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Hadrian Yolandon

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  1. .. If you cry at the end of "Lower decks" all 3 times youve seen it.
  2. ..Or you pretend your car is a shuttle with you friend, while he is helm and navigation (Driving and GPS) and you control the hailing frequencies (Radio). It makes driving alot more fun :P (Double post.. it had to be done.)
  3. ... You get a Vulcan hair cut, and decide to have intercourse only once every seven years..
  4. I've been thinking about this recently, It's called Star Trek Netoya Lab 7. About A Science Star base situated outside a massive anomoly nicknamed the Void, where any ships that enter, don't come back and so far scans cannot get any readings. The Series would be about the Starbase crew learning about what the void is. The Captain would have to be a Scientist I'm thinking older Gentleman, Like santa. The First Officer would be Wu from the Stargazer series. CSCI Young Human Male CENG Focused Vulcan Male CSEC Outgoing Human Female CMO Older Human Female OPS Joy - With her permission of coarse :ph34r: The Starbase would have One Miranda Class Refit and a few science refitted shuttles. The mission of the small Star Base is to learn as much as they can about the void. Other species are also researching it and some other local inhabitance have whole religions surrounding. I think that way there is much room for conflict, interaction with other species, and an awesome series Finally
  5. Mantis: I just saved 15% on my car insurace by switching to geico and the Gecko ate my husband For Me!
  6. Caption: Mr. Magoo's Asian Counterpart
  7. After considering all possibilities, Ive decided V'roy is right.. Congratz on a stunning win Sumo ;)
  8. Sorry., I just got my Internets reinstalled.
  9. wow, than its nice to meet ya :lol:
  10. Soulmates.
  11. Ya know, Thats a good point. I mean judging by the Green scales and the snake fangs, youd think it would be a Snake monster, but it also has a nose, and snakes breath through thier mouth so no matter how much you warp the origional concept of a snake monster, it would be just rediculous to add a nose on it. I'm going to cast my vote on Snake eatting man, or Snake eatting Mirror-reflecting a shocked, red-faced man.
  12. I don't know how long the picture is supposed to go for. But I pick her. And Kallah, I loved your work on the Bruce lee Caption. We should be best friends
  13. Excellent..
  14. Since My young boy was kidnapped, this is the only picture I have to remember him by.
  15. Hmm, I crashed my rock on this boat...
  16. You Made me LOL while I was ROFL Mercy Darkrose, Marry me
  17. The Trees are finally fighting back.
  18. Driver: Now where did MR. S.H. Cool Live again? ... Oh my God.
  19. I've decided to leave the ST Sims. To those who I've simmed along side, It's been fun.
  20. Yaay Here yaz go
  21. Oohh and you just found one :lol:
  22. "I Ain't have no Arms"
  23. OOh, An open lounge. And a free drink. How can I say no.
  24. Could mine be 'Hang in there space cowboy' ??