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Princess T'lak

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  1. Same here..... ARGH!!! :D :P :P :P
  2. I would love to go on one of those cruises. I'll just have to hope they have them for the next 10 years or so, that way I can get some money saved up from working after I graduate.
  3. Mr. Squid during the annual feast of the Kitteh... *Nom nom nom* :blink:
  4. Happy Early Birthday T'aral. See you when you get back!
  5. <<Accessing Personnel File>> Name: Princess T'Lak Race: Vulcan Sex: Female Height: 5' 9" Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green/Blue Complexion: Fair Racial Traits:Pointed Ears Marital Status: Single, Fiancee deceased Parents: Mother: T'lil, Father: Tenik Siblings: None Born: 2371 Raal Province, Vulcan Age: 26 SY Education: Primary Education: Vulcan Elementary Education Secondary Education: Starfleet Academy Primary Specialty: Engineering Secondary Specialty: Medical Current Assignment: USS Agincourt NCC-81762 Position: Engineering Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade Biographical Data: T'lak was born to T'lil and Tenik in the Province of Raalon Vulcan. She was a very eager child, absorbing the lessons that were given to her by her mother and later by her teachers. Her parents only wanted one child and were very pleases by her, to the point where some said she was spoiled. She was seen so to the point where her classmates teased her saying," Your highness", or "Oh no here comes the princess". Though her early years were filled with the worst cruelties she forged her own identity and soon became one of the most respected of them as far as emotional control. She, unlike many Vulcan brides before her had known her intended, since they were young; spending many hours with Terik at his parents house. As he was several years old than she was he also would reach his Pon Farr before she would. To prepare for this rite he took a pilgrimage to The Forge to test himself against the elements and to prove to himself that he was ready to take a bride. Her parents insisted she join him so that they would have a better understanding of one another in terms of their life together and their own personalities. The trip was uneventful until the final day.They were heading back to their waiting shuttle after a long day's hike when they spied a Sehlat creeping around a dune, it hadn't been following them for long. As soon as they spotted the sehlat it broke into a run, scrambling up the dune was their only way to safety. Sadly, she lost her grip and he slipped from her grasp and was killed. She was forced to wait 3 days before the Sehlat moved off, leaving her dehydrated and sunburnt. The ride in the shuttle back to her family home was one of unimaginable sadness and anger. She didn't speak for 6 months after his death; she did, however, find an outlet in painting; mostly of cataclysmic scenes. When she did finally speak, she told her parents that she had made up her mind to join Starfleet. They decided to respect her decision, hoping that she would one day return and take her place once-more among her family. During her Starfleet she received high marks in warp mechanics and was trained as a medic. Most of her classmates recounted at her incredible memory,'during one exercise she matched 300+ shapes in the span of 2 minutes. She was a very quiet and soft spoken cadet, using most of her time to contemplate what had happened and that is was not her fault. Most of her time outside of her room was spent reading novels and watching other people in the mess hall. Preferring to eat alone, she had little time for other people as she was still slightly prone to emotional outbursts. The small group of friends that she did have were prone to laughter, an activity she found quite odd. While there she gave her time openly to others, even mentoring other students starting out in their first year. Some found her quite odd, her quiet demeanor left many to wonder if she even spoke at all. During the Kabayashi Maru, she was given high marks for empathy; a trait that most Vulcan's never achieve. As with most other cadets she failed that test, only later did she realize the solution. Near end of her Starfleet academy career she took up singing as a hobby. She sang soprano and earned high praise for her rendition of Christine in The Phantom of the Opera. Graduating at the top of her class was another of the highlights in her somewhat strange life. She did not however, give a commencement speech at graduation. Instead she compiled a slide of all the graduating students, usually in candid photos that she had taken during that year, compiling it with a song that she had found acceptable in the campus database. Her parents attended the graduation, giving her a small bracelet they found in Terik's belongings after she left. The bracelet was made of platinum and rare amethysts harvested and sent to Vulcan for the occasion. Originally meant to be a wedding present, she does not take it off, as it is her only link to Terik. Personality Profile T'lak has since been haunted by the memories of that fateful day in the Forge, causing some instability in her personality. The threat of danger to her person or anyone she cares about can cause near violent behavior in her seemingly calm and charming demeanor; usually ending up in a violent throwing session. Usually not quick to anger, she has a love of calm places. One of her favorite programs on the holodeck is the ocean breezes on a cliff over the Pacific Ocean in California. As a strict Vegetarian, T'lak dislikes the consumption of meat products in her presence. She also abhors the smell of milk, whether it be replicated or natural; it has been known to make her violently ill. Medical history: Broken Hip Broken Tibia Fractured Heelbone Service Record: Ensign- USS Agincourt Lt. Junior Grade- USS Agincourt (Oct. 2008 <<Ending Transmission>>
  6. Edited some of the bio, early childhood, birthplace and date. Felt it needed more "meat" to it. :P :P
  7. *Steps on the Enter key* Come on... come on.. *Hampster Dance song plays on Cell phone*
  8. "Starfleet Royalty." Seems like a good Title for me.
  9. Awww such a sweetie. ;) :D
  10. Awwww Happy Valentines day everybody.
  11. Baxter ran across this site to make cartoon videos, they had a trek section and i got creative. Contact me if you're interested in my result [LINK REMOVED]
  12. Atragon9 has removed the link. I assume it violated something. But if you want to know more. I'll be happy to direct anyone who would like to create one of these videos or check it out to the website. Just let me know. ;) That is all. Thank you for your time.
  13. I do think that they could have found a better person to play Scotty than The Guy from Shaun of the Dead. I know he's trying to branch out but to me it just doesn't seem right. But I will say that I've had a crush on Spock (the one from New Voyages-Currently Phase II- www.startreknewvoyages.com) played by Jeff Quinn. So in opinion Zach makes one steamy vulcan. ;) :wub: :wub: :wub:
  14. You were most likely watching How the world would end on History channel. It featured Stephen Hawking.
  15. Happy B-day jami. Whenever day it was. ;) ;) <=i=> <- There's your cake... i know it doesn't look like one.
  16. Monk: "What this isn't the couch I ordered?... A live tiger you say?... Oh.. well it felt warm i just thought it was the heating function?" Tiger opens eyes.. Monk and tiger exchange glances... Monk runs from tiger. :P -Ohm..^^ -|- ==== :lol: ==~ ./\ =====..//..//
  17. The chat window pops up and says"several java machines running in the same window created fatal error." ARGHH
  18. I have to restart my computer for it to want to go into chat.
  19. I'm new so if anyone wants to walk me thru what to do I'd really appreciate it. :) :lol: :D