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When did Star Trek become so complicated!

Before the end of Enterprise Star Trek had "one" reality if you would.

We knew Enterprise>TOS>TNG>DS9>VOY>END

Since Enterprise went off the air, it feels like Star Trek has become as bad as comics! I mean look at all the universes we have.

Star Trek Online
Expanded Universe (Novels)
Discovery (Section 31 operating more in the open/less in the shadows)
Picard Universe (not released yet)

To borrow a phrase, I feel I need a playbill to track all the players. Isn't the Q suppose to help keep the multiverse on track so us mere mortals don't go nuts trying to keep track of it all?

Or am I alone who is confused by all these different realities of Star Trek?

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Well there's actually not that many. We have the prime universe which is everything from Enterprise-Nemesis. The prime universe is now SUPPOSED to include Discovery and the new Picard show. Despite the often unnecessary choices made that seemingly change the history, it's all supposed to be part of the world we know and love.

Beyond that, the Kelvinverse ((or JJ-verse as I will continue to call it)) is just the three movies released solely by Paramount, and the books which were never cannon to begin with. I guess you could call the books their own universe considering there's some really great stories in there. But novels, comics, anything in literature was never connected to the main timeline.

Quite honestly, the animated series is actually not considered cannon. Although I've seen some people suggesting as much, that's never come from anyone official. In the past they've said it wasn't and no one has come out to retcon the show into prime cannon. Oh, and Star Trek online was said at one time to continue where nemesis left off. I don't know if this is still the case but CBS at one time was pretty much wanting it to be part of prime cannon.

So I guess in the end you can say there's really only three timelines you have to keep track of.

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