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  1. Take it again Scooter!
  2. Have at it.
  3. Here is a little something while we wait.
  4. Another Hollywood remake. "You can't handle the truth!"
  5. "resistance if futile" It will happen, albums will be made and rabid fans will pay to hear this drek.. The real bad news will be if the radio stations pick it up and play it daily during the holiday season for the next 20+ Years! "I want a hippopotamus for christmas." the original one is nice to hear once in a blue moon but when I heard/saw the Jonas Brothers sing it ::shudder:: biebarf will sing it soon enough. that or Mele Kalikimaka.
  6. "Go ahead Heston.. Say 'Damn dirty apes' again..... say 'DAMN DIRTY APES' again.. I dare ya. I double dare ya.."
  7. Suburban Breakdancing?
  8. Blown up sir! That's the fact jack! Go for it Kairi!
  9. OK. been out a couple days. lets give this a shot.
  10. Calgon take me away.... Please.........
  11. Thank you for calling Gieco. To speak to a local representative, press or say one. To Process a claim, press or say two. ........
  12. I like 5 guys burgers. The fries are not so great.. Wish we had an In/Out here.
  13. By now you must know that this thread can never be turned from the Dark Side. So will it be with you.
  14. What you get when using a product other than rogaine... ch ch ch chia
  15. Happy Birthday Random.
  16. mmmm. BO/GO Ribeye... It's Steak for dinner!!....
  17. I loved it! It was a great movie to go watch and I think every fan should go see it. That being said, I was gonna wait till I saw it for a second time this upcoming weekend before I started tearing parts of the movie up but I think Pre hit several of the same things I saw.. 1- With all the different and exciting changes they have made to the ST universe, this refresh hits me more like a very very close Alternate Universe rather than an alternate timeline. I'm sure this is going to be a point argued for some time. 2- Starship construction on the planet?? I know they have a way to create gravity or else we couldn't walk along the corridors but it makes much more sense to build such a massive ship in orbit.. Yes the Rats and other creatures are gonna find a way up to the ship eventually but other than the construction crew needing EVA gear, it would be much easier and cleaner to build it in space. 3- YES.. Spock's ship does scream Star Wars.. I swear they even had it's engines sounding like anakin's starfighter, or was that the Kelvin?. <what I wanted to check before posting at the second viewing> 4- As for the Toy, I see the new phaser being the hot item this upcoming holiday season. Flip between stun and kill setting.. Simple and cool.. A must own for the geeks. =0)
  18. Gratuation on Mondays academy with Loami and Sumo's approval.. Welcome our newest ensign to the Community. Drinks on him this weekend at redstar.
  19. Denozo did what to my boat.
  20. Winner goes to Mreh followed by Kansas for her flash of memory. A flash I really didn't need..
  21. So, anyone nearby and planing on going? Perhaps we can all get together for Lunch or Dinner or some type of meet and greet. Let me know.
  22. have at it.
  23. Why? Because Niagara Falls in a barrel wasn't extreme enough.
  24. Yes yes.. I still have 2 huges stacks of those magnets, a dozen or so poker chips and 2 shirts =0)
  25. Quiet Pinky. I'm getting ready for Tomorrow night. Or Pinky! Are you pondering what I'm pondering?