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  1. Happiest of days to you Sumo...and many more :wacko:
  2. To Serve And Protect Duty Log: Angelis,John,A.,1Lt.,CAG, 420 th. Light Fighter Group, U.S.S. Reaent The briefing at 1600 hrs. in the Pilots ready room adjacent to the fighter bay had gone better than many had predicted. The expressions of relief were apparent on the various faces of those in attendance. The results from both the asteroid target practice and simulated close combat engagement with the fighters that were on station and in practice runs when engaged by the two prototype fighters flown by myself and Mr.Scherer was quite revealing . The data from the surprise mock engagement being beamed directly back to Reaent by our telemetry has demonstrated the welcome augmentation and benefit of the fighters as a valuable addition to our standard fighters. There are still performance parameters needing to be set as a benchmark for refinement and possible modifications to really make the Corsairs a very effective and efficient superiority fighter platform in support of our present craft. The maneuverability and enhanced speed capabilities are most impressive when coupled with the newest additional sensors package, The ability to mask or reduce the overall signature of the craft to resemble smaller bits and pieces of transient meteoric,or asteroidal debris while on a direct approach to engage the enemy is phenomenal indeed. The combination of the various propulsion,guidance,integral pilot link to the computer practically moves the craft at the speed of thought along with the manual input on the stick to heights not previously found on fighter craft* Note* Enhanced performance ability of the craft may exceed pilots natural abilities in piloting response*, I have been assured the onboard link systems automatically gauge and set to pilots skill level while performing the power up phase of start up and pre flight sequencing. The results of the individual pilots recorded performance while in practice runs resulted in very good marks across the board, some were exceptional, Those found to be very exceptional were afforded the luxury of not attending remedial simulator drills and given an eight hour downtime leave to do as they wished. The overall progress of this group of pilots I am most pleased with and must admit they do in fact represent some of the fleets finest it has been my honor to work or be associated with. I do take some solace and pride in the knowledge each and everyone of my pilots have demonstrated unswerving commitment to duty and professionalism. I have no reservations in the assignment of any of the pilots under my direct command filling any type of mission role as it pertains to fighter support operations. The Alert#1 fighter teams have been posted with Alert# 5 teams in reserve. I have posted results of the practice drills on the pilots performance and duty board on the fighter deck and have classified as top secret ,the results from the prototype fighters telemetry and down loaded the data and forwarded to the Command staff for review and presentation to fleet H.Q. at their convenience with notations and suggestions on future test and trials. Computer...suspend duty log and make a transfer addition to my personal log...Beep!, Addendum to personal log...The old fashioned mariners clock has just chimed 2300 hrs.,the coffee is strong and cold. I still have to stop by sickbay on my way to quarters to see my wife. Schawnsee had contacted me briefly upon exiting the simulator room post running Mr.Shamor through a rigorous simulation. She had indicated she had some very good news to share, That is something I could certainly use right now...I have been very concerned about my little one. "Computer...Resume duty log:..Beep!. The future prospect of the fighter division to perform at the very best of expected and exceed expectations in the security of this ship and crew in my professional opinion has been demonstrated without hesitation as I shall continue to assure we will continue to serve and protect this Grand Dame...the Reaent!. Computer,encrypt and forward to Command staff this duty log .,....Beep. :wacko:
  3. And now for something totally different...::Ques the MPFC music, and looks at Mr.Cleese::...Well go on John...your on ! :P
  4. Agreed A-9, Unfortunately another great show will probably bite the corporate dust.
  5. Awwww...Beans and fried Potatoes...The Lenthral is way over done....!
  6. A Day At The Range Personal Log: Angelis,John,A.,1Lt.,CAG, U.S.S. Reaent NCC-3345-G The preparations of the squadron and pilots had been progressing well enough as it appeared things were beginning to return to a resemblance of normalcy as our new Co and the present mission has been underway. I am a bit more at ease with one of my pilots Mr.Nansk as he appears to be adjusting and has found a venue to deal with his personal and psychological problems dealing with recent events involving the other ship known as Reaent. I am however keeping an eye out for any kind of behavior that may indicate a relapse and return to his prior state. The trip to the Gorn border has been essentially without incident and our orders given and passed to the various departments. The pilots have been given additional simulator exercises and scramble alerts while en route,effectively cutting their previous response times to a more acceptable time frame and had been doing very well. The order came from the bridge to setup Alert fighters in case they were needed,and assignments were posted for Mr.Nansk and Mr.Tomlinson as alert#1 status. The alert# 5 I had planned on personally posting to along with Jester and Ace. The situation was moving along smooth as a baby's bottom until the actual order for the alert#1 fighters to scramble and launch...too much time was taken in discussion with a pilot and did degrade the reaction and time to launch by a factor of 30 seconds...still well within normal time allocation, however not within my expectations and acceptable standards. The fighters launched as I alerted Jester and Ace to scramble with me to the Alert# 5 fighters and stand by. The situation as it turns out was a planned range exercise for the fighters...I do understand the reasoning,and from what information I have received on the new Captain he is well acquainted with fighter operations, All the better for he does understand the absolute necessity for top performance and response from us here in the squadron...this ship and crew lives may very well depend on seconds,not minutes in a bad situation. No excess time is not a luxury we can afford in our profession. The CENG Mr.Scherer and I had been discussing the matter of the new prototype fighters and have been weighing the possibilities of being able to actually bring the new fighters online post trials, of course this cannot happen without proper Command authorization from the skipper. This may actually be a most opportune time to do so though as we are not engaged in any type of aggressive situations on this mission...so far. I have taken in consideration our present mission and have as well allocated additional resources in the event the word is given for a test trial of the fighters. The addition of those new fighters would greatly expand our response capabilities from a tactical point of view and enhance the overall effectiveness of this squadron. The chief and I in theory could perform a dual function if allowed to proceed, One we would have the opportunity to ascertain the performance of the craft in a real, However controlled environment and interact in a real time exercise with fighters of our present line...all the while providing escort duty and ready to respond to any real or perceived threat at a moments notice. The Alert#5,and #6 would still be available and on ready alert status. This would tactically give the ship and the squadron a desirable advantageous position were we to run into hostile forces during the placements of the sensors along the prescribed corridor. I am quite aware of the desire of a few of my pilots anxiously straining at the bit to test out the new fighters...However in this situation and this particular time it is my opinion a more precise and accurate testing of the fighters be performed. I have listed both Mr.Scherer and myself as primary test pilots designated for trial runs, We simply need accurate detailed test results from the trials...not a ye haw..joyride to test the performance parameters. I have forwarded my suggestions to the Command staff and awaiting either clearance or denial for the proposed trial runs of the fighters. I as well am a bit more positive at this moment as it pertains to my wife...Apparently the reports I have been getting from Doc are most promising indeed. The Chief and appears as anxious as I am to actually get those craft space bourne and get on with actual trials, All the static and simulated testing are now complete...I have personally gone over each and every detailed report with Mr.Scherer and everything a go from his professional point of view...and from my professional point of view as a pilot. The Alert# 5 pilots are in place and standing by...The Chief and I are ready and awaiting the word from Command...Either way it should prove a most interesting day on the range. Computer....End Log: Beep....! :P
  7. And now for something totally different....::Cues the MPFC theme::.... :)
  8. And a mind is a terrible thing...to waste, So welcome aboard and do not waste time and just jump right into the next scheduled academy. :)
  9. Well Fred I am sure that I can safely say for myself as well as others quite a few of us call this excellent site...Home, And a great Thank You to all that were involved in the implementation of STSF. :)
  10. Welcome to STSF..The one best of all sim sites...Good luck and hope you become part of our Family.... :huh:
  11. Again..."No" there are many misconceptions and rumor mill tales of the lowly pigeons..and there are just as many positive accounts of their cousins...the "Carrier Pigeons" ...Without whom contribution to "Modern Warfare" A great deal more would have been lost...just gotta think on a different plane of reasoning kitty...and one that does not involve netting the bird. ! :huh:
  12. ::sighs..and hums...:: Well what to do now...hey it's a new month guys...lets go!!!
  13. The wing commander series of games "Rock" Kansas...and yes being a CAG is better than being filthy rich... :huh:
  14. Sage And Cedar Personal Log:Angelis,john,A.,CAG,420th.Light Fighter Grp., U.S.S. Reaent NCC-3345-G The scent of prairie sage and cedar filled the front room of Angels and Schawnsee's quarters as he sat reflecting on the events of the day. It feels strange and out of place without my wife present as we usually share in the relaxation and meditation and communion with each other. This day has presented itself as one I would hope to never repeat again. I sat with Doctor Matthews and our new counselor Doctor Curtis as we discussed Schawnsee and her present condition. I had already suspected the eventual suspension of my little one from the duty roster as Csec...at least temporarily. The word was given by Doc as she explained her rationale for pulling her from duty. I understand full well the reasoning and the logic behind the decision...irregardless of personal feelings. The discussion proceeded to her regiment of treatment and medications and that was when I suggested to both the doctors that the regiment they had revealed was agreeable in most of the context. I had to then reveal to them something of a private nature as it pertains to both my wife and I and the connection to our native beliefs and practices along with the gifts we possess. The reactions from the two doctors appeared to be varied as I related the necessity of along with the regiment they suggested that Schawnsee be enabled to seek healing and treatment in our way as well. I had started to exit sickbay and Doc's office when schawnsee was escorted in by Dr.Deb I had just asked Dr. Curtis to explain I had to return to duty and it might be best if I were not present when the details of her treatment were given to her. My wife knows me better than any one individual on this ship...she knows full well my dedication and work ethic and in so being there might actually be detrimental to her stability. The point was moot as Dr. Matthews briefly conversed with Schawnsee which did perhaps trigger an unexpected positive response from her. Schawnsee looked up at me with those most beautiful eyes and greeted me,called me "Hun"..not much mind you however considering the past few weeks it is a marked improvement. I smiled and greeted her of course...and probably all to obvious to all present in a very loving and personal way, So much for decorum. I did almost as quickly explained I had to return to duty with much work to be done and excused myself. I paused at the door as my little one softly urged me to be careful...again an unforeseen and positive statement. I instinctively replied in the no speak tongue as our people refer to it as...and was surprised to see her in my peripheral vision look up as if in response...again a positive .I exited without further ado. The trip back to Flight Ops and my office were involved in deep considerations not only of my wife but the additional crew that had been effected from their/our last little engagement in the recent past and the recorded and documented recorded logs of that incident. I am deeply concerned with Mr.Nansk and his apparent problem with coping with the situation, Then there is Will another pilot whom had been in that other when and where. The concern with he is not as critical as he from outward appearances is finding a way or ways to cope...his reactions and timing during testing and duty reports confirm that at least. The concern of the crew of Captain Michaels our previous CO is prevalent and the reactions from the crew in general is like an open wound as it pertains to their collective attempts to deal with the matter of our having a new CO over Commander Ridire being chosen in good stead. I had as well as the other department heads gave our assurance to Captain McQueen cooperation and routines will continue without hesitation,no reserve assurance was noted ...with the one exception of my wife of course. I had been busied with the doctors and Schawnsee earlier apparently when the new CO decided to pay a visit to the fighter section and had apparently met with some of the pilots and Mr.Scherer. The report and feedback from Will indicated his impromptu tour went well apparently...I do wish I had been there, there are some matters I would have loved to have gone over. I am as well impressed with the fact the CO is quite familiar with fighters and flight operations...perhaps this will help ease the transition for my pilots to their new CO from our last one. The remainder of the day was pretty much routine with the additional training schedule ran by and overseen by Will in my absence. I did return and post review of the simulator grading report, I had to have Will take them thorough one additional training routine to sharpen their reactions and timing...I will not tolerate sloppiness and ill timing on an emergency scramble drill...there is just too much at stake. I am reflecting once again on Tabor and his situation. I know he has been avoiding any discussion or conversation for that matter with me like he is being chased by the devil himself...devil indeed , I know his personal demons must be hell dealing with. I must now make an informed decision for the sake of this squadron as well as the safety of this ship wether to continue to allow Tabor to continue,or pull him off flight status until he can return to his duty and carry out his duty as is expected from us all. I have consulted with Dr.Curtis on this matter and I must give Tabor one last chance to seek out help in his situation...or he will be pulled from flight duty. The prospect of being pulled from duty for any pilot is almost as bad as being beaten and then drawn and quartered with remaining parts being stuffed into a garbage disposal unit and given as a gift to the Borg. I have been observing the reactions from the crew and there is an air of ease and relaxation being informed our mission destination was changed at the last possible moment by Captain McQueen. I do think personally the new CO has the best interest of the crew in mind and is well aware and informed of our past adventures and the toll it has taken on this ship and crew collectively. The scent of the Sage and Cedar are having their desired effect along with the herbal tea I am relaxing to a degree.The thought of my wife and how much we have seen and been through together is still on my mind...I hope for our sake we can both find a suitable venue to work through this and get on with our lives and not turn back. The evidence of what was claimed by the crews recovered from the escape pods and the memories I have personally seen through my little one's eyes and mind is irrefutable and above reproach. The occurrence most certainly happened...however we are alive in this here and now,We all must go forward and get on with our lives...or be doomed to live and dwell in the past. The recent past in this case is not a very inviting place to be in my opinion..perhaps we will all be able to cope and go on...Computer...End Log: Beep.
  15. Another Where, Another When "A joint Schawnsee,Caroline Curtis{Special guest},and Angel Production " Angel tapped his comm badge as he turned to leave the conference room. "Counselor Curtis; Angel here."Do you have a few spare minutes?". Kat slowly walked out of the conference room, waiting a few steps outside the door as Angel had asked her to. Her thoughts were still clouding her judgement of the new captain. Looking over to Schawnsee, Angel smiled as he left the room. "Thank you for waiting, my love; we need to talk." Kat looked to Angel. " What else needs to be said? I do not like what HQ has done and for reasons we are not being told. This is all going right back to this not being my real time." Angel was taken aback at her words. "Schawnsee, I full well understand what you must be going through, for we have spoken on this last night. I understand one thing for sure -- we are man and wife..and I love you. I am very concerned, little one, over you. The time thing ,or dimensional plane thing, is really of little consequence...we are alive and together." Angel paused for a moment to reply to the comm as he led Schawnsee into the lift. "Please come with me I think an opinion from a third party might help us." Caroline Curtis had been sitting in her office, slightly slouched against one arm of her chair, going over a padd when the comm went off. She looked up, quickly trying to place the name against those she knew on the ship. Probably the CAG. "Of course," she said, straightening up. "Come by whenever you need to." Kat looked to Angel as she heared the counselor's voice again, this time coming from his commbadge. "What are you up to? If you mean the counselor, I've talked to her. I'm telling you -- something isn't right here." "We have not talked to her..." Angel said. "I will be there with you. I know as well what happened, and you are correct but for what ever reason it has, I am thankful for it. I have touched your mind, and you have mine, is this not right? There is no way to hide that or fake it my love. Remember our elders and their teachings." Kat took a deep breath, looking up at her husband, knowing he would not leave her side until he had satisfied his own will. She reluctantly moved with him down the corridor to the TL and stepped inside. "Fine," was all she replied. He entered the lift and drew her close. "I have nothing but love and respect for you, my little one...and you know that for certain. I have been observing you of late though, and you appear a bit more anxious and impatient than your usual way. I am simply trying to find a way for you...for us to handle what has occurred and move on with our lives. Kat looks up to her husband's eyes, sensing his sincerity but still not 100% sure this was where she should be. "Very well. I'll do what you ask." She leaned back into his arms cradling her. She knew the touch he had but still couldn't bring herself to accept what she was seeing.(go) The doors to the lift opened and Schawnsee and Angel approached the door to the office that had been allocated to the counselor. Angel looked at his little one and smiled his big smile as he gently squeezed her small hand. "It will all work out," he said as he chimed the door. "Come in," Curtis called, leaning forward against her desk and looking at the door to see who would enter. The door opened, and Angel motioned for Schawnsee to enter first. "Ladies and superior officers first," he said, grinning. Kat allowed Angel to gently push her in first, as he knew she would dart if she was given half a chance. "Hello again, Counselor." "Hello, Katherine," Curtis said, smiling at the chief of security as she entered. "Welcome back. And you..." she addressed the man with her. "You must be John Angelis?" Angel smiled and nodded. "I am," he said. "A pleasure to meet you and thank you for setting aside time for us in what must be a busy schedule." Kat just nodded. It was obvious she didn't wish to be there. Curtis chuckled. "It wouldn't be busy if there weren't people to help," she said cheerfully, then gestured them both to take a seat. She could tell Schawnsee didn't want to be there so she kept her eyes focused on Angelis for the time being, since he was apparently the instigator. "What can I do for you both?" Kat takes a seat where indicated and looked to both of them, then thought back to what had happened once again. She again saw her husband's fighter, as well as the ship, get destroyed, and slightly jumped at the explosions once again in her mind. "Well, for starters, Doctor..." Angel said. "Help my wife and I find a way to get a handle on what has apparently taken place in...another where...another when, if you will." He looked over at Schawnsee and noted her wince. " Little one...it is ok...you really are here and safe as well," he quietly said as he gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. Kat, being in another world of her own at the moment, pulled away at that gentle squeeze, jumping with a bigger start, having reached in her mind the point where she was being held captive and threatened with torture if she did not talk. "Was this a dream or did it really happen?". Her mind will not allow it to let go. Caroline nodded at Angelis. "That's what I'm here for..." She looked at Schawnsee again, catching the sudden jolt of her body. Flashbacks... She let out a long breath. "Katherine...look at me for a moment," she said quietly, trying to break the other woman out of the grip of whatever memory held her. Kat caught the sound of the counselor's voice and looked in her direction. Her eyes had the beginnings of tears but also had a darkly fearful look in them. The look of distrust. Caroline sighed, her expression concerned. It seemed Schawnsee's reaction to the events was slightly stronger than she had originally let on. "You're having flashbacks?" A confirmation rather than a real question. "How much has this been happening since you returned?" She directed the words at both of them. Kat just sat there, staring, not really answering. Angel sighed. "More frequently than I would like to admit. Please understand -- from my wife's point of view, I am dead, as well as most of the crew from, for a lack of a better description, the other Reaent...and she is having a real problem accepting this new where and when." Caroline nodded at him. "Yes...we spoke earlier regarding this; she expressed her concern that she was not certain she believed this reality to be the 'correct' one, so to speak. A completely understandable reaction to such an experience. I had not realized that it was expressing itself in such a physical manner, however." She noticed that Kat had not responded to her. "Katherine, are you listening? Can you hear me?" She wanted to determine to exactly what degree these flashbacks had a hold on Kat before she started throwing around suggestions. "I'm NOT going crazy -- I know what happened to me!" Kat blurted out suddenly, and she began quivering all over once more. She felt them all looking at her and shrunk back into her seat. She could not control the shaking. It had her in its grip. Angel looked at Schawnsee. He had been holding off on using the "no speak" to her for fear it might actually aggravate the situation...after her outburst to both Caroline and he. "Little one, I do not think you are going crazy....remember our teachings...and the elders...we will get through this." He looked deep into Schawnsee's eyes as he smiled, knowing he had touched her mind....she might be a bit shocked by it....but it had to be done. Kat just sat there, not acknowledging anything. Her thoughts had gone back to the new captain and what he had said in the conference room about this not being his idea either. She still did not acknowledge Angel speaking to her with his mind. "No one has the slightest thought that you are crazy," Caroline said, leaning back slightly in her seat; Kat was displaying something of a fight-or-flight response and the psychiatrist wanted to appear as unthreatening as possible. "However, you seem to be very, very unhappy and the more you can talk to us, the more we will be able to help with that." Angel looked at the counselor. "It is worse than I had feared...she does not even acknowledge my thoughts...though I am certain she heard me...and felt the touching," he said. Turning back to Schawnsee, Angel sighed. "What must I do to help you accept this time and place my love? Kat at first did not say a word, did not even change her stare. "Dr. Matthews saw it too," she said finally, looking between the officers. "No one other than I questioned the new captain at the meeting. He said he was ordered here. Why do you get taken off a ship after that long unless they want to be rid of you. HQ wants the Reanent destroyed. What other way than to send her BACK to the place that killed her to begin with. Does no one else get what they are doing? " Kat sat up slightly in her chair and looks around as if looking for someone or something. Caroline sighed. Kat frankly made an excellent point, one that the rest of the crew had also been bringing up from time to time. She wholeheartedly disagreed with much of how Fleet Command had handled this ship -- particularly in attempting to send the ship back into the Neutral Zone so soon after their recent ordeal. "You are no longer going to the Neutral Zone, however," she said aloud, her voice as soothing as she could make it. "Captain McQueen had you diverted to the Cestus system." Angel sighed, and merely watched Schawnsee, who appeared to be staring at the wall behind the doctor. "I know in my mind she and the others went through hell," he spoke. "I suppose those of us that died in that other time and place were the lucky ones. I do know as well that she is my beloved one, Doctor, and I will walk through hell for her, to have her back to me totally. I understand she doubts her place here in this reality. However it is reality, and from my last check I am still alive. I also have a few problems with some of my pilots...specifically one of my best pilots, Mr. Nansk. Tabor is at the edge of being grounded from his own experience." Kat, even though she was still shaking, finally LOOKED at the counselor, her eyes losing a bit of their glazed appearance. "He may have diverted us but it could still be a trap." Her breathing was still fast and her pulse still high at the anxiety she was going through. She then looked at Angel. "You are alive but it still feels like a dream." "It's true, you have no way of knowing what lies ahead of you in the Cestus system," Caroline agreed, responding to Kat first. "However...in this line of work you rarely know what you're going towards until you get there anyway." She could see some of the hunted animal look retreating from Schawnsee's eyes and she tried to provide as much reassurance as she could to supplement it. "You are, I think, going in the right direction -- you have a captain who is thinking about the needs of his crew and acting on them." She glanced at Angel as he spoke and nodded slowly at him, responding more quietly, "Yes, I spoke to Mr. Nansk briefly as well; he and all of these people have a difficult road ahead. Your willingness to stand with them is admirable and necessary -- they are going to need all the stability they can get." "Well, you see, Doc," Angel replied, "I have little choice. One -- Schawnsee is my most beloved wife...again, I reinterate, I would walk through hell for her. Second -- my pilots are worth the effort. I have no choice but to stand with them. And Schawnsee knows, better than any, the strict code of ethics and honor we both were trained in and raised to maintain from childhood." Kat remained silent and still, not answering either of them. Her thoughts were back on the others that were with her through this ordeal. Caroline barely heard Angel as she noticed that Kat had drifted off again. Her distraction had worsened noticeably even just over the course of this interview and certainly since they had last spoken, and Caroline was now thinking there might be more here than had originally met the eye. "Classic PTSD, mixed with a little natural paranoia, some depression, a physical reaction to the trauma, and a blasted stupid decision on the part of Star fleet Command...this is going to need a deeper look than just one session..." She turned away slightly from Kat, who she wasn't sure could really hear her anyway, and addressed Angel again. "I'd like you to have her stop by sickbay; there are tests for the more physically expressed reactions to PTSD, and also some medications available to perhaps combat the worst of the depression. Time is going to be the final healer for her as it is for all of them, but her trauma has a bit of an edge on it that can maybe be helped in other ways. I'll pass my observations and recommendations on to Doctor Matthews so she knows what has been happening." Caroline didn't like reverting to drug treatments unless it was absolutely necessary, but she wanted a second opinion on this. Angel looked first at Caroline, and then to Schawnsee as she sat there, looking akin to a frightened fawn who had been separated from its mother. "Doctor, I agree...whatever it takes my wife is worth it," he said. Kat didn't react to the voices going on around her, just sat and stared off into the distance. :P
  16. A Time For Reflection,A Time To Move On Personal Log: Angelis,John,A,1st.lt.,CAG,U.S.S.Reaent NCC-3345-G Last night was the second time in two weeks my wife and I have actually had to enjoy a bit of down time together since we arrived at the Star Base and reparations on the ship had began. I have been going over reports and interrogatories I have personally made into the incident both one of my pilots Lt.Nansk had claimed occurred. I had finally been able to get close enough to Schawnsee last night to get her own fresh version of what she and others had apparently experienced...including her own visual account,not verbally mind you but by her own mind...that could not have been placed there by any other means along with the cascade of memories as she began to weep on my shoulder as I drew her closer on the couch in our quarters. We briefly discussed possibilities and where those possibilities may have originated and by whom more importantly. This would not be the first time we have been the pawns on a mission from the fleet that was dubious at best. I cannot possibly understand why we,or the other Reaent would have been so callously thrown into the possible jaws of destruction. The concerns of my wife as well as mine for the Captain are not alone as is demonstrated by many of the crew. The fact that there is in place support groups for those needing help dealing with this as well substantiates my suspicions a real temporal event transpired and that stinks to heaven of the rumored temporal division of the fleet and agents. I know in my heart and my mind certain horrid events have transpired and in a small way a genuine miracle has as well...including the miraculous revival from my death as was relayed to me by Schawnsee...my little one,her breathing had finally slowed a bit as she had drank the tea prepared for her,after she had relayed her concerns,questions..and finally her knowledge I am whom appear to be she simply changed and joined me drawing close she drifted off to sleep. I am still awaiting a report from Mr.Nansk on the matter he experienced...in full. I do understand the horrible visions he must be experiencing and going through the extreme emotional stress as well. I know as well something happened and have been reflecting on the recent past...I do desire and will be questioning my superiors for an answer as I do deserve one...not only me but one of my best pilots going through what must be a personal hell. I know as well there is coming a time to be thankful for our blessings and a time to move on. Computer: End log...and encrypt...Beep...!
  17. The universe is founded on the principle of the birds nest,or the round nest<< aka as the circle>>,and the Eagle is merely the watch men...and guard...live long,and do whatever ya do. :P
  18. "will you please get your 8 MPG junk outta my way please...30 MPG to the school Rules. :P.
  19. Ya did "Excellent" ...Sakiko...if you and I were not married in "IC" I would actively seek you out.. LOL .
  20. This is an "OFF TOPIC SITE" So ...in the finest fashion and renderings of non consequential info and data I simply urge one and all to adhere to the rules(loose) on this forum and subesquent replies ...As well as not being a GM..and we all must remember them,as they do apply their own effort to provide...oh wait ,back on the non topic...let us all strive to keep the string in the context it was originally intended for...just my 2 cents. :P.
  21. :: Looks at the universial Omnipentent being..."" Shudders " and prays that all be within the great design of the making.
  22. Happiest of days to you Admiral, And a fond wish for many many more Fred... :D . Happy Birthday to all the others as well...;). ::Lights the fire works on the cake,and sets off the candles::...ummm...errr,ok...turn that around...I always forget!!!
  23. Yes the very Happiest of Birthday to our one and only Grom... ;)
  24. Possibilities Pilots Final Log:Angelis,John,A.,Lt.,CAG,2nd.Squadron,420th.Light Fighter Group Looking on after the shockwave from the bridge and saucer section being totally vaporized was more than a bit startling. The fiery explosion of Will's fighter as it impacted with a Romulan ship...The preceding events until now had possibilities for survival. The other fighters one by one had engaged the enemy with a fierceness few would ever witness. The Reaent was totally ablaze now...the "Abandon Ship" order had been issued just prior to the saucer section being blown to dust.My order to remaining pilots to regroup and escort the pods given...Again possibilities, My wife being on one of them a possibility were she given the time . Looking at my own stores and damage assessment is not promising, However there are possibilities. Will would have been proud to know his action had bought some time for the evacuation of some of the crew. The possibilities are very good some...perhaps most of the Command team have survived, Though of a Command point of view...I seriously doubt the Captain,and possibly the XO are among the living, They would have stayed until assured most were evacuated...then the destruct order. They would have not in all honesty have had the time....who knows,Possibilities again. Static pervades the once layered Comm's between fighters and the Reaent...Static and Silence reigning supreme now. The Proxima still in the lead of the attack against us...That Damned ship which had brought us into the very jaws of Hell in the first place. The memories of the crew and what possibilities each had for a promising future appear to have been torn from reality in the last ten minutes leading up to now...Possibilities ?. My stores show two remaining torpedoes,and one full charge on the phaser bank,Again possibilities...Turning to port and locking the nav to engage the Proxima...Severe damage to port wing and guidance systems have limited my possibility to join the escort duty of the fighters. Going to full burn and shifting remaining shields to full forward I certainly hope and pray to Our Elders they grant me just this one last wish...take that ship out. "Computer ...vocal readout of closure rate and time with the Proxima"..The words seem almost as in a dream as the pods slip off into the distance from the debris of the Reaent as Angel one proceeds one more time to her duty...what she was made for. The thoughts of Schawnsee and I back on Risa are fond ones..I recall the event when she was finally freed from the devastating medical condition she had borne on her slim beautiful shoulders for so long. "Impact and IP with Proxima three minutes,Warning..."..The image of the Proxima from her Starboard side is most clear now...time to move to an intercept course..come up and over her Starboard Nacelle...hug the deck along her blind side,and break over to port bringing her saucer and bridge to full bear...again the possibilities are good hugging in close and at full burn will take the Romulans and whom ever is on that ship by surprise. The memories of all my Comrades are intact now...each with a fond memory and a prayer for those whom have passed for safe passage. No incoming fire yet as the nacelle glides along under me. The section where the Engineering and Saucer section coming up...hard to post, crossing behind the underside of the saucer. "Warning...incoming torpedo fire tracking and locking on". All the better...clearing the Saucer moving out directly ahead of the ship...hard up,invert,and roll maneuver...Now the possibility this may just work. Engaging again to full combat acceleration...oblique angle,stay well clear of any phaser ports. "Warning...impact 10 seconds"...ok,Torpedoes..targeted,locked and hot,phasers online and locked..."Warning...impact five seconds"...possible to eject?...Finger moving over the eject button...Finger on the trigger..."Firing torpedoes/Phasers"..three seconds,two,one.. I hope you are well little one, Remember there are always possibilities..I will be waiting for you around the fires of our elders on the other side, A flash...pain...! Static... :D
  25. All Along The Watch Duty log: Angelis,John,A., Lt.,Cag, Fighter squadron U.S.S. Reaent NCC-3345-G The flight deck has been a buzz with the deck and air crews assigned to repair and replacement parts for the fighters from the Vorta home world. Our full list of parts for the Confederate fighters ,and the replacement parts from the Peregrine fighters stores that were adapted to their smaller Confederate brothers were replaced as well. The flight deck has been fully repaired with assistance from the Vorta technicians and the structural components supplied...all under the guidance of our engineering staff and being overseen by our security staff posted to the en mass departure of the ships crew for shore leave. I will have to remember to personally thank Commander Schawnsee, our CSCI for assignment of the sec staff while we were on leave. The pilots upon return were surprised the same placards that they had all diligently placed were conspicuously removed from each craft as the proper replacement parts were installed and tested...certified to full operational parameters. I did take the personal time to retrieve the video/audio logs from the flight deck and deck officers recordings as the fighters upon launching and returns to bays were recorded. There were more than enough shall we say demonstrations from prior placards and careful reinstallations of components post our little engagement with the Romulans and subsequent rescue from Excalibur to demonstrate and remove any doubt of the necessity for the extra "perceived" worthless duty for even the most dedicated point of view to fully realize the implications of improper,or lack of proper placards of known changes from any type of flight craft. The incident of Ens.Pepper upon full throttle run up for launch ran into a bit of a situation as he inputted control directional inputs through the fly by wire systems and performed an abrupt full roll in the launch bay on the way out...luckily he let the computer right the fighter with his removal of any further physical(hands off the stick) inputs until launched and clear of the ship. There were numerous other instances recorded that indeed precipitated the order for removal,and reinstalling...and full documentation of any and all non standard modifications. The engineering and flight deck crews have performed well above the normal call again,all without any complaint and stand as a testament to their call to duty and their absolute dedication to the fighter group and this ship. I must recommend Flight deck officer Manx for a letter of accommodation for his cooperation and commitment to duty. I must recommend in clear conscious the members of the fighter group/squadron for their extraordinary actions and cooperation with the other departments in the repair and partial restoration of the fighter squadron...again above and beyond the normal call of duty...unit citation recommended to all pilots. Situational readiness is at one hundred percent given our present numbers and crews,including existing pilots. Squadron strength is at half normal compliment with fighters fully repaired and certified fully operational. Computer ...End log,encode and forward to command staff....U.S.S. Reaent...beep!