So...if you attend....you can't really help spring you out! Kansas Kenickie: So TBS is like 9.4 hours one night left for Kansas to live. Cmdr JFarrington: So it's going to be evening kind of? Erich Jaenke: What is everyone bringing to the wake? Callista Tyrel: Actually is this going to be a trial behind closed doors ...or is the whole galaxy going to get to tune it? Kansas Kenickie: You would look guilty if you didn't attend Calilsta. BrenFaliver: ::squinty eyes in real life:: This isn't like, the end of the KK story and character is it? Callista Tyrel: ( looks for the dress uniform somewhere....) Kansas Kenickie: no court TV just planet local court tv. Callista Tyrel: okay so you are on TV...okay. Cmdr JFarrington: (full dress isn't required in court) Callista Tyrel: oh okay. Kansas Kenickie: it could be Bren, is she guilty or not. BrenFaliver: ((Good because Bran teleported down with nothing but what's on his back and in his pockets)) Callista Tyrel: Barb gave you a A Five Star Resort Shirt..you got your souvenir Bren! BrenFaliver: LOL, yeah, but I can't imagine that's going to get me into a courtroom :D Cmdr JFarrington: Is that all, Boss? Kansas Kenickie: any questions? Callista Tyrel: Do we have access to the ship? Kansas Kenickie: Before court yes. Callista Tyrel: Okay thanks! Kansas Kenickie: But there are scanners that will pick up weapons brought into court Callista Tyrel: Oh no...just standard engineer stuff ...her tricorder! BrenFaliver: ((tricorder made of CORDITE)) BrenFaliver: ((Mwhaahahahah)) Kansas Kenickie: ::Thwapps Bren::: Callista Tyrel: ( hehe ) Cmdr JFarrington: :::headdesk::: Callista Tyrel: Okay I am set....Glad you got some simming in Bren! Callista Tyrel: Okay that is all from me...have a good night! Kansas Kenickie: How mad would McFly be and KK if you got yourself jailed for them? BrenFaliver: Yeah! After I spent a ridiculous sum replacing a bunch of networking gear for a $10 cable.... BrenFaliver: Well, if they are in jail, their opinions don't carry much weight. Callista Tyrel: ( But we love you KK ! ) BrenFaliver: Unless KK is gonna shank us in the yard during… uh… recess? Whatever they call it in prison. Kansas Kenickie: Yard time. Cmdr JFarrington: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  10. = /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52006.29 "New Las Vegas" = /\ = TBS is 8 hours. It's the next day. Lights are back on, but not doing well. A Hunky Guy says "they are going to take McRoy and 31 needs to clear out from this planet because it's not safe here." Jami ends up manhandled by McRoy. The rest of the crew is pretending to be tourists. Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: ::Not in the brig, but feeling like she is in the brig::: Annika Sorenson: ::in their hotel room with Callista and Gila:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::waiting for the Hunk to come back:: Kansas Kenickie: ::in the Brig, feeling like she is in the Brig:: Annika Sorenson: ::lounging on the couch:: Kansas Kenickie: Annoying Karl> ::Knocks repeatedly on Jami's door::: Cmdr JFarrington: ::he told her to stay put, and stay put she will... but she sure would like to kick butt with that McRoy guy:::: Cmdr JFarrington: :::is somewhere close to McRoy:::: Cmdr JFarrington: ::or maybe not so close::: Callista Tyrel: :: sets book down :: well I have learned quite a bit about dabo. Gila Orrak: :: Sitting down and grumbly :: I have a question. Annika Sorenson: WHat's that? Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> go say your good-byes to whatever your XO is calling herself these days. Gila Orrak: How did the Commander not know this would happen? Was it McRoy who just happened to be here? Annika Sorenson: Who's McRoy again? Callista Tyrel: :: retrieves her communicator from her purse as she listens in :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::does not reply, and fairly relaxed:::: Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> :::lets her go, stomps off:: Callista Tyrel: ( Annoying Karl is planetside ? ) Gila Orrak: Only heard the name once, one that took the Commander. Unless I heard the name wrong. Cmdr JFarrington: ::glance left... glance right...shrugs::: Annika Sorenson: Hm, I don't know. I hope we'll be able to leave our room soon. Cmdr JFarrington: :::waiting for the Hunk, actually::: Kansas Kenickie: <<Karl is on the planet annoying people>> Erich Jaenke: :: Erich found himself at the cell the Commander was being held in :: Callista Tyrel: ( Karl is knocking on an empty room I think...lol ) Cmdr JFarrington: (Yes, he is) Erich Jaenke: :: He tapped the side of the cell, figuring a forcefield would not be there :: Erich Jaenke: Commander? Cmdr JFarrington: ::only half wondering why she's not in the brig::: Callista Tyrel: I still am baffled about this all happening as well, what are the odds of this ...situation materializing Cmdr JFarrington: ::thinking that McRoy is either stupid or he has a nefarious plan::: Cmdr JFarrington: :::um... thinks he's just pretty stupid::: Erich Jaenke: :: taps harder :: Commander? Kansas Kenickie: ::Lifts her head::: Commander Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> ::Heads to his office to plan.... plan plan:: Annika Sorenson: On our vacation no less. I know, what are the odds? Cmdr JFarrington: ::leans against the wall as she watches him enter his office, still wondering why she's left alone::: Callista Tyrel: In any case...this McRoy guy maybe he tipped the authorities off to Kansas. Still I have no Frakkin' idea what the shooting was about earlier. Annika Sorenson: No clue here, or what caused that explosion earlier. Kansas Kenickie: ::Stand up:: how can I help you. Callista Tyrel: Yeah three very odd events, and they most likely are linked...just have not found out how. Erich Jaenke: What am I doing here Commander? What the hell was in the crystal? 'Cause it sure did not seem to help anything. In fact it nearly got me killed. Gila Orrak: They are most certainly linked. Annika Sorenson: ::nods:: Yeah, I'm sure they are. They must be. Cmdr JFarrington: ::pushes off from the wall and takes a slow walk toward his office, stops at the open door and, leans against the door::: Anything I can help you with, Sir? ::nonchalant:: Kansas Kenickie: it should save us? I am hoping. Callista Tyrel: Commander Farrington has been gone...longer that I expected. :: looks at communicator in hand :: Annika Sorenson: Not much we can do, if we have to stay put in here. Erich Jaenke: :: Puts up his hands :: Well, killing us sure would deliver us from this mess. So, the names... there are so many I can't track them all, and I know people in ways you don't experience. Callista Tyrel: I wonder if she still has her comm badge..she was the only one of us in uniform :: thinks aloud :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::still has her comm badge, and it's wide open to the ship::: Erich Jaenke: :: Flips through names :: I assume these are your aliases? I'm hoping this was before your time on Manticore, but I have not served on this ship as long as you. Kansas Kenickie: you mean my many names? Cmdr JFarrington: :::one way, that is.... to the ship, but not from the ship:::: Callista Tyrel: Frak it. + Cmdr JFarrington + Tyrel to Jami. Erich Jaenke: Yes. Cmdr JFarrington: ::definitely not going to respond to that since she's at McRoy's open door::: Annika Sorenson: ::lying on the couch:: Kansas Kenickie: I have had many jobs... sometimes I need to be someone else for a while. Cmdr JFarrington: :::and her badge is from her to the ship, not to her from the ship:::: Annika Sorenson: hmm. Erich Jaenke: That's all well and good, but deep down... really deep... we are the same person. Erich Jaenke: Did you know people wanted you on New Las Vegas? Callista Tyrel: :: awaits then tries again :: + Farrington + Tyrel to Jami. Kansas Kenickie: Do you think I would come here if I did? Cmdr JFarrington: ::again, no response::: Callista Tyrel: :: closes communicator :: Well, that was not helpful. Cmdr JFarrington: :::arms crossed, she leans against McRoy's open door, waiting::: Annika Sorenson: I hope she's ok. Callista Tyrel: :: rubs her forehead :: Myself as well. Kansas Kenickie: I work a job Erich... I can't be the same one every time. Erich Jaenke: You are often so closed off I don't know the answer to that. So... what kind of defense are we able to mount? Under orders for... :: spreads his hands :: all these crimes? Insanity? :: laughs :: Now that one I CAN believe. Callista Tyrel: :: walks over to replicator :: I would like a cold Kanar. ::beep beep :: Replicator> Beverage unavailable. Make another selection. Gila Orrak: So, is the standard procedure here to break her out? Annika Sorenson: I wonder if you can order in? Annika Sorenson: Do we even know where she's been held? Gila Orrak: The Chief knows. Annika Sorenson: Where's the chief? Callista Tyrel: Annika has a point there. And the Chief is MIA as well. Kansas Kenickie: They don't have clearance for it. Gila Orrak: I bet you can order nearly anythi--- yeah, where did he go? Annika Sorenson: ::orders some drinks from the hotel room service:: Gila Orrak: Guess he can wait until we are distracted, then make his move. Perhaps he found a lady friend. Annika Sorenson: ::a Kanar, a pina colada and other drinks:: Kansas Kenickie: neither do you. Callista Tyrel: :: hears Annika order :: Hmm...maybe we can ask...what the heck is going on to the person who delivers the drink. Erich Jaenke: So they can't find out if you were under orders... what do they get, denials? Annika Sorenson: Its worth a shot, not holding my breath but it's worth a try. Cmdr JFarrington: ::still watching the admiral work.... without a yeoman or security...which she thinks is really odd::: Gila Orrak: I'd help break her out, but who would believe a Cardassian is only here for innocent activities? Callista Tyrel: :: is wrestling with things in her head, with no communications to the ship or senior officers...they will have to move on eventually. :: Gila Orrak: :: Gila checks her hypo, and something that looks like a hypo you launch, spins the barrel :: Callista Tyrel: Well, turns to Gila and Annika.. When the drinks arrive we play scared Tourists okay...let's try to get some....info...okay? Annika Sorenson: OK sure Erich Jaenke: I think it's clearance I'd not want. So... if the clearance is so high, the dirty work is done, then your death completes the circle. Wraps it up in a nice bow. Annika Sorenson: Unless it's just a drinks bot. Kansas Kenickie: Doesn't sound like a good bow. Gila Orrak: You really think they will give us information? We all look like a cadet review. Cmdr JFarrington: ::head-tilt toward the admiral::: Anything I can do to help, Sir? Kansas Kenickie: they’re throwing me off to prison I guess. Annika Sorenson: I look like a beach bum. Callista Tyrel: No we look like tourists...:: points to tank and shorts....no uniform :: Gila Orrak: So a cadet review on vacation. Cmdr JFarrington: (Aren't you supposed to look like a beach bum?) Annika Sorenson: ::Door chimes, a young dude comes in with their drinks:: Annika Sorenson: (Yesss) Erich Jaenke: It's one of Keb's bows. Kansas Kenickie: ::Leans on the wall:: how many kills are they holding me on? Callista Tyrel: Oh my gosh....:: door opens and Callista dives behind bed :: Callista Tyrel: Don't shoot! Annika Sorenson: Dude>. ::blank look on his face:: Uhh.. your drinks? Gila Orrak: :: Aims her gun at the man :: Annika Sorenson: ::smiles:: Oh yeah, uh.. thanks. Callista Tyrel: :: peaks from behind the bed :: Uhmm is it safe now in the hotel? Gila Orrak: :: Takes her drink:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::deep sigh, leaning against the door frame:::: Kansas Kenickie: Karl> ::Leans head on Jami's door....waits:: Callista Tyrel: We heard weapons fire this morning. :: to drink dude :: Gila Orrak: Does that happen a lot here? Erich Jaenke: 13... your lucky number. Kansas Kenickie: that's it. Kansas Kenickie: ::Smirky smile:: Callista Tyrel: :: looks anxious :: Annika Sorenson: Dude> Uhh, yeah, I think so. They don't really tell us anything about what happened. No, it doesn't happen here at all. New Vegas is very safe, I mostly know everything from the news. No additional shootings or explosions, so I think the lockdown will be lifted tomorrow, if all goes well. Erich Jaenke: You need more? You know the prosecution often only charges a person on ones that stick. Callista Tyrel: So we are to stay in our rooms? Annika Sorenson: Dude> That's the last thing I heard, yes. I saw on the news, the police are still investigating the shootings and explosions. Kansas Kenickie: this place wired ::Swirls finger around the room:: or is this lawyer prisoner private. Callista Tyrel: Okay...uhm....did anyone get hurt? I was hoping my ...massage date...was..unharmed . :: looks dumb :: Erich Jaenke: Want me to probe your mind? Bet they can't sniff that. Kansas Kenickie: that would be nice. Erich Jaenke: It's not like a Vulcan mind-meld... Annika Sorenson: Dude> ::sets down the drinks and food:: You can reschedule your appointments free of charge given what happened. No worries there. ::smiles:: I don't think too many people got hurt, but I'm not entirely sure. Again, nobody really tells me anything. I only just started here last month. Callista Tyrel: :: gestures to Gila to put whatever that...gun looking thing in her hand is down for the moment :: Erich Jaenke: I am wired up, thanks to our doctor. Gila Orrak: :: Puts it down :: Callista Tyrel: Well...we just wanted to know when we can have fun on the strip.....we don't want to cause any trouble. Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> Why would I trust you? Cmdr JFarrington: Why would you not trust me, sir? Erich Jaenke: :: Uses his Betazoid ability to peer into KK's mind :: Annika Sorenson: Dude>. Yeah, yeah. No problem. I wish I could be more help. I'd just keep watching the news broadcasts to keep yourselves in the loop. That's what I've been doing. Good day ladies. I hope you have a pleasant rest of your stay. Kansas Kenickie: ~I have finished off more than 13.... maybe more than 100~ Erich Jaenke: ~one hundred.... :: his voice echos :: Was this a single mission... mission..... ~ Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> you are with them ::Points up:: with the tug boat so you are guilty like her. Kansas Kenickie: ~~ I got my first job at 15~ Erich Jaenke: ~ Okay...okay.. so this is total ~ Callista Tyrel: Thank you. Cmdr JFarrington: ::head-tilt, questioningly::: I'm guilty of what, sir? I'm a doctor. Annika Sorenson: Dude>. You're welcome. Good-bye. ::leaves the girls, heads onto his next delivery:: Cmdr JFarrington: Just because I'm on that ship doesn't make me guilty, sir. Kansas Kenickie: ~ I am sure I could do about 100 at once ::Fuzz like thinking about it how she would do it::~~ Callista Tyrel: :: walks the dude out and closes the door :: Lower decks guy for sure. Erich Jaenke: ~ What do you want to do? ~ Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> you can't sweet talk me Doctor... you are a troubled tug boat.. now go. Kansas Kenickie: I can kill him too ::Says it out loud:: Callista Tyrel: :: walks over to her drink and takes a sip :: Annika Sorenson: ::chuckles:: Seems so. Doesn't surprise me though. ::takes her drink and sips:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::refrains from laughing about the tug::: Aye, sir. :::exits his office and moves down the corridor toward the brig::: Erich Jaenke: ~ McRoy ~ :: Is enjoying a new mind :: Kansas Kenickie: ~ him, you.... anybody really. it is what I do best~ Cmdr JFarrington: :::turns the corner and is stopped by security, asking for credentials, which she supplies, explaining that she's a doctor::: Callista Tyrel: Well Gila, at least I am getting some research done for one of my alter egos.....Dabo Girl. :: a small laugh :: Erich Jaenke: ~ Sounds like you have issues well beyond McRoy, the killings... Kansas Kenickie: Did you ever wonder why I was tossed onto the Manticore? Gila Orrak: Do you know what you are getting yourself into. I heard a story about an officer named Jamieson who played that game. Annika Sorenson: ::giggles:: Kansas Kenickie: ~~ it isn't a problem, it is a job... I can't help it that I am good at it~~ Callista Tyrel: :: reclines on bed :: uh oh..how is said officer? Annika Sorenson: Why does that name sound familiar? Erich Jaenke: ~ Tries to calm things :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::security dude allows her access::: Erich Jaenke: ~ So, what's with the crystal? Calling old favors? ~ Kansas Kenickie: ~~ There are deeper sections then 31... ever think about that?! Cmdr JFarrington: :::slowly walking toward them, she stops, waiting for their attention::: Erich Jaenke: ~ Section 31...a? ~ Callista Tyrel: I just think, given the ship we are on and the experience on Mork's world...an alter ego might be of use. This is just initial research. Kansas Kenickie: ~~ a deeper section, one that... gets rid of people who are in the way~ Erich Jaenke: ~ I would do that on the ship, recycling the waste ~ Cmdr JFarrington: ::they seem fairly well... at least not beat up::: Annika Sorenson: I wonder who I'd be? Callista Tyrel: I don't know...but I think Gila can help us! Kansas Kenickie: ~ oh Lord I didn't get rid of the bodies.. not all of them~ Cmdr JFarrington: (lol) Gila Orrak: :: Following behind :: Help with us? Callista Tyrel: ( Jami is watching a telepathic conversation ) Erich Jaenke: ~ You know this lets me in on some things ~ Cmdr JFarrington: (true...she knows Erich very well... from long ago) Callista Tyrel: Well...someday...on Manticore, on a mission we might have to be something other than an Engineer or a Scientist. Right now....I am playing tourist....I think. Kansas Kenickie: ~ I am telling you more than McFly knows, I know I can trust you.... or kill you... which you know that too~ Erich Jaenke: ~ I'm not going that deep, so, I'll ask again, what do you wish to do? ~ Kansas Kenickie: ~you know I can. I don't know. Can you bust me out?~ Cmdr JFarrington: (prepare to pause) Annika Sorenson: I am also a tourist Callista Tyrel: I think with your brains Annika you can be anything. Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: That last line of Callista was perfect. Cmdr JFarrington: TBS, Boss? Annika Sorenson: lol' Kansas Kenickie: 2.8 minutes Cmdr JFarrington: grief... Callista Tyrel: hehe Cmdr JFarrington: 2.8 minutes it is. Kansas Kenickie: O:) Kansas Kenickie: any questions? Callista Tyrel: I found that interesting Commander Farrington was watching both of you have a mental conversation. Kansas Kenickie: it's Canadian time. Annika Sorenson: XD Erich Jaenke: Erich leaks. Kansas Kenickie: mental talk is always an honest answer Cmdr JFarrington: Heh... she was wondering what they were talking about, but since they're in the brig, she had a pretty good idea. Cmdr JFarrington: Canada eh? Anyway... anything else? Kansas Kenickie: I have nothing Callista Tyrel: none here. Cmdr JFarrington: All righty... Cmdr JFarrington: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  11. Hello Fiacre, and welcome aboard! This community is active on Friday, Sunday, and Monday. Between simulations, most of us post "logs" that enrich what has happened during the weekly simulation. You are welcome to come and watch, talk to the GMs, and see where you might fit in. Once again, welcome aboard, Cmdr Jami Farrington
  12. Manticore Brief 52006.22 "New Las Vegas" The team ends up on the streets after the crystal acquired by Commander Jaenke wreaks havoc with the planetary systems of New Las Vegas. The local forces close in on the team and some end up in a sticky wicket. In reality, their problems started years ago... Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Annika Sorenson: ::probably in their room with Callista and Gila:: Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> ::: Lights blink then go back to "Normal" :: Annika Sorenson: ::lucky not to part of that 'some':: Callista Tyrel: Annika get what you can....a bag...look touristy...it is our only..cover at the moment.... Gila Orrak: :: Listening to the others :: Annika Sorenson: ::Nods:: That's easy enough. Cmdr JFarrington: :::since she's in her SF uniform, of course they grab her::: Annika Sorenson: I didn't bring a whole lot of useful things. Annika Sorenson: ::but takes what she can:: Callista Tyrel: Well we just need to look like tourists... Purses, handbags....maps...guides... Cmdr JFarrington: ::and push her back inside:::: Gila Orrak: Can't that be on a data padd? Cmdr JFarrington: ::and not very nicely, either, but she did restrain herself and not knock out some of their teeth:: Annika Sorenson: I'm glad we have a lot of those. ::takes sunscreen, her sunglasses, maps and guides and other stuff"" Callista Tyrel: Gila..got your sunglasses? Callista Tyrel: :: hurries and gets her overly large sun hat...:: Gila Orrak: Well, we like tropical climates, so our eyes adjust to the sun on their own. :: shrugs :: Callista Tyrel: Okay...I will take the sun glasses...hehe...I forgot how much a good sun is like. Annika Sorenson: That is useful Annika Sorenson: At least you grew knowing that feeling. Not too much sun in Europa, I'm afraid ::smiles:: Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> OVER THE P.A. SYSTEM:: Please remain calm...... the small power drop is over ::Lies:: Callista Tyrel: :: listens to the voice over the hotel room emergency speaker :: Okay. That was an outright lie...and a bad one. Gathers her stuff...I still wish I knew what happened to Erich. Annika Sorenson: I wish I knew too. Kansas Kenickie: :::Moves as close as she can to the FF holding her, trying to find/see something:: Annika Sorenson: Yeah, pretty standard. I doubt much people fell for that, even real tourists Annika Sorenson: ::lathers on some sunscreen all over her body:: Callista Tyrel: I am still wondering how it managed to blast the Chief's PADD that was.....for that to happen, a EMP got through the alkatrite shielding... that is no easy task.. Callista Tyrel: Can I have some of that when you are though? Kansas Kenickie: ::Stomps her foot.....::: damnit McFly Annika Sorenson: Yeah, here you go ::hands it over to Callista:: Do Cardassians need sun tan lotion? ::to Gila:: Gila Orrak: Yeah, we are not invincible. Annika Sorenson: I don't know to be honest. Wish I knew more about that sort of thing. Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> THE LIGHTS IN THE BRIG GO OUT AND THE FORCE FIELD DROPS. Callista Tyrel: Gila...can you look at the map and find a destination..where we can walk to .....sort of another locale, a cover story of our move? Callista Tyrel: :: starts applying sunscreen in a hurry :: Kansas Kenickie: :::Backs up and feels a sharps shock throughout her whole body and drops to the floor out-for the count::: Gila Orrak: :: flips the paper map around :: This is... :: flips :: confusing Cmdr JFarrington: ::runs her hands through her hair and down the back of her neck::: (m) Dammit I'm a doctor, not a... ::she looks up at the officer staring down at her::: Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> FORCE FIELD IN THE BRIG GOES BACK UP AND THE LIGHTS RETURN TO NORMAL Callista Tyrel: Uhm just need a tourist location...walking distance...so we can agree on our stories. I dunno maybe I am overthinking this. :: hands Gila the Sunblock :: Annika Sorenson: ::looks over Gila's shoulder:: Huh, yeah..especially since I'm not familiar with this place eh? Callista Tyrel: :: walks over to Map near Gila :: Gila Orrak: I think we are here...or here. Kansas Kenickie: Big Hunky Man from before> ::Puts his hand over Jami's mouth and pulls her into the storage closet:: Callista Tyrel: :: looks :: Just an attraction...a bar...a casino....another something. Annika Sorenson: Like the pier, or harbour? Cmdr JFarrington: :::dragged into the closet::: Callista Tyrel: Yeah.....what is that...right there. La Playa? Your Sun and Fun Destination? Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> PIER PEOPLE ARE CLUELESS OF THE POWER OUTAGE Annika Sorenson: Sounds fun, sure Callista Tyrel: Gila....okay..." The Pier ....two out of four stars " Gah it will do. Erich Jaenke: :: Stands right behind Gila :: Callista Tyrel: ( Erich escaped the clutches of the Pit Boss ? ) Cmdr JFarrington: :::::hot, stuffy, filled with uniforms of the servers:::hm...:::: Kansas Kenickie: Big Hunky Man from before> ::Whispers into her ear:: 31 needs to clear out from this planet.... your XO is not safe here. Callista Tyrel: :: walks over to the Door and stops not opening it :: Damn. Annika Sorenson: What's wrong Callista? Annika Sorenson: ::puts on her flip flops:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::looks up:: (w) So tell me how to get out and I'll do it. Gila Orrak: :: Turns around :: Erich? :: sees no one :: Erich Jaenke: :: In the darkness :: Erich Jaenke: :: He is unsure where he is :: Kansas Kenickie: Big Hunky Man from before> we will clear the court. McRoy will be eliminated. Callista Tyrel: Commander Jami ordered us to stay put. And.... We are not currently in any danger. At this moment. We are .....technically sheltered in place. I can't disobey her order unless...we are in imminent danger. Kansas Kenickie: Big Hunky Man from before> ::Opens the door and pushes Jami out:: Erich Jaenke: Hello.... ello....llo... lo.. o :: He shouted into the dark Callista Tyrel: We are ready to leave at a moment's notice...we have a destination..and from what we can tell...well out the window...the city is not on fire or anything. Cmdr JFarrington: ::pushed out, still not sure how they're going to do this ,but following along::: Annika Sorenson: That's true. ::Looks out of the window:: But at least we're prepared, well, sort of. Kansas Kenickie: MAID> ::turns on the lights and looks at Erich::: the power outage is over..... how did you end up in the ballroom? Callista Tyrel: :: looks at Gila and Annika :: I think we are doing the right thing at the moment....we are ready to move...But Sheltered in Place...albeit by an idiot on the alarm system. Annika Sorenson: ::nods:: I agree with that Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Gila :: Okay with hanging tight just a bit longer? Cmdr JFarrington: :::follows along behind::: Gila Orrak: Sure, it will allow me to examine everyone a bit closely Kansas Kenickie: CASINO> SEEMS TO GO BACK TO NORMAL... FOR A CASINO Gila Orrak: I thought I heard Erich. Callista Tyrel: Examine Annika and I ? :: a bit puzzled by Gila's line :: Erich? like a whisper or something? Gila Orrak: Well, he is Betazoid. Annika Sorenson: But I already had my physical. Callista Tyrel: I am confused...:: walks and sits on the bed :: I thought Betazoids were empaths not telepaths.. Kansas Kenickie: Erich> ~~Betazoid "waves (PSI) " can feel his crew, but Kansas "Angry wave" drops from his PSI :: Annika Sorenson: ::Lays down on the bed next to Callista:: Weren't they both? Cmdr JFarrington: :::staying with the Hulk:::: Erich Jaenke: :: The black was so...err, black... it was not a great deal better on the telepathic side either :: Callista Tyrel: Yet I want to say one time on the ship I did here a whisper from him Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> ::Approaches Jami:: Commander Cmdr JFarrington: ::straightens up::: Sir! Callista Tyrel: I guess I would take your word over my ...mechanical gear head brain :: to Gila and Annika :: Erich Jaenke: :: Closes his eyes, though that seems meaningless in the pure dark, and felt with his mind :: Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> don't think you little games with the power will delay your court proceedings Cmdr JFarrington: Due respect, Sir. I have no idea what you're talking about. .. Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> your face tells me your are a liar.... your XO will be atomized into nothing. Your games won't stop me. Callista Tyrel: So I should listen for....signals from the chief...telepathic ones? :: puzzled :: Cmdr JFarrington: My face, Sir? My games? :::clueless expression::: Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> you know she is a killer, and I won't let you pretend to know otherwise. Cmdr JFarrington: Beg your pardon, sir. Who is a killer? Erich Jaenke: :: Realizes he has not taken medicine for a long while, no doubt the doctor's idea :: Annika Sorenson: ::smiles:: know how'd you do that, if you're not telepathic. Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> you call her Kansas, but she is known by several names. Cmdr JFarrington: :::curious expression, listening::: Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> your XO has killed 8 people I can prove... but I know her death count is around 60, maybe more. Callista Tyrel: I have a starship hull as a skull, so you are probably right...but I swear..on one occasion I heard him. :: shrugs :: So If any of us ever get a feeling he is present we should share the experience? Cmdr JFarrington: Due respect, sir. My XO is on earth. I'm along for the ride. Sir. Annika Sorenson: ::giggles:: Sounds good to me? Gila Orrak: We need to leave this hotel. Annika Sorenson: But we have to stay put... and where would we go? Gila Orrak: Right, we need to leave, but we have no destination. Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Gila :: Why? I need a darn good reason to disobey an order from a superior officer...even in New Las Vegas. Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> ::Points his finger in Jami's face:: I am no fool, and don't think I don't know your record either "Commander". Callista Tyrel: The Pier ...we agreed to that ..just an attraction nearby... Gila Orrak: :: laughs :: People used to take orders from me, but I guess those days are behind me. Annika Sorenson: Aw. Sorry about that Cmdr JFarrington: ::relaxed expression::: Don't believe you're a fool, sir. And my record? ::shrug:: Doesn't really matter. Sir. Callista Tyrel: Believe me if a clear and present danger presents itself...we are out the door undercover as....tourists on our way to that pier. Callista Tyrel: What rank did you have before Gila? Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> everything matters,, just because this is vagus doesn't mean we let everything go. Cmdr JFarrington: Understood, sir. Gila Orrak: Oh the double oh uses a more...fluid rank system Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> Court will start in 2 days. best say your goodbyes Cmdr JFarrington: To you, sir? Callista Tyrel: Sounds slippery. :: smiles :: Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> To Kenickie Callista Tyrel: :: looks at brochure on Dabo Gaming :: Ooh I needed this.. Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> ::walks away from her Cmdr JFarrington: Commander Kenickie, sir? She's already gone. Thought you knew that. Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> she is in my brig. Cmdr JFarrington: Is she? Kansas Kenickie: McRoy> in the Brig or dead Callista Tyrel: Saving that for future study. :: puts in purse :: Now...once we hear from the Commander..we are good to go. Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Do we have a TBS? Kansas Kenickie: Thank you everyone for my attendance, I have Monday nights off now So I expect to be here Callista Tyrel: ooh...TBS? Cmdr JFarrington: Fantastic. Kansas Kenickie: TBS- 8-hours, it's the next day.... so Log away to get yourself settled Cmdr JFarrington: All righty. Kansas Kenickie: any questions ? Callista Tyrel: hmm...eight hours in a room oh oh.... Kansas Kenickie: Sleep my dear Cmdr JFarrington: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  13. ~MORE THAN A HANDFUL OF YEARS AGO~ By K.Kenickie The Academy campus was silent and the students were tucked away in their dooms studying for their finals. Others were putting the finishing touches on the exams that were to come. Kansas had picked the perfect night to complete her first solo mission. Some people would rather have the hustle and bustle of a busy campus to blend into, but not her. The sound of silence was all she needed to know that she was alone. All shades were pulled down and she had the place to herself. Even if there was a prying eye all they would see was another student walking across the quad. she had acquired a uniform, blonde wig and would blend in perfectly. Kansas stopped in front of the Apollo science building. She counted three windows across and four up. That was her target: a science nerd asking too many questions and poking the wrong bear. She removed a small device from her pocket and turned it on. It was the size of a ring box, but it had the power to take down every camera around her. She pulled her gloves on and started her climb up the side of the building, staying as close as she could manage in this gravity level. She knew her prize once she finished this mission: she would be the youngest in operations history to pass all her skills missions and a solo kill. She could move forward and have her pick of team operations or solo missions. Kansas froze. She was so deep in thought that she almost missed the sound of people walking across the quad, the shrill cackles of girls returning to their dorm from the library. Kansas tried to pull herself closer to the side of the building. She had decided to free climb the building—there would be no signs of her presence that way. She had one more level to climb. She wanted to sigh, her tolerance of fleet children was slim. The little Fleeters thought that they were the rulers of the stars... if they only knew how easy they had it. Once the quad drew silent, she started up to the fourth floor. The lights of the office were still on and that meant that her target was still hard at work, her hand slipped slightly on the ledge of the windowsill.... someone was expecting her, and dusted the ledge. Leaving no sign or evidence was clearly not an option anymore, she decided to climb higher than the ledge. So much for no sign. She hammered a climbing loop above the window, quickly slid the climbing cable into the loop and snapped the d-loop into the hook and hung freely from the building, then leaned back. Silently rotating upside down she was now standing on the top of the window looking in. Her target was busy- busy working away on his newest project. Kansas pulled out her key spanner and easily opened the lock to the window and turned off the alarm at the same time. She smirked as she returned the spanner to her belt and slid the window open without a sound. Kansas loosened climbing cable pushed off the building and landed in the lab crouched down making the slightest of noise. Doctor Whitehead was deep in thought examining the slides, then abruptly looked at his PADD. Kansas observed him for a moment, she couldn't see anything nefarious or criminal about the man. He was tall and lanky with a full head of white hair all disheveled; his lab coat was just as messy. Kansas didn't want to know what kind of yuck was on that thing. But it wasn't her job to think about the targets, her job was protecting those who couldn't handle the realities of the universe. It was time... Kansas walked up behind the Doctor and stood there for a moment. Did she want her first kill to be so easy? Then again... tomorrow is another day. Another day, another kill. Kansas pulled her knife and took a thick, tight grip of the Doctor's hair. She clearly startled him, from the sounds of his gasps and lack of struggling - her knife slid through his throat like it was melted butter. She let go of him and he dropped to the ground.... it had all gone as planned, maybe not getting blood all over herself but practice makes perfect. "HEY YOU!!" shouted someone from the door. Kansas tightened her cable and leaped out the window, pulled herself up to the climbing loop, put her feet against the top of the window and pulled on it until it released. When it did release Kansas could feel herself free falling to the ground below, but somehow she was able to grasp the ledge to the second windows ledge. She dangled there holding on with one hand, slowly got her footing and started the rest of her descent. By now alarms inside the building were blaring and security would soon lock the place down. With very few options, Kansas slid behind a Yew bush that was growing against a brick wall. She removed her cadet uniform, pulled the wig off and poured lighter fluid over all of it. She was left in a black tank top and matching shorts, pulled her hair back, and hoped that they would buy that she was an evening runner. She lit the clothes and wig on fire and slid down the long wall of yew bushes, scratching herself up in the process. Once she thought she was far enough away from both incidents she jogged out from behind the bushes and jogged off to the safe haven of the docks. ~ Gilbert sat on the floor next to his professor and couldn't help but cry. Security officers were asking him a million questions at once. Maybe it was shock or the trauma of watching the only person in his life that gave a damn about him get his throat slit open in front of him, but one thing he was sure of... he would never forget the face of that bitch and he would do everything he could to get her... make her suffer. "Cadet McRoy??... Cadet McRoy, we have questions that only you can answer." Repeated the security office for the third time.
  14. = /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52006.15 "New Las Vegas" = /\ = TBS is the next day at 0800. The rain has stopped, but everything is muddy. Cdr Kenickie’s black data crystal is plugged into the planet’s systems. Captain McRoy is determined to take Cdr Kenickie down. She is charged with 7 counts of murder. Those aboard Manticore take an @ Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Callista Tyrel: :: is up and about thanks to modern medicine at the Hotel...:: Annika Sorenson: ::eating breakfast at the hotel restaurant:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::not as sopping wet as she was last night, but she can look out the window and see mud and water everywhere::: Erich Jaenke: :: Wondered how he got from the table he was at to a bed, he gave Doctor Orrak looks when he could :: Annika Sorenson: ::enjoying a Full English breakfast:: Gila Orrak: :: Looks at her food :: Is this human food? Annika Sorenson: Yes? What did you order? Gila Orrak: I think it is a cooked egg, yellow. Annika Sorenson: Depends on what kind of egg it is. Erich Jaenke: :: Searches for a seat :: Callista Tyrel: :: walks over to Annika and Gila with her Breakfast and takes a seat :: Gila Orrak: :: Waves Jaenke over and pats the seat :: Over here Commander. I bite. Cmdr JFarrington: ::adjusting her uniform, gives it a check, then steps into the hotel corridor and down the stairs for breakfast:: Kansas Kenickie: Black crystal> ::Makes a whining sound and a red glow comes from the middle::: Erich Jaenke: :: Grimaces and sits down beside the doctor :: Callista Tyrel: :: in vacation attire :: Erich Jaenke: (crystal is where?) Callista Tyrel: Bacon..yum. Annika Sorenson: ::eats her sausage, also in a frilly dress and flip flops, full vacation mode:: Gila Orrak: Sleep well last night Commander? Kansas Kenickie: ((Who plugged it in)) Erich Jaenke: Yes, but I don't remember how I got to the bed. Cmdr JFarrington: Not exactly "well", Lieutenant. But feeling a lot better than last night. Callista Tyrel: Hi Chief...:: reaches for her OJ and takes a sip :: I am trying to decide if I want to ...remember last night completely. Erich Jaenke: :: pulls out his padd and reads the charges against her one more time :: Annika Sorenson: Heya... ::sips her coffee:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::snaps to the waiter to give her order, then joins the group with a sigh::: Gila Orrak: I hypo'ed you Commander, you were already out anyhow, but I had to make sure you'd not wake up. Erich Jaenke: :: Glared at Gila :: Doctor? Callista Tyrel: Hello Commander. Good Morning... Kansas Kenickie: Black Data Crystal> ::in the Casinos buffet Data port:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::dead stop and not a very congenial expression::: You hypoed me? Gila Orrak: You probably got the best sleep of all of us. Don't look at me like that. I did nothing to you in your sleep state. Gila Orrak: No, I hypo'ed our Chief engineer. :: slaps him on the shoulder :: Annika Sorenson: Hopefully our upcoming massage will help Kansas Kenickie: Black Data Crystal> ::Makes a loud Pop as it explodes Gila Orrak: Then again before he got up to energize him. :: pokes Erich :: Callista Tyrel: ( just how big of boom ? ) Erich Jaenke: :: sighs :: I certainly am enlightened. Cmdr JFarrington: ::leans forward, totally focused::: Whether it is your chief engineer or anyone else, unless one of us is in grave danger, that's a bad... :::looks up, hearing the explosion::: Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> All the lights on the whole planet go out Kansas Kenickie: ((A boom you could hear down the block)) Gila Orrak: It's dark. Annika Sorenson: What the?... Cmdr JFarrington: ::quiet, listening:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::holds up a hand for silence::: Erich Jaenke: Yeah. :: Checks his PADD and the local network :: Callista Tyrel: :: notes the power go...kaput :: Kansas Kenickie: Erich’s PADD> Blank~ Erich Jaenke: :: A alert icon appears on his screen :: (softly) An outage. Callista Tyrel: :: Notes Staff looking around quizzically :: Annika Sorenson: What happened? Gila Orrak: That sound then the power went out. :: eats her eggs :: Cmdr JFarrington: (w) Stay quiet. Anything happens, duck under the table. Annika Sorenson: Sounded bad. ::eats her eggs and sausage:: Erich Jaenke: :: Senses confusion from all around, drinks his juice :: Kansas Kenickie: Action> Automatic window flaps slam down with no power to the hydroelectric.... making it even darker Callista Tyrel: Keeps a hold of her...steak knife just in case..if that would work..:: Annika Sorenson: I hope I don't have t o run. Annika Sorenson: You can't run in flip flops. Callista Tyrel: You look fit Annika :: whispers :: Gila Orrak: Why, are you wearing high heels? Cmdr JFarrington: ::glare:: don't even whisper. Annika Sorenson: ::sticks out her leg to show off her flip flops:: No. Cmdr JFarrington: ::but they probably can't see her anyway::: Callista Tyrel: :: silences....suggesting to her...the Commander senses something big going down :: Annika Sorenson: ::also listens in silence:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::smells the air:: Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> ::the sounds of high charge phaser blasters could be heard going off, and people screaming:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::slow move in the direction of the slam:: Erich Jaenke: :: Listens to things around him :: Cmdr JFarrington: (w) Down. Annika Sorenson: ::Ducks under the table:: Callista Tyrel: :: gently takes the steak knife and puts in her purse and hears the weapons ...Damn. Gets under the table :: Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> Man’s voice: DEPART, CLEAR ALL EYES. Cmdr JFarrington: Down. ::goes into a crouch:: Follow me and don't trip anyone on the way. Erich Jaenke: :: Begins to follow, making sure the doctor is just behind :: Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> :::Lights turn back on:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::leads them out the back door, into the street, and to what seems like a safe place, but she doesn't trust anything:: Erich Jaenke: :: Sees lights turning back on :: Callista Tyrel: :: follows Jami while keeping low with her purse ..:: Cmdr JFarrington: (w) ::holds up a hand::: Stay put. Kansas Kenickie: Super Tall Man> ::Grabs Jami from behind:: Annika Sorenson: ::hunkered beside Callista:: Callista Tyrel: :: Sees the tallest guy she has ever seen grab the Commander...:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::doesn't move, wondering what he wants:: Annika Sorenson: ::still under the table:: Kansas Kenickie: Tall Man> ::Holds her tightly against himself:: Ma’am... you should take your team back inside Cmdr JFarrington: :::checking out his eyes, his expression, then nods and motions to the group to move back in::: Kansas Kenickie: Tall Man> ::Look at Callista:: Eyes to the ground or I will remove them. Callista Tyrel: :: hears team. And wonders what the heck that meant :: Callista Tyrel: Yeah okay..just on vacation here do not mind me.. :: complies and looks down :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::hand signal to zip the lip::: Annika Sorenson: ::Looks down as well:: Kansas Kenickie: :Tall Man> ::Lets go and zips off quickly::: Cmdr JFarrington: (meaning that he takes us away?) Annika Sorenson: (I thought he just ran off) Kansas Kenickie: casino> ::The shouts of people stealing money can be heard from the pit::: Kansas Kenickie: <he just zipped off>> Cmdr JFarrington: (copy) Kansas Kenickie: Pit Boss>> Everyone calm down... Cmdr JFarrington: (w) Stay with me. Cmdr JFarrington: :::glances around to see who is in uniform:::: Kansas Kenickie: Pit Boss> No one is leaving .... so everyone, back inside. Callista Tyrel: :: is in a floral tank top with blue denim shorts and sneakers :: Kansas Kenickie: Kansas> Taking a nappy:: Annika Sorenson: ::walks after them:: Callista Tyrel: :: sticks with Jami as ordered :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::keeping them away from the chaos of looting::: Cmdr JFarrington: :::we all end up close to an exit:::: Annika Sorenson: ::Looks around as well, in a pink blouse, loose skirt and pink flip flops, not the best covert or running attire:: Kansas Kenickie: Data Port> data port, wall, plant and postcard machine are all either melted and exploded: Cmdr JFarrington: ::the thought occurs to her that she's several years back in Manticore's problems... as usual:::: Kansas Kenickie: Pit Boss>> If you are staying at the casino, return to your rooms.. the rest go to the indoor tennis rooms. Cmdr JFarrington: (w) Move with me. Kansas Kenickie: Casino muscle man> ::Grabs Erich:: I saw you Erich Jaenke: Saw me what? Annika Sorenson: ::quietly follows:: Callista Tyrel: :: Callista cannot hear what Jami says with the chaos around..she just follows her hand gestures :: Kansas Kenickie: Casino muscle man> Put something in the data port..... Cmdr JFarrington: :::accesses the stairs, not trusting the lift, and climbs up to our quarters that just happen to be on the outside of the building near an exit ramp::: Callista Tyrel: :: sees someone grab Erich..:: Erich! Cmdr JFarrington: ::enters the room::: Callista Tyrel: Jami...Erich! Annika Sorenson: ::Looks at where Callista is pointing to:: Is he being arrested? Kansas Kenickie: Casino muscle man> you don’t look trustworthy either. Cmdr JFarrington: Lock the door when....::jerks around::: Annika Sorenson: It might be best not to approach them Cmdr JFarrington: Stay. In. The. Room. Callista Tyrel: Erich...:: wants to help her direct senior officer...but a reality of her tiny size compared to that guy and Jami’s voice...make her go inside the room :: Annika Sorenson: ::goes into the room as well:: Cmdr JFarrington: If you have to, use the exit ramp. Annika Sorenson: Not the vacation I was envisioning. Callista Tyrel: Sorry..but we can’t leave Erich down there… can we? Cmdr JFarrington: For now, stay here. I'm going back. And for * sake, stay together. Kansas Kenickie: <<you thought you would get a normal one?LOL>>> Cmdr JFarrington: Don't worry about him. He can take care of himself. I'm going down. Annika Sorenson: (lol) Callista Tyrel: okay...okay... :: exhales and walks over to the others :: Kansas Kenickie: Casino muscle man> ::Starts patting Erich down and checking his pockets:::: Callista Tyrel: :: looks around the room to see it had not been serviced yet...:: Cmdr JFarrington: Lock the door. SOS knock to open the door. Cmdr JFarrington: :::steps out, closing the door behind her and slips down the stairs looking for Erich::: Callista Tyrel: Copy. Good Luck Commander. :: looks at her uniform :: Do not stand out too much. Callista Tyrel: :: locks door :: Annika Sorenson: ::smiles:: I look like a tourist. Kansas Kenickie: <<Casino muscle man Is questioning you because you don’t look like an honest person>> Annika Sorenson: ::puts a hand on Callista's shoulder:: I'm sure it'll turn out okay in the end. Callista Tyrel: Yeah..:: turns to Annika :: The commander does not...might be why that tall guy went to her so fast. Erich Jaenke: :: something is happening :: Callista Tyrel: But Erich...:: places her Hand on Annika’s :: Thanks Annika Sorenson: Yeah, probably. We're just normal vacationers. Kansas Kenickie: Casino muscle man 2> ::Grabs Jami:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::Casino man 2::: Got a problem? Kansas Kenickie: Casino muscle man2> you are everywhere I look... Cmdr JFarrington: ::snort:: I'm only one person. You've got to be kidding. Kansas Kenickie: Casino muscle man2> ::Pulls her along with him::: Callista Tyrel: Okay let's take an inventory of what we have...:which for me is not much::. Annika Sorenson: And for me is even less. I didn't bring much except for beach stuff. Cmdr JFarrington: :::slight chuckle::: You got a problem, man. Can't even be near me. Think I'm gonna take you down? Kansas Kenickie: Casino muscle man2> ::Puts Jami in the Pit Boss’s office:: Stay here. :::Locks the door:: Callista Tyrel: Kansas is rubbing off on me...for some reason I walked out the Restaurant with the Steak Knife... Annika Sorenson: Heh.. given time maybe she'll rub off on me too. Callista Tyrel: I do have my communicator in my purse..do you have a PADD Annika? Annika Sorenson: Yeah, I do. ::gets her PADD from her bed:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::headshake:: Talk about scared. These guys have a problem. Kansas Kenickie: Kansas> ::Plays with her hand/leg cuffs:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::the door opens and Erich is thrown in, almost knocking her down::: Callista Tyrel: Okay..I take it the replicator is kaput ? :: walks over to take a look :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::cough, straightening up::: ::deep breath::: You okay? Annika Sorenson: I think so.. unless they managed to restore full power Callista Tyrel: :: walks up to Replicator :: It is in its restart phase...this civilian model probably is going to take an hour or so. Callista Tyrel: what I would not give for my....:: thinks :: Manticore. Cmdr JFarrington: ::checking Erich out for bruises or otherwise::: Annika Sorenson: I'd like that as well. Callista Tyrel: :: walks over to her purse and retrieves her Communicator :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::Erich:: And next furlough, everyone keeps a badge handy in case we need to beam out. Callista Tyrel: Can’t beam a weapon down..but other things. Callista Tyrel: +Manticore+ Tyrel to Manticore..Lt Tyrel to Manticore.. Cmdr JFarrington: ::kneels down::: Commander, talk to me. Erich Jaenke: Where am I? Annika Sorenson: ::kicks off her flip flops and puts her feet up on the table:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::checks his eyes, pulse, and a few other things::: Talk to me, Erich. Erich Jaenke: Implanted... Callista Tyrel: +Manticore+ I need a small care package. ....please send to these coordinates. Cmdr JFarrington: Implanted. What is implanted? Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Annika:: hope they like my request list… and if they can send it. Annika Sorenson: They probably will. Hopefully soon. Callista Tyrel: Just a tricorder and a med kit Cmdr JFarrington: Action> No response from Manticore. Erich Jaenke: Implanted comms. Callista Tyrel: :: hears a declined beep :: Sounds like silent running rules may be in effect. Cmdr JFarrington: ::nods, stops talking and uses sign language instead:::: Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you Cmdr JFarrington: Wow.. what a sim. Callista Tyrel: :: paused :: Cmdr JFarrington: Okay.. the Boss says we'll take it from here. Cmdr JFarrington: So TBS is zero. Cmdr JFarrington: Questions, comments? Callista Tyrel: Hmm...a calculated risk..trying to contact the ship.. Erich Jaenke: Ugh Cmdr JFarrington: yep. Callista Tyrel: But....we got medical stuff to treat hangovers! Cmdr JFarrington: For all we know, the ship might be compromised. Erich Jaenke: World be a good angle. Cmdr JFarrington: Very well... Cmdr JFarrington: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  15. The McRoy Conspiracy Cdr Kansas Kenickie Captain McRoy was extremely pleased with himself, he had finally caught that (B)witch that killed his mentor... the man who was like a father to him. He had been searching for that face since he had finished the academy and now... NOW! He has her in his brig. There had been so many close calls and images that he knew were her but his case had been bumped down to low priority or worse—no confirmation on ID's of both people. Now that she was on his posting it was his call on what was to be done. McRoy sat down in a huff and turned his monitor on and accepted the incoming call. An older woman with a small weasley face came on the screen. "McRoy... this again? you have been after this mystery women for what ...Over 15 years, you were still a cadet. My advice is to leave it alone. Mashell Whitehead was into projects most people didn't want to know about. I can only guess that those unconfirmed projects are what got him killed. It was a part of his life he didn't tell anyone about, and for good reason as you don't you? it got him killed and many enemies along the way. Most of the lunar council disagreed with his project ideas, even the Federation President himself had a word with him on his weapons projects and then his science under the table deals he was proven to have a hand in it. for your own career. LET. IT. GO" The screen went black and the fleet logo came on the screen... This wasn't over.. he was going to make her pay.
  16. = /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52006.8 "New Las Vegas" = /\ = TBS is Zero. It is still a Dark and Stormy Night Repairs on the USS Manticore continue. Captain McFly is improving. Cdr Kenickie killed under orders of SpecOps. Cdr Jaenke retrieved her black crystal and plugged it in as requested. At sim begin the black crystal should have served its purpose. Those aboard ship (if there are any) take an @ Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: ::in the rain, figuring out what to do::: Callista Tyrel: :: peeks her head out from her blanket :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::turns to Erich::: Commander, I suggest that we round up the crew and talk this out. Cmdr JFarrington: And get out of this rain... ::not a happy camper:: Annika Sorenson: ::under her blankets, reading a PADD:: Erich Jaenke: :: Fidgeting with his pocket :: Yes we should. Callista Tyrel: :: decides to use the head ..tries to be covert but bumps into a lamp on her way :: ouch!.....:: giggles :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::Erich::: You know this place better than I, since I've never been here. Take the lead. Callista Tyrel: Pardon me. :: sneaks into restroom :: Erich Jaenke: :: Nods :: Just a few levels above. They should be in the same room. Annika Sorenson: ::giggle:: Where you... ahh.. Callista Tyrel: :: notes chrono...geesh it is late...or early how one puts it :: Erich Jaenke: :: Enters the lift and heads to their level :: Callista Tyrel: :: finishes and exits the restroom and basically dives onto her bed :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::her uniform is sopping wet and she is almost to shiver stage:: Callista Tyrel: :: does not hear Gila..perhaps she is asleep :: Annika Sorenson: Hope you washed your hands. Erich Jaenke: :: Glances at his padd :: I think this is the room. Cmdr JFarrington: ::mutter:: You'd think that Starfleet would make uniforms that shed water. ::nod::: Good. Callista Tyrel: I swear I did..but did I ...refresh the fresher? Callista Tyrel: :: goes under the cover...the drinks really making her want to sleep :: Erich Jaenke: You trade one property for another. Shed water, not thermally viable. Annika Sorenson: ::yawns, and looks at the time as well:: Callista Tyrel: :: turns off the lamp...on the third try adjacent to her bed :: Cmdr JFarrington: I see.... Gila Orrak: :: In her gown :: Erich Jaenke: :: Hits the chime on the door and shrugs :: Callista Tyrel: :: in BSG style tank and shorts :: Callista Tyrel: Annika....was...that the door? Erich Jaenke: This should be the room.. This place is so large. Cmdr JFarrington: ::nods, beginning to shiver::: Cmdr JFarrington: Want me to take a shot? ::not literally::: Annika Sorenson: Who's there? Callista Tyrel: Annika? :: hears the chime and stumbles to the door :: Who is it? Erich Jaenke: :: Muffled :: The entertainment. Cmdr JFarrington: Your commanding officer! Annika Sorenson: Oh, come in. ::opens the door:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::steps in::: Got a blanket? Or an extra uniform? Callista Tyrel: :: taps view screen and verifies :: Enter...but...give me a ...:: dives to hide in her bed :: Callista Tyrel: :: squints :: Chief? ...Commander? Gila Orrak: Take it off, take it...oh, it's you.. Annika Sorenson: ::stumbles back to her bed:: Erich Jaenke: We are wet. Wait, what time is it now ? Callista Tyrel: :: covers up :: sorry err..commander...:: looks to Erich :: Sir....uh towels in the head sirs. Cmdr JFarrington: Time to get a move on and find out how to get our XO out of . Annika Sorenson: We can replicate some yes.. it's err, 0130? Erich Jaenke: If we can get dry and sit we can talk about this a bit before we rest here. Callista Tyrel: :: looks at chrono and looks..well...a bit drunk :: Something change? Erich Jaenke: :: Feels embarrassed for being here with them even though they all serve on the same ship :: Callista Tyrel: :: gestures from her bed to the head :: Your welcome. Sorry the room is messed up. As well as my head I think. Annika Sorenson: Anything we can do to help, sure? Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::taking care of Captain McFly::: Callista Tyrel: Commander we asked for....supplemental....towels...you are....welcome to them. Gila Orrak: :: sits up in her bed and listens from afar :: You look like someone with no solution Commander Jaenke. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::he's sound asleep, though his vitals are stable::: Erich Jaenke: :: Quickly drys his hair, letting it go everywhere :: Erich Jaenke: You would be right Doctor Orrak. Cmdr JFarrington: :::using the replicator to replicate something that's warm, cozy, and dry::: Callista Tyrel: Sorry Commander..this is a bit awkward. Should we like...detox on the ship? Erich Jaenke: Bah, let me dry off and get a robe or something... Callista Tyrel: :: not sure what to do...something must of happened :: Erich Jaenke: No. :: waving off before entering the head. A commotion could be heard as Erich searched the shelves and other areas of the head :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::and out comes a SF uniform, minus the pins and stripes she should have, but it's dry and warm, so she's not going to crab about it::: Callista Tyrel: Is Kansas okay? Erich Jaenke: :: Comes out in what is clearly a woman's robe :: This is all they had... :: goes to the table to sit, getting a coffee before settling down.:: Erich Jaenke: :: sips :: She's fine as one could be in a cell on this planet. It's clean. Rather mechanical than high tech. Annika Sorenson: Any developments happen? Cmdr JFarrington: ::enters the head, replicated uniform and boots, after hanging her formal uniform to dry::: Callista Tyrel: :: looks at Erich and giggles and puts her hand on her mouth to stop a bit late :: Annika Sorenson: ::Smiles:: Gila Orrak: :: Gives him a look :: Erich Jaenke: How can I put this simply... Callista Tyrel: Sorry ...sirs..... Cmdr JFarrington: :::stops cold, regarding Erich, and bites her lips to keep from laughing::: Erich Jaenke: :: waves her off :: It's fine, if you only knew what I could sense in people you'd get a whole new perspective. Erich Jaenke: :: Thinks....pink :: Erich Jaenke: Kansas, our executive officer... is... :: sips :: Annika Sorenson: ::perks up:: Gila Orrak: A bi.. Cmdr JFarrington: :::sits on the edge of Callista's bed, listening::: Erich Jaenke: Guilty... Annika Sorenson: Guilty? Erich Jaenke: Yes... the evidence is pretty solid. Annika Sorenson: ::Why is she not surprised?:: This planet doesn't have capital punishment does it? Gila Orrak: Forensic evidence? Callista Tyrel: :: puts her hair into a ponytail :: How did these local....:: slurred a bit :: Goons...nail Kansas? Cmdr JFarrington: :::decides to sit tight and listen::: Erich Jaenke: Not that I know of Sorenson and I have the forensic evidence for you Doctor. Callista Tyrel: :: listens :: Erich Jaenke: She ordered, well asked, that I retrieve a crystal from her personal quarters and place it in the first terminal on this planet that will accept it. Erich Jaenke: I did so and... almost nothing happened. Then....the terminal did not like it. Alarms sounded and I got the crystal and ran out of there. Erich Jaenke: Maybe she was calling in favors. Callista Tyrel: Did that black thing...send a signal somewhere? Annika Sorenson: Maybe? Erich Jaenke: Maybe it was to ping off of various systems to not track a message, but I did not stick around to find out Callista Tyrel: Commander Jami...question? Cmdr JFarrington: Go ahead.. Annika Sorenson: ::listens, looks at Callista:: Callista Tyrel: Ma’am I have had...waaayy too much to drink....but I think...Black Ops is not going to just let its dirty towels be aired to dry in public! Callista Tyrel: You know this stuff better than I....we might be Ordered to get her out! Gila Orrak: Unless they needed someone to take the fall. It's what the Obsidian Order would do, if I knew anything about that. Callista Tyrel: :: winces to her head :: Sorry.. Cmdr JFarrington: ::thinking about that one before answering::: There are many things I know, most of which I can't say. Cmdr JFarrington: If she was in Black Ops we wouldn't know that she was. Cmdr JFarrington: Clandestine Ops is one thing. Covert Ops is another. Black Ops.... You wouldn't know. Callista Tyrel: Kansas left to rot in a jail....spilling secrets ..does not seem likely to this one :: points to her self for some odd reason :: Callista Tyrel: Okay I will be quiet now. Annika Sorenson: ::Smiles at Callista:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::looks to Erich::: Commander Jaenke has that in hand. The wheels are rolling, and that's all I can say. Callista Tyrel: :: looks at Erich :: Annika Sorenson: That's nice... anything we can do? Cmdr JFarrington: ::waiting for Erich to answer that one::: Erich Jaenke: I would say act on a moment's notice. Erich Jaenke: This is like our mission with Mork, there are larger players at work here. Callista Tyrel: Well no more drinks for me ...which is probably a very good thing. Cmdr JFarrington: ::glance to Callista, then back to Erich::: Erich Jaenke: :: smiles at Tyrel :: Annika Sorenson: ::nods:: Callista Tyrel: Question is.......do we go back to the Ship....Or....do we :: gestures lazily around :: play a part of vacationing girls.....to make them think...that is why we are all here. :: smiles :: Gila Orrak: You should rest here Commander, unless you have ship duties or don't work well with others, medically speaking. Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Jami :: Cmdr JFarrington: Lieutenant Leander is in command on Manticore at the moment. Erich Jaenke: :: yawns :: We should play as if we are doing what was expected of us, R and R. Annika Sorenson: That's fine with me. Cmdr JFarrington: ::nods to Erich:: Agreed. Erich Jaenke: Commander, we should let them know to be on extra alert. KK would not let me in on what would happen, or who. Callista Tyrel: Alright....well ...if I can get sober! My date with Ricky is a go! :: sounds overly cheerful :: Erich Jaenke: :: Lays his head down :: I know I have read too much to concentrate much longer. Cmdr JFarrington: Indeed. And :::looks around the room::: NOTHING we have said or discussed is to leave this room. Understood? Callista Tyrel: Yes Sir. Erich Jaenke: :: Does a stare towards Orrak :: Gila Orrak: :: simply smiles :: Annika Sorenson: Yes, understood Cmdr JFarrington: ::stare at Annika::: Annika Sorenson: ::smiles:: Annika Sorenson: Stay safe and dry Callista Tyrel: Commander, :: to Jami :: Don’t touch the brandy...it is stronger...than I thought. Erich Jaenke: I am sure you understand this Doctor Orrak? Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you, Lieutenant. Gila Orrak: Sure Commander. Not even to the double oh will I speak. Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Erich :: uhm are you going to get a room sir? Gila Orrak: :: falls asleep :: Gila Orrak: :: head buried in his folded arms on the table :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::stands, grabbing her now dry uniform::: I’ll get a room. Annika Sorenson: Hope Erich does too. Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you Cmdr JFarrington: Erich, anything for the crew? Erich Jaenke: No, nice sim Cmdr JFarrington: At least we got some to sober up :-D Cmdr JFarrington: Questions or comments from the crew? Callista Tyrel: lol...TBS ? Cmdr JFarrington: Ah... TBS will be... morning? Cmdr JFarrington: Sound good? Cmdr JFarrington: 0800. Annika Sorenson: ok Callista Tyrel: sounds great.. Erich Jaenke: Right, at the breakfast all hotels have Cmdr JFarrington: Sounds like a plan. Erich Jaenke: They Might Be Eggs Cmdr JFarrington: Very well... Callista Tyrel: After the 24th century hangover pills ... Cmdr JFarrington: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  17. = /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52006.1 "New Las Vegas" = /\ = TBS is 1 hour | It is still a Dark and Stormy Night Repairs on the USS Manticore continue. Captain McFly is improving. Cdr Kenickie killed under orders of SpecOps. Cdr Jaenke retrieved her black crystal and plugged it in as requested. At sim begin the black crystal should have served its purpose. Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Callista Tyrel: :: is with Annika and Gila :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::Manticore's bridge, pacing:: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::tending to the captain::: Erich Jaenke: :: Making his way back to the hotel, but they all look the same :: Callista Tyrel: :: notes the thunderstorm still continuing :: Annika Sorenson: ::lying on her bed, relaxing with another drink:: Callista Tyrel: :: sipping a beverage and flicks on the viewer :: Callista Tyrel: :: notes the New Las Vegas Late night news is on...:: Erich Jaenke: :: The evening was late and the night was dark, even considering the well-lit nature of this planet :: Callista Tyrel: ( would the local news have a certain CO’s arrest on it? ) Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::stops pacing, watches the screen for a moment, then::: Lieutenant Klaxon, you have the con. I'm going planetside. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Klaxon> Aye, Commander. I have the con. Annika Sorenson: ::watches the viewer:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::gears up, setting her phaser on stun:::: Erich Jaenke: :: Looks around, in a mild panic as the crystal may have alerted someone to his location :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::and a few knives to make sure::: Callista Tyrel: Stormy Smith> Strong ionic storms rolling over the valley right now, I would not recommend leaving the city..the grid is taking a lot of hits at you can see here...:: gestures :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ +Erich+ Commander, coming to your location. ::nods to the transporter officer::: Erich Jaenke: +Farr+ What? Why? Annika Sorenson: Hmm, yeah... it looks bad. How long this storm gonna last? ::sprawls on her bed upside-down with her feet on the pillow:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::takes a good look around before tracking him down::: Callista Tyrel: Stormy Smith Human Weather guy>. I am forecasting clearing skies in the morning..with a high ..of 40 C tomorrow afternoon. Callista Tyrel: :: stretches :: Where do they get these guys...and their names... Annika Sorenson: Ugh Cmdr JFarrington: :::spotting him not far away::: Annika Sorenson: Straight outta central casting Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Annika :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::on approach, she nods::: Commander. Callista Tyrel: Bajoran Female> In other news, a prominent Starfleet officer has been arrested... Annika Sorenson: ::perks up and looks at the screen:: Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::watching the captain as he sleeps, somewhat peacefully:: Gila Orrak: :: Takes another drink :: Annika Sorenson: ::Sips her drink:: Callista Tyrel: Bajoran Female>. Fleet Admiral Boris Ukov was arrested by metro police in front of the Atom Resort for public intoxication... Cmdr JFarrington: :::Erich seems anxious:: Callista Tyrel: Bajoran Female> Metro Police were called to the scene in the middle of a Down Pour...with the Starfleet Admiral reportedly shouting… “The End is near”. Erich Jaenke: Yes. :: holding a crystal in his hand :: This thing is dangerous. Annika Sorenson: Fleet Admiral? Callista Tyrel: Bajoran Female> A Starfleet official refused to comment on the situation....we will be right back after this. Gila Orrak: :: Hates the waiting, even though she should be accustomed :: Cmdr JFarrington: I understand that. I suggest that you hide it somewhere in your uniform. Callista Tyrel: I thought I would hear about the Commander...Maybe Our Division has censored the story from the broadcasts. Annika Sorenson: Hmm, maybe. ::takes another drink:: Callista Tyrel: These broadcasts leave the planet..odd they would embarrass an Admiral...but a commander on murder charges? Is someone upstairs on the scene controlling things now? Erich Jaenke: If I could only hide it further. :: places it in his shirt :: Cmdr JFarrington: What were you supposed to do with it? Callista Tyrel: :: sips brandy :: It would not surprise me..if this thing is all censored. And those that did write anything were ordered to retract. Annika Sorenson: I dunno.. ::kicks her legs behind her against the headrest:: I wouldn't put it past 'em either. ::sips a glass of wine:: Erich Jaenke: I placed it in the first terminal I could find Erich Jaenke: It appeared to do nothing... integrated itself into the terminal, then went out Callista Tyrel: :: notes Gila :: You okay ? Cmdr JFarrington: :::stare at him, thinking:: Gila Orrak: Oh I am fine my young friend. This is not the reprieve I was expecting. Cmdr JFarrington: I think it might be a good idea to hide in the shadows rather than in bright light. Annika Sorenson: That's good to hear. Yeah, I wasn't expecting this either. Cmdr JFarrington: Do you know what it's supposed to do? Callista Tyrel: Yeah..this has been an interesting leave. For sure :: takes another sip :: Annika Sorenson: Still looking forward to our massage sessions tomorrow. Erich Jaenke: I was not told what it does, only to do what I did. Callista Tyrel: Ricky! Yes! :: giggles :: Annika Sorenson: ::chuckles:: Cmdr JFarrington: I suppose that we wait and see, then. Callista Tyrel: I think I am going to have a hangover tomorrow I fear. Annika Sorenson: There's medication for that in the first aid box. This hotel really does think of everything Callista Tyrel: Oh that is good..because I have had..waaayy to much to drink tonight. :: returns to her brandy :: Annika Sorenson: Yeah. so did I at the bar. ::sips her wine:: Erich Jaenke: Probably contacting someone if I had to guess, but I don't know who. Callista Tyrel: Yeah...glad we made it up here. Thanks Gila for that help. Cmdr JFarrington: So we wait and see. For now, let's get inside. It's getting colder. Erich Jaenke: Yes, the nights are cold here. Annika Sorenson: ::smiles:: Callista Tyrel: ::: fluffs her pillow and lies down again..drink on the small dresser :: Cmdr JFarrington: And the rain will start again soon. Gila Orrak: So, are we going to head to our quarters or sit in this bar? Cmdr JFarrington: ::checks the sky::: Cmdr JFarrington: Show me the way, Commander. Cmdr JFarrington: Actually, I should call you Erich. It's less noticeable. Callista Tyrel: ( oops we are in the room Gila ) Erich Jaenke: :: Nods :: I believe it is this way.. Gila Orrak: Wait, where are we? Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::the captain stirs and moans a little::: Annika Sorenson: ::watches out of the window:: Cmdr JFarrington: ::follows along::: Callista Tyrel: ( brought drinks up ) Annika Sorenson: In our room? Gila Orrak: Really... oh. :: puts her head in a pillow :: Callista Tyrel: I hope.... hope... uh...where am I... :: wonders how much she did have to drink :: Callista Tyrel: :: bursts out laughing :: Gila Orrak: I have not drank anything for a long time... and it shows Gila Orrak: Where is he? That Beta man... was he supposed to dance for us? Cmdr JFarrington: :::hoping the rain doesn't start again until they're inside::: Erich Jaenke: :: Looks up at the buildings :: These all look alike, but I think it's the next one. Annika Sorenson: ::giggles:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::they all look the same to her::: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::the captain seems to be having a nightmare::: Callista Tyrel: Wait..there was a Beta man supposed to dance for us! Frak...I blew it again! Erich Jaenke: :: Enters the hotel :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::enters behind him::: Annika Sorenson: Aww. I hope he'll be back tomorrow... what is a Beta man? Cmdr JFarrington: ::slips her weapons under her jacket::: Callista Tyrel: Gila..who was Beta man? I cannot remember !! :: chuckles :: Gila Orrak: Erich.. his name is Erich. Cmdr JFarrington: ::looking around::: Nice place. Erich Jaenke: :: Goes through the doors :: Callista Tyrel: :: blinks :: Wait...the Chief? Dance? Annika Sorenson: He can dance? Gila Orrak: He's a chief? Callista Tyrel: :: reaches for drink ...spills it..picks up the glass and plunks it on the dresser :: I had no clue!!! Gila Orrak: But he's with that Keb woman...drives the ship. Gila Orrak: Or does she push it? Annika Sorenson: ::nods:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::following Erich::: Erich Jaenke: :: Enters a lift :: Annika Sorenson: only if it gets stuck in the snow. Cmdr JFarrington: ::steps in behind him:: Erich Jaenke: Heading to the three women's quarters. Callista Tyrel: NO she does not PUsh the ship...The chief makes me push the ship! Cmdr JFarrington: :: a little more relaxed::: Callista Tyrel: :: clearly intoxicated :: Cmdr JFarrington: (I noticed) Annika Sorenson: ::stumbles over to Callista:: Somebody's gotta. Callista Tyrel: And you...Annika...:: use those sensors and push things out of our way! :: Erich Jaenke: :: Chimes the door to their quarters :::: Beep beep boop :: Callista Tyrel: :: notes the door :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::watching up and down the corridor::: Callista Tyrel: Uh...Enter!!! :: hides under blanket :: Annika Sorenson: Who is it? Annika Sorenson: ::under her blanket as well:: Erich Jaenke: :: Enters their quarters :: It's Erich and Farrington. Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you Cmdr JFarrington: Good job, all. Cmdr JFarrington: Erich, anything for the crew? Erich Jaenke: Nope, though synthohol the next time Cmdr JFarrington: Good idea. Cmdr JFarrington: Questions or comments from the crew? Callista Tyrel: That is a funny sight CO and Chief walked into . Cmdr JFarrington: For sure Annika Sorenson: heh yea Cmdr JFarrington: TBS will be zero for now. Cmdr JFarrington: Anyway, great job. Cmdr JFarrington: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  18. = /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52005.25 "New Las Vegas" = /\ = TBS is 1 hour. It is a Dark and Stormy Night Repairs on the USS Manticore continue. Captain McFly is slowly but constantly improving. Cdr Kenickie has been arrested on 5 counts of murder. Commander Farrington is now OIC on Manticore. Thinking Manticore is a tugboat, other ships in orbit try to bump her off. Note: Pakleds don't know how to do that 'cause they're... Pakleds. Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Erich Jaenke: :: In their suite :: Annika Sorenson: ::in their hotel room, lying on Callista's bed looking at a PADD:: Kansas Kenickie: ::in her cell with shackles On::: perfect Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::bridge, watching out for Packleds::: Erich Jaenke: :: Reading and more reading :: Callista Tyrel: :: notes the Storm outside from the window :: Gila Orrak: :: Looking into a mirror :: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::checking the captain's vital signs, and he is progressing::: Annika Sorenson: I always liked the sound of rain against a window. It's so relaxing... Annika Sorenson: I'm also glad we made it inside before it started to pour. It really did come out of nowhere, didn't it? Kansas Kenickie: :::Pulls the pull off her boot, then a pip:: matures Callista Tyrel: Just like a monsoon storm in Arizona.. Gila Orrak: Their weather modification forecast said it would last into the night. Kansas Kenickie: ::slips the tab through the pip hole and squeezes it together:: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::checking with the corpsman because she has been watching the captain closely::: Annika Sorenson: ::nods:: You wanna book an appointment for a masseuse. tomorrow? They have a list of the staff on hand you can book with. Callista Tyrel: :: sits down on a chair, one of two in that typical hotel room coffee table setup :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::looks up:: Lieutenant Leander, watch the ship at your starboard. Callista Tyrel: That sounds great Annika. Kansas Kenickie: ::She slowly slides the tab to the keyhole and spins the pip around until it interrupts the magnetic field- and the first cuff comes off:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> Aye, ma'am. It's been moving in slowly, but getting pretty dam... er.. .darn close. Gila Orrak: So, what do Starfleet girls do for fun? Drinking it seems... Annika Sorenson: ::giggles:: Drinking is one thing, yes... so is going for massages, and shopping if it's available. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::to the Corpsman:: Megan, talk to him as much as you can. Pretend that he's awake. Annika Sorenson: Oh, and maybe a nice mani-pedi afterwards. Erich Jaenke: :: Gets up and goes to the counter of the police station :: Am I able to see my client? Callista Tyrel: Well it is a learning experience Gila. This is my first long leave since I Joined the ship Amanda Davis PhD: @ Megan> ::smiles:: I understand that often stimulates the brain. Annika Sorenson: Same for me too. Gila Orrak: :: Shakes her head, still looking at herself :: Amanda Davis PhD: @ Yes, it does. And it might even wake him up. Annika Sorenson: My first long shore leave since graduating the Academy. Kansas Kenickie: ::Gets to work on the next one:: Gila Orrak: I'm not even Starfleet. Callista Tyrel: :: puts her feet up on the coffee table :: Callista Tyrel: Still, I cannot get Kansas out of my mind.. Annika Sorenson: ::Sits next to Cal and does likewise, still looking at her PADD:: It's a very nice looking spa. ::sighs:: I know. I wish there was more we could do. Erich Jaenke: :: Goes to see his client :: Callista Tyrel: Gila what would you like to do? Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::fairly calmly:: Leander, ten degrees to port, four degrees up angle.... NOW! Erich Jaenke: :: Arrives at the Commander's cell :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> Aye, ma'am. Ten degrees to port... four up... Kansas Kenickie: Adm Roy> :::Very excited to have caught his killer:: Annika Sorenson: ::watches the storm from out of the large window, overlooking the mountains:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::sigh of relief::: I think most of those ships are drunk most of the time. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> Agreed, ma'am. I'll keep an eye out. Kansas Kenickie: Hello Erich ::looking pleased with herself as she drops the cuffs on the floor of her cell:: Erich Jaenke: It looks like I'm the closest thing to a legal representative you have on the ship. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Press the green, blue, and red button simultaneously. The ship will move by itself. Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::stands and points them out::: All together, Lieutenant. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> :::takes a deep breath and presses::: Callista Tyrel: :: rubs her forehead:: question is it wrong to have fun when your commander is in jail for murder? Kansas Kenickie: ACTION> All the papers are splashed with KK pic, with terrible stories about people she is accused of killing~~ Kansas Kenickie: have you done this before? Erich Jaenke: You have made the media outlets here. Kansas Kenickie: ::sour face:: just lovely Erich Jaenke: Represented someone in a criminal case accused of multiple murders? Oh sure, you know those wacky engineers. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::Making her rounds:::: Kansas Kenickie: ::walks up to the FF:: since we are alone here... you are going to have a slight problem at court Annika Sorenson: We are on vacation, and as much as I would like to help, I don't really know what to do to assist. She already has Erich helping and the Manticore is now aware of the situation. Erich Jaenke: I have no real experience, and for the first time you have to rely on me. Erich Jaenke: Oh do tell Kansas...' Annika Sorenson: But of course, if there is anything we can do... that'd be great Kansas Kenickie: I did it Callista Tyrel: This has been giving me a headache.. not the Kanar :: Kansas Kenickie: all of them, and a lot more that are not filed Erich Jaenke: It, meaning all of them? Callista Tyrel: :: sighs :: Gila Orrak: He has a fascinating mind, the chief. Annika Sorenson: I know... Kansas Kenickie: I killed those people, but I was on an Op to do it. Annika Sorenson: ::slinks lower in the couch:: Callista Tyrel: How so Gila? Kansas Kenickie: I was sent to..... ::tries to think of a nice term:: get rid of those people Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::having sat for so long, she gets up to stretch and get some coffee::: Erich Jaenke: Let me guess, an op just a hair below Section 31? Tell me you work for them, it would answer so many questions.' Callista Tyrel: Annika sorry :: puts her hand on her shoulder briefly:: I don’t mean to be a downer.. Kansas Kenickie: this is above 31 Gila Orrak: His mental abilities are off the scale, at least in my experience. Erich Jaenke: So I need to call in a favor? Cause I'm all outta favors. Kansas Kenickie: the downgrade to 31 was a kick in the teeth ::Sighs:: but I volunteered for A9 duty. Annika Sorenson: ::Pats Cal's hand:: It's okay, it's only natural to feel this way. Being so helpless.. Callista Tyrel: I thought Betazeds were empaths only.. Annika Sorenson: They're telepathic as well. Annika Sorenson: I was friends with a couple of Betazeds in the Academy. Gila Orrak: Oh he is. At the bar, while I was daydreaming he made me take a sip of his drink. I winced and it broke his connection. He laughed. Kansas Kenickie: You are going to have to do it... I can’t get in touch with my people from in here. Gila Orrak: I think that Aquatic did something to him Annika Sorenson: It's possible. ::drinks a glass of water:: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::stops, then steps back to another corpsman:: James, check his vitals, and make sure that they're not dropping. Erich Jaenke: Who am I gonna call? Kenickiebusters? Callista Tyrel: I got the impression that I was becoming bad for his health at times. Amanda Davis PhD: @ James> Yes, ma'am. Kansas Kenickie: lie? Annika Sorenson: ::Smiles:: I don't think so. Gila Orrak: Only if he lets it go too long, but on the chance he can't get any medication he will have to learn to control it, Erich Jaenke: Lie to the court? Kansas Kenickie: how many counts are they charging me with? Annika Sorenson: Huh. Erich Jaenke: Seven. Callista Tyrel: Every time I expressed concerns for his health, he suggested my anxiety was out of control. Kansas Kenickie: ::Small smiles:: wow, they suck at investigating. Annika Sorenson: Interesting. Gila Orrak: He can read a lot. I had to hide my darkest secrets...I mean if I had any I'd have to hide them pretty deep. Callista Tyrel: But, maybe the aquatic made him say that. Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::walks around the bridge casually, remembering all the times she was here, where she was posted, where she sat, where Atragon sat::: Erich Jaenke: I know that look... I'm also not medicated. Kansas Kenickie: ADm Roy> ::walks around all proud of himself:: Gila Orrak: I have to admit I have lessened his medication dose to see the effect.. plot it on a chart kind of thing. Annika Sorenson: I didn't know she was capable of doing that. I could only check on her physically. Kansas Kenickie: oh::steps back:: you don’t want to see what is going on in here. Callista Tyrel: She probably did not mean it. Erich Jaenke: Kansas, do you think this is a run of the mill set of charges, or is someone high up wanted to have you take the fall? Callista Tyrel: He’d be a great spy Gila? Gila Orrak: Well, not a Cardassian spy, unless he was infiltrating the Federation. Kansas Kenickie: my orders come from the top, if they wanted me gone they would just kill me. Gila Orrak: I could ask some of my people if they need someone like him. Gila Orrak: Probably only pay him in Kanar though.. Kansas Kenickie: well, atomize me. Erich Jaenke: That sounds messy, and this sounds more legit, from their perspective. Annika Sorenson: ::relaxes, crosses one foot over the other:: Hmm.. Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::stops to check the command chair's console::: Callista Tyrel: I wonder who tipped the locals off to the commander:: Kansas Kenickie: they are going to have this trial and I am not going to be able to answer anything ... they have no clearance. Erich Jaenke: If you have someone I can contact I should be able to get a message to them while disguising the source. Callista Tyrel: :: notes a loud boom of thunder :: Kansas Kenickie: this won't end well. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::finishing her rounds::: Annika Sorenson: ::Looks up and sees a flash of lightning:: I'm glad we decided to call it a night at the bar. Callista Tyrel: :: stands and walks over to the window to observe the storm :: Kansas Kenickie: I need you to go in my quarters and under the right side of the bed is a box... take ONLY the black data crystal and plug it into something on the planet's systems. Amanda Davis PhD: @ James> ::approaching Amanda:: Vitals are stable, Doctor. Callista Tyrel: Wonder what that Fire Man is doing ... Annika Sorenson: ::walks up to the window to look at the storm as well:: Still not used to seeing storms like these. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::relaxing::: Thank you James. Take a break. Kansas Kenickie: once it uploads it will shatter, so don’t stand to close. Amanda Davis PhD: @ James> ::nods::: Annika Sorenson: ::smirks:: Maybe taking a long hot shower after the end of his shift? Erich Jaenke: Ah, getting into your quarters is easy as I've done it before and I'll have to get a terminal I can get away from . Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::just standing there.. looking out the forward viewscreen::: Kansas Kenickie: I hope they come... they gave me their word. Callista Tyrel: Maybe he had to work in the storm... Annika Sorenson: Maybe... could be rescuing a damsel in distress right now for all we know. Kansas Kenickie: ::Shooos Erich:: go now..... hurry Callista Tyrel: Lucky her.. Annika Sorenson: ::Nods:: I wouldn't mind being in her shoes. Callista Tyrel: Hehe.. Erich Jaenke: :: Leaves the cell and heads to the lobby :: I have to get some materials from my ship. Gila Orrak: :: Still thinking of Erich :: Annika Sorenson: ::Smiles, watches the rain falls off the windows:: Callista Tyrel: Well until we are recalled might as well have another activity day..Gila did you need to pick up something at the store? Gila Orrak: Nothing much for a woman of my taste here. Annika Sorenson: I'm sure there must be something you'd like. Erich Jaenke: +Manticore+ This is Jaenke. One to beam up. Annika Sorenson: We can go after our massage session. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Jiggs> +Jaenke+ Beaming now. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Appears on the transporter padd :: Erich Jaenke: @ What a difference in temperature. Callista Tyrel: C’mon Gila.. your mister right may indeed be down here. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Jiggs> Yes, sir. A little chilly down there I hear. Callista Tyrel: Can we book a reservation at this hour? Takes a seat next to Annika to view the PADD. Annika Sorenson: Yeah, we can. You can book upto 2 hours in advance. Gila Orrak: Alright. Cmdr JFarrington: ACTION> It's New Las Vegas. Nothing stops in Vegas. Erich Jaenke: :: Walks to Kansas's quarters :: Callista Tyrel: :: looks :: any time is fine for me. Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::settles back into the well-worn command chair::: Erich Jaenke: @ Computer, open the doors to the quarters of Commander Kenickie. Annika Sorenson: Any preference on the masseuse. You can choose from the list of staff. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Computer> Compliance. Callista Tyrel: Pictures? Cmdr JFarrington: @ Computer> Voice authentication confirmed. Annika Sorenson: Yeah, they have pics. Just click on "STAFF". Cmdr JFarrington: @ Computer> ::the door opens:: Erich Jaenke: @ :: Goes right to her bed to get the dark crystal :: Gila Orrak: I will take someone that is rough. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::sits down for tea:: Annika Sorenson: I went with a young Nuvian girl. I prefer a softer touch. Callista Tyrel: Oh Ricky looks nice .. Annika Sorenson: I think I might have said that already, but yeah. Annika Sorenson: Ooh, yeah he does. Nice muscles. Callista Tyrel: :: selects Ricky upon reading credentials:: Callista Tyrel: Gila? Gila Orrak: Anyone is fine. Callista Tyrel: :: mentions to Annika:: same time. Gila Orrak: Riky? A human? Annika Sorenson: Nice. ::smiles:: Annika Sorenson: They have other species as well... Erich Jaenke: @ :: Finds the box, but finds some unexpected things inside :: Callista Tyrel: Yes. :: smiles :: Callista Tyrel: Cardassian? Gila Orrak: I've never really thought about it, whoever has the hands. Cmdr JFarrington: (prepare to pause) Annika Sorenson: Hmm... Callista Tyrel: Uhm Annika, let Gila have the PADD.. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Out of curiosity he checked out many things from that box, some he did not know the purpose :: Annika Sorenson: ::slides the PADD over to Gila:: Gila Orrak: Is all they do are massages? Callista Tyrel: Take a peek! :: awaits :: Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you Cmdr JFarrington: Well done, all.. Cmdr JFarrington: We'll make it another hour so Erich can finish pulling stuff out of KK's box. Cmdr JFarrington: Sound good? Cmdr JFarrington: Questions or comments from the crew? Cmdr JFarrington: seeing none... Cmdr JFarrington: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.
  19. = /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52005.18 "New Las Vegas" = /\ = TBS was 13.6 minutes... go figure. Repairs on the USS Manticore continue. Captain McFly is slowly but constantly improving. Commander Kenickie decided to take a break on planet. She ended up in the hoosgow, arrested on 5 counts of murder. Commander Farrington is now OIC on Manticore. Hopefully the tide will turn for the better. Those ABOARD SHIP will take an @ Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: @::bridge, watching the ships in orbit::: Callista Tyrel: :: still at the ..spa- bar :: :: looks to Annika and Gila :: We need to report in. Annika Sorenson: ::down in the bar, drinking a strong drink:: Amanda Davis PhD: @:::she rechecks her equipment, then scans the captain to measure his progress::: Annika Sorenson: I suppose so? Callista Tyrel: :: pulls out a comm unit from her clutch :: + Manticore + Lt Tyrel to Manticore. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::putting down her PADD:: +COM+ This is Manticore. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::turns to Lt Leander::: Watch that ship to starboard. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> He's getting really close, ma'am. Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + Lt Tyrel reporting I am with Lt Sorenson....and Gila . Commander Jaenke left with Police and Kansas. We are requesting instruction...if you want us to return to the ship...I suppose. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Watch it closely and give it a spray if needed. Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + Or if we could be of some use on the surface. Annika Sorenson: ::Not sure what we can do on ship:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::considers that a moment:: +com+ Commander Jaenke is with Commander Kenickie? Annika Sorenson: ::stands next to Callista, listening to the comm:: Erich Jaenke: :: Arrives at a police station and told to sit down :: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::she shifts to take another look at his cranial damage:::: Callista Tyrel: +Manticore + That is correct. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Leander> Ma'am, she's closing in. Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Stand by. ::cuts the come:: Arm phasers, do not engage. Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Annika :: I think they are busy up there. Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Do any of you feel threatened? If not, you can judge if you would like to return to the ship. Annika Sorenson: I guess they are busy with repairs and what not. Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + No we are fine down there. We are...just reporting in after the event down here. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::reports to SF Command via encrypted subspace, informing them of the situation::: Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Be specific on the "event". What exactly is happening down there? Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + Sorry Sir. We are at the bar where Commander Kennickie was arrested.. Everything has settled down here. Security has left...no questions for us. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::gives a sigh of satisfaction that he is recovering::: Annika Sorenson: ::looks over at Callista, drinking a whisky straight:: Gila Orrak: :: With the others, but staying silent :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Then it is your choice. You may stay or come aboard. Your choice. Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + Commander Jaenke left with Commander Kennickie and the arresting officers. :: looks to Annika :: I think we will stay here for now. Perhaps we might be useful down here if anything else develops. We will keep you apprised. Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Understood, Lt Tyrel. Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ Commander Jaenke is capable of taking care of the situation. Erich Jaenke: :: Is talking to the officers, but getting nowhere :: Callista Tyrel: + Manticore + Understood. Tyrel out. Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Annika and Gila :: okay, given we are not in any jeopardy and Commander Jaenke is with Kansas...we are free to continue our...leave. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Leander> Ma'am, they're coming closer. Callista Tyrel: :: straightens her dress and takes a seat next to Annika :: An odd leave it has been. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::sighs, hoping to be able to rectify the situation::: Annika Sorenson: Makes sense, I suppose. I hope Erich knows what he's doing. Annika Sorenson: Sure has been. Erich Jaenke: :: Thinks of how this place operates.. checks his pads for currency. Wait, he does not have any :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ Give them a spray, Lieutenant. Starboard bow. Callista Tyrel: Yeah.....I think he has a better grasp at the legal stuff than I do. Gila Need a drink? Annika Sorenson: Yeah, I'm no lawyer. Though I didn't know Cdr Jaenke had a legal background. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> Yes, ma'am. Spray across the starboard bow... because...? Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::leans toward him:: They will not be able to maneuver in our direction. Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Gila :: Have a seat if you'd like. :: flags waiter and asks for another drink.:: . Saurian Brandy please.. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> ::swallows hard:: Yes, ma'am. Gila Orrak: :: To Annika :: There is no record of legal anything in his background :: Annika Sorenson: Ah, well. He's a better option than me. Cmdr JFarrington: @ +com+ All bridge personnel on duty, report to the bridge. Annika Sorenson: ::sips her whisky:: Callista Tyrel: I doubt I am in good graces with the arresting officer for sure. Gila Orrak: His mental ability is something in his favor, unless his emotions get the best of him. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::sitting next to Matthew, taking notes, and a corpsman brings her tea:: Thank you James. Amanda Davis PhD: @ James> Any time, ma'am. How's he doing? Annika Sorenson: It's natural to react like that, I think. Wait, what did they call her again? Christine Donovan? Is that her actual name? Amanda Davis PhD: @ Progressing, though slowly. Erich Jaenke: :: All Erich could feel now is the Commander's anger...and sorrow :: Amanda Davis PhD: @ James> Well, if you need anything, just press the button. I'm on watch until 0200. Amanda Davis PhD: @ Thank you, James. Callista Tyrel: I have no clue. I mean....Manticore is not a normal ship..maybe alternative identities are...common. But no way did she Kill five people. Annika Sorenson: With this ship, I don't know... Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::turns to Leander:: SITREP? Callista Tyrel: :: notes her drink has arrived and takes a sip :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ Leander> She's moving away, ma'am. Callista Tyrel: I feel terrible for the Commander.. It is like she cannot catch a break. What happened at that Mork place.....insane. She deserved a vacation too. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::nods:: Let's keep it that way. Callista Tyrel: :: Looks to Gila :: Sure you do not want anything? Annika Sorenson: I agree, I feel bad for her too. ::sighs:: Cmdr JFarrington: @+Annika+ Has Commander Jaenke reported any progress? Callista Tyrel: :: gives Annika a shoulder bump :: Hey we will find something to cheer us up. Annika Sorenson: +Farrington+. No, we didn't hear back from him yet. Callista Tyrel: :: quiets :: Annika Sorenson: ::smiles at Callista:: Yeah, that's all we can do at this point. Cmdr JFarrington: +Annika+ As soon as he appears, contact me in a private area. Annika Sorenson: +Farrington+ Acknowledged, will do. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::orders from Starfleet Command are stand to:::: Gila Orrak: In Cardassian legal, she would already be convicted. Just a question of sentencing. Annika Sorenson: What'd you have in mind? ::Callista:: Callista Tyrel: I'd like to hit that spa....just relax.. Annika Sorenson: ::nods to Gila:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::replies affirmative to SFC::: Annika Sorenson: Yes, I could do with a good massage about now. Callista Tyrel: Gila..does that sound good? Or do you have something else perhaps in mind? Annika Sorenson: ::slightly tipsy, but still sober enough to walk on her own two feet:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::forwards a list of ships in the area to SFC::: Gila Orrak: Might as well I don't believe we are in a position to help at the moment. Callista Tyrel: :: Giggles briefly noting Annika :: No I don't think we are...I think we probably ...are going to call it a night. Annika Sorenson: Yeah, though I 'll probably go for that massage. Callista Tyrel: :: finishes her Saurian Brandy taking care to keep an eye on Annika :: Tomorrow . You cool with that Gila? Erich Jaenke: :: He went to reference this planet's legal system :: Annika Sorenson: ::at least they were in the same room:: Sounds fun. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::Pushes off from the command chair to take a look at several things::: Callista Tyrel: :: stands and gathers a small reverse image PADD from her clutch taking a brief look then returning quickly and does a mini Picard Maneuver :: Gila Orrak: Perhaps I'll do a holographic massage. Annika Sorenson: I'll get a real one. Maybe from one of the Nuvian girls.. and yes, I recognize the irony of that. Callista Tyrel: Oh boy...I did not think of that. Gila..what if a Cardassian were to give you your massage? Annika Sorenson: Ask the computer to generate another masseuse? Callista Tyrel: :: a bit slow herself :: Wait..this place only has holographic Masseuses? Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::keys in on the ship that was sprayed, listens, then shakes her head::: Annika Sorenson: That wasn't in the holo-catalogue. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Leander> Something wrong, ma'am? Annika Sorenson: ::checks: the catalogue:: No, they offer both. Gila Orrak: I bet they have both. What, you wish a buff male? Or a female.... Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::turns to Leander, trying not to laugh:: It's a Pakled ship. Callista Tyrel: I wish ...I had Hot Fire man return and give me a massage.... Annika Sorenson: I'd like a Nuvian female. I prefer a softer touch. Cmdr JFarrington: @ My guess is that they don't have a clue about getting that mess off their bridge. Annika Sorenson: ::giggles:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Leander> ::stifles a grin::: Gila Orrak: Fire man? Callista Tyrel: Okay...I did not have much Kanar...but probably ought to call it a night. :: turns to Gila :: The Fireman that returned my ....PADD...what was left of it. Annika Sorenson: The guy who rescued Callista's charred PADD. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Leander> ::checking their status::: Those the guys who said, "Our ship is broken. Can you make it go”? Callista Tyrel: He was....well very hot... Annika Sorenson: He was, I won't argue that. Callista Tyrel: And a great smile... Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::broad grin, crossing her arms, relaxing::: The very same. Callista Tyrel: Still I wish I found the jerk who took my PADD to begin with...I would of administered some Engineering on him Callista Tyrel: Erhm...sorry Gila..that was my assassin alter ego again peaking out. Gila Orrak: Hmm, perhaps turning in is the best course of action. Poor Erich is probably all emotionally torn. Annika Sorenson: I'd imagine he'd be easy for the police to find, what with the burning tram of his. Annika Sorenson: I suppose so. It is kinda late too (I guess). Gila Orrak: He both respects her as his Commander, but rather dislikes her on a personal level. Annika Sorenson: Mmm. Callista Tyrel: :: notes Gila is right :: He does..did not know that....Okay...right time to call it a night. Annika Sorenson: Goodnight. Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::looks up as the rest of the bridge personnel appear and take their stations::: Callista Tyrel: :: looks to Annika :: Nah...I am not leaving you alone Cmdr JFarrington: 10:55 PM Annika Sorenson: ::giggles:: It's a good thing we're in the same room then. Callista Tyrel: Yes......shall we? Annika Sorenson: ::wobbles a bit:: Mmm. Gila Orrak: Aren't we all in the same room...to save the Federation credits? Annika Sorenson: Yeah, that's what we booked. Annika Sorenson: Nice view though. Callista Tyrel: :: grabs Annika's elbow :: Yes Gila..That is it..and Annika is sweet enough to spot me... Callista Tyrel: :: begins to slowly exit the bar which is thankfully not far from their room :: Annika Sorenson: No problem. Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Mazelle> :::as he settles into his station::: Fleet orders, Commander? Cmdr JFarrington: @ Stand to, Lieutenant. Do not fire unless fired upon. Callista Tyrel: Gila..can you cover us...err lead the way? Cmdr JFarrington: @ Lt Mazelle> Aye, ma'am. Standing to. Gila Orrak: Let's go before I change my mind. Annika Sorenson: ::holds onto Callista and follows along:: Callista Tyrel: Thanks..:: follows Gila with Annika next to her :: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::takes a break, allowing corpsman James to watch for a while::: Callista Tyrel: One thing I noticed....all those cops, scared the guys away.. :: follows Gila :: Gila Orrak: +Jaenke+ We are turning in. We are at the hotel. Annika Sorenson: ::Looks up at the large moon-lit night:: A nice night though. They were pretty big cops Cmdr JFarrington: (prepare to pause) Erich Jaenke: +Orrak+ Understood. I am... ugh, reading. Annika Sorenson: I'm kinda glad they're still around. Callista Tyrel: They were big but not cute....like fire guy. :: follows Gila to turn it in for the night :: Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you Cmdr JFarrington: Well done, all. Cmdr JFarrington: Questions or comments? Callista Tyrel: enjoyed it thanks! Annika Sorenson: It was fun. Cmdr JFarrington: Glad you enjoyed it. Cmdr JFarrington: TBS will be 1 hour, just to get us going. Cmdr JFarrington: Sound good? Cmdr JFarrington: If nothing else.... Cmdr JFarrington: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel. Callista Tyrel: goodnight! Cmdr JFarrington: And anyone who knows what "don't forget your towel" means gets an extra drink on me. Annika Sorenson: Yess Amanda Davis PhD: Good night everyone. Cmdr JFarrington: Annika, do you know what it came from? Annika Sorenson: From Hitch Hikers Cmdr JFarrington: And.... Cmdr JFarrington: What's with the towel? Annika Sorenson: Needed to get a ride in an alien spaceship. Cmdr JFarrington: Not exactly. Annika Sorenson: I have the book somewhere. Cmdr JFarrington: Work on it for next week. Annika Sorenson: Yeah, you need to wave it or something lol Annika Sorenson: Night! Cmdr JFarrington: Good night everyone. See you next time.
  20. Return to Reality Commander Jami Farrington, Starfleet Academy School of Medicine Temporarily Assigned to USS Manticore Commander Farrington stood outside Captain McFly’s ICU, a stark reminder of her presence aboard USS Manticore for over a decade. The light beep of electronics, punctuated occasionally by quiet conversation and the soft squeak of composite soles on the deck, brought her thoughts from one era to another. From fond memories to painful ones that she wished had never happened. She had come full circle. After fifteen years of covert operations aboard Manticore, Commander Farrington had accepted a position at Starfleet Academy’s School of Medicine. Five years later, Starfleet’s Surgeon General, Admiral Gren DeJariov, gave her orders for temporary duty aboard USS Manticore to instruct their medical personnel in the most recent equipment and procedures. But Manticore had a mind of her own. The ship could never be trusted. Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst, was Covert Operations Hooyah, and it held its course in this last deployment. Manticore’s present commanding officer, Captain Matt McFly, was in ICU, recovering from being tortured while in captivity aboard a Cardassian ship. Then, while Manticore was in orbit of New Las Vegas for shore leave, Executive Officer Commander Kenickie joined them and was soon incarcerated, charged with five counts of murder. With the majority of Manticore’s crew on planet, Commander Farrington was OIC: not exactly what she expected, but it happened. Manticore was like that. Things just... happened. Jami stood just outside Captain McFly’s ICU as Dr Davis monitored his condition. The doctor’s last report was that the captain was improving more quickly than expected. It was encouragement for all medical personnel, especially Dr Davis. A few minutes later, Jami was called to the bridge regarding information from the planet. The grape vine was going full swing, and the crew of Manticore, as well as the ship itself, could be in danger. Most ships in orbit were passenger ships for those who had a penchant for relaxation, gambling, and downing as much liquor as they could hold and then some. A few were cargo ships. The rest were not exactly the kind you’d want to get close to, and elbowing ships that were orbiting New Las Vegas was a given. There wasn’t much room to maneuver, which made it easy enough to ‘accidentally’ bump a ship out of orbit or try to fence it in and take it over—in this case, it would be Manticore, a Starfleet vessel, and would they just love to take down a ‘Fleeter. In reality, the other ships would be in more danger than they imagined. Manticore was classified as a tugboat, so the ships in orbit considered it a tugboat. Manticore was actually built for covert operations, and wouldn’t that be a surprise. Having experienced similar situations in hostile territory, Cdr Farrington called for yellow alert and informed Starfleet Command of the situation via encrypted subspace. “Power up tactical, Commander?” Lt Iris asked with a glance at Jami. “Tactical is always on standby, Lieutenant,” she replied as she settled into the command chair. “Call the tactical officer to the bridge. Going beyond that could cause a disaster.” “A disaster, ma’am?” asked the lieutenant, swallowing hard. “A disaster for them, Lieutenant. Not for us.”
  21. = /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52005.11 "New Las Vegas" = /\ = "What happens in New Las Vegas...probably gets holo-recorded." Repairs on the USS Manticore and Captain McFly continue as the away teams take some needed time off. The prisoners are on their way home while some of the crew are enjoying the amenities the resort planet offers. Night has fallen. Those on the planet, please take an @ =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Amanda Davis PhD: :::after a good nap, she is back in sick bay, keeping watch on the captain::: Annika Sorenson: @ ::having a fruity alcoholic drink with an umbrella in the bar, dressed in a loose-fitting skirt:: Erich Jaenke: @ :: At the same bar as Sorenson, but not in a skirt. He's in one of those future fashion styles that lasted less than a transporter beamout :: Cmdr JFarrington: :::breaks for dinner before she goes to check on the captain::: Amanda Davis PhD: ::checking his vital signs, hoping that Kansas has been able to rest:: Kansas Kenickie: ::Gets to her feet:: Doctor. Amanda Davis PhD: ::turns:: Well, it's good to see you a little more refreshed, Commander. Gila Orrak: @ :: Still sitting next to the Chief. She was fascinated with his mental ability on a purely professional level. Purely professional... :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::not very hungry, given the circumstances, but she goes to the chow hall anyway::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: Arrives at the Bar a bit late with a blue dress she purchased earlier in the day :: Callista Tyrel: @ :: spots Annika :: Hello Annika, mind if I join you? Gila Orrak: @ :: Looks up :: Kansas Kenickie: I am somewhat rested. Kansas Kenickie: is the crew still below? Annika Sorenson: @Not at all. Take a seat. Amanda Davis PhD: Good. Even somewhat is better than none. Amanda Davis PhD: The crew is still below, yes. Commander Farrington is still aboard. Annika Sorenson: @::smiles:: Looks good on you. Callista Tyrel: @ :: takes a seat :: Thanks! Your fashion suggestions were helpful. I finally got through reporting...all that stuff with the local authorities regarding the pick pocket creep. Callista Tyrel: @ Waiter> Care for a drink? Callista Tyrel: @ Do you have Kanar? Erich Jaenke: @ :: Looks at the women he is with. Some would consider him a very lucky Betazoid. He did get looks at he walked with them from place to place :: Kansas Kenickie: I am going head down there... you need anything from the market or casino? Gila Orrak: @ Kanar? Are you sure? It's a thick liquid. Annika Sorenson: @That's good. Shame you lost your PADD and identicard, but I guess it could've been worse. Annika Sorenson: @::sips her drink, letting the wind whip her hair gently:: Callista Tyrel: @ watier> Yes..uhm...are you sure? Callista Tyrel: @ I actually like it...yes...chilled. Amanda Davis PhD: Oh.. no, thank you. There is plenty here. Take some time off and relax, Commander. The captain is in good hands. Annika Sorenson: @ Hmm, interesting choice. Callista Tyrel: @ Waiter > ::Waiter is perplexed and leaves...:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::picks on her food, then orders a yeoman to take them to her quarters::: Gila Orrak: @ Well :: looking a Tyrel :: When your people are only known for this one drink you grow weary of its taste. Callista Tyrel: @ I was introduced to it at the academy, and for some reason I liked it. The Viscosity did take some adjusting to..:: smiles :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Heads to the transporter room::: Annika Sorenson: @ It's like drinking molasses Amanda Davis PhD: ::she calls a corpsman to help with changing the captain's bed:: Erich Jaenke: @ :: Looks at Gila :: I hope you are at least documenting my lack of medication. I am 'picking up' a lot of thoughts. Gila Orrak: @ You can write it down now or later. I mean only you know what's on your mind. Callista Tyrel: @ Sorry Sir...uhm Erich, ...It was stressful filling reports from the ....robbery earlier in the day. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Shimmers down to the planet:: Erich Jaenke: @ No no. You are fine. The good doctor here wants me to let her know the extent of my Betazoid-ness. Callista Tyrel: @ Waiter> :: arrives with drinks and departs quickly :: Annika Sorenson: @ ::smiles at Callista. drinking her drink:: Cmdr JFarrington: :::slow walk down the passageway to the lift, steps in and takes the lift to sick bay::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: takes a sip :: Uhmm.... that is not too bad. I hope Gila visits a spot you recommend for this drink. Cmdr JFarrington: ::enters sick bay, looking for the duty officer::: Annika Sorenson: @ ::Looks at the viscous drink:: Amanda Davis PhD: ::hearing the commander entering, she walks toward her::: Hello, Commander Farrington. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Enters the bar, spots her Peeps:: Callista Tyrel: @ I offered to service that nice looking firefighter's vehicle Annika. :: smiles :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::turns::: Oh. Dr. Davis. I just came up to see how the captain is. Amanda Davis PhD: He's in ICU for privacy, and getting much better. Cmdr JFarrington: ::she gives a weary nod::: Any signs of torture? ::as she walks toward ICU::: Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Fake smile as she approaches the crew:: how is everyone doing? Callista Tyrel: @ Least I could do after him returning my poor Data PADD .. :: spots the Commander :: Oh wow.. Hi Kansas...err Commander. Amanda Davis PhD: Well... since you asked, yes. A few signs. But they could be bruises from fighting and trying to escape. Annika Sorenson: @Hmm ::smiles:: Annika Sorenson: @Hello, doing okay. Cmdr JFarrington: ::her arms cross as she stands outside ICU, watching the captain::: Kansas Kenickie: Kansas is fine Callista Amanda Davis PhD: His vital signs are improving. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Stands up and wobbles a bit :: Cmdr JFarrington: And Commander Kenickie? Amanda Davis PhD: She's visiting the planet. Callista Tyrel: @ :: smiles :: I guess I have made it too obvious we are Starfleet on Holiday. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Orders a whiskey neat:: Kansas Kenickie: @ nothing wrong with people knowing we are Fleet strong eh? Amanda Davis PhD: Dr. Farrington, you look like you know something is wrong. Gila Orrak: @ :: Looks at Erich :: I am sure she is okay. I would surmise her connection to you is taxing. Annika Sorenson: @ Nothing wrong at all. ::orders another fruity drink in a coconut:: Callista Tyrel: @ Uhm...I took care of local protocol regarding my Data PADD and credits being stolen. Another Kanar please... :: wonders where the waiter went....:: Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Glances over her shoulder noticing security officers moving closer to them:: Unless they want to cause us problems Cmdr JFarrington: ::after staring at the captain for a moment::: Because there is something wrong. Callista Tyrel: @ :: adjusts her dress :: Not used to no sleeves.... Amanda Davis PhD: :::more concerned now:::: Annika Sorenson: @It’s liberating... when it's warm. Cmdr JFarrington: ::turns to face her::: May I have a look at his medical documentation? Erich Jaenke: @ :: Nods at Gila :: Amanda Davis PhD: Of course. :::she pulls up the captain's chart::: Callista Tyrel: @ indeed :: smiles and notes...security in the bar...:: Hmm what is with them. Callista Tyrel: @ Waiter> :: arrives with more snacks and the next round of drinks ...and quickly departs again :: Annika Sorenson: @ Not sure, I guess to keep an eye on the drunkies. Cmdr JFarrington: :::she flicks through the test results, then stops to take a good look at a mark on the back of his head:::: Annika Sorenson: @::slips out of her flip flops, eats one of the snacks:: Cmdr JFarrington: Is that a mark from childhood, Doctor? Callista Tyrel: @ Kansas, this place has lots of shops....And if Ice Cream is desired...the place right across the street has some ..great Cookies and Cream Kansas Kenickie: @ Cookie and cream, my favorite Amanda Davis PhD: Actually... no. I believe it's a mark that happened when he tried to fight off the intruders. Gila Orrak: @ Lots of drinking... Erich Jaenke: @ And people...thinking of...lewd thoughts. Annika Sorenson: @It's awesome. I recommend. Callista Tyrel: @ Gila, did you take advantage of the spa? Cmdr JFarrington: :::checks out the captain's brain scans along with his blood samples:::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: enjoys more kanar :: Kansas Kenickie: @ Scary Security Dude> ::Steps up behind Kansas:: Catherine Donovan? ::Pushes Kansas up against the wall:: you are under arrest for the murder of James Miller, Robert Nellen and Mike "Bubba" Jones. Gila Orrak: @ Oh yes, with my friend Erich here. :: pats him on the back a little rough :: Erich Jaenke: @ :: Almost spills his drink :: It was...stimulating for sure. Erich Jaenke: @ :: turns :: Callista Tyrel: @ :: smiles at Gila and then...:: What the?!?! :: to what goes on with Kansas :: Annika Sorenson: @ ::Looks up:: Cmdr JFarrington: It looks like a pin prick, Doctor Davis, but this :::she points to the screen::: is a tiny pin prick that allows medication to enter his frontal lobe. ::she turns to face Amanda:: He was tortured. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Struggles in his grip, counts the 15 guards around them... lets them cuff her::: Erich Jaenke: @ What's the meaning of this? Callista Tyrel: @ :: stands and is like..shocked :: Amanda Davis PhD: :::taking a good look at the screen, then at the captain::: Oh, my... Kansas Kenickie: @ Sec Dude> She is a killer... we have been looking for her for years.... pretty stupid to return to the plnet Gila Orrak: @ :: Gets up. Takes a drink :: Erich Jaenke: @ On whose authority? Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Sighs and feels the cuffs tighten:: All right all right Callista Tyrel: @ This is a big mistake.... Annika Sorenson: @ I'm sure it is... Erich Jaenke: @ :: Uses his mind to better gauge the situation :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::paging through the rest of his medical records:: Apparently it didn't work. I don't see any brain damage. ::looks to Amanda::: Kansas Kenickie: @ Sec Dude> The authority of the planet Amanda Davis PhD: Oh... I didn't see any either. That's why I'm so shocked. Erich Jaenke: @ No, let's try this again. Let me see the orders. Kansas Kenickie: @ sec Dude> ::Feeling VERY sure of himself in his arrest::: Annika Sorenson: @ ::just watches silently.. not much she can do against 15 guards:: Callista Tyrel: @ Erich, we need to contact the ship... Erich Jaenke: @ :: Standing next to Kansas :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::flips through the rest of his records::: Erich Jaenke: @ One moment. Annika Sorenson: @ I agree. Maybe it's a misunderstanding Amanda Davis PhD: :::thorough brain scan::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: Callista looks at the overwhelming amount of security here....they are outnumbered quite by quite a bit....odd :: Kansas Kenickie: Sec Dude> you have 2 minutes. Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks to Annika and Gila not liking this at all :: Amanda Davis PhD: I just ran another scan. No symptoms of damage. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Winces in the cuffs:: Erich Erich Jaenke: @ +Manticore+ We have a situation at my location. Commander Kenickie has been placed under arrest for a capital crime. Annika Sorenson: @ ::looks at Callista back apprehensively:: Erich Jaenke: @ Do not speak Commander. Cmdr JFarrington: No... ::she turns to Amanda::: Cardassians are very good at hiding things. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Looks at Erich.... ~I'm in trouble here~ mentally to Erich::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: holds on to her Clutch :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::she sighs::: He should recover well. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Startled as he hears that rather clearly :: Amanda Davis PhD: Well, he is on the way to recovery. More quickly than I expected. Erich Jaenke: @ We will get to the top of this Commander. Kansas Kenickie: @ Sec Dude> I think you two are finished Gila Orrak: @ The phrase is bottom Jaenke.. Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ Commander Farrington here. Go ahead. Erich Jaenke: @ +Farrington Our XO is under arrest. I am following her to holding. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::is pulled out of the bar with the security team, keeping her mouth shut for a change:: Callista Tyrel: @ :: steps to Sec Dude :: Do not hurt her. You understand...You don't need this many guys to take her in...You do NOT hurt her! Cmdr JFarrington: Bridge Officer> +com+ Commander Kenickie has been arrested, commander. Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ On my way. Cmdr JFarrington: Excuse me, Doctor. ::exits::: Erich Jaenke: @ :: to the security officer :: I am her representative. I need to accompany you. Callista Tyrel: @ :: upset but remains in the bar and does not follow..:: Annika Sorenson: @ Hmm. ::just as concerned:: Kansas Kenickie: @ Sec Dude> ::Holds hand up to Callista:: She has killed at least 5 people we can prove.. there are 15 we can't.. you want to stand up for a murder? Amanda Davis PhD: ::watching her leave, then checks that the captain has been given a fresh set of sheets and seems to be resting more easily::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: quiets and does not interfere further :: Erich Jaenke: @ The burden of proof is on you. Cmdr JFarrington: :::enters the bridge:: SITREP, Lieutenant. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Man handled out of the Bar::: It's OK... I'm fine. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Staying as close to KK as he can :: Callista Tyrel: @ we will help you Kansas!!! :: not following remaining with Gila and Annika :: Annika Sorenson: @. I'm sure we will. Gila Orrak: @ :: Was surprised at Erich's leap to defense, knowing how he felt about KK :: Cmdr JFarrington: Lt Iris> She's in custody, the brig ma'am. They say that they've been looking for her and she's under several charges. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Slammed into the wall, then the door to the holding area, winces in pain:: Callista Tyrel: @ :: in the bar...extending a hand to Gila and Annika :: Annika Sorenson: @ ::takes the extended hand:: You all right? Gila Orrak: @ :: Sees Callista's hand :: Are we following? Kansas Kenickie: Sec Dude> ::Takes a cheap shot and trips Kansas up before tossing her into a cell:: Callista Tyrel: @ :: exhales noting Annika and Gila :: I am pissed. No I am not okay....and no we cannot follow them yet. Kansas Kenickie: >>>> Pause Sim<<<< Kansas Kenickie: >>>> Pause Sim<<<< Callista Tyrel: :: paused :: Cmdr JFarrington: Hm... Kansas Kenickie: nice work everyone Cmdr JFarrington: Looks like I'm in command now, Commander. We going to do a jailbreak? Kansas Kenickie: I didn't think of a jailbreak.. :-O Erich Jaenke: Election for a new XO? Cmdr JFarrington: It would be fun. Cmdr JFarrington: :::glare at Erich::: Cmdr JFarrington: Attack Vegas? Kansas Kenickie: already trying to take my seat Erich? Annika Sorenson: :O Kansas Kenickie: Any questions or comments? Cmdr JFarrington: Great job, crew. Cmdr JFarrington: TBS? Kansas Kenickie: 13.6 minutes Annika Sorenson: noice Cmdr JFarrington: There ya go. Cmdr JFarrington: On the dot. Kansas Kenickie: O:) Callista Tyrel: Had fun enjoyed. Cmdr JFarrington: Looks like we're going to need more doctors. Annika Sorenson: And a really good lawyer. Annika Sorenson: where's Matlock when you need him? Cmdr JFarrington: He's hiding. Callista Tyrel: oh no solitary confinement! Annika Sorenson: Stuffed in the hole Cmdr JFarrington: Dismissed? Kansas Kenickie: yes! everyone is dismissed if there are no questions.
  22. = /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52005.04 "New Las Vegas" = /\ = "What happens in New Las Vegas...probably gets holo-recorded." The crew of the USS Manticore enters their first full day on the resort planet of New Las Vegas. Friendly groups formed up and split off to various adventures. The Captain and Executive Officer remain onboard the ship to recover far away from the excitement on the surface. The USS Patterson will arrive within the day to take the former prisoners home. TBS is the next day. Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: ::on the bridge, checking things::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: with the group :: Erich Jaenke: @ :: Had an interesting night and does not quite remember what he did :: Annika Sorenson: @. ::with the group as well, sipping on some blood wine:: Amanda Davis PhD: :::Amanda has fresh scones and tea for the commander and the captain, if he's awake:: Erich Jaenke: @ :: It was somewhat before lunch the next day, or wait, was it? :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Asleep in the chair::: Gila Orrak: @ You had an interesting time Mr. Jaenke.. Amanda Davis PhD: :::seeing her sleeping next to the captain in ICU, she sets things aside within easy reach in case they wake up::: Annika Sorenson: @ ::sits beside Callista:: A good vintage. Erich Jaenke: @ I did? Keb? Gila Orrak: @ :: Still holding onto Erich :: At a spa.. relaxing. Callista Tyrel: @ I would not know..but It is good stuff. :: looks for any Klingons :: Annika Sorenson: @I'd like to visit a spa... Annika Sorenson: @2319, I think. Gila Orrak: @ We could. I do like the heat. Annika Sorenson: @Yeah, that'd be fun! Let's do it. Kansas Kenickie: ::Lifts head, grumbles:: Callista Tyrel: @ That would be cool. I could use some sun. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Checks his directory :: Erich Jaenke: @ We will have to take the tram. Annika Sorenson: @Oooh. Amanda Davis PhD: ::quietly checks the captain's vitals::: Callista Tyrel: @ Thank goodness for gift shops! I can do a spa! Erich Jaenke: @ I am calling a vehicle for us.. Annika Sorenson: @Awesome, thanks Erich. Callista Tyrel: @ Thank you Chief. Erich Jaenke: @ Maybe I can remember what I was doing last night Amanda Davis PhD: ::she smiles as she notices that the captain is improving::: Erich Jaenke: @ :: peers into the distance :: There it is. Kansas Kenickie: how is my man doing Doc? Annika Sorenson: @That was quick. Cmdr JFarrington: ::on the bridge, keeping watch on the weirdos who think it's fun to cross over someone's docking area::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: puts on her shades for the bright sun....to help complete her " NLV Look " :: Erich Jaenke: @ :: Gets up and walks to the curb, Gila holding onto him. Perhaps she has something to drink too :: Erich Jaenke: @ All in. :: gestures as he opens the door :: Amanda Davis PhD: :::she turns to Kansas::: He's improving quite quickly. Callista Tyrel: @ :: steps inside :: Annika Sorenson: @ ::Dons her shades as well, follows close behind Callista and enters the vehicle:: Erich Jaenke: @ The Skin Deep spa please. Amanda Davis PhD: In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he recovers within a day or two. Kansas Kenickie: and myself? I heard you run that scanner over me while you thought I was fast asleep Amanda Davis PhD: ICU is much more quiet than the rest of sick bay. That helps. Erich Jaenke: @ :: The door closes and it takes off for the spa :: I have never visited a spa... often too many people. Amanda Davis PhD: Oh... I always do that. It's standard procedure. Kansas Kenickie: to scan sleeping people? Annika Sorenson: @ That's why I like to go in the off-peak times. Callista Tyrel: @ :: in the Climate controlled Tram :: Geesh...it has been a while for myself. Callista Tyrel: @ Gila...enjoying the warm weather? Amanda Davis PhD: ::slight smile::: Not necessarily sleeping people. Sleeping people who are recuperating from injuries of any kind. Kansas Kenickie: So am I peachy keen? Amanda Davis PhD: Oh, definitely, Commander. But you do need rest. Gila Orrak: @ I am. A bit like home, or on Bajor in the tropical regions. Kansas Kenickie: I will have plenty of time to rest when I'm dead Callista Tyrel: @ :: enjoys the view of the hotels..as the tram goes :: Amanda Davis PhD: Physically, you are very healthy. Mentally? You need to rest enough to put everything aside and move on. Amanda Davis PhD: ::nods:: True. Annika Sorenson: @ ::reclines and looks out the window:: Must be nice to grow up in such warm climates. Amanda Davis PhD: ::pulls up a chair:: I have an idea, Commander. Annika Sorenson: @though Europa is certainly beautiful too at times. Kansas Kenickie: ::Picks up her cold cup of coffee, take a gulp:: what is that doc Callista Tyrel: @ Did you take trips of Europa often to get some sun? The old Southwest on Earth sure had plenty of sun... Amanda Davis PhD: I believe that you would feel much better if you go into the holodeck with your weapons and ::clears her throat:: kick ass, I believe is the saying. Annika Sorenson: @Yeah, we had rotations back to Earth every so often. We have a place in San Diego, so yeah lotta sun there. Though our main place was in Stockholm, which wasn't as sunny. Gila Orrak: @ :: Looks :: Europa? Callista Tyrel: @ oh wow ..Scandinavia . Annika Sorenson: @Yeah, that's where I was born. The Galileo research colony there. It's a moon orbiting Jupiter in case you weren't aware. Kansas Kenickie: I'm not in the mood, plus holodeck blood doesn't flow correctly. Annika Sorenson: @::smiles and nods:: Hmm, yes. That's where my parents grew up. Gila Orrak: @ Never been to Earth. Erich Jaenke: @ I was once. Annika Sorenson: @I hope you get the chance to visit. BrenFaliver: ::Enjoys some holodeck time on ship, uncomfortable with the idea of leaving. Swinging in a hammock on a moon-lit beach:: Amanda Davis PhD: ::slight sigh::: I would offer you real blood if we had enough, but I doubt that engineering would enjoy cleaning up the mess. Callista Tyrel: @ Lots of climate zones to choose from . :: notes the abundant sunshine here :: Kansas Kenickie: ::Sighs:: I miss being a lacky, walking the decks. putting fear into ensigns. Cmdr JFarrington: :::checking request forms and sending them through the proper channels::: Callista Tyrel: @ I think you would like the Old Southwest ....Gila... Amanda Davis PhD: Well... there are a few ensigns below decks who are actually swabbing decks that they messed up... per orders of Commander Farrington. Annika Sorenson: @I liked Texas. Kansas Kenickie: ::Sips coffee:: and I also miss being no one, getting to the dirty jobs no one wants. Amanda Davis PhD: You want the dirty jobs? Gila Orrak: @ Oh I hope so. Not sure how a Cardassian on Earth would be taken. Kansas Kenickie: the bloody ones Amanda Davis PhD: How would that work? Kansas Kenickie: ::winks:: Erich Jaenke: @ We are here.. the tram stops./. Amanda Davis PhD: Oh... ::deep breath and forced smile::: I see. Callista Tyrel: @ Old Southwest is not heavily populated...only in New Phoenix...Oh good...here we are. Annika Sorenson: @::looks at the spa:: Nice. Kansas Kenickie: I don't think the ensigns fear me anymore, they think I have to follow the rules from the Big Giant Head. Amanda Davis PhD: Really? Callista Tyrel: @ :: hops out of tram with a skip to her step :: Fun time! Annika Sorenson: @ ::Follows Callista out:: Annika Sorenson: @Yeah, fun fun. Kansas Kenickie: they don't look at me in fear of their heads being ripped off ::Tilts chair back:: Ooo the good old days when I could slap people around. Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks around..:: Amanda Davis PhD: :::really getting to know the commander::: Kansas Kenickie: or choke them out for fun Annika Sorenson: @ ::looks around the spa as well:: Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram worker> ::Bumps into Callista, taking her credit chit card with all her fund on it::: pardon me Callista Tyrel: @ :: feels something off :: Heh... Amanda Davis PhD: ::hearing a sight groan and mumble, she turns to the captain::: Amanda Davis PhD: :::she stands up and checks the monitors::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: her handbag is dumped on the ground.... :: Annika Sorenson: @ ::continues to look around:: Kansas Kenickie: @Tram Dude> ::tries to act normal and get away from people quick-ish:: Amanda Davis PhD: :::they're normal, but the captain continues to mutter:: Callista Tyrel: @ oh Frak...:: starts picking her stuff up :: Annika Sorenson: @ ::hears something hit the ground and turns around:: Oh no ::helps pick stuff up:: Kansas Kenickie: is he milking it Doc Callista Tyrel: @ Frak Frak Frak! My Identicard is gone.... and PADD !!!! Annika Sorenson: @Uh oh. Did you leave it in the tram? Kansas Kenickie: Tram Dude> ::Slips back into the cart and smiles:::Tourist Amanda Davis PhD: Well... ::she continues to check his vitals::: Not exactly. He's waking up *very* slowly, and remembering things he experienced. ::looks up at the monitor that shows brain activity::: Callista Tyrel: @ Oh no....:: looks up towards where the Tram Worker was.....:: swears :: I just got robbed... Annika Sorenson: @Uh oh. ::looks around:: He's long gone. Callista Tyrel: @ :: kicks some grass a k a. Rocket Racoon Style :: Annika Sorenson: @Don't worry, I got ya. We'll have to call the cops I guess. Amanda Davis PhD: The waves on this monitor :::she points::: Show what area of the brain is active. This indicates he's dreaming. I'm watching the monitor in case it goes into a nightmare he can't shake it off. Kansas Kenickie: Tram Dude> Stays inside the cart, just inside the doors.... he still needs to work:: All aboard! Amanda Davis PhD: But they seem to be settling down. Erich Jaenke: @ The padd can be destroyed remotely Annika Sorenson: @ ::nods:: That's good. Though her identi-card Kansas Kenickie: @ Ground keeper> ::Yells at Callista:: Hey lady... keep off the grass Callista Tyrel: @ :: is clearly upset paces around...now on the concrete :: Annika Sorenson: @::standing on the pavement, looks around:: Callista Tyrel: @ Eric should we call the ship? Erich Jaenke: @ I'll do it. +Manticore+ Jaenke to Manticore. I need the location of Tyrel's PADD. Kansas Kenickie: Annoying Karl> +Erich+ It should be with her... duh Callista Tyrel: @ :: leans against building :: I am thinking of what I can do ...to that man's sonic shower about now.. Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ Commander Janke, this is Commander Farrington. Location search commencing. Annika Sorenson: @I can pay for your stay at the spa. Callista Tyrel: @ Thank you Annika...Thank you. Erich Jaenke: @ +Karl+ Speak like that to me again and I will find a warp 3 long hauler as your new assignment. Annika Sorenson: @::Smiles:: No worries. Callista Tyrel: @ Gila...I wish you could teach me a quick kick. Gila Orrak: @ Oh I could teach you more than that. What manner of death are you seeking? Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ Commander Jaenke, PADD located. Forwarding the area. PADD shut down for protocol. Callista Tyrel: @ Oh ....the revenge type....:: looks to Erich :: Kansas Kenickie: Tram Dude> oh *Curses* as a fire starts in the work cabin area Annika Sorenson: @::Smiles:: Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks to Gila :: I suppose wiring a person's sonic shower to ..do something bad might be worthy of vengeful killer.. :: a small smile appears :: Erich Jaenke: @ I was thinking worse... must be the stress from the last mission. Amanda Davis PhD: :::watching the captain's brain pattern settle into rem sleep::: Kansas Kenickie: @ ACTION> :::Alarms start going off in the Tram area::: WARNING FIRE.... WARNING FIRE Gila Orrak: @ Let's get to the spa.... Oh look' Kansas Kenickie: @ ALARM> please exit the Tram in a calm orderly fashion Cmdr JFarrington: <THIS IS NOT A DRILL. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.> Callista Tyrel: @ :: hears something :: what is that high pitch....:: looks to tram area :: Erich Jaenke: @ Let's just go... Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram Dude> ::Grabs a fire suppressor:: Damn Erich Jaenke: @ :: holds his head :: Callista Tyrel: @ Okay ..:: notes Erich is hurting and decides to just go inside :: Gila Orrak: @ Medicine? Erich Jaenke: @ Is that not your department? Annika Sorenson: @::Looks to the tram area:: What’s going on over there? Annika Sorenson: @Okay... ::follows along:: Gila Orrak: @ Well yes, but I don't always carry a hypo. Annika Sorenson: @Maybe the spa will help. A nice massage will work wonders? Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram Dude> ::gets the fire out, coughs:: Callista Tyrel: @ Looks like a fire..Annika..let's get inside agreed Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram Dude 2> ::Carries the burned up PADD with pink flowers painted on the back outside:: What did you do to this thing for it to blow up on you Cmdr JFarrington: ::leans back in the command chair, still going through the manifest::: Callista Tyrel: @ Well at least he didn't steal my suit...:: walks with Annika, Gila and Erich inside the spa :: Gila Orrak: @ Let's get you inside Chief. Callista Tyrel: @ ( PADD had a picture of a Hot Rod Shuttle on it with Pink Flowers and blue plasma trails....unfortunately no longer entirely visible ::) Erich Jaenke: @ Ahh...a package for all of us... me and three women. Amanda Davis PhD: ::::deciding to stay close for a while to be sure that his impulses are settling down::: Erich Jaenke: @ Spa Attendant > Lucky fella... room seven. Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram Dude 2 ::Puts PADD on the bench:: now we wait for the fire Dept to clear us... Annika Sorenson: @ ::nods:: Kansas Kenickie: @ Tram dudes> ::Helps people exit the Tram::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: walks up to Counter with the group in the back:: Thanks guys for covering me. Cmdr JFarrington: ::as she continues working::: +Jaenke+ Commander Jaenke, Commander Farrington. SITREP on planet. Cmdr JFarrington: ::has a bad feeling about this::: Annika Sorenson: @::pays for herself and Callista and gets her room keycard:: Gila Orrak: @ :: speaks closely to Erich :: Let me level with you, as your new doctor. I need to get a baseline for your ability and it's important to your future medications. Kansas Kenickie: @ Hot Fire Guy> ::Carries PADD into the Spa, walks over to the Comm to make a call:: Erich Jaenke: @ :: holds up a hand :: +Farrington+ The PADD is lost, but situation is under control. We are in the spa near the tram. Annika Sorenson: @Don't worry, hopefully the spa will relieve your stress. Kansas Kenickie: @ Hot Fire guy> ::Winks at the ladies because he knows he is hot::: Callista Tyrel: @ :: wonders if she is going to get a dressing down from the Commander for this....about carelessness....being too slow to react...that stuff... Thought stops at Man in Uniform :: Oh my. Annika Sorenson: @ ::looks as the hot fire guy:: Cmdr JFarrington: +com+ ::slight sigh at "the spa" thing::: Very well. Carry on. Cmdr JFarrington: (prepare to pause) Callista Tyrel: @ :: takes her pass to her room :: Your awesome guys... Erich Jaenke: @ :: to Gila :: Did you do anything to me? Kansas Kenickie: @ Hot Fire Dude> ::Flips PADD over:: nice flowers Gila Orrak: @ I'm not at liberty to say. Kansas Kenickie: @ Hottie Fire Guy> ::Swips his ID card:: Callista Tyrel: @ My PADD!!!! :: walks over quickly to Hot Fire Dude :: My Hero!!! Callista Tyrel: @ :: Hugs Hot Fire Guy :: Kansas Kenickie: @ Hottie Fire Guy> ::Smiles:: it's my job to be a hero ::Winks:: ma'am. Callista Tyrel: @ :: Blows a kiss :: Love you! Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Commander Kenickie, the stage is yours. Kansas Kenickie: nice job everyone Kansas Kenickie: I am taping together our next plot.. if anyone has any ideas shoot me an email. we can throw Erich or Gila in jail if you like Annika Sorenson: lol Kansas Kenickie: other then that.. anyone have questions or comments on how kewl I am Gila Orrak: I am innocent Callista Tyrel: Someone finds a dead tram worker...vacationing crew arrested Kansas Kenickie: that is what I say too Gila... and I am guilty Cmdr JFarrington: Definitely awesomely cool. Especially when you have that phaser on your belt. Cmdr JFarrington: TBS? Kansas Kenickie: it looks better when I shoot it at innocent people Cmdr JFarrington: I'm sure. Kansas Kenickie: TBS.. three and a half minutes. Cmdr JFarrington: ::headdesk::: Yes, ma'am. Kansas Kenickie: you are all dismissed Cmdr JFarrington: Night to all. Great work. Gila Orrak: Night all Kansas Kenickie: unless you have questions or want to go toe to toe
  23. Welcome to the 22 year of USS Manticore! Cmdr JFarrington: Thank you, Commandant Atragon and Admiral Sovak, for joining us this evening. Cmdr JFarrington: As we move into this next year, remember those who have passed. Cmdr JFarrington: Also, remember to celebrate after the sim. Food, cake, and yes, the cake is NOT a lie. BrenFaliver: ::runs off screen to fire up the popcorn machine for old times sake:: = /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52004.27 = /\ = Nothing is alive more than the planet of New Las Vegas. Holosuites for solo or convention-sized crowds. Games of skill like Dabo, poker, and tri-dimensional chess. Restaurants representing cultures from around the galaxy with foods for every palette. Then the starship USS Manticore arrived for a much-needed rest after a stressful mission. The first shift departs to pleasures unknown. Commandant Atragon-9: ACTION: INCOMING HAIL Cmdr JFarrington: COM> +This is USS Manticore, go ahead.+ Commandant Atragon-9: COM> + Manticore, this is Commandant Atragon-9 of the Illus Garrison at Titan, requesting permission to dock + Cmdr JFarrington: COM> Commandant Atragon-9, you are clear to dock at berthing A-22. Respond. Commandant Atragon-9: COM> + A9, ack + Sovak: ::To A9:: Do you still remember how to dock? Annika Sorenson: @ ::with Callista somewhere:: BrenFaliver: ::Sitting in the Science Lab, puttering on the main console:: Commandant Atragon-9: :: turns to Sovak :: It's just that big red button, right? Callista Tyrel: @ :: next to Annika on the surface of New Las Vegas...just outside the Large..." Inviting " Casino Cmdr JFarrington: COM> +A-9+ Welcome aboard, Sir. Commandant Atragon-9: Uhh, Green, Green button Sovak: Of course. Commandant Atragon-9: Blue?? Callista Tyrel: @ Well I bet they have some interesting things inside...let's go have a look. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Still at the hotel they were instructed to beam to, with the CMO :: Annika Sorenson: @ Sure, let's go. Sovak: ::raises an eyebrow:: Computer. Standard docking procedures. Annika Sorenson: @ ::Smiles and heads into the casino:: BrenFaliver: ::Sotto Voce to Farrington:: Hmf, what did you do? Commandant Atragon-9: Just kidding, I ... oh, yeah, that works, too Gila Orrak: @ :: Sitting with the CEng :: Sovak: I think you may have been piloting a desk for too long. Cmdr JFarrington: +Docking Bay+ Prepare to welcome Commandant Atragon-9 and company on A-22. ::to Bren:: Well, I haven’t done anything wrong, if that’s what you mean. ::shrug:: I’ll meet them at the docking bay. Callista Tyrel: @ Hope they have a good bar. :: enters the Casino entrance door and his hit by the cool rush of a climate controlled environment :: Erich Jaenke: @ :: Looks next to him :: You seem distant, I don't have to be a Betazoid to see that. Commandant Atragon-9: :: to Sovak :: I hear that! Gila Orrak: @ It's the change from ship to planet. I have not been on a planet for...many months. Annika Sorenson: @ I hope so as well. I could use a good drink. ::looks at all the casino games and card tables:: Sovak: I apologize. Should I speak up in the future? Commandant Atragon-9: ACTION: THE PEGASUS DOCKS ON MANTICORE WITH JUST THE SLIGHTEST SQUEAKY, PAINT-FLAKING LANDING SOVAK HAS COME TO EXPECT FROM A9 Cmdr JFarrington: ::turns to OIC:: Ensign, inform docking bay A-22 that the Commandant and his party is coming aboard so they are greeted appropriately. Callista Tyrel: @ Don't worry Annika...I only have read about Dabo...and I was never good at Gambling at the Academy...errr...well pretend gambling Commandant Atragon-9: ((Uh oh, off to the Brig, huh? )) Erich Jaenke: @ ACTION: The casino Sorenson and Tyrel enter is oddly sized... in fact for a variety of species of all shapes and sizes. Cmdr JFarrington: ((best place to be. Nice and quiet)) Annika Sorenson: @ ::looks around:: Hm, Erich Jaenke: @ :: Pulls Orrak up :: Let's meet with Sorenson and Tyrel. Sovak: ::stands and makes his way to the door, standing aside for A9 to precede him:: BrenFaliver: ::Checks a chronometer, a few hours until he should head to the transporter:: Gila Orrak: :: Gets up :: Oh sure. Commandant Atragon-9: :: steps onto the deck and smiles :: Wow, it's been a long while, hmm? Callista Tyrel: @:: looks around taking in the ...interesting atmosphere...with odd ergonomics ..:: Sovak: INdeed. Erich Jaenke: @:: Walks to the casino the other two reportedly entered... and their locators indicated. Callista Tyrel: @:: still sporting her vacation attire :: Sovak: ::falls in step with A9:: Annika Sorenson: @ ::Likewise, but it's not the worst:: I think it's over this way. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Reaches Tyrel and Sorenson :: Hello Annika Sorenson: @Oh, hey. Commandant Atragon-9: So, with most of the crew on shoreleave, shall we have a coup? Gila Orrak: @ :: Felt a bit out of her element :: Callista Tyrel: @ :: notes Erich and Gila :: Hi guys! :: removes her shades :: Cmdr JFarrington: I heard that, Commandant. ::steps out of the lift just as they begin their usual shenanigans::. Erich Jaenke: @ Callista and Annika...is it that bright? Annika Sorenson: @ ::Smiles:: How're you doin? ::lowers her shades:: All these lights man Sovak: I can never tell if he is serious or not. Then again, I never could. Commandant Atragon-9: Well alright then, we can give you a role in the cabal. Sovak: Commander. ::nods:: It is good to see you. Callista Tyrel: @ Outside sir.. Erich Jaenke: @ They are using a lot of lights illuminated with neon gas. Cmdr JFarrington: And good to see you, Admiral. Cmdr JFarrington: And... my husband. ::she says quietly:: Annika Sorenson: @ Yes, they certainly do. Gila Orrak: @ :: Feeling nervous :: Commandant Atragon-9: :: smiles at Jami with the slightest of nods :: Callista Tyrel: @ That would not be cheap. Gila, ever been to a casino like this? Gila Orrak: @ No...I avoid places with many people. Cmdr JFarrington: ::waves them toward the lift:: Most of the crew is on planet, so we have *everything* to ourselves. Gila Orrak: @ I never was into Cardassian forms of gambling. Annika Sorenson: @Yeah, I'm not too great with card games either. Haven't really done it too much. Cmdr JFarrington: And ::as she steps into the lift:: I notice that you keep the Pegasus neat and clean. ::wan smile::: Callista Tyrel: @ oh...uhm.. okay. :: looks to Chief Erich :: Maybe we should go somwhere less crowded? Commandant Atragon-9: The Illus demand it - and help me clean it. Annika Sorenson: @As long as the drinks are nice ::smile:: Gila Orrak: @ No no... we each have our demons Callista. Cmdr JFarrington: Wonderful. :::to the lift::: Command deck. Callista Tyrel: @ Maybe a drink then? Gila Orrak: @ That would be good. Annika Sorenson: @All right, lead the way. ::to Callista:: Callista Tyrel: @Uhm did you spy a watering hole Chief? Erich Jaenke: @ :: Notices Gila clinging to him. Either she was unaware of how much or knew exactly what she was doing. :: Commandant Atragon-9: Sovak and I are really just here for a short visit. I know that I left some things behind all those months ago. I am here to pick them up Cmdr JFarrington: Admiral Sovak, how is your family? ::the lift stops and the door opens to reveal a smorgasbord beyond belief::: Erich Jaenke: @ :: Looks at his padd, many dots pop up :: Any direction. Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks for the less crowded area :: Let's go this way... Commandant Atragon-9: (( There's a smorgasbord on the Command Deck, it HAS been awhile )) Cmdr JFarrington: Pick them up? Um.... :::clears her throat::: I'm not sure.... that they're still here. Erich Jaenke: @ There's a place called the Drunken Klingon... Annika Sorenson: @ ::walks next to Callista:: Sounds interesting Callista Tyrel: @ Wow. Let's try that out! Cmdr JFarrington: ((Well, we're docked, most are on planet, and we have the place to ourselves)) Annika Sorenson: @::nods:: Annika Sorenson: @ Been to New Vegas before? ::to Erich:: Cmdr JFarrington: Anyway... since you left, the ship has been refurbished, as you obviously noticed. Commandant Atragon-9: They are hidden in the walls of the Ready Room, so unless the ship is a rebuild, I should still be able to get to it all. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Follows the group :: I have not. :: notices a look from a few, one man with three women. He could sense the looks all around him :: Sovak: Doing well, last time I spoke with them. Erich Jaenke: @ :: Closes his eyes as the nerves and fears of Gila wash over him :: Cmdr JFarrington: Oh.. I was wondering what made those walls bulged. Commandant Atragon-9: I'll be right back, shouldn't take too long Commandant Atragon-9: :: Heads for the Ready Room :: Gila Orrak: @ :: Looks at Erich :: You can feel that? Callista Tyrel: @ Notes an establishment with Klingon writing ....with dark colors and dimly lit :: Would that be it sir? Annika Sorenson: @::looks up at the sign:: Looks like it. Erich Jaenke: @ :: nods, then points to a table to sit at :: Erich Jaenke: @ Yes, let's sit. Gila Orrak: @ I am attempting to compress my emotions Chief. Cmdr JFarrington: ::Sovak:: :::smiles as he leaves::: And the children? Has anyone of them taken a career in Starfleet? Erich Jaenke: @ :: sits :: Not working, exactly. Callista Tyrel: @ :: takes a seat ...noting the Klingon themes :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::wishing that the crew was here::: Erich Jaenke: @ :: Wondered about Gila's closeness, but would ask about it later, and explain it to Keb later than that :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::waves a hand at the food::: Please, Admiral. Enjoy yourself while you are waiting. Annika Sorenson: @::sits down as well, taking in the ambience:: Erich Jaenke: @ :: Reads a menu :: I think that is Diet Blood Wine. How is that a thing? Sovak: It seems not. It is well. they have their own pursuits. Cmdr JFarrington: Of course. BrenFaliver: ::Gets up and heads to the transporter room a tad early, assuming the transporter chief will let him wiggle in:: Cmdr JFarrington: And your wife? I recall that she was very good at what she does. Callista Tyrel: @ Hmm...nice touch with the simulated torches. Annika Sorenson: @::smiles and nods, looks over a menu as well:: Commandant Atragon-9: ::Returns from the Ready Room with a large backpack over one shoulder, snagging a deviled egg as he passes :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::Hands Sovak a plate and takes one for herself.. it's a small smorgasbord:: Callista Tyrel: @ :: chuckles :: A barrel of Bloodwine for only...:: mentions credit amount :: Sovak: Thank you. Callista Tyrel: @ :: looks to Annika :: I have never had Bloodwine guess now is the time to try it. Annika Sorenson: @I suppose so. I'll try it if you will. Commandant Atragon-9: I'll be right back, but I have to get this into stasis on the Pegasus right away. Gila Orrak: @ I will start with a shot BrenFaliver: ::To Transporter Room Guy:: Ah, no yes I mean, I know my transporter slot isn't for a little while, but I've wrapped everything up, I feel like I might as well get this over with. Cmdr JFarrington: ::takes a few hors d'oeuvres for herself::: Erich Jaenke: @ So... how is everyone doing, after our last ordeal? Callista Tyrel: @ Shots smart play Gila. Callista Tyrel: @ So far, so good. Ice Cream and shopping. :: smiles :: Commandant Atragon-9: :: heads into the TL :: Back in a jiffy. Annika Sorenson: @::sits closer to Callista:: Same. We managed to get some nice dresses and sandals for us. Cmdr JFarrington: ::quietly, to Sovak::: Just exactly does he have that needs stasis? Gila Orrak: @ I do not do dresses. Annika Sorenson: @Somwhow that doesn't surprise me, though I am curious mow. ::smile:: BrenFaliver: ::Continued:: Light? Yes? What do I need to carry for 8 or 10 hours? .... what do you mean days, I fully intend to sleep in my own bed. Commandant Atragon-9: :: sends private ping to Sovak :: Have it, we need to go, make your exit. Callista Tyrel: @ Annika is a great fashion advisor Gila. Gila Orrak: @ I just never have. Life in the Obs... medical field just did not leave a lot of time. Cmdr JFarrington: :::somewhat alarmed as they seem to tip-toe around::: Sovak: Thank you, Commander. I must depart. BrenFaliver: :: Continues :: And who exactly is issuing the credits for a hotel room? You know, 'relaxation' is an awful lot of freakin' work... Commandant Atragon-9: :: exits TL at the shuttle bay, heading to the Pegasus :: Deck officer, stand by for our departure. Cmdr JFarrington: Oh... such a short time. But you're always welcome. Take care. Cmdr JFarrington: And please take some food with you. Cmdr JFarrington: There's only a skeleton crew aboard, and I get the honor to keep her safe. Gila Orrak: @ :: drinks her shot :: Ahh BrenFaliver: :: Pt 4 :: GAH, forget it, I may or may not be back in a couple hours. ::Heads up to the Bridge for the Science console:: Sovak: Thank you, Commander. Sovak: ::heads to the Peg:: Commandant Atragon-9: :: in the Pegasus, starting the pre-flight, the nacelles still warm :: Annika Sorenson: @. ::swirls her blood wine and takes a small sip:: Whoa.. Cmdr JFarrington: :::stands there, silent, not only curious but somewhat sad that they will not stay::: Erich Jaenke: @ :: drinks his mildly proofed mixed drink :: Cmdr JFarrington: ::nods to Ensign Jackson at helm::: BrenFaliver: ::Pops onto the bridge, a bit confused at seeing a lower ranked duty officer in charge, but says nothing going to Sci-1:: Callista Tyrel: @ :: takes a sip and savors the flavor :: Interesting. Cmdr JFarrington: Jackson> +Pegasus+ You are clear to launch. Good hunting. Commandant Atragon-9: :: targets a focused transporter beam and grabs the tray of deviled eggs :: Sovak: ::enters and takes the copilot seat:: YOu got it? Commandant Atragon-9: Yup - and the eggs, too! Callista Tyrel: ( hehe ) Cmdr JFarrington: ((:::snarkle::)) Callista Tyrel: @ Not bad..::: finishes her shot :: Sovak: Excellent. Commandant Atragon-9: COM> Ack Manticore, this is the Pegasus on departure. Thanks for the garage space! BrenFaliver: ::sits bolt upright in his chair:: Pegasus? Wait, the Pegasus was here? Sovak: ((Good to see you all again)) Commandant Atragon-9: ACTION: THE PEGASUS DEPARTS MANTICORE'S BAY AND SEEMS TO INSTANTLY VANISH, FROM VISUAL AND SENSOR DISPLAYS Gila Orrak: @ :: Another shot :: Commandant Atragon-9: ((Happy 22, Manticore! )) Erich Jaenke: (thanks) Cmdr JFarrington: Happy 22 to You!! Callista Tyrel: ( bye guys! ) Annika Sorenson: (Happy anniversary) Cmdr JFarrington: (Thank you for coming aboard) Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= Cmdr JFarrington: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\= TBS to be determined.
  24. USS Manticore NCC 5852 ~Congratulations~ 22 Fantastic Years
  25. = /\ = Manticore Brief Stardate 52004.20 = /\ = The USS Manticore orbits the planet New Las Vegas, a seedy alternative to Risa, for some much-needed shore leave. Mork's former collection of prisoners beamed down to the surface for further examinations and later departures to their respective homeworlds. The Captain and First Officer remain on the ship to further their recovery in familiar surroundings. The crew on the surface begin to pair up and decide their destinations, likely local watering holes. Stomachs growl as dinner and other things, approach. =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\= Cmdr JFarrington: Those on the ship take an @ Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::in sick bay, watching the captain's vital signs::: Callista Tyrel: + Annika Sorenson + Annika...I am in TR1..ready to ..well do things. Callista Tyrel: :: notes the Chief mentioned something about pairing up on the surface :: Annika Sorenson: +Callista+ ::in the lift, just finishes changing into a flattering slim dress and heels:: I'm almost there. Callista Tyrel: :: is typical Callista...in her Hoodie and black pants...:: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::checking helm and setting up alarms in case other ships get too close or do something more stupid than that::: Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Sits sickbay, tired:: Callista Tyrel: + Annika + Copy...cya soon. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::yes, we look like a tug, but they better not mess with us::: Gila Orrak: :: Checking her gear at the place assigned to the ship :: Erich Jaenke: :: With the doctor, checking into the, for lack of a better word, hotel :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::proximity alarms engaged:: Annika Sorenson: ::exits the lift and enters TR1, waves at Callista:: Callista Tyrel: :: adjusts her handbag which looks more like a tool satchel and takes a look at at Tricorder with map :: Callista Tyrel: Hi Annika..:: looks :: you look great! Annika Sorenson: ::Smiles:: Thanks! You look nice too. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::a bit worried about the commander, but for good reason:: Annika Sorenson: ::stands next to Callista:: Callista Tyrel: :: steps on the TR Padd :: Well you were going to help me find something more...acceptable for fun.. but ...let's just have fun. Callista Tyrel: Energize! Annika Sorenson: Yes, let's... ::beams down:: Gila Orrak: :: Watching the Xindi being checked in as if they are lost guests on vacation :: Callista Tyrel: :: remats in a plaza right next to a shopping center map with a listing of place to see and go , the temperature is very warm :: Annika Sorenson: ::looks around:: Hmm, nice. Erich Jaenke: :: Gets a status update on the ship on his small pads :: Callista Tyrel: Geez ...should have checked the weather. :: notes people wandering around leisurely shopping , drinking..etc...:: Gila Orrak: :: Turns to Jaenke :: Something serious? Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::ship status report - situation normal, no SNAFU:: Erich Jaenke: :: Looks up :: No, just what needs to be done. Annika Sorenson: Yeah, I hope you don't melt in that. I suppose we should find you something more appropriate for the temperature. Kansas Kenickie: ::Kicks her feet up and leans back::: Callista Tyrel: Yeah.. Let's find a place to ...errr...acclimate me. :: chuckles :: I'll buy you a drink for all the trouble .. Callista Tyrel: :: notes the humidity is also very low, the environment seems full of static :: Annika Sorenson: Sure, let's go. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Sighs, hopes everyone is having fun fun below:: Annika Sorenson: ::walks around the shopping centre, looks at the various shops:: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::: as soon as the brewed coffee (no not replicated) is fresh, Amanda takes a Manticore mug and approaches the commander::: How about some fresh coffee. And scones, of course. Callista Tyrel: :: looks around noting apparel and other things....:: Kansas Kenickie: @ thank you Doctor ::Takes the mug:: how is my man doing? Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::snags Ens Weatherly to keep watch on the bridge::: Annika Sorenson: ::finds a neat little boutique, selling some chic looking clothes:: This looks nice. Erich Jaenke: :: Looks about :: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::settles into a chair next to her::: He's doing well, actually. Better than we expected, given the circumstances. Amanda Davis PhD: @ He's very strong. Annika Sorenson: ::enters and checks the clothes on offer:: Maybe not anything too frilly, but there's lots of options for more subtle stuff that still looks nice. Kansas Kenickie: @ don't I know it ::Smirks:: Callista Tyrel: :: looks at tank tops....:: yeah...:: follows Annika :: Annika Sorenson: I don't really know your personal style, but I'm sure there's something that'll suit you well. Ooh, I like these sandals. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::slight chuckle as she places the scones on a table next to the commander, along with an assortment of jellies::: Callista Tyrel: :: Callista makes several selections :: Oh I like those...:: picks up sandals :: Shorts...hmm...need those! Annika Sorenson: Definitely need those. Annika Sorenson: Maybe a nice blouse as well. Ooh, these are a nice match for you. ::holds up a blouse and shorts:: Callista Tyrel: Bolian Shopkeeper> Uh first time shopping? Dressing rooms over there....:: gestures :: Annika Sorenson: Thanks, mate. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::as she sips her coffee she also watches Kansas, who seems tired, but not overworn::: Callista Tyrel: Bolian > :: taps Annika on shoulder :: NIce of you helping her out..she needs it. Callista Tyrel: :: closes dressing room door and changes :: Callista Tyrel: Bolian Shopkeeper> Where are you visiting us from? Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Gulps coffee, breaks off a piece of scone and tosses it into the air and catches it in her mouth::: Callista Tyrel: Bolian Shopkeeper> We got visitors from all over the quadrant here on New Las Vegas, mostly those who prefer warmer climates. Annika Sorenson: Yeah, that's what friends are for... ::picks up another pair of sandals:: Hmm, these'll look good on me. You have these in Size 10? Annika Sorenson: Ah, yeah. I like warmer climates too. Far cry from Europa. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::impressed::: We should have a contest for that, Commander. Callista Tyrel: Bolian Shopkeeper> :: takes out a PADD...Ferengi in Origin and inputs some values:: Yes I Do...One moment please. Callista Tyrel: Bolian Shopkeeper> :: departs to retrieve sandals :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::wandering the decks, checking on several things, especially those who should be on duty::: Annika Sorenson: ::sits on a chair while she waits for her sandals and Callista:: Callista Tyrel: :: exits dressing room sporting a yellow tank, blue shorts, sandals and a beach hat :: How do I look? Touristy? Annika Sorenson: ::looks at Callista:: Naw, I don't think so. That looks really good on you. Callista Tyrel: Bolian Shopkeeper> Size 10s.... are here. Annika Sorenson: How's it fit? Ahh, thanks! Kansas Kenickie: Bartender> ::Approaches Callista:: Dress my lovely? Callista Tyrel: Hehe..I need to work on my Tan....But I think this will do for now! Annika Sorenson: ::takes the sandals, a very nice shade of blue. from the shop keep and tries them on:: Hm, a nice fit. ::checks her reflection in the mirror:: Sweet. I think you should get it. Annika Sorenson: How do these sandals look? Callista Tyrel: Comfortable. :: To Annika :: I will take it! :: To Bolian :: Annika Sorenson: I'll take the sandals too. Callista Tyrel: :: looks at Bartender at Boutique and giggles :: Thank you. Callista Tyrel: Bolian Shopkeeper > Outstanding I will ready your tab. Annika Sorenson: And this anklet. ::picks up a shiny gold anklet from a rack:: Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::is called away to tend to another in sick bay::: Callista Tyrel: Bolian Shopkeeper> A wise choice. I do hope you have fun. IF you need to get your friend a dress, there is a fine Cardassian Tailor shop about a KM down the street... Annika Sorenson: Ooh, okay thanks. ::pays for her sandals and anklet and waits for Callista:: Callista Tyrel: :: Exits dressing room with bags...and puts a PADD for payment of some sort :: Callista Tyrel: Bolian Shopkeeper> Have a marvelous day! Annika Sorenson: Thanks. Callista Tyrel: Okay Annika...thank you...uhm your turn where to now? Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::strolls through engineering, stopping to talk occasionally::: Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Head bobs back, then sits back up:: Annika Sorenson: ::puts on her new sandals and anklet:: Hmm. You're not hungry yet are you? We can get some ice creams or something and continue to walk down the shops. Annika Sorenson: ::arranges to have her heels beamed back to her quarters on the ship:: Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::notices the head bob when she returns::: Commander? Callista Tyrel: Sounds cool! :: follows Annika as they shop, also beaming stuff back to Manticore :: Erich Jaenke: :: Had been sitting silently on a couch in the lobby of the hotel :: Kansas Kenickie: @ I OK Kansas Kenickie: @ how about you take some leave too Doc.. everyone needs a break right? Annika Sorenson: ::remembers seeing an ice cream stall on the map:: It's not too far away, maybe 100 metres to the east. It seems to have really good reviews. Callista Tyrel: :: scurries after Annika for Ice Cream :: Amanda Davis PhD: @ I'm not exactly fond of our port of call this time. Amanda Davis PhD: @ However... how about you take a break. Amanda Davis PhD: @ Tell you what. Let's move the captain to ICU. There's an extra bed we can put beside you so you can relax and be with him. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Smiles::: I have been here often. Amanda Davis PhD: @ Maybe a little too often? Annika Sorenson: ::the sandals are very comfortable, with nice foot support:: These feel a lot better than my heels I'll tell you. Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::knowing smile:: Kansas Kenickie: @ only to cause trouble Amanda Davis PhD: @ Well... there's that. Annika Sorenson: ::soon finds her way to the ice cream shop:: Here it is. ::Checks out the list of flavours available:: Callista Tyrel: I bet...and it is nice to get out of regulation footwear for once! :: looks at the list :: Oh ....Cookies and Cream! Callista Tyrel: They really have thought of ...well humans. Gila Orrak: :: Sits next to Jaenke :: Are you alright Chief? Annika Sorenson: I hear you there. Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::grabs the attention of a passing corpsman, ordering her to take the captain to ICU... just in case, of course... and to include an extra bed::: Callista Tyrel: :: makes some selections :: Here I got you covered. Erich Jaenke: :: slowly nods :: There's a lot of things going on in my head. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::Corpsman::: Station two is perfect. Annika Sorenson: ::orders a chocolate flavoured cone:: Annika Sorenson: Oh, thanks. ::Smiles:: Callista Tyrel: Bajoran Ice Cream dealer> Here you go ladies. Enjoy. Annika Sorenson: Thanks. ::smiles:: Gila Orrak: The burden of your mind? Callista Tyrel: :: looks around :: shall we sit or just walk around and explore....I still owe you a drink I feel. Erich Jaenke: Yeah... I should walk around. Might help. Erich Jaenke: :: gets up and heads to the door for some fresh air :: Annika Sorenson: Up to you, though perhaps it'd nice be nice to sit and enjoy our ice creams before they melt. Gila Orrak: :: Follows the Chief :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::checking out the other decks, eventually arriving at sick bay::: Callista Tyrel: Yeah...here is some shade over here... Kansas Kenickie: Casino> ::Bright and inviting::: Erich Jaenke: :: Goes outside and heads in whatever direction :: Gila Orrak: Perhaps something to drink, to loosen you up? Annika Sorenson: Sounds good to me. Erich Jaenke: :: give her a look :: Really, are you some kind of country doctor? Gila Orrak: Hmm, no, I was born in a large city. Callista Tyrel: :: walks over and takes a seat..and notes a BIG BRIGHT CASINO ACROSS THE STREET :: Oh I bet they have some fine drinks there ..after our Ice Cream..perhaps we can take a look? Cmdr JFarrington: @ :::stops by Dr Soori to check on the captain's status::: Annika Sorenson: Sure, let's. I just hope I don't have too bad luck in the casino. Callista Tyrel: :: takes a bite out of her Ice Cream cone :: This kinda feels like back in Arizona where I grew up. Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::corpsmen and assistants move the captain into ICU-2:: Gila Orrak: :: Points to a well-lit gambling establishment across the strip :: Annika Sorenson: Oh? Yes, I suppose it would, given the climate. That is, if you grew up in southern Arizona. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::: the commander seems to be half asleep::: Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Has cup balanced on her leg::: Annika Sorenson: ::enjoys her ice cream, kinda people watching as they sit:: Erich Jaenke: *ACTION: Unknown to the Manticore and most ships in orbit, a small craft enters the system and heads down to the planet surface.* Callista Tyrel: Payson...small community North of old Phoenix. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::hoping the cup doesn't spill over::: Commander, ICU is ready. Callista Tyrel: Did you find yourself wanting to go to warmer places than Europa? Callista Tyrel: ( ruh roh ) Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::gets the low-down on the captain::: Erich Jaenke: :: Enters the casino across from their hotel :: Erich Jaenke: :: Sits :: Annika Sorenson: Ah, I see. ::nods:: I certainly do. Europa can be nice certainly, but I’ve kinda gotten used to warmer climates during my academy years. San Francisco has pretty nice weather, when it doesn't rain or fog. Kansas Kenickie: @ ::Eyes closed::: Gila Orrak: :: Sits with him :: As your, let's say doctor, let me select a few spirits to cleanse your mind. Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::then notices that Dr Davis and Kansas are together, but the commander seems to be asleep::: Callista Tyrel: Indeed.. those Marine layer days. :: surveying the scene with her ice cream :: Erich Jaenke: Ah, uhm, sure. You don't seem like most Cardassians. Amanda Davis PhD: @ ::orders the corpsman to keep an eye out with the commander and when she awakes, she can move into ICU with the captain::: Gila Orrak: How many have you met? Kansas Kenickie: ((3 minute warning)) Annika Sorenson: Yeah, good times. Erich Jaenke: You are my first. :: holds the glass in his hand :: Gila Orrak: Then I am exactly how a Cardassian should be. Callista Tyrel: I was a wimp with those ocean breezes sometimes. Erich Jaenke: :: drinks, then winces :: Amanda Davis PhD: @ :::spots Jami:: Callista Tyrel: :: notes Casino is ....very bright and inviting :: Cmdr JFarrington: @ ::nods::: Annika Sorenson: So was I at first. I owe it to my academy roommate who got me into surfing. ::finishes her ice cream:: I suppose we can pay the casino a visit, yes? I'd like to see how they compare to old Vegas. Kansas Kenickie: >>> Pause Sim <<<< Kansas Kenickie: >>> Pause Sim <<<< Kansas Kenickie: nice character building everyone Kansas Kenickie: any questions? Kansas Kenickie: Just some everyone knows next is our 22 year birthday Annika Sorenson: yay Erich Jaenke: man Callista Tyrel: wow Cmdr JFarrington: Awesome. Amanda Davis PhD: Do we get cake? Cmdr JFarrington: The cake is a lie. Kansas Kenickie: The cake IS a lie Amanda Davis PhD: ::gasp:: Callista Tyrel: The cake is...fake? Cmdr JFarrington: ::snarkle::: Annika Sorenson: That rhymes Kansas Kenickie: OK everyone get some Sleep Callista Tyrel: goodnight! Cmdr JFarrington: You, too! Amanda Davis PhD: Night all. See you next time. Kansas Kenickie: Nite nite Peeps Annika Sorenson: Goodnight! Erich Jaenke: Night all