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Sky Harbor Aegis | 24 May 2019

=/\= Aegis Mission Brief 5/24/19=/\=
16 May 2388 - Stardate 2388.137

TBS is 7 hours. The time is 0700 hours (7:00 AM) Aegis local.
Aegean is approaching Nebula 259b. Their target is a star's electromagnetic waves.
Alpha watch is on duty.
Our "gremlin" is in custody. There may be more gremlins. Communicating is difficult.
Security is keeping close watch on the syndicate leader, Crow.

Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis: =/\==/\=BEGIN SIM=/\==/\=

Jylliene: ::CnC, Ops::
mimipavilion: ::in medical::
Dacia Sandero: @ ::on the Aegean, starting her shift::
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ ::enters Aegean's bridge::
Chirakis: :::CnC OIC:::
Johnson Kenyon: ::in Main engineering receiving orders from Lt Little::
Alexis McFarland: ::still snuggled up in bed, asleep::
Dacia Sandero: @ ::probably on the bridge, since there was nobody in sickbay::
Fletcher Jackson: :::CnC Aux OPS
mimipavilion: ::in her office specifically nursing a hangover::
Chirakis: (I presume that is someone else's hangover?)
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ ::checking on the latest scans and updated simulations::
Scott Coleridge: @::also on the bridge::
mimipavilion: (maybe?)
Jylliene: ::The usual morning routine, along with worries about Nijil. Which is also the usual.::
Scott Coleridge: @::glances at the NPC on helm:: Ensign Kel, what's our ETA?
Chirakis: :::weaving among the stations while monitoring the tactical screen, as usual:::
Scott Coleridge: @Ens Kel> We're approaching the fringes of the nebula, arriving at the designated coordinates in seven minutes, Captain.
mimipavilion: ::glad she kept a hypo in her desk for such things::
Chirakis: :::stops near Jylliene::: Any word from Aegean?
Johnson Kenyon: ::finishing conversation with Lt Little::
Johnson Kenyon: ::moving to console to read Lt Landru's report::
Jylliene: Nothing yet, ma'am. Shall I call for a check-in?
Scott Coleridge: @::Kel:: Very good, take us out of warp when we arrive.
Chirakis: No check-ins. It could compromise their position.
Jylliene: ::nods:: Yes ma'am.
Dacia Sandero: @ ::researching the ion particles and other things inhabiting the nebula::
Scott Coleridge: @::Dran:: This is largely your show, Lieutenant. We'll conduct long-range scans, launch probes, do anything else we need to do, and then once we're ready, plunge in.
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Yes sir.
Johnson Kenyon: ::to Lt Little:: I think we should set up some proximity sensors in the critical systems to catch the gremlins
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ ::final check on the sensor pods::
Johnson Kenyon: Lt Little> Arrange it then. Coordinate your efforts with security.
Johnson Kenyon: ::to Lt Little:: Do we have a counter measure yet for the odor?
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ :::moves over to the Ops station. Updates the sensor timing schedule::
Johnson Kenyon: Lt Little> Ensign Sartrou is working on it.. ::chuckles:: Apparently Vulcans can forgo sleep as they please.
Fletcher Jackson: ::it's a very quiet watch so far and he wonders why:::
Johnson Kenyon: ::to Little:: Perhaps Ens Sartrou should work with someone in Science
Jylliene: ::ponders installation of some kind of tracking collar for Nijil that might register an alarm or restrain him to the station::
Johnson Kenyon: Lt Little> I'll suggest it
Fletcher Jackson: ::general stuff - requisitions, requests to dock, someone wants a table at Blubby's... huh???:::
Scott Coleridge: @::Dacia:: It'll be interesting to see if we can learn if this phenomenon has much effect on biological tissue. That geologist they rescued... Dr. Burberry? He was on that planetoid for a while, was he not? Any signs of effects from this wave?
Johnson Kenyon: Very well, then I'll get with security.
Dacia Sandero: @That's right, Dr Burberry. 10 years I think? I am picking up some residual effects which I believe could be from the wave.
Johnson Kenyon: ::moves to a quiet section of Main Engineering: +SECURITY+ Lieutenant Kenyon to Security
Scott Coleridge: ((Poor Dr. Brubaker))
Chirakis: Garand> +Kenyon+ Garand here. Go ahead.
Scott Coleridge: @Ens. Kel> Dropping to warp, sir.
Dacia Sandero: (yesh)
Chirakis: Garand> ::thumbing through reports:::
mimipavilion: ::does paperwork::
Dacia Sandero: @::analysing her findings of the energy wave:::
Johnson Kenyon: +Garand+ Lt Little suggested I contact Security to arrange for a way to better correct our Gremlin problem.
Scott Coleridge: @::keeps an eye on the defenses they've created, though there's relatively little danger this far out::
Johnson Kenyon: +Garand+ I take it you have read Lt Landru's report?
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Preliminary scans underway.
Chirakis: Garand> Hm... +Kenyon+ We're working on our little friend now, and yes, I read the report.
Chirakis: Garand> +Kenyon+ How about you come down here. Things are a little dicey. And you might want to bring a rebreather. :::wry suggestion::
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ ::sets her journal on the edge of the console. Making comparison notes from current scans to previous::
Johnson Kenyon: +Garand+ I'm going to set up some proximity sensors at key systems... do you want to be able to watch them on your console?
Tarisa: ::Arrives onto the CnC, looking around before heading to her station.::
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Err somewhere ::
Chirakis: Garand> +Kenyon+ Affirmative.
Johnson Kenyon: +Garand+ Dicey? We have our resident Vulcan engineer working on a counter agent to the stink.
Fletcher Jackson: ::reaches for his cup, and it's empty::
mimipavilion: ::gets a message that a woman has come in to medical ready to deliver:: Alright then.
mimipavilion: ::goes and gets ready for delivery::
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Radiation levels within predicted ranges. Our shielding should be good at this distance.
Scott Coleridge: @::notes that Nijil will probably be coming on duty soon, now that he has taken extra time to catch up on his sleep per orders::
Chirakis: Garand> +Kenyon+ Apparently it's not working as well as we hoped. Or it could be residual odor. Whatever.. it's not comfy down here.  ::coughs::
Johnson Kenyon: +Garand+ What have you tried?
Scott Coleridge: @ What about once we're in the nebula proper? How close do you think we can get before it becomes an issue?
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Getting himself together, but not feeling well. One too many of something or one of the wrong thing ::
Chirakis: Garand> ::continues with his reports, giving a cough now and then::
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Arrives on the bridge ::
Johnson Kenyon: +Ens Sartrou+ Have you found the solution to the stink?
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Looking green... ::
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ That is actually my biggest question and what started my research. Radiation should be near lethal exposure within 0.8 AU from the star.
Dacia Sandero: @ ::glances at Nijil:: You all right?
Tarisa: Miana> ::Starting to wake up, after have a bit of a scary night.::
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> +Kenyon+ I have discovered that it is a particular mixture of sulfur compounds and I have found something that will lessen the effect
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Na, but I have duties to perform.
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ The planet's average orbit was at 0.46 AU.
Alexis McFarland: ::stirs in her sleep, shifting positions::
Jylliene: ::quick mental image of Nijil getting a jolt as he tries to board the Nei'rrh; slight grin::
Johnson Kenyon: +Ens Sartrou+ I think Lt Garand would appreciate whatever you can provide him
Jylliene: ::returns to the usual duties::
Dacia Sandero: @ If you're feeling unwell, I can check on you.
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: takes a station on the bridge, configures it for engineering functions ::
Scott Coleridge: Hmm.
Chirakis: Garand> :::wandering from his station to the brig where our little gremlin is, and it's looking pretty sad, but he can't do anything about that:::
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ I am not sure much can be done.
Scott Coleridge: @ Hmm ::counts on his fingers:: That is... less than 0.8 AU
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> +Kenyon+ I shall report to the brig at once
Dacia Sandero: @ ::bit concerned:: Ok, but let me know if you feel worse.
Fletcher Jackson: ::stands, grabbing his cup and turns to Jylliene::: Coffee, ma'am? It smells fresh.
Jylliene: Please and thank you.
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ A cautious approach would be best as we test our shielding capacity.
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Oh au will be the first to know.
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ The shield configuration is optimal.
Chirakis: Garand> ::to Schmidt:: Figured out a way to communicate yet?
mimipavilion: ::the women is ready and so is Mimi:: Alright ma'am, now... push.
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> ::stopping by Main Engineering to fashion an aerosolizer::
Dacia Sandero: @::resuming her work on the energy waves and its effects::
Scott Coleridge: @ Agreed. ::Kell:: When Lt. Dran is ready, we'll enter the nebula and stop at 0.8 AU from the star for our next tests.
mimipavilion: ::she pushed::
Chirakis: Schmidt> ::Garand:: Well, sir, I know quite a few languages, but even the computer can't decipher what it's trying to say.
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ ::jotting more notes as sensor readings come in::The current theory is the waves are dampening the radiation somehow.
Johnson Kenyon: ::putting work orders in for proximity alarms at critical points... setting up a few at areas where these gremlins might frequent according to Lt Landru's map::
Fletcher Jackson: :::filling the cups, he also brings her favorite donut::: Here you go, ma'am. ::sets it next to her:::
mimipavilion: ::to the woman:: alright, take a moment, now on the next contraction push as hard as you can.
Chirakis: Garand> :::eyes the gremlin::: Tried pictures?
Jylliene: ::grins:: Thank you again.
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Adjustments based on newest scans complete. We should be good to proceed.
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Doctor, are there any medical concerns from this wave? Ones that would affect certain people and not others?
Jylliene: ::returns to the reports::
Chirakis: Schmidt> ::Garand:: Pictures?
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> ::aerosolizer collected and loaded, heading to the brig::
Alexis McFarland: ::opens her eyes and starts to wake up, shimmies her way into her hover chair::
Chirakis: Garand> Yes, Ensign. You know.... things that look like what you see? Sketches? Images?
mimipavilion: ::the lady pushes on the next contraction::
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> ::walking into the brig area::
Chirakis: Schmidt> ::Garand:: Good idea, sir.
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> ::carrying his aerosolizer... looks at Lt Garand::
Chirakis: Garand> Let me know when you make progress. ::he turns to see Sartrou:: Hello, Ensign. Gonna fix this stinky mess?
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> It's not an immediate remedy, but it will lessen the odor
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> However, I will need to apply it to the source for best efficacy
Chirakis: Garand> ::Sartrou:: We sure hope so. ::turns:: Schmidt, I'll be at....
Chirakis: Garand> ::blink:: Apply it to the source?
Fletcher Jackson: ::the second cup always tastes better than the first:::
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> Did it release an odor or is it the odor?
mimipavilion: ::the baby is finally delivered and starts crying, she cuts the cord and tends to the baby while a nurse tends to the mother::
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Well, of course it seems the star is in a less active cycle. I would much prefer we test against the waves effect at a distance.
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ The shields on this vessel are more powerful than that of the Nei'rrh.
Chirakis: Garand> It's a continual odor. I'm not sure if it releases the odor or it needs a bath.
Alexis McFarland: ::emerges from the bathroom and quickly dresses, a blouse and skirt::
Scott Coleridge: @::dryly:: I'll have to see if we can schedule a follow-up mission during the wet season.
Tarisa: Miana> ::Finished getting ready for the day.::
Dacia Sandero: @ ::finds the sciencey wave research fascinating::
mimipavilion: ::takes the baby girl to her parents::
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Yes sir. More data points are always useful.
Chirakis: ::wanders toward Tarisa::: Any progress on your research, Commander?
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> I suggest we apply it to our guest, but we can also try the air in here.
Chirakis: Garand> Hey, we're game for anything. I can't even go to quarters without the wife telling me how much I stink.
Jylliene: ::sips the coffee, approving some requisitions, asking for clarification on others::
Johnson Kenyon: ::making his work orders high priority::
Chirakis: Garand> Let's try the air first. It's a slippery little shi* so going in there is not advised.
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> Let's begin by spraying the air then
Chirakis: Garand> Do we need to step away?
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Coming into range. Beginning primary sensor sweeps.
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> ::begins spraying the air:: No, sir. I believe you may need to be treated as well.
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ ::gets the mission pods set to their various tasks::
Chirakis: Garand> ::turning his head away anyway:::
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ :: Checks the probe loadouts ::
Chirakis: Garand> ::and stepping aside:::
Chirakis: 10:45 PM
Tarisa: ::Looks up.:: No progress as of yet, Captain. But there is something I would like to discuss.
Chirakis: ::nod:: Of course.
mimipavilion: ::helps move the family to a more comfortable room and then goes and enters the new member into the system::
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> ::finishes spraying the room::
Tarisa: It might be more appropriate if it were private. It is a concern Lt. Dran shared with me.
Chirakis: My office, then. :::turns toward her office::: Commander Kital, you have the con.
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ What an area of space.
Jylliene: Acknowledged. I have the con.
Tarisa: ::Follows Chirakis to her office.::
Dacia Sandero: @ Yeah, it is very interesting innit?
Chirakis: Garand> ::sniff.... sniff sniff::::
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> ::stops spraying:: it may take a bit for full effect, but you should notice some improvement within 10 minutes
Chirakis: Garand> I think that actually worked. ::takes a good look at the container::: Do we need to spray regularly?
Alexis McFarland: ::eating some breakfast of toast, juice and cereal::
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> Only if the source is not treated.
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Computer is mapping the inside of the star now.
Chirakis: ::enters and offers Tarisa a chair as the door closes behind them:::
Johnson Kenyon: ((aerosol spray smell is something like tomatoes))
Scott Coleridge: @ Will you be able to detect if your strangelet suspicions are correct from this distance?
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ ::looking at the raw numbers::
Chirakis: ((Better than the alternative.))
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> ::to Lt Garand:: I will leave this with you then and make others.
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Probably not. I hope not. If so then it's probably past containment.
Chirakis: Garand> ::slight grin:: Thanks. Makes me hungry for home grown tomatoes.
Tarisa: ::Takes a seat.:: This will not be long. Lt. Dran is concerned that her current research may be used for weaponization. I too am worried.
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> If you are hungry, I can arrange for something to be brought up to you.
Tarisa: I offered to bring it up to you, in hopes that you would be able to lock it away once we have found what we are looking for.
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ The station core may have an easier time with the data sets.
Chirakis: ::serious expression::: A valid concern.
Tarisa: ::Nods.::
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Scans ARE showing abnormalities within the star. Something beyond the norm is going on with its structure.
Johnson Kenyon: ::heading out with a box of proximity sensors::
Chirakis: Commander, everything that pertains to Lt Dran's research and all information that comes from Aegean's findings are highly classified.
Johnson Kenyon: Ens Sartrou> ::exiting the brig::
Jylliene: ::paces::
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Have we anything like it on record?
Jylliene: ::wonders if that's something that one does automatically when they have the con::
Chirakis: However, since you are concerned, we will keep a close watch on it.
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ No records I have access to.
Fletcher Jackson: :::watching the commander as she paces just like the captain:::weird:::
Tarisa: Thank you Captain. That is reassuring.
Scott Coleridge: @ I suppose the only thing we can do, then, is get closer.
Chirakis: 10:55 PM
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Yes sir.
Scott Coleridge: @ And hope our shields hold up well enough for us to get some answers.
Scott Coleridge: @ Helm, take us in to 0.45 AU, just inside that planetoid's orbit.
Johnson Kenyon: ::setting up proximity sensors and programming them to relays to engineering and security::
Chirakis: Actually... to add to that... everyone who is allowed in CnC is strictly vetted. If there is any breach, we will know instantly and it will be rectified.
Dacia Sandero: @ ::Looks out at the view screen::
Tarisa: ::Nods in relief.:: I understand.
Chirakis: If you have further concerns, my door is always open.
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ I sincerely hope there is no who we need to deal with regarding this star.
Chirakis: 10:58 PM
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Interesting. ::taking more notes::
Johnson Kenyon: +Garand+ The proximity alarms are being set up as we speak. I'll send someone from engineering to set up your console to receive them.
Chirakis: Garand> +Kenyon+ Understood.
Scott Coleridge: @ Ens. Kel> 0.45 AU attained, sir.
Johnson Kenyon: ::returning to Main Engineering to check the sensors::
Nijil tr'Korjata: @ Shields functioning.
Scott Coleridge: @ Well, we'll soon see what we find from here.
Chirakis: (last words)
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Yes, this range should improve scan resolution.
Tarisa: :;Stands.:: Thank you, Captain. ::Quietly exits.::
Tae'Lynn Dran: @ Incoming wave! Oh, look at all those data points.
Scott Coleridge: @ACTION> All the alarms on Aegean go off as the star's wave generation spikes and enters an "active" phase without warning.
Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis: =/\==/\=PAUSE SIM=/\==/\=
Chirakis: 5/24/19
Chirakis: Thank you.
Chirakis: NO TBS. Captain Coleridge, comments?
Scott Coleridge: Nope
Chirakis: Questions or comments from the crew?
Chirakis: Seeing none..
Chirakis: Crew dismissed. Be well. Be Safe. Don’t forget your towel.

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