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Oany Kimaris

Starfleet Personnel File





Name: Oany Kimaris (Oh-Wa-Nee Kih-mare-riss)

Rank: Ensign

Current Assignment: USS Excalibur/USS Morningstar

Date of Birth: Stardate 8308.22 (August 22)

Place of Birth: Calliston City, Daneri II

Age: 22

Species: Humanoid (Danerian)



Height: 5'4"

Weight: 112 lbs

Hair: Medium length blonde hair, slightly wavy

Eyes: Dark Blue

Characteristics: Tattoo on the back of her neck. It's the symbol of the Royal Family of Daneri, a phoenix with it's wings spread rising from a sideways crescent moon.

(For visual reference, refer to the profile of "Oany Kimaris" on the STSF Boards.)



Father: Sir Falon Kimaris, King of Daneri

Mother: Lady Melorra Kimaris, Queen of Daneri

Sister: Princess Amiia Kimaris, 19


- The Kimaris Family are the ruling Royal family of Daneri II. A monarchy with some democratic functions in the lower government, Daneri II has been a pleasant and peaceful civilization. Their history states that colonists from Earth (Ireland, to be exact) inhabited Daneri II and forged their own ways, and it has remained virtually unchanged for years and years. The Queen of Daneri remains in executive power until one of her daughters, or female family member reaches the age of 25. If there are two daughters, the oldest is the next in line for the title and the responsibility. The Daneri are rich in traditions, but still technologically advanced and in negotiations for joining the Federation.




Privately tutored from ages 5-10.

Graduate of Daneri Girl's Academy at 16.

Two years of higher education at Calliston University

Graduate of Starfleet Academy, Majoring in Science (Astrophysics).



Oany Kimaris was born with a destiny. The first born daughter to the ruling family of Daneri, her parents were excited to know that they had the future secured. Their first born daughter would assume the throne at the age of 25, taking over for her mother and carrying on a tradition. As with any children born of royal parentage, Oany grew up in the palace that overlooked the capital of Calliston City. She was tutored from the ages 5-10 at home and then attended Daneri's Girl Academy, where most girls received formal education. It was important to Oany, her sister Amiia and her family that she have the most normal upbringing as possible and she enjoyed the idea of attending school with everyone else. Though she had a sense of normality, she was also flanked with guards everywhere she went and that proved to ruin the experience a little bit for her.


It was drilled into her brain that she would one day become the ruler of her people. And for a long time, she was excited by that prospect. She and her sister often played this out as children, getting lost in the fairy tale of it. But as Oany grew older and closer to attending university, she began to question the destiny that seemed so set in stone for her. She tried to focus on her studies, but could feel the dark cloud of responsibility looming over her like a storm ready to go.


Just after her first year at university, studying sciences and of course, without any real choice, politics, the Federation became the talk of the town. Several representatives of the Federation and Starfleet visited their planet and had talks with her parents and the bodies of government. It was apparent that the Daneri and the Federation were definitely going to be at peace with each other and great things were destined for the future. Eventually, the Daneri would be looking into joining the Federation officially. It was during one of these many visits that Oany became interested in this 'Starfleet'. Fascinated with exploring the stars and making a difference along the way, she investigated it further. It deeply interested her and she secretly applied, and on a 'trip', went and took the entrance exam. To her pleasant surprise, she passed and was offered a place at the Academy. She then went to her parents with this news and her intentions. While proud of their daughter, they reminded her that she would one day off an obligation to take over the throne and rule their people. Oany explained to her parents that she understood that, but wanted to be able to go out, experience the vast and endless array of adventures out there while she still could. Though hesitant, they gave her their blessing and she left university after two years and left her home to go to Earth and to Starfleet Academy.


Oany became enamored by life at the Academy. For the first few months, her parents insisted having her guards there with her, but eventually .. they took into account her wishes and she was left to fend for herself. This new freedom was intoxicating and she embraced it openly. She was finally able to focus completely on science and to experience things socially that she had never been able to do before. It was clear that the idea of going back and becoming 'queen' was becoming less and less appealing. She tried not to think about it and enjoyed her time at the Academy. Some people knew of her background, especially after the guards presence there .. but she kept most of it to herself. To everyone else, she was simply another cadet.


Graduation came swiftly, and upon getting her first assignment, Oany tried to explain to her parents that she had come to the decision that she did not want to take the throne when she turned 25. Instead, she suggested letting her sister do it. This was unheard of and her parents simply believed that Oany would eventually get out of this phase and come back to her senses. They told her, "You have a few years before you fulfill this obligation .. give it more thought."


Oany, though sure she was never changing her mind about this, agreed to continue to give it thought, and set off on her first assignment. Her background, though mentioned her biography database file .. is not widely known by those with lower levels of clearance.

Edited by Oany Kimaris

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A very good Bio! I am proud to be serving with you on the Excalibur/Morningstar. Nice Job :huh:

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Officer Kimaris has been thoroughly trained in the use of the Tactical console and capabilities of that station and is fully certified to function in that capacity if the need arises.

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