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  1. One of my own rules, is I generally will not post things unless its out on DVD since not everyone has the money for 50+ streaming services! Say what you will about Strange New Worlds, but I feel Anson Mount does a better job as Pike than other actors. Maybe it's the hair or maybe its the environment he's in. That is secondary. We've established Captain Pike is a cook, just as Captain Sisko is also a cook. From a bushido stand point it makes sense. I've got to ask you my fellow fans. Pike and Sisko are in a cook off. Who Wins?
  2. It's not just Pike that is a lover of Bacon, during his brief time as human. Spock was eating it hot off the plate. ;) I finished season #2 on DVD. The only episode I skipped was the singing episode. After Picard which was darkness everywhere. It's nice to see an active ship where you can see people. :)
  3. @McFly My father is someone who grew up with TOS. 99.9% of the time when I get Star Trek on DVD, he's meh. He saw Strange New Worlds, and he said, "This is Star Trek! It moves!" I think if anything Strange New Worlds proves that its not the writers who can't write on Trek, its other people in the line who like it being slow where you need to be spoon fed everything. In Strange New World's we've seen Spock explore his human side more, you have to wonder if the smell of bacon temps him. My money is on Sisko for one reason. His father is a restaurant grade chef, so he's bound to have passed on Ben some secrets on how to make good food, great food.;)
  4. For years now I've picked up the Star Trek novels on sale for $0.99. I've noticed for that last 2-3 months all the books for sale I already own. Amazon not rotating? Paramount/CBS not selecting new ones? Or Hey Andy you bought too many. Also little hint here, my 1 full sized novel is up, so Amazon makes me money! :D
  5. I know not everyone has access to streaming via Paramount+, or Crave in Canada, but I also feel this is not a spoiler given how it's from season #2 Lower Decks, and its been on DVD for a while. 1) Why didn't anyone think to send it in briefing, Yelling/berating us makes us de-double. 2) If you kill a duplicate doupler, is it considered murder, and what happens when they merge?
  6. The Borg are all about adding your biological, and technological distinctiveness to their own. Can't get anymore distinct that beings that replicate like douplers.
  7. Could you imagine if the Borg assimilate one? I don't know if the tech would duplicate also. Why do I sense a GM looking at this and going, "Yes, next villain we're facing is the Douplers! They are cannon, why not? I hate to say it, Trekies haven't had it this good ever. We have the following: Picard Discovery Strange New Worlds Lower Decks Prodigy All airing now. Imagine getting 5 series to air at the same time in the 80s or 90s?
  8. You know, now I see Douplers as a real villain! Imagine killing one in the heat of battle, exhausted you collapse. Then. Bam! "Hi, you miss me!" As the duplicate they just cooked up attacks.
  9. The Exodus was with SFOL from 96 till 99 I believe in Teen Fleet. It eventually became the Phantom Horizon. The reality is too many of my characters were got powered ones. Going into the achieves I found a bio for a character based on the Navigators of Dune. These days I am happy to sit back and work on my novels, but I do miss the casual trek chat, keep meaning to see if we can get the bar reopened.
  10. Never said I was on the Excalibur. I was on the Exodus, DSD1, Phantom Horizon, DSDA, Regayov, and Ranger.
  11. I am still around, and I served on several sims. I've been retired from simming for almost 20 years.
  12. *Blows dust* While I am on medical leave from work (injured hand) something hit me. It's only in science fiction we seem to get spin offs. I am wondering is is just me who wonders why only in this gendra. Is it the fans? The content? Or something I am missing.
  13. Now every month Amazon puts 5-7 Star Trek novels up for sale at $.99 Canadian. 9 out of 10 times even if the books are random, they make sense. This month I am lost on what they did, and why. They put Triangle: Imzadi II on sale, so far so good, but in the same month they put Star Trek: Signature Edition: Imzadi Forever, which is book I and II combined, and had a forward in it. Why buy the second book as a stand alone if you can buy both at the same price. Or am I missing something?
  14. I am not retired retired. I am a good old fashion grunt, and I work for a living! That's what we do in security, we work, or we die! We don't retire to Risa.;) I admit when I saw many other simmers retire before me, I asked why. I have all the answers and more now.:) The general opinion was my characters were too close to 'god' level. I needed a program literally to keep me in my place. On the other side of the coin I wrote the first of what I now see as a novel series due to simming. Only in the last few years have I picked up the pen or should I say the keyboard to write again. Where does one put a drunk radioactive hamster who thinks he's a former KGB agent into a world invasion on Christmas eve in 2020 story?;)
  15. *Blows off the dust* Good Morning Maddy, I'll try to fill you in. Please note I retired from simming close to 20 years ago, and my time active within STSF was a handful of weeks. Warning suck don't they? :) Simming is text based RPGs run by people online. Like playing Dungeons and Dragons, without the dice, and being with your friends in person. Hey we perfected socializing at a distance before it became hip! In the old days we had academies, now each sim integrates new characters as an ensign or cadet until the GM (Game Master) promotes you and you become part of the crew. Different GMs have different standards for new crew. As one GM put it I was too fond of making god level characters, and another showed me the flaws in me making things 'too easy'. Lessons I still carry with me through this day as I start to write books. Another side track we will avoid. The forums are where sims will update with character bios (good way to get to know people you will be simming with), logs (yup what is ship X doing), and in the case of the general ones a place to chew the fat depending on the topic of the forum. For say example you wouldn't go to say reddit sub forum on Sega Master systems to look for why your new alienware PC caught on fire. Activity, I can't answer that one. I check in about once week if I have the time. Hope this helps
  16. I used to play STO and a lot of other MMORPGs, but the 'joys' of being an adult keep me away from it.
  17. Before the end of Enterprise Star Trek had "one" reality if you would. We knew Enterprise>TOS>TNG>DS9>VOY>END Since Enterprise went off the air, it feels like Star Trek has become as bad as comics! I mean look at all the universes we have. Star Trek Online Kelvineverse Expanded Universe (Novels) Discovery (Section 31 operating more in the open/less in the shadows) Picard Universe (not released yet) To borrow a phrase, I feel I need a playbill to track all the players. Isn't the Q suppose to help keep the multiverse on track so us mere mortals don't go nuts trying to keep track of it all? Or am I alone who is confused by all these different realities of Star Trek?
  18. Looks like this month is the Lost Era is in the $0.99 bin. Everyone is on a budget these days, so I hoped by posting this info it might give people some entertainment on a reasonable budget. I mean how many RL books can you buy for $.99 a copy?;)
  19. I want to be clear this is NOT an advertisement for Amazon. A few years back I inherited a tablet, and I found it made it reading ebooks easier, and as an avid reader this was like giving me a new fix! Hey, there are worse drugs than books.;) I digress. I've noticed that at the start of every month Amazon (Canada) takes several regularly priced Star Trek novels, and knocks them down to $.99 for a month. Anyone else ever notice this, or just me?
  20. Now I was playing Civilization IV, deep into the end game, and I was avoiding certain techs so my wonders would keep working/giving me benefits when this little question me. As we all know the Federation has a pretty strict rule when it comes to First Contact, you must achieve warp flight. The idea being if you achieve faster than light travel you are ready to work with the interstellar community. We also know they like to study developing civilizations. A lot easier to say Hello if you know the guy wants a shoulder punch over a hand shake. You have to wonder what does Civilization & the Prime Directive have to do with one another? Let's take a budding civilization, and they do not achieve warp drive. As they develop technology, they take a side step, and do something different. They develop a new branch of technology the Federation has never even considered, would that lead to the old PD being loosen so the Federation could trade for it? Or what if they skip warp drive, and go straight to slip stream, or transwarp. Does the Prime Directive apply to these guys?
  21. nemesis

    I can't say what the GMs will say about this, I am just a retired simmer. For the record my copy of Nemesis (along with countless other Star Trek content) resides on one of my hard drives. (Actually writing this post reminded it its a good idea to back it all up) I think it comes down to how good the new content is. I mean we all have parts of Trek we ignore/hate, hard to after what 50 years to bat 1.000 with the fans. If the continuing adventures of Captain Picard are good, more in line with the Pre-kelvine verse Trek. I can see GMs taking it on. If it's more of the post-Kelvine verse, look how pretty the lights are, and no depth to it. I can see it being dropped like Sunday in the middle of January. Kids might like a good icy treat, but not in the middle of winter.
  22. Thanks to StarTrek.com for giving a preview of comic #2 of this series. WARNING PAST THIS POINT IS SPOILER LAND! You have been warned. I am surprised Spock didn't blow his ever loving Vulcan mind to quote McCoy. A mind meld is a dangerous thing with another being under any circumstances, but with Optimus Prime that's like V'Ger on steroids! All V'Ger knew all that was knowable and it had been around for what 200-400 years? Prime himself has been around for a few MILLION, then add the power of the matrix! The matrix for the uninformed is several things in one. It contains all the wisdom of the past leaders of the Autobots. It is also a part of the life force of Primus, the one who gave the Transformers life, he gave them life to fight Unicron. Literally the power of something some might call a god. There is Spock just mind melding with it like it was another Saturday morning. I won't be surprised if this doesn't affect Spock somehow, since if V'Ger knocked him flat on his back in the movie, Prime has to do that if not more. Now the countdown resumes for issue #2 to hit newsstands!
  23. In this corner people of Cybertron I give you the Klingon Empire! They are under attack by jets, and other assorted vehicles which appear to be from from Earth from their the 20th century. Sending out a distress call they receive aid from James Tiberus Kirk! The most horrific monster since Archer to helm the ship Enterprise. When Kirk arrives on the Klingon colony a familiar red semi arrives to help him out, will he accept the facts, or damn all Cybertroins to the scrap heap! Find out this September at a comic book store near you!
  24. Now we all know when Pocket Books was in charge of Star Trek there were several rules. One of them being a numbered novel was never sold in hard cover. Well I found a copy of Star Trek: The Wounded Sky in hardcover format. Best part, paid $5.00 for it, Amazon.ca sells it for $25.00.:D
  25. I know, you (the reader) knows simming and AOL were joined at the virtual hip years ago. Eventually AOL cut simming lose as it became clear with unlimited high speed internet it wasn't cost viable to support simmers anymore. Some simmers and groups still used AOL's vaunted AIM system to make chat rooms, to sim. To be candid I miss those days still in a sense, where there were chat rooms online, where if someone was out of line they got spanked, but that's a topic for another day. Heck, I miss the days where you had to write a letter that was clear and concise and not everyone was available in real time. As of December 15th, 2017 AIM will be shut down by AOL. Well go in peace AIM, and here is to the hopes that one day something like AOL's old chat rooms does come to be, since as much as I love the wonders of the new net, there are times when I miss parts of the old one.