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Cdr Zareh

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  1. Huff is missing! 071211.txt
  2. Mission Brief: Hood departs from Skrubats, for a second time, only to find themselves back at Skrubats a third time. 072710.txt
  3. if you have that much free time...
  4. Last week: Hunt things, encounter flying giant iguanas. Bethany orders no caffeine on ship. 020910.txt
  5. Hood continues the search for "my little pony" 020210.txt
  6. We're arriving in orbit of the planet, Hamatti, where we will find out more about these... unicorns we're supposed to hunt down. 012610.txt
  7. last week: Morning after the party. Bethany leaves bridge for messhall breakfast. Hhuff takes shift and reads mission brief. Sickbay attends to all the hangvovers, and the videos and rumors from the party circulate 011210.txt
  8. last week: Bethany joins us on mission as we leave station. Mission not yet revealed. Coffee banned from bridge. 121509.txt
  9. Mission Briefing 091208 Admiral Bethany, having grown a bit tired while performing her inspection, has decided to stay onboard for awhile, until she has had a chance to finish reviewing all departments, and over seeing daily matters until she is satisfied that discipline has been restored on this ship. 120809.txt
  10. Mission Brief: The Admiral has offered to not further press charges against us in return, the doctor is being reduced in rank while t'Mirr has been promoted and made CMO. She will be making a decision if she is going to supervise our next mission or not. 120109.txt
  11. Admiral Bethany's stay continues. :D 112409.txt
  12. With thanks to Admiral Bethany for standing in for myself and Captain Huff. See, she's not so evil. ;) 110309.txt
  13. Last week: Arrive at starbase. Injectors are in cargobay for inspection by kresh and random. Huff leaves for leave. Zareh finishes shift and heads to quarters. Kresh informs bridge of prototype tan-system plans. 102009.txt
  14. Last Week: In flight toward starbase. Medical plans a girl's night. T takes a break from Androids. Frank makes tea, Eng discusses projects and goose sleeps 101309.txt
  15. Last week: The crew works through some Kreeetassan shop insults before they can get the injectors. The bridge staff proposes modifying the arboretum slightly to include safe tanning for leisure. 092909.txt
  16. MISSION BRIEF: The Vulcan crewmembers beamed down to the surface of the planet, as Zareh felt they were less likely to start an intergalactc war. So far everything has gone well, and the Vulcans are wrapping up their fifth hour of ritual greeting. 091509.txt
  17. Mission Brief: Hood is leaving orbit from Omletta. 081109.txt
  18. Last week: We enter orbit around Omletta V and the crew is granted full shoreleave. Omletta is beautiful and accommodating. The sickbay wedding and Root s farewell party are scheduled for tomorrow late afternoon. 071409.txt
  19. Last week: Our shuttle returned, we set course for Omletta V before we can be told to do otherwise. Huff is asked to perform a wedding for sickbay nurses and is secretly scanned. Random joins the bugs and Ensign Taral in waste reclaim. Sickbay makes good coffee. Frank goes over Root’s resignation. 070709.txt
  20. Last week: We Reach Theta Cigna Cloud Nine and Zareh takes the officials and our departmental heads down to survey the colonization site and evaluate quickly the moving details. Departments are to access and supply as many of their resources as can be spared. Meanwhile, Sarvek is in charge of making sure the ship-occupation is run smoothly. Llew is & very happy with his medicinal pills. Kresh is very annoyed with his new assistant. Science has to return the gosling again. 062309.txt
  21. Last Week: Hood headed for Theta Cigna Cloud Nine, an Arid but suitable planet for our refugees. Meanwhile the supernova finishes its display, and Llew is doing something with the happy pills in Sickbay. 061609.txt
  22. Last Week: Hood finished evacuation of Mantin III and headed out of the system. 060909.txt
  23. Last week: The evacuation continues in a mostly orderly fashion. Science feels we have about two hours to get the heck out of dodge. The leaders of the Naval have come aboard, and have taken up residence in Dr. Llewellyn's quarters as the regular VIP staterooms are make-shift barracks for displaced Hood crew. Llewellyn was given the keys to his very own storage closet in science. Huff took care of a Goose problem. 060209.txt
  24. Mission Brief: Hood works with the leaders of the last alien colony, Lavania and Baval, to bring aboard their multigender inhabitants. While Medical spearheads the settling of their guests on the ship, a small shuttle ventures out to meet with the freighter captain, whose motives and veracity are still unknown. In the Science Lab, the 'Gator refuses his fresh gosling dinner, and one lost goose makes its way to Huff's quarters. 052609.txt
  25. Hood begins the evacuation of the Naval colony. 051209.txt