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  • How To SIM

    Table of Contents:

    Academy Graduation Requirements
    Hints On Graduation
    STSF Academy Duty Stations 
    Walking & Talking 

    Graduation Hints

    Launch into STSFIf you would like to graduate from Starfleet Academy, it is recommended that you:


    • Follow the mission briefing. If the ship is delivering medical supplies, don't announce that the ship is suddenly off course and facing a squadron of Cardassian warships.
    • Watch for action commands posted by the GM and role-play an appropriate response.
    • Work with other departments to accomplish the mission brief in a realistic manner.
    • Work with other members of your own department, especially if you are the department head.
    • Follow the chain of command. For example, if you're playing Helm, wait for the Captain to give the course and speed before plotting a course. 
    • Respect the Command Staff. It's a good idea to avoid negative comments about the GMs in the room or on the discussion boards. You wouldn't want to do anything embarassing to you or the institution of Command.
    • Perform the responsibilities of your position to complete the task in a realistic manner.

    Do Not

    • Play superman. Every character has faults, limitations and weaknesses.
    • Attempt to solve problems related to departments other than your own. 
    • Break everything! There are more ways to play than reporting that the sensors/warp drive/weapons systems/environmental controls are not functioning. 

    Other Academy Guidelines and Tips 

    Cadets are encouraged to use a "Cadet" or "Cdt" prefix in their character name. A cadet name helps to establish a new character and acts as an indicator of the character's progression through the STSF fleet ranks.

    Practice makes perfect. STSF encourages frequent participation in the Academy simulations. The more familiar a player is with the gaming conventions, the more successful they will be as an STSF simmer.

    Continue on to STSF Academy Duty Stations

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