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  1. In an effort to promote the Hood and fill out our roster, the Hood staff and crew are planning to jump into the Thursday 9 Academy any nights we are home and available and sim Original Series style for all our velour worth. We're also looking into a second timeslot, and will post that once it's been confirmed with the hosts. I invite any and all of you who like TOS, like the Hood, like me, or are simply looking for something to do on Thursdays to come and join us! It would very helpful if you mentioned the Hood to TOS-interested cadets. As the older-timers know, my evenings home are nearly non-existant due to both work and a non-work pursuit (that keeps me healthy, fit and sane!) I've been thinking for a very long time what I could do for outreach when I'm not home for academy times. I am humbled and grateful for the generosity of both the Academy hosts and my crew for offering to help. Please join us! Teri
  2. Greetings - Just letting the Hood crew know that we're bumping the time an hour to start at 11 ET. Please let your crewmates know if you see them around. Also - The storyline we've just started will be giving a good opportunity to add new crew if you've been thinking of joining. It's a TOS sim. We eat a lot of donuts and drink a lot of coffee. Other than that, you know, we fly around and occasionally shoot stuff. Just pop a note to personnel with your preferred department(s). We'll supply the primary color cheap velour uniform.
  3. Tonight we ate cheese in the rec room :P
  4. omg.. time to get my plane tickets... to Buenos Aires!! :P Have fun, guys. As usual it butts my annual trip to the Motherland so i can't do both. Drink something blue in my honor and complain about how i've deserted you and do nothing for the forum. :)
  5. "We will be known forever by the tracks we leave." -Lakota/Sioux proverb
  6. I hate you people. I hate Hunt Valley more. I hate that your trip doesn't directly conflict with when i'm most likely going to BA. However... I love bluecrabs. Now, promise to spend two evenings with me in Crabland (not joking) and I'll swing by if I can dredge up the money and find a hotel with a real pool. Am I worth it? HELL no. But in spite of yourselves you love me. ;) And crabs are goooood. (I should know...)
  7. ROFL! Donuts!! How did you know! :P Thanks everybody! I had a fabulous day (well, okay, a fabulous whole weekend, whoohoo!). And as my family went out of town a day later, that means I just have to keep eating the ENTIRE Italian bakery fruit & cream cake all by myself... (ala Homer Simpson eating the six-foot sub... lol. I have two pieces left. ;) Thanks again.
  8. Actually, the theme of Hood's plot on Tuesday is loosely appropriate to the RL events taking place. :) See you there!
  9. It was a rough year for Santa too.
  10. Holy Crapoly! WB Sumo!
  11. Hey... I am hurt that no one ever mentions my role in the origins of STSF... :) I mean, I know it's not all about ME (huh?), but... well, I don't get no salary or nothin... how about some kudos? The n00bs don't even know....... ::fishing, hoping, not feeling the love::
  12. I still have a box of eyeballs... Yes, it's a great idea. Great ideas cost money, time and work. Anyone willing to contribute these things is MORE than welcome to! The money, time, and work, that is. Ideas are easy and cheap. :)
  13. We have a Borg hand You stole it for your program Now it makes cookies
  14. Hey guys, let's refrain from plugging our own ships here or in similar posts. General advice is great (kudos to those of you who gave it :) I'll pull future shameless plugs, no matter how cute you try to make them. ~The Leaner, Meaner Huff~
  15. portable butt warmer steaks not included
  16. Eyep... We got all departments at least represented, except Medical! I'd hate to think of having to NPC them whenever we need them, so... If you like playing sim doctors, or are thinking of playing a sim doctor... Let me know! You don't have to know or love TOS, because we have enough geeks on the game who will keep track of the technical side of things for you. And we do have all the donuts you can eat.
  17. Make SURE you are on the email list for your favorite Vegas hotels! I went and checked prices at mine, and basically said, no way Dudes... About a week later (coincidence? Divine alignment of the Force?) I received an email (not telling you which hotel - those who know me know, lol) with outrageous summer price reduction deals - basically rooms for a hundred bucks less, and with free hotel perks that I usually pay for, about another thirty bucks a day.
  18. At long last I've accepted that some people have real jobs...! (Translation: *I* have to get up earlier on Wednesdays than I used to. ;) What does this mean for you? It simply means that if bedtime has been keeping you from coming to Hood sims, you just got an extra hour! Now... About those other changes... Ooo... Will the donuts stay, or go stale?? Will the coffee stay or be replaced with re-synthesized biomatter?? Will Chef keep his job as head pastry chef for Starbucks International? Will Huff stay in prison? Will O'Toole stay on Altoid? Will Ksanders start a peanut farm or stay as Chief of Operations?? Will Admiral Bethany get the last laugh or has her reign of terror finally ended? And... WHO... is the new Hood First Officer..........???? Tune in Tuesdays at 10! PS. As we shuffle some of those top positions around, we have some departmental chief positions opening up. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]. See you Tuesday! ~Huff the Buff~
  19. GOT ALOE?
  20. Because the giant man in the perfect black suit will throw you out when you start making a butt of yourself.
  21. tan instead of flourescent lighting?? might have to check cheap flights afterall...
  22. John was confused the next morning at his new cellphone screen picture...
  23. The General Problem As most of you know, even if you don't sim on the Hood, many of our plots tend to... hmm... Digress? Wander? Go off in directions we never intended? The Reason 1. The crew likes it 2. It has that TOS free-ish feel to it 3. It has (dare I say it?) a "real" feel to it - life is not scripted. The Specific Problem Again, many of you know, on the Hood we like to remain true to the era. That is, Starfleet had more holes in it, the rules were bent more, things get done without all that talking, and with a lot more shooting. Unfortunately... Even Starfleet of TOS era had rules... and on the Hood we simply broke too many. After many years, Kirklogic finally got the best of us, and the Captain of the Hood ended up in Starfleet prison. Bummer! This in itself is not really a problem. In fact, it's a very valid story twist. The crew got to help create a new captain and we had fun with this change of events. Except... Since we never really thought about exactly how... we'd get Huff released from prison....... we don't really have a plan to do this. Now, the beauty of not planning plot endings is that usually either the crew thinks of something really cool, or Lebowski and I think of something really cool, we do the cool thing and everything works out great. But... it's been like... close to a year? And we haven't thought of a valid way to get Huff out of jail. I'm tired of being in jail. They'd find a way to get Kirk out. We need to find a way to get Huff out! The Challenge Come up with a TOS-Hood valid way to get Huff sprung! The Prize Off the top of my head I can think of a couple of things you might enjoy. First, if you're not on the Hood and you have the awesome coolest idea, you are more than welcome to write a character into the plot and come SGV for as long as it takes to run the plot. Or, if you don't want to do that, I've been holding an Ops position for an experienced player, and I'd be willing to let you have that if you want it. If you already play on the Hood, I'd give you an instant promotion, no strings attached, including the coveted Huff-LTCSG if you're currently LTC. And if none of those appeal to you, maybe you can think of something cool that would. I might even be swayed to mail you a Dunkin Donuts gift card IRL. The Background The basic charges are here: Charges If you're a nerd with free time, you probably want to go back and read some of the logs involving Admiral Bethany.... who in the past has had some "influence" over things that happen in Starfleet Command, and usually not to Huff's advantage....
  24. After former attempts to mark the short-bus route failed...
  25. No DOT Employee Left Behind!