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  1. Starting today, Arcadia will be moving to Wednesdays 10PM ET/7PM PT We will continue to use the "arcadia" room on STSF Discord.
  2. The away team investigates the cavern that turns out to be a major network node. It is also inhabited by slug-like creatures that seek out network cables to eat from them (and occasionally get electrocuted and become slug-splat). chatlog-2022-07-10.txt
  3. Arcadia leaves the system's class M planet and enters orbit of the class K planet. They scan a lot of technology, but very small amounts of lifesigns in the polar regions. An away team is assembled to investigate. chatlog-2022-05-15.txt
  4. Hi and welcome. We do chat based role-playing on Discord. The schedule is up on the site (my game is Sundays 9PT ET/6 PM PT) - this link should be you to the server if you're interested in watching a game, asking questions, and maybe joining. https://discord.gg/GjJTG3RSPK
  5. The rootkit penetrates into the alien probe and finds that it has a highly complex networked computer, but the alien probe finds and destroys the rootkit. Arc engineering tries to limit the alien computer program within the sandboxes on Arcadia's computer. Sensors find on the planet only 1 probe similar to the one they originally found, but it is inoperative. Arc crew considers leaving and investigating the system's class K planet. chatlog-2022-05-01.txt
  6. With the crew back onboard ship, they try to figure out the computer-virus like code that the alien probe injected into Arcadia's computer - which seems to be slowly learning how to operate the computer. Arcadia sends its own code to probe the alien ship. chatlog-2022-04-10.txt
  7. Hi and welcome! We do real time chat room sims. The best way is to start watching a sim. We're all running on Discord now. (My sim, Arcadia, runs Sun 6PM ET/9PM PT).
  8. The heat ray that was blocking Arcadia from beaming up the away team stopped firing long enough to beam them up. A cylindrical ship appeared and started probing Arcadia's computers. It ignored all of their hails. chatlog-2022-04-03.txt
  9. The away team attempts to communicate with the vehicle probe by leaving geometric and mathematical patterns in the rocks. They seem to have attracted some attention. The probe sent a coded transmission that Arcadia cannot decode. chatlog-2022-03-20.txt
  10. The AT got closer to the vehicle, which was surveying rocks on the planet's surface. It "surveyed" redshirt Ens Bob, by disassembling him into his constituent elements and cataloguing them. Meanwhile, the space probe in orbit of the planet began sending out a heat beam which was blocked by Arc's shields, but prevents them from being lowered to beam up the landing party. chatlog-2022-03-13.txt
  11. An away team beamed down to the class M planet in the system in unknown space. They investigated what looks like a robotic probe from afar. They find that the probe is still active and descend a set of hills to approach it. chatlog-2022-03-06.txt
  12. Arcadia (or, maybe the copy of Arcadia from the unstable wormhole!) emerges on the other side in completely unknown space. No Starfleet beacons, no recognizable star patterns, and... no wormhole to go back to. They find a nearby system with 6 planets. The class M planet has 1 energy signature, the class K planet has multiple. They investigate the truck-sized energy signature on the class M planet. chatlog-2022-02-27.txt
  13. Arcadia engages the entity. With the power drains and multiple volleys of firepower, the entity is finally destroyed, leaving only speculation of why it came to attack the Federation. Arc crew speculates that it was controlled by an AI. chatlog-2022-02-06.txt
  14. Arcadia engages the entity at high warp. The power drain successfully slows it down, but does not stop it. They dodge incoming high-warp missiles, that keep getting increasingly better targeted. chatlog-2022-01-30.txt
  15. Arcadia finds that it came out of the wormhole closer then expected to the entity's presumed location and would not be able to hide in the polar magnetic region of the planet. They quickly adapt plans to fight the entity. chatlog-2022-01-23.txt
  16. Arcadia goes through an unstable wormhole to catch up to the entity and try to stop it before it knocks out power on another planet. chatlog-2022-01-16.txt
  17. Arcadia bridge crew meets in Stellar Cartography. They determine that there is no way to catch up with the entity. They plan to use an unstable wormhole to get ahead of it, attempt to drain its power using a modified tractor beam, then destroy it before it can attack another planet. chatlog-2022-01-09.txt
  18. A battle takes place - early - at Epsilon Gamma 4. Arcadia listens in, unable to get there in time. The Federation fleet is outmaneuvered and the planet's power and comms are knocked out. The entity continues on into Federation space. chatlog-2021-12-12.txt
  19. The entity heads for the next inhabited system. The away team investigates the power plant and finds evidence of the types of weapons that are being used against them. The plant is found to be destroyed beyond repair. chatlog-2021-12-05.txt
  20. The entity is reported to be headed to another inhabited system, Arcadia will not be able to reach it in time. Arcadia has to give Iotus Prime enough power to survive after they leave. Before leaving, they need to investigate what happened to power generation on the planet. chatlog-2021-11-28.txt
  21. The away team lands on the planet and finds the population OK, but all power sources have been shut down. Their only power comes from reserve batteries that have been nearly emptied. chatlog-2021-11-21.txt
  22. Arcadia arrives at Iotus Prime... late. The fleet has either been scattered or destroyed. The colony has the right number of lifesigns, but is not responding to hails. chatlog-2021-10-31.txt
  23. The ship encounters a small probe which attempts communication, but turns out to be a distraction while weapons are launched at Arcadia. Arc escapes with minimal damage, and continues on to Iotus Prime, now, presumably, behind the attacking aliens. chatlog-2021-10-24.txt
  24. Arcadia traces the path of an entity that might have caused two Federation scanning facilities to lose contact. Its course takes it toward populated Federation space. chatlog-2021-10-10.txt
  25. or... how we got us and our patients off the great dust planet chatlog-2021-08-22.txt chatlog-2021-09-05.txt chatlog-2021-09-12.txt chatlog-2021-09-19.txt chatlog-2021-10-03.txt