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  1. Joint Log: Marius tr'Lorin and B'Etor Patterson This log takes place right after the sim before last, continuing their conversation after Marius bangs his head. Check the chat log for the lead-in of this conversation. B'Etor was laying there, looking up at Marius. The dull ache of her stomach has still not going away, but she was sure that was nothing compared to the pain in Marius' head form banging it on a bio-bed. She looked at him as he spoke. "Well... you have to take a chance to find that special person. Maybe not as far as, well, getting knocked up... but still." B'Etor laughed, then held her stomach, grimacing in pain. "Whoa.. I don't plan on something like this happening, ever again." She held her stomach, shifting to try and veer the pain somewhere else. Marius's face softened, sorry for her pain. "Could you take some pain medication or something?" She shook her head. "I am.. the pain is too... deep. Is that how you would put that?" She looked at her stomach. "I have never backed down from a fight, but if I could go back, I would not have been standing where I was..." Marius stood for a moment and looked at her stomach, thinking. He twirled his tricorder in his hand absentmindedly. "Maybe you could somehow take your mind off the pain? I don't know how medical this is, but my parents lost a baby, before me. So my dad took my mom on a cruise, to help her forget." B'Etor listened to him and shrugged a little. "Based on what I heard from Maria, I died, for a moment. Based on the surgical report, the shot went through my abdomen. So basically it was like being stabbed with a sword, only it was a phaser." She shook her head, spraying her hair further out. "Klingon's are supposed to just, work through the pain, but this... I can't sit up, I can't move... as for the baby..." She trailed off, looking away from him. "I didn't care.... I didn't want it... now it's gone, and I miss it...." Marius looked at her again. "You're too hard on yourself. Just because you have Klingon blood doesn't mean you have to tough out the pain." She looked back up at him. "What am I supposed to do? Whine about it and complain? The last thing I want to do is lay here and be talked to and forced to talk to a Counselor. It is embarrassing enough the Captain came to me..." She shook her head, snorting. "I know nothing else but to tough out the pain. What should I do?" "I wouldn't call it complaining, exactly, but share how you feel with those you're comfortable around." Marius smirked, thinking back to being an ensign. "I know the Counselor isn't the best choice. I wouldn't go to him either! But still, you can still go to someone else. Someone to let you know you're not alone." "I don't feel comfortable with anyone on this ship. I am a loner. Hell, I think you are the only one I have talked to about anything, that wasn't required." She blinked a few times. "So, I guess that would be you..." Marius twirled his tricorder faster. "Yeah. Well, like, I try. You did save my life after all." Suddenly, he couldn't think straight. He looked down at his feet, interested in the panel he had just finished inspecting. "I should probably go. I have a lot of work to do..." She watched him, wondering why he all of a sudden got all clammed up. She raised an already arched brow. "Marius... If it bothers you that I come to you, I can stop...." She bit her lip, wondering if that was the problem. "No it's ok. I'm usually the one who comes to you, I guess, really." His tricorder continued to spin. She looked at him as he spoke. "I threatened to eat you. You ran from me, so coming to me was not an option, I had to go to you." She smiled, thinking of that time, just a few weeks ago. Marius smiled, and stood there, looking down at the tricorder. Then, the tricorder began to slow, nearly stopping. Marius still looked down at it. " Hey, um, we never really got to do that dinner and a movie thing, did we?" She heard him mention the dinner and a movie, completely forgetting about it. "Umm.. no, but I thought that was because you were worried you were dinner." Marius laughed, relaxing a little. "I was joking. You're not really going to eat me. ...are you?" She laughed, and winced again, grunting. "Only if you like that sort of thing. I don't really bite." She looked at him, seeing him relax, wondering what that last minute pause and ackward stance were caused by before. Marius smiled. "But really, I should probably get going. I've only cleared off..." He opened his tricorder. "4 panels, out of the 50 I need to check." B'Etor nodded. "Well, I will still be here. Kah'Less know how long, but probably for a while. "And no, I wouldn't eat you. I don't normally eat still living things.. I actually eat more human food. Chicken, Steak..." Marius continued to smile, and started striding for the door, before, turning around again. "So, once you're up and running again, do you want to see about that dinner and movie?" She blinked a few times, and just nodded. "Uhh. sure. I'll.. let you know when I am discharged.." She blinked, a slightl look of confusion on her face. Marius nodded. "Ok. I'll see you later then." She nodded back and went back to wanting to get up, but decided against it, scared of Maria and her wrath. Marius walked out. In his hand, a blur of tricorder spun in his hand.
  2. I didn't get a little communique to starfleet about my promotion... :P Haha, just kidding. I don't really care either way. Congrats Kallah, btw!
  3. Personal Log: Marius Tr'Lorin Stardate: 0809.02 ::Record Initiated:: Marius crumpled to the ground, his chest seared with additional burns on top of the new scars forming from the last instance. An additional black pip appeared on either side of his neck unnoticed, as Marius's mind took flight, trying to escape the pain shooting past the doses of pain killer. Flash! Heat and humidity seemed everywhere. Strange, yet familiar bugs seemed to buzz everywhere. A jungle canopy loomed high above, speckling Marius's face with sunlight. Suddenly, a face poked out of the foilage next to him. Marius looked, and found himself looking at his father, Saril. He was alive! Yet... He seemed ragged, and unkempt. His hair was stringy, his face gaunt, and his eyes fearful and nervous. Saril stared out, many times straight through Marius, searching for danger. Then, he ran and dove into another nearby bush. Following him, Marius's mother, in similar condition, passed into view before disappearing into the brush. Marius wanted to chase after them, yet found himself so tired. It seemed impossible to move. Then he heard more people stumbling through the foilage, and the crashing of trees. Shouts echoed in Rihannsu. Marius tried again to move... Flash! Marius sat on a couch, sunlight shining into the room from a nearby window. Marius looked all over, looking for the searching Rihannsu. They were gone. Instead, the air was calm, the sound of Terran music coming from a nearby room. It was his old home, on Earth. Brooke walked in, pulling down a shirt just over her belly as she walked in, her hair wet from a recent shower. Marius was glad to see her. He didn't realize how long it had been since he had left on the Excalibur-C. Marius made to speak... Suddenly Darkness. Everywhere. There was pain, yet no feeling. Marius didn't know where he was. He couldn't see, couldn't hear, couldn't touch, smell or taste. There was nothing. Light. Small, but there. In the distance, like a speck of lint in the black. Marius wanted to reach for it, to get some other sense to him. But he couldn't move. The speck, the light seemed to shrink, then grow again, over and over. He struggled to reach for it, with all his strength, while around him, his body lay, unmoving, unknowing. ::Record Terminated::
  4. Jericho immediately jumped into action. "Evasive Maneuvers! Evasive Maneuvers!" Aerilo flipped his craft over and spun into a dive. He swerved again, in the cover of the smoking wreckage. "Where'd that come from?!?" Hammer yelled out. "I've got visual contact! 2 squads, 'Card Bogeys! Watch it Bethel, on ya six!" Bethel swooshed by Aerilo's hiding spot. "I need help! Someone get them off me!" One squad Al-Ucardian fighters zipped by Aerilo in pursuit. He zoomed out of the dark smoke after them, Firing a few shots at the tailing fighters. The shields flared brightly, then gave out, followed by an explosion. Hammer flew in from the other flank, and destroyed another fighter. "Yeahhh! Take that, b*tch!" Bethel flew to safety behind another asteroid, as the remaining fighters retreated to regroup. Aerilo yelled, "After them! Take them out!" Jericho barked out orders. "Negative, stay here, we've got to contact Camelot!" Hammer and Aerilo ignored him, and formed up speeding after them. "Aero! Hammer!" They soon had the fleeing fighters in sight. "I've got a lock! Gaia 2, fox 1!" Aerilo shot off a torpedo, destroying another fighter, before the rest shot over an asteroid. Without hesitating, the two pilots vaulted over, and came face to face with a large cruiser. "Sh*t! Now we go back!" Hammer flipped back and sped away, Aerilo following after him. Jericho came back on com. "You idiots, where'd you run off to!?!" "Not now boss! Large cruiser, closing in!" "Sh*t! Everyone, hightail it back to Camelot!" Gaia Squadron fled back to Camelot, as the Cruiser remained in the belt, crowing over the smoking wreckage of the Scorpiad ship.
  5. Well of course he liked the potted plant, practically everyone in Engineering liked it, cause it'd always try to trip up Kent and choke him. :P
  6. ::Assumes the winners will also be posted on the board following the sim:: Almost there... just two more Sundays!
  7. Gaia Squadron continued on its patrol in silence. Aerilo kept his position next to Jericho, in a half-stupor, only barely paying attention to the space around him. There wasn't going to be anything new, there never was. Aerilo glanced over his shoulder for Hammer's fighter, which remained as steady as the others. This was going to be boring. Finally, Bethel's voice broke the silence, if only just. "So...." Aerilo replied, "So...." "...I spy somethin white and shiny." Hammer laughed at his own attempt for a game. Aerilo joined in. "Um... a star?" Hammer chuckled. "Which star, doofus?" "uhhhm... that star?" Jericho finally broke in, both amused and exasperated. "I'm going to give both of you repair duty if I'm going to have to listen to you guess every single star in the quadrant. Let's glide through this asteroid belt here if you're so bored... I said glide!" Aerilo and Hammer returned to their positions, laughing. "Awww, c'mon chief, just a little fun in the asteroids. We ain't gonna mess up our ships." "I said glide, and I meant it. Remember you both still have cameras mounted on your birds." Bethel broke in. "Why's it look kinda dark over there?" Hammer laughed again. "We in space, Bethel. What do ya expect?" "No, the asteroid, look at the asteroid. It's dark and cloudy looking." Aerilo looked in front of them. There, one of the asteroids was covered in a dark cloud, which seemed to travel across it, in a wave. "Is that... smoke?" "Yeah, it looks like it surroundin that entire ast-roid, by it's left." Jericho "Alright, Gaia, keep tight now. We're going over the asteroid, keep your eyes peeled. Weapon's armed. Smoke means fire or bogey, and neither is good. Full speed, mark." Gaia Squadron rounded the asteroid. Below them, a large Scorpiad ship burned brightly. Smoke and flames twisted and curled around the ship, nearly obscuring it from view. Other smaller ships surrounded it, already burnt and broken beyond recognition. Hammer yelled out, "Whoa, what the hell happened?" They circled the carnage, as Jericho kept up a speech. "Must've been the Al-Ucards or the Eratians. They're attacking the Scorpies more openly now. They're starting to get too close to Camelot now, too close for comfort. We should inform Camelot of this wreckage here. This is a lot closer to Camelot than before. Alright, everyone, we're heading..." Suddenly the bright beam of a phaser shot across, nearly striking Aerilo across the nose, causing the asteroid behind them to explode.
  8. [The following takes place after Farrell Log Two and "A Little Problem."] Aerilo flopped down into the cockpit, exceptionally annoyed. He just lost the fun part about Fighter duty. No more flips, rolls, or dives? What was the point anymore? It might as well have been a Shuttle run now. Why? He pounded his fist into the side armrest, where there weren't any buttons or possibly fragile equipment. No fun. no fun at all. Grudgingly, he could understand why the repair crew would like them to return to the station with the fighters intact. After all, he had been in their boots at one time, having to repair the ships others flew. But still, if you had the ability to know when a maneuver would damage the ship and when it wouldn't, then what was the big deal? Sure, Aerilo 'hotdogged' a lot... but he didn't have many damages under his belt either. Sure, he flattened a side of ship after trying to race through an asteroid field... But the ships turning was faulty, and the ship tried a sliding maneuver when he didn't have the ability enabled. That wasn't his fault... Aerilo flicked multiple switches on unenthusiastically, and the ship came to life. As one group, the Gaia Squadron departed Camelot Station, in a disciplined formation, as usual. Once they exited the station's space, squad rigidly remained in formation. The comm lines were silent. Aerilo stared down at his joystick, his fingers itching to give it a little jerk. He looked around at the other fighters. They remained steady. Aerilo sighed. This sucks. He twitched his fingers a bit, causing a slight tilt and then immediately righted himself. Aerilo looked around again, only to see maybe another twitch elsewhere, but nothing more. The continued on a few more minutes, in complete silence. Hammer's voice finally broke the silence. "So... Are they gonna say we can't do any hotdog manuevers in a dogfight now? Are we limited to barrel rolls or something?" Aerilo smirked. "I don't know Hammer... when it came to dogfights, Pepper Hare always said "Do a Barrel Roll!" [To be continued...]
  9. Aerilo stood in his cramped quarters, pulling on his standard squadron uniform. Luckily, it was comfortable and thin, since they normally had to wear jumpsuits on top of these, which were more bulky and not nearly as comfortable. Aerilo grabbed his badge, then stood in front of the nearby mirror, straightening his collar. He was excited, his body quivering with anticipation. It was Wednesday: Fighter Patrol Day for Gaia. Ready, Aerilo stepped out into the busy corridor, and headed for the Fighter Hangar Bay. 15 Minutes later, He arrived in the hangar, then made an immediate left straight into their squadron's ready room . He sat down next to one of his friends, "Hammer." Why he got that callsign, he had no idea, but he accepted it all the same. Aerilo grabbed the jumpsuit hanging nearby. "Ready for Hammer-time?" Hammer, half smirked, half grimaced. "Man, you know we ain't gonna find nuthin out in this little black square. This is the *hub* of every power out here. Anyone comes over, they gonna be shot to little candlesticks before we even get to unlock our guns." Aerilo smirked as well. "Well, at least we get flying time. Fighters too, not some crappy type-6's." Just then, Lt. Jericho strode in, fully dressed. "Alright, ladies, cut the chatter. We're going patrol route 56, farthest mini-sector from Camelot. Happy? Got it? Right, Good. Hammer, rear flank, Bethel, you're his wingman. Streak, cover the top. Aero, you're with me. Let's move out!"
  10. Personnel File:Aerilo Perez Full Name:Aerilo Mario Diego Basilio Perez Callsign: Aero Age: 20 Gender: Male Place of Birth: Los Angeles, Earth Height: 5'7" Weight: 130 lbs. Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown Race:Terran/Human Father: Name: Lorenzo Mario Ortega Perez Race: Human Occupation: Shuttle Mechanic Mother: Name: Emilia Vera Cecilia Basilio Perez Race: Human Occupation: N/A Siblings: 1 Jaime Columbo Basilio Perez -Brother, 22, Civilian Research Assistant Interests: Flight, Thrill Attractions, Hoverboarding, Music Distinguishing Features: -Scars on Right Shoulder and Knee: Hoverboarding Accident -Cross Tattoo on Left Forearm Rank: Lieutenant j.g. Current Assignment: Pilot, Gaia Squadron, Camelot Station Last Assignment: Deck Crewman, Deep Space Nine Training: -Primary: Piloting-Starfleet Academy -Additional: Flight Academy-San Diego, Earth History: Aerilo is son to a lower-class Hispanic family, situated in lower L.A. Aerilo helped his father at the local shuttle repair shop, and would take them for "test" flights after repairs were made. One day a customer who happened to be part of the Terran Air Force returned early for his shuttle, and witnessed Aerilo's stunts. Aerilo was immediately recruited. Aerilo then went to the Flight Academy. He was disliked by most of his fellow students, but made a few friends. He excelled at his training, although he was occasionally rebuked for exceptionally dangerous and unauthorized stunts. He was soon recommended to Starfleet Academy, but whether he was recommended for his exception flight skills, or to place him in an environment without a ground he might crash into, is unclear. Regardless, Aerilo flourished in the Starfleet Academy, and became more popular with both other cadets and with teachers. Aerilo struggled in Core Classes and Cross-Training, but was able to pass with top marks on all piloting and small-craft engineering courses. After Graduating, Aerilo was enlisted as a mechanic and prep. crewman onboard Deep Space Nine, until he was offered a position as a pilot in Camelot Station, along with a promotion to Lieutenant j.g. He currently flies with Gaia Squadron, under the command of Lieutenant Jericho.
  11. Aerilo pushed the throttle to full speed, then shot upward, and then immediately flipped over then shot back down, while pulling on the yaw as hard as he could. Then he went for a half-corkscrew, but ended with a quick barrel roll. Wow, rollercoasters could only wish they could be this bad! Aerilo pulled the smallest loop he could, then he readied himself for tail drag spin... Lieutenant Jericho's voice pierced the engine noise. "Aero, will you cut that out! We're flying Type-6 Shuttles to Avalon, not dogfighting in Lancelots! Do you want repair duty like Bethel?" Aerilo sombered up. "No sir. Sorry sir." He fell in formation, although most of them had been doing a few loops and rolls themselves. Aerilo considered a few choice words in his native tongue, but knew the permanent voice-over was locked on. Plus, Jericho had modified his universal translator to change Spanish as well, since Aerilo had a fiery tongue. Aerilo looked wistfully at the voicebox on one side, then bit his mouth closed. "Now, can we please make it planetside looking somewhat disciplined rather than a cloud of chaos? Good. Move up to full impulse. Mark." As one unit, the squadron of shuttles sped off towards Avalon, on a rather long and boring mission of cargo pick-up. And there's not even an in-flight movie.
  12. thanks much Kansas! B)
  13. could someone fill me in too? sorry I missed, though I have less valid reasons. I was nearby the computer at the right time, my mind just blanked out, and I thought, "What am I supposed to be doing again? oh well." And I went to bed. lol, my bad.
  14. ooh... Does someone have a deathstar? I hope we don't come across them. :ph34r:
  15. Personal Log: Marius Tr'Lorin Stardate: 0804.18 ::Record Initiated:: Marius continued down the long, relatively empty hallway. He had decided to postpone his consultation with the a doctor. After returning Admiran's pip, Marius was sure he was feeling ok. Plus, it seemed like they were kinda busy at the moment. Though he hadn't paid attention, he was pretty sure he heard the doctors yelling and screaming about something. Oh well. He had other stuff to do. Marius reached the Turbolift, which opened silently for him. Marius stepped in, calling out "Deck 15." Marius smirked, remembering how lost he had been back in his days as an Ensign. Life aboard a starship was definitely a lot different than in the Academy... Marius stepped out of his Ship Structural Designing and Development class, one of the more class specific courses he was taking back at Academy. Marius adjusted the collar of his Cadet uniform, still struggling to get used to its tight-neck design. Marius stared up at the eccentrically designed ceiling while trying to adjust the small pip. Most of his class had moved on around him, rushing to their next class. Finally, he found a somewhat comfortable position, and trailed after the others. The door on the end slid open, and Marius stepped out. Marius saw a flash of short black hair and pointed ears round the corner, accompanied by a familiar whistle. Marius smiled, and ran after the figure, calling out. "Hey, Dad, wait!" Saril tr'Lorin turned around, breaking into a smile. "Ah, Marius!" Marius runs up, grabbing his father in a hug. "What are you doing here?" Saril shrugged. "I've got some business here with the embassy. They needed me to pick up some PADD's from the Research Department here. Speaking of which, I better get going. I have a shuttle to catch! I'm glad I got to find you Marius." He smiled, then adjusted the cadet's pip. "I'll be back with Mom soon. Bye!" Marius, smiled, and continued on to his next class... The door to the Turbolift opened. Marius stepped out, playing with his collar from thinking about his memory, when something caught his eye. around the corner, a shock of black hair, and pointed ears. Marius stood in shock... then broke into a run, trying to catch up to him. He turned the corner, and saw his dad walking down the hallway! Marius smiled, but then, suddenly, something struck his mind as out of place. Before he could place it, however, Saril turned and entered Main Engineering. Again, Marius ran, then stumbled after him... He was gone, again. What just happened? Then, an small, weak-looking crewman ran up to him. "Sir! I replaced the faulty coils and calibrated the system as you said! It works great now!" What the... what faulty coils? Marius mumbled out an answer. "That's great, crewman... carry on." What? He had never ordered those... and who was that crewman? Something seemed really out of place. And now, Marius realized, why did his dad have on an Engineering uniform when he spotted him? He was an ambassador, not a techie... ...Maybe he should schedule a check-up with Sickbay after all. ::Record Terminated::
  16. Ha, it took me a while to get what the log was implying. This should be interesting...
  17. Note: This log occurs right before the most recent sim. Personal Log: Marius Tr'Lorin Stardate: 0803.23 ::Record Initiated:: Marius sat in his quarters. The psionic resonator Marius had constructed months, maybe years even (Marius had lost count of the days) aboard the Excalibur-B, sat on a shelf in the corner. Next to it, sat the set of PADDs full of his former chief's blueprints and designs. Marius sighed. Unfinished projects, collecting dust. The resonator was completed and functional, yet Marius had yet to find a person who could both use it and need it. Telepathy wasn't exactly the most common ability in the universe. As for the Padds... well, Marius just hadn't had the time anymore. As Tandy's assistant, most recently acting chief with his away status, Marius was constantly rushing to repair this, consult that, and so on. He had time now though. Marius got up, and picked up the resonator, then the PADDs, looking at each one. Out loud, he spoke. "Well... Let's start now." Marius focused on the Psionic Resonator, considering it. There was bound to be someone in the Marine Corp. That could find a use for it... At the very least, he could offer it to any one of the telepaths aboard, in case they were interested. Beep. A voice came over through his comlink, which he recognized as Crewman Newbie "Lt. tr'Lorin, sir! Sorry sir, but Cdr. Admiran hasn't shown up, and we need a Senior Officer..." Marius sighed. Of course, they couldn't just com Admiran... Doesn't work that way... "I'll be right there." Classic. So much for his off shift. ::Record Terminated::
  18. Good thing I'm not in Medical. a half-romulan/human is pretty noticeable, lol. Maybe I'll go pass by sometime for the fun of it. :rolleyes: Nice character development!
  19. Niiiice. :rolleyes: ::attempting to find recognizable shapes/symbols in the two... "flames?":: lol I'm curious as to what awaits our crew, lol
  20. Personal Log: Marius Tr'Lorin Stardate: 0802.13 ::Record Initiated:: Marius was now down in Main Engineering, stressing out over the master console. Admiran was not going to be happy... The damage was quite extensive, and considering that they hadn't even been in a real battle yet... Marius focused back on the task. Marius tapped on his badge. "Kent and Luther's teams, I need you all on the EPS conduits in section 7, with Luther's team also repairing the minor damage to the starboard nacelle. Rook's team, on the ventral phaser emitters and the deflector." After recieving affirmatives from the team leaders (save Kent, who remained silent) Marius turned back to the console, mulling over the system statuses. They were lucky the major systems sustained only minor damage. It was mostly minor subsystems, and then the shield generator, that really suffered. The damage could be repaired pretty quickly, especially with the talented crew they had. With that, Marius now turned to his other objective of the respite, brainstorming. They faced an invisible, yet powerful, field of mines, though detected in an organized, grid like pattern. Like chess, they said. Marius was good at chess. But, unlike chess, just because you knew where the mines generally were, didn't mean you knew how they'd react, or how strong they were. This was more like another strategy game Marius had encountered, of less ancient origins. Game of the Generals, He believed? And this game, on the other hand, Marius was not nearly as skilled at. Marius pulled up the scans of the minefield. It was, indeed, like Game of the Generals. A field of unknown pieces lay before you, and somewhere, hidden in this fog of war, were a set of spies, the jammers, that disrupted your entire strategy. And the tricky thing about these spies, was that no other piece could defeat them, save your 6, lowliest, weakest pieces, the "privates." These privates could be defeated by anything else, and the challenge was to reserve your privates until you discovered the spy. The weakest piece... Suddenly, something struck Marius as plausible. The jammers were the spies, the ones disrupting the entire set-up. To defeat them, perhaps one needed a weak piece, Not deemed worthy of destruction by the others? The fighters could handle the jammers, without being noticed by the mines... But then, How to protect the fighters from the guards of the spy? Not to mention, how to find the spy in the first place? Perhaps a bluff? One could attack from one side, with all the strong pieces, causing the enemy to draw reinforcements. Then, in the chaos, send the fighters in the unprotected flank to destroy the jammers? It was risky, and could use a lot of fine tuning... But, all the same, one had to take a certain amount of risk in battle. Marius decided to keep the idea, to provide as a possible tactic to the uppers when they reconvened. Perhaps he was good at Game of the Generals after all. ::Record Terminated::
  21. (This log takes place before last week's sim. Certain people (*cough* Tandaris *cough*) simply didn't format it in time to send it out. It was a dark and stormy night in engineering . . . or at least, it would be, if engineering rooms could be dark. Or stormy. Or if they had night. Which they didn't. So it wasn't. But it could have been. Tandaris and Marius sat at their consoles, the hum of the warp core a reminder in the background of their setting. Soon they'd arrive at Camelot, and then the fun would begin. Tandaris looked down at his readings. They were still running constant diagnostics. Since every system was new, it was likely that several of the parts were defective, that certain systems had bugs that hadn't been revealed simply because they hadn't been subjected to enough stress. He hoped to find these kinks—and iron them out—before their lives depended on it. The most recent diagnostics reported all systems green. He turned to Marius, "I'm surprised nothing has broken yet." "Well," said Marius, recording the results to the engineering log, "it is a new ship, and all, with no combat experience yet." He reset the timer for the next diagnostic to begin. Tandaris shrugged. "So I've told you how I spent my time away from . . . here. What trouble did you get into?" "I was going to be assigned to a Nova class ship . . . the USS Bohr. Not very big, but still, it's a decent class. I was supposed to be the chief engineer." Marius smiled. He couldn't imagine being in a such a small engineering station, not after being on a Sovereign class, and now and Akira. "I get the feeling the rest of the department would've been rookies. Not much to fix when you're in a research vessel, right?" "Indeed. Although you might run into your fair share of interesting anomalies and malfunctions." "True," shrugged Marius. "I guess it would haven't have been too bad. Sit back and watch the scientists run in circles, while I tweak the ship every now and then." "It's a big universe out there. I mean, space is huge. Hugely vastly hugely huge. So huge it boggles the mind." Tandaris stared at the warp core, his eyes glazing over somewhat. Admiran stirred; memories rose unbidden to the surface. "You never know what you'll be doing. You might be tweaking. Or setting up a research station. Going over a derelict alien vessel. The possibilities are vast." Staring up at a ceiling—two floors above—Marius replied, "Hmm, I never thought about all that. Maybe I could've done some research on some warp theories I had worked on back when I was still in at the Academy." "So why did you come back here?" Marius smirked. "My assignment schedule asked me to report to the Antares shipyards about two days before I was going to leave for the Lunar shipyards. I honestly had no clue about being reassigned here until we had our reunion back at Antares." "I had . . . a similar experience." Tandaris sighed. "I'm still ambivalent. Those last few weeks on Excalibur, and even the time afterward, really made me question if my time with Starfleet was coming to an end." "Well, it was a pretty hard time, especially for engineering. I think all our difficulties with the Scorpy fighter, then just the damage from the battles, and then topping it all off with the alternate universe..." Marius attempted to count the on his fingers, then gave up."All that probably would've defeated most teams." Crewman Kent, standing above Tandaris and Marius on the upper level, took this opportunity to glare down at his chief. Tandaris noticed the penetrating stare on his forehead and glanced up, then he looked at Marius. "I just want to know which twisted Admiral assigned . . . the engineering personnel." Marius followed Tandaris' gaze and then quickly looked back down, half smirking, half grimacing. "Maybe we can send a petition to have him dropped off at Camelot." Kent then turned his unblinking gaze upon Marius, who tried to ignore the burning feeling on the back of his head. "Oh, so you want to scrub the plasma conduits instead?" Tandaris smiled. "Nah. I'll let Luthor handle that. Either that, or we can steal one of Camelot's crewmen as a replacement." Marius rubbed the back of his head pretending to think, as the burning continued. "There was that fellow there who helped with Excalibur-B's last round of repairs," said Tandaris, nodding thoughtfully. "Goes by the name of Olsen. . . ." "Sounds like a good idea. I'll see if I can ask about it when we get there." Marius then quickly moved to the safety of his workdesk, where he stared up at the warp core, trying to imagine it as a window looking out into a dark and stormy night.
  22. lol! I love reading Citrus logs. :D
  23. Personal Log: Marius Tr'Lorin Stardate: 0711.27 ::Record Initiated:: The shuttlecraft touched down on the grass lawn, emitting a soft hiss as the door opened. Marius stepped off, looked around, breathed in deeply. Home. What a wonderful place to be. It was just as he remembered it, with the black roof, and large, beautiful windows, and majestic, red-brown brick walls. The garden seemed more lively if anything, greener and more beautiful. 'I guess mom is on a good luck streak,' Marius thought, and smirked to himself. Their family could never support a garden longer than 3 months. He began walking toward the house, looking for signs of his parents where-abouts. He had last spoken to them years ago, right before he left for the gamma quadrant. He would've called them once he had arrived back to Earth, but things were pretty hectic. He sighed, wondering how his fellow shipmates were doing. Marius reached the doorstep, and rang the old-fashioned doorbell. He twiddled his thumbs,a habit he'd picked up somewhere on the Excalibur, and looked around at the house again, when suddenly he began to feel uneasy. Something seemed... different, about the house. It obviously was different a little after so many years away, but there was something odd about it... Like the house had changed too much. Suddenly, the door opened, and Marius looked back down, and stopped, shocked. Rather than his welcoming mother opening the door, he found someone younger opening the door. Much younger. A woman, not much younger than Marius himself, stood at the doorway, looking curiously back at Marius's shocked face. "Can I help you sir?" Marius stood there for a moment in confused silence. "I...um...is this... I mean...?" The woman's face suddenly lit up with comprehension. "Ohhh. You must be Marius tr'Lorin? They told me this might possibly happen. Come in, we can sit in the living room, I'll explain everything there." Stunned, Marius gave a small nod and walked quietly to the living room. He looked around, where everything seemed the same, yet so different. He could tell it was the same room, yet it was in a different light. He sat down in an unfamiliar chair, in a familiar room, which was quickly becoming unfamiliar as well. The young woman sat down opposite him. "So, I guess you wondering a lot... I guess I'll start at the beginning. My name is Brooke, and I bought this house about half a year ago. Your parents are no longer here." I sighed, half in relief, half in regret how things had changed. "Ok then. So, do you know where I can find my parents?" Looking at Brooke's face, my relief soon disappeared again. "Well, it's complicated. The local security department told me about this when I bought this home, in case you'd show up here without knowing what happened. You see, your parents had gone on vacation to Caldos II. They were cruising around the planet in a shuttle, when the shuttle suddenly exploded. Your parents are dead." ::Record Terminated:: To be Continued...
  24. Personal Log: Marius Tr'Lorin Stardate: 0711.2829 Three months later... ::Record Initiated:: Knock Knock. "Enter," Marius says, still looking down at his personal computer. Brooke poked her head around the door, laughing. "You're still saying 'Enter,' after all this time?" Marius looked up, smiling. "Sorry, old habits break hard. What's up?" "Dinner's about ready. I figured you wouldn't leave your 'post' unless I told you to." Brooke pushed him playfully, and sat down next to Marius. "What are you doing?" "Starfleet stuff. There's a new ship that just got built in the lunar shipyards, the USS Bohr. It's not big, just a Nova class starship, but it's completely new. It needs a crew, and so far, it seems like SF is going to assign me chief engineer onboard." "That's great! Nova class... they're all high tech, right?" "Yeah, it's a fairly new class. I'm leaving for Lunaport in a week." Marius looked around at his room, the room he used to occupy as a child, and sighed. "Thanks for letting me stay here. I know I've probably been a hassle, an extra mouth to feed." Brooke smiled. "Not at all. I enjoyed your company." She looked back down at the computer screen, which had moved to a warping space screen saver. "Will you be able to visit often?" Marius stared up at the ceiling. "Maybe... It depends on where we get posted to research. It is a science vessel, after all..." Marius looked back down, at Brooke. "But I still have week, and I plan to enjoy it fully. Starting with dinner." They smiled at each other, then left the room arms linked, while the computer screen continued to soar through the stars. A small window of light flashed on in a box full of junk, hidden away inside the attic, followed by a soft set of beeps. The label "Lorin" could be seen on the side of the box from the light. In this window of light, a computer screen blinked, "Emergency notifications-Family" with two items listed underneath. The first, stated "Marius(tricorder)-rescued." The second, listed "Saril(Chronometer) Maria(tricorder)-distress call. Location: Romulus." ::Record Terminated::
  25. Personnel File:Marius Tr'lorin Name:Marius Tr'lorin Age: 22 Gender: Male Place of Birth: USS Resolution (Galaxy Class), Just outside the Romulan Border Height: 5'6" Weight: 150 lbs. Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown Race:Human/Romulan Father: Saril Tr'lorin, Romulan, Former Assistant to the Romulan Ambassador Mother: Maria T'lorin, Human, Chief Engineer, USS Resolution (Retired) Siblings: None Interests: Music (Violin, Brass Horns), Ancient Archery (Recurve English Longbow), Piloting Scars: None Rank: Lieutenant Commander Current Assignment: Assistant Engineer, USS Excalibur NCC 2004-C Last Assignment: Chief Engineer, USS Bohr NCC 2178-18 (Immediately reassigned to USS Excalibur-C) -Assistant Engineer, USS Excalibur NCC 2004-B Training: -Primary: Engineering -Additional: Minor Training in (In order of most experience in) Science, Security, and Medical. Also Minor Training in Piloting. Awards: -Meritorious Achievement Award: 2006,2007,2008 -Excalibur Starburst of Excellence Award: 2008 History: Marius Tr'lorin is the only son of Maria and Saril. His unlikely parents met when the USS Resolution came to Romulus to conduct negotiations with the Romulan government to attempt a peace treaty. When the negotiations were over, Saril was granted permission to leave with the USS Resolution for "Diplomatic" reasons. They still live together on Earth. Marius went to the Terran Academy of Technology, where he soon became interested with spacecraft and their mechanics. After Graduating as Valedictorian from the the TAT, He enrolled in the Starfleet Academy, where he quickly advanced through his training as an Engineer. He Graduated from the academy, distinguishing himself in the Engineering Department. After Graduating, Marius was enlisted as an Assistant Engineer aboard the USS Excalibur. Marius was promoted to Lieutenant (jg) Stardate 0609.24, then promoted to Full Lieutenant on Stardate 0703.11. Marius was preparing to serve onboard the USS Bohr, beginning Stardate 0712.02, after the decommissioning of Excalibur-B, but was reassigned to the new USS Excalibur-C before serving on the Bohr. After getting shocked twice by Cdr. Admiran's cloaking device, Marius was promoted to Lieutenant Commander on Stardate 0808.31.