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Sky Harbor Aegis | 6 March 2020

= /\ = Aegis Mission Brief 3/6/20 = /\ =
= /\ = 3 June 2388 - Stardate 2388.155 = /\ =

TBS is 10 hours. The time is 1800 hours (6:00 pm) Aegis Local.
Aegis and Missouri continue to collaborate on a cure for the disease.
Science and Medical are close to finding a cure.
Because Missouri's gremlins are genetically modified, their pathogens are more potent.
Missouri is quarantined. 37 of their personnel have died.
Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Chirakis: =/\=BEGIN SIM=/\=
Jylliene: ::preparing to hand over station::
Dacia Sandero: ::in her study, looking at a sample of DNA::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Walking to an isolated part of a corridor to a bench just around a curve :: Alright Muuhi... I'm ready to return. :: sits ::
Alexis McFarland: ::eating dessert in her room, just finished dinner with her family::
Chirakis: ::walking the gremlin side with Lt Bristow, each taking another wing, just to see what has or might happen and to observe Bravo 1::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Flips up his padd, watching the time pass to the millisecond... ::
Scott Coleridge: ::enters medical::
mimipavilion: ::going over the anatomy of the gremlins, still::
Nijil tr'Korjata: Three, two, one and..... :: waits ::
Nijil tr'Korjata: Uhm.. :: gets up and starts to walk to his quarters ::
Dacia Sandero: Dr Proctor> ::hears someone come in:: Hello? Can I help you?
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: talking to himself :: Perhaps the temporal alignment module is off... or the capacitor underwent a correction... yes... that.. :: enters a lift :: Nijil's quarters. :: lift moves :":
Chirakis: ::knowing that science and medical might work through the night, concerned about Missouri's personnel, and hoping that does not happen on Aegis:::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Taking a last looks at the sector map ::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Sees pings on his padd for engineering concerns ::
Jylliene: ::starts heading to quarters::
Scott Coleridge: ::Proctor:: Hi, I'm just checking in on medical's status.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Lift stops on his level :: Come on Muuhi... get me back. :: rounds a corner ::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: He looked at the chrono on the padd, watching the seconds race by ::
Chirakis: ::stops to take a look in the gremlins’ quarters and they are all fast asleep:::
Annisha: :: Playing how much is that Feklar in the window on her tiny guitar ::
Jylliene: ::heads down the corridor, sees Nijil, smiles::
Dacia Sandero: Proctor> Ah. Things are going well here, sir. Dr Sandero already clocked out for the day, but I believe she said she was still working on a cure. I believe Dr. Pavillion is doing the same as well.
Nijil tr'Korjata: No no.. no no... oh Jylliene. I, err, how was your shift?
Jylliene: It was fine. How are you holding up?
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: He changed his demeanor like the videos showed ::
Scott Coleridge: Any notable progress on the cure?
Nijil tr'Korjata: Me? Oh yes. The shift was fine. Lots of station keeping.. uhm, replicators are working again all over.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks down at the padd, grimaces ::
Jylliene: ...yes. They've been working for a while. Why, did they start to malfunction again?
Nijil tr'Korjata: No no...no. Since I rewrote the subroutines to account for changes only after checking against the pristine installation. Something Nijil did not think about, I mean something I did not think of before.
Tarisa: ::Stepping out of the medlab, seeing Scott.:: Actually Commander, we have.
Nijil tr'Korjata: I think he needed a fresh mind to think upon it.
Jylliene: ::nods slowly:: How much sleep have you had recently...?
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Walking with her ::
Dacia Sandero: Proctor> Yes... Ahh. ::lets Tarisa speak::
mimipavilion: ::thinks that the pheromone sacks maybe something along the lines of their mood::
Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh the normal I think... still those dreams, but they are nice, the person I keep seeing is nice...so I hear.
Chirakis: :::short talk with Lt Bristow, then takes the lift to science:::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: grabs her hand and places it in his ::
Jylliene: ::nods slowly::
Dacia Sandero: ::heading back to the med lab::
Jylliene: Dinner?
Jylliene: ::smiles::
Tarisa: Initial tests were successful. I was about to send the specs to engineering for distribution in the environmental systems.
Nijil tr'Korjata: Dinner? What time is it... oh yes. Shall I cook?
Jylliene: If you'd like.
mimipavilion: ::also goes to the medlab::
Cptn d'Ka: @ ::in his office, contemplating their next move or if they ever have one:::
Dacia Sandero: ::since she wasn't on duty, she went in a comfortable civilian shirt and blouse::
Nijil tr'Korjata: I have a really old recipe... and when I mean old I really mean it.
Alexis McFarland: ::plays "Classical Gas" on her Vulcan harp::
Jylliene: I look forward to trying it.
Jylliene: ::smile::
Scott Coleridge: ::visibly brightens at this news:: Wonderful. Have you sent it to Missouri as well?
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Wonders what they do at this point. Kiss before? Kiss after? ::
Jylliene: I'll just clean up in the meantime.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks :: Oh here we are.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: enters ::
Cptn d'Ka: @ ::deep sigh:::
Tarisa: I have a recommended dosage to send to Missouri for them to begin. ::Forwards to Missouri Med/SCI.::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Goes right to the kitchen :: Hi Anni
Jylliene: ::enters, then heads to the bath::
Annisha: :: stops her playing :: Anni? Father, are au alright?
Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh fine, just excited to be home...cooking.
mimipavilion: ::arrives in medical and goes to the lab::
Dacia Sandero: ::returns back to the med lab::
Jylliene: ::enters, starts up the shower, and considers who to send a message to::
Jylliene: ::ponders::
Cdr Wyatt Cayne: :: Logs off from his station and heads down to get something to eat at any number of places on the commerce level ::
Jylliene: ::knows med and sci are both really busy::
Annisha: Are we going with replicator meal?
Tarisa: ::Finishing her specs as she talks to Scott, then sends them to engineering.::
Cptn d'Ka: @ :::Tarisa's information also comes to his console:::
Jylliene: ::starts to wash::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks and looks :: Oh, no, not tonight. No time for that little one.
Dacia Sandero: I figured I could get more done in here...
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: gets some cold proteins and vegetables from the cold unit ::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Mumbles :: Wonder if they have any Kol'vat like spice... maybe an oil...
Scott Coleridge: ::takes a look at the specs::
Annisha: :: walks over to her father :: Rough day at work?
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: swirls a flask of oil around :: This might do.
Annisha: :: tugs at this sleeve :: Hmm?
Scott Coleridge: ::understands some of the basic molecular stuff, but doesn't grasp the full intricacy:: How long will this take to be effective?
Cptn d'Ka: @ Med/Sci> ::checking the specifications sent from Aegis::
mimipavilion: ::enters the lab and listens::
Dacia Sandero: ::Listens too::
Chirakis: ::standing by, listening:::
Jylliene: ::dries off, still considering medical or security or both::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks down and rubs her head :: Well, there were one hundred and forty-seven issues to fix and I mixed up the repair teams to get people more experience. Took a little longer, but I think it's more flexible.
Tarisa: I estimate one to two hours before we see a change. The air might smell a little sweet for a few hours, but it will eventually subside.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Heats the pan and places oil in it ::
Scott Coleridge: That's remarkably quickly.
Alexis McFarland: ::sits on her bed, reading a holo-manga::
Annisha: Did au do something yourself?
Nijil tr'Korjata: No no, not this time. Just watched and answered questions as needed. :: looked at the chrono, sighed ::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: flicks some water in the pan, watched it sizzle :: Ah, there we go.
Chirakis: :::curious at a chemical with sweetness:::::
Tarisa: That is just the beginning, it will still take many hours to complete.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: place the protein in the pan. It started to cook ::
Nijil tr'Korjata: I need to teach you to cook.
Annisha: With Blubby's au can let them do the hard work.
Scott Coleridge: Indeed. I believe Ops and Security have almost finished their plan to contain and evacuate the gremlins, but it's still going to take time to put that into motion. This will buy us time and hopefully prevent further deaths.
Dacia Sandero: But it should work, based on our research I think.
Jylliene: ::sends a quick message to medical, referencing the dreams he had mentioned before, and had referred to again this evening::
Cptn d'Ka: @ Mec/Sci> :::working on it, exchanging information:::
Tarisa: ::Nods:: Once Engineering finishes configuration, the process can then begin immediately.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: scoffs :: It brings people together. Who does not like a good meal. I would need you to finish this if I can't. Maybe I'll faint for a moment. I did just get off a shift.
Annisha: But au were on your butt the whole time, au just told me.
Chirakis: :::pondering::: Commander, exactly what would make this.... concoction... sweet?
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: flips the meat around ::
Nijil tr'Korjata: Be a sweetie and mix those cold vegetables together.
Annisha: Swee- sure father. :: mixes them in a large bowel ::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks at his PADD again for the time ::
Annisha: Late to be somewhere again?
mimipavilion: ::receives a message about Nijil from Jylliene and raises a brow::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: looks at her progress and considers her question :: That's one way to put it. Work stuff.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: flips the meat again ::
Tarisa: It is the glucose molecules. It will not be as strong to those that are not sensitive to smell.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: flips the meat high in the air ::
Annisha: Wow, when did au learn that? Won't it fall to the floor?
Nijil tr'Korjata: Not if you have had enough practice. :: flips again ::
Chirakis: ...and glucose has a sweetness.
Annisha: :: Looks at his padd :: Hmm, it's counting up now.
Chirakis: :::sudden thought::: Commander, is glucose used to make chocolate?
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks sad :: Yeah.
Tarisa: When mixed in this formula, yes. The main base of this concoction is still dairy fat and sugar. Just more refined.
Nijil tr'Korjata: Jylliene honey, how spicy do you wish this dish?
Alexis McFarland: ::eating yogurt::
Scott Coleridge: ::doesn't like where Chirakis is going with this::
Tarisa: In chocolate? ::Thinks:: I believe some recipes contain sugar, yes.
Annisha: I want it spicy.
Jylliene: ::calls out:: Whatever Annisha wants.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looks down at Annisha :: Like your personality.
Nijil tr'Korjata: Get the stuff then...
Dacia Sandero: ::nods::
Annisha: :: goes to the cabinet, get a tube out, unscrews the top ::
mimipavilion: ::nods as well::
Chirakis: :::slow, thoughtful nod::: Interesting. Our gremlins love chocolate, but so do many other species.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: gets it from Annisha :: Thanks. :: Adds the vegetables and spices everything :: Here we go. Annisha, splash some more oil in there. :: sizzle ::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Thinks:: Not right now Muuhi... ::
Chirakis: ::Tarisa:: Thank you, Commander. ::Scott:: I will be in CnC.
Jylliene: ::wonders...considers sending to Garand...but really wants to run the whole thing by someone else first. Leaves it just with medical for right this moment::
Nijil tr'Korjata: Need to cook the vegetables. Crispy, not overcooked.. drains the nutrients.
Scott Coleridge: Understood.
Nijil tr'Korjata: I suspect this Blubby's place has no nutrients to drain.
Chirakis: ::exits to the lift::: CnC.
Annisha: Can I flip it high in the air?
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: looks :: No.
Chirakis: ::steps out in the CnC, nods to the watch commander and enters her office:::
Nijil tr'Korjata: Here. :: Grabs a green veg with a fork and places it right in Annisha's mouth :: Chew.
Annisha: Hmmhmgh.. :: chews :: More..
Nijil tr'Korjata: JyJy...come taste.
Jylliene: ::from the bathroom:: I will, almost done::
Scott Coleridge: ::Tarisa:: Do you need any other resources to finish distributing the cure?
Nijil tr'Korjata: Could be too smoky in flavor.
Jylliene: ::sends a memo to Chirakis, attaching what she sent to medical, and including a few extra details::
Tarisa: ::Looks to Scott.:: We just await consent for engineering to begin configuration. We have already begun producing the canisters.
Cptn d'Ka: @ {{Kh’éile, have you paged through the information forwarded to us?}}
Jylliene: ::then hurriedly dresses and steps out:: What did you make? It smells wonderful.
Chirakis: ::looks up from her desk::: {{I have. Why do you ask?}}
Nijil tr'Korjata: An old family recipe.
Scott Coleridge: Then it sounds like I should go bother engineering next!
Scott Coleridge: I must away.
Tarisa: ::Nods.::
Dacia Sandero: ::smiles::
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: offers her a sample of the veg :: Is this too smoky? I can't rightly tell.
Cptn d'Ka: @ {{ Interested in its makeup. Very interested.}}
Jylliene: ::has a seat, tries a bite...:: I wouldn't say too smoky - I like it.
Nijil tr'Korjata: I have to match spices I'm not used to, so it's all estimation.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Check the padd again, frowns, then goes back to cooking ::
Jylliene: ::wonders what in the elements is going on, since he stocked the kitchen himself for Rihan cooking::
Annisha: Has grammy been teaching au cooking again?
Jylliene: ::nods:: You've done well
Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh I cook all the time, don't I?
Chirakis: ::::turns to the command console to receive information from both Command and October:::
Annisha: Some, I guess
Jylliene: Quite often ::nods::
Chirakis: 10:55 PM
Nijil tr'Korjata: Oh good. :: is relived ::
Alexis McFarland: ::munches on a tube root::
Nijil tr'Korjata: Good to be a well-rounded Rihan.
Chirakis: :::stunned:::
Jylliene: ::is just.so.confused.::
Nijil tr'Korjata: Or one with a little spice :: looks to Annisha ::
Scott Coleridge: ::vanishes into the ether, I mean, turbolift::
Chirakis: (are you sure it was the lift and not the ether?)
Alexis McFarland: :Still munching on tube root, returns to playing her harp and moves her head side to side with the tempo as she does::
Jylliene: ::continues eating::
Nijil tr'Korjata: It's like your music playing. Keeps me grounded, gets my mind off thinking of spacial anomalies, wormholes... engineering stuff.
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: removes the pan from the heat, gets plates, a large spoon, and forks ::
Chirakis: ::passing that information on to Garand and Scott:::
Jylliene: ((oh, didn't realize we didn't have the food in front of us yet. Sorry!))
Nijil tr'Korjata: (( figured you just rushed to the pan))
Chirakis: :::assuming that Task Force Missouri has also received it:::
Chirakis: 10:58 PM
Jylliene: ((She's hungry, but not so hungry as to charge the pan, LOL))
Nijil tr'Korjata: :: Looked deeply into Jylliene's eyes, wondering if he would have to break his silence. ::
mimipavilion: ::looking at the message she received from Jylliene again a little closer::
Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis: Thank you
Chirakis: Very well, TBS will be until the next morning - 0700 - so get a good sleep.
Chirakis: Commander, words for the crew?
Scott Coleridge: Nope
Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew?
Chirakis: Seeing none....
Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.

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