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Ryan of the House Von Drake

Ryan took a deep breath...in...and out…Then again, calming his nerves. He felt the wind against his face, slightly rustling his hair, the chill raising goosebumps on his arms through his light coat. The ocean crashed against the shore. His mind was centered, his body was calm. The dock was his favorite place to do his exercises. The ambience always settled him. With another deep breath he brought up his wind and fire wheels and into a ready stance. 


Thrust...Thrust...Inward Block...Part the wild horses mane…


His eyes remained closed, these movements were second nature to him. 


Parry...Downward block...White Crane Spreads his wings…


It was his instructor that taught him how to incorporate the wind and fire wheels into the 24 basic movements. Ryan found it easier to focus with the wheels in hand. And 14 years old, he was showing alot of promise with the rings.


Brush knee...Play the Lute…


A bellow of laughter echoed in the distance. One, no 2 people. Ryan ignored it and kept going


Repulse Monkey...and again...again...again.


“What’s the matter ko’tal? Too weak to spar with a living opponent?


Hold the ball... Slash… Parry.”


“Answer me, nuchpu’!” The voices were getting closer. They sounded Klingon. His uncle, Michael, who was in the boathouse came out and interjected. “Pardon me! This is a restricted area, sir. I must ask you to leave the premises immediately.


Ryan opened his eyes in time to see the Klingon’s break out in laughter at his uncle, continuing to move towards the dock. 


“Excuse me! But the security force has been notified. Please leave!” Ryan could hear the fear in his uncle’s voice as the obviously inebriated assailants kept moving forward. 


Single whip...Sweep...Parry...Thrust.


Out of the way p’tagh!” The taller of the two Klingons said, picking up the older human and tossing him into the water. Ryan could feel his heart rate rising. He took another deep breath to calm himself again. Maybe if he just ignored them…


Cloud hands to the left.


I’m talking to you ko’tal!” 


Single whip...High pat on ho….THUD


His movements were interrupted as the smaller Klingon shoved Ryan to the group. The laughed as Ryan gathered himself. Taking deep breaths “The security force should be here any minute” he told himself. “Until then, just hold your own.”  He stood up and acted as if he was going to continue.


“You think it wise to ignore me, you p’tagh?” The klingon said moving closer to Ryan again. Only this time, he was ready. With a quick pirouette and a slice, Ryan shattered the flask the smaller Klingon was holding. The larger Klingon bellowed in surprised laughter, but the smaller one was none to happy about losing his bloodwine. He drew his dagger and lunged towards Ryan, who was able to parry the blow away, only to be knocked backwards by the sheer force of the blow. He allowed his body to roll in a backwards somersault, and landed on his knees. He spotted the Klingon in his peripheral vision, still off balance. With a blind slash, he caught the Klingon on his Achilles heel. He roared in pain and collapsed to his knees, only feel the point of Ryan’s elbow on the side of his skull. 


As his brother collapsed to the ground. The smile and laughter left the larger Klingon’s face. He drew his own dagger. And looked Ryan straight in the eye. “Now you must die, ko’tal” 


Ryan took a few steps back, on to the outer, wooden part of the dock. He had lost the element of surprise, and hoped that the uneven footing of the planks would at least partially level the field. Ryan was right. As the larger Klingon rushed towards him, he did not account for the first uneven plank and tripped, falling forward and losing his weapon in the process. As he scrambled for it, Ryan quickly trapped the Klingons hand in between the 2 ring, pulling them tightly across the wrist. “It’s over.” Ryan said calmly, yet slightly out of breath. “Please stop.”


This klingon hissed at the boy “Why should I?” 


“Because the security force is here.” Ryan said “And these are sharp enough to slice your hand clean off. 


The first of the security team reached the dock. Bullock, was his last name, Ryan knew. 


“Let him go, Ryan, drop your...weapons.” Bullock said, not knowing exactly what the rings were. Ryan obeyed. Backing away as the security team detained the Klingon. The boy and the Klingon never took eyes off of each other. “This isn’t over, ko’tal” the Klingon yelled angerily at Ryan.


“Yes it is.” The constable said. “If I see you on our islands again, you have more than a 14 year old boy to deal with.”




An hour later, after statements were taken and his parents arrived home. Ryan found himself in the boathouse, cleaning his rings. The Klingons had been taken away, one to jail and the other to the hospital. The commotion had begun to die down. The constable came into the room where Ryan was. Ryan nodded. After the security tapes were viewed, the constable decided not to charge Ryan with anything, as he was the one attacked. 


“You alright, young man?” He asked the boy. Ryan nodded. “I’m fine. My shoulder is a bit sore. But I’ll be fine.” The constable smirked “There are millions of beings in this universe that have ended up much worse than “fine” after battling two Klingons.” Ryan nodded, although he knee his skill with the rings were part of his success. He knew he was lucky as well.


“I’ve got a gift for you.” the constable said. Ryan frowned “A gift?” The constable reached into his coat and pulled the 2 daggers from one of the pockets, placing them on the table in front of Ryan. “It’s Klingon custom. They lost them fair and square to you. They’re



Ryan stared at the daggers in surprise. “Really?”


The constable laughed “I probably shouldn’t. In fact I know I shouldn’t. But who am I to disobey cultural traditions?” He said with a wink.


Ryan stared at them for a few more seconds before picking one up. “So...they’re mine?” He was still in disbelief.


“They sure are, Ryan” he paused with a smile “of the House Von Drake”.


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