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Cdr Miranda Hawthorne

USS Excalibur Sim Log - 02.02.20

MISSION BRIEF: Excalibur is docked at independent station inside the Edrin Asteroid field on the edge of the Sellaris Expanse. Away teams have headed to the station to begin gathering information about the region and supplies for the coming survey mission of the aforementioned expanse.


Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM

Cptn Swain: BEGIN SIM


Hunter Matheson: $ ::watching the newbies so they don't do anything stupid::

Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Keeping an eye on the two blue shirts as they looked around for the stations medical complex::

William Chocox: $::comes back to the table with his Raktajino:: Thank you Mr. K'hal.

Rhan K'hal: $ :: in the coffeehouse, ready to meet with the station's supplier of parts & "parts"

Cptn Swain: ACTION> The Raktajino, is well, it's trying bless its heart. They apparently aren't big fans of Klingon coffee and Will notices it is extremely ... stale.

Irene Mincine: @ :: The group was outside the station's medical area. Irene was... unhappy with Rex. :: "Why did they put me in charge if I'm always getting in trouble?"

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> :::following along with Rex::

William Chocox: $ ::grimaces at his coffee:: (m)No coffee is better than bad coffee.

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: is a surprisingly well-dressed Gorn, because of course she is ::

Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Looking around with both wonder and caution ::

Hunter Matheson: $ ::still trying to get over the espresso::

Rhan K'hal: $ Master Adjun, thank you for agreeing to meet with us. I'm K'hal, this is Chocox, and that's Matheson.

Hunter Matheson: $ ::calls for water:::

Hunter Matheson: $ ::respectful nod to Adjun::

Cptn Swain: @Rex> Technically, I am in charge.

Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Motions to his surfeit of pips::

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> You sent underground signal, I am intrigued.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Going back and forth with the coffee shop waiter.:: But... ah... this stuff is green. Is it *supposed* to be green? I.. ah... think I want to get something else.

Cptn Swain: @Rex> But since this is, ostensibly, a survey of the station, I felt you should have the opportunity to you know, do whatever it is you blue shirts do.

William Chocox: $ Yes, we're in need of some certain items.

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::relaxed, watching the area, knowing that this team can handle themselves::

Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene nodded. :: "We're investigating the station's medical complex." :: She took a deep breath and calmed down. :: "We should see if there are any medical-related issues we need to know about in this region."

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> Received official signals earlier, can supply if paid. For "certain item" cost may be steep.

Indaura Ryssan: @ I am not sure what to make of this station, but that could be a good idea.

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::Rex:: Aye, sir.

Irene Mincine: :: On the ship, meanwhile, Val was getting her fake eye put back in. She's probably not having a good time. ::

Rhan K'hal: $ My assistant is at the trade office dealing with the official list and the official payment, as I'm sure you've been apprised.

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> Yesss.

Rhan K'hal: $ :: motions to Will ::

Indaura Ryssan: @ Is our PADD able to interface with the computers here?

William Chocox: $ So you are able to procure this "certain item" for me?

Hunter Matheson: $ ::takes a look around the store, a little investigation of stuff:::

Hakran K'hal: :: back on the Excal, is allowing his underlings to do the shopping and exploring, and is thus kicked back reading from a padd in his office ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> No... no, I don't want that one. That one is... ah... blue. Can I just get something that's normal-colored? Look, how about the brown stuff.

Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene takes her padd from her belt and pokes through it a bit. :: "Looks like it can connect to the network, at least..."

Cptn Swain: << Team Blue give me a number 1-20, Team Red give me a number 1-20 >>

William Chocox: ((8))

Irene Mincine: @ :: 18 ::

Rhan K'hal: (( 4 ))

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> Certain item is attainable, although why Starfleet need certain item make me think price should be higher.

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> (gees...sorry. going in and out) ((7))

Hunter Matheson: $ ((7.3))

Cptn Swain: ACTION> Out of the corner of Reynolds eye, he catches what looks like one of the devices we found on the Elasian ships. Just hanging out in a stall of "Odds and Ends" ... at least that's the translation on the sign. It could say Chicken Salad.

William Chocox: $ Why we need that item is our own business. It's not that important.

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: laughs, which isn't so great coming out of a Gorn, fashionably dressed or no ::

Maryse Dubois: ::On the bridge for the moment, but she's checking her PADD for a report on Val's eye replacement.::

William Chocox: $::laughs with him::

Hunter Matheson: $ :::holding back a smirk::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Sipping on his normal colored coffee, finally, he started browsing through the shop while Chocox dealt with his parts contact. Pausing, at one of the bins, his eyebrows lifted and he stared.:: Uh... ::Forgetting all about his coffee, he picked out the device and waved at the shop owner.:: Uh, how much for this one?

Rhan K'hal: $ We may as well dispense with the verbal games. How much more will it take to deflect your curiosity?

Cptn Swain: $Huni> ::The strange, creature tipped its head:: 5 Drakgma

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> Four.

Rhan K'hal: $ Out of the question.

Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Glances to Irene:: Make sure they don't charge you for using their network.

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> It look good sitting on shelf, I can leave there long time.

Irene Mincine: :: The medical report says that her ocular implant is working again, but it took some doing and recalibrating of both implant and host's implant. Turns out it's pretty difficult to work on someone who was as fried as Val was. ::

Irene Mincine: @ Irene> :: She looks over her padd. :: "Voice calls are extortionately expensive. Just data, though, seems fine..."

Rhan K'hal: $ Two, and we get the full specs on it.

Indaura Ryssan: @ :: Looks on her padd :: We should extract as much data as we can

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: blinks at Rhan, then leans in close to will - her dental hygiene isn't as great as her fashion sense :: How bad you want, engine man?

Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "If we talk to their CMO or whoever's on duty, I think we could get good info as well."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> Ah... Five? ::Looks down at the handful of whatevers he had changed to whatevers. Holds out a handful of them.:: Is this enough?

Hunter Matheson: $ :::leaning against the bar, watching, while the cupcakes make like super security::

Maryse Dubois: ::Schedules Val for some light physical therapy, aka holodeck time, to help. Recommends a nice spa program.::

William Chocox: $::leans in towards her:: Personally? I would love to have it, but I'm not about to allow myself to get fleeced either, I'd be willing to walk away. How much are you willing to let it take up space on your shelf?

Hunter Matheson: $ ::signals to tone it down::

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: grins, then leans back :: 2.5 and specs. Final.

Cptn Swain: $Huni> ::Frowns in one of the scariest showings Reynolds has ever seen:: Suppose I do enough it is.

Irene Mincine: :: Val appears on the bridge, eyepatch still in place. She looks rather unhappy, going straight to the (occupied) helm station and digging through some personal items, to the anonymous ensign's dismay. ::

Rhan K'hal: $ :: reaches into bag, and a moment later there's a click - he pulls out 2 bars and 10 strips of latinum and slides it onto the table, along with an empty Ferengi-issue padd ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Probably just got fleeced, but didn't much care. He passed over the money and went to take his prize back to Chocox. Though he didn't want to interrupt the deal in progress, he did do a little dance of impatience within Will's line of sight.::

Maryse Dubois: :;Sees Val enter.:: You alright?

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: takes the latinum, then waves a very small data device over the padd, which lights up momentarily before going back to sleep mode ::

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> We have transaction. Assume you will not want part delivered out in open.

Rhan K'hal: $ Your call, Will.

William Chocox: $ Pleasure doing business with you. And no, that would not be in anyone's interest. ::glances over at Reynolds:: If you can get it to us discreetly it would be much appreciated.

Irene Mincine: Val> :: Pauses from digging through the console to scowl at Maryse. :: "Ever had an electric probe jammed in your eye socket?" :: She picks up a small pill bottle from the bundle of crap she always leaves behind. :: "Left these here. Meant to take 'em with me."

Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "Shall we see who's in charge of station medical?"

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> All part of service. :: looks at Reynolds :: Your underman needs restroom I think. Down hall, second door on left.

Maryse Dubois: ::Frowns:: I saw the report. Did they manage to get it recalibrated?

Rhan K'hal: $Adjun> :: grins again, and leaves with her latinum ::

Indaura Ryssan: @ Let's

Hunter Matheson: $ ::underman?:::shrug:::

William Chocox: $ Thank you, I'll pass that along. ::waves Reynolds over:: Could you be a bit more obvious? ::once Reynolds comes over::

Indaura Ryssan: @ This is an...interesting station.

Irene Mincine: Val> "Yeah. I have to wear this for another hour or so until it's warmed up again." :: Pointing to the eyepatch. :: "Left it behind in a Dominion debris field somewhere."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Grins.:: Sorry, boss! It's just... IfoundthisoverinthatbinanditlookslikethatotherthingwehaveandIthoughtyou'dwanttohavealookyourself! ::Takes a huge breath.::

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> Understatement, ma'am.

Irene Mincine: :: Irene> "It is, isn't it? It's a high-end commercial station for the ass end of space." :: She led the team into station medical. ::

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> Interesting isn't the word I'd use, but yeah... it's ::shrug;;; different.

Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene ::

William Chocox: $::blinks:: Take a deep breath Ensign and have a seat, you found a what that looks like a which?

Rhan K'hal: $ :: does the felinoid split-ear version of the Vulcan brow raise ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Whispers:: Like that thing that we pulled out of the you know what from that other ship.

Rhan K'hal: $ I think this conversation needs to move somewhere else now.

Maryse Dubois: ::Nods.:: Well at least you have some time to relax and get used to it.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Pulls the device out from under his shirt so that Will can have a peek and then stuffs it back out of sight.;:

Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Continues to follow along, glad that they hadn't gotten themselves into any real trouble so far::

Rhan K'hal: $ :: hasn't detected any listening devices with the low-level scan he did, but if that little data device Adjun had is any indication, they have some high-end electronics around here ::

William Chocox: $ Yes, yes it does. And keep that hidden damnit! I wouldn't be surprised if the walls have eyes here.

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::follows at their six::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> ::Stuffs it down his pants for safe keeping.::

Rhan K'hal: $ :: ears reverse direction ::

Rhan K'hal: $ Just don't fart and set the damned thing off. :: gets up ::

Irene Mincine: :: Val shakes the pill bottle. :: "These help with the splitting headache, too. To be honest, I've..." :: She trails off. :: "I have felt pretty off lately. I guess now that I'm not held to flight standards, I don't have to hide *everything*..."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> Ah... uh... ::Starts to walk gingerly toward the door, trying to keep the thing hidden.::

William Chocox: $::gets up with him:: I think we should get back to the ship. Anyone else think so?

Irene Mincine: @ Irene> :: She enters the station's spacious medical bay. It was pretty advanced for this empty area of space, like everything else about the station. :: "Let's see if we can find who's in charge?"

Maryse Dubois: Sometimes it doesn't hurt to peel back the layers and look at yourself.

Hunter Matheson: $ Cho> Aye, sir. Sounds like a plan.

Rhan K'hal: $ Yes, I'll need to arrange to have the purchase diverted properly once it shows up on the incoming cargo list.

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::checking out the med bay:::

William Chocox: $ Thank you for facilitating that.

Rhan K'hal: $ You're welcome. But that thing better save my life somewhere down the line, that was a lot of latinum to move.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds>Oh, did you get that thing you wanted? ::clutching the very obvious bulge in his pants.::

Indaura Ryssan: @ Helloooo. May we speak to whom is in charge?

Irene Mincine: Val> "I suppose. I don't know if that will help with the splitting headaches... and my fake arm acting up..." :: She shook her head. :: "I trust you more than I trusted the starbase guy." ::

Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "I... don't see anyone."

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::finds a chime hanging on the wall and presses it:::

William Chocox: $ Yes, yes we did Reynolds, and do you have a bag you can put that in rather than making it look like you're happy to see everyone on the station?

Indaura Ryssan: @ Neither do I. :: thinks :: I have a medical issue, is anyone here?

Maryse Dubois: I'm just doing what I can to help.

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> Hm... you'd think that someone would hear that and come out. It's loud enough.

Rhan K'hal: $ :: shakes head ::

Indaura Ryssan: @ Perhaps it only responds to actual emergencies

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Station Doctor> ::A pointy-eared female approached the Excalibur crew from one of the offices, looking them over with a raised eyebrow.:: What was it you needed? You don't look injured.

Irene Mincine: Val> "Yeah. Your cybernetics guys are... helpful. When they're not messing with my eye socket..."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds>Ah... no... he didn't give me a bag. ::Juggles the device into his tunic, giving himself a sagging stomach.::

Rhan K'hal: $ :: takes the direct route to the airlock, tapping out a message to Ken ::

Cptn Swain: << two minute warning >>

Cptn Swain: << don't blow the late lead will >>

Rhan K'hal: $ :: badges the security at the airlock on their arrival ::

Irene Mincine: @ Irene> "Oh, there they are." :: She took a step back at the doctor's appearances. :: "Um, hi. We're from the Excalibur." :: Their Starfleet uniforms probably made them conspicuous... :: "We're looking for any medical info you can share on this region. Any diseases or radiation or anything like that we should know about. We're on an exploration mission."

William Chocox: $::walks through as soon as it opens:: Take that down to Engineering. And since that isn't the one that we're not supposed to have we don't have to worry about whether or not Commander Stanton sees it.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Station Doctor> ::Peers down her nose at Irene.:: You could have just requested that information via comm link. It would have saved you the trouble. Information isn't free here. I have files you might want, if you have the funds.

Indaura Ryssan: @ Ohh

Rhan K'hal: $ :: waggles the Ferengi padd :: I'll get this to you once I'm sure there was nothing malicious added. I don't think Adjun would but she might be an unsuspecting carrier.

Cptn Swain: @Rex> ::Looks at Irene::

Hunter Matheson: $ :::aboard Excal, debriefing his newbies::

Maryse Dubois: I'm sure they tried to work as comfortable as possible. Though I will talk with them just so we are on the same page.

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::checking out the med bay:::

Rhan K'hal: :: strips off the $ and puts it in the bin by the door ::

Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene looks to Rex, whispering :: "I wasn't given a budget..." :: She smiles at the station doctor. :: "I understand, and whatever files you have would be great."

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: $ Ens Reynolds> Aye, sir. ::Awkwardly heads for the lift, moving as fast as he could to get to engineering.::

Irene Mincine: Val> "I've had worse. God, I remember when I had it installed in the first place..."

Rhan K'hal: $ :: sighs as Reynolds waddles off :: You really need to season him.

Rhan K'hal: :: puts the $ back in the bin again, the clingy bastard ::

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Station Doctor> ::Brings forth a padd.:: Place your print there to authorize the funds transfer and I'll have them sent to your ship.

William Chocox: He's an Ensign and this was his first time at a non-Federation station. Let's just be glad he found the darn thing.

William Chocox: And thank you for checking that data.

Indaura Ryssan: @ My hand?

Rhan K'hal: True. :: nods :: And once we get that certain part, I'll put it where you'll be sure to find it.

Irene Mincine: @ :: Irene puts her thumbprint on the padd. :: "Got it."

Hunter Matheson: @ Chance> ::steps a little closer to Ryssan, but not too close:::

William Chocox: ::nods back:: Thank you for your discretion.

Cdr Miranda Hawthorne: @ Station Doctor> ::Gives the padd a look and grins.:: Very good. You'll have the files you need within the hour. Thank you for visiting the station.

Rhan K'hal: :: gives a little finger salute :: And I'm off. I need to check in and make sure the science and medical team hasn't accidentally sold the ship.


Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM

Cptn Swain: PAUSE SIM


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