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Clinton Seaforth

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  1. It's gonna be a warm day... low 20's up here in Toronto... too dang hot for me. I prefer it to be in the 10's ... low teens... Whats the weather like for ya'll? (BTW my temps are in degrees CELCIUS)
  2. in order 1: TNG, 2: DS9 and 3: Voyager TNG was the "Happy, Family Oriented" DSN was a darker, crueler (poor Miles and the Bloody Cardy Equipment), but had techno breakthroughs (anyone think the Mine Field was awesome other then me?) VOY for the fact that 1: first female captain to have her own show, 2: Loved the warp necelles and landings (good CGI), 3: B'Ellana was hot, but Seven was hotter.
  3. *tries to NOT laugh, cuz if I do I"ll go into a coughing fit* A9 - that's priceless man. Good find Big Chief
  4. who wants to work my shift today? It's from 1300-2359 ... doing security ... lol
  5. *Maks a note to be on Risa for the Risian Home Owners Meeting* They look almost worse then the Hirogen ... haha.
  6. Oh ... Wax on ... Wax off!
  7. I'm not a trekkie and I'm not a trekker ... I'm a trek-a-holic.
  8. We know the Borg still exist (in a few time lines) in the 29th Century with regards to the MobilEmiter I'd love to see somthing w/ Kira and Vaughn on DS9 with some Rear Admiral Janeway thrown in for fun w/ her crew ... perhaps The Titan can make appearences as well as M'k'n'z'y and The Excalibure ... who knows ... I say do a 10-20 year stint like they did between TOS and TNG to let ppl forget about it... then BAM! a new series, not a 'preseries' but a whole new one.
  9. I would choose a post DS9 w/ Col. Kira et. al. or one of the series like Titan, New Frontier or similar.
  10. Medussans for example ... I like the Bolians ... must the same temperment as me.
  11. Cardassian, Bajoran, Betazed, Bolian (TNG, Mot the barber was in a few eps), Elaurian (Guinan was in over 40), Trill, and what ever species MORN is ... the most talkative DS9 resident.
  12. OK just the 'major' Races ... seen more then 4 times in TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT that way, we have a poll UNDER 50 questions *LMAO*
  13. Greetings ... 'new' to this board ... not to Trek Roleplay / simming by any means. It's too bad Sims are not held Mon-Fri between 1000-1300 EST as that's when I'm home :S I work 1500-2300 :S and Sunday's I have too much on with friends and family (since that's when I see them). I figure sometime, I'll get into one of the Acads or just head back to being President of the Risian Home Owners Association *LOL*
  14. maybe I should be 1/2 Human, 1/4 Brikar, 1/4 Q *LOL* that'd throw everyone for a loop "Clinton Q Seaforth" Your thinking Time-Displaced M'Ress are you not Jones?
  15. it should be a multiple choice ... and where are the Bajorns, Benzite, Betazeds, Bolians, Brikars, Bynars, Denobulans, Elaurians, Tellerites, Vantaxians, Yridians etc?