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Dacia Sandero

A new chapter

“A new chapter”

USS Langley, Main Bridge




After what felt like an eternity, the Aegis finally appeared on sensor range.  As the Langley was getting close, Captain D’Amico invited his VIP passengers up to the bridge.  “Drop us out of warp and slow to impulse.  Let ‘em know we’d like to request docking clearance” he said to the helm and operations officers.  Soon enough, the large station appeared on the main viewer.


“It’s good to finally be here, thanks for the ride” smiled Robert McFarland.  After almost three weeks since they left Andoria, he and his wife Mariana were glad to have finally made it to their destination, feeling fully rested after a brief two-week sabbatical on Betazed along the way.  Getting here took more than a week, with a slight delay to take on a supply of food and other goods when they received word from Dacia that Aegis’ replicators were offline.


They were relieved to hear that the replicators now seemed to be back online, even if it made their supply of food somewhat redundant now.   Still, Captain D’Amico hoped they’d still take the food nonetheless.  You never know if you might need it, which was what he said when he found out their replicators worked again.   


Seemed pretty weird to him the replicators suddenly started working again so quickly, since Dr. Sandero didn’t have much knowledge of how they work, she wasn’t able to provide a great explanation of how that came to be.  Oh well, he thought to himself.  “Langley, you’re cleared to dock at docking port 10” came the voice of Aegis’ gamma-shift operations officer.  


The New Orleans class Langley dropped to quarter impulse and slowly went through the Aegis’ docking port. It didn’t take them long to find their designated spot and backed into it.  Umbilical cords and the walkway connecting the ship to the station were quickly extended over.  “Well, we’d better get down to our quarters and prepare to disembark.  Mr. Moht has all our luggage ready” Mariah said.  “You sticking around for a while?”  


D’Amico nodded “Yes, I think we’ll stay here for a few days to allow my crew to get some R&R.  They sure could use it after the last mission we had.  “Well, maybe we’ll see you around then”. Robert and Mariah smiled and gave their farewells to the captain and returned to their guest quarters a deck below.  As expected, their valet Mr. Moht had their luggage ready to go and loaded on hover carts.  


A yeoman pushing the cart went by and the McFarlands followed along.  Not long later, they crossed the air lock out of the Langley and into the Aegis.  Waiting for them was their daughter Alexis, surrounded by who they’d later find out the security detail assigned to her.  Alexis ran up to them and gave them hugs. 


Robert picked up Alexis and spun her in the air as most fathers seem to do, then put her back down.  Alexis giggled.  “You’ve grown up so much since we last saw you” her mother said.  “Mm, thanks.  I hadn’t noticed” Alexis replied.  “it’s been too long.  I’m glad we were able to get back to you” Robert said.  


After their reunion, one of the yeomen from Aegis took their luggage and led them to the turbolift.  Alexis seemed excited to see their quarters even if it was probably going to be more or less the same quarters she and her family had on Earth, Vulcan and Andoria.  But Alexis would appreciate the extra space her new quarters would have, even if she’d miss being with Dacia.


On their last night together, she and her spent the evening on a couch watching holo-movies and eating burgers and ice cream (to celebrate the replicators being back online).  The lift stopped and opened at the diplomatic suites.  There were much fewer doors in the suite, which seemed to indicate the larger size of the suites in the deck.   Alexis wondered which one was Miana’s.  She hoped they would be neighbours.  


The yeoman stopped at a door near the middle of the deck, which opened for them.  “Is it this one?” she asked.  “Yes, it is, dear” her mother replied.  “Our new home…”. 



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