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= /\ = USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1033, STARDATE 51906.10 = /\ =
Cadet Jack Ryan was discovered to be an agent for the terrorist
organization behind the hijacking of Federation starships. After
attempted to frame Ensign Callista Tyrel he was apprehended by
Commander Kenickie and held in the brig while the crew of the
Manticore finished their mission. After absolving Ensign Tyrel
of any and all charges the top command staff of Manticore
cast judgment upon the saboteur and institued corporal punishment
on Cadet Ryan. Now the Captain and Commander must not only live
with their decision, but ensure the crew doesn't find out.
= /\ = END USS MANTICORE BRIEFING #1033, STARDATE 51906.10 = /\ =


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