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Irene Mincine

Preliminary Report on the Coproliths

Preliminary report on the Sarran Coproliths, stardate 2019.0327
Ens. Irene Mincine, investigator

The microbial life on this planet is capable of excreting an extremely hard metallic substance similar to duranium. Their metabolism depends on several factors: mineral content of their environment, heat, and pressure.

Initial testing in an artificial environment shows that these factors must be precisely controlled in order to produce material of sufficient quality and consistency for use in starship repairs.

A modified pressure chamber capable of producing these conditions is possible to build with our current materials. Sulfur can be harvested from the planet’s oceans in sufficient quantity. The energy required to produce one kilogram of material is substantial, however, and it will be an extremely inefficient process.

Conclusion: It would appear to be a plausible method of repairing the hull damage. More research will be required to determine optimal conditions and exactly how long this will take to accomplish.

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