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  • How To SIM

    Table of Contents:

    Academy Graduation Requirements
    Hints On Graduation
    STSF Academy Duty Stations
    Walking & Talking


    Common Abbreviations

    These are a few other conventions used in simming, however the list is by no means complete. Others can be introduced and used by the GMs.

    +COM+ -- Communications
    +TAP+ -- Tap Comm Badge to Communicate
    +(Name of Person)+ - Used to indicate communication to a particular crew member via the com system.
    TL -- Turbolift
    TR -- Transporter Room or Transporter
    RR - Captain's Ready Room
    CO -- Commanding Officer
    XO -- Executive Officer
    OPS -- Operations Management
    HELM or Conn -- Controller (Helm) area
    Beam -- Transport using a Transporter Unit
    SGV -- Special Guest Villain
    SG -- Special Guest (player)
    Ghost, or NPC -- Ghost, or Non Player Character (The GM may play these characters or allow a player to play one)
    NAV -- Navigation (see Conn)
    UL -- Upload
    DL -- Download
    COMPUTER -- Ship/Station Computer
    ACTION ->> -- used by the Game Master only, this indicates an action that is required for the story line.
    Torp -- Photon Torpedo
    LOL -- Laughing Out Loud
    ROFL -- Rolling on Floor, Laughing

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