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  1. Hi! I used to be on the USS Excalibur as LtCdrTilli. in the late 90's under Vixis and CdrDay. I really loved simming in the AOL chat rooms. Anyone still around from then? I'm glad the forum has continued.
  2. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. I have a friend visiting me for Christmas. I know how to sim, it's not that. I just feel out of place after all these years.
  3. I just feel out of place, like Scotty in Relics, like I don't belong here. It's been too long since I've been a part of SFOL. I understand technology. It's not that.
  4. I felt like Scotty from "Relics." I'm sorry I bothered you all after all this time. You don't need me around. How do I delete my account here?
  5. I'm on Discord now. I was on the Excalibur.
  6. What department were you in on the Excalibur?
  7. Just went to Discord. It's great to see the flagship is still going strong. ❤️